The H.G.Wells modern "War of the Worlds" for control of cities. The status review of cities.

Isaac Asimov , the Foundation series, psychohistory PROOF --> mathematics equation DEMO of World Trade Center AND Oklahoma City Federal Building --> multiparticle potential scattering

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After you read the post below, visit SITE MAP-3 for access to several hundred  POSTS with data events that help explain the Psychohistory Theory of Isaac Asimov .... which includes you and your Foundations in Life.

Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE  argument with Argonne National Labs approval of government atomic social policy

The world-wide Science War empirical data reports on the CITIES under attack by SYMBOL MACHINE  equations as predicted by Asimov.

RD-blog-number-2325 by Herb Zinser

The periodic atomic table of  elements   and the mathematical-physics equations that describe existence on EARTH LAB have an argument with Argonne National Labs.

Atomic element  IRON has a diplomatic communications problem with  FermiLAB and various ferrous oxide buildings  approved by Fe = Federal policy.  
There iron buildings and skyscrapers  STAND a vertical LINEAR TOWER  .... and STANFORD University and Stanford Linear refuse to acknowledge the  multi-faceted dimensions of Sartre existentialism  
or the 11-dimensional string theory war  ..... part of the world-wide SCIENCE WARS.  

Thus NATURE has a serious communications problem with the myopic awareness  of subset humans and their subset human institutions.

How does Nature send messages?  

Let's look a theory ...... about indirect messages  that may become directly visible in another format.
For example ...words and sentence  .......months/years later ...may beome actual reality ....
perhaps by some HUMAN project plan  OR
by chance  OR
by some hidden plan of Nature (suggested by  the book title -  The INVISIBLE MAN).



Psychohistory is a theoretical science in Isaac Asimov's Foundation universe which ...... mathematical statistics to make general predictions about the future ...


PROOF - the equation and its empirical REALITY data events



Messages about the foundations of existence of EARTH (atlas code below) ... the influence of mathematical-physics on human LIFE and Death.
Below, tensor space/time of TEN years and the English department tricks of verb tenses: Past, Present and Pre-sent , the FUTURE.
East coast universities and Virginia TECH university English department tricks of verb tenses:
Past, Present and Pre-sent , the FUTURE.
The probability distribution of life / daily activities and thoughts in the PRESENT tense is really
bewteen 2 STATES of MIND and their thoughts/actions.....
1) the truly PRESENT REAL TIME) and now activities....such as driving a 4-wheeled car down a highway
2) the PRE-sent ........ and who is the director of the pre-sent world and its policies?
Why doesn't Virginia TECH explain the Base 16 hexadecimal space/time MATH BATTLE of April 16?
Let's look at some examples...... let's look the math war in Vietnam --> 1962 thru 1974.
The soldiers and civilian people .....are considered like groups of particles...... hence, the multiparticle WAR of Vietnam.

The above symbolic equation / WAR formula ....translated into physical conflict on the geography surface of EARTH...ASIA with
Above symbols:
H0 = H subscript 0 --> HO Chi Min trail Isaac Asimov mathematical geo-physics trail/DATA pathway for symbolic theorists and researchers.
The Ho Chi Minh trail (known in Vietnam as the "Trường Sơn trail") was a ... Army of Vietnam (PAVN), or North Vietnamese Army, during the Vietnam War.
Ho Chi Minh Trail - US History
Ho Chi Minh Trail map. The Vietnam People's Army had decided to build a secret road system to carry war supplies to the south. The network, initially coded 559 ...

symbol V --> maps to geo-political REALITY --> Vietnam geography-mathematical graph
symbol m subscript j --> math majors --> Majors in the U.S.ARMY
symbol p subscript j --> mathematics WAR commannder-in-chief = President Johnson
symbol V with subcripts i = row, j = column ..... parttition of Vietnam into linear algebra tabler with rows and columns ....with botany plant RICE ..... farms fields of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory ...
using math rice systems = mat.RICES ....... thus the relationship between agriculture/farm land and their symbolic representaions in math and English form known as symbolic life of alphabets and algebra sybols, letters, equations, formula.
This was confirmed by Nature's systems and the presence of math President N X N (Nixon) for an N X N square matrix.
About 30 years later...the EARTH existential mathematical cycle reappeared with the Department of Energy Intellectual WAR .......and the intellectual policy and communication errors resulted in transformation to physical violence in the United States.
The tragic events that resulted from the social science and theology violations of mathematical laws ......are:
Now we have described the  LAND war in Vietnam a  geography region  LINEAR Algebra WAR  with President N i X o N  --representing the N X N square matrix .... on the flat geography surface of thta LOCAL area (Vietnam, Asia).
Now, let's look at the vertical LINEAR ALGEBRA structures office buildings and skyscrapers   ..both ..ususally  made  with IRON  skeltons   ...the GRID-IRON  of architecture.
What are some examples of  scattering  ..... multiparticle scattering ......the multi- particles being created by  a bomb explosion or an aerodynamics attack on the building  VIA a plane geometry military vehicle known as an air plane.  The multi-particles created are building debris, automobiles on the grounds,  people that were killed,etc.
Thus it is important for insurance companies to offer  building owners, businesses, and workers  .... ..a multi-particle scattering WAR insurance policy  ...just in case ......they get caught up  in some mathematical-physics  BATTLE in civilian war zones.
Let's look a few examples of multi-particle scattering.
1) The Fe = Ferrous Oxide Fe=Federal Building in Oklahoma City   with the Isaac Asimoc mathematical property of  Base 16 hexadecimal  HEX'Fe' = 254 = Federal Building and advanced computer science on EARTH LAB   ....with Base 16 message center known as Base 16 computer address space = 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC = Define Constant Basic Assembler Language.  The ARMY is familar with bio-computer training done at FORT DIX, New Cotton Jersey new Darwinian selected  service soldiers receive Basic at the FORT  ......  that is ...they get IBM Basic Assem.BLUR Laguage    and  Fortran social engineering language ...for their subliminal mind education.
The Oklahoma City   MATH and periodic atomic table  SCIENCE WAR casualties  .....provided some CLUE to a puzzle.
Above equation V --> Veigh --> Veigh(t)  --> Vertical  eight   --> Vertical Height + Weight

Timothy McVeigh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

  2. Timothy James "TimMcVeigh(t) (April 23, 1968 – June 11, 2001) was an American domestic terrorist who detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah ...
  3. Childhood - Military life - Post-military life - Arizona with Fortiers
The Oklahoma City bombing was a terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. It would remain the most destructive act of terrorism on American soil until the September 11, 2001 attacks. The Oklahoma blast claimed 168 lives, including 19 children under the age of 6 and injured more than 680 people. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 buildings
within a  
sixteen-block radius.
BOMB --> B + OM + B  --> 16 OM  =   16  electrons Oxygen Molecule  mass 32 ..... a signal for atomic chemists --> social chemistry adjustments  in  OC = Organic Chemistry TEST site OC = Oklahoma City.
atom signal  --> atomic MASS 16 oxygen atom 8 electron --> 168 oxygen atom LUNG breathers with ERRORS are now dead.
The question is......why were  these Margaret Mead nuclear family ..atomic athropology DETAILS omitted from the  investigation and the TRIAL  of  Timothy McVeigh(t).    The situation was partially  rigged in the set-up of  Timothy McVeight ..... with the approval of universities.... that could have spoken uop and raised  questions...and provided answers  ........but have not ....BRAVE NEW WORLD  has zero BRAVE universities,  zero BRAVE professors, and ZERO brave thinkers..
The data omissions  ARE  too simple and too obvious .
Speaking of data  ..... over 200,000 experienced  computer programmers and computer systems analysts and  exist in the UNITED STATES and NOT one recognizes  the situation below a possibilty of a  computer   science WAR.
within a  sixteen-block radius --> Base 16 hexadecimal signal
Below......168 dead CODE processing  signal  --> Base 16 + 8 data bits = byte  ...... 
see the Computer World Publishing   for details  about the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 war events.
Belowm we see the some of the 11-dimensions of  string theory displayed in 1 composite message ...with levels and subset messages within it.  Thus, we see the multi-facted levels of the Darwin evolution of  the symbolic  English language with math sysmbols,etc.  

CBS News'
Chris IS +  sham ..( IS =  Information Systems sham)

denies accusations he (he= Hexadecimal) was  FBI informant during Oklahoma City bombing                                                                                                                                                           

BY LEO STANDORA  ......DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER ... Wednesday, April 6,  2011 

CBS News' vice president and Washington bureau chief denied accusations  
Tuesday (T +u + esda = Time unit VSAM entry sequence data)  he was an FBI informant during the Oklahoma City bombing. 

 FBI internal files claim Chris Isham, who was chief of investigative projects for  ABC News in the 1990s, provided the government with the identity of a confidential source as well as tips gleaned from the network's coverage of the bombing. "The suggestion that I was an informant for the FBI is outrageous and untrue," Isham said. 

He said the
FBI ( atomic FBI = FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois)
FBI at Quantico =   Quant + ti = co = Quantum Time Code training center
FBI (computer math FBI = Function BIt Map) 
FBI (the traditional version portrayed on televsion and in the news) 
inaccurately described his relationship with the bureau and he insisted he acted according to journalistic




 Photographs of the Murrah Federal Building following the bomb The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building  in Oklahoma  City was

Above equation V --> Veigh --> Veigh(t)  --> Vertical  eight  

--> Vertical Height + Weight --> eight  --->
eight data bits --> battle reports

Thus ...we see the CAUSE  and EFFECT  .....of the Federal government ERROR in the execution of Timoth McVEight Nature's systems  re-activated the MANHATTAN project  for the  System 11, 2001 ......

supersymmetry   June 11, 2001 --> Sept 11, 2001  
and the Department of Energy and the  Office of Science deliberate INTELLECTUAL insults to
the 11-dimensions of the string theory project
..........of the
modern James Joyce atomic stream of conscious and awareness  of the many atomic bio-physics humanoid citizens and their  social schemes  ...that become help CREATE  of these tragic signaling events.

revenge for the death of agent Veight --> agent V8 --> Vector 8 for oxygen and  the LUNG oxygen atomic computer  and the bio-optical computer of the retina/eye/optical  nerve processor.



Above equation
V --> Timothy McVeigh(t) signal repeated   for the dense intellectuals of Manhattan
--> Veigh(t)  --> Vertical  eight 

--> Vertical Height + Weight =  eight (V + H) 

--> eight (H + V).... part of the equation above

World Trade Center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
The World Trade Center is a site for various buildings in Lower Manhattan, New ... It featured
landmark twin towers, which opened on April 4, 1973 and were ...

To meet the Port Authority's requirement to build 10 million square feet (930,000 m²) of office space, the buildings would each need to be 110 stories tall....

In all, the World Trade Center complex contained six buildings within the 

16-acre (65,000 m2)  superblock.

Above we see the COMPUTER EARTH system 370  ...and the secret HUMANOID bio-computer manipulation signals ...

16  superblock --> Base 16 hexadecimal data  (super) block
PORT of Authority --> Input/Output data PORT 

10 --> binary 10 = Base 2 = Two Towers computer science battle 

110 --> binary code 110 for project OS/JCL Binary = OSAma BINARY Laden ..a leading WORLD computer scientist accorinding to the Base 16 reports from  the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue specialists in world data proccessing  and BULL-STORIES  told the public.
110 stories tall.......
the 110 fantasy stories told Tall tales, lies, and disrepect  for

the gentlemen ..who stood TALL in intellectual integrity with symbols
110 stories tall.......
..................tallahassee, Florida State University 1972 ..

Paul A.M. Dirac - Biography › Nobel Prizes › Nobel Prize in PhysicsCached
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac was born on 8th August, 1902, at Bristol, England, his father being Swiss and his mother English. He was educated at ...
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, (OM, FRS; 8 August 1902 – 20 October 1984) was an English theoretical physicistwho made fundamental contributions to the early development of both quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics. He held the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, was a member of the Center for Theoretical Studies, University of Miami, and spent the last decade of his life at Florida State University.

Born Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac
8 August 1902
Bristol, England

20 October 1984 (aged 82)

Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Tall.ahas.see  World Trade CenterWikipedia, the free encyclopedia World_Trade_Center
The World Trade Center is a site for various buildings in Lower Manhattan, New York City, 
... known collectively as the (Carl Jung collective unconsciouness schemes with the UN building)
Twin Towers,
were the tallest ( and the tallest lies of symbolic buildings) buildings in the world.
 ...On the morning of September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda-affiliated hijackers flew two ...

After burning for 56 minutes (atomic mass 56 signal to Ferrous oxide Lab = FermiLAB), 
the South Tower (2) collapsed, followed a

--> were the tallest buildings in the world ..
the Paul Dirac and Erwin Schrodinger symbolic buildings

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1933
The Nobel Prize in Physics 1933 was awarded jointly to Erwin Schrödinger and Paul  Dirac "for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic ...
The Nobel Prize in Physics 1933 - Documentary - Nobel Lecture - Other Resources 
The September 11 attacks (also referred to as   9/11) were a series of four coordinatedsuicide attacks upon the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C. areas on September 11, 2001


 Ground Zero – site of the destruction of the World Trade Center


- World Trade Center collapsed following the Sept


Thus we see the more TRUE NATURE of the deeper level of reality .......
Isaac Asimov and Pau Dirac   .......would not tolerate the LIES   of year 2001 universities and their attitude  and neglect  .....the incomplete explanations of the mathematical-physics BATTLE.

Manhattan Project Chronology |

The Man  Project: Making the ...

May 23,1942: The S-1 Executive Committee recommends that the project move to the pilot plant stage and build one or two piles (reactors) to produce .... keeping the atomic bomb a secret and using it as soon as possible without Warning. › History › The Manhattan Project 
May 23,19.42nd STREET, Times Square :

S-1 Executive Committee recommends  that the S-11 project

move to the pilot plan stage (airline pilots and hijack planand build

one or two piles (the TWO TOWERS and their two piles of rubble in Manhattan) 
to produce .... keeping the atomic bio-physics Margaret Mead humaniod  a secret and using it as soon as possible without Warning.

Thus we see .... Isaac Asimov  had  integerity to raise several the READERS of his science book have the courage to help  reestablish the WORD of HONOR and integrity.     If you don't help  ...then your lazy brain is traeson to Isaac Asimov and his probable wish help undertsand the Science Wars.

Additional SCIENCE WAR subjects are listed on the above TOOLBAR on your computer screen. You may CLICK on those NOUNS for access to detailed battle reports.


CONTACT --> Principle science researcher: HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


The Milwaukee atomic/astrophysics continuum SCIENCE WAR Zone. The Dark Matter battle on Saturday night. The Wisconsin atomic brain intellectual WIMPS deny reality. WIMPS = WI.sconsin Milwaukee Public Schools

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The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) VIEW helps us understand the SCIENCE WAR battlefield ...and its injuries and causalties. The VIEW of a hypothetical distant virtual observer....viewing EVENTS on us an understanding of EARTH social science events,political science, economics , crimes, tragedies, etc.

To understand this...we consider the continuum....a range of existences.
Example: Atomic --> continuum <-- astrophysics
................................. | 
Then we think of:........middle = human zone because
of Nature's blood mid --> blood plasMID in the atomic physics STANDARD MODEL ..and the HIERARCHY PROBLEM of atomic blood....humanoid symbolic spokeperson/agents.


Thus given the continuum we look at Milwaukee.

At the atomic end of the continuum we have a Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology
....atomic human EARTH LAB experimental specimen.

Theory....speculates that this humanoid structure is composed of atoms; but the University of Wisconsin has not confirmed this .....their secret CODE Of Silence.
Thus we propose that the periodic atomic table government has many formats of expression; including atomic bio-physics formats with a symbolic brain. Now, how would NATURE provide clues such that a mere mortal like myself.....could understand atomic political science.


Thus we have Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology WIMPS --> quantum state code WI + MPS --> Wisconsin Milwaukee Public Schools.


Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) - Physics - › ... › Physics DictionaryPhysics: U to Z
definition of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs)


Then we have the extrapolation to the atomic brain nonsense of Madison WIMPS --> Wisconsin Madison Public Schools.
The university doesn't care to understand EARTH LAB......and the Mad magazine comedy of Madison society brain manipulators and their SMOKE SCREEN trick. Welcome to UW and their BRAVE NEW WORLD philosophy errors. Perhaps UW physics may learn the basics of diplomatic communication theory and how the Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciouness sends STAR TREK style cloaked, subtle messages to interested humans with a symbolic brain computer.





WIMPs and super-WIMPs



The Milwaukee WIMPS particle physics DARK MATTER atomic anthropology EARTH LAB event ...... around 10:45 p.m. Saturday.

Let's consider WORD clues from physics:
Force = Ma ....ATOM....Baryons human words-->
..........Mayor....Tom ..Bar..Barrett


Milwaukee Mayor Barrett

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett





Now after visiting the State Fair park in West Allis...the Mayor had a nasty experience with
Margaret Mead nuclear  ant --> ANTHropology agent...named ANTH -->Anthony Peters

-->  EVENT
And it ended with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett lying in a pool of blood with a broken hand after he rushed to confront a pipe-wielding suspect officials described as a "vicious thug."

By Sunday evening, the suspect was in custody, Barrett was recuperating at a hospital, and his heroics were being recounted on national cable and network news shows.

Barrett, first elected in 2004 and re-elected last year, was struck on the head and torso with the pipe and broke his hand, presumably when he punched the man. As he rested Sunday at Froedtert Hospital, where doctors stitched up cuts on his head and lip, authorities and witnesses explained what happened.

The 55-year-old mayor, his sister, niece and two of his daughters were walking to his car around 10:45 p.m. Saturday in the 8800 block of W. Orchard St. in West Allis when they heard a woman yelling.

Authorities said Anthony J. Peters, 20, was arguing with his ex-girlfriend's mother, whose cries for help were answered by the mayor. Telling his sister to take his two young daughters out of harm's way, Barrett confronted the man and tried to calm him. When Barrett took out his cell phone, Peters attacked him, authorities said.

West Allis Police Chief Mike Jungbluth described Peters as a
"desperate man" who had threatened to shoot himself and others.




Thus Math Police Chief Jungbluth   and his Carl Jung collective sub-consciousness states....Peters is a
"desperate mantissa"
influenced by the Logan, Utah astrophysics logarithms WAR
that have modified the Peters brain logarithms characteristic....and hence the Peters behaviorial character....which is his characteristic algbera expression of math life. Math life in the Milwaukee university system the system of astrophysics LOCAL REGION existential DENIAL. Nature has already demoted Milweaukkee universities ...... in the serious INTELLECTUAL WAR component of the Science Wars.

But the university administrators is sure that pizza and hamburgers exist for the digestive system....THAT is food for THOUGHT. Complex symbolic food for THOUGHT is not needed in today's world; new shopping centers are needed.

Of course, CALTECH and the University of Manchester (a desperate math Man of Manchester Mantissa life) and the Alan Turing Building and Alan Sokal have problems with the existence of logarithms.

Bio.LOG.y .... in the daily life of these university people does not exist. However, bio-math log y .... in daily life is Nature's social engineering feedback SIGNAL system. Professors.... as university employees ought be able to keeep their brain cells CLEAR of the nonsense EM = Electro.Magnetic component of EM = EM.ployeee life. Thus far, no professor has been able to rise above the psychology brain trick barrier .... a barrier to lazy brain ....easily overcome by communication with this author. The music group RADIO HEAD provides us with a suggested clue as to how Darwinian brain electron circuits have evolved. Attention all symbolic warriors..... the SCIENCE WARS are in progress...and you have failed to report to Central Nervous System intellectual duty.

I was warned by Betrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and others. Those author's ideas were mentioned in college courses; but, it took me over 30 years...older and wiser truly realize their messages about subtle neurotransmitter brain-washing and the subliminal mind propaganda of large Carl Jung collective groups. Some group ideas are very accurate and okay; a few ideas are mixed up...........of course, this provides an intellectual challenge ...... an atomic social science puzzle for the more educated.



--> Thus we look at KEY SIGNALS of the Mayor's atomic social science MESSAGE:

- Pipe --> Data pipeline communication war
- elected 2004 --> Base 2 exponent 004 = Base 16 hex
- re-elected last year--> Computer Earth system 370 magnetic
..reel and the UWM bio-physics iron hemo.GLOB WAR and the
..role of Fer = FermiLAB's ferrous oxide atomic math life.. last year-->Fermat's LAST Theorem math politics

- 55 year old mayor--> Hemoglobin with ferrous oxide iron atomic mass 55.85
................this ties in with the magnetic field shooting of
................Milwaukee iron hemoglobin policeman Norberg

Man arrested in attack on Mayor Barrett - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Aug 16, 2009 - Mayor Barrett was beaten Saturday outside State Fair Park when he tried to calm a domestic dispute

Thus we have the age  55 mayor  and the 8th month = August EVENT
 giving the atomic anthropology signal of 55.8  .
...which approximated the atomic mass 55.8.

Hence, the Fe --> Ferrous attack authorized by Nature's ferrous oxide atom in the Milwaukee bio-physics social engineering WAR.

- 8800 block --> Computer Earth data block
- Anthony --> Margaret Mead atomic anthropology
- Police Chief JUNGbluth --> Nature's brain Police Chief Carl Jung collective unconsciouness WAR Zone

- University colle (colleges) --> Collective unconsciousness ERRORS of thought
- NIL, Cole Hall --> Colle Hall --> Collective unconsciousness shooting

Thus we have a lot of details omitted from the Newpsapers and the trial.
The universities make no attempt to understand anything. But they do understand how to eat pizza while watching a sports game.






..the next generation .......




The collective unconscious  heritage of Waukesha Chief Jung+ 


In the STATES of MIND -->citizenship Swiss --> geography region S  + Wiss --> South Wisconsin ...hence, in the world of SYMBOLS and ideas ..... Waukesha Police Cjhief JunG+ is also a SWISS 




In addition, we have the BLOG titles ..keywords for INTERNET query:

- Falk iron gear insurance study --> for the 55 year old Milwaukee Mayor (iron atomic mass 55.85)and his Hemoglobin iron proteins age 55

- Gravity Murder report from Milwaukee Jake Gerard --> Base 16 computer address (Street address) of the murder of Jake G = Universal gravitational constant ...GRAVITY WAR casualty

- The National High Magnetic field laboratory BATTLE with the iron Hemoglobin proteins within Milwaukee police officers Norberg and Graham K.

City / State errors - SPACE /TIME projects on EARTH LAB are ignored by Citizens

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Cities and states ought recognize the proper existence of SPACE / TIME. Many geographical areas have a list of empirical violations of MILKY WAY galaxy --> social gala laws. Examples of cities/states with TIME projects pending include:

Baltimore --> City of Bal.Tim.ore TIME PROJECT
Bal -->Basic assembler languages TIME orders

Baltimore --> City of BalTimore TIME PROJECT



Bal -->Basic assembler languages TIME orders

The State of Maryland is in the Eastern TIME error zone.



IBM Basic assembly language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is a low-level language used onIBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, through systems 370, 390, and System z, as well ...

The Baltimore Orioles BaseBall team is really a biological,  bio-computer system; social behavior data processing system.
BASE.BALL = BASE registers of BALL = Basic Assembler Land Language of COMPUTER EARTH.

SAMMY SOSA --> SAM = Sequential Access Method
SOSA = SOS America --> a TIME COMPUTER help signal.



This is part of the--> E PluriBUS unum (data BUS) of
Uncle SAM -->Sequential Access Method governmnent with
UNIT = TAPE NIXON computer system tape message of the
UNIT = UNIT(ed) States of North America COMPUTER EARTH--> part of the Galileo astronomy/astrophysics computer system 370 from BASE year 16.16 --> Base 16 HEX SPACE plus Base 16 HEX TIME.




Time Zones - Greenwich Mean Time - GMT
There are 25 integer World Time Zones from -12 through 0 (GMT) to +12. Each one is 15° of Longitude as measured East and West from the Prime Meridian of ...




300 × 215 - Greenwich Real Estate for Sale | Neighborhoods in Greenwich |


Greenwich Mean (nasty)  Time (the Prime Meridian)  CONNECTION to Greenwich,Connecticut--> Connect time cut --> fix the cut/damage to the fabric of space/time. Since this was not fixed --> the astrophysics event went to Greenwich Village, Manhattan for the CAUSE and EFFECT display of TIME ERRORS at the WORLD TRADE CENTER on Sept. 11,2001.
In addition, the   Grenwitch mean/nasty time EVENT took place at Sandy Hook Elenatry school e 


Port of Authority BUS Terminal, Manhattan, New York City is part of COMPUTER EARTH --> Input/Output PORT of authority data BUS computer earth TERMINAL. New York City residents are excellent computer brain research subjects --> in the subject of awareness. There is a research void in biological brain computer self-awareness.




Thus we see the COMPUTER EARTH  system 370 with  Mamhattan's secret  humanoid bio-computer processors. 



42nd Street, Times Square is a Base 4 exponent 2 = BASE 16 Hexadecimal time region. Base 4 time squared (exponent 2) = Base 16 Hex Time.

The nasty/HEX/CURSE time event was Sept 11, 2001; New York City ought not violate the laws of existence --> Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory. The misuse of data field theory is linked to the TWO TOWERS BASE 2 Binary computer science battle of Sept 11,2001. George Orwell's TIME COMPUTER manual/book titled 1984 was ignored.
Year 1984 + Base 16 hexadecimal years = Year 2000.




Apparently there is a Y2k problem with the TIME COMPUTER of COMPUTER EARTH known as the Y 2 K ERROR (KERR metric in Hawking/Gibbons astrophysics terminology as applied to galactic local region PLANET EARTH). The multi-faceted MANHATTAN PROJECT started around 1943 includes a Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology component --> thus the sociology data processing ERROR event of Sept 2001 caused by the MANHATTAN PROJECT violation.

The periodic table of elements TIME ELEMENT --> TC = 43 is linked to the TIME CONTROL system of the TIME COMPUTER.

Applied string theory --> Highway 26-dimensional Minkowski space-time of Wisconsin --> a Road Map to the Science Wars

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The book: String Theory and M-theory by Katrin Becker, Melanie Becker, and John Schwartz helps us explain the modern Margaret Mead nuclear family...atomic social anthropology conflicts.

These physics theories and their data are available in many books and research papers. They are a milestone in understanding the structure of existence; but Nature continues to advance ....and its intellectual messages continue to provide us with clues ..clues needed to understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum and its evolution.


String Theory and M-Theory: A Modern Introduction: Katrin Becker ...

Rating: 4.5 - 10 reviews - $85.27
String Theory and M-Theory: A Modern Introduction [KatrinBecker, Melanie Becker, John H. Schwarz]






The atomic continuum--> humans <--astrophysics continuum
.......positions human structures somewhere in the middle of the existential continuum. Thus humans and their various institutions (education, government, corporate, publishing) are just subsets of the CONTINUUM .....and must be considered within that EARTH LAB context with Nature's vast intellect.


The Margaret Mead nuclear family......atomic social antropology conflict .... is best explained by example. Using the parallel processing we can view events as expressions of the periodic atomic table government...............including atomic bio-physics humans with a symbolic brain computer.

The parallel processing OR SUPER-symmetric physics model helps understand events in society...and the physical expressions of human atomic brain decisions...... such as the concrete string ...... the  highway construction of the string  known as Wisconsin  Highway 26.



The Highway 26 bypass were not approved by the EARTH government.....but the subset government of Wisconsin is not concerned about such trival matters as EARTH and Nature and existence. The consequence of ignoring Nature's SIGNALS and Nature's project plans crime and economic problems; but Wisconsin citizens could care less about the EARTH LAB context that they live within.

Lets look at some clues to explain the Margaret Mead atomic anthrolopgy war events...
the well-known SCIENCE WARS that are in progress.



Let's realize that we have 2 major dimensions of existence on EARTH:

a) physical existence ..such as solids or geography or buildings or sound waves

b) symbolic existence of nouns, math equations, chemistry formula, etc



Often, there is a relationship  between these 2 dimensions. In modern times, that is very true.
A million years ago, the symbolic dimension did not exist in the format we see today ...such as basic  college math and science textbooks.


Lets outline some of the String theory book clues that describe existence:

page 192 This type of world-sheet analysis of T-duality is repeated in a more general setting including background fields....

Page 192 Boundary conditions

Page 192 The dynamics of a bosonic string in 26-dimensional Minkowski space-time is described in conformal gauge by the action

Page 192 whose vanishing gives the equations of motions, plus a boundary condition

Page 192 invaraiance under poincare transformations in all 26 transformations is Neumann boundary conditions for all components

Page 204 Since each supercharge corresponds to a Majorana-Weyl spinor, with 16 real components



The EARTH LAB geography region of empirical data:

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Wisconsin Highway 26 - WIS 59 crosses WIS 26 in Milton. WIS 26 crosses over to Jefferson County about five miles (8 km) north of Milton. the highway turns northeast at the county ...

en.wikipedia. Wisconsin_Highway_26 - Highway 26 redo outlined - Apr 16, 2010 ... Daily Jefferson County Union | Fort Atkinson, WI ... The Jefferson bypass is the first portion of the Highway 26 project slated for ...

Jefferson, Wisconsin. There are two available entrances to the ... Travel south on State Hwy 26 to Jefferson - the Courthouse is located at 320 S. Main ...
Explore Jefferson County Wisconsin

Watertown is in Jefferson and Dodge Counties;
Major roads through Watertown include 
Highway 26, 
Highway 16 and 
Highway 19; Zip codes for Watertown are 53094 ...





Thus we have concrete data for STRING THEORY information highway for theorists.

- The world-sheet --> the geography surface of EARTH LAB

- T-duality --> Country Road T west of Watertown

- Background fields --> Einstein's Field theory of farm agriculture data fields


- Bosonic string in 26-dimensional --> Highway 26






- equations of motions -->
the 26 protons of ferrous oxide iron automobiles and
their 26 atomic proton English alphabet sysmbols as the 4-wheeled car travels on
EARTH geo-physics atomic number Highway 26.


The Wisconsin violation of atomic number 26 highway 26 laws  .... and the EM =  ElectroMagnetic bio-physics  EM = EMployee life forms ...... and the BYPASS of EARTH  Bosonic string  26-dimensional engineering  laws


The protons are thinking of Fer = Ferrous oxide ideas .... and wonders why Fer = Fermilab physics does not acknowledge the data for the Hierarchy Problem and atomic mass communication theory --> mass communications via TV, radio, and publishing. These media are really atomic mass communications....regarding atomic social engineering,etc.




16 real components --> Base 16 Computer Earth with Hexadecimal Highway 16 in the data bus(business District) of Watertown has REAL existence.......just like oxygen atomic computer Base 16 in the LUNG processor has a REAL existence.

Oh, the secrets of universities and their HOLLYWOOD conditioned brain preceptions!

Oconomowoc and the BASE 16 Hexadecimal concrete STRING of Highway 16 becomes a string theory battle zone of 16 supersymmetries --> the Wisconsin SCIENCE WAR casualties

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The book: String Theory and M-theory by Katrin Becker, Melanie Becker, and John Schwartz helps us explain modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family...atomic social anthropology events.


String Theory and M-Theory: A Modern Introduction: Katrin Becker ...

Rating: 4.5 - 10 reviews - $85.27
String Theory and M-Theory: A Modern Introduction [Katrin Becker, Melanie Becker, John H. Schwarz]



Mathematical-physics theories and their data are available in many books and research papers. They are a milestone in understanding the structure of existence; but Nature continues to advance ....and its intellectual messages continue to provide us with clues ..clues needed to understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum and its evolution.

The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family......atomic social antropology conflict .... is best explained by example. Using the super-symmetry / parallel processing we can view events in the context of the string theory physics SCIENCE WARS on EARTH LAB.

Thus we look at the TYPE II superstring theory war and its casualties...involving the city of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and COMPUTER EARTH system 370 Hexadecimal Highway 16 and the violation of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory at its EARTH government LAB application test site of Pabst farms ...and the DATA FIELDs composed of farm land fields.





These serious attack by universities and their agents upon the the EARTH government resulted in the murder of Gloria Totzke of Oconomowoc. The Margaret Mead nuclear family...atomic social anthropology government .... programmed the CORTEX computer brain of Mark D. Totzke with computer instructions using the M.UR.der equation.

Thus we look at the atomic English language word...the secret Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness understanding of M-theory .......and the atomic human brain symbolic computer and its social behavior expressions VIA human vehicles....who may have to express an atomic message in a violent manner; hence the atomic Murder social engineering feedback message equation.

Murder --> M + ur + rd + er -->

Atom --> M
Uranium --> ur
atomic human research/development --> rd
er --> errors

giving......MURDER expanded atomic message:

atoM uranium 238 research/development errors ....

in the context of Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology policies.




Thus we look for additional clues that help explain the context of the university SCIENCE WAR casualties in the super-symmetry geo-physics geography region of Base 16 hexadecimal concrete string HIGHWAY 16....between Milwaukee and Watertown, Wisconsin.







--> The book on STRING THEORY and M-theory ideas:

Page 207 --> Stable D-branes in Type II superstring theories

Page 207 Specializing to the case of ten dimesnions, the preceding considerations tell us that an n-form gauge field can couple electrically to a p-brane .....

Page 207 Since the R-R sector of the type IIA theory contains gauge fields with n=1 and n=3.

Page 208 The stable D-branes .....preserve half of the supersymmetry (16 supersymmetries)




--> The empirical data of the SCIENCE WAR tragedies:

Search Results Man charged with killing mother with axe, planned rampage ...12 posts - 4 authors - Last post: Dec 12, 2006
Mark D. Totzke was held on $1 million bail after being charged .... murder weapon was recovered, said Oconomowoc Police Chief David Beguhn. ... › ... › BREAKING CRIME NEWS! - CachedGet more discussion results

MURDER SUSPECT TERMED FIT FOR TRIAL Aug 4, 2007 ... An Oconomowoc man accused of bludgeoning his mother to death with an ax as she slept is mentally fit to stand trial, a psychologist said. The finding by psychologist Kenneth Smail concerning Mark D. Totzke was filed Thursday. ... Mark Totzke has entered a criminal insanity plea. ...


--> Wisconsin Hexadecimal Highway 16 - Wikipedia - Jump to Oconomowoc bypass: The alignment of the eastern section of Highway 16 changed in late 2006 when the rest of the Oconomowoc bypass was opened to ...(the change resulted in violation of Computer Earth data field alignments and boundaries)


the supersymmetry (16 supersymmetries)



-->Wisconsin lands $800 million for high-speed rail-road - JSOnline Jan 28, 2010 ... Wisconsin will receive more than $800 million to build a high-speed rail line carrying passengers between Milwaukee and Madison at 110 mph ..... part of the ROUTE shown below


A Physicist Explains Why Parallel Universes May Exist - NPR

Jan 24, 2011 - It is possible that there are many other earthly  universes that exist parallel to our universe. Theoretical physicist Brian Greene, author of The Elegant ..




The empirical data and its correlation message for STRING THEORY theorists.

the supersymmetry (16 supersymmetries)

- 16 supersysmmetry --> Base 16 hexadecimal COMPUTER EARTH land.
- LAND --> Landau geo-physics soli/farm land
- LAND --> Lan Data = Local area Network Data....such as the Pabst Farms real estate violations of the Margaret Mead nuclear arms, elbows,mouth control treaty..SALT TREATY with the family dinner table SALT shakers ....of the periodic atomic table element sodium, salt with 11 protons and their treaty with the human SKU11 --> 11 = eleven and the LINK to bio-physics brain salt decisions. The SUMMIT treaty signed by President is binding on the SUMMIT, Wisconsin region and has been ignored by those nuclear anthropology families.

Grand Unified Thoery includes humans .....who are in some theories... composed of atoms.
Grand Unifies thoery includes the atomic English language and symbolic life of humans ....their good ideas and also their invention of fantastic social enginneering BIASED stories. But George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and many other authors already covered that.



the R-R sector --> the Rail-Road sector between Milwaukee and Madison

(The high-speed train project symbolic of brain coulomb thoughts) ...that would parallel the Highway 16 and the Highway 19 ...between Milwaukee and Madison. Thus we have the EARTH LAB physics of coulombs at the city of atomic INFORMATION higway convergence.....Watertown,Wisconsin...the EARTH government coulomb physics science coulomb research center.


The rail-road route was approximately parallel to Hexadecimal Highway 16.


Thus we see examples of the  Earthly parallel universes concept.




the supersymmetry (16 supersymmetries)

Thus the string theory 16 supersymmetries LINKS to the coulomb numbers:

1.6 x 10 exponent ( -19 ).....and the WATER molecule life and thoughts expanderd VIEW provided by Nature's intellect...and its EARTH LAB city of Watertown....the enlarged ..scaled up image of Water molecule societal activity and thoughts.

Electric charge and Coulomb's law - Physics Department Jul 6, 1999 ... q is the symbol used to represent charge, while n is a positive or negative integer, and e is the electronic charge,
1.60 x 10-19 Coulombs. ... Coulomb Force -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Physics The Coulomb force between two or more charged bodies is the force between them due to Coulomb's law. If the particles are both positively or negatively ... Coulomb Force - Coulomb's Law - The Physics Classroom In physics courses, Coulomb's law is often used as a type of algebraic recipe to solve physics word problems.




Three such examples are shown here. ...

Thus type II superstring theory and their 16 supersymmeries directly involved with the data provided by this EARTH LAB geography region and its ROAD MAP to the abstract world of mathematical-physics and its applications role in our daily human activities.

Thus string theory may involve the murder of Haroon Kahn from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee..providing the university with the empirical data they need about advanced physics EVOLUTION at MIT ...hence, the Haroon Kahn automolile message with Travis Zoellick...... Zoellick --> Zoe = atomic number order entry ......atomic computer SIGNAL of oxygen LUNG base 16 hex/curse.

The Water Molecule atomic weight 18 exists in our body ...and has social science messages waiting analysis. Water is written as chemistry symbol H 2 O ......and since Roman numeral II = 2 we have the enhancement:

Type 2 superstring theory
Type II superstring theory

Base 2 superstring theory of COMPUTER EARTH system 370 multi-dimensional parallel processing....including the 16 supersymmetry oxygen atomic computer ...Base 16 atomic weight 16 with LUNG processing ...and LUNG output with atomic English languages words as output data from the bio-physics output port of verbal words...and their symbolic meanings, etc. Nonsense talk does not help the BIG EAR ..of EARTH.


Thus we have O = Oconomowoc with O = Oxygen atomic base 16 computers in humans FORMAT near Hex Highway 16 .....that talk a lot of nonsense data ..because they think NATURE's intellect is stupid......compared to the SKULL/mouth people.

Hence the murder of Gloria Totzke...symbolic of many things that the University of Wisconsin likes to ignore. The universities like to deny REALITY...and just present their CARL JUNG collective unconscious VIEWs....which are a partial VIEW of a larger EARTH LAB picture. Welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD? Do any brave thinkers ...brave new graduate students exist? Learn the secrets of the neuroscience SCIENCE WARS? Universities don't cover the SCIENCE WARS. Why?

Of course, Nathaniel Hawthorne year 1843 Celestail Railroad ...
and Lewis Carrtoll around 1865 Alice in wonderland
Mark Twain.....and others explained those secrets ....we just have to take their knowledge foundation and upgrade it with year 2011 available scicnce/math knowledege....and then help NATURE with the SOCIAL CONTRACT problem with man discussed by John Locke, David Hume, and others.

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