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Thanks to subtle subliminal mind messages from the humanoids that organize the various blog sites; I finally caught on. They are sending important genetics signals about some complex social engineering puzzle of Nature. What are the signals.....the SOS biology signals from Nature VIA the intermediate humanoid messenger ...known as computer programmers that run BLOG sites. Such programmers are bio-computer symbolic machines. I know, I was an applications CICS COBOL (with some assembler ) from a different generation .......the IBM main frame generation ......from 1975 thru 1995.


The English language word:
BIOLOGY has algebra subset alphabet letters 
B....LOG ..... which are 4 of the 7 letters of BIOLOGY.

Are BLOG people 4/7 of BIOLOGY?
That is a concern of Nature ......that is ...the year 2012 us Nature's VIEW of the Darwinian VECTOR direction of evolution. 

Is that all good ...or is it a warning .....that something nasty may happen in the next several years.
Just to be s cautious, a serious researcher can NOT dismiss the possibilty of a SIGNAL.
Thus .... here are some CLUES ...that may help us understand Nature's the social engineering message from the BLOG provider community ...... whose Carl Jung collective unconscious .....ROSE to the surface of partial conscious expression VIA the BLOG system ...hoping that some older programmer might pick up on the possible warning SIGNAL Thanks to this SITE . . . . . . for the symbolic power of their subliminal mind IMPLANT into my eyes/optical nerve.... input bio-device to my abstract brain symbolic processor. 

Keep in mind that gene expressions may occur in 2 formats:
a) the traditional biology view of genetics and chromosomes
b) the social science language of proper nouns with Hollywood names like: Gene Audrey and Gene Hackman 

Journal of Molecular Biology

Volume 359, Issue 4, 16 June 2006, Pages 1059–1074

Thus between year 2006 and 2012 ...we have the evolution of molecular BIOLOGY messengers ..which is good.....undercover agents for Nature's systems. --> com = communications theory ....... advanced SITE parameters. Use a college textbook on genetics, biochemistry, or molecular cell biology .... as a frame of reference. You and a group of friends can buy the books ... they will be useful references for the rest of your life ....that is ....your brains symbolic active life.

SOS box - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
SOS box is the region in the promoter of various genes to which the LexA repressor binds to repress the transcription in the...This genetics article is a stub.

The SOS response has been proposed as a model for bacterial evolution of certain types of antibiotic resistance.[1]

The role of multiple SOS boxes upstream of the Mycobacterium ...
by EM Dullaghan - 2002 - Cited by 19 - Related articles
Many genes have a single SOS box that is sufficient to confer regulation, and there are even some instances of divergently oriented genes each being regulated ...

Medical Subject Headings - SOS Response (Genetics) - Terms ...
SOS Responses (Genetics). Response, SOS (Genetics). SOS Box. SOS Region. Definitions. An error-prone mechanism or set of functions for repairing damaged ...

Inducible SOS Response System of DNA Repair and Mutagenesis in 

by C Janion - 2008 - Cited by 41 - Related articles
The sequences of the SOS-boxes in one gene differ by 2 to 4 bases. How and why the extra SOS-boxes in genes arise, and how they influence the gene ...

Above we see multiple expressions of the SOS box. 
a) we have the orginal INTERNAL biology description above ...written in words on cellulose paper or equivalent
b) Nature's message systems also sent an enhanced, larger SIGNAL to the EXTERNAL world of EARTH LAB for all humans to see. The living EARTH cell is in some ways parallel to a human body cell. The living EARTH cell demonstation of the SOS BOX with 2 to 4 bases ....... was in the city of Baltimore with baseball player Sammy SOSA:

SOS-box --> SOSA in the batters box
2 to 4 bases --> a baseball field has 4 Bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Home Plate) 

Thus we see the important symbolism ...and the urgent SOS message of the city of Baltimore the world of science...which ignores the SCIENCE WARS.


Sammy Sosa
Right fielder
Born: November 12, 1968 (age 43)
San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic
Batted: Right Threw: Right




SOS Response (Genetics) definition
SOS Response (Genetics).
SOS Function; SOS Induction; SOS Region; SOS Repair; SOS Response; SOS System; Box, SOS; Function, SOS;



Above, we see how...moclular cell biology INDIRECTLY can send a message VIA humanoid messengers in the 
BRAND NAME advertising/marketing industry ...that is .....the subset letters
........D NA ..........the BRAND NAME external signaling method of internal biology DNA government. 

SOS box - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SOS box is the region in the promoter of various genes to which the LexA repressor binds to repress the transcription in the ... This genetics article is a stub.

Thus above, we have the internal biology SOS box ...which in the external world of objects .....can be a television electronics (BLACK) BOX the external system --> SOS box ...with a SOAP BOX braodcast TV show displayed upon a television BOX ...with various promoters...that is....advertising and marketing promotions.

SOS box - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SOS box is the region in the promoter of various genes to which the LexA repressor binds to repress the transcription in the ... This genetics article is a stub.

Above, we have another example of the television BOX with various genes ...that is Hollywood genes ...and their movies.
The movies at theaters......BOX office gene hits.
The movie reruns on TV --> television BOX gene messages.

Advanced gene and chromosome FORMATS of expression;




Similar More sizes

Thus we see the GENE messages for AU = Austin and the TEXAS university cowboy's.
AUTRY = Au + TRY --> Austin ought TRY to think seriously about social science public policy.

A more recent GENE signal for university and corporate scientists was VIA messenger


Gene Hackman

Gene (Genetics agent) made his name playing tough guys, spies, and smooth villains, .

Thus we see CLUES to an interesting mystery signal from Nature.

What does it all mean?

What has happened to the people in the Baltimore region? 
Can they be saved? First, we have to understand their bases ......problem.

Then we will need ..for Baltimore and Maryland and the East Coast on the United States ......

Sammy SOSA 4 DNA bases represented by 4 bases of Baseball ---> 
Sam SOS America ---> Uncle SAM SOS America signal from some source ..... what's happening ....

Sam SOS America ---> Sample Space errors SOS America

SOS repair and DNA supercoiling influence the genetic ... - Mendeley
(2006) Majchrzak et al. Journal of Molecular Biology. Read by researchers in: 100% Biological Sciences. Molecular mechanisms responsible for the genetic ...

Mutation, DNA Repair, and Recombination 
This module looks at changes in the information stored in the genetic material, ... excision repair, recombination repair, SOS repair) used to fix thymine dimers.

Let's hope that some people will be interested in helping to understand this situation. A few of the components are mentioned.
Thus, we see that the SOS signal took many messages formats:
a) Sammy SOSA
b) SOS soap pads on metal fibers ( ferrous oxide IRON atom) and its relationship to IRON Hemoglobin protein HUMAN ARM muscle fibers that are used to clean IRON pots and pans. 
c) the televsion and movie BOX office hits .......with Soap Box show or a Gene movie
d) the latest SOS box message MAY be that symbolized by and the coppr wire electron boxes of hardware used for the INTERNET data processing network. Superysmmetry physics suggests that the INTERNET is a living atomic electron structure .....and thru Darwinian atomic electron evolution ...has become an electron life form ...that parallels the human biology nervous sytem network. The introduction of the BLOG concept several years ago...was Nature's subtle hint that such a process was beginning ...... and the existence of my observation ...may mean that I am also a messenger .....descibing some PROJECT PLAN milestone of Nature's project.

There are 3 ways to look at the above empirical data.

a) its all nonsense 
b) ir's true 
c) unsure ...but it's a possibilty . . . that some of it is TRUE ...and we better check out the SIGNAL and try to understand it.

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