Modern war using Nature's military math and molecules .....messages for universities, the Pentagon and world governments. You have been defeated in the Science Wars.
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Nature's military tools --> introduction

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Nature exists.
Atoms and moelcules exist.
Math equations exist.

These entities have 2 formats of existence on EARTH
a) a physical existence AND/or
b) a symbol existence..symbol life

Thus military weapons can occur in various formats.

Example. Humans could use math quations to design and build
a modern jet fighter composed of solid atomic materials.

Example. Nature could use humans as symbols of math equations.
President N x N (NixoN) represented the math life of linear algbebra .... the N x N square matrix ..... thus the math war fought in V = Vector region kown as Vietnam.





In more general terms, an adult bio-math human  male is an M x N matrix.

The human linear algebra  bio-math M x N matix structure  is the English language word spelled: MaN.










Over     56,000    American mathematics-physics and logic   soldiers died in the Vietnam conflict; while American universities deny such possiblities ..... and continue to teach the BIG LIE to college students around the world.



Atomic mass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The atomic mass (ma) is the mass of an atomic particle, sub-atomic particle, .... at iron-56, iron-58 and nickel-62, then increases to positive values in the heavy ...

iron ...55.85 is rounded to math number 56 for everyday public  communications.




But university student don't care ......they watch sports and listen to music and like to BS on cellular phones.


Hence, the LIE algebra math battle in year 2011 at Liege, Belgium, Europe.
European newspapers and governments have no trouble in printing incomplete descriptions of the math war casualties.



Vietnam geography and farms with RICE paddies .......thus another symbolic message identifier ...


Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible


matrices linear algebra ....subset word

Thus we see pieces to many interesting , unsolved puzzles that still exist in year 2013. 

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Herb Zinser's analysis of the SCIENCE WARS. Nature's military atoms. molecules, force fields, and math equations defend EARTH from arrogant human groups that violate the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature. In year 1959, C.P.Snow gave lecture on "Two Cultures". Thus we have the mitosis of cellular society into "Two Schools of Thought" ..... the lazy brain people who assume they know the answer AND those few dumb, curious people that are trying to understand the world's social mechanics. The lazy brain people only communicate amongst themselves. Hence, string theory physics can convert these humans with atomic brains into puppet string humans. Thus in year 2012, we have string theory military using Margaret Mead nuclear family human actors ...... providing empirical data to string theory theorists on the atomic anthropology war.


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