Herb Zinser's analysis of the symbol brain .... language wars

The Lord of Flies......atomic language SCIENCE WAR in Drosophila region of OOCYTE --> OOC --> Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

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Lord of the Flies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lord of the Flies is a novel by Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding about a group of British schoolboys stuck on a deserted island who try to govern ...



The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) is an interesting planet. There are many mysteries. That is why books with titles: The Invisible MAN, The TIME Machine, etc.....are trying to say.....some indirect,hidden process exists.....that can become visible with a lot of thought and research. Physics labs successfully use this process to study atoms and their attributes.


Lets look at something that affects our LIFE SPAN...our biological clock.
The English language has a phrase....familiar to many.....and its common usage is described as:

-->Phrase time flies (when you're having fun)
Fig. time passes very quickly. (From the Latin tempus fugit.) I didn't really think it was so late when the party ended. Doesn't time fly? Time simply flew while the old friends exchanged news.
See also: flies, time
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc



These TIME FLIES signals are:

1931 INSECT SIGNAL --> Salavdor Dali painting Persistence of Memory with ants/flies/insects..considered one equivalence group.
Insects crawling over the watch suggest death and decay, the never ending cycle with life. Salvador Dali: Persistance of Memory Persistence of Memory ...


Below  we see the EARTH geography space/time configuration regions of South Arica and Africa .....geo-time ....TIME CONTINENTS with time insects of the Southern Hemisphere.




1943 Drosphilia egg SIGNAL for humans --> Salvador Dali
Salvador, seriously - Impressions Aug 13, 2008 ... Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man (1943). Salvador Dali's eccentricities cast a shadow over his genius as an artist in ... by Dali in which a fully grown naked man is struggling to break out of an egg







Additional SIGNALS from NATURE:

The Metamorphosis - Wikipedia, The Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung) is a novella by Franz Kafka, ... Gregor Samsa wakes up to find that he has been transformed into a giant insect. ...




Human Metabolism, Energy, Nutrients | Learn Science at Scitable

by AT Da Poian - 2010 - Cited by 1 - Related articles
Living organisms require a constant flux of  (SYMBOL/ math and science INTELECTUAL  energy)    energy to maintain order in a universe that tends toward maximum disorder. Humans extract this energy from three ...

The Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung) is a novella by Franz Kafka, first published in 1915. It is often cited as one of the seminal works of short fiction of the 20th century and is widely studied in colleges and universities across the western world. The story begins with a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, waking to find himself transformed into a monstrous insect. Elias Canetti described it as 'One of the few great and perfect works of poetic imagination written during this century'.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka ... His family, however, cannot believe that the bug is Gregor and shoves him back ...



Now, in year 2011 we understand the message in the context of the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer ...and the brain COBOL computer language programming BUG.....a symbolic brain problem for billions of humans. Specifically, every human computer programmer knows
the brain bio-computer CODE: the BUG is Gregor --> Gregor = General registers O orders.

Corporations and universities refuse to FIX this Base 16 HEX BUG...hence, the Virginia TECH April 16 cortex computer ....COBOL ENGLISH computer language shooting.


IBM -  brain bio-computer COBOL Quality Check Tool ( COBQC )

May 15, 2012 – The tool works for COBOL Application Programs just like JEM works for JCL. ... Like JEM utility saves lot of time for programmers working on JCLs ...
The batch version of tool identifies and list all typical bugs of  brain COBOL ... ___>

Character Analysis of Gregor in “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka

Dec 7, 2011 – In Franz Kafka's “The Metamorphosis”, the  data processing  transformation of the character Gregor


Registers - IBM

The expressions used to specify registers must have absolute values; in general, registers 0 through 15 can be specified for machine instructions. However, the ...




Thus we see Nature's message about the ERRORS in the evolution of brain nonsense languages..and the social engineering MUTATION problems created.

We see Nature's audit trail of these intellctual errors...
some of the signals are from year 1843 with Charles Dickens:
- Ebenezer Scrooge ...human bug --> HUM HUM HUM talk nonsense BUG
- Today......the cellular telephone HUM HUM ....HUM.an talk nonsense
Thus Mother Nature's SIGNALS:

--> year 1843 CD = Charles Dickens code Human BUG(Hum.BUG)
and year 1843 CD = Charles Darwin parallel evolution research
--> year 1915 Franz Kafka the Metamorposis and the parallel
--> year 1931 Salvador Dali Time insects

--> year 1943 Salvador Dali --> Drosphhilia human EGG

-Scholarly articles for drosophila metamorphosis ecdysone signaling
-cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis - Baehrecke Flies on steroids-
-roles for ecdysone signaling during Drosophila mid- … - Kozlova Search Results Ecdysone signaling cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis.by EH Baehrecke - 1996
- Ecdysone signaling cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis. Baehrecke EH. Center for Agricultural Biotechnology, University of Maryland ..

--> year 1963 Kennedy/OSwald --> Dr.OS/JCL brain computer science agent OSWALD

--> year 1995 Base 16 HEX/curse of Hex'Fe' = 254 Federal Building ... brain computer science manipulation errors in CAD = human CAD.avers.
The Base 16 (8 data bits = 1 byte) -->
gives Oklahoma 16 8 dead at the computer brain WAR.

Base 16 8 data bit CAD.aver location of FEDERAL cortex computer ...intellectual
HEX/curse errors of data processing arrogance...and the approval of
their CITIZEN attack upon COMPUTER EARTH system 370.





Parallel processing SIGNAL from Nature ......the SCIENCE WAR

--> year 1943 Salvador Dali --> Drosphhilia human EGG
--> year 1995 Oklahoma City tragedy SIGNAL to biology

Developmental Biology Online:
Fertilization in Drosophila can only occur in the region of the oocyte that will become the anterior of the embryo.
-->Fertilization of Drosophila occur in region of oocyte
-->Fertilzer........TIME Flies....Earth region of ooc

OOC is Oklahoma, Oklahoma City ..oocyte HUMAN war zone


The living EARTH cell ... super-symmetry geo-physics  geography  parallel


OOC   is    Oklahoma, Oklahoma City .......oocyte HUMAN war zone

Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK







Universities ought pay more attention to tragic EVENTS that their CARL JUNG collective unconsciouness can help avoid. Instead they think of pizza, beer, and their creative writing classes with Hollywood style explanations of REALITY.


CITIZENS ought pay attention to the living constitution, the living WORD (symbol  life) and the process of responsible thought. The explanations for many tragic events are incomplete.....an unacceptable STANDARD given the level of available knowledge in year 2011 college math and science textbooks...and the SCIENCE WAR zone thru-out the world.







As William Shakespear stated in around year 1600
" The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors".

Thus we have evolution from the COMPUTER EARTH.....
TIME Machine (a Base 16 symbolic machine started in Year 16 00) in England.

Thus we have the COMPUTER EARTH ..
computer address of the TIME dimension (Base 16 Time) and later the
definition of the computer address of SPACE ....
starting with the address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in North America.

Of course, universities deny these existences ...in their ELITE...superior...State of MIND ..as they try to fool Nature's intellect. Thus the denial of the base 16 SCIENCE WAR casualties of April 16 at the Virginia TECH language battle.....with the official incomplete reports of the tragedy.



Cavendish Labs TIME mystery --> secret atomic uranium 235 isotope messages by Agatha Christie: The Clocks

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Cavendish Labs and their secret Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology WAR messages




Agnatha Christie wrote book: The Clocks ...a Hercule Poirot Murder Mystery.....with clues to the Margaret Mead atomic anthroplogy murders in the TEXAS and other  Science War events.  While the SCIENCE WARS acquired their official name around 1996 ......  many murders and accidents before 1996 can be understood using modern SCIENCE WAR analysis techniques  .....  applicable to the modern anthroplogy war
that affects our daily lives and our daily --> LIFE or Death.

Virginia TECH was a DEMO of the brain manipulation TECHNOLOGY WARS....a variant equivalent to the SCIENCE WARS.

The Agatha Christie paperback book I have was copyright in 1963,
first printing 1965 by POCKET BOOKS,
and my book says COVER ART copyright 1986.

--> The back of the purple cover states:


Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?

--> page 1

- The afternoon of the 9th of September IMPLIES 9 data bits SYSTEM 370 Computer Earth

- Mrs. Packer at No. 47 IMPLIES hexadecimal Base 16 and Packed decimal number formats used in North America by the bio-computer football team CONTROL SYSTEM --> to control the programmable human popluation 

- Packer 47 implies Green Bay Packers football team Wisconsin  and their social engineering command code 47.... their command over the  4 DNA nucleotides of nitrogeous bases (7 is the atomic number of human nitrogen).

This sports influence on moelcular cell biology professors is offset by Nature's  systems
that uses the 4 DNA nucleotide
bio-military defense team known as the  4-H Club of Wisconsin.  



- At the Cavendish Secret Secretarial and Typewriting Bureau IMPLIES Cavendish Labs

The Cavendish Laboratory is the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge, and is part of the university's School of Physical Sciences.

University of Cam.BRIDGE (Communications bridge)
The Old Schools,
Trinity Lane,
Cambridge CB2 1TN


- Up till two thirty-five IMPLIES U = uranium 235 isotopes

Uranium-235 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Uranium-235 is an isotope of uranium making up about 0.72% of natural uranium. 

uranium: slow neutron splits a uranium isotope U-235

and the role of Uranium as a component of the  modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthroplogy ....  atomic social sciences and atomic social crimes. 

MURDER equation word spelling -->
M + Ur + Der --> M-theory  physics + Uranium + Dermatology (atomic bio-physics life form errors)

- Edna Brent in the outer office IMPLIES ..... Herbert Spence year 1855 philosophy ....

§7: THE DATA OF ETHICS (1879) by Herbert Spencer

... in correspondence with external co-existences and sequences; and still more ... said to be the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.

 Therefore .....

Extended DNA in the outer/external world of Earth Lab VS
Internal DNA ....inside biology world






The Agatha Christie book refers to the symbolic SIGNALS in books written by the -->

Symbolic Universe agents --> University professors and theorists working with equations

Typewriting Bureau --> University math and science authors and those that help prepare the textbooks for publication 

These  groups of math / science authors are  agents working with  Nature's designed
Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain computer  PROJECTS.

The central address for Universe business is
the central address for University (data) bus (business) ...... like 
University of Cam.BRIDGE (Communications bridge for the  universe)


--> At the Cavendish Secret Secretarial and Typewriting Bureau ...... we have 
Cavendish and DAMTP Books like:

The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA (9780743216302): James D. Watson: Books.


Search Results A Brief History of Time - Stephen W. Hawking - Quotes. ... if one sets aside for a moment the rotation of the earth and its orbit round the sun



Thus we have the clues to astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) and  DNA 4 nucleotides and space/time....giving information on the structure of space/time of the living EARTH cell and its subset human structures.


Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?
Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?

Humans have biological clocks..and the Y2K brain computer failure of YEAR 2000...is a failure due to deliberate neglect of brain symbolic computer input data requirements and quality control standards.

Additional clues about clocks and time.
COMPUTER EARTH system 370 project the TIME MACHINE...whose project description was printed in year 1895 by H.G.Wells.

Then the Base 16 hexadecimal ..TIME COMPUTER repair manual was written by George Orwell with the equation: 1984 + base 16 hexadecimal = the Year 2000 Y2k project
.....which over 6 billion people deny its existence.
Given that background setting we have
the Agnatha Christie book "The CLOCKS" first printing 1965.

--> The back of the purple cover states:
Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?

This refers to the Watson and Crick .......Cavendish Labs four DNA nucleotide clocks and the biological clock and the biological double-helix English alphabet = 13 letters + 13 letters = 26 symbolic life of DNA and its social engineering policies ...and the violations by the human community.




The 1965 Agatha Christie book message was distributed thru-out the world by the publishing industry
....and we have the 1966 DNA repsonse using Charles Darwin selection of 2 elements:

1) a geography location on the surface of the living EARTH cell --> such as the Texas CLOCK surrounded by intellectuals ...who claim to be able to tell TIME.

2) Charles Darwin selection of a obvious SIGNAL...Charles as in Charles Whitman.


The Clocks: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - 
BooksMystery, Thriller & SuspenseMystery

558 × 340 - chronicle.su

Show more results from wikipedia.org
University Of Texas Clock Tower Shooting 1st Campus Shooter, 1966 ...
University of Texas Shooting, 1966: Gunman Charles Whitman Kills 14, ...

Thus we have Gravity year --> 1966 with TEXAS gravity-life battle of humans.
G = universal gravitational constant = 6.6 year
G = un --> thus the GUN used by gravity agent Whitman..... GUN is the Gravity WAR weapon of choice 


Thus the Charles Darwin evolution of Gravity life
....with messenger Charles Whitman

Also, the NITROGEN LUNG atomic mass 14 brain dead messages for TEXAS.
But TEXAS citizens like to ignore various aspects of REALITY while they concentrate on dinner parties and social activities.....the important intellectual achievements.



The TEXAS message was repeated in TEXAS at Fort HOOD Texas in Novemebr 2009.

The Clocks: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Amazon.com


Fort HO --> Hour
Soldier READ Center --> Read some pages in a biochemsitry DNA Textbooks with Major Hasan
......AND........read some pages in the Agntha Christie Book " The Clocks"

--> The back of the purple cover states:
Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?

Thus DNA TIME military Fo.rt --> Route FOUR 13 dead precisely.

THe month of NOVE (November) reminds one of the NOVEL --> The Clocks and other books ...
like genetics, molecular cell biology descriptions of thee existence 4 DNA nucleotides.......3 such nucleotides are T,A,G ........such as in the DNA experimental group pen.TAG.on.


Below, Nature's  DNA militaey codes:   T,A,G ....
that are ignored  by  the pen.TAG.on .....  because the Washington, DC ... CARL JUNG collective unconsciousness denies certain dimensions of conscious REALITY.



Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?
Thus Nature created the Fort Ho EVENT ...... as a message processing EVENT  .. to remind the elite thinkers NOT to continue to insult Nature's 4 DNA nucleotide biological clock Y2K bio-computer project that was DUE in year 2000.   Hence, Nature's  Darwinian SYMBOL KNOWLEDGE selection of biochemistry major Hasan for Nature's  Agatha Christie Y2K  biological CLOCKS 4.13 mission.





Let's look at the astrophysics DNA.... TIME military project on EARTH...regarding space and time life.

--> Virginia TECH English department teaches Mr.CHO --> C + HO --> Clock Hour:
....Twenty - Four hours = 24 hour day OR

... Twenty minus four = 24 hour day BUT math contradiction

....Twenty minus four = 16 hour day on April 16 Battle of TIME in the Norris Hall Engineering Building





Why the contradiction? And why does Virginia TECH refuse to discuss this sapce/TIME issue of the English Department and the Engibeering Department .......  
regarding the shooting by TIME AGENT Mr.CHO --> C + HO = CLOCK HOUR?




Now astrophysics is concerned with universe matters of space/time.
EARTH is a subset of the universe.
EARTH is within a space/time continuum.
Therefore why the 24 hour equation ....questions.



The English class equation for time needs some clarification...but since no one cares about explaining TIME in our daily lives ...we have the TIME WAR at Virginia TECH and the surface veneer explanations offered by newspapers.
Their data about the tragedy is correct (date. place, what happened, etc). Their empircal data report allows more complicated algorithms and analysis to consider deeper messsage LEVELS within the EVENT HORIZON.


Thus we look at the astrophysics DNA time equations....

--> Twenty - four hours = 24 hours
............. 4 DNA nucleotides and the biological clock

There are four nucleotides that make up DNA:
Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine.

Now we consider the astrophysics DNA agents in the Washington,DC area.

pen.TAG.on is 1 of 64 DNA codon groups.
pen.TAG.on is the sequence: Thymine, Adenine, Guanine


Below, the secret military T A G codes needed for the human brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR.



Thus Washington DC and their university friends ought acknowledge the existence of EARTH LAB and the space/time laws of Nature. But they are experts in space research and space projects ......housing space....basement space...kitchen space......lawn space......baseball field space......the REAL heavy-duty ...intellectual concepts that are of most importance.

Please help Agatha Christie  ... and  her plan to save her intellectual friends in the Brave New World social psychology prison camp ..... known as Cavendish Labs.   It is now year 2013.  
Will the readers of Agatha Christie organize and  arise to the challenge   .... her subconscious MIND  request  .... to my conscious mind  ... to convey this Agatha Christie  translation to her fans -->f   ans --> the final answer depends on your actions.

Will you betray Agatha Christie and the English Language?    

Lewis Carroll language military forces and modern world conflicts

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Lewis Carroll from year 1865 resides in the deepest levels of the SYMBOL unconsciousness. Bio-math Bases 2, 4, 16 data streams bring social psychology details to consciousness for analysis and expression DISPLAYS.



LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?


The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."


Thus we have the student guinea-pigs used by the modern educational system ... with the puppet strings as predicted by STRING THEORY physics ...about the Margaret Mead nuclear family ...the atomic brain and atomic social anthropology systems.

Guess what ...between year 1865 and year 2013.....there is a 90% probability your families atomic brain has been mostly captured. The primary symptom of a human guinea-pig ....is denial of the situation and denial of the possiblity. Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and a few others escaped the intellectual jail.....and their symbolic books sent us serious messages.

When I was a student, I needed CLIFF NOTES to decode and explain...their hidden messages.



Thus we have the
school student guinea-pig experiments as predicted by Lewis Carroll.

- English department shooting at Virginia Tech

- Library shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado

-Read Center shooting at Fort Hood Soldier Read/Readiness Center


Thus we see the components of the language war: English, Library, Read.....a Central Nervous System 370 symbolic brain computer message for those that care about the WORD of HONOR.

Newspaper reporters and editors don't care about the brain / optical nerve SYMBOL MACHINE processor war and its transformation to physical battles. They could care less about the integrity of the English language; and thus they could care less about helping me explain the SCIENCE WARS and the INTELLECTUAL WARS.

They do care about restaurant parties, sports, and comedy. Serious matters of language and

the WORD of HONORare not important.


An excellent source for  modern  concepts  about  SYMBOL  conflicts and brain sysmbol maps  is S.I. Hayakawa.


  • [DOC]

    Symbols - Typepad

    Symbols. by S.I. Hayakawa. [From Language in Thought and Action] ..... this: The symbol is not the thing symbolized; the word is not the thing; the map is not the ...

Virginia Tech advanced English class on symbolic life and death - - - > Hunting in the Alps - - - > becomes Hunting in the brain Alphabets

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RD-blog-number-2190 by Herb Zinser

The secret social science languages  of  the English alphabet   AND    math , astrophysics, biochemistry,etc.
The languages EXIST at various levels

a) the Carl Jung atomic primordial collective unconsciousness  of groups of people

b) subliminal mind

c) unknown thoughts in the subconscious mind of some people  are  conscious thoughts in the mind of others

d) states of MIND ...

- the perception of  EARTH  land REALITY  and geography  states taught in elementary grammar  school 
- quantum states of mind
- Markov probabilty states of mind


All these levels of thought and possible awareness.  In addition, we have

music/EAR people that have a
different brain circuit configuration  than

the optical/EYE people that read serious math and science books.





Hunting The Alps Today 

 mountain in the Bavarian Alps. 

Alps and Nature's  EARTH  LANGUAGE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Alps are one of the great mountain range systems of Europe stretching approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) across eight Alpine countries from Austria ...
Hunting The Alps Today.

Above CLUES and signals:
--> Hunting in the Alphabets .... letters and words and  sentences and books / newspapers ......
and AL --> brain memory alphabet HUNTERS  create AL = ALphabet AL --> ALzheimer's. 

The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters – the same letters that are found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet:

Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)
Minuscule forms (also called lowercase or small letters)
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Old English --> OE --> Order Entry into the eye  ..... input data device for the brain bio-computer

The English language was first written in the Anglo-Saxon futhorc runic alphabet, in use from the 5th century. This alphabet was brought to what is now England, along with the proto-form of the language itself.

The  proto-form refers to the secret atomic ENGLISH language used to manipulate citizen populations.

The  proto-form
The  proton form  of atomic social/cultural languages
  • gabehorton.blogspot.com/2010/09/mushroom-hunting-in-alps.htmlCached
    Sep 12, 2010 – Mushroom Hunting in the Alps. Photobucket Austrians, or at least those in the hills, have a neat little pastime. It includes exercise, family, ... undefined The Margaret Mead nuclear family .........periodic atomic  table families  with atomic social anthropology.


    500 × 400 - atomic explosion. It was a bizarre feeling to “watch” the gutting of a




    443 × 480 - atomic explosion 2. Published August 30, 2009 at 443  --> the atomic, bio-physics human population explosion .....the citizen and Department of Energy violations of the Salt Treaty with the periodic atomic table of elements .....the government of Nature.




  • High Altitude Tree Hunting — Christmas in the Alps - Rick Steves 

    Swiss children anticipate eagerly the day their dad takes them into the forest to find and bring home the perfect Christmas tree. Last Christmas (to give our public ...

  1. Decision tree - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decision_treeCached - Similar
    decision tree is a decision support tool that uses a tree-like graph or model of decisions and their possible consequences, including chance event outcomes, ...

Rick Steves --> (T)Rick St.events


Hunting in Austria Europe, 

www.hunttrips-austria.at/Cached - Similar
www.forstgut-pramau, Hunting in Austria, Europe, Austrian outfitter, Hunting area Austria, Medal-trophies, Hunting-Holidays, Hunting-Lodge, Chamois, Red-deer ...

Hunting in Austria
Hunting in Aust   
Hunting   FAust --> literature -->

  1. Faust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FaustCached - Similar
    Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend; a highly successful scholar, but also dissatisfied with his life, and so makes a deal with the devil, exchanging

Goethe's Faust -->
Goethe --> Gravity Grammer order entry theorist

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust is a tragic play in two ...

Hunting in Europe
Hunting in     rope --> string theory physics



  • In the Alps, hunting for Hannibal's trail 

    news.stanford.edu/news/2007/may16/hannibal-051607.htmlCached - Similar
    May 16, 2007 – When Hannibal led his army across the Alps, he sought to conquer the Roman Empire and define the path of Western civilization. He failed.

    In the Alps, hunting for Hannibal's trail 
    In the Alps, hunting for           bal's trail --> Basic assembler Language


    In the Alps, hunting for Hannibal's trail 
    In the Alps, hunting for Cannibal's trail -->  symbolic chemistry Alzheimer's

    The above sdequential  string of letters/ symbols ..... perceived as ...a new string 

    Int +he + Alps + ...    for+HC+nib+bal     --> English stem code  words expaned :


    INT = Input
    he   = hexadecinal BASE 16 on May 16
    Alps = Alphabets 
    for = fork 
    HC = Hydrocarbon organic molecules in the brain symbolic computer

    nib = nibble/eat in BRAIN cell ...geography map memory 
    --> Great Britain  algebra  subset commands 

    bal     --> Basic Assembler Language and  the bio-computer subroutine.....  
    Bali, Infonesia conference on canniBAL interface with the face of AL GORE and bio-computer Algorithms

    Eating human brain bio-computer memory   ....  Margaret Mead head hunter subrotines inside the brain.


House Hunting in ... the French Alps - NYTimes.com

Feb 16, 2011 – The market in Courchevel and the neighboring Three Valleys resort, Méribel, has been insulated from the market woes of other Alpine resorts ...
Three Valleys resort --> resort --> record sort/merge
  1. IBM - Syncsort CMS

    Nov 14, 2011 – Syncsort CMS is a high-performance sort/merge and copy utility designed for IBM® VM/SP, HOP, VM/XA, and VM/ESA operating systems.
  1. Mainframe sort merge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mainframe_sort_mergeCached - Similar
    Mainframe sort merge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. The Sort/Merge utility is a mainframe program to sort records in a file ...


      Simple SORT jcl structue is as follows - Sample sort jcl ---- . . 
      //STEP10     EXEC PGM=SORT,REGION=1024K,  PARM=parameters 
      //SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* Output

Col Hunting in the Bauges Alps : Cycling Challenge

Dec 5, 2011 – The route starts with the climb to Col des Prés. Note, the profile at left is only for this climb. See the map above for the entire ride profile.

Hunters hear late night   screams in the Trinity 
Alps Wilderness
Jan 15, 2004 – OBSERVED: My dad, my cousin, his wife, and myself, along with six others went on a 10-day deerhunt in the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area.

Trinity Alps hun t - Big Game Hunting - California Predators Club ...

Sep 19, 2011 – Trinity Alps hunt - posted in Big Game Hunting: 2nd time that I ever hiked into anywhere for a weekend ofhunting and the results couldn't have ...

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[Archive] Trinity Alps? The Hunt. ... I used to
hunt the Trinity Alps and Marble Mountain 
back in the 70s-80s. Once you get far enough away from




Trinity Alps Deer Hunt - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine
7 posts - 3 authors - Oct 12, 2007
So the trip came up on a whim with my brother in law calling me up saying he was coming out to California from New York and wanted to go ...

So the trip came up on a whim --> the pre-programmed brain cells of the terrorists airplane pilots.  Ask the  DEPART of Education  ......a section of  the advanced Department of Education experiments in brain bio-computer programming students with  arrogance, smuggness, and superiority over  Mother NATURE.

Trinity Alps Help

s2.excoboard.com/exco/archive.php?ac=t&forumid...11...Cached - Similar
14 posts - 10 authors - Nov 19, 2005
I have been hunting the Alps for over 20 years. Usually get my buck during archery, but I still go back and look around. The bucks are high and ...
--> hunting the Alphabets for over 20/20 optical vision .....newspaper reporters and editor tricks of jouranlism  school ...how to write incomplete stories of tragic  EVENTS.

Hunting & Licences to Hunt in France - Anglo INFO French Alps ... 

frenchalps.angloinfo.com › INFOrmationCached - Similar
Gun hunting is  tightly controlled in France in terms of the species that may be hunted and the people who may hunt. A person must undergo exams and ...

France ...symbolism = Franchise indutry ...how to get a franchise




Hunting for a business franchise ....learn the secret languages

What is a Franchise License? - Free Enterprise 

blogs.findlaw.com/free_enterprise/.../what-is-a-franchise-license.htmlCached - Similar
Aug 20, 2009 – franchise license helps create the commercial and contractual relationship between franchisor and franchisee. It passes on certain rights to ...

What species ...a McDonald's   Hamburger = Ham Burger franchise district..
that is Perry Mason television  law  with  McDONALD's  franschise  district attorney  Hamilton Burger.

Ask  U.S.ARMY  agent G.I.JOE --> Gastro Intestional Job Order Entry and the genetics military  representative
GENE --> GENERAL HC = Hyrocarbon food military agent -->
General Ham, Carter  ..assocated with Europe and EARTH LAB    food bases

Fort LAB Hood  and Fort Appendix.  
Thus we have  a General Hamburger... carbon .....atomic based messenger ......that will  grill the DNA Nitrogenous bases of Major NI = Nitrogen biochemistry messenger from ViRGIN TECH.

Fort Appendix--> App + pen + dix --> Applied biology expressions in the EXTERNAL  earth geography surface world  with pen = Pentagon and  Fort Dix.

Fort Dix is a location in the Eastern TIME Zone ...where atomic, biophysics RD lab specimen SOLDIERS  with an  INTERNAL  appen.DIX  (with Nature's  bio-book appendix)>
Those SOL --> Solar System Soldiers  with    wear  an EXTERNAL   New cotton army Jersey  ( representing the cotton plant and  the  photosynthesis WAR)     and  will  learn IBM Basic assembler BODY languages.

On November 5, 2009, a mass murder took place at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas.[1] Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others

It's  a  secret ...DO NOT tell your friends and work associates  about this reality BLOG site.
What species? ? ?

Take a course in ......   Virginia TECH  English class 101 on lies and manipulation of the subliminal MIND and the brain cell symbolic data processor bio-computer.

Then study the French language ...about a KFC --> thinK File Control  subconscious MIND bio-computer projects using KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Thus we see the digestive system government and its thoughts in various forms of expression  ..with the major publisher of digestive system  output social science messages --->The  Reader's  Digest(ive) Magazine ...which provides "Food for Thought".
Stock footage of shaky, blurry and dull in contrast and imagery unusual films of hunting the elusive chamois high in thetyrolean alps . winter is the only time a ...

The (Tyro) tyrosine polar amino acid metabolism battle at Lake Tyrifjorden, Utoeya, Oslo, Norway. The ancient components of Nature return to Norway in battle with symbolic dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex .


  • 2011 Norway attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ... than two hours later at a summer camp on the island of Utøya in Tyrifjorden, ..... shooting at people who were trying to escape by swimming across the lake.

The shakey and blurry  ------- incomplete explanations published in European newspapers ...with citizen and government approval of  biased distorted conclusions about the TRUE CAUSE of the tragedy.   George Orwell and the propagnada war  over  excessive  CITIZEN nonsense.

Alpine Hunting New Zealand - The World's most exceptional Red ...
www.alpinehunting.com/Cached - Similar
The World's most Exceptional Red Stag and Unbeatable Premier Hunt ... and Tahr in the Southern Alps.... guarantees you an unparalleled hunting experience.

1) Alpine Hunting New Z --> Isacc NEWTON gravity field  inaction with brain atomic mass  Z = atomic number of  pro = professor proton thoughts

2) Southern Alps --> S  Alps --> Symbolic Alphabets,  alternative  word definitions, multiple defintions for 1 word .

3) unparalleled hunting experience ---> unparalleled --> Un + parallel --> unconscious mind ......parallel thought expressions that may rise to the surface of REALTY in a different formats or patterns   ...that are difficult to see or understand.


  1. Brian Greene: A Physicist Explains 'The Hidden Reality' Of Parallel ...

    www.npr.org › News › Science › Space
    Jan 24, 2011 – It is possible that there are many other universes that exist parallel to ... of The Elegant Universe, explains how that's possible in the new book...


Parallel Worlds; A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos is a popular science book by Michio Kaku first published in 2005.[1]



  • Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds






Col Hunting in the Chartreuse Alps : Cycling Challenge

Aug 21, 2010 – A challenge loop cycling through the Chartreuse alps. Map, elevation charts, photos, etc.

Col Hunting in the Chartreuse Alps : Cycling Challenge


Cole Hall ......oceanography charts --->Chart  + reuse   Cycle





Hunter over Switzerland 

Hunter over Switzerland - Low level flying through the Swiss Alps. ... near identical 45 minute flight in the same aircraft type around the Swiss Alps, that once you ...
Swiss Alps --> Swiss --> South Wisconsin

flight in the same aircraft type --> electromagnetic televison waves with Detective  Hunter
Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter and his partner, Sergeant Dee Dee McCall, are ... Top News · Movie News · TV News · Celebrity News · Featured News · Trailers ...
Starring Fred DryerStepfanie KramerCharles Hallahan.

flying through the Swiss Alps --> EM waves ...their geometric peaks and valleys look like the  geography  profile of the ALPS 

An electromagnetic wave consists of an oscillating electric field and an oscillating magnetic field, at right angles to each other. It is a transverse wave because the fields oscillate transverse to the direction of wave propagation.
Thus we have Detective HUNTER hunting in the  EM = Electro-Magnetic spectrum inside the optical nerve/brain of the televsion audience......that is EM  = Empolyees and the inside of theior EM brain  thought processor .....that is  Her ..the pronoun Her  VS  Hertzian wave life formats for Nature.

Aug 18, 2008 – Plant Hunting in the Japanese Alps & Feng Shui Lin in Yunnan. That was the title of the talk at tonight's CalHort meeting, as presented by Bill ...
Manufacturing in Japan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manufacturing_in_JapanCached - Similar
Japanese manufacturing industry is heavily dependent on imported raw .... in the United States: Isuzu has a joint plantwith Subaru; one of Toyota's plants is in ...
Computer Earth system 370 with humanoid  bio-computer BAL = Basic Assembly Language

List of Honda assembly plants - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Honda_assembly_plantsCached - Similar
Honda Motor Company, Ltd. operates plants worldwide for the manufacture of their ... ever assembly plant of a Japanesecarmaker in America (see note below).

Big Game Trophy Hunting - Southern Alps New Zealand - Deer, Elk ...
Big Game Trophy Hunting - Southern Alps New Zealand - Deer, Elk ...

Big Game Trophy Hunting - Southern Alps New Zealand - Deer, Elk ... 
Big         asTrophysics        - Southern California   Alps --> high level universities 
New Zeal --> New excitment at CALTECH and  the Universities of Southern California ...

The PAST  verb tense of the universe lives  in
the  Pas --> Pasadena ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
the  Past ................ena --> enable your advanced  bio-computer VTAM links ...
the  P + ast  --> Processing astrophysics region of thought ....regarding the social science features of  galactic life formats   that are symbolic residents  in some human  brain SYSTEMs .....that is  Nature's evolution of some brain bio-computer's with  SYS1.Resident.Load.Library features.


Trophy hunting for big game species in New Zealand - world-class Red Deer stags, Bull Elk, Himalayan Tahr and European Chamois in the Cardrona Safaris ...
Feral Goat Hunting the Southern Alps in New Zealand
Jan 14, 2012 – 13 SEP 2009 A short film of my Feral Goat hunt from the Southern Alps in New Zealand. A short film of my Feral Goat hunt from the Southern ...


Alps Wildlife | Swiss Hiking & Walking Tours | Haute Route
After a brown bear was shot by a hunter in 1904, they were extinct from the Swiss Alps through most of the 20th century. But in recent years bears from the ...
Symbolic hunting in the James joyce streams of consciouness of IRISH optical/eye brain tricks
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulysses_(novel)Cached - Similar
Ulysses is a novel by the Irish author James Joyce... the passage of Leopold Bloom through Dublin during an ordinary day, 16 June 1904 (the day of Joyce's ...
  1. Leopold Bloom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopold_BloomCached - Similar
    Leopold Bloom is the fictional protagonist and hero of James Joyce's Ulysses.
    His peregrinations and encounters in

    Dublin on 16 June 1904 mirror, on a more ...

    November 19, 1904

    Novel ...James Joyce 1904 

DUBLIN year 1904

with parallel birth of   Nathan Leopold

DUBLIN code --> DU + BLIN
--> Double BLind experiment of Nature's language and education systems

Leopold and Loeb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopold_and_LoebCached - Similar
Jump to Murder of Robert Franks‎:
Leopold and Loeb spent seven months planning the murder, the disposal of the body, and devising a plan to get ...
  1. Leopold Bloom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopold_BloomCached - Similar
    Leopold Bloom is the fictional protagonist and hero of James Joyce's Ulysses
Leopold was a child prodigy who spoke his first words at the age of four months; he reportedly had anintelligence quotient of 210,[2] though this is not directly comparable to scores on modern IQ tests.[3]Leopold had already completed college, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, and was attending law school at theUniversity of Chicago.[4] He claimed to have been able to speak 27 languages fluently,[5] and was an expertornithologist. Loeb was the youngest graduate in the history of the University of Michigan and planned to enter the University of Chicago Law School after taking some postgraduate courses.[4] Leopold planned to transfer to Harvard Law School in September after taking a trip to Europe.

Department of English Language and Literature

  1. the passage of Leopold Bloom through Dublin

    the passage of Leopold through Chicago

    Dublin --> Du + Blin --> Double Blind statistical experiments by Nature

Before the murder, Leopold had written to Loeb: 
"A superman ... is, on account of certain superior qualities inherent in him, exempted from the ordinary laws which govern men. He is not liable for anything he may do."[7]

Murder of Robert Franks

Dublin on 16 June 1904 --> Base 16 Hexadecimal  dimesnion of life on EARTH

Murder of Robert  ?  F --> Base 16 Hex'F"  = 15 rank and file ..data file .  
Murder of Robert E  F --> Base 16 Hex'E"  = age 14  rank and file ..data file . 
Gene/ Genetics General Robert E. Lee  --> Base 16 Hex'E'  Leader implies E = Einstein and E = m c  squared

  1. Robert Franks, victim of Leopold & Loeb 

    Bobby F was age 14 when he was picked up and murdered while on his way home from the Harvard School in Chicago's ...

B F was age 14.

B. F. Skinner box ...Base 16 messages.. age 14

B. F. Skin 
Batavia FermiLAB  Skin theory

Batavia FermiLAB  Skim -->E.skim.o 

Physics rackets for citizens.....  operated by federal governemnt DEPARTMENT of Energy
to make citizens very happy and smug





BBC - Human Planet Explorer - Mountains (pictures, video, facts ...

Kazakh hunters train golden eagles to hunt foxes and wolves on the mountain ... Martin sets off a controlled avalanche from a helicopter in the Swiss Alps.

Summer hunting in the Southern Alps - YouTube

Oct 31, 2009 – Some Hunting highlights from 2008 summer on the Tops of Westland NZ.

New Zealand Custom Outfitters - Red Stag Hunting Packages and ...

huntfishadventures.co.nz/packages.htmCached - Similar
King and Prince of the Southern Alps - 7 Days Himalayan Bull Tahr and European Chamois hunt in the Canterbury High County. Magnificent capes available ...
King and Prince --> King's College in England  and Princeton University
Bull Tahr --> Bull theory.....  analysis hour

The Witch Burnings

It was published in 1487, but two years previously the authors had secured a bull from Pope Innocent VIII, authorizing them to continue the witch hunt in the Alps ...

The Witch Burnings --> brain electron sWITCH bur = buffer .....brain gets burned out

two years previously --> IBM base 2 binary
bull from Pope Innocent VIII --> bull Pope   VIII =   8 data bits

Patrick Hunt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_HuntCached - Similar
In the Hannibal Expedition 2007-2008 sponsored by National Geographic Society, Hunt will search for artifacts of Hannibal's crossing of the Alps in 218 BC, ...
218 BC --> water molecule biochemisty signal  about evolution and Watergate thoughts
218  - - >   H 2 O  atomic mass of molcule = 18 and has voting age of 18.  

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hunt,_Baron_HuntCached - Similar
As a child, Hunt, from the age of ten, spent much holiday time in the Alps, learning some of the mountaineering skills he would later hone while taking part in ...

Baron Hunt --> Barrons weekly newpspaer on Saturady and the HUNT Brothers oil and silver  empire
BBC Two - Two Greedy Italians, Series 2 - Still Hungry, The Alps and ...
May 2, 2012 – Antonio & Gennaro join a hunting party in the Alps to learn about the the Italian art of arrangarsi (making do). In the old days the hunters would ...

brain  electron   orb.ITAL  theory of Enrico fermi and Pier Oddone
................................ITAL --> atomic ITALY and atomic languages
Italian art of arrangars --> arrange --> Italian linear algebra array ...domain and range math tricks

Hunting Tours in Germany - EuroSafari
... the Russian Boar. Book a Hunting Trip and then enjoy a guided sightseeing tour of Germany. ... The south has mountains as it reaches in to the Bavarian Alps.
France Safaris - French hunting holidays
In partnership with local organizations, we can also guide you trough the Pyrenees, the Massif Central and the Alps tohunt roe deer, Pyrenean chamois, Alpine ...
Massif Central --> atomic mass ..if logic ... logic of or = orbitals  ..
Central Processing Unit of  LUNG ....oxygen atomic base 16 hexadecimal  computer
7 posts - 3 authors - Jul 1, 2011
hey guys has anyone used the alps commander pack for elk hunting? me and my son got are first elk tags in utah . have never packed out elk ...
alps commander --> alphabets commander .... Virginina TECH English department conflict with year 1776 and the Constitution ...from Virgina with Thomas Jefferson  ......see the shooting at Jefferson County, Columbine High School library SIGNAL

Stunning Photos Of The Alps | Gadling.com
Apr 18, 2012 – The Alps is a beautiful mountain range. Spanning through ... In Istria, Hunting For The World's Most Delicious And Smelliest Treat · Share ...

Spanning through .. --> Bio-computer spanned data records of the  secret  SPAN.ish language

New Zealand Hunting Guides - Red Stag Trophy Hunts & Hunting ...
Cardrona Safaris guides provide premium guided hunting vacations in New Zealand's Southern Alps. Trophy elk bulls, world-record Red deer stags, Himalayan ...

 A trophy  in the BRAIN WORLD that was captured and  is under Cambridge's secret brain neurotransmitter control system  ..... hence, the year 2014 inability  of Hawking and  his DAMTP  math/physics associates    .. their inability to  have conscious and explicit communications about the C.P.SNOW "TWO CULTURES" and the Alan Sokal "SCIENCE WARS".
Thus we have a very interesting world of words and ideas  ..symbolic life in EXTERNAL books  and
symbol life inside  your brain symbol optical bio-computer.   

Does your brain bio-computer have a  bio-program instruction BUG.

Star Trek- -- > Deep Space Nine --> The Search. . . .The atomic/astrophysics communications continuum reveals CLUES to university and high school shootings . . Secrets of university subliminal MIND data streams are embedded within a paperback book.

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How to read a book in year 2011!
Examples of the multi-dimensional English language of the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer AND the modern atomic brain version 1 year 2012.



Have you upgraded you brain to the latest model number? Do you have the year 2000 brain computer with the Y2K feature ...that is the biological clock year 2000 upgrade? Sorry to hear that you forgot about that ......that is ......in year 1999 ...you forgot that you have a biological computer that has Y-algebra chromosome requirements and 2K data stream of conscious requirements. To bad ..you don't care. You ought use you brain sometimes for serious math and biochemistry studies; that could give your brain self-awareness on its own existence.

To help fill the VOID in your symbolic processor ...we can look at some pages from a paperback science fiction book. What additional dimensional signals about the SCIENCE WARS may those pages contain?



Introduction to M-theory - Wikipedia
This was later increased to 11 dimensions based on various interpretations of ... Physicist

M-theory - Wikipedia
In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds that of superstring ...

String theory
String theory is an active research framework in particle physics that attempts to ..... One such theory is the 11-dimensional M-theory, which requires spacetime to ...



Thus we will use applied
M-theory --> Manuscript-theory AND
M-theory --> Mind-theory of FermiLAB atoms inside a skull.

Fermi _ _ LAB brain project is to fill in the blanks ..
...mi _ _ LAB atomic communications node (abbreviated nd)
...mi nd giving the Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic mind

They don't communicate with people that are NOT members of their exclusive club.
Hence, the bi-directional communications feature does not exist....consequently the world OS = Office of Science battle of CH organic molecule objects (known as CH = Carbon Hydrogen = CHildren) at Utoya, OSLO, NO.rway. Also, we have the NO --> NORWAY --> NOBEL atomic anthropology science project policy violations.




Applied string theory 11 dimensions --> SKU11
What is SKUll?
It ia a warehouse of ideas, concepts. math equations, chemistry formula and English nouns/verbs,etc. Thus from Nature's vast intellect and the Universal Mind view ....the subset human MIND .....the SKU11 .... is just another inventory item in/on the EARTH warehouse.
SKU 11 --> Stock Keeping Unit 11 (11= eleven)



Various books and articles exist on the world of secrets. Theory and data are available in those books and research papers. They are milestones in understanding the structure of existence; but Nature continues to advance ....and its intellectual messages continue to provide us with clues ..clues needed to understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum and its evolution.

Grand Unified Theory (GUT) includes the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ..... that is atomic social anthropology, atomic political science, atomic social psychology, etc. Hence, the periodic atomic table government and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family VIEW of life.

The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.


Do we have the secret thoughts of atoms?
Are they secret thougths or are they thoughts expressed in some indirect,hidden technique.
Let's look at how some atomic thoughts are expressed.
Here is paperback book published in 1994......written by Diane Carey. Thus a example of how the Pentagon and the CIA and others ....... have messages inside books ......... so obvious ....that it's the LAST Place in the WORLD ...that a spy would look at.

Diane Carey ..... a humanoid constructed of atoms ..... uses her atomic bio-physics brain to reach into the atomic continuum to get TOP SECRET information ...and then she reformats the information for the general public. We are all participants in the atomic/ astrophysics continuum and its symbolic life of words and equations.

We provide it with input data and we receive some of its output data. Thus we are biological computer I/O devices. Have been for thousands of years! Today, we have the tools and symbolic knowledge to explain ourselves as subsets embedded in Nature's EARTH LAB.

Let's look at the paperbook ...and the additional clues it provides.
In this BLOG we just want to look at schools and their secret identifiers and their secret messages. What are they doing? What's up?

What secret long-range neurotransmitter signals do they use?
What body language commands are they using?
What Carl Jung collective unconsiousness commands are they playing with?
They ain't talking ...directly.

However, implanted into their brain computers are various biological subroutines ...that scan their brain thoughts ....anlayze those symbolic thoughts...and then copy those thoughts into some format ...and then route those thoughts to the continuum...for others to use.
Thus today we understand the most important social science manipulation secret that universities use ..... to milk the system ..... at the expense of the system.






Above page
--> em Ha darT = employes of Harvard and Dartmouth university

--> command towers = Ivory towers of the educational system ...that forgot the HONOR CODE of the Central Nervous System 370 processor.... a requirement of Nature and symbolic life in modern times.

--> twenty-three alpha = Death of the 23 chromsome pairs of Sam Hengel of Marinette High School.
He held 23 student hostages for university genetic experiments in mental puppetry ..that is the Marionettes of
Marinette High School, Wisconsin.
Cities like Marinette and the Boy Scouts do not care about such serious matters.
The adult citizens are happy puppets living in BRAVE NEW WORLD.

--> sixteen baker --> April 16 shooting at Virginian TECH university. Baker implies Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson ...Baker Street SIGNAL for IBM TOM Watson LABS regarding Base 16 hexadecimal student CAD = Computer Aided Design of university student CADAVERS.


--> The Northern Illinois University shooting in Cole Hall.
Thus the Y 2K brain war with George Orwell 1984 OCEANIA (Oceanography class).

6 dead = 5 victims and Steven K.
..................tim even K.
..................time even number 2 K
giving the Y2K battle in DeKalb, Illi.nois(e)

Time Computer manual titled 1984. Equation-->
1984 + Base 16 oxygen atomic computer = year 2000

Thus university and all other universities have failed their awareness TEST ..awareness of existence and their surroundings. They are aware of pizza , sports, and how to use a cellular phone. Hence, the more TRUE NATURE of the shooting at Cole Hall and the cover-up by the community and their shallow understanding of how the Margaret Mead nuclear family..atomic social anthropolgy works. The incomplete explanation offered by MIDWEST universities and their refusal to help undertsand the situation is a serious problem.






Virginia TECH shooting

with the echo ..echo ..echo...cho





--> What is a concentration camp usa?

Complicated question for advanced educated people in year 2012.

Let's make it simple.

1. the act of thinking; the state of mind ...pondering.
2. exclusive attention to one object; close mental application.
3. something concentrated: a concentration of stars.
4. Military .
a. the assembling of military or naval forces in a particular area in preparation for further operations.
b. a specified intensity and duration of artillery fire placed on a small area.
5. the focusing of a student's academic program on advanced study in a specific subject or field.
Thus the Siberia concentration camps in year 1950..

Now, we have Harvard and Yale concentration camp(us).
AND universities teach that concentration/thinking camps are terrible.

Do you attend a university concentration camp(usa version).
Virginia Tech is such a place. Do they understand the various levels of English words?
They know bull-stories and bragging and distorting language .... their language expertise.

Are the IVY league schools confused in their sunconscious MIND?

At what level...what STATE of MIND ....is the word used at.
Different levels may have different dictionaries ...and of course, marketing and advertising like to play games with those dictionaries. ...changing words around. Then we have shooting with English major MR.CHO. Lewis Carroll already explained all those manipulation tricks in year 1865; and then Virginia TECH blames MR.Cho ...while the EAST coast universities continue their language rackets .....and incomplete explanatioons of tragic EVENTS.

LEWIS Carroll from year 1865
..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."

So, Mr.CHO was a fool ...... and Virginia TECH brags about their scheme to suppress the information of the event.
Herbert Spencer in 1872 explained more ...about the internal government of the human body AND the external government of Nature/world ...the the math mapping between these two areas.

S.I.Hayakawa explained more about 
symbol brain maps in
"Language and Thought and in Action".




--> em = electromagnetic human life forms at Harvard and Dartmouth


-->The University of Cambridge ...hidding in cave AND ignoring the dozens of maessages sent to them ...because they are so high up on the evolutionary scale. The Queen ought close the schools until they clean up their arrogant subliminal MIND ...bio-computer subroutines.

What is the Queen = Que + en --> a human representative for the periodic atomic table of life. She is in atomic bio-physics format. She and her universities have are involved in the Hierarchy Problem of physics and deliberate lies about the peridic atomic table of elements . .... and their atomic socila and atomic political life AND format of expression VIA humanoids. EXPRESSION..

Queen --> Que + en of Schrodinger equation





Hence the Queen of En can be held partially accountable for shooting at the Department of En at Virginia TECH. The Queen and her university scientists FORGET that the nicotine of tobacco cigarettes (inside the biochmistry body) has inteercepted her acetylcholine secret social science command languages. Nature doe not tolerate intellectual treason by British universities.

Acetylcholine - Wikipedia
Acetylcholine is one of many neurotransmitters in the autonomic nervous system ... Acetylcholine is also the principal neurotransmitter in all autonomic ganglia.

History - Chemistry - Function - Synthesis and degradation
Furthermore, Otto Loewi is accredited with discovering acetylcholine (ACh)—the first known neurotransmitter. Some neurons do, however, communicate via ...




--> Penn State locker room decoy ....blame everything on Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky and the biology organ issue. What is the Penn State cover-up racket?

Jerry Sandusky Investigation | News, Updates, Photos & More
the sex-abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant coach, accused of child molestation. Get breaking ...

The Penn State chemistry department ORGANIC Chemistry violations of the atomic/astrophysics communications continuum. The university likes to lie about social chemistry. They lie about the atomic, bio-physics nature of human constructs. Thus the EVENT involving Jerry Sandusky (while that is probably true) is just the surface veneer of a bigger problem on intellectual integrity at Penn State.

The deeper levels

a) Jerry Sandusky --> Sand implies EARTH ..sky implies astronomy/astrophysics

b) Jerry with organ --> Jerry March textbook Advanced Organic Chemistry ...intellectual battle with the American Chemsitry Society and their biased and distorted views about chemistry and social chemistry ...direct insults to Nature's intellect.

c) molestation --> Mole est --> Avogadro's number estimates with
N = 6.02 times 10 exponent 23 chromsomes

Thus we see how the intellectual war is played out in books and television.
The stories have a direct plot ..... this happens and that happens.
That is the foundation outline and that is good.

The author may (some do and some don't) .....may have within the obvious story for everyone to read and enjoy .....may have embedded .... some sub-stories or clues or ideas about EVENTS that we read about in the news .....but the clues involve deeper interpretations. Thus people that are older and wiser and read some basic chemistry books,etc for concepts ....will then be able to recognize the author's clues ........clues to many a puzzle. Sherlock Holmes did that ...and we must think like Sherlock Holmes would like us to think.
Given above perspective .....we can read a paperbook book, watch a movie, talk to our friends, read a newspaper ..... and realize that we probably only understand a few of the messages that are given us. That is good; but, as we get older, we need to be wiser.

This is accopmplished in life ....by maintaining a continuous curosity about basic math, basic genetics, biochemistry, physics, chemistry, etc. I am talking basics.... like high school education and then going to a college bookstore (or elsewhere ) and buying basic college textbooks in those subjects. Then, in essence, you will have a serious library to keep your mind busy for the remainder of your life.

If you can't go to college, then that is the strategy to follow. Over the years .....your mind will enjoy the many puzzles presented to it ... that your science amd math knowledge can solve. Everyday life .... and the technical books that you have studied are now within your brain ....awaiting the challenge. Remember ..that many great intellectuals in the past..were self-educated individuals ..that at the age of 40 or 50 can into being ..with knowledge.
The world needs those ...who demonstrate self-determination and will to study ...because we live in a symbolic world. Now, we have the intellectual wars and hundreds of universities talk blabber ..the consequence of the collective MIND-set of the university campus group of 20,000 or 30,000 students and professors. Carl Jung and the the Joseph Stalin brain computer collectives at American universities in year 2012.





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com
Website: www.zinoproject.com

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