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Atomic anthropology secrets of Enrico Fermi and FermiLAB. CLUES to the Margaret Mead nuclear family - atomic SOCIAL SCIENCE WAR . What is your secret life?

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Margaret Mead nuclear family theory has evolved to the year 2011 atomic anthropology theory, atomic brain structures, atomic political science, and the atomic ENGLISH language COMMANDS to the atomic brain symbolic computer. That has been discussed in other blog titles.

Here we will look at the periodic atomic table goverment and its atomic humanoid agents .... such as Enrico Fermi in Chicago and later ... the FermiLAB atomic brain bio-computer ... output message processing center in brain BATCH JOB processing region of BAT.avia,Illinois.

It's an interesting puzzle ..... a puzzle, a challenge presented by the Department of Energy and the Office of Science .... to see if others can figure the secret intellectual society that controls EARTHLY affairs. Fortunately, Lewis Carroll, Russell/Whithead, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Agnatha Christie, and many other writers provided book data thru the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology communications continuum ..... that has existed for hundreds of years.

Today we have the atomic/ astrophysics continuum that sandwiches most FORMATS of existence on EARTH between the two boundaries. This is useful for understanding atomic bio-physics humans and their atomic brain social expressions ... and consequently citizen governmental expressions.


The atomic English language is centered on the 26 proton English alphabet letters of the ferrous oxide atome. This atomic English language is then extrapolated to the iron HEME group Fe(ii) used by human proteins. Thus the atomic English language in the iron myoglobin proteins used by authors and professor that use arm muscles to write nouns and verb sentences. Thus, major errors in this atomic bio-physics data communications pipeline can ...and has resulted in the English department shooting at Virginia TECH.

Iron and Irony and Ironic atomic social communications systems 

Atomic Number: 26

Atomic English alphabet letters: 26 

Protons: 26


Neutrons: 30

Average Atomic Mass: 55.845


Discovery: Iron was discovered before written history and no one knows who discovered it.


Pointing the obvious finger at MR.CHO is a simple excuse .... given the context of year 1600 statement by William Shakespeare "The WORLD is a STAGE and we are the English language players" ...
the incomplete explanations of the tragedy given by North American universities in their manipulation language plot .... the cause of the Virgina TECH tragedy.

The atomic anthropology images presented to the world by newspapers and magazines; are partial,incomplete images. Citizens, business. universities, and governments around the world have no interest in more accurate descriptions .... they are amused by the biased explanations given about events ..... and how people like myself believed.

Anyhow, lets look at some of the FER = Ferrrous oxide atomic language clues provided by the life of Enrico Fermi. As an extension of the periodic atomic table government in bio-physics format Enrico Fermi gives clues to the the relationship bewteen EARTH LAB and the atomic brain and its symbolic processing abilities.


==> Enrico Fermi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Enrico Fermi (29 September 1901 – 28 November 1954) was anItalian-born, naturalized American physicist particularly known for his work on the development ...

Chicago Pile-1 - Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating ... - Enrico Fermi High School



Thus we look at his Italian nature ..with Max BORN physics view and the heritage of mathematical-physics structures in that geography region of Europe.

Galileo (years 1564 to 1642) wrote astronomy book "Two Chief World Systems" regarding solar system orbitals.

Enrico Fermi (29 September 1901 – 28 November 1954) was an Italian-born.

Thus the Italian orbital continuum expression with

atomic oribital <-- supersymmetry --> astronomy orbital

We have the interesting secrets of university language professors ....
word orbital with algebra subset word symbols
.........ital.... which when expanded gives
.........italy .... thus we have the TALE of 2 Cities
the TALE of 2 Sartre existential symbolic city/countries...

1) the atomic dimension named: Italy
2) the astrophysics dimension named: Italy

The university liberal arts perception of ORBITALs is well-known as the run-around.

the atomic table table    Co + Fe (adjacent elements in table below)
the symbolic agent   enri.CO Fe.rmi ...   parallel ..adjacent symbols


At the monment .. keep in mind that some older languages read from RIGHT to LEFT ... thus Co would be encountered first, the Fe second. English reads from LEFT to RIGHT.

Chemical - Cobalt (Co)
Name: Cobalt
Symbol: Co
Atomic Number: 27.
Atomic Mass: 58.9332 amu.
Melting Point: 1495.0 °C (1768.15 K, 2723.0 °F) Boiling Point: 2870.0 °C ( 3143.15 K, ...

==> Enrico Fermi - Fermilab
Mar 18, 2011 – Enrico Fermi was born in Rome, Italy, on September 29, 1901. The son of a railroad official, he studied at the ......  Fer --> Ferrous oxide IRON atom and the bio-physics agent for IRON ... Fer = Fermi. 

Here we see his father was a iron railroad track official with iron locomotives.
Thus on the surface of EARTH LAB ...... the geography surface is criss-crossed with iron Euclidean geometry parallel lines .... railroad tracks. These iron railroad tracks provided the structure .... for the North Pole magnetic field and the EARTH iron core to create a communications network map on the surfce of the EARTH .... with iron Hemoglobin protein passengers that rode the railroad back around Einstein's time ... year 1905.

Thus the Einstein railroad examples about relativity ... had additional meaning in the context of Einstein's theory of atomic anthropology relatives. In addition, the iron railroad tracks follow the curvature of space/time of the EARTH's geography surafce. Thus the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab ) also has empircal geometry railroad tracks .... an Earth application of the curvature of space/time that parallels his theory.

An earlier EARTH LAB explorer for physics and Nature was
Fer = Ferdinand Magallen and his math equation .... navigation
......F ........Ma --> Force = Mass * acceleration of gravity.

Thus as an agent for Nature's fields .... using the surface map of the oceans and land .... his brain atomic mass interaction with gravity / magnetic fields ... traced out a gravity line and magnetic line ..a gravity / magnetic graph or signal .... as if he was like a human pencil with iron and atomic mass ..... and sent on a mission for Nature to trace a gravity/magnetic field human line. Nowdays, we can do this on a piece of paper with an ink pen .... but in year 1519 ... Nature had to use the natural tools and fields available in EARTH LAB.




==>Enrico Fermi, (29 September 1901 – 28 November 1954) The story that his wife Laura tells, is that Enrico Fermi's interest in physics can be traced back to the death of his older brother Giulio ...

Here we use WINO particle physics to understand the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family arrangemnts AND relationships .... as they unfold and become visible at the human level.

WINO --> WI + NO --> WI + system NODE
WIFE --> WI + Fe = Female version of Fe = Ferrous oxide in atomic bio-physics format

FermiLAB .... atomic WORD expanded gives
Fermi_ _ LAB .... thus the gestalt completion codes
.....n d ..... give us
Fer mind --> Ferrous Oxide MI + ND = Minimun Node

Thus looking at the copper wire system 370
parallel with OS/JCL SNA VTAM ... we see atomic computer communnications NODE ....
making it easier for people like myself to understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum and the secret intellectual societies ..... or perhaps, they sre still in a stage of atomic brain thought evolution .... ie perhaps, the continuum is likea PDS = Partitioned Data Set with various MEMBER subsets of thought/expertise.

enri.CO FER.mi --> Cobalt + ferrous oxide .....with periodic atomic table computer system
COBALT = Cobol + BAL thought --> BAL = Basic Assembler Language

Thus from the deeper level ... atomic social psychology SIGNAL (like agent Sigmund Freud) ... we can speculate about the atomic desire and instinct within the deeper levels of ENRICO's atomic brain ... with Cortex Cobol/assembler language.

The assembler language LA instruction is LOAD ADDRESS.
Thus his iron FERROUS oxide ... was looking for a Heme group Fe(ii) relationship .... in the format of a wi.fe --> female with ferrous oxide recognition abilities ( she recognized FER = Ferrous oxide life = FERMI).

Thus when his atomic symbolic brain saw the periodic table ...
atomic language proper noun --> Laura = La + Uranium
.... his bio-computer wisely thought:
Laura --> Load Address Uranium ... a Margaret Mead nuclear family existential bio-physics structure in female FORMAT.


Additionally .... Enrico born on
September 29  <--> supermmtry physics mirror  <--> 92 electrons
of the anthropology  atomic bio-physics  ... uranium agent  92 Laura.


Enrico Fermi with his wife, Laura Fermi, author of Atoms in the Family: My Life with Enrico Fermi

These atomic social relationship are intricate .... and hopefully it all worked out ... and they were happy.



IBM System/370 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Expanding the address space: (In particular, a heavily-used machine instruction, "Load Address" (LA), explicitly cleared the top eight bits of the ...

Thus we have Computer Earth system 370 BASE 16 expanding address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, White HOUSE ..... and in year 2004 (Base 2 exponent 004 = Base 16) ....
Laura BUSH explained ....
Laura BUS HEX --> that is expanded in more readable words

Laura ( Load adrress ura = uranium 238 --> Base 2 expoment 3 = 8 data bits)
Bush explains --> Data Bus hexadecimal at base 16 16OO Pennsylvania Avenue...

Atomic humans can be interesting .... newspapers provide the puzzles .... for older and wiser adults. All that is needed is a high school education with science and algebra and geometry.
Thus, amateur scientists with intellectual curosity and a few physics, chemistry, math, and biochemistry books can understand modern atomic social sciences. I recommend college freshman beginning textbooks in those areas .... available at college bookstore and elsewhere.

Simple awareness and discovery can be a wonderful feeling .... more substance than cellular phone
dribble talk. Dribble converstations are what the DNA constitution of the United States intended.

Thus we have glimpse of how modern science affects our daily lives and our atomic social activities. Much more research needs be done ... by approved agents.




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The Italian supersymmetry science wars - introduction

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Galileo (years 1564 to 1642) wrote astronomy book "Two Chief World Systems" regarding solar system orbitals.

Enrico Fermi (29 September 1901 – 28 November 1954) was an Italian-born, naturalized American physicist particularly known for his work on the development ...

Thus the Italian orbital continuum expression with

atomic oribital <-- supersymmetry --> astronomy orbital

We have the interesting secrets of university language professors ....
word orbital with algebra subset word symbols
.........ital.... which when expanded gives
.........italy .... thus we have the TALE of 2 Cities
the TALE of 2 Sartre existential symbolic city/countries...

1) the atomic dimension named: Italy
2) the astrophysics dimension named: Italy


First came the astronomy/astrophysics orbital version ....


Galileo Galilei
Justus Sustermans - Portrait of Galileo Galilei, 1636.jpg
Portrait of Galileo Galilei by Giusto Sustermans
Born 15 February 1564[1]
Pisa,[1] Duchy of Florence, Italy
Died 8 January 1642 (aged 77)[1]
Arcetri,[1] Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Italy
Residence Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Italy
Nationality Italian (Tuscan)
Fields Astronomy, physics and mathematics
Institutions University of Pisa
University of Padua
Alma mater University of Pisa
Academic advisors Ostilio Ricci[2]
Notable students Benedetto Castelli
Mario Guiducci
Vincenzo Viviani[3]
Known for Kinematics
Telescopic observational astronomy


History of Astronomy - Kepler, Galileo, etc.
Try this link to information on the history of astronomy. ... How are their orbital periods related to their distance from the sun? ... Galileo Galilei (1564-1642).


Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

Was the first to report using the telescope to view the heavens.

Telescope invented in 1604 by Hans Lippershay.

Galileo used the telescope in 1609. Built his own. Two lenses in a metal tube about 4 feet long, diameter = 4 cm (1.6 inches). Magnification 3X to 33X.

His observations between 1609 and 1612 changed our ideas about the universe.



Galileo made a number of observations that finally helped convince people that the Sun-centered solar system model (the heliocentric model), as proposed by ...



Images for galileo model of solar system


2nd, came the Italian atomic physics orbital version ... with Enrico Fermi and others


Thus we see the range of Italy ..... orbital(y) theory 

Thus the orbital information continuum  from Enrico Fermi (atomic sizes and viewing  position) to Galileo (astronomy sizes of Solar System view and orbital theory and data).



The university liberal arts perception of ORBITALs is well-known as the run-around.
George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Rudolf Carnap and many other authors explained this education trick of mirrors, masks, and hidden languages to manipulate social processes.

Thus the modern intellectual wars and battles around the world ..... with the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer VS university group intellectual errors. Thus the U battle in Norway with mathematical-physics singularity agent Anders B. at U = Utoya versus UiO = University of Oslo .... resperenstative of myopic European intellectuals and the vast VOIDS in the obvious knowledge continuum. Will Italians help clarify the brain electron orbital .... atomic brain thought problems?

Additional SCIENCE WAR subjects are listed on the above TOOLBAR on your computer screen.
You may CLICK on those NOUNS for access.





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER


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Herb Zinser's analysis of the secret world of modern atomic mathematical-physics languages and modern astronomy languages. World War 3 .. better known as the SCIENCE WARS exists at 2 levels. The 1st level is the intellectual war using symbolic military tools, optiical bio-computers and their data stream of math military equations, etc. The transformation of symbolic conflict into physical conflict creates the 2nd level.....physical battles on the surface of planet Earth with human armies, guns, bombs, jet planes, etc. Thus it is very important for the modern thinker to upgrade his brain symbolic ocmputer with the latest, most accurate concepts avaliable. Thus many think tanks and universities need to realize they are human subsets of thought living within the larger atomic/astrophysics continuum ...... and the continuum is not interested in biased views.


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