Applications of M-theory physics to the investigation of atomic anthroplogy MURDER schemes

Physicist C. P. Snow and " The Two Cultures" lecture/book help explain CP violations, the Hierarchy Problem , and the Margaret Mead nuclear family anthropology war of uranium 235.

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C. P. Snow
Born 15 October 1905(1905-10-15)
Died 1 July 1980(1980-07-01) (aged 74)
Nationality English
Fields Physics

Charles Percy Snow, Baron Snow of the City of Leicester CBE (15 October 1905 – 1 July 1980) was an English physicist and novelist who also served in several important positions in the British Civil Service and briefly in the UK government.[1] He is best known for his series of novels known collectively as Strangers and Brothers, and for "The Two Cultures", a 1959 lecture in which he laments the gulf between scientists and "literary intellectuals".




Background information.
The Manhattan Project of 1943 had 2 sides to it ( a version of TWO cultures):

--> The usage of the periodic atomic table and uranium atom to develop physical nuclear bombs; technology used later to build nuclear power plants to generate elctricity.

--> The usage of the periodic atomic table and the development of the intellectual relationship between the atomic nucleus and the human cell nucleus ....and subsequently its expressions VIA humans.... atomic social structures such as towns and cities. Thus we have Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology......atomic social sciences, etc.
Within the human symbolic brain...uranium 238 exists as a symbolic entity...and has symbolic powers of an equivalent force ....a parallel to the physical uranium atom used as nuclear fuel for electric utility companies..

The human brain is composed of atomic particles.
The human brain express thoughts, ideas and behavior.
Thus atoms are the source of those human thoughts and feelings.









CP violation
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In particle physics, CP violation is a violation of the postulated CP-symmetry: the combination of C-symmetry (charge conjugation symmetry) and P-symmetry (parity symmetry). CP-symmetry states that the laws of physics should be the same if a particle were interchanged with its antiparticle (C symmetry), and left and right were swapped (P symmetry). The discovery of CP violation in 1964 in the decays of neutral kaons resulted in the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1980 for its discoverers James Cronin and Val Fitch.

What is CP?
CP is the product of two symmetries: C for charge conjugation, which transforms a particle into its antiparticle, and P for parity, which creates the mirror image of a physical system. The strong interaction and electromagnetic interaction seem to be invariant under the combined CP transformation operation, but this symmetry is slightly violated during certain types of weak decay.

The idea behind parity symmetry is that the equations of particle physics are invariant under mirror inversion. This leads to the prediction that the mirror image of a reaction (such as a chemical reaction or radioactive decay) occurs at the same rate as the original reaction.





Thus we have The University of Wisconsin and the Margaret Mead atomic humanoid experimental specimen ..... that is an atomic nuclear family anthropology agent.




Thus we see the periodic atomic table and its 2 major formats (TWO Cultures) of expression:

a) atomic physics in the university lab the traditional sense

b) atomic bio-physics political science expressions VIA humanoid agents



Thus the C.P.SNOW atomic social anthropology LAB experiments with
aTOM Petri dish experiments (at the human scale).
Petri dish - Wikipedia,
A Petri dish (or Petri plate or cell culture dish) is a shallow glass or plastic cylindrical lidded dish that biologists use to culture cells or small moss plants. It was ...

Thus according to Einstein's theory of relativity and atomic human relatives ..we see that Nature's has sent us a messenger ..... that we ought undertand the context of this GESTALT signal ...and the possibilty of social bacteria cultures .....things like talking to much nonsense on cellular phones ... symbolic of atomic brain symbolic bacteria thoughts.

Thus TWO Cultures OR
supersymmetry physics (with bio-physics) OR
parallel processing wit 2 formats of expression.


Thus Nature's test region for UNCLE SAM --> Sample spacestatistical analysis of Nature's social engineering projects with atomic bio-physics human groups.

Congressman aTOM Petrie dish culture LAB
Congressman Tom Petri |
Representing Wisconsin's 6th District

Thomas Evert Petri (born May 28, 1940) is the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 6th congressional district, serving since 1979. He is a member of the Republican Party. The district includes most of the east-central part of the state.





Asymmetry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
4.2.1 Parity violation;
4.2.2 CP violation;
4.2.3 Baryon asymmetry of the universe;
4.2.4 Isospin violation;
4.2.5 In collider experiments. 5 Lexical; 6 See also ...

The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
atomic social anthropology experiment used
Baryon (Mayor Barrett) in the
Collider experiment (West Allis collider) with
ant = anthroplogy agent
ant = anthony peters.






Examples of TWO Cultures...signals that need study:

- North amd South Vietnam ...war 1968

Cambodia intellectuals murdered ..the parallel to
Cambridge University brain death ..symbolic virus war in England
starting around 1972 ....EARTH systems ....parallel processing signals.

Khmer Rouge -
The Khmer Rouge subjected Cambodia to a radical social reform process that ... Over the next years, the Khmer Rouge killed many intellectuals, city-dwellers, ...

Khmer Rouge rule of Cambodia - Pol Pot - Social engineering
Genocide in Cambodia: documents from the trial of Pol Pot and Ieng ... -
Pol Pot, Ieng Sary, Howard J. De Nike - 2000 - History - Early in 1978, when Pol Pot gave an order to hunt down intellectuals and kill them

Cambridge university and their friends at MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, Mass, USA still refuse to try to understand the possibilty ..because they are to arrogant --> its antiparticle, and P for parity, which creates the mirror image of a physical system.

- The Manhattan Project from 1943 to the error signal of SEPT 11, 2001.
TWO Cultures and the TWO Towers (Science War casualties ...a demo for New York University and Columbia University pay attention to Nature's messages and signals for humanoid societies)







Thus we look at the context of Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology ....atomic social policies ...output messages VIA the atomic messenger ...the atomic human brain.
Uranium 235 isotopes and uranium 238 ...with its symbolic existence in the brain....LINKs with the Margaret Mead atomic social sciences and atomic social drama.




What is such an empircal data event of Nature that string theorists may find useful?
The atomic anthropology EVENT SIGNAL of uranium 235 isotopes.




Margaret Mead nuclear family messages for scientists.

--> Dimmick sues couple he kidnapped |
Nov 28, 2011 – Two years ago, fugitive murder suspect Jesse Dimmick kidnapped newlyweds Jared and ... Now, he's suing them for $235000. ... facing a murder charge in the Adams County, Colo., killing earlier that month of Michael Curtis.

murder charge .... killing Michael Curt...subset letters
..ur....................atoMic ...source of message
..uranium 235 atomic social anthropology OUTPUT message





--> Kidnapper Sues Hostages for Breaching 'Contract' to Hide Him Nov 30, 2011 – A convicted kidnapper is suing his former hostages, saying they breached ... Jesse Dimmick, 25, of Aurora, Colo., is serving an 11-year sentence for ... Dimmick wants $235000 from the Rowleys, who want the suit dismissed.
Dimmick,is serving an 11-year sentence
Dim......................11 --> message

NOVA | The Elegant Universe:
Oct 28, 2003 – Eleven dimensions, parallel universes, and a world made out of strings? It's not science fiction, it's string theory. Bestselling author and physicist ...

String theory - Wikipedia
String theory is an active research framework in particle physics that attempts to ..... One such theory is the 11-dimensional M-theory, which requires spacetime to .... If there are multiple parallel D-branes there will be multiple types of gauge ..

parallel D-branes
parallel Dimmick-brains ....
11 Dimensions atomic brain agent --> SKU 11



Dimmick wants $235000 from the Rowleys,

Periodic atomic table row --> actinide series




Kidnapper Jesse Dimmick sues his hostages for $235000 | Mail Nov 30, 2011 – Jesse Dimmick, of suburban Denver, is serving an 11-year sentence after bursting into Jared and LindsayRowley's Topeka home in Kansas ...

Rowley's Topeka home in Kansas subset
Row...................Kansas region
Row...................Kr (symbolic of atomic EARTH)








Kidnapper Jesse Dimmick sues his hostages for $235000 | Mail Nov 30, 2011 – Jesse Dimmick, of suburban Denver, is serving an 11-year sentence after bursting into Jared and Lindsay Rowley'sTopeka home in Kansas in ...

Topeka implies ..
Top ...the Margaret Mead atomic human representive ....

Top --> the Hierarchy Problem amongst atomic humans and their relationship to Nature and Darwinian atomic selection of spokespersons




Colo. kidnapper sues victims for breaking 'oral contract' to hide him Nov 30, 2011 – Jesse Dimmick is suing a couple he kidnapped in 2009, claiming ... Dimmick, who does not have a lawyer,wants $235000, according to the ...

breaking 'oral contract'
..oral is a subset word of
oribital electron

while uranium has 92 electrons across seven orbits. .
Isotopes have 92 orbital electrons to balance the 92 protons




Colo. kidnapper sues victims for breaking 'oral contract' to hide him Nov 30, 2011 – Jesse Dimmick is suing a couple into Jared and Lindsay Rowley's .

Couple: Ruling can wait in suit against Dimmick | Dec 2, 2011 – Attorney Robert Keeshan, representing Jared and Lindsay Rowley, ... Dimmick is in the Adams County Detention Center in Brighton, Colo., ...

Thus we have the row/column matrix SIGNAL
Colorado --> Col --> Column
Rowley --> Row --Row of the atomic table

Thus the periodic atomic table government communications problems with humanoid governments and their intellectual citizens ...who ought study more.
Row and column table of the elements of daily life.













Two years ago, fugitive murder suspect Jesse Dimmick kidnapped newlyweds Jared and Lindsay Rowley after bursting into their home on a Saturday morning.

NOTE --> Saturday equation .......
SAT + ur + da + Y -->
Scholastic Aptitude Test + Uranium 235 + data + Y2k (2K data stream pipeline)
Now, he’s suing them for $235,000.

Dimmick contends in the breach of contract suit that after he entered the couple’s home in September 2009, they reached a legally binding, oral contract that they would hide him for an unspecified amount of money.

He wrote: “As a result of the plaintiffs breech (sic) of contract, I, the defendant suffered a gunshot to my back, which almost killed me. The hospital bills alone are in excess of $160,000, which I have no way to pay.”

At the time of the kidnapping, Dimmick was a fugitive facing a murder charge in the Adams County, Colo., killing earlier that month of Michael Curtis.






Thus we have an interesting situation ...and C.P.SNOW and the various aspects of CP symmetry, CP parity, CP violations, etc. A CP SNOW puzzle involving the Department of Energy and the Federal government allowing citizens to deliberately violate atomic social anthropology laws ...thus creating crime and other problems.
Apparently newspapers and science magazines are giving professors a SNOW omitting the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology aspect of life from some NEWS stories.

That information is also omitted form legal trials ...thus a violation of the LEGAl O = Oath of Lung Oxygen atoms to try to think and talk clearly and as completely as possible ...given the level of science knowledge available in year 2012 ..... knowledge that helps explain symbolic uranium 235 social science crimes and messages.

Thus the have C.P.SNOW and the problem at MIT university in Cambridge, Mass.
Empirical data suggests that student and professor ...symbolic brain computers...have undeergone
MITOSIS ..... or the split brain problem.
That would account for their inability at diplomatic communications regarding the SCIENCE WARS and various problems. Perhaps, some graduate student will be the exception to the rule ..... and understand the BRAVE NEW WORLD social pscyhology traps ......that their hypnotized brains live in ..that is...their brains are embedded in the television/radio communications continuum.

How to control an EM = EM.ertius Professor and his subliminal mind.
Use remote control EM waves in bio-physics format.

Perhaps, MIT students can help save a professor ....who is the prime PRIZE brain target in the EM wars. These propaganda wars are nasty and tricky ....but they are like puzzles that can be solved.





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