The Base 16 hexadecimal bio-computer wars in the 11 dimensions of string theory

The Computer Earth system 370 base 16 MATH war report from INDIA. The tragedy of the Mathura-Kasganj Express mathematics railroad.

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  1. Mathura: Latest News on Mathura at Times of India 
    Mathura: Latest News on Math 
    Mathura: Latest News on Math of     India

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    16 people were killed and three others seriously injured when the Mathura-Kasganj Express rammed into an overcrowded vehicle at an unmanned railway



Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) has been the Solar System 370 data processing site of various types of battles. A study of the Computer Earth system 370 data records produced by Einsteins's data processing DATA FIELD theory of human activities on the geography surface of EARTH ...provides some interesting possibilities for understanding ourselves and society.


Computer Earth system  370  has several  well-known BAL geography regions.

IBM Basic assembly language - Wikipedia
BAL (Basic Assembly Language) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, through systems 370,  390,  zSeries and System z, ...

The  geography  LAND  ( Local Area Network Data)  on the surface of Computer Earth  has  clearly identified data processing regions.
BAL  =  city  of   BAL.timore  with John Hopkins University human bio-computer specimens
BAL =  BALTIC Sea region of northern Europe ......with OS/JCL city of OSLO
BAL = BALKAN region of southeastern Europe  ( site  of many bio-computer wars like WW1   and WW2  )
  1. What is Basic Assembler Language (BAL)? - Definition

    1) BAL (Basic Assembler Language) is a version of IBM's assembler language (sometimes called assembly language) for its System/360 and System/370 ...
Let's  first consider  the Solar System 370  TIME COMPUTER bandwidth   that the EARTH exists within.
The Earth has 364 days  in  one complete  orbital revolution around the SUN ...with  the LEAP year having 1 more day.
  1. Leap year - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    leap year (or intercalary or bissextile year) is a year containing one additional day (or, in the case of lunisolar calendars, a month) in order to keep the calendar ...

    In the Gregorian calendar, the current standard calendar in most of the world, most years that are evenly divisible by 4 are leap years. In each leap year, the month of February has 29 days instead of 28. Adding an extra day to the calendar every four years compensates for the fact that a period of 365 days is shorter than a solar year by almost 6 hours.
The LEAP year of every 4 years helps the 4 DNA nucleotides in harmony with the TIME waves/tides of the biological clock within  the living universe.
Now let's look at the  TIME bandwidth.
The IBM system 360    ...... 360 degrees of a plane geometry circle ......give the EARTH's approximate  circular orbit ...and is used as  a lower bound.
The IBM system 370 is an upper bound.
Thus   IBM 360   <  Earth days per year <  IBM system 370
This gives us some idea of the complexity of  space/time that comprise EARTH social TIME dimensions  and features.
Given the background of  EARTH data processing regions,  let's  look at the  tragic math news from INDIA.

Mathura Kasganj Express: Latest News & Videos, Photos
Math test News 

economic times.india  Topics › Math  press 
16 people were killed and three others seriously injured when the Mathura-Kasganj Express rammed into an overcrowded vehicle at an unmanned railway ...

What  subconscious mind signals come from the subcontinent of INDIA, Asia.
16 ---> Base 16 hexadecimal
16 killed --> 16 k  data stream of consciousness problems
Mathura-Kasganji Express ....algebra subset letters are
Math....................Express --> Math expressions
    BAL (Basic Assembly Languageis a low-level language used on IBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, throughsystems 370
The train is a Rail Road.  Are you trained?  Do I need to train you?
Picture of Railroad Grade Crossing Sign - Free Pictures -
  1. System/370 has six different formatsRRRX, RS, SI, SS, and S type instructions. ... Although the 370 instructionset is rich, the formats are straightforward and make ...

  1. The basic formatsRR, RX, RS, SI, and SS.

    360 Assembly/360 Instructions - Wikibooks

    RR instructions are op codes where the two high bits of the op code are 00, e.g. instructions 00-3F. RX Instructions ... 010C, SAM24, 
    Set Addressing Mode (to 24 bits), RR. 010D, SAM31, Set ...45, BALBranch And Link, RX, Branch Instructions ...

    IBM-Basic-assembly...BAL (Basic Assembly Language) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, through systems 370

    All instructions must be aligned to an even address. Attempts to create an instruction at an odd address will be flagged as an error by the assembler; an attempt to branch to an odd address will result in a program check.


  • RR Instructions which use 2 registers for the arguments. These are two bytes long. RR instructions are op codes where the two high bits of the op code are 00, e.g. instructions 00-3F.
Thus we see ...some CLUE about the  argument of INDIA with Computer Earth system 370.
The India  RAILROAD  system and the railroad switchs and  iron tracks from the VIEW of Computer Earth

In general, there are seven types of instructions:


  1. 16 killed on day Mukul Roy takes oath as Railway Minister ...

    articles.economic times.india times.comatose › Collective 
    Mar 21, 2012 – HATHRAS (UP): Sixteen people were killed and three others injured when the Mathura-Kasganj Expressrammed into an overcrowded vehicle at ...

  1. › News › States › Other States of MIND 
    Mar 20, 2012 – 16 people were killed and three others seriously injured when the Mathura-Kasganj Express rammed into an overcrowded vehicle at an

The Tribune, Chandigarh, India

Mar 21, 2012 – Edition update time 2:30 am (IST) .... 16 killed as train hits van at crossing ... and three seriously injured when the Mathura-Kasganj Express rammed into 
The railroad  and van  situation  ....gestalt  Earth Lab VIEW ..
as an  information  data  bus  ...and the  bio-computer RAM.... with  HC = Hathras City
  1. Kasganj Mathura Passenger/55347 Passenger Hathras City/HTC to ...

    India Rail Info
    Kasganj Mathura Passenger/55347 Train ... 
    Tables, Google Maps Routes, Fares, PNR Inquiry, Seat/Berth Availability, 
    Current Train Positions, ...

Above symbols 
CSH  --> CRASH  
ram -->  rammed 
16 bit --> 16 killed by the   16 BIT(e)  of  CAD death
Computer Earth system 370  signal below 
...numeric 05 -->  OS --> OS/JCL= Old Status
n/a --> message for north america scientists of India heritage
Delay --> message for  Tom Delay about Earth political  systems

......................................aTOM  de = Code .....for atomic  bio-physics humans

...Tom DeLay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ATom DeLay - Wi = Wisconsin  university physics messages waiting



Jump to Local politics‎: 
Thomas Dale "TomDeLay is a former member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Texas's 22nd ...
Thus we see Margaret  Mead nuclear  family events. ....that is atomic anthropology, atomic social engineering and  atomic social --> social process  control systems ......and the tragic feedback signal for India math and scientists ...who refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Science Wars.

The Computer Earth system 370 BASE 16 hexadecimal WAR casualties revealed by Virginia TECH university CAD experiments.

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The Solar  System 370 data processing architecture is described by the astrophysics/astronomy  
9 PROJECT PLAN ---> the  9  Plan Planets  =  8 data bit planets and 1 error checking parity bit planet.

Within the Solar System is the algebra subset of EARTH ...itself  having the data processing adjectives and nouns of the larger Solar System information set. Let's  review  another blog about COMPUTER EARTH.





BASE 16 Galileo the DEFENDER (of Planet Earth)

Year 1616 is a milestone in astronomy. The evolution of space/time life components resulted in Base 16 hexadecimal SPACE and Base 16 hexadecimal TIME.

Year 1616 --> BASE 16 space and BASE 16 time.

The BASE 16 project started in year 1600; the astronomy/ astrophysics galactic computer systems project started in year 1610. In year 1616 the galactic computer system project was titled: GALILEO the DEFENDER in honor of his position as an intellectual military general in the MILKY WAY galactic WAR. The BASE 16 ...400 year astronomy war that began around year 1610 continues to this day in year 2011. Examples:




Virginia Tech massacre

People gather to mourn after the shooting.
Location Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
Coordinates 37°13′46″N 80°25′23″W / 37.22944°N 80.42306°WCoordinates:37°13′46″N 80°25′23″W / 37.22944°N 80.42306°W
Date April 16, 2007
ca. 7:15 a.m. and ca. 9:40 a.m.–9:51 a.m.[1] (EDT)
Injured 23[1]
Perpetrator Seung-Hui Cho


The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32people.

Thus Hawking and other astrophysics WAR researchers accurately have described the situation their theories of astrophysics which would include astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) ..... the galactic social engineering test site. The above EVENT Horizon  of the event's nouns/adjectives help form the proper VIEW .....
University Black Virgin   translates into 
Universe  Virgin Black Hole ....thus the earthly format/character  of a new type of  BLACK HOLE  on the  EARTH  surface at  Blacksburg and the associated concept:  death.

Blacksburg = Black + s + bur + g  --> Black hole system 370 buffer galaxy


Thus the Milky Way astrophysics Darwinian selection of an EARTH  battle location.....seems very appropriate ..with the additional battle adjectives:

Location 37 degrees parallel to system 370

Location 37 degrees parallel to 37.o Celsuis body temperature.........biochemistry  metabolism WAR signal

Injured 23 chromosome humanoid structure ....and the  subsequent EVENT of  23 chromosome hostage students  with Sam Hengel. Virginia TECH and other universities could have prevented the BOY Scouts  of America, FFA,  4-H CLUB, Little League Baseball  tragedy .....but citizens, universities, and government funded research centers  refuse to communicate about the complex Social Science Wars that have been around since 1995.    The New York Times and Duke University are  amateurs  in these serious war  matters war year 2012.



Virginia TECH university .....astronomy SHOOTING STAR .....
the computer earth HEX/curse demo of APRIL 16  and 32 dead ...a demonstration for the English language editors and writers of astronomy and astrophysics science articles, textbooks, magazines, newspapers.. ...and also English speaking television science shows. Their articles are incomplete.....only explain 1/2 of the EARTH LAB universe stated by Galileo in year 16 32 with the book:

2 Chief World Systems--> an astronomy message repeated with
2 Chief World Trade Center TOWERS ....the base 2 binary Earth LAB system 370 tragic event of Sept 11, 2001.


Thus we look at the modern Base 16 Hexadecimal bio-computer wars of the Central Nervous System 370 abstract  brain symbolic computer and  its  information military alliance with Computer Earth  system 370 BAL regions .....such as BAL = Basic Assembler Language  city of Baltimore, Maryland, USA.








Above we see Nature's  modern U.S.AIR  Force  F-15  fighter come in 2 additional formats:

AIR --> Oxygen atomic mass 16 with military base 16 hexadecimal LUNG/brain biology  military    F-15 

Force -->  the physics gravity military FORCE equation:   F  = mass * acceleration of gravity ....using  hexadecimal gravity components



What are some  Base 16 signals for  computer science companies? 
Do you use a computer?
Do you create WAR commands in your blogs. E-mails and other electronic communications?  Possibily?   Your subliminal MIND is actively engaged in  the nasty, hidden wars..... along with billions of other people that are human bio-computers ...and automatiically get involved in the EARTH bio-computer  wars  using symbols ...VIA  Facebook, Twitter, Internet,etc.  ......along with the traditional  newspaper print symbols and television pictures, etc.

This can be called the JUNGLE wars .....named after Carl JUNG and his parallel ...... symbolized by  the subset word of the proper-noun of West Allis, Wisconsin  police chief .....Chief JUNG.  
Nature  and Carl Jung concepts of the collective unconsiousness ...the group mentality ....gave a Milwaukee/ West Allis demo with  Mayor Barret and the ant agent --> anthropology with University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Marquette University and ANTHONY  Peters.

Thus we see that the oxygen atomic computer.... oxygen   Base 16  of the human LUNG can influence human behavior and CREATE   base 16 accident and  base 16 murder events...using  the human vehicle ...using the human programmed brain.....using the human  puppet as predicted by  puppet string theory  bio-physics .




April 16 Virginia TECH  and the history cover-up
Base 16  Virginia TECH  and the history cover-up

Base 16 and 8 data bits --> 168 dead cover-up of the Computer Earth  Base 16 Hex'Fe' = 254 battle in O = Oxygen atomic base 16 region  known as Oklahoma City with the incomplete reports of the  
Fe  = Federal government and citizen intellectual arrogance  problems and the
Fe = FermiLAB  oxygen atomic  base 16 bio-computer communication  problems 
Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic English alphabet 26 letters of 26 protons



Thus we see Computer Earth systems battles Base 16 oxygen human life forms use words to  give  LIE/ deceptive explanations of tragfic events.

-->  Red Cross: 16 killed in attack on Catholic worship service at Nigeria 2 days ago – An official with the Nigerian Red Cross says at least 16 people were killed in an attack on church services at a university campus in the ...

Above, base 16 in the attack on CAT --> IBM  sys1.Catalog
    5 days ago – Syrian state media said Thursday that anti-regime bomb-makers accidentally set off blasts a day earlier that flattened parts of a residential area ...
  2. Raw Video: at Least 16 Killed in Syria Blast - The Washington Post
    5 days ago – Syrian activists and state media traded counter claims on Thursday over a major incident in the central city of Hama that killed at least 16 ...

    Above, base 16 and Sy = symmetry physics BRAIN  war at America and European universities

    Below, base 16 Isaac New(ton) gravity field battle in NEW  Orl --> Orbital  physics thought war

Boy, 16Killed In Monday Morning St. Roch Shooting - New Orleans ... 16, 2012
NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans police are investigating the city's latest killing Monday morning. Monday ...


TV9 - 16 killed by lightning in AP - YouTube

Above, the Earth BAL  instruction CLI = Compare Logical Immediate --> CLIMATE base 16 casualty signal regarding  logic and CAUSE and EFFECT  intellectual  logic casualties


Facebook troll taunts mum as son, 16killed | The Sun |News

The face of astronomy  ...SUN news for modern astronomers who live on EARTH and wonder if the SUN has any influence on life.


  1. At least 16 killed in blast on Shiite procession in Pakistan - The ...
    Police are still to establish reasons for the explosion, which wounded 20 others, in central Pakistan.

    ABOVE --> base 16  Central Pakistan --> Central  P --> Central processing unit war

    The Shitte procession implies  S  procession --> S  proc --> SYS1.Proclib

    Wounded 20 central Pakistan ....subset words 
    wounded  20...................stan .......
    20 standard amino acids biochemsitywar report

  2. Girl, 16killed in traffic accident |

    Girl, 16killed in traffic accident. Norwalk Reflector Staff. 10:54 PM Apr 27 2012. A teenage girl was killed Friday after the car she was driving collided with a semi ...

    Above G = universal gravitational constant and the base 16 gravity data field interaction with brain atoms and their atomic  MASS

    Myrtle Creek girl, 16killed in car crash | Local & Regional | KATU ...
    16-year-old girl died Wednesday in a car crash on Interstate 5 south of Myrtle Creek.

Above, My = Myrtle = Myoglobin proteins muscle with oxygen base 16  and  iron  biochemistry  atoms  SIGNAL  of the car crash and the carbon organic chemistry crash (symbolized by the crash of carbon based hunanoid girl) . Message, also for the American Chemisty Society Organic Chemsitry Division.   Thus we have the periodic atomic table cascade decimal system signal with TENZIN Gyatso ..... carbon 6, oxygen 16, iron 26 .....a mixture of atomic numbers and atomic mass numbers.



  1. Officials: 1 killed16 hurt when storm collapses St. Louis tent | KDVR ...
    2 days ago – (CNN) -- At least one person was killed and 16 others injured Saturday afternoon when a sports bar tent collapsed during a storm that swept ...

    Gaza still under Israeli attacks, 16 killed :: ...

    Mar 11, 2012 – Another exchange of rockets that leads to 3 killed and many others injured in Gaza, a few injuries in Israeli settlements. Again, Israeli warplanes

    Above, IBM   and copper wire  IS = Information Systems and  
    ancient humanoid bio-computer IS = ISrael .
    IBM will not confirm  humans  breath  oxygen  atom 16 into the LU = Logical Unit = Lung.

    Nato soldier among 16 killed in Afghanistan | DAWN.COM - PakistanCached
    Mar 26, 2012 – KANDAHAR, March 25: Eight Afghan security personnel and a foreign soldier were among 10 peoplekilled in a roadside bombing in Kandahar ...

    Above.....Base 16 Hex"AF' = 175 = AF -->  Afghanistan  hexadecimal Bas 16 EARTH  surface  geography war region.

    American Woman Among 16 Killed in Polish Train Collision | KSTP ...
    Mar 4, 2012 – Two trains running on the same track collided head-on in southern Poland in a shower of sparks, killing 16 people and injuring 58 in the ...

    Above, two trains   and the railroad track of 2 parallel lines   implies the Euclidean geometry war  of geometry  space on the EARTH. 
    Physics and math can  confirm that   Rail Road tracks  are axioms of 2 parallel lines ...and Einstein's theory on  the curvature of  space/time can be studied  on the surface of EARTH via  railroad tracks.

    16 killed in Kohistan bus ambush -

    Feb 28, 2012 – MANSEHRA: At least 16 people were killed Tuesday when gunmen opened fire on a passenger bus in the district of Kohistan, police said.

    Above..the BASE 16 data BUS accident commuications theory .   We see the secret computer science abbreviated code:

    stan bus am bus h  --> stating in clearer words ......

    stan = standard model physics  MASS  communiation theory war with theoretical ommisisions

    bus = data bus

    am = access method

    bush = bus h = data bus hex/curse  of computer   science arrogance

    16 killed as train hits van at crossing - The Tribune, Chandigarh ...

    Mar 21, 2012 – 16 killed as train hits van at crossing. Hathras (UP), March 20. Sixteen persons were today killed and three seriously injured when the

    Jerry  March ....Advanced Organic Chemsitry textbook  needed for accident report on Base 16 hexadecimal ......and the mini-max math decision theory of Dr.Raganvan and his role in understanding the symbolic universe  and his trip to England to a math conference .  Currently  he is at Nature's complex variable power series project at Chicago  Circle Campus...region of convergence ....along with Dr. Howard ...logic and Bell Labs experience in the Pavlov math experiment.

    Hathras train accident: 16 killed as train rams into jeep - The ... › NewsCached
    Mar 20, 2012 – Sixteen people were killed and two others seriously injured when the
    Mathura-Kasganj Express rammed into a jeep at an unmanned railway ...


Mathura-Kasganj Express  -->  Base 16  and Base 2   ....... emergency symbolic life news
Math ....ur ..........Express  --> Mathematicians  urgent message Base 16 and Base 2 ...Base Pair signal


  1. 16 killed as train rams mini-truck - Indian Express - IndiaCached
    Mar 21, 2012 – 16 killed as train rams mini-truck - Sixteen people were killed and two others injured when a mini-truck in which they were travelling collided ...


Above, the math decision  war theory  and brain  application SCIENCE WAR casualties



  1. At least 16 killed after tourist bus falls off highway bridge in SW ... › China SocietyCached
    Jan 5, 2012 – A tourist bus fell into a 10-meter-deep valley from a highway bridge in Southwest China's Guizhou province at about 6:40 pm on Wednesday.

    ABOVE,  data bus ...communications bridge .....message to Cambridge univeristies amd MIT and Harvard
    fell --> William Feller probability theory of ODD = ONE  and    the applications signal about  
    CHINA =  CHI + NA  = CHICAGO North America



  1. At Least 16 Killed, Dozens Missing in Oil Platform Capsize in Russia ...
    Dec 19, 2011 – At least 16 bodies have been recovered during the search and rescue operation in the Sea of Okhotsk after the Kolskaya Oil Rig capsized near

    Above, message to physics ORBITAL  platform war  
    ...............symbolized by algebra subset word OIL

    Casa Grande girl, 16killed in Eloy rollover crash

    1. 16 killed in Maiduguri multiple explosions
      16 killed in Maiduguri multiple explosions. On December 23, 2011 · In News. 7:25 pm. Tweet. By Ndahi Marama. MAIDUGURI – BARELY an hour after the ...

      The Hindu : News : 16 killed in fire at Yangon warehouse

      Dec 29, 2011 – A fire followed by several explosions engulfed many state warehouses and neighbouring homes, killing at least 16 people and injuring 108 in ...

      Linear control systems textboook messages about state variables, etc  and the symbolic war

      16 killed in bombing on UN building in Nigeria - NDTV
      Aug 27, 2011 – A car laden with explosives rammed through two gates and blew up at the United Nations' offices in Nigeria's capital on Friday, killing at least

      Above, UN building = UNconscious mind is building more nonsense/arrogance  at universities .....the student /professor  collective group mentality and the ERRORS they will not fix.  The Carl Jung collective UN =   unconscious mind  battles have been discussed in other blogs.  The base  1 6 subliminal mind of all computer programmers and sytems analysts are infected with  symbolic instruction defects ........that contaminate  base 16 bio-computers and also the base-16 copper wire computers they manufacture and distribute along with the software  bugs of Virginia TECH with GREGOR foretold  by Franz Kafa and the Metamorphosis of  brain metabolism and symbolic life metabolism ..... in the computer age ..since around 1970.

      At least 16 killed after tourist bus falls off highway bridge in SW ... › China SocietyCached
      Jan 5, 2012 – GUIYANG - At least 16 people were dead after a tourist bus carrying 56 passengers fell off from a highway bridge in Southwest China's

      Above, oxygen atomic massd 16 and iron atomic masss 56 ...the  myoglobin protein biochemistry  WAR with the arm writing  mucles of   authors and news reports ...who write incomplete explanations of REALITY signals AND give the cold  shoulder to others who correctly analyze the tragdies.   Will newspapers ever have diplomatic and business relationships with others outside their closed ELITE circle.

      At least 16 killed in road accident in southeastern Bangladesh ... › Home › World
      Jan 14, 2012 – 14 (Xinhua) -- At least 16 people were killed and over a dozen injured Saturday morning as a bus plunged into a ravine in Bangladesh's hilly ...

      16 Killed in Landslides in Malaysian Orphanage

      1. 16 killed in Haridwar stampede - Indian Express - IndiaCached
        Nov 8, 2011 – 16 killed in Haridwar stampede - At least 16 people, mostly women, were killed and several others injured in a stampede during a religious ...

        Above, Base 16 signal  ...
        Haridwar = Har  + id + war =  Harvard university and MIT and the Harvard astrophysics Center 

        id = idea or idiot  war ...over arrogant tricks  ..and ignoring the SCIENCE WAR casualties

        Below, the Margaret Mead nuclear family .....
        .atomic anthropology war casualties
        16 killed  in 2 pa --> 16 electrons in 2 particles of oxygen  mm

        16 killed in two Pakistan attacks: reports - Pakistan News - IBNLive
        Nov 13, 2011 – At least 16 people were killed and nine injured on Sunday in two attacks in Pakistan's northwest tribal region bordering Afghanistan, a media ...

        Above, triBAL  BAL  region war  ......the parallel BAL region of  Baltimore and the John Hopkins University  triBAL groups in  computer science  arrogance  ...... the  bio-BALLS  ought respect  and help Computer Earth system 370.

        16  killed and 9 injured implies Base 16 with  1 byte (8 bits + 1 parity error checking bit) 
        Northwest refers to Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois  in the Dr.Robley D. Evans Atomic Nucleus city  ...of atomic bio-physcis humanoids.

        Palm Coast driver, 16killed in crash Saturday night |
        Mar 27, 2011 – 16-year-old Palm Coast driver was killed in a single-car crash Saturday night in Flagler County, the Florida Highway Patrol said.Shaklyia

        Above. Base 16   Hex'F1' =  241  = Florida and the  Computer EARTH data keys ..that is Key West.

        Thus we have advanced warfare of social groups , cities, clubs. communities  Via base 16 computers  .... . and the  Base 16 HEX/curse of  Hexadecimal data processing. 

        hex n. An evil spell; a curse. One that brings bad luck. tr.v. , hexed , hexing , hexes . ... Law & Legal Issues · Literature & Language · Miscellaneous · Religion & Spirituality · Science ...WORD HISTORY The word hex is a good example of the sort of borrowing from other ..... All


Wlecome to Nature's evolution of computer science

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