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Symmetry M-theory physics battle zone --> Syria symbolism --> Atomic 13 year old Boy --> Bose-Einstein Hierarchy Problem with Fermi-Dirac statitics at FermiLAB

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Symmetry physics and M-theory physics SCIENCE WAR news from --> the Earth Lab atomic anthropology battle zone: Syria 13 year old boy tortured
A periodic atomic table government news report of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology WAR....month of May 2011. The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression.

One such method is atomic communication system known as
mass communications--> Television, radio, newspapers,etc. This is really atomic mass communications VIA the television, radio, and publishing industries.

A 2nd method ...probably the most direct method of expression of the atomic table government is the usage of atomic humans to create an atomic social anthropology expression...
either good atomic human behaviour or
atomic humans expression of conflict/tragedy
......tragic news which then gets routed to the atomic mass communications media to be broadcast to atomic social engineering researchers interested in social policy feedback SIGNALS from the periodic atomic table government. Thus we see the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family system ....with the atomic anthropology expressions of the atomic bio-physics experimental species labeled: HUMAN with a possible abstract brain symbolic computer.

The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.

Therefore political protests,etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle/the human atomic feelings expressor/the human atomic messenger.

The atomic anthropology families are listed in any basic college chemistry textbook --> with its implied social chemistry extension.



We adapt the VIEW of EARTH LAB social,political events as atomic expressions; with the
INTERNAL atomic government, its social engineering policy conflicts, and the atomic anthropology communication Hierarchy Problem with Argonne, FermilAB, Brookhaven and CITIZEN groups.

--> Internal atomic government and the symbolic life of particles

--> Mirror - symmetry - parallel processing

--> External human events on the surface of EARTH that may reflect internal atomic intellectual thought conflicts



The atomic English language -->
26 protons of ferrous oxide atom have 26 English alphabet symbols.....
letters A thru Z
with the 13th symbol = M --> the atomic origin of M-theory thoughts.

The atomic thought STRING ....proceeds via the Heme group fe(ii) ion used by the iron myoglobin the physical MUSCLES of the ARM, wrist,hand of math/physics professors .....who then convert the atomic thoughts ....accompanied by their theory and lab work ... into math/word symbols on cellulose paper.

In such a manner myoglobin expresses INTELLECTUAL MUSCLE.


Now we see the symbolic parallel and its conversion to physical events.
Thus the reality EVENT: an example that may provide empircal data to mathematical-physics theorists about the atomic theory of life and atomic thought.

ATOMIC alphabet thoughts....atomic social questions unanswered .....

Sy --> Symmetry theory......13th letter implies M-theory
transformed to EARTH LAB visibility ....

Sy --> Syria conflict and the 13th year old Male
SY --> Symmetry and the 13 atomic letter M --> M-theory
(phonetic sound male = mail )message for M-theory analysis






Data of the symmetric EVENT....the EXTERNAL human event portion

Syria's alleged torture of 13-year-old boy:
May 30, 2011 ... Tonight, a gruesome story out of Syria where the Assad regime continues its crackdown on its own people as they protest against the ...

syria¡ alleged-torture-of-13-year-old-boy-join-the- live-chat

13-Year-Old Syrian Boy Allegedly Tortured for Anti-Gov't Protest ... May 31, 2011 ...
The Blaze is a news, information and opinion site brought to you by Glenn Beck and a dedicated




In addition we have the artificial intelligence WAR known as the Standard Model physics Hierarchy Problem of the periodic atomic table government and its atomic human representatives ...and the violation of diplomatic protocol by the Office of Science and FermiLAB ....representatives for Fermi-Dirac statistical concepts.

Their biased intellectual social engineering views and violation of the atomic element SALT TREATY...have created many problems. Mother Nature wants the Bose-Einstein representative to be acknowledged and ......FermiLAB and the universities delay Nature's project plans.

Thus we have the artificial intelligence battle with human arrogance VS Nature's project plan for additional agents ....that truly understand Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology policy without distortion.

Thus the physical torture EVENT created by the intellectual errors of atomic social science families...

--> Syria 13 year Male Boy tortured ...atomic translation
--> Sy.....13........M....Bo
--> Symmetry M-theory Bose-Einstein statistics


FermiLAB - Dirac statistical agents at FermiLAB have a problem.




Their exclusive VIEW of the
Fer= Ferrous Oxide 26 protons 26 atomic English language used by
them is creating many problems......such as the
Virginia TECH atomic English language shooting, etc.


Nature's intellect considers FermiLAB and Cavendish Labs, etc .... as subsets of a larger EARTH LAB.....a concept they and other groups have forgotten.

Nature reports thousands of casualties in the SCIENCE WARS ...
caused in part by these LABS and university biased atomic social anthropology nonsense.
Thus we have the Norway SCIENCE WAR Labs .....with the Labor(atory) Party experiment with shooting atomic particles (in electron shell atomic bullet MESSAGE FORMAT) on the EARTH LAB island of Utoeya. Euopean universities are testing Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology applications of singularity theory and the MANY-BODY problem.

Many physics books provides clues to this atomic anthropology diplomatic problem.
The governments of Europe have no interest in comphrehensive studies of CAUSE and EFFECT events. Any incomplete explanation is acceptable ..... although thats in violation of scientific nission rules.

The book QUANTUM by Jim Al-Khalili has an article on page 238,239 by Ed Hinds, Professor of Physics, University of Sussex..........Bose-Einstein Condensates.

Quantum: A Guide for the Perplexed [Paperback]

Dr. Jim Al-Khalili










This article ...using parallel processing on EARTH LAB provides clues to the Bose-Einstein agent for the TREE of Knowledge.

Bose-Einstein --> Boise Cascade cellulose paper mfg Idaho, USA
..............--> Boise Cascade Office Products, Itasca, Illinois ..
..................FermiLAb Region of Northern Illinois, USA

Condensates ....subset letters CON --> WisCONsin ...ground state
........area of Sussex, Wisconsin --> southeastern Wisconsin
........parallel to Sussex, England
........parallel to Cambridge England
........area of Cambridge, Wisconsin --> Southeastern Wisconsin

page 238 --> Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology parallel to uranium 238
..........Manhattan Project year 1943 at 2338 N. second Street, Milwaukee

.....and the list goes on....with Leon Lederman book " God Particle'
and the ZINO particle........
with paleonthology/archeology/anthropology LINKS
......paleon --> friend/pal....leon and his atomic social heritage...
to ZIN--> the ZINJAN SKU11 update project of Nature.



Thus NATURE's Science Wars will probably continue.....since universities are in state of denial about REALITY. George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Rudolf Carnap and others wrote about this potential problem....which has become a problem.....with self-hypnosis by universities of their supremacy of thought OVER Nature's vast intellectual powers and symbolic military tools with the COMPUTER EARTH language vowels: a o e i U --> algorithms order entry input Utoeya.

Welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD. Who is brave enough to think clearly? Read the above SUBJECTS on the screen toolbar, take notes on an 8 1/2 by 11 pad of paper.....and think through concepts and examples mentioned .....draw your own flowcharts with your way of optimize your understanding of the SCIENCE WARS. Take your time ...weeks...months. Use some basic math, genetics, biochemistry, physics textbooks .....its better for your brain symbolic HEALTH than DVD movies,etc.

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Herb Zinser's analysis of the SCIENCE WARS. Nature's military atoms. molecules, force fields, and math equations defend EARTH from arrogant human groups that violate the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature. In year 1959, C.P.Snow gave lecture on "Two Cultures". Thus we have the mitosis of cellular society into "Two Schools of Thought" ..... the lazy brain people who assume they know the answer AND those few dumb, curious people that are trying to understand the world's social mechanics. The lazy brain people only communicate amongst themselves. Hence, string theory physics can convert these humans with atomic brains into puppet string humans. Thus in year 2012, we have string theory military using Margaret Mead nuclear family human actors ...... providing empirical data to string theory theorists on the atomic anthropology war.


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