Modern war using Nature's military math and molecules .....messages for universities, the Pentagon and world governments. You have been defeated in the Science Wars.
« The UWM terrestrial magnetism criminal trial with University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and the North Pole magnetic data battle field with the Norberg, Northern Illinois University, and Norway shootings. FermiLAB iron Hemoglobin protein messages.

The North Pole magnetic data field war MAPs provide CLUES to the string theory interrelationships that can TIE atomic anthropology signaling events together.

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The Theory of Everything physics includes many components of the Earth Lab SCIENCE WARs

--> the Margaret Mead nuclear family ..... atomic social anthropology conflicts

--> the North Pole magnetic field war with human iron Hemoglobin protein errors

--> The electromagnetic wars caused by Federal Communication Commision violations of various limit/boundary laws of Nature. The ear/mouth people and the FCC have launched an attack upon the eye/optical nerve and symbolic life of nouns/verbs/equations ...thus the Virginia TECH English class shootings,etc.

--> the Computer Earth system 370 war in Bal = city of Basic Assembler Language = Baltimore.

--> etc.

In this blog title.....we consider some events and thier relationships. We will consider them as North/South pole magnetic data field social expressions VIA the human interface (the mechanism being the iron Heme group Fe(ii) ion). Magnetic field life and its thoughts are a given ...this was explained in other blog titles. FermiLAB is an example of how the bio-physics ferrous oxide formats study uranium systems in Batavia, Illinois.


Thus lets consider the VIEW that we have 2 separate dimensions of life / living.

Let the magnetic field be one LIFE format with families and thoughts ,etc
let the 2-legged human be another LIFE format .....
let the 2 different species interact to an extent.




Magnetic field...partial life forms with humans ..

business magnate --> like Andrew Carnegie iron/steel industry

magistrate --> magnetic life influence on social laws

Magnetic ... WORD ..take subset alphabet letters
Mag... ic ---> spells magic ....

What kind of magic? Good/okay or some nasty trick?





Thus lets look at the data. While I will use the magnetic field as an outline to explain the data .....there are several other forces involved. Their details await future research.

In the next years, the magnetic field WAR will become a major factor in LEGAL TRIALS ..such as murder, attempted murder, accidents, and other nasty events .....many of which originate in university lab experiments that contain numerous ERRORS. Those ERRORS that are approved by citizen acceptance and government regulatory agencies. These are social process control systems ...that contain errors ..that have existed for 50 years or more ...... and each American President inherits the errors from prior administrations. Thus the subtle errors perpetuate themselves ..... undetected.

The purpose of the Science War TRIALS will be to fix the problems ...... not to point fingers at any one group NOR to embarass anyone NOR to financially penalize any one group. These are social engineering system problems that involve about 7 billion people around the world.




Events that have occured on the surface of EARTH LAB ...occur in mathematical-physics data space. That allows string theory to TIE together connect the events ...allowing us to see how the social engineering VECTORS can flow a information flowchart ...... that ONE EVENT and it's descriptors ...... may flow forward into the TIME data stream ....... and weeks, month, years later .... may become a factors in a new tragic EVENT.

The purpose of such message processing system of NATURE is to provide or send an important SIGNAL to the few curious humans interested in the BIG PICTURE ...the GESTALT of societal symbolic/conceptual architecture ....and its influence in the evolution of thought and expressions of thought via individuals or institutions.




==> EVENT = The Milwaukee Policeman Byran Norberg was shot by Burton.

Wounded Milwaukee officer leaves hospital; partner remains in Jun 12, 2009 – One of the two Milwaukee police officers shot during a confrontation with a ... Officer Bryan Norberg, 21, left Froedtert Hospital on Thursday night and can ... in the 800 block of S. 2nd St. after they stopped a man on a bicycle.

Man gets 80 years for shooting 2 Milwaukee police officers -Feb 25, 2010 – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ,...Burton shot Kunisch, 27, and Norberg, 22, in the 800 block of S. 2nd St., with a ...

Signal extracted from event:

- 800 block of data processing COMPUTER EARTH
- 2nd Street implies even integer Base 2 binary

- Norberg = Nor + berg = North Pole ice berg 
...........................................Pol ice
..Milwaukee police ought acknowledge their TRUE NATURE
..lazy universities might try to explain the MISSION




==> EVENT - Mayor Barrett of Milwaukee

Man arrested in attack on Mayor Barrett -
Aug 16, 2009 – It started with an urgent plea for help late Saturday night as he walked to ... 10:45 p.m. Saturday in the 8800 block of W. Orchard St. in West Allis ...

Mayor Barrett Beating
The popular 55-year-old mayor  suffered a shattered hand got two of his teeth

Signal extracted from event:

- 8800 block of data processing COMPUTER EARTH
- two teeth implies even integer Base 2 binary
- Saturday night....overnight/dark matter physics
- West ....direction identifier
- mayoR BA --> RBA = Relative Byte Address



==> Jake Gerard murder in Milwaukee .... an
Atlas bio-physics atomic anthropology WAR signal.

Blog Archive - JSOnline
Apr 30, 2008 – Jake Gerard worked two jobs to pay his way through school and had already ... to death early Saturday outside a recording studio in the 2800 block of S. 16th St. ... Police said the party occurred in space rented from Atlas BusSales.

Signal extracted from event:

- 2 800 block of data processing COMPUTER EARTH
- two jobs (base 2 Computer Earth batch processing jobs)
- Saturday morning ....nightime....overnight
- S. 16th --> System base 16 hexadecimal curse
- Atlas Bus .....Earth Atlas data bus
- recording studio --> atomic computer data records




Thus we see the convergence of prior events the above BULLET Hole ...which then causes a maessage to be printed in the newspaper.
What EVENT was this?

CHICAGO provides the information VIA subset letters
C.I.A ..... domestic CIA projects.

1 Dead, 4 Wounded In Thursday Evening Shootings « CBS ChicagoOct 7, 2011 – ... A man (security guard) was shot and killed in the 5500 block of West North Avenue ...


Thus we look at the previous poinnter CLUES that converged to this event.

--> the age 55 mayor  and  the 5500 block suggest


Thus we have iron/ferrous oxide atom and the North Pole magnetic field BATTLE .....
with FermiLAB and the ferry......VS...
a) North Pole Police agent Norberg shot
b) North Avenue security guard killed



--> base 2 implies IBM and the computer industry
and the North/South Pole magnetic field computer with
the 1972 Earth device UNIT = Tapes (Nixon tapes) which
reveals the UNIT government format -->
United States of North America secret formats




--> Milwaukee region
a) Norberg Implies North
b) Barrett implies West Allis

together giving WEST NORTH avenue .....

a reminder of
televison show: North WEst Terror stoies with Yukon King and Sgt. Preston for the newspaper PRESS and iron TONs of the rolling printing presses with ink.




--> evening (even integer) shooting math shootings
-reminder of Base 2 Milwaukee shooting
-reminder of Bsae 16 Milwaukee shooting


--> BLKSIZE = Block sizes (data processing) OR
block location in a data set.

city (data) blocks of Computer EARTH mentioned
- 800 block of S. 2nd Street (base 2)
- 8800 block of WEST Orchard ??
- 2800 block ..S.16th street (base 16 hex)
- 5500 block WEST NORTH Avenue chicago .....'suggesting some iron atom/magnetic field relationship. North Avenuiw beomces .

--> Chicago CBS --> Computer Base Systems
Nature's alter ego for CBS televison.



Thus we have a few CLUES to the EARTH magnetic map of LIFE ...and how the magnetic field species uses the Darwinian selection process ........of individuals and circumstance ---> when the individual is in a base situation .....and if that favorable situation were modified/altered .... to create an EVENT ...then a significant signal would be produced ...... for the curious that pay attention to the deeper levels of REALITY. These tragic signals are Nature's feedback procesing signals that something is wrong in the social science system ..... starting with the blabber nonsense analysis of CITIZEN politics that OMITS important details of NATURE's systems requirements ....details that are required for a complete, unbiased analysis of world systems.


A good example, is university and newspaper denial of the existence of the SCIENCE WARS.
Hollywood perceptions by such institutions are not needed for serious matters.





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


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Herb Zinser's analysis of the SCIENCE WARS. Nature's military atoms. molecules, force fields, and math equations defend EARTH from arrogant human groups that violate the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature. In year 1959, C.P.Snow gave lecture on "Two Cultures". Thus we have the mitosis of cellular society into "Two Schools of Thought" ..... the lazy brain people who assume they know the answer AND those few dumb, curious people that are trying to understand the world's social mechanics. The lazy brain people only communicate amongst themselves. Hence, string theory physics can convert these humans with atomic brains into puppet string humans. Thus in year 2012, we have string theory military using Margaret Mead nuclear family human actors ...... providing empirical data to string theory theorists on the atomic anthropology war.


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