The PennState and the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 data field war ---> the PennState football DATA FIELD.

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The Solar System has 9 planets...equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit.
Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological computer systems and their mirror....the copper wire computer systems. The mathematical-physics copper wire electron computer mirror came into existence after the Base 2 math war....known as the binary war ....World War 2.

The first major Solar System computer project manager on EARTH was Galileo in year 16 16.
Year 16 16......the Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time project. Today, Einstein's field theory is better described as Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.

Thus Einstein's FIELD THEORY with application as the Penn State FIELD for football.




The battle at Virginia TECH on April 16, 2007 was an example of an Einstein base 16 FIELD theory.......battle.FIELD. Thus we have the curse/HEX of data processing Base 16 battle of April 16, 2007 .... using the new Virginia TECH shooting technology and the university brain computer programming instruction blunder. The Base 16 cover-up is very popular in North America intellectual circles that believe in human long-range neurotransmitter communications systems ... that have been banned by Nature's intellect. The music group "Radio Head" and other groups provide CLUES as to the nature of this biological BRAIN RADIO secret communications system.

However ... we have the usage of government research funds by universities and corporations into advanced CAD = Computer Aided Design of human CAD = CAD.avers. Thus PennState is just part of a vast,secret bio-computer system ..... to program the James Joyce streams of consciousness into bio-computer DATA STREAMS that they can control with simple intellectual dribble.

What are the secrets of BINARY computer number system of 2-legged, 2-arms, 2-ears bio-physics audio structures known as EAR HEAD humanoids with verBAL output mouth? Penn State university philosophy department ought know about the philosophy concept of agency ...with OS/JCL bio-computer war agent: Osama BIN(ary) Laden. PennState computer scientists can explain this Carl JUNG collective unconsciousness brain computer PROGRAM secret ...and how this works. Manipulation errors result in bio-computer brain programming TERROR instructions. Thus OS/JCL bio-computer events appeared again in the OSl0, Norway shooting.

OSama BINARY Laden is a proper noun assigned to a OS/JCL human agent (OS = Organization Systems)
The history of such agents include
1963 ... Lee Harvey OS.wald
1994 .. James OSwald, Waukesha Police Captain LUTZ
2010 of OS.hkosh and army truck manufacturing
2011 ...Utoyea Island, OS10, Norway
2011 ...Hollywood word commands:
.....OScar awards with algebra subset word
.....OS ....war data set ...information war clues VIA movie industry
Thus we see how
PEN --> PennState misleads and misdirects the thoughts needed by
PEN --> Pentagon analysts.

By controlling the education system with mis-information ....
the college graduates that go to WORK at the Pentagon are easily controlled.
Their university brain computer was programmed with many incorrect instructions .... and this is why universities refuse to help fix these brain bio-computer symbol instruction BUGS.




University educated marketing and advertising personnel are very proud of their symbolic manipulation of human brain cells with symbolic instructions via television, radio, and print. Symbolic errors cause brain instruction errors that result in crimes and social psychology behavior disorders. Universities and the Virginia TECH English department do not care about the misuse of language. Thus the disrespect for words and the brain symbolic computer .... a problem outlined by S.I. Hayakawa in his book "Language in Thought and in Action". Lewis Carroll, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and others covered these issues. These problems are ignored by university English language departments, philosophy departments, social psychology departments .... and their method of teaching the English language "DEATH SENTENCE". Thus we see
"Language in Thought and in Action" at Virginia TECH and at NIL (Cole Hall with George Orwell 1984 and the Oceania classroom shooting).

Why are these universities accredited? They have failed the STANDARD model physics test of the Margaret Mead atomic brain ..... and atomic English language rules and standards.....that is atomic mass ....known as mass communications ...output messages of the atomic proton mass amd its prose. Thus the atomic alphabet of 26 letters of the 26 ferrous oxide protons. The iron myoglobin proteins in the writing arm muscles of professors lack INTELLECTUAL muscle.
Some math life expressions ...
- Decimal (base TEN = 10)
- Hexadecimal (Base 16 oxygen LUNG)
- Octal (base 8)
- Binary (base 2 ...such as World War 2 ... math war)

Thus the 168 dead at the Oklahoma City Base 16 Hex'Fe' = 254 = Federal Building event was a result of the federal/citizen master plot to program human brains with nonsense instructions ..... which resulted in Central Nervous Ssystem 370 brain computer ... Darwinian selection of Timothy McVeigh(t) as a subliminal mind bio-computer agent .... that is ..the philosophy of agency .... known to Oklahoma State University.

Thus we see 168 --> Base 16 Base 8 data processing signalof the LUNG oxygen atomic computer of atomic weight 16 8 electrons in the STATE of MIND = O = Oklahoma physics/chemistry .... symbolizes O = Oxygen and the periodic atomic table government of NATURE. Thus we have the complex data processing tragedy --> Hexadecimal Octal math war DEAD --> 16..8.

Such a simple obvious signal ..... ignored by every corporation and university in the world.
Thus we see the very obvious cover-up? Will brave lawyers help SCIENCE WAR research uncover and unravel these deliberate CADAVER plots approved by citizens and industry. PennState scientists can explain their omniscient awareness of such tragic events .... in the context of the November 2011 football decoy .... to divert attention away from the deeper problems of social science engineering.
Below we display
- Decimal (base TEN = 10)
- Hexadecimal (Base 16 oxygen LUNG)
- Octal (base 8)
- Binary (base 2)




In November, 2011 we have the PennState physics battle with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and its application to the football data FIELD. Mr. Joe P., head coach, symbolizes computer science industry companies, and university data processing derpartments.
Their brain computer experiments involve PennState JOE = Job Order Entry.

This is the parallel processing/ super-symmetry bio-physics experiments of DARPA and the

Pen ==> PennState <--- symmetry --> Pentagon
JOE ==> JOE Paterno <-- symmetry --> G.I JOE

JOE Paterno = JOB Order Entry Pattern node

G.I.JOE = Gravity Interface Job Order Entry with
the current astronomy SOLAR SYSTEM war using
Russian and American SOL agents --> SOL.diers.

Wahington, D.C. and their university puppet professors ought have the intellectual HONOR and integrity to give more accurate explanations about the SCIENCE WAR battlefield in Base 16 region Hex"AF' = 175 = AF.ghanistan.
Thus we have Grand Unified Theory atomic computer expressions via atomic bio-physics humanoids at an EARTH LAB site known as DARPA.

DARPA Grand Challenge - Wikipedia
The DARPA Grand Challenge is a prize competition for driverless vehicles, funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the most prominent ...

History and Background
- 2004 Grand Challenge
- 2005 Grand Challenge

Thus we see the driverless vehicle refers to COMPUTER EARTH systemn 370 subroutine drivers ...such as symbolic computers of the symbolic universe on the EARTH LAB station with English language data processing vowels: A, E, I, O, U --> with I/O U = Input/Output Universe.

In addition to the DARPA grand view of the multi-dimensional facets of Sarte existentialism
they have the year..
2004 math challenge --> base 2 exponent 004 = Base 16 hex
2005 math challenge --> base 2 exponent 005 = Cobol word 32

These are useful thoughts to have when looking at a Washington,DC restaurant menu and making advanced intellectual selections about world affairs and perceptions. This comphrensive myopic approach to EARTH affairs continues in the state of Pennsylvania.
16 and 32 ..are DARPA subltle references to year 1632 and Galileo the DEFENDER (of Earth).
The Pennsylvania General Assembly
Unofficial Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes from West.
Learn About. ... A Guide to your State Government ... Pennsylvania Capitol and the General Assembly ...

Session Info -
Who's My Legislator? - Listed Alphabetically
Legislation Enacted
The Pennsylvania Senate - Standing Committees

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives
General Assembly ·

--> thus we have human brain computer ...general assembly ... mirrored in the copper-wire main-frame computers that became popular since year 1970.

IBM Basic assembly language From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
System 370 Assembly

BAL (Basic Assembly Language) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, throughsystems 370, 390 and z/Series.

--> Foot.BALL implies sports version of human BAL bio-computer language on Earth geography surface of LAND. Thus the human foot sports game becomes a part of PennState physics TOE theory ..which includes foot data processing body languages, etc. TOE = Theory of Everything ...thus the trial of Joe Paterno becomes the trial of the state government secret brain assembly languages and the university physics departments, university philosophy departments,etc.
thus foot.BALL = foot Basic Assembler Land Language of Computer Earth system 370 with base 16 data FIELD ... football FIELD.

--> thus the human talking bio-computer with the
verBAL tongue ... BAL sound language of the
CHIN --> CH + IN.struction.



Thus we have footBAL1 --> Basic Assembler Language and 4th down. What's the next bio-computer
instruction to be played?

In November, 2011 we have the PennState physics battle with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and its application to the football data FIELD. What does a COMPUTER EARTH football data field look like? One way of looking at the 100 yard field ... is as a physical data block of 100 yards. Within that physical block we have 10 fixed length data records (or data fields) ....thus giving 10 data records ..... each 10 yards in length.

A conceptual example of a computer magnetic tape equivalent to a football field.



Images for football blocking schemes


What blocking works best in youth football? by John T. Reed

Not working out blocking assignments for each play against each defense; Not trying to ... Not using blocking schemes and techniques that work in youth football ...







Some keywords ... from a DOS example (OS/JCL is has similar concepts)






Thus the COMPUTER EARTH geography LAND keywords with
LAND = geography Local Area Network Data giving:

- BLKSIZE --> the football field of 100 yards.... with 10 records of length 10 yards.
Thus a geography land .... physical record of blocksize length 100 yards.
Within that physical record are 10 logical records of length 10 yards each.

- Recform --> Fixed Block

- Recsize --> Record size 10 yards (like 10 data bytes)

Thus the Pennsylvania legislarure/assembly has all kinds of secret bio-computer .... student brain assembler programming experiments underway. They are coding the student brains with instructions on shopping, eating, thinking .... some good ... and some nonsense. Thus the EARTH government of Nature ... and its dispute with state governments and their legislature assembly errors ...based on arrogance .... that their view of the WORLD is superior to Nature's intellect.
To understand all of this, we need the VIEW of William Shakespeare expressed around year 1600.

Thus his statement " The WORLD is a stage and we are the players"

In year 2011 we have the PennState theatrical performance
......"The WORLD is a stage and PennState are the football players".
Thus Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky and the others are like Broadway theater performers in a vast drama. Thus the question becomes, what is the drama ..... what causes such events to happen.
String theory physics predicts that most of us are atomic anthropology puppets .... hence, Margaret Mead nuclear family conflicts ......and puppet string theater with human puppet players.
Let's look at POSSIBLE CLUES to the drama .... Shakespeare and Galileo THEATER of symbolic WAR .... that gets transformed into human daily event conflicts.

Astronomy .... sky ...messenger list:

Jerry SKY (SanduSKY)
Monica SKY (LewinSKY)
Ken STARR .... astronomy lawyer
even Carl Sagan would wonder about the correlation ... but modern astronomy is concerned about Hollywood movie STAR activities.
Thus the next phase of analysis..... involves the university errors by many department HEADS and their problems with the North Pole magnetic data field interaction with their brain iron Hemoglobin proteins and the ironic Hemoglobin thoughts. Are PennState students and professors BORG-like? The EARTH WAR with magnetic field battles have taken place with:

- Northern Illinois University shooting
- University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and policeman Brian Norberg
- Norway shooting at island of UTOEYA = Universal Theory of Everything

Thus we come to Pennsylvania, symbolic of iron and Andrew Carnegie. The ferrous oxide atomic battle at PennState .... with the 26 protons of ferrous oxide atom and its 26 English atomic alphabet letters ... and the misuse and bias of atomic English language by the iron myoglobin protein arm muscles of PennState professors. 
Thus the Darwinian selection of a group of people in Pennsylvania ... as Shakespearian actors .... head coaches, victims, etc. Thus we ask ...what is the stage setting ..on EARTH LAB theater ... in the context of Andrew Carnegie ..... a human business magnate ....
Andrew Carnegie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Occupation, business magnate and philanthropist steel tycoon ... He built Pittsburgh's Carnegie Steel Company, which was later merged with Elbert H. Gary's .... The demand for iron products, such as armor for gunboats, cannon, and shells, ...
Thus, can PennState explain precisely ..what is a business magnate.

business --> Data bus
magnate suggests North Pole magnetic field LIFE FORMATS.
So what is this secret LIFE FORMAT at PennState?
They obviously have a code of SILENCE.
So why pick on the head coach .... when the entire university is one secret CULT.

Thus we have the Base 16 Hex'Fa' = 250 ...
as in word .... university social voodoo ---> fa.CULT.y ---> CULT

How does this hexadecimal CULT work?
Now some CULTS are okay ... harmless and perhaps entertaining ..
....and some are full of BS (Bull-Stories) ...
and the rarest CULT on EARTH is the good CULT of serious, repsonsible thinkers who are willingly to study serious concepts in modern oxygen LUNG base 16 social systems.

Let's return to the North Pole magnetic field and its interaction with brain iron ... and the football GRIDIRON code. What are some concepts that require more analysis?

The signal .... the significance of a HEAD COACH ...on COMPUTER EARTH ... becomes ..
the bio-computer parallel/supersymmetry physics to the copper computer example.


Joe Paterno - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 2009 season was Paterno's 44th as head coach of the Nittany Lions, passing ... Joe Paterno's and the university'scontrol over the Penn State football program .... As Penn State football struggled from 2000 to 2004, with an overall 26–33 record .....
Joe Paterno --> Job Order Entry Pattern Node...
Thus we have the magnetic tape system of the copper-wire computer system 370 from year 1970 (the H.G.Wells TIME Machine .... the TIME COMPUTER...( 1 system 370) .... with number 3 exponent 2 = 9 ... giving 1970) ...then 1971, 1972 .....

the parallel processing ...supersymmetry physics /social biology system

the NIXON magnetic tapes of the brain computer system of the 37th President of the EARTH LAB magnetic field tape device = Unit --> United States of North America in 1972.








Label Identifier ...
Lab...Identifier = PennState campus system ... bio-computer system fields .... fields like atomic anthropology field of study, philosophy of agency , math binary war department, etc. All kinds of fields, subjects, nouns of knowledge .... the modern intellectual battle.FIELDS with Alzheimer's brain computer ...... bio-computer memory canniBAL subroutines.
Data Set Identifier .... This field contains unique ....
special characters ...... other words

this football field with data records ...
special characters with
Joe Paterno,
astronomer Jerry Sandusky,
and the others invloved in the locker room message processing signal within the contest of COMPUTER EARTH system 370 ..... that is
locker room --> data record LOCK ...problem .... see Nature's  SOCIAL CONTRACT with John LOCKE ..David Hume and others.
LockER Room --> Lock Error.....
File services - IBM publib.boulder
CICS provides an interface to a generic record-oriented file manager, regardless ... blocks); Record-level locking(or in the case of VSAM, control-interval locking) ... A key-sequenced data set (KSDS) has each of its records identified by a key. ...

When this command is used to update a record in a CICS®-maintained data ... Note: The only VSAM data sets greater than 4GB supported by CICS are KSDS, ... if VSAM is holding an active lock against the record, including records locked as ...

VSAM data sets - IBM
CICS® supports access to the following types of data set: ... A key-sequenced data set has each of its records identified by a key. .... If you open a file in RLS mode, locking takes place at the record level instead of the Control-Interval level, thus ...
Thus we have locking takes PLACE:
--> Locker Room at PennState
--> Lockerbie Scotland air plane tragedy and the incomplete official reports

Aviation Security -
U.S. Centennial of Flight by J Rumerman - Cited by 2 - Related articles
Today, aviation security is high on the list of priorities of air travelers, the Federal ... 1988, a bomb destroyed Pan American Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. ... In 1999, for example, a report issued by the OIG criticized the FAA for being slow ...

U.S. Panel Issues Report on Lockerbie Bombing;
Pan Am, FAA May 18, 1990 – [See 1990 Air Terrorism: U.S. FAA Opposes Air Threat Publicity] ...
"U.S. Panel Issues Report on Lockerbie Bombing;
Pan Am, FAA Faulted for ...

Pan Am Flight 103 - Wikipedia, the free
As a result, the event is also known as the Lockerbie bombing. ... Carlisle, called Scottish authorities to report that he could see a huge fire on the ground. ... Later, investigators from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) were lowered ...
Thus we see the base 16 HEX'FAA' hexadecimal space managers ... the FAA organization and their bio-computer brains ....and the world computer companies ..... KNOW NOTHING ... absolutley nothing about HEX'FAA' and the LOCK of Lockerbie. Such an obvious ommision by the over
200,000 people involved directly in the data processing industry. They never heard of such concepts. Amazing ommissions .... for college computer science, math, and business graduates.

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi - Pan Am Flight 103 conspiracy theories - Lockerbie
Thus we begin to see the TRUE nature and details of the BASE 16 conspiracy with
LOCK, Scotland and
April 16 at Virginia TECH and
OS/JCL ...the OSLO Utoyea, Norway cover-up.
LockER Room --> Lock Error.....
.......KERR astrophysics/astronomy war signal with
SKY agent...Jerry SKY..SanduSKY.
Black hole - Wikipedia,
In 1963, Roy Kerr found the exact solution for a rotating black hole. ..... the hypothetical Hawking radiation; since the Hawking radiation for an astrophysical black ...

Kerr–Newman metric - Wikipedia,
The Kerr–Newman metric is a solution of the Einstein–Maxwell equations in general ... This solution has not been especially useful for describing astrophysical .... “Energy of Black Holes and Hawking's Universe” in Trends in Black Hole ...
The University of Cambridge... is also in on the secrets of destruction.
They have not responded to inquires ... asking for their help in clarifying the SCIENCE WARS.

Thus PennState is known in SIGNAL Processing as a ROC = Region of Convergence.
It's very interesting puzzle .... for serious thinkers.

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

COMPUTER EARTH system 370 and Washington, DC brain computer SCIENCE WARS region.

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The Solar System .......COMPUTER EARTH system 370 VIEW of the human VSAM data space CA = Control AREA has given us a good understanding of modern evolution.

3 major intellectual regions are under VSAM control:
CA = Cambridge, MASS universities
CA = Cambridge university, England

While ..from Nature's point of VIEW .....the majority of the student and faculty violators of the John Locke/David Hume ...SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature.......probably need to be controlled by the COMPUTER EARTH government; it was hoped that a few professors might transcend those boundaries....and think out of the to speak. Nature has exceptions for those that are interested in the Margaret Mead atomic anthroplogy.... Gestalt VIEW of Grand Unified Theory of physics.

But university communications are lacking in their explanations of their SCIENCE WAR problems.




An example of how the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer in the EARTH LAB enviroment is given by Washington,DC.

In IBM BAL = Basic Assembler Language terms.... the COMPUTER EARTH program is composed of assembly lines of code.

Example: the General Motors automotive assembly line in Janesville, Wisconsin was closed because it is a bad LINE of COMPUTER EARTH assembly line code.
The city of Janesville and the State of Wisconsin refuse to discuss
the FIX for the GM asssembly LINE fact (factory computer story code).

Thus Nature's super-symmetry view of the Janesville automotive assembly line  ..... the equivalent SYMBOL   MACHINE  assembly line




EXAMPLE: An assembler programs has  storage areas called DC = Define Constant. Thus from the big picture VIEW ...we have a line of EARTH computer code:

Washington DC 




Those familiar with IBM system 370 OS/JCL CICS on-line (see a college Textbook or computer manual for the words) ....remember that a 3270 CRT terminal (copper wire terminal) has data fields with attributes.

1 attribute/adjective is called the MDT = Modified Data TAG.

In year 2011 we have the parallel processing situation:
--> 3270 CRT terminal (or equivalent copper wire,etc)
--> 32 to age 70 human brain computer terminal


..thus we see the context/ subset relationship of the Pentagon to the EARTH government...
which the universities and the Pentagon deny has an existence. This obvious denial of REALITY is a problem.

The EARTH LAB has an experimental human bio-computer group with
...Modified Data in proper noun identifier: penTAGon

It helps the soldier in the battlefield....if the thinkers and sound in some office at a university or think tank .....ought THINK more clearly. Has their computer brain been modified? Probably some television program has sent instructions to their brain. A program like : NOVA .....provides symbolic Novacaine to anesthetize the professorial brain. Welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD.

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