University of Copenhagen trapped in parallel processing, supersymmetry physics war with University of Wisconsin , DANE county, Madison ---> Something is rotten in the State of Denmark

COPD elementary physics messages to the Niels Bohr Institute. Atomic mass . . . . . . . . mass communications signal = COPD = COP + D = Copenhagen Denmark

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RD-Blog-701 by Herb Zinser

The DR.NO project of the periodic atomic government table involves the
DR.NO elements = Nitrogen + Oxygen.
The atomic element 7 Nitrogen 14 plays an important role in the LUNG thought processing abilitities in humans.



In Margaret Mead nuclear family research ..... that is atomic social anthropology and atomic brain thoughts ...... various groups are of specfic interest.

For example, to study Fer= Ferrous oxide atoms in humanoid HEME group Fe(ii) ion format .... one would study the specimens at Fer= FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois. Their published research articles indirectly provide data on iron Hemoglobin protein thoughts ... that is the 26 protons of iron and their 26 proton atomic English alphabet ... words of irony.

To study CAM = Computer Aided Man would study the humans at the University of Cambridge and the skulls of the Cambodia purges ..... the parallel to the British INTELLECTUAL WAR. .

To study the human life FORMAT of the algebra logarithm  mantissa .... the University of Manchester .... Alan Turing LAB Building .... provides biology specimens ..... that is
biology = bio log y = bio-math logarithms y. They are trying to decide if this could be TRUE.


How is this?

The human is composed of atoms and math equations.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms and math equations are the origin of thought.




Thus mass communications (television, radio, print, books, etc.) is really atomic mass .... mass communications. Also, political protests,etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle/the human atomic feelings expressor/the human atomic messenger.





Thus we look to see if the atomic/astrophysics communications continuum has any messages waiting for a feedback repsonse.

An example is televison show, DEEP Space NINE and its symbolic signals.

Odo --> Oddone
Ferengi --> fermiLAB engineering
Bajor --> Batavia Major orbitals

Thus, the Hollywood script writers of Deep Space Nine ... gain access to the Maragret Maed nuclear family ..... atomic anthropology continuum ..... and using that atomic data base ... write output messages --> Ferengi to Fermilab engineering .... do you hear/see the signal?
Apparently they have not .... since no one has heard the appropriate feedback signal.



Let's consider the atomic words:
Nitrogen electron s-oribital .... abbreviated as
Ni.......el......s ....such as the Nitrogen breathed by
Ni + el + s --> Niels Bohr LUNGS during his physical lifetime.

Now, his symbolic life is carried on by the Niels Bohr Institute;
but they have the Heirarchy Problem of physics .... they think they have evolved to the top of the academic status level ..... hence, they and their friends are INTELLECTUALLY superior to Nature. However, Nature disagrees. Hence, they have an intellectual problem ... a conflict with their LUNG nitrogen s-orbitals ..... the nitrogen s-orbitals have detected language/thought ERRORS in the Copenhagen symbolic output. Thus the LUNG atoms filter/analyze the intellectual content of the output mouth gases that carry words ..... and also moniter the myoglobin arm muscle writings of words. Thus Europeans and the Niels Bohr Institute do NOT represent the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology family. The the shooting battle over the LIE of Liege, Belgium. The LUNG = LU + NG = Logical Unit Nitrogen Gas data processor ...very advanced ...beyond the comphrension of scientists that believe in arrogance over NATURE's intellect. Humble humans have no such problems understanding NATURE's messages.

Thus .... let's consider an atomic mass communications SIGNAL sent to them by NATURE via some intermediate human agents in the pharmaceutical and advertising industry.



The SIGNAL --> COPD = COP + D = Copenhagen, Denmark.


Why do we suspect Copenhagen has a secret?





First, lets look at some background sysmbolic messages.




Lets take algebra subset Co of Copenhagen and
algebra sebset symbols De of Denmark. The algebraic union of these 2 subsets =
Co + De = Code.

Now, Denmark .... being near the BALTIC Sea .....
that is BAL Tic/Tac/Toe -->
BAL = Basic Assembler Language +
TOE = Theory of Everything.


Thus we have a secret COPMPUTER EARTH puzzle of Copenhagen ....
Copenhagen = C + open + hagen --> implies open data set of something ???? what Pandora's box ???
they aint't talking.

Then we have Europe,norway --> Eur + ope + n --> open .....another data set ???



The bio-computer parallel system using human brain processing circuits


Since Norway, Denmark, Britain won't communicate about such curious matters ...we wonder.

The secret .... human bio-computer system they have built .... using the 37,000 student brain processors .......... in parallel .... a mirror the IBM system 370 OS/JCL SNA VTAM copper wire system ..... that was originated by the Solar System 9 data bit planets ...and now is Nature's Computer Earth system 370 version...... Nature's system with BAL geography processing BALTIC region .... and the base 16 Hex "fa" = 250 farm data fields.

Thus given the IBM system 370 copper wire model ..... we understand how the other variations work. However, we wonder about the intentions and motives of the European bio-computer conspiracy which involves the 370,000 Danish brain processors and the OSLO government humanoid version of OS/JCL ..... in their supersymmetry bio-physics computer plot.

The concern is related to the Base 16 April 16 hexadecimal shooting battle at Virginia TECH at EARTH geography coordinates37 Latitude. Another blog explains that Base 16 metabolism war. We have the Computer Earth system 370 organic processor ...especially the one located at Virginia TECH human body temperature (Nature's Celsius 37 temperatue scales of justice) ... Virginia TECH metabolism coordinates:

Location Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
Coordinates 37‹ N 80‹25Œ23W
Date April 16, 2007

Thus we have the BLACK-body radiation bio-physics message ...that is ignored by all universities; who appear to have lost their credibility as accurate thinking institutions ... since they lack curosity about such possibile important signals. However, the universities would make good HOllywood movies ..... acting as wise men. Perhaps, Nature is testing them.... a challenge to some professors .... to communicate ... to ask questions ... to ponder!




Additional graphic arts clues sent to COPD undercover secret agents that breath nitrogen and oxygen. Remember, the Nitrogen LUNG agents are at Niels Bohr Institute; while the Oxygen LUNG agents are at Oxford University, England. Both groups deny any relationship to the periodic atomic table of existential life. The method of denial is to ignore the existence of the Margaret Mead nuclear family ..... atomic anthropology tragedies at UTOEYA and Liege.

The above graphic arts symbolic life word: elephant.
What is the atomic English language equation of word:
elephant --> ele + ph + ant
--> elementary physics anthropology


Copenhagen climate summit: arrests follow riots as 30,000 gather for demo
Today's mass protests threaten to disrupt and even delay talks at the Copenhagen climate summit. Photo: AFP

Hundreds arrested at Copenhagen protest rally | Environment | The ...
Dec 12, 2009 – Protesters clash with riot police in Danish capital as UN climate change talks enters final phase.

Activists arrested in Copenhagen protests -
Dec 16, 2009 – Danish police made around 250 arrests in Copenhagen Wednesday morning as an organized demonstration against the U.N. climate talks ...

Above we have the words

--> COPD IS NO ......small thing --> atomic message -->
--> Copenhagen Denmark + ISland Norway .......

this being UTOEYA (also spelled Utoya), Oslo, Norway with
UTOEYA --> UTOE --> Unified Theory of Eveything organic chemistry molecular battle in year 2011...... with symbols CH = Carbon Hydrogen SCIENCE WAR ...... transformed to physical dimensions in the CH organic format of human CHILDREN. But, the symbolism and other variables of this puzzle are too complicated and too trival .... to bother the intellectuals of EUROPE.



LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."




Thus we see the trial of one guinea-pig...Anders Behring Breivik ....... a trial for the amusement of lazy European intellectuals .... who refuse to explain the deeper levels of the Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciouness .... tragic message. Thus we have .... Lewis Carroll ..with strings ..... STRING theory physics for those who live in EuROPE. Thus we see the Darwinian symbolic evolution of string theory ...... to year 2011 atomic human puppet string theater.




Thus given the theory of Europe bio-computer tricks and the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology conflicts ..... we consider addtional message CLUES ...... to help the intellectuals think outside of the box.


Will Copenhagen help explain this?

What is an obstructive pu?  Human bio-computers?
Pu = Processing Unit as in
CPU --> Central Processing Unit system 370 or version
CPU --> Copenhagen Processing Unit

The LUNG --> LU + NG --> Logical Unit Nitrogen Gases

VA can help --> V-A intercation physics by Enrico Fermi and others --> applied physics to the Margaret Mead nuclear family


Hale astronomy intellectuals ...... to help the few Tyco Brahe thinkers .... that may see the big questions .... that are being raised.


lewis carroll - alice's adventures in wonderland - New Books - Hard ...
Results 1 - 30 – Join Alice as she heads down the rabbit-hole and into Wonderland, a world of ... Lewis Carroll's tale follows Alice into the upside-down, inside-out      ---> brain symbol  processor and its  PROBLEMS  in year 2013.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll: ...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll: Kindle Store. ... Through 75 new watercolor illustrations, readers journey once again down the rabbit-hole to be reacquainted with the
wonderfully odd residents .... Please, Ma'am, is this New Zealand? .... The growth of the
tea party tree turns logic upside down. ---> University of Copenhagen problems in perception  ... hence, the COPD signal
As William Shakespeare stated around year 1600

" The WORLD is a stage and we are the players "

The question becomes...... what group / what mechanism is the director?
Anyone curious enough to help explore this concept?





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


The silent Dane intellectual battle list --> introduction

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Year 2011 provides us with a new view of the European algebraic subsets of the EARTH government with Nature's intellect. Humans and their social structures live on the surface of EARTH Lab .....within the atomic/astrophysics continuum. For practical purposes we have:

atomic level <-- human intermediate --> Solar System level

Together, these various conceptual entities give us a practical view of our daily lives within the continuum. Economic activities, political science, crime, etc can be understood as subset activities within the CONTINUUM frame of reference. Russell and Whitehead outlined this process in year 1910 with their explanation of sets/subsets and classes. Thus Principia Mathematica provided a symbolic architecture for Nature's intellect ...and 100 years later...the math social engineering analysis reports are becoming available.




The reports forthcoming in my various BLOG articles were predicted by Isaac Asimov in " The Foundation" series with mathematician Hari Sheldon. Think of symbolic proper noun --> Hari Sheldon.



Something is rotten in the State of Denmark
Something is rotten in the State of Denmark
SCENE IV. The platform shakespeare

The Tragedy of Hamlet,
Prince of Denmark. Shakespeare

Shakespeare's The story is "Hamlet."
Act I, Scene 4: Marcellus (an officer) says " Something is rotten in the state of Denmark," having just seen the ghost of ...

The ghost of Denmark = Dane County, Madison, Wisconsin, USA with the University of Wisconsin


Something is rotten in the State of Denmark

Something is rotten in the State of  Wisconsin and State Street, Madison crime problems
 .....thus we have parallel processing/ supersymmetry physics for  EARTH LAB message processing events


A view of State Street from Library Mall. Fall, 2007.

State Street (Madison) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
State Street is a pedestrian mall located in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, United States, near the Wisconsin State Capitol. The road proper extends from the ...

Halloween on State Street

Something is rotten in the State of Dane County



Halloween on State Street

Hallow     on State Street

Hollow  skull ... empty symbols

Additional SCIENCE WAR subjects are listed on the above TOOLBAR on your computer screen.
You may CLICK on those NOUNS for access.

Denmark and the modern Tycho Brahe astronomy WAR casualties. Supersymmetry physics and parallel processing describes the Denmark parallax murder process in the parallel DANE county region of Wisconsin.

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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark - Shakespeare

The Tragedy of Hamlet,
Prince of Denmark.
Hamlet | Act 1, Scene 4. Previous scene ....
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. ...



the DANE  parallel / mirror/ supersymmetry



Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. ...
Something is rotten in the state of Dane county
Something is rotten in the state of Wisconsin
Something is rotten --> big TEN football
Something is rotten --> tensor space/time Earth physics




A previous blog covered some similar topic.
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Click on the NOUNS for access to other blog titles.
The excerpt below is from BLOG War News.

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The Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen, Denmark and the EARTH LAB atomic anthropology experiments in the city of Madison with the University of Wisconsin
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The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (EARTH Lab) provides many opportunites for understanding atomic social science expressions. The periodic atomic table government and its elements have many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics humanoids with an experimental atomic brain with symbolic data processing abilities. These Margaret Mead nuclear family--> atomic social anthropology experiments have an interesting structure.

The Earth government with Nature's vast intellect allows many experiments with subset humans and their subset communities, institutions, and governments. These entities are algebraic subsets of Nature's continuum..composed of the THEORY OF Everything (TOE). Thus mathematical-physics life and Earth LAB space/time with the......
atomic continuum--> human intermediate <-- astrophysics continuum

Thus we have the continuum and the role of calculus in describing daily life thru the intermediate VALUE theorem.

We are subset humans embedded in the continuum and the larger architectural structures of NATURE...which includes physical structures and symbolic structures (nouns,verbs, equations,etc). With such a VIEW we look at an outline of a social engineering experiment designed by NATURE with human societal components.

Thus we see parallel processing / supersymmetry PHYSICS in action...with the choice of symbolism and their physical 2-legged humanoid representatives with a proper noun label.

The atomic government structure expresses irself via atomic nouns, verbs, and its atomic information DISPLAY. The atomic DEMO vehicles are Margaret Mead atomic human brain thoughts and human atomic (data bus) business organizations. The UNIVERSITY of Wisconsin in Madison provides an intellectual interface to this project of NATURE; but the interface humanoids have communications problems.



As William Shakespeare stated around year 1600...
....."The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors"

today.."The WORLD is an atomic stage and we are atomic human actors"

giving the modern "Theater of WAR"

comprised of symbol wars in the optical nerve/brain computer and the possible transformation from intellectual conflict to physical conflict such as crime, war, bombings, accidents,etc.

The symbol  data is provided to the eye/optical nerve is provided by newspapers, television, university social sciences, and government biased views. The eye/optical nerve data processing system is very sophisticated; hence the conflict with Virginia TECH nonsense English (representative of the university langauge errors).

Thus the DANE, Germanaic, and English language word ANGST of the year 2013 ANGSTrom wars of electromagnetic television, movies. and computer screen optics.





– Niels Bohr Institute - University of CopenhagenMay 25, 2011 ... Information, research, education, associated centers and departments, news, library, events, and links. - Cached - Similar
Contact us
PhD theses 2011 The institute
History of Science and the Niels Bohr ...

Dark Cosmology Centre – University of Copenhagen
15-07-2011; The Niels Bohr Institute, NBI, announces the availability of an ...

Translate this page ]07-06-2011; A workshop jointly presented by: The Center for Particle Physics



Copenahgen , Blegdamsvej st., 17.
Phone: +45 (353) 25 0 16. Fax: +45 (353) 25 2 09 ...

Learn more about niels bohr institute | Science News May 31, 2011 ... Researchers at the research center QUANTOP at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) have constructed an atomic ...



Repeating the concepts described above......
according to EARTH LAB physics....supersymmetry...we have ....

Theory agents for Nature -->
a Dane University in EuROPE
........... ROPE = string theory applications LINK 

applications for Nature --> a Dane + a University + United States




the Tale of Two Cities .... in this case...
the Tale of Two DANE geography areas ...Europe and USA.



The United States from Nature's intellect is the VIEW -->
United States --> Sta + tes --> Statistical Test region on Earth
with Uncle SAM--> Sample Space ....

Thus we have an atomic social psychology SAMPLE SPACE..
the supersymmetry Physics ...Darwinian atomic selection of
Dane County , University of Wisconsin, city of Madison and the entire geography region of Wisconsin under the DANE influence.

Unites States of geography ..North America, Earth
United States of MIND
-- quantum states of mind of the SKULL atoms
-- transition states of mind of Markov probabilty theory with the chance /probability of the existence of a UW chancellor that acknowledges
William Feller ...Probabiblity of LIFE and
Sartre multi-dimensional existentialism
-- and more...


Applications side of the Margaret Mead anthropology experiment..
with the proposed theory (already mentioned)

Humans are composed of atoms and math equations
Humans have ideas , thoughts, and feelings
The ideas, thoughts, and feelings must have an ORIGIN

Therefore atoms and math equations are the ORIGIN of those human thoughts
the ORIGIN of thought is ???????





Let's look at a particular EVENT from the a view of William Shakespeare and Tycho Brahe astronomy war.

Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe About this sound listen  (14 December 1546 – 24 October 1601), born Tyge Ottesen Brahe,[1][2][3][4] was a Danish nobleman known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical and planetary observations. He was born in Scania, then part of Denmark, now part of modern-day Sweden. Tycho was well known in his lifetime as an astronomer and alchemist.

In his De nova stella (On the new star) of 1573, he refuted the Aristotelian belief in an unchanging celestial realm. His precise measurements indicated that "new stars," (stellae novae, now known as supernovae) in particular that of 1572, lacked the parallax expected in sub-lunar phenomena, and were therefore not "atmospheric" tailless comets as previously believed, but were above the atmosphere and moon. Using similar measurements he showed that comets were also not atmospheric phenomena, as previously thought, and must pass through the supposedly "immutable" celestial spheres.[5]


As an astronomer, Tycho worked to combine what he saw as the geometrical benefits of the Copernican system with the philosophical benefits of the Ptolemaic system into his own model of the universe, the Tychonic system. Furthermore, he was the last of the major naked eye astronomers, working without telescopes for his observations.

Tycho Ottesen Brahe
Tycho Brahe.JPG
Born December 14, 1546
Knutstorp Castle, Scania, Denmark, Denmark–Norway
Died October 24, 1601 (aged 54)
Prague, Holy Roman Empire
Nationality Danish
Education Private
Occupation Nobleman, Astronomer
Religion Lutheran

"The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors" with
modern William Shakespeare at theater location ...
.......Wi = Wisconsin

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. ...
Something is rotten in the state of Dane county
Something is rotten in the state of Wisconsin
Something is rot
Something is rotc --> ROTC program .....
U.S.ARMY ROTC actor agent = Mark D. Totzke


Man charged with killing mother with ax, planned rampage › ... › BREAKING CRIME NEWS!Cached
Last post: Dec 12, 2006
Mark D. Totzke was held on $1 million bail after being charged with first-degree ... Thomas J. Pieper that Totzke, a former ROTC second lieutenant, told police he ... a longtime teacher at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in ... Jean Totzke, were members , brutally murdered her with an ax, ...




Mark D. Totzke <-- mirror --> Totzke D. Mark
..................................key D. Mark
..................................key DenMark
Dark Cosmology Centre – University of Copenhagen
15-07-2011; The Niels Bohr Institute, NBI, announces the availability of an ...
Dark Cosmology -->
dark matter events at NI = Niels Bohr --> Night Time Ax killer's fate up to judge - News › Waukesha County
Nov 10, 2007 – When a judge announces Monday whether Mark Totzke will go to prison ... One day before he murdered her, after an out-of-town trip, Totzke rushed ... he if awoke during the night he'd finally kill her, according to the report by ...


4) killer's fate up to judge - News › Waukesha

Parallax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Astronomers use the principle of parallax to measure distances to celestial objects including to the Moon, the Sun, and to stars beyond the Solar System. ...


Parallax (disambiguation) - Parallax scrolling -
Parallax mapping -

Ax murder alleged in Oc = Optic --> Oconomowoc Waukesha - Mark David Totzke was charged ...

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. ... mark ...state of MIND



Stellar parallax Distance Measurement in Astronomy hyper physics.phy-Distance Measurement in Astronomy ... and since geometrical distance measurement by parallax is possible only for the closest stars, an overlapping chain of ...

Tycho Brahe - A King Amongst Astronomers,
by David ... --> and undercover continuum agent..
the Star of David


.......Ax killer's fate up to judge
News › Waukesha 
Press Room - Astronomy Magazine
Your source for astronomy expertise 
Astronomy magazine editors are here ...



Cross-correlation - Wikipedia,
Jump to Time series analysis:
In time series analysis, as applied in statistics, the cross correlation between two time series describes the normalized cross ...

Are you a two-time loser?

This article is about correlation and dependence in statistical data.

Cross-orrelation test for LaCrosse, Wisconsin
This is the basic problem of statistical sampling: we've taken a sample of spikes .... When discussing the crosscorrelation analysis of neural data, we didn't make ..




Analysis of cross correlation between point-processes

Thus we have CROSSROADS with
Astronomy and Einstein's data processing data FIELD Theory about data streams with physics magazine: FIELD and STREAM.

Please don't tell anyone about this! We must keep the year 1632 secret of Galileo " TWO Chief World Systems". And then we have secret astronomny agent Monica LewinSKY    for    SKY and Telescope magazine.




Aug 19, 2010 – I thought of creating an "envelope" of each point process using some sort of smoothing kernel and then performing a cross-correlation analysis ...
How can I improve my cross ... - Statistical Analysis - Stack Exchange
Rate Card - Astronomy
Department • Astronomy magazine •. 21027 Crossroads Circle •Waukesha, WI 53186-4055. Total average paid and verified circulation for 6 months ...




Crossroads Circle

Tycho Brahe's Astronomical In most introductory books on astronomy, Tycho Brahe's contributions to ... In the diagram below, the larger circle, on the left, represents the Earth, and the ... of this discussion, we shall assume that we are looking down on the orbit of the Moon ..

Jump to Tycho's geo-heliocentric astronomyý: The objects on orange orbits (Mercury, Venus, ... a Copernican astronomer, Tycho used basic ... In such a system, the sun, moon, and  stars circle a central Earth, while the five ...




Thus, science magazines, freshman college level science and math textbooks, and reference books provide an important basic data foundation .....a prequiste to understanding puzzles like the astronomy puzzle....and the important role of astronomy (or other areas like biochemistry, physics, math, genetics,etc) daily events. One doesn't have be a rocket scientist to be an amateur detective.
In the above example....understanding some basic concepts in astronomy helped me understand
the parallel(axons of the brain) message to society. Thus without my astronomy symbolic library (or other science books for other inquiries)....I would not have recognized the PARALLEL PROCESSING situation on astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab).


Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) occupies an exalted position in the
Totzke ...Highway 16....Oconomowoc WAR ZONE

Base 16 Hexadecimal Highway 16
Solar System 370
Computer Earth base 16 Space/ base 16 Time with
Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and applications



Parallax is the apparent shift in an object's position against the far ...




Tycho Brahe Tycho Brahe was given the name Tyge by his parents Beate Bille and Otte .... of course, that in the Sun centred model of Copernicus a parallax shift should be ...
The concept of stellar parallax (Tycho Brahe and Mike Arters ...




Analysis of cross correlation between point-processes

The 2 points on EARTH geography map .....photosynthesis   receiver of photons......
symbol of the SUN and the 2nd point is the observer in Waukeska.

SUN centered --> Sun Praire, Wisconsin

Marshall, Wisconsin --> astronomy miltary FIELD Marshal
for Einstein's FIELD THEORY and
E.G.Marshal (Masterpiece theater) symbolic of
Earth Government Marshalls

The Battle of Waterl00 DESTINY .....
....B...................100 D --> Bl00D circulation
and its symbolic life via INPUT data of magazine circulations.

Hubble(ton) special, secret astronomy project

Keck Observatory, Main Street USA (book) about
......Watertown Wisconsin

.WatertowN + Ixonia Wisconsin ....linear algebra math
President Nixon --> N x N square matrix LAND and life

OC --> OptiC war zone of OConomowoc

Waukesha ...secrets of the subliminal MIND about astronomy
and cross-correlation to WEST ROAD astrophysics and power series complex math CIRCLES.

Located on West Road in West Cambridge and within a few minutes walking distance of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences. (This accommodation was built on the site of Stephen Hawking's former home.) While Gonville and Caius is itself ...

Radius of convergence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In mathematics, the radius of convergence of a power series is a quantity, either a ... The radius of convergence is infinite if the series converges for all complex .... z such that |z − a| = r is acircle called the boundary of the disk of convergence. ...



   ---> Solar System message processing region ..... the EARTH geography region ..from Sun Prairie , Hubble(ton), Keck (Watertown astronomy club). Oconomowoc,  to Waukesha. 

Perhaps someday astronomy readers will recognize SIGNALS ...and write a CLUE letter to the appropriate editor.




For further information...feel free to contact the
University of COP (astronomy police detectives) , Denmark, Europe

OR their supersymmetry image

Bascom Hall -
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sep 14, 2011 – Room 272.
Bascom Hall is one of the oldest and most famous ...
University ... - University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries

Jump to Bascom Hall‎:
As one of the icons on campus, Bascom Hall, at the top of Bascom Hill, is often considered the
"heart of the campus." Built in 1857 ...

Bascom Hall is one of the oldest and most famous
Bascom --> Bas + com --> Base coma for the

island university in Madison ....Mad Magazine RD city....
An "island universe" in the Coma cluster - Astronomy Magazine
› Home › News & Observing › Astronomy News Cached



Aug 11, 2010 – August 11, 2010.
A long-exposure Hubble Space Telescope image shows a majestic face-on spiral galaxy located deep within the Coma ...


Hubbleton, Wisconsin - Wikipedia

Hubbleton, Wisconsin is located in Wisconsin. Hubbleton, Wisconsin.
Coordinates: 43°11′37″N 88°52′55″W / 43.19361°N 88.88194°W / 43.19361; ...

Cities near Hubbleton, Wisconsin -->
the Milky Way universe city of ideas and symbolic life ....



Astronomy – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen
dk › Niels Bohr Institute ›
Cached - Similar
A broad spectrum of astronomy and astrophysics is researched at the Niels Bohr Institute – everything from the visible Universe such as planets, stars and ...




Coma Cluster ( on EARTH ..the big TEN universities) -
The Coma Cluster (Abell 1656) is a large cluster of galaxies that contains over ... The Coma Cluster of Galaxies - Astronomy Picture of the Day, NASA, 2000 ...
Astronomy | Wired Science | - Part

Almost exactly fifteen years ago, astronomer Geoff Marcy addressed a stunned American Astronomical Society at a meeting in San Antonio to announce the ...
Coma Cluster Encyclopedia of Astronomy & by M Colless
Mar 2, 2006 – Coma Cluster. E NCYCLOPEDIA OF ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS. Coma Cluster. Coma, with Virgo, is one of the best-studied ...




Thus we see the atomic/astrophysics continuum and its expressions VIA our daily lives.
The continuum erxists at 2 major levels:

- physical
- symbolic

The interaction between these levels is outlined by many authors. A example is S.I. Hayakawa book " Languauge in Thought and in ACTION' and its application VIA the the ACTION agents...... Virginia TECH English language warrior Mr.CHO or Mr. Totzke ....ROTC agent (Reserve OPTIC warrior from OC --> Optics of Oconomowoc and OC -->OC.tagon House, Watertown, Wisconsin).

Both optical agents responded to the symbolic word commands that were inoput to their symbolic brain computer. Hayakawa was at San Francisco State College ...were the optical version of the symbolic optical brain computer ROUTING system was tested .......a system better known to copper wire computer scientists as the company CISCO Systems.

Thus Nature's intellect routed the optical system design to subset human agents (the Cisco eyeball RD group) for expression in copper wire hardware/software format. Of course, all computer companies, their empolyees and stockholders still have to pay the optical nerve, symbolic brain royalties to the SCIENCE WAR fund. These royalties have accumulated over the last 40 years and SARTRE wrote " NO EXIT'. Someday, companies ought study the multi-faced dimensions of existentialism.
It has a major impact on data BUS BUS.siness with the SOLAR SYSTEM 370 computer and its human agent for the continuum.

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Herb Zinser's analysis of University of Copenhagen and the Niel's Bohr Institute as silent participants in the SCIENCE WARS. Margaret Mead atomic anthropology and the Tycho Brahe astronomy extension from year 1600 to Galileo year 1616 allows one to access the EARTH LAB atomic/astrophysics continuum ...... in which our daily lives are embedded. The SETI Institute algebra theory of sets and subsets enables one to understand the symbolic universe of secret alien ideas, the subliminal mind bio-computer processors of Copenhagen, and the Niels = Ni + els = Nitrogen element bio-physics life FORMATS existent via the professorial LU = Logical Unit = LUNG.


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