The ferrous oxide iron atom and its communications problems with the FermiLAB iron HEME group fe(ii) human SYMBOL processing layers

Earth math-geography IRON WAR and ACCIDENT reports --> Africa ONE, Africa ONE signal to BALAD An-26 ......... over and out --> Please respond.

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2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

2007 Balad aircraft crash

The above reminds usof  the context of existence on EARTH.
Galileo  book title  " Two Chief Worlds Systems"
Charles Dickens    "Tale of Two Cites"
Watson & Crick  '' Double-Helix  Models"
D.H.Lawrence  " Lady Chat Room's Lover --the cell  phone"   books about
D.H.Law --> Double-Helix Laws at Lawrence Liver Labs, California
C.P.Snow lecture in 1959 " The 2 Cultures (of societal  bacteria thoughts)"  with
C.P.  violations in  Margaret Mead atomic anthropology theory  AND
C.P. atomic social experiments near FermiLAB ---> University of Wisconsin and its Congressman Petrie Dish data

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

2007 Balad aircraft crash of Antonov An-26


Thus let's look at the above headlines from 2 views ..... like a duality principle.


Louis de Broglie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Louis-Victor -  Pierre-  Raymond, 7th duc de Broglie, ForMemRS was a French physicist and a Nobel laureate in...
Duality  and Duality examples...
Aug 2, 2012 – 2 that Fermilab Director Pier Oddone has decided to retire after eight years at the helm of America's leading particle physics laboratory. Oddone ...
Raymond Davis Jr., Nobelist Who Caught Neutrinos, Dies at 91 ...
Jun 2, 2006 – Raymond Davis Jr., a chemist at Brookhaven National Laboratory who won a Nobel Prize in Physics for capturing evanescent particles known ...

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

2007 Balad aircraft crash of Antonov An-26

Thus let's look at the above headlines from 2 views ..... like a duality principle.








An-26 crash



crash of Antonov An-26


Signal An-26 ---> Atomic number 26 ferrous oxide atomic MESSAGES  for the world  Fer = Ferrous oxide atom  RD coordination site known as Fer = FermiLAB

Here, we see the Earth geology iron core, the North/South Pole magnetic DATA FIELD  ... an earth computer magnetic tape using the field flow lines lines,  the interatction with the magnetic field with IRON Office buildings  and  IRON Heme group Fe(ii) ion humanoid structures with the well-known name -->  the BORG-humans..... as displayed on television by Captain Picard.

The 2 An-26 signaling accidents involve the Margaret Mead atomic numeclear family .....atomic anthropology problems  and conflicts ...... and the major diplomatic communication problems of   Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic government and its  26 iron proton atomic English language alphabet letters and their WORDS and  social engineering policy message to  the atomic extension in bio-physics format known as humanoids.   
The problems of  EARTH government IRON CORE  Fe= Ferrous oxide atom  has resulted in a world-wide IRON WAR  with the
misinformed  F e=Federal governments and their arrogant citizens who have disregarded various   SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature first outlines by John Locke and others.








2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred when a twin engine Antonov An-26, belonging to the Congolese air carrier Africa One, crashed and burned shortly after takeoff from N'djili Airport in KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congoon October 4, 2007.




The flight was variously reported as operated by El Sam Airlines or Malila Airlift, with the aircraft leased from Africa One

Above words --->
as operated by El Sam Ai atomic/astrophysics continuum language ...

as operated = astrophysics (undercover) operations
by e1 = (data byte) 1

El Sam = Elementary physics SAMPLE space ...SAMPLE time


The flight manifest stated that there were 16 passengers
aboard, but more boarded the flight shortly before takeoff.

[edit] Crash


Accident summary
Date October 4, 2007
Type Under investigation
Site KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congo
4°24′S 15°25′E / 4.40°S 15.41°ECoordinates:4°24′S 15°25′E / 4.40°S 15.41°E

unknown (16 in the flight manifest)



Reuters reported that an on-board
mechanic survived,
while Associated Press claims a flight attendant also survived , bringing the total
number of survivors to two.




EVENT   messaage ...... mechanics --->
signal  to quantum mechanics 
and   wave mechanics theorists  .... ..the 2 surviving groups with functional atomic brain cells.

regarding the  SCIENCE WARS of the last 15 years ...that officially began around 1995/1996  with the Alan Sokal announcement   about the ARCH  DUKE  (the Ferrous oxide agent code)    Fer.dinand  project  .....from year 1914 at DUKE  University.


EVENT of Africa One numbers--->
16 passengers --> Base 16 hexadecimal  HUMAN /LUNG   lpassengers   on EARTH ...that were  living within the 
OXYYGEN  Molecule  continuum  of 16 electrons and molecule weight 32.

Thus we have 2  periodic atomic table ELEMENTS  that are components to the EVENT ( An-26 implies IRON atom)  and  (16 passengers implies oxygen and bio-computer data processing of LU =Logical Unit =  LUNG and brain symbolic processor)


We see the identical OXYGEN and IRON  ...WAR message at the Oklahoma City bombing with 168 dead  and the IRON Fe=Federal Office building destroyed.   
Every high school  science student  AND college freshman chemistry student recognizes that  168   --> 16 atomic mass oxygen with 8 electrons. 
Every computer programmer and computer systems analyst in the world recognizes 168 --> base 16 hexadecimal and  8 data bits = 1 BITE of the  canniBAL subroutine  discussed by algorithms agent (AL GORE)  at the canniBAL conference in BALI, Indonesia.

CanniBAL --> BAL = Basic Assembler Languages




International Airport






CanniBAL --> BAL = Basic Assembler Languages



Kin --> relatives of the 2 TOWERS

International Airport






Iron File: Tower   or

File: IRON Tower (skyscraper)


Data File: IRON Tower (data errors)


North/South POLE magnetic DATA FIELD  interaction with the  iron 2 TOWERS
of the WORLD Trade Center ( Center of MASS).








....DATA ERRORS in Manhttan with

Central Park Unit = CPU = Central Processing Unit
Central PU Library = CPU = Central Processing Unit
Grand Central Station  --> Grand Unified Theory CPU

Port of Authority BUS  station --> I/O Port  data BUS
P.ort --> p-orbit physics 
Authority = Au ...orit --> vowels a,e,i,o,u   orbit   ..interacrtiobs with the symbolic machine vowels ..with  i=input and o = output

 42nd Street Time Square  ---> Base 4 exponent 2  = Base 16 hexadecimal TIME region






Manhattan Project - Spartacus
Meanwhile the scientists working on the Manhattan Project were developing......


The Manhattan Project
This Manhattan Project predecessor, code named the S-1 project, was ... with graphite and uranium was transferred to a new secret project, ...

--> Tensor space/time update of the approved Manhattan project of SEPT 11, 2001.

S-1 project + TEN (decimal number) = S-11 --> September 11 project of the world government elite, supreme thinkers in Margaret Mead nuclear family .... atomic anthropology policy.

code named the S-1 project
code named the S-1 project
code named the S-1 project
code named the S-11 project
September 11 attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The destruction of the twin towers caused serious damage






2007 Balad aircraft crash

2007 Bal crash --> IBM, EDS, and others

The 2007 Balad aircraft crash was a 9 January 2007 airplane incident involving an Antonov An-26 airliner, which crashed while attempting to land at the U.S. military base in Balad, Iraq.[3] The crash killed 34 people aboard and left one passenger critically injured. Officials claim the crash was caused by poor weather conditions, but other sources claim that this is a cover-up.

is cover-up = information systems cover-up






Above .....duality signals  for mathematical-physics, geology,  geography-math, and geo-political researchers and theorists

Syria --> SY = Symmetry and super-symmetry existence / 11 dimensions of physics on EARTH LAB
Turkey --> T + Ur + Key --> Theorists uranium 235 isotopes(t) theory of pes(t)  ......and BudaPEST  and Buddha data PEST errors,etc.

BALAD,IRAC  q-variables ......IRAQ = IRAC + Q  .....duality signal
.........DIRAC ............Paul Adrian Maurice Dirac  with the ALLAH subset word of    t.ALLAH.assee

thus the periodic atomic table of elements and the evolution of atomic religious thought.

IRAN --> the q-variables of IRAQ  plus   IRAN = Independent Random Variables  ..of  the new expressions of  PLANET  EARTH  with Earth quantum and wave mechanics  ......and in Europe...Bavaria = Base variables for mathematical-geography, bio-math   and existential matters. 

Logan, Utah is a secret math log base( logarithms) that CALTECH  is keeping secret for its 
_TOM M.Apostol  mathematics applications    projects .... .
ATOM  MAP os/JCL = Job Control Languages

Thus we see a variety of methods used by university administrators and others to CONTROL the 11-dimensions of string theory for their personal / group  objectives they  refuse to help understand  the SCIENCE WARS and the casualties.

The mathematical-geography ... EARTH wave mechanics WAR  took place near FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois.

The empirical setting has the following conceptual components  involvved in the EVENT:




The EARTH math  SIN wave is provided by 
the state of wiscon.SIN .....perhaps a Quantum State  or   the wisconsin LINK to Lake Michigan wave mechanics  interface with soil/LAND in Milwaukee per  DATA from the murder of  mechanics student JAKE Gerard ....... whose was a symbolic agent    for wave mechanic / quatum mechanics  for EARTH code : ATLAS ...the parallel to the ATLAS physics project   was the ATLAS BUS Sales building and the party at which Jake Gerard was killed with a 

G un   ..that is a  WAR device used by the gravity field life forms  that interact with huamnoid atomic mass ..... 
G un ...
G= universal gravitational constant and its social invitation to the Base 16 Hex'AF' = AFTERLIFE club via
G un ..........grave invitational


The NODE  tragedy was at No + De = Northern Illinois University, DeKalb  .......wave  mechanics,  oceanography  classroom  for the Naval Resaerch Lab studies of the U.S.S. Cole  in October 2000  ..... 

Y2K code --> Y=Yemen   Base 2 sigmal      Killed in Cole boat
The  2nd event.... COLE base 2  was at COLE Hall ...with the Halls of Montezuma song for the Marines of Paris ISLAND  to pay attention to Paris  in the Captain Janeway books  ....Paris = Par + Is = Parallel Information systems.

The NODE tragedy DEMO for European universities and their  advanced Fe = Ferrous oxide governmental ERRORS   ......
is the
NODE  = Norway and Demark .....and the UTOEYA tragedy  of   UTOE = Unifoed Theory of Everything  which includes the SCIENCE WAR casualties of  IS =  Information Systems --> IS  = ISLAND of Utoeya and the parallel to the  Fantasy Island  televison show.






2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

2007 Balad aircraft crash of Antonov An-26


Africa --> AF --> Argonne and FermiLAB  
ONE --> Pier Oddone  ......the sum of the odds probably = one 
ANT --> Margaret Mead atomic ANT.hropology conflicts and issues with citizens  and their representatives:    the Office of Science, DARPA, Energy Department, and the other agencies

An-26 --> 26 protons of iron and the 26 atomic English alphabet letters (Einstein's special theory of atomic  anthropology relatives)
An-26 --> 26 protons of Ferrous  oxide atomic  POINTER to Fer = fermiLAB Fe= Federal governemnt spokepersons  for all aspects of IRON  and the IRON WAR.   Failure to try to understand  that Darwinian evolution continues  AND Nature has bypassed  most of the 
human species as the SCIENCE WARS  are in their final phase.

Balad = BA + LAD = Batavia lads/engineers/ men/gentlemen ...........MESSAGES continue WAITING in year 2012.


Deep Space NINE television and paperback book messages  waiting.
Batman messages waiting.


It's an interesting world......the atomic / astrophysics continuum  and the social science and economic  activities within that continuum.

The Batavia bio-physics electromagnetic coupling constant 137 communications problems with the FermiLAB atomic processing layers of DNA nitrogenous bases and the Standard model.

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The electromagetic coupling constant 137  has been in many newspapers in November 2011.   The   SIGNAL has been ignored by universities and governments research  agencies  ...since they ignore  the existence of    SCIENCE WAR battles and the resultant  student  casualties.

The newspaper  data suggests a  major  bio-physics string  defect .....that is string theory applied to atoms that combine to form molecules,  and molecules  become  4 DNA nucleotides  (Nitogenous Bases ) ...... and this construction process  continues  ..until we have  ...say atomic bio-physics  humanoid that is   6.67 feet tall and weights 200 pounds  and plays  basketball ...specifically, his  Nitrogenous BASES (the orginal NBA)    belong to  an  humanoid sports organization called the NBA  ...that refuses to acknowledge the original NBA of Mother Nature.

Thus we have the NBA players --> p    layers -->processing layers...that exists in 2 major formats:


a) the physical format of bio-physics and biochemistry 
b) the information string  from atomic levels to larger levels ...and the information   string modern times appears in college textbooks in genetics, molecular cell biology, math ,etc.     At some point in this information string is a defect...called social science cheating and  bull-stories  ....and the Margaret Mead nuclear family  ....atomic anthropology is now involved in a SOCIAL SCIENCE war ........and  scientists will not help clarify  the  situation.


Coupling Constants for the Fundamental Forces


  1. - Similar
    In obtaining a coupling constant for the strong interaction, say in comparison to the ... Using the electromagnetic coupling constant of 1/137 then leads to a ...
  2. Fine-structure constant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    In quantum electrodynamics, α is the coupling constant determining the strength of the ... In this theory, theelectromagnetic interaction is treated as a mixture of.... The first mystery – the origin of its numerical value α ≈ 1/137has been ...
  3. Coupling constant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    For the Murray-von Neumann coupling constant, see von Neumann algebra. ... coupling constant that determines the strength of the electromagnetic force on an ... In particular, at low energies, α ≈ 1/137, whereas at the scale of the Z boson,

Let''s look at some mass communications siganls.  Mass communications is televsion, radio, print, Internet,etc.

Mass communication is really atomic mass communcations...the messages of protons, neutrons, and electrons VIA  humanoids with an atomic brain bio-computer with output devices .....the arm/wrist/hand  for writing output   and the  LUNGS provide nitrogen/oxygen carrier atoms   ...that carry English nouns/verbs   to the mouth output device.   From those human source outputs.......PRINT  or    copper wire  televsion electrons/optics   may  help distribute the message.




Above, using the atomic English language of the 26 protons of ferrous oxide atom...and their 26 atomic alphabet letters ......we can translate the message of the Margaret Mead nuclear family and its atomic  social anthropology messages   of the  s,p electron orbitals  VIA   s,p  orbit  -->abbreviated as ......s,p, ort  --> sport of basketball and its information string .

Internal string theory starts its information string  with the s,p orbit molecules to  the  DNA Nitogenous Bases human size messenger Nitrogeous Bases ( NBA) --> to the  string end ... s,p, orbit = sport.     The human NBA insult their    atomic, molecular,  and DNA heritage;   they refuse to acknowledge its existence  and the SCIENCE WARS. 
In the addition the  basketball players  UNION  denies the existence of algebra set theory.  The atomic/astrophysics continuum is a  union of  many sets ...known on the South side of Chicago as the   UC = Union of Concepts and Concrete ideas.

Thus we see that the UNION has omitted many of  the  sets of other humans  ...that are part of the NBA  continuum  ...a section of that contiuum being Nitrogeous bases (molecule size)   THRU  NBA ( human size).



Nitrogenous Bases in DNA - Similar
Nov 2, 2005 – Adenine and guanine are also known as purine bases; cytosine and thymine are also called pyrimidinebases. Each deoxyribonucleotide will ...

What are the nitrogen bases in DNA › Wiki Answers › Categories › Science › BiologyCached - Similar
The nitrogen bases in DNA are 
Adenine (A), 
Guanine (G),
Cytosine (C), 
Thymine (T).

A binds with T G binds with C.

Thus we have the NBA relationship to DNA ...... a molecular cell biology SIGNAL,   a biochemistry SIGNAL...that universities choose to ignore.    University basketball teams are use to manipulate  DNA. 
The   atomic  s,p orbital --> transform --> sports   ....... is used by basketball coaches to  send   body language commands  and optical /eye  commands  to the human brain bio-computer. 

University administrators allow any  nonsense instructions   to be broadcast on television during the  college  social science /biochemistry  playoffs.
Then we have the university intellectual  clown performances  with the
Penn State  and Syracuse University  big song-and-dance trial of  Nature's  undercover agents like Jerry  Sandusky.


Above, we see the  p = processing  layers (Players)  that are demonstrated by  sports players or theater players,etc.
William Shakespeare around year 1600 stated
.........." The world is a STAGE and we are the Players"
Today " The WORLD is a stage and we are the atomic DNA Processing layers".
Above we have the physics signal 137  .....
words: day of this stand
............da ............stand .........standard model physics
  1. [PDF]


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    by SBM Bell - Related articles
    version of general relativity, and refined the estimate of the 137 as the coupling constant for electromagnetism to provide another three figures of the observed
FermiLAB refuses to acknowledge    signal   137   .....
related to EARTH LAB specimen  humanoid with experimental label ..proper noun related to the Nature's project parameters for 137 -->   one  37 -->  one  at 37 degrees Celsius atomic body thermodynamics.
Thus we wonder who  that might be?   
Of course, that is an odd question.
We need more newspaper  physics communications data!
Below, we see the message NBA --> Nitrogenous Bases  in Batavia, Illinois.
1ks--> 1k stream  -->  1k data stream data pipeline
Above, col = columns  of the periodic atomic table such as University of  Chicago and Argonne Labs   and the information convergence to Batavia  ....apparently Nature's choice for atomic bio-physics subliminal MIND structures and subtle expressions.  The Col signal ....refers to below ...
Above we see the symbols  NO ...that appeared in the atomic physics newspaper .....the  Wall Street Jounal.....
Thus we have  words  ....
NO Secrets --> Nitrogen Oxygen
Let's review the newspaper CLUES we have
--> physics signal 137 implies one human at 37 degrees Celsius
--> the one humanoid has 4 DNA nitrogenous bases ....the atomic NBA molcular basketball team
--> the specimen has a NOSE  that breathes   Nitrogn/Oxygen
--> he is aware of the existence of the Place  known as LaPLACE  math /engineering functions
--> he is aware of Einsteins's theory of Special  Reports
--> he is the head /director  of   code:      __ to __ ur
--> fill in the blanks .......   aTOm uranium 235 isotopes and 238
--> the atomic brain... cell WALL -->Wall Street Journal
--> Journal =  Jo + urn + al = Job  uranium alphabets
BUT, do we have sufficient clues to  perhaps...take an educated guess  as to the identity?     Who  is the receipent of all these messages   and is  NOT getting the messages.    Perhaps, his associates in the SCIENCE community   are holding out on him.  For example .....of the  thousands of students and professors at the University of  Chicago, Chicago Circle  Campus, and IIT ......... someone must have  seen the signals in the newspaper.
Why won't the Office of Science,  the  National Science Foundation,    and the  world physics associations ..tell him  of the possiblity...tell him the   odds?
Okay, who knows why everyone is playing  DUMB?
Is it the influence of the  1960  television show   ' I've got a secret"?
Players --> atomic Processing layers
split --> atomic MITosis  .....the  MIT university signal
What other signal  137  WORLD physics signals  exist?
Pier 1 imports   and Pier 37 stores ...

Thus Nature sent a coupling constant message VISIBLE  to the retail shoppers.
But,  the influential power of the electromagnetic coupling constant gets no respect .... hence, Nature's Hierarchy Problem regarding communications and acknowledgement of the  Margarrt  Mead atomic anthropology forces ...that are NOT respected by the established ELITE.

Coupling ....Pier 1   and Pier 37 --> Pier 137





The atomic NBA  --> Ba = Basketball   Ba=Bases in Ba= Batavia sports zone  of the EARTH orbital theory.

Below,  another view of  standing Pier ODDONE  of the  Standard model group.

Will members of the
STANDARD Model  theory and RD groups please
STAND  up   and  please be counted something new  happening ?







Thus we have an interesting atomic bio-physics puzzle...that is a Margaret Mead nuclear family  puzzle from Nature  ..that we ought acknowledge   ......that it exists!     Then ...we ought try to undertand the atomic social engineering  messages from Nature.

FermiLAB physics tales taught atomic human children - - > the 3 Little Pigs - - > atomic electron mass ....... atomic social education communication signals

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The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.

Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.
Some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc.  by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear families VIA the human vehicle/ the human atomic feelings expressor/ the human atomic messenger.
Atomic social anthropology families are listed in beginning college physics and college chemistry textbooks. The families comprise vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of life and thought. Thus we  have the Margaret Mead atomic family ... anthropology shootings at EARTH LAB geography sites.

The periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought ...... uses mass communications.

Mass communications is known as television, radio, newspapers, print graphics, etc. 
This really ought be named atomic mass communications VIA atomic bio-physics humanoid messenger vehicles.

Let's look at a basic message ...a popular English language story taught to children ...including myself ...long ago. 

  1. The Three Little Pigs
    The Three Little Pigs. Once upon a time there were three little pigs and the time came for them to leave home and seek their fortunes. Before they left, their ...

  1. Three Little Pigs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
    Three Little Pigs is a fairy tale featuring anthropomorphic animals. Printed versions date back to the 1840s, but the story itself is thought to be much older.

  1. Hierarchy problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
    In theoretical physics, a hierarchy problem occurs when the fundamental parameters (couplings or masses) of some Lagrangian are vastly different (usually ...The Higgs Mass - Supersymmetric Solution - Solution via Extra Dimensions

  1. Little hierarchy problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Little_hierarchy_problem 
    In particle physics the little hierarchy problem in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) is a refinement of thehierarchy problem. According to ...
  2. The Hierarchy Problem | Of Particular Significance
  1. Quantum Numbers, Atomic Orbitals, and Electron Configurations 
    Principal Quantum Number (n)‎: ): n = 1, 2, 3, …, ∞ Specifies the energy of an electron and the size of the orbital (the distance from the nucleus of ...
Above we see the principle quantum number 2 (also named the L shell).
Within the L shell we have the p subshell with 3 orbitals.

Let's look at table below.
There...we see that ..the principle quantum number n = 2 equivalent to L shell

So, let's re-arrange our information ...key symbols --> L p 3
Orginal VIEW --> within the L shell we have the p subshell with 3 orbitals.
Re-arranged --> 3 orbitals L shell p subshell
FermiLAB terms --> 3 orbital, Little shell, pigs subshell . . . . translated
physics tales ---> 3 Little pigs message FROM Nature's hierarchy to theoretical physics
Thus we have messages regarding the modern Margaret Mead nuclear family . . . . that is . . . . . atomic social anthropology, atomic social science, atomic economics, atomic political science, etc. Thus, in sense , we have quantum leap in the abilities of particles to express their thoughts regarding modern society and social engineering.
Thus we have agent Pi = 3.14159 ......Pi Oddone --> implies Pi O --> Pi rounded giving 3

Pier Oddone
Pi .. O 
3 ... Orbitals messenger ...that is ..using Nature's very old physics language method .......

Thus, Batavia, Illinois is near Chicago Circle Campus .......that is ... one of Nature's ROC geography message processing areas. ROC = Region of Convergence in signal processing. Thus the secret signal embedded in the atomic English language story..................
  1. The Three Little Pigs
    None were happier than the three little pigs, and they easily made friends with everyone. Wherever they went, they were given a warm welcome, but as summer ...

Translated ...... we have
---> None were happier ............pier

--> but as the summer
.....................sum = math atomic accounting systems of society 

Thus we have CLUES to an interesting puzzle ...... a signal from Nature......that we ought understand.

What else did the 3 Little Pigs physics fable explain?
  1. Extra Dimensions and the Hierarchy Problem
    This disparity of the scales of particle physics and gravity is known as the hierarchy problem. One of the main challenges in theoretical physics is to explain why ...

  1. String Theory and The Hierarchy Problem in Physics - 
    Many physicists feel that string theory will ultimately be successful at resolving the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model of particle physics. Although it is an.

  1. Hierarchy problem | Facebook problem 
    Hierarchy problem - Description: In theoretical physics, a hierarchy problem occurs when the 
    fundamental parameters ( couplings or masses) of some ...

Do we have fundamental coupling with the 3 Little Pigs ?

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