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Dr.Watson in Afghanistan - the math Reigate Puzzle . . the Laurent expansion of war into Afghanistan

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Key to additional wisdom of DR. Watson..Internet/BLOG keywords:
- Dr.Watson explains DNA origin of Sherlock Holmes
- Dr.Watson and Sherlock Holmes - the ETHER brain War
- Dr.Watson in Afghanistan - British RAF computer war

British literature and mathematics have an important influence on modern world military affairs. The thoughts, ideas, and logic by authors such as Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer, Bertrand Russell and others have affected our stream of consciousness ...and have become a part of our symbolic subliminal mind...which particpates in human daily decisions. Thus symbolic life is composed of math equations, social chemistry formulas, cortex COBOL computer language English language commands, music and song lyrics, art, etc. These optical and audio data formats are input to the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer.......and when data input is composed of garbage...the atomic brain processor computing rule is:  
Garbage IN --> Garbage OUT ........and Garbage OUT results in accidents, crime, murder, war, family conflicts, etc.

The Sherlock Holmes story " Reigate Puzzle" with DR.Watson in Afghanistan gives some insight on symbolic mechanics. The story provides math clues to help analyze the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology ... mathematical-physics war such  as in Afghanistan.




What are these MATH signals in the Reigate puzzle that are familiar to ALL the serious Sherlock Holomes fans?
Have you overlooked these details?
What kind of Sherlock Holmes fan are you?



Adventure 6: “The Reigate Puzzle”

It was some time before the health of my friend Mr. Sherlock Holmes recovered from the strain caused by his immense exertions in the spring of ‘87. The whole question of the Netherland-Sumatra Company and of the colossal schemes of Baron Maupertuis are too recent in the minds of the public, and are too intimately concerned with politics and finance to be fitting subjects for this series of sketches. They led, however, in an indirect fashion to a singular and complex problem which gave my friend an opportunity of demonstrating the value of a fresh weapon among the many with which he waged his life-long battle against crime.


On referring to my notes I see that it was upon the 14th of April that I received a telegram from Lyons which informed me that Holmes was lying ill in the Hotel Dulong. Within twenty-four hours I was in his sick-room, and was relieved to find that there was nothing formidable in his symptoms. Even his iron constitution, however, had broken down under the strain of an investigation which had extended over two months, during which period he had never worked less than fifteen hours a day, and had more than once, as he assured me, kept to his task for five days at a stretch. Even the triumphant issue of his labors could not save him from reaction after so terrible an exertion, and at a time when Europe was ringing with his name and when his room was literally ankle-deep with congratulatory telegrams I found him a prey to the blackest depression. Even the knowledge that he had succeeded where the police of three countries had failed, and that he had outmanoeuvred at every point the most accomplished swindler in Europe, was insufficient to rouse him from his nervous prostration.


Three days later we were back in Baker Street together; but it was evident that my friend would be much the better for a change, and the thought of a week of spring time in the country was full of attractions to me also. My old friend, Colonel Hayter, who had come under my professional care in Afghanistan, had now taken a house near Reigate in Surrey, and had frequently asked me to come down to him upon a visit. On the last occasion he had remarked that if my friend would only come with me he would be glad to extend his hospitality to him also. A little diplomacy was needed, but when Holmes understood that the establishment was a bachelor one, and that he would be allowed the fullest freedom, he fell in with my plans and a week after our return from Lyons we were under the Colonel’s roof. Hayter was a fine old soldier who had seen much of the world, and he soon found, as I had expected, that Holmes and he had much in common.




Sherlock Holmes

- Adventure VI:

The Reigate math Puzzle

As you read the explanation.....put you mind in concept mode. For the non-math reader ...don't worry about the details for now. Juat see the big picture of the concept relationships...and that the English language contains within it ...math words that help clarify the deeper meanings and causes of a war/ crime/ conflict...or other events in our daily lives.



Page 1 of the puzzle of the Reigate Puzzle.

1st sentence clue: " They led, however, in an indirect fashion to a singular and complex problem which gave my friend an opportunity of demonstrating the value of a fresh weapon....."

--> a FRESH WEAPON for year 2011 BRITISH military think tanks
and a FRESH WEAPON for the citizen/brain soldier in their own personal INTELLECTUAL WAR...in the BRAVE NEW WORLD of World War 3 composed of the SCIENCE WARS, Neuroscience wars, and the BIOLOGY algebraic subset BLOG WARS.



2nd sentence clue: "The whole question of the Netherland-Sumatra Company and of the colossial schemes of.......and fitted subjects for this series of sketches."



3rd clue is the title: Reigate Puzzle.

I mention these clues in the reverse order of their sequential photon appearence to the eye/optical nerve symbolic processor. This enables us to develop the deductive logic and inferences ..in the Central Nervous System 370 traditions as exemplified by Sherlock Holmes.......who is a symbolic character ...alive and well ..in my symbolic brain and its various subconscious levels. Lets proceed and identify the precise nature of this NEW WEAPON ....with the 3 clues.



1st sentence clue:
" They led, however, in an indirect fashion to a
singular and complex problem which gave..." ..key words:
singular......complex ...which are math SINGULARITIES of COMPLEX math functions of life.



2nd sentence clue:
Netherland-Sumatra ..... for this series --> Key words:
Sumatra expanded = Sum..mat...tra = Sum/total math trap
Series = power series of complex SOCIAL math life ...  BIO-MATH COMPLEX variables


3rd clue:
The Reigate PUZZLE with key embedded math military symbols..



Clue 3 --> Z = a + bi = complex number.     ZZ implies some math/English language relationship between 2 complex numbers...referred to as a math power series...which in the Darwin evolution of math life has become economic power and political power.


Clue 2 of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle suggests a math sum.

CLue 2 with clue 1 ....suggests a math sum involving SINGULARITIES.

Thus I wonder about these clues...and just happen to have a few complex math books lying around and they mention math existences with these properties. Since these math authors explain it rather good.. ..I'll refer to their concepts. The BLOG reader ought go the main library or college bookstore ...and get a complex math book for details. THe reader must force themselves to learn new basic BRAIN concepts .....THINK like Sherlock Holmes would like us to THINK. One doesn't have to be an expert.....to be vaguely aware of the mathematical-physics components of daily life.

Now we have the major elements:
- the Sherlock Holmes story the Reigate Puzzle
- the 3 clues that have been identified as probable math signals
- the Afghanistan war in Asia with British soldiers ..today and
the Afghanistan war in Asia with Dr.Watson over 100 years ago

What is it about Afghanistan?
Look at geography map or globe?


What did they teach us? What words...
--> an isolated, remote, landlocked country. Okay another word equivalent.....

--> an isolated, singular country .....and on a very small map the country would seen like:

--> an isolated, singular point.






Thus we take these empirical data clues and see if their is a mathematical structure that has the CLUE attributes. Upon review of my modern Sherlock Holmes symbolic tool kit (in this case a complex math book)...I see some keywords --> Isolated singular POINT......gee.... that looks like a abstract description of Afghanistan with WEST POINT math warriors fighting an EARTH math war.

Thus we identify the chapter .
--> Laurent series with
--> Laurent expansion of an analytic function ..then the KEY CONCEPT:
--> Isolated Singular points


Complex Analysis with Applications (Dover Books on Mathematics ...

Complex Analysis with Applications (Dover Books on Mathematics) [Richard A. Silverman]\
Just review concepts  ...   leave details to  graduate school math students.
Verlow ..power series and the  MODERN political power  of math symbols and  math social enginerring thoughts.


The concept of a transformation .....from  SYMBOL   LIFE  conflicts   to Earth geography sites with  human math conflict expressors.



Below, concept of region of convergence ...  with K = Kabul.


Afghanistan Maps with math point K = Kabul






Afghanistan as an isolated singular point on the world math map






Let's review the  three possibilities mentioned above.

1) The Laurent expansion series equation contains no negative powers of Z - Zo , in which case Zo is called a removable singular point.

2) The Laurent series contains a finite number of negative powers of Z - Zo in which case Zo is called a pole (for details ...ask the Polish math undercover agents in Warsaw or Chicago)

3) The Laurent series contains infinitely many negative powers of Z - Zo, in which case Zo is called an essential singular point.


Thus with Dr. Watson in Afghanistan ....the British math war over 100 years ago
repeated in year 2011 ....the MILITARY question finally becomes clear ....in the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) war zone.


Since Afghanistan is an isolated singular point .....
--> is it a removable singular point ?

--> is it a essential singular point ?
--> Do the Polish people think Afghanistan is a parallel processing POLE ?







But we can't just guess at the answer...soldiers are dying ....while waiting for an accurate math answer to the symbolic military question:

What kind of isolated singular point is Afghnaistan?

Meanwhile the SCIENCE WAR unanswered question...continues with complex math battles in the United States ...with the battle reports with --> Isolated singular point... human AGENTS at university INTELLECTUAL Battle zones. Thus the math news reports of the subconscious mind of the American Mathematical Society of Nature's military forces with:

--> Isolated singular point Mr.Cho and the atomic English language conflict at Virginia TECH

--> Isolated singular point Major Hasan and the FORT HOOD ...math deleted neighbor.HOOD with the University of Texas western movie style shootout....like Shakespeare stated ..the "World is a stage....and thus we have FORT Hood western stage...just like advanced DARPA brain experiments with the GUNSMOKE television program...to program the brain computer"

--> Isolated singular point Steven Kaznierczak at the NIL, Cole Hall shooting. Ask WHY?
WHY Steven K. and his Darwinian selection mission of subsets.
...Y...even..K .....with even math life integer BASE 2..thus
...Y....2....K .... thus the Y2K biological clock brain computer .....and university violations of the YEAR 2000 Time Boundary parameters.

Citizens can't bother with these thoughts....after all ..soldiers fight and die ....and students get killed in the SCIENCE WARS--> Time War component......while citizens drink beer, watch television, talk on the cellular phones, play games, etc. Citizens can't be bothered with providing accurate explanations ...thus per the Carl Jung citizen collective unconsciousness ... incomplete explanations and their implied instructions are given to representatives ...who provide the soldier with some (CARL Jung group style: Myths and dreams) fabricated reason about the TRUE NATURE of the conflict...and the trusting soldier will believe the George Orwell propaganda broadcast VIA television and printed by newpspaers.

But NATURE on the other hand....with Computer EARTH..
has set up the Netherland-Sumatra

Courageous thinkers can approach this 2 ways.....because like it or not...everyone is/or will be affected by the SCIENCE WARS.

--> Those with complex math expertise ....would look at the math military symbolic MAP and its details.
--> Those with non-math experience...would get math textbooks...and study the general concepts ...occasionally try to understand the easy pages ...skip... over the hard stuff for the 1st few years. Think of it ...as a long term brain development project that Sherlock Holmes would approve of.

Remember President Eisenhower spoke about the Military Industrial Complex --> in more precise word...the symbolic MILITARY, INDUSTRIAL hard working numbers of COMPLEX math life variables........ military complex numbers in the SYMBOL MACHINE.







For more information ...about your future in the BIOLOGY subset BLOG WARS (get prepared for the BLOG WARS).....review and study the various topics of the SCIENCE WARS as outlined in the master control BLOG that points to various information sites:

Herb Zinser's Science Wars

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