PennState and other major universities are defeated in the SCIENCE WARS. Intellectuals failed to understand modern society within the context of Nature's social engineering projects and brain engineering projects.

Penn State chemistry data helps explain the Hyde Park, University of Chicago theoretical chemistry experiment with the aldehyde chemistry expression ----> transformation to social chemistry.

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Often in doing basic research ...... it takes a while for the significance of an idea to be truly realized ..... especially, for those individuals that not part of the secret societies within
the American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry.

The INTERNET provides their information.
May 4, 2010 – This is the Official home page of the Division of Organic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. This site provides resources, information ...



But .... the amateur theorists has an advantage. When perceived ... that the purpose of a secret society is to hide/protect some PUZZLE ..... and/or to provide opportunites/challenges to folk like myself .... to figure out the PUZZLE. Thus challenged .... my brain organic molecules with their determination / will / curosity AND the availabilty of symbolic textbooks in college organic chemistry AND the availabilty of newspaper/INTERNET social chemistry news events AND the absence of good shows on television ........ creates a systems signal processing ROC = Region Of Convergence.

Let's look at the organic chemistry city of CH --> Carbon and Hydrogen molecule structures in humanoid FORMAT ...... that is, let's look at EARTH LAB organic chemsitry test site known as the city of CH = city of CHICAGO.



Within the city of CHICAGO is a geography area with an EARTH organic brain RD LAB label: Universe of CH which is located in the Hyde Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.


Within Hyde Park is an educational institution named the University of CH. There organic chemists, mathematics professors along with the physics department engage in all kinds of research experiments .. .including Margaret Mead nuclear family .... atomic social anthropology experiments with organic humanoid specimens with a symbolic brain computer. Perhaps, the most interesting study was with Leon Mathis Despres .......  alderman from Hyde Park ..... the Hide Hyde Park secret agent for the U of C = algebraic Union of sets of Carbon atoms.



Thus we see the aldehyde --> alde + hyde --> alderman Hyde Park.
A very ingenoius social chemistry experiment ..... thus the secret life and thoughts of organic molecules .... in their dimension of existence ..... then gets exprssed VIA organic messenger Leon Mathis Despres (Mathis = Math Info Systems).

In April 1955, Despres was elected to the Chicago City Council from the city's Hyde Park neighborhood, as alderman of the 5th ward.[3] Serving until 1975, Despres gained fame as an independent Democrat, consistently opposing the policies of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley. Frequently on the short end of 49-1 votes, Despres became known as the "liberal conscience of Chicago."[2] Because of his strong advocacy of civil rights and open housing, Despres also became known as "the lone negro on the City Council," even though he was white and

the council had six black alderman allied with the mayor
the council had six black alderman allied with the mayor




the council had six black alderman allied with the mayor
the council had six black alderman allied with the mayor






the council had six black alderman allied with the mayor
the council had six black alderman allied with the mayor

Three Main Properties of Carbon Black
These three - "particle size," "structure," and "surface chemistry" - are the basic properties of carbon black, and together are called the three main characteristics. ...

ICBA : What is Carbon Black
These early lamp blacks were not very pure and differed greatly in their chemical composition from current carbon blacks. Since the mid-1970s, most carbon ...

carbon black: Definition from Answers
Jump to Surface chemistry: All carbon blacks have chemisorbed oxygen complexes (i.e., carboxylic, quinonic , lactonic, phenolic groups and others) on ...




Of course we see his interaction with Mayor Richard Daley from the Chicago Bridgeport neighborhood ..... another organic chemistry expression.




Beyer/Walter organic chemistry: a comprehensive degree text and ...
Hans Beyer, Wolfgang Walter - 1997 - Science - 1037 pages
3.5.3 Bridged-ring Compounds There is a further type of bicyclic ring-system, typified by the examples in the formulae below, in which a cyclohexane ring is ...

Fused and bridged bicycloalkanes
Basic IUPAC Organic Nomenclature. 
Fused and bridged bicycloalkanes.
The root name is based on the number of C atoms in the ring structure; The prefix ...
Special Topics of IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic book" describing how to name organic compounds contains over 500 pages. ... called bridged rings share the same designation of ring system. Each of the two ...




Alkene | Encyclopedia
Oct 22, 2011 – In organic chemistry, an alkene, olefin, or olefine is an unsaturated chemical compound containing at least one ...For bridged alkenes, the Bredt's rule states that a double bond cannot be placed at the bridgeheadof a bridged ring system, unless the rings are large enough. ..... More Related Images » ...




Thus ..... in theory ...what intellectual activity was within the Mayor's organic brain.
This explains some of the his famous English language comments .... really organic molecules trying to speak thru their organic vehicle ... spokeperson Mayor Daley. Thus ... the language of:



Near Bridgeport area is the Illinois Institute of Technology.




The university has an organic chemistry structure that provides a bridge to the alkane molecule agents of FermiLAB in KaneCounty.

Physics | Leon M. Lederman -
Illinois Institute of Technology
Leon M. Lederman, Pritzker Professor of Physics in the College of Science and Letters at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.



Leon Max Lederman (born July 15, 1922) is an American experimental physicist and Nobel Prize in Physics laureate for his work with neutrinos. He is Director Emeritus of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, Illinois, USA
Like the
"Tale of 2 Cities" we have the organic chemistry
"Tale of 2 Leons" ....helping us understand the Hierarchy Problem of physics,bio-physics, and the various levels of Nature's expression of existence and interaction.

Thus the levels ...
organic - Leon Despres
atomic - Leon Max Lederman

Thus the 2 Leon Ma(p) ..... lead us to the geography area west of Chicago .... the EARTH LAB region ....made famous by the organic chemistry ALKANE expression --> the black and white movie --> social chemistry news with Citizen Kane.




Thus the alkane organic expression involving FermiLAB , Batavia, Illinois.


Fermilab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fermilab    logo.PNG · A satellite view of Fermilab. ... Location, Winfield Township, DuPage County / Batavia Township, Kane County, near Batavia, Illinois, USA ...






It's an interesting world .... and Chicago molecular political science makes it more so. Oh... the unusual Margaret Mead nuclear family --> atomic social anthropology secrets of the University of CH.




Thus we see the Russell/Whithead connection via the year 1910 book " to * 56 Principia Mathematica".... the iron atom 56 ..... communications message From " to * 56"


iron aromic mass  is rounded to integer  55   or  56 for the civilian  brain SYMBOL MACHINE



--> E. 56th Street iron Hemoglobin protein professors at UC and
--> Route 56 at Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic life at Fer = FermiLAB






CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


Penn State chemistry provides insight to the Virginia TECH university organic chemistry tragedy. The menthone and 1,3 butadiene conjugated diene SCIENCE WAR casualties.

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A study of the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) chemistry experiment at Penn State university allowed us a better understanding of other university experiments.

The Penn State astrophysics chemistry experiment involved the PENN State football stadium ..... as a container to study Avogadro's number or MOLE. Thus the EARTh VIEW of Penn State as a -->
molecule estimating RD station ...abbreviated as:
mole + est + station ....... known to science cryptography.



That was discussed in another blog title.

Given the PENN STATE empirical situation and its theory .....
we considered the Virginia TECH developments in advanced social chemistry technology using the organic molecules within their student brain computers .... the Base 16 HEX/curse of April 16 brain computer science errors. Virginia TECH has no awareness of data processing CAD messages in CAD.aver format.



Looking at a college organic chemistry textbook (4th edition) by Brown, Foote, Iverson ...the social chemistry analyst is reminded of the Virginia TECH English department experiments .... as described around year 1865 by Lewis Carroll.

Lewis Carroll. mediately suppressed by the officers of the court. (As that ... They had a large canvas bag, which tied up at the mouth with strings : into this they slipped the guinea-pig, head first, and then sat upon it. ... WHO STOLE THE TARTS? ...

Thus we suspect that MR.CHO was selected by the various university departments VIA their Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness decision methodology ..... for the Lewis Carroll experiment.



What information exists on page 485?
Here are some CLUES ... partial excerpts; because of the BLOG limitations the entire paragraph may not be shown. Take the clues .... and look in any college organic chemistry textbook for the keywords mentioned by Brown, Foote, Iverson.


Above, we see the N-Hand --> Nidal Hasan his HAND as an atomic humanoid agent for organic molecule thoughts .... expressed at Fort LAB HOOD, Texas.

Thus his HAND is really an extension of the organic chemistry government of NATURE. Human institutions are subsets within Earth Lab and those institutions partake in Nature's experimental processes.



Thus,we see above the last sentence words: the CHO group --> applied chemistry at Virginia TECH --> the CHO group of students ...

Virginia TECH massacre
Virginia TECH massacre
...............CH mass --> Carbon Hydrogen atomic mass

CH = organic molecule mass and its intellect ordered the CH molecule mass massacre.

Thus we have  Nature's existential  level of organic chemistry --> social chemsitry WAR  and the battle expression at Virginia TECH VIA humanoid messenger vehicles ...  molecule anger  display via social science expressors.


The Department of En(ergy) and FermiLAB ignore Margaret Mead atomic/molecular nuclear family errors ....... about Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology signals and atomic social tragedies.

INTERNET report:
The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. In two separate attacks, approximately two hours apart, the perpetrator, Seung-Hui Cho, killed 32 people and wounded 25 others[1] before committing suicide. The massacre is the deadliest shooting incident by a single gunman in U.S. history.[2] It was also the worst act of mass murder on college students since Syracuse University lost 36 students in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.[3]

In addition, we have the the Department of Energy ..... energy signal 1630 ....of April 16th. Thus the energy TIME signal of April 16 with 30 days in that month.



Thus we have the Earth Lab ... organic chemistry --> social engineering chemistry project plan ... the project calender/schedule ....

the TIME Map -->
Map = Ma + ap --> March april(april --> ril = riddle) with JerryMarch ...Advanced Organic Chemistry.

Thus in a sense, we see Nature's organic military molecules MARCH into action .... using Jerry March Advanced Organic Chemsitry TEXTBOOK  and organic humans as tools/vehicles for the deeper levels of Masrgaret Mead nuclear family ..... atomic/molecular anthropology war.

William Shakespeare
stated " The WORLD is stage and we are the players".

Today "The World is a organic theater and we are the molecular players" as suggested by

--> Organic Theater Company - Wikipedia
Organic Theater Company, a Chicago theatre, was founded in the 1970s by artistic director Stuart Gordon. The theater company was incorporated in 1972. ...


In addition we have the Computer Earth system 370 organic processor ...especially the one located at Virginia TECH human body temperature (Nature's Celsius 37 temperatue scales of justice) ... Virginia TECH metabolism coordinates:

Location Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
Coordinates 37° N 80°25′23″W
Date April 16, 2007


Thus we see the EARTH and its organic molecule government ....conjugated message for the human government Secretary of Defense .... Mr. Robert (LOGIC) Gates. Thus the message of

1,3-butadiene is a conjugated diene ... subset 
13 .........die at FORT Hood ... an EARTH LAB HOOD.

The American Chemistry Society, Physics Socities, etc. can probably explain this better ... since they have thousands of members with professorial expertise. In the context of Grand Unfied Theory of physics ... which includes Margaret Mead nuclear family ... atomic social life ...this makes a certain sense. M-theory and the many dimensions it spans .... helps explain more. But this is just a beginning outline with empirical data events ....that may help theorists expand and clarify their sophisticated models.





What would such a theortical model have to include .... to explain .... this data from the symbolic universe ..... symbolic expressions of molecule life and molecule conflicts .... conflicts expressed VIA modern Shakespearean human conflicts (human are molecular actors).




Thus we see the body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and the human skin emision of infrared radistion .... especially the secret emision skin language .... the secret modified English language ... the subliminal mind language in infrared projected by the Virginia Tech professors body unto the classroom students. This ancient,hidden communications method has existed for thousands of years .... it's a type of body language. Body language is traditionally thought of as facial expressions and arm/hand signals ... as described by some books around year 1975 and after.

Thus we have the EARTH LAB metabolism battle at Blacksburg:
Location Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
Coordinates 37° N 80°25′23″W
Date April 16, 2007

In bio-physics this is known as BLACKSBURG black body radiation.
Darwinian selection used MR.CHO =
men/man + one/single = human version of menthone.

Thus we see the atomic/organic molecule --> social chemistry communications signal CLUES with

Mr.C (CHO) of Blacksburg ==> symbolic of Carbon BLACK.
Thus the Virginia TECH organic chemistry SCIENCE WAR zone.




The C-H Stretching --> social chemistry CHIN stretching the truth with talk and bragging nonsense.
Thus we have the newspaper problem of Stretching the Truth ...... with incomplete and biased reports of the tragic event. The atomic/astrophysics communications continuum expects better.
Mass communications ....television, radio, newspapers, publishing,etc ..... is really atomic mass communications by atomic human agents .... who have distorted and misrepresented the periodic atomic table governments social engineering policies and intentions. Humans are hydrocarbon structures with hydrocarbon brain cells and a symbolic computer...that seems to have many brain computer ..... symbolic computer program bugs.



Then we have the December 2011 tragic signal at Virginia TECH ...... and why the Virginia TECH university administration and their secret society of langauge manipulators will not provide information to the police. S.I. Hayakawa in book " Language in Thought and Action" covered these word schemes and plots... as have other authors like George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

Virginia TECH university likes to play dumb ..... if fact .... they play too dumb..... in the context of the modern world of year 2011 and all of the knowledge that is available. Nature's vast intellect and the symbolic universe understand the university collective unconsciousness and its hidden rackets ..... and the INTELLECTUAL WARS with long-range neurotransmitters ...known as the SMOKE SIGNAL Wars. If universities ever learned about comminications and diplomacy .... then some of these problems could be researched and fixed.

Thus we have a intellectual contradiction ...
that the knowledge institution surprisingly has no curosity about the SCIENCE WAR casualties, CAUSE and EFFECT, April 16 hexadecimaL message processing, Nature's social engineering feedback signal VIA tragedy, signal processing methods with ROC = Region of Convergence, etc.


Around year 1600, William Shakespeare already explained the context of events ...
" The WORLD is a STAGE and we are the players"

something the English department forgot about...when they explained their brain computer version of the Base 16 hexadecimal data tragedy April 16, 2007.
Me.CHO was a Shakespearean player. Who is the director of the play? Virginia TECH university professors ought raise that question ..... about their institutions educational goals .... and possible errors in some of those goals. Thus .... what intellectual process polices the university for intellectual errors and ommisions of an educational institution. There is no system of quality control. The universities and governemnts are so in-bred with their thoughts ...they have lost some objectivity and concern.

The Decemeber 2011 tragic signal ...
Dec 9, 2011 – From Yahoo! News: The Virginia Tech police officer who was shot dead at his parked cruiser was a trained firearms and defense instructor with ...



From the above, we see that the
p orbital 1,3-butadiene ..... abbreviated subset
p o .....1..... die --> becomes transformed to the human dimension of daily life or death.

The data stream symbolic equation seems to have gotten assigned to
p o 1 die = police officer 1 die ...... in a parked automobile car( symbol of carbon atom ...especially in Blacksburg English class .... carbon black).


This agrees with the organic chemistry kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro in Italy and his body found in an automobile car trunk (car symbolic carbon atom ) and the subsequent cover-up by Italian scientists, universities, and their citizen/ government ...... and then their take-over PLOT of CH.rysler engine in Kenosha, Wisconsin ..which is also a CH symbolic engine. American universities are to lazy to understand this possibilty ...... but they understand pizza, football, and cellular phone conversations.


Aldo Moro was a CH = Carbon Hydrogen intellectual structure in human FORMAT and a member of the ITALIAN organic chemistry political science experiment known as:
CH ....... DEMO
Christian Democrats

Aldo Moro (September 23, 1916 – May 9, 1978) was an Italian politician and the 39th Prime Minister of Italy, from 1963 to 1968, and then from 1974 to 1976. He was one of Italy's longest-serving post-war Prime Ministers, holding power for a combined total of more than six years.

A leader of Democrazia Cristiana (Christian Democracy, DC), Moro was considered an intellectual and a patient mediator,especially in the internal life of his party. He was kidnapped on March 16, 1978, by the left-wing Red Brigades (BR), and killed after 55 days of captivity.

Thus we see the above sentence -->
especially in the internal life of the party ...translated
especially in the internal life of the particle physics table of life



In addition ..... we have the signal above:
He was kidnapped March 16, 1978 ..... atomic translation...
He = Hexadecimal March 16, 1978 ... base 16 computer science kidnapping 
and its relationship .....

Ma --> March 16, 1978 and
Ap ---> April 16, 2007 giving equation
Ma + ap --> MAP to March 16 organic chemistry political LIFE via
Advanced Organic Chemistry:
Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure – (1977)
by Jerry March. McGraw-Hill Companies 2nd ed. ...

Thus we see the parallel to Virginia TECH and MR. CH (CHO) --> symbolic of MR.CHEMISTRY department problems in their theoretical presentations to the world .... the ommission of teh role of EARTH LAB chemistry in subset human affairs. Thus the Virginia Police ought not rely upon the biased university to assist in their investigative research on the tragic event of April 16, 2007 and then the next tragic SIGNAL ..... of December 2011 with the shooting of police officer Deriek Crouse.


The Virginia State Police and the federal government have been partially hypnotized in this BRAVE NEW WORLD as outlined by Aldous Huxley amd others. Don't feel bad, I was in that State of MIND ... and finally, slowly awoke after year 1995. A bookstore browser, I saw the title of "Brave New World". It reminded me of my school teachers .... talking about the book in class ...but at that age ... I didn't take it seriously. Older and wiser I decided to take a 2nd look. I asked "What if I have been in intellectual trance for my last 20 years".
Thus I embarked upon this mission ... to clarify the situation ... for myself ... and now for my friends and other curious individuals.

Agencies ought hire the independent SCIENCE WAR analysts and their research... that have spent alot of time and money studying the deeper levels of CAUSE and EFFECT ....
"How some events happen ... and why". The various agencies ..... ought consider the new version of think tanks ..... that look at the various angles of a situation ..... using various methods .....a task that took about 15 years to develop and figure out.

Do NOT rely upon universities .... they understand half of the world (very well); but as Galileo suggested by the title of his book ....

"TWO CHIEF World systems" exist.

The book "Tale of Two Cities" mentions the same concept; thus the world is partitioned into 2 data sets .... and only a few humble people ...with experience can relate to both data sets.




Virginia police seek motive; Virginia Tech seeks peace of mind
My Fox Philadelphia Los Angeles Times - 6 days ago

More news for virginia tech motive »

Advanced Organic Chemistry:
Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure – (1977)
by Jerry March. McGraw-Hill Companies 2nd ed. ...

Thus we see the motive of molecules and the feedback SIGNAL ...
a process known to control systems theory / books ....
it this case .... social science control systems
- Aldo Moro
- Mr.CHO
- Deriek Crouse




Thus we see that Nature's organic chemistry message VIA humanoid agents...
tech motive implies the SCIENCE WARS ..... which have been known about since around 1995... despite the myopic views of the university ELITE thinksrs ....who think they have superior knowledge of everything in existence. It's a big world.




Thus one must try to understand the worldwide SCIENCE WARS ..... and then one can look at specific tragic events within that context.

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


List of Posts

Herb Zinser's analysis of the Science Wars and their casualties. Books like " Brave New World", "1984", and "Future Shock" warned about these possible intellectual conflicts ...... the years have gone by ... nothing has been fixed ..... and now universities are trapped by their social science fabricated world. Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Rudolf Carnap and many others suggested universities clean-up that component of education based on propaganda, bias, and incomplete reports. Penn State is one test site of many ... with Uncle SAM --> Earth government social science experimental SAMPLE SPACE. An interesting puzzle.


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