Lewis Carroll from year 1865 resides in the deepest levels of the SYMBOL unconsciousness. Bio-math Bases 2, 4, 16 data streams bring social psychology details to consciousness for analysis and expression DISPLAY

Lewis Carroll and the student brain experiments

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LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?


The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."


Thus we have the student guinea-pigs used by the modern educational system ... with the puppet strings as predicted by STRING THEORY physics ...about the Margaret Mead nuclear family ...the atomic brain and atomic social anthropology systems.

Guess what ...between year 1865 and year 2013.....there is a 90% probability your families atomic brain has been mostly captured. The primary symptom of a human guinea-pig ....is denial of the situation and denial of the possiblity. Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and a few others escaped the intellectual jail.....and their symbolic books sent us serious messages.

When I was a student, I needed CLIFF NOTES to decode and explain...their hidden messages.



Thus we have the
school student guinea-pig experiments as predicted by Lewis Carroll.

- English department shooting at Virginia Tech

- Library shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado

-Read Center shooting at Fort Hood Soldier Read/Readiness Center


Thus we see the components of the language war: English, Library, Read.....a Central Nervous System 370 symbolic brain computer message for those that care about the WORD of HONOR.

Newspaper reporters and editors don't care about the brain / optical nerve SYMBOL MACHINE processor war and its transformation to physical battles. They could care less about the integrity of the English language; and thus they could care less about helping me explain the SCIENCE WARS and the INTELLECTUAL WARS.

They do care about restaurant parties, sports, and comedy. Serious matters of language and

the WORD of HONORare not important.


An excellent source for  modern  concepts  about  SYMBOL  conflicts and brain sysmbol maps  is S.I. Hayakawa.


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    Symbols. by S.I. Hayakawa. [From Language in Thought and Action] ..... this: The symbol is not the thing symbolized; the word is not the thing; the map is not the ...

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