Magnetic data field thoughts and their interaction with iron hemoglobin proteins

North Pole Magnetic field war - introduction

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The  Earth's magnetic field  interacts with  the iron atom.  The magnetic field interacts with the iron hemoglobin proteins and the iron/oxygen myoglobin proteins  in the human body.   The inter-linked  factors are.....



The magnetic vector potential

We know from Helmholtz's theorem that a vector field is fully specified by its divergence and its curl

The curl of the vector potential gives us the magnetic field via ...








Since, the Earth has a North Pole and a South Pole  ..... which magnetic pole is the boss?  
That question  has resulted in many wars .....between the North and the South.


Was the  1966 thru 1968 part of the Vietnam war  . . . . a magnetic field war with President LBJ and his bio-physics magnetic parameters?  





LECTURE NOTES 15 The Divergence & Curl of B Ampere's Law
UIUC Physics 435 EM Fields & Sources I Fall Semester, 2007 Lecture Notes 15 Prof. ... the macroscopic magnetic field ..... Next, the divergence and curl of ( ).


The magnetic vector potential
We know from Helmholtz's theorem that a vector field is fully specified by its divergence and its curl. The curl of the vector potential gives us the magnetic field via ...

V = Vector --> V = Vietnam vector field is fully specified by its divergence 


Visualization of  Fields and the Divergence and Curl

Bruce Crandall's UH-1D.jpg



Below, we see Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE    military equation  .....

Appendix --> subset alphabet letters --> pen + dix  --> Pentagon Fort Dix

symbols  -->  DIV   .... and  CU:     L B = ....   J --->  Divergence (North and South Vietnam)   and LBJ ( represented  by Lyndon B.  Johnson and   Texas physics and engineering  with their univeristy Hollywood style   explanations of   the deeper levels of REALITY)


 Vietnam .......  magnetic field war with President LBJ 









That needs to be studied in detail in the future.
Oh, that's an opportunity for some  math and science   students.  

Tallahasee and the EARTH LAB: National High Magnetic Field Laboratory SCIENCE WAR battle at the TALL iron Towers of the World Trade Center

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The ferrous oxide atomic city Region of Convergence battle in the city of IRON --> IRON Manhattan battle with assault and battery near Battery Park.






--> The NORTH POLE Magnetic Field ..... magnetic Data Field WAR





The North Pole magnetic data field is most easily understood within the context of COMPUTER EARTH.


--> British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is an agent for the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology family. The IRON LADY represents the 26 protons of the ferrous oxide atom of the periodic atomic table of life. The 26 protons of iron communicate using their ironic English alphabet of 26 symbols. Thus we have the atomic English language of ferrous oxide atom via the iron Hemoglobin protein ........ hence the social science expressions of Hemoglobin human fe = ferrous oxide atomic bio-physics fe = female structures.


The IRON LADY was a secret research chemist.  

Margaret Thatcher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A  journalist called her the "Iron Lady", a nickname that became ... Originally a research chemist before becoming a barrister, Thatcher was elected ...

The IRON LADY, as an atomic social anthropology messenger, has a history of battles involving symbolic military tools and/or physical military tools in various media. The 1982 Falkland Islands war has become a major frame of reference in the SCIENCE WARS on earth. Her efforts help us understand world events such as:



--> Year 2001,Sept. 11. The IRON LADY and the IRON TOWERS of the World Trade Center --> a Computer Earth battle involving the NORTH POLE magnetic data field interaction with the IRON TOWERS and the biological read/write human TAPE HEADS working within the Base 2 binary towers. The interaction mechanism: the North Pole magnetic field flow lines interact with the iron protein intelligence within the human body/brain....providing the method of symbolic data transfer. The HUMAN computers within the iron towers had serious data thought errors. Their hemoglobin HEME group Fe(ii) ion economic explanations are incomplete.



The COMPUTER EARTH system 370 components (37th President Richard Nixon): device UNIT = North Pole magnetic (Nixon) tape with a cortex READ/WRITE tape HEAD.



Above,the super-symmetry geo-physics parallel to the EARTH  iron / magnetic tall skyscraper  TOWERS

Below, the tall TAPE DRIVES super-symmetry parallel of Grand Unified Theory and TOE Theory.  



.......  COMPUTER EARTH system 370  with DEVICE = North POle magnetic field  with the humanoid cortex bio-computer  READ/WRITE tape HEAD. 





--> We see that EARTH LAB attempts to communicate with scientists ...have been unsuccessful. Messages from Nature are selectively ignored. Thus EARTH LAB with Nature's experimental designers ..designed an attention getting TRAGIC message send an empirical feedback SIGNAL to alert scientists.


Thus the Darwinian magnetic field selection of the
1) TALL Manhattan and iron skyscraper structures...AND
2) TALLAHASEE with the National HIGH Skyscraper Magnetic Field AND
3)..ALLAH.... algebra religious subset word of TALLAHASEE

Thus we have the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology conflict of Sept 11, 2001.
The events are related to the Manhattan project physics errors that have not been fixed by year 2000.



The Manhattan project ....history -->
The Manhattan Project predecessor, code named the S-1 project, ... on-going work with graphite and uranium was transferred to a new secret project, ... On December 1, 1942, after 17 days of round-the-clock work Fermi's ...

Office of Scientific Research and Development - Wikipedia,
the ...... and, most secret of all, the "S-1 Section", which later became the Manhattan Project and developed the first nuclear weapons. From October 1943 to ...
the year 2001 Manhattan project S-1 --> Sept 11 physics feedback SIGNAL.

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory battle with 2 Milwaukee police officers --> North Pole magnetic field undercover agent Norberg wounded AND Gravity undercover agent: Graham K. wounded

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Milwaukee policemen wounded in magnetic field battle.
Components of the SCIENCE WAR ...EVENT analysis.

--> Man Charged With Shooting 2 Milwaukee Police Officers.
June 11,2009. Norberg, 21, is in good condition. Kunisch, 26, remains in critical condition but is expected to pull through, Milwaukee police Chief Ed ...

Milwaukee police officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch are
back on the street full time after being shot last summer.,

AP) MILWAUKEE - A teenager has pleaded guilty to attempted homicide for shooting two Milwaukee police officers. Nineteen-year-old Julius Burton shot Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch in June



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper data report:
- police officers shot on S. 2nd Street
- Bryan Norberg age 21 on force 6 months
- Graham Kunisch age 26 on force 15 months


KEY WORDS and NUMBERS and possible implied CLUES needed later for the crime puzzle:
- 2 M(ilwaukee) pol(ice) officers --> 2 M(agnetic) pol(e)
- S. 2nd Street --> implies S = System binary base 2
- Norberg on force 6 months --> implies gravity force 6.6
- Graham age 26 force --> 26 protons iron Hemoglobin



The Norberg and Graham  interaction with EARTH LAB social engineering forces involved in Nature's  modern forensic science DEMO EVENT.










--> Milwaukee Journal newspaper data --> street map of EVENT.



KEY WORD steet names,etc.
- Florida ST (street) --> implies LINK Florida State
- 2nd ST.
- National AVE --> may suggest National Magnetic Field
- Mineral Street --> suggest iron metal relationship





NATURE's  Earth Lab ... ........ National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is the largest and highest-powered magnet laboratory


The Hierarchy Problem | Of Particular Significance
Aug 14, 2011 – What is the Hierarchy Problem? An important feature of nature that puzzles scientists like myself is known as the hierarchy, meaning the vast ...



--> Paul Dirac - Wikipedia, The street on which the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida, is located was named Paul Dirac Drive. There is also a road named ...

--> National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
The only facility of its kind in the United States, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is the largest and highest-powered magnet laboratory in the ...

Search People
Career Opportunities
Mag Lab Portal Visitors
Magnets and Materials
Electron Magnetic Resonance

- Search People --> search Julius Burton
- Career opportunities --> symmetry physics burglary
- Mag Lab Portal Visitors --> Milwaukee LAB
- Users --> Milwaukee iron hemoglobin proteins







--> The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) is a laboratory at Florida State University, with branches in University of Florida and at Los Alamos National Laboratory. NHMFL develops and research at magnetic fields for research in physics, biology, bioengineering, chemistry, geochemistry, biochemistry. The world's highest powered magnet laboratory, it is the only facility of its kind in the United States, among nine worldwide. The lab is supported by the National Science Foundation and the state of Florida, and works in collaboration with private industry.


- Florida State University --> Florida Street, Milwaukee
- National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
................ --> National Avenue, Milwaukee
- Magnetic Field --> relationship to EARTH LAB location
.................... Mineral Street (iron), Milwaukee
-->National High Magnetic Field Laboratory • All Projects (A-Z ... The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) is operated by a consortium composed of the University of Florida, Florida State University, ...

- All Projects
- operated by a consortium compose of University --> REALITY-->
..operated by a consortium composed of Universe elements
...........(Milky Way Galaxy intellectual symbolic leadership)







..including burglary and possession
Chief Identifies 2 Officers Shot On South Side - Jun 9, 2009 -- Two Milwaukee police officers were shot Tuesday ... Norberg has been on the force for six months, and Kunisch has ... The suspect has an arrest record with Milwaukee police, including burglary and possession ...




Suspect has an arrest record with Milwaukee police,including

KEY WORDS and NUMBERS of super-symmetry EVENT physics :
- Buglary .... Florida Street     Milwaukee
- Buglary .... Florida  State     Tallahasee
- Suspect burglary record in Milwaukee
- Florida Burglary Auto --> with Paul Dirac physics atoms
of iron automobiles and their 26 iron proton atomic 26 English alphabet




--> In addition we include the tragic EVENT of Jake Gerard ...
his murder at Atlas Bus Sales party at S. 16th Street.

- Jake G. --> implies G = universal gravitational constant
- Atlas BUS --> Atlas = EARTH ATLAS geography map of data bus
- S. 16th Street --> Computer Earth system 370 Base 16 hexadecimal




William Shakespeare wrote around year 1600 the description:
....." The World is a stage and we are the players"

Thus the Milwaukee tragic /painful theater performance be explained IN DEPTH.
The newspaper surface veneer explanation provides a good empirical data base; however is incomplete regarding the deeper levels of Sartre multi-dimensional existences on EARTH LAB

==> Thus we have the components of the EARTH 1st puzzle involving:



- the EARTH ATLAS and the North Pole magnetic field lines that flow into our brain and interact with the iron Hemoglobin protein thoughts. Thus Milwaukee undercover agent EARTH LAB identifier:
NOR + Berg --> North Pole + Ice Berg




- University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Computer science Base 2 --> Base 2 Binary police officers
Physics ERRORS regarding Paul Dirac messages
Atomic anthropology ERRORS (see Anthony Peters event)
Atomic English communication errors
Symbolism and human agents

- Floida State University
Paul Dirac 1972 and today the Magentic Field lab



Icebergs in the North Atlantic Ocean - National Geographic Education

Icebergs regularly break off from glaciers in the Arctic and make their way south to the ... A deep, cold ocean current flows down from the North Pole, around the ... 


The Arctic: the ocean, sea ice, icebergs, and climate

The Arctic: the ocean, sea ice, icebergs, and climate

Nature's systems ...  Arctic: the ocean, see  North Pole police  iceberg, and climate
by E Linacre - Cited by 1 - Related articles
Its northern tip is less than 800 km from the North Pole. ... (right or below) The grey shaded area is the normal range of icebergs in the North Atlantic in spring.

Introduction to Supersymmetry - Hitoshi Murayama
Introduction to Supersymmetry. 20th century physics has seen two major paradigm shifts in the way we understand Mother Nature. One is quantum mechanics, ...

--> more data correlations of the 1st MESSAGE:

- Byran Norberg --> North Pole + Ice BERG

- Police --> pol + Ice --> North Pole + Artic ICE
.......................--> South Pole + Antarctica ICE
....Ant(arctica) implies South Pole human Ant(thrology)



- Graham age 26 Hemoglobin iron atom protons 26 atomic English grammer 26 magnetic/iron letters

- Milwaukee city street POINTERS
Florida ST --> Florida State University
National AVE --> National High Magnetic Field Lab and
............ --> magnetic field flow avenues
Mineral Ave --> Iron Hemoglobin proteins of Police thoughts
............ and its interaction with magnetic field

- Burglary and the parallel universes on EARTH LAB
Parallel relationships .....LOGIC described

CAUSE - Tallahassee High magnetic LAB ...magnetic LIFE forms
........ SEARCH PEOPLE /users
EFFECT Milwaukee police SEARCH PEOPLE = Julius Burton






CAUSE - Tallahassee Burlary Reclamation AUTO
........Tallahassee Bur
EFFECT - Milwaukee Bur...Burton ......Bicycle
.......- Milwaukee Bur ..Burlgary history
.......- Milwaukee brain Television and Perry Mason ..Raymond Burr messages waiting for year 2011 BEDROOM intellectuals to ponder over.





Thus we have the components of the EARTH 2nd puzzle involving:

- G. Kunish --> G = UN.iversal gravitational constant force field
.................G U N....modern bio-physics gravity messages

- Norberg on force 6 months with number
.......Gravity force = 6.6 x 10 exponent (-11)
.Brain Gravity force = 6.6 x 10 exponent (- SKU.11)

- G. Kunish age 26 --> G = Gravity interation with brain IRON 26 atomic protons and the 26 atomic English alphabet of ferrous oxide atom

- Jake G. --> another G gravity signal of the bio-physics university WAR

- 2nd street shooting --> IBM base 2 binary signal

- 16th steet shooting --> IBM base 16 hexadecimal signal





Thus a partial outline of the EVENT ..whose research doesn't get funding....because universities, governments, and corporations LIKE to read about policemen getting shot. It makes the subliminal mind of their employees Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic Hemoglobin Fe = Feel good. Does anyone care about a more complete, more accurate description of the EVENT?


Marquette is in intellectual heaven. Their professors could care less....because their professors are NOT on the front lines of the Milwaukee magnetic field/gravity field SCIENCE WAR street battles. The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee understands the WORLD thru watching television comedy shows while eating pizza.

Policemen and emergency room workers ...perhaps some others ....are the only few people might appreciate understanding the deeper levels of the nasty REALITY EVENTS of the streets and the errors of some programmed bio-computer people .

Perhaps, some thinkers will help in understanding these puzzles.
Universities have failed to tell the Milwaukee detectives a few details about "How Things Work", a serious omission by universities and their graduating students.

The curious ..ought study this brief outline.

High school basic physics or freshman college physics textbook is needed...or go to the university library ....they ought have the textbooks and reference books.
A college computer textbook that expains BASE 2 and Base 16 hexadecimal is needed; but the Milwaukee police department has access to the city of Milwaukee Computer Programmers ...but those programmmers may suddenly play dumb.

Some universities have a few technical check around.
Anyhow...with the outline I have provided; serious people with will/determination...thru self-education ..self-study can fill in the details. You have brains that WANT symbolic food for thought...your brains want signicant,serious puzzles to work on ....use your brain ..and think of this as a Sherlock Holmes type of puzzle.

Take my outline here...PRINT off a hard-copy....and use it as an outline...and give yourself a few months ....get a few textbooks/or copy the needed pages at a library ........and REWRITE the Norberg/Graham K. EVENT in your own words...your report on the SCIENCE WAR battle.
That way ...the hard way...thinking thru the will truly understand this EVENT and others I write about. And this is more interesting than most television shows.





This puzzle FITS into a larger and bigger the DATA ANALYSIS for Grand Unified Theory of physics.......also named TOE theory --> The Theory of Everything....which includes Norberg and Graham H. and their CHIEF.


AS Galileo suggested in year 1632 with the book title:

2 CHIEF WORLD Systems (Milwaukee university astronomy WARS ....with 2 policemen and the CHIEF)





GRAND UNIFIED THEORY .....with the GM --> Gravity/Magnetic WAR....
the GM WAR.....links agent Graham K. age 26 to 26 dimensional
Minkowski space to string theory Highway 26....
the scene of the GM = General Motors automobile factory ..economic casualty in Janesville.
GM --> symbols for Gravity and Magnetic forces that interact with our daily lives. They can't be ignored or denied.

The BORG and the North Pole magnetic field WAR at Northern Illinois University --> Cole Hall and the Hall effect sensor BATTLE in DeKalb, Illinois(e)

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Rd-blog-467 by Herb Zinser

Hall effect sensor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The magnetic piston (1) in this pneumatic cylinder will cause the Hall ...

Hall_effect_sensor - Hide more results from wikipedia
Magnetic field - Magnetic forces give information about the charge carriers in a material ...

Magnetic_field - Quantum Hall effect -The integer quantum Hall effect is very well understood, and can be simply ..

Quantum_Hall_effect -Magnetometer -The most common magnetic sensing devices are solid-state Hall effect sensors ...

Magnetometer -Thermal Hall effect - A thermal Hall effect has also been measured in a paramagnetic insulator and ..

Quantum Hall effect - The fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) is a collective behaviour in a two ...




--> The NORTH POLE Magnetic Data Field WAR
12/14/09 16:50 , Categories: The North Pole magnetic data field is most easily understood within the context of COMPUTER EARTH.



The COMPUTER EARTH government is known as Uncle SAM = Sequential Access Method that is used by the geology computer device UNIT = NORTH POLE Magnetic Tape (the NIXON tape computer science experiment). The magnetic field lines/ tape interact with the iron HEMOGLOBIN proteins in geology students and geology professors cortex computer.


This provides COMPUTER EARTH data processing system with a hybrid cybernetic construct --> similar to Star Trek, Captain Picard and the BORG.

Theory and empirical data suggests that university students and professors are BORG like.
The main components are:




1) Data processing device UNIT = TAPE of North Pole Magnetic field flow lines. This geological/physics structure of MOTHER NATURE needs a READ/ WRITE HEAD to perform I/O = Input/ Output of magnetic data fields.
Thus, the super-symmetry geo-physics parallel  ............... 




2) The interaction of the EARTH magnetic field with the ferrous oxide atoms of the brain/cortex HEME GROUP FE(II) ion would be the interaction mechanism.


To optimize such interaction Charles Darwin natural selection would select geography/ geology/ oceanography physics PROFESSORS at
Northern Illinois University...a NORTH POLE experimental test site.
Thus we have the Earth Lab university biology brain experiments.


3) Thus the geography combination of the NORTH POLE magnetic Field and the willing experimental brain research subjects in DeKalb, Illinois leads to a complete picture. The device UNIT = NORTH POLE magnetic field lines (TAPE) uses the biological READ/ WRITE TAPE HEAD of an educated graduate student. These BRAVE student specimens complete the BRAVE NEW WORLD experiment.



4) Fer --> Ferrous oxide atoms in theory exist within atomic humans at Fer = FermiLAB in Batavia, Illinois which is within 100 miles of DeKalb, Illinois.
Thus we have theoretical physics in Batavia and Margaret Mead nuclear anthroplogy shooting experiments in DeKalb.....with electron shells using the atomic message FORMAT of bullet shells.


5) The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on  iron atomic calendar of  February 14, 2008, during which Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, United States, killing five and injuring twenty-one, before committing suicide.


6) The North Pole magnetic DATA field government
and the EARTH iron core government of

Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic life and thought arranged for the

Fe SIGNAL to be very distinct. Hence, the selection of the month of
Fe = February near the theoretical physics location for
Fe = FermiLAB iron hemoglobin and symbolic brain structures. Apparently, theorists only study

Fe = Female iron hemo.GLOB structures .....
hence the Hemoglobin intellectual prison of males...well known in literature and world history.

Man in the Iron Mask - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Man in the Iron Mask (French: L'Homme au Masque de Fer) is a name given ... In the late 1840s, the writer Alexandre Dumas elaborated on the theme in the ...

The Man in the Iron Mask (1998 film) - Man in the Iron Mask (disambiguation)




In addition we have the FermiLAB mystery of the periodic atomic table government and its element of life. The atomic HUMAN mystery is known as the Hierarchy Problem with.....Fer = Ferrous oxide and Fer = FermiLAB, OS = Office of Science, and the Department of Energy secrets of modern science wars with the
Department of ENERGY tragic Virgin TECH demo
Depart.....of..EN --> the Department of English --> Atomic English errors at Virginia Tech.
Hypnotized science departments just IGNORE the Science War student casualties and blame the more hypnotized MR.CHO.
Like Shakespeare stated "THe World is a stage, and we are the players".


Fer= Ferrous oxide atoms at  Fer = Fermilab and the History of the   Iron Curtain  and Archives Project |  Wilson Hall
Robert Rathbun Wilson Hall, the central laboratory building for Fermilab, is the heart of the 6,800 acre site. Following an architectural design competition among ...

Iron Curtain - Wikipedia,
The concept of the Iron Curtain symbolized the ideological fighting and physical boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War II ...

Iron Curtain (European history), the political, military, and ideological barrier erected by the Soviet Union after World War II to seal off itself and its dependent ...
Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain Speech" (1946)


The modern hemoglobin IRON Curtain   in Batavia,  Illinois(e)  and their  
TWIN TOWERS parallel to the Nature's signaling    Manhattan Project of Sept 11,2001




Thus we see the NORTH POLE magnetic field MILITARY forces described in English language words VIA the iron myoglobin muscle proteins of the hand, arm that have INTELLECTUAL MUSCLE.....contrary to the government funded researchers who think they have exclusive intellectual powers on EARTH LAB.




==> For almost half a century, Europe was forcibly divided into East and West by the " Iron Curtain", a border stretching from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. ...

Where is the iron curtain today?
How does the iron curtain affect BRAIN CELLS at the University of Chicago ?
Since they don't care  to understand the Alan Sokal and Duke University  SCIENCE WAR battles ....their Myoglobin and Hemoglobin iron has rusted ......can a rusted brain group be t(rusted)? Thus we have university intellectual decay processes that could be avoided by respecting the EARTH, it's atomic English alphabet of the 26 iron atomic proton letters, the SYMBOL MACHINE,  and the SYMBOLIC UNIVERSE.




Steven K. sounds like a POLISH name....thus he symbolizes the North POLE magnetic field LIFE...he was just a human vehicle selected by Darwinian magnetic field messenger selection.

This links to the Polish Solidarity movement and the iron shipyards. In the theory of awareness and symbolism..... SOLIDARITY movement --> Solid iron ships move thru water in an ocean ...and also ..a SOLID iron SHIP interacts with the North Pole/ South Pole magnetic field.....thus we have a 2nd type of ocean...the magnetic field ocean. Thus the iron SHIP moves thru 2 oceans in a journey across the Baltic Sea.

Chicago Polish scientists ought help me explain this.....but they can't be bothered.
Maybe there are some intellectual exceptions....they ought contact me.
The Polish consulate ..instead of dinner parties might be interested in some serious matters regarding Nature's Polish project noun: GODZIN project of the Carl Jung POLISH collective unconsciousness that is surfacing to the conscious level of expression.

Do you read a complex book at 2000 words per minute? This suggests that your magnetic field interaction is operating at the EARTH computer speed/format with data blocksize 2000 words per minute. YOUR brain computer device details are secret. Do you know how your data processing system works?

Do you use FORTRAN computer language for social engineering? Then you probably use NORTH POLE magnetic data field floating-point numbers (scientific notation).

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