The ferrous oxide iron atom and its communications problems with the FermiLAB iron HEME group fe(ii) human SYMBOL processing layers

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Earth math-geography IRON WAR and ACCIDENT reports --> Africa ONE, Africa ONE signal to BALAD An-26 ......... over and out --> Please respond.

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RD-blog-number2321     2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash 2007 Balad aircraft crash The above reminds usof  the context of existence on EARTH. Galileo  book title  " Two Chief Worlds Systems" Charles Dickens    "Tale of Two Cites" Watson & Cr… more »

The Batavia bio-physics electromagnetic coupling constant 137 communications problems with the FermiLAB atomic processing layers of DNA nitrogenous bases and the Standard model.

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RD-blog-number-2118 The electromagetic coupling constant 137  has been in many newspapers in November 2011.   The   SIGNAL has been ignored by universities and governments research  agencies  ...since they ignore  the existence of    SCIENCE WAR battle… more »

FermiLAB physics tales taught atomic human children - - > the 3 Little Pigs - - > atomic electron mass ....... atomic social education communication signals

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 RD-blog-number-2156-update The human is composed of atoms. Humans have thoughts. Thoughts must have an origin. Therefore atoms are the origin of thought. Some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc.  by humans.....are really atomic… more »

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