The odd and even strange battles of the hidden Science data streams of consciousness World War.

The Argonne National Labs brain electron orbital war report from the brain cell WALL --> WALL Street Journal intellectual undercover agents

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Argonne National Labs in Illinois is comprised of atomic, bio-physics humanoids engaged in various atomic brain expressions the external,  visible worlds of physics, chemistry, and engineering ..... that  is......with  visible buildings with visible equipment  that is used to indirectly make visible the inner secrets of atoms, molecules, and forces of Nature.   This includes the Margaret Mead nuclear family..... atomic social forces of Nature.

Using super-symmetry physics  / parallel  processing  /  thought mirrors ......we can indirectly see the intellectual battles to control the  philosophical souls of these scientists.

Nature has used mathematical   mappings  (math tranformations/correspondence functions)  to MAP  from the the internal subliminal  mind levels (scientists and administrators) at Argonne National Labs  
an  external, more directly visible   format at a remote, distant geography location on EARTH LAB known as Argentina.    At this distant location,  newspaper and magazine reporters gather the data and get it printed in mass media information vehicles......cellulose print newspapers/magazines.   

The TOP SECRET  cellulose news reports are published and distributed to millions of   North American humanoid optical bio-computer processors for analysis ..... including the atomic  humanoids  in Argonne, Batavia, and  Chicago's Hyde Park area in  Illinois.

Think of the news puzzle with several levels of messages.   After all ...mass communications is really atomic mass communications VIA atomic humaoid activities  that is reported  VIA atomic mass communication devices as  television, radio, and print. 

Let's look at an  example  of the alter ego of Argonne ...which is Argentina, South America ......and the Per = Periodic atomic table of  the Per =Peron political heritage ..... examples of modern Margaret Mead nuclear family....that is atomic anthropology.  Let's look at  bio-physics adult female agent named:  Evita  Peron   or 
in atomic electron humaoid terms:   eV   Peron



Thus we have the energy expression via AGENT   eV = eVita  Peron.
Peron = Per + eron --> 
Per =  Periodic table   AND
eron = electron ....expression of  life   VIA   eVita...and electron stage artist.


Eva Perón
Eva Perón's official portrait, 1947
Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina
In office
since 7 May 1952
First Lady of Argentina
In office
4 June 1946 – 26 July 1952
President Juan Perón
Preceded by Conrada Victoria Torni de Farrell
Succeeded by Mercedes Villada Achával de Lonardi
President of the Eva Perón Foundation
In office
1948 - 1952
Succeeded by Juan Perón
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare
Preceded by Juan Perón

María Eva Duarte de Perón (7 May 1919 – 26 July 1952) was the second wife of Argentine President Juan Perón (1895–1974) and served as the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. She is usually referred to as Eva Perón (Spanish: [ˈeβa peˈɾon]), or by the affectionate Spanish language diminutive Evita.


She was born in the village of Los Toldos in The Pampas, rural Argentina in 1919, the youngest of five children. In 1934, at the age of 15, she went to the nation's capital of Buenos Aires, where she (she is a subsets of electron  shells)    pursued a career as a stage, radio, and film actress  for Nature's atomic, bio-physics expression experiments.




Since Argentina is a Spanish language country ..atomic computers  and COMPUTER EARTH can use spanned data record FORMAT to connect to the Argonne bio-computer brain databases ...via interface  country PERU = Per + U = Periodic atomic table Uranium 235 and 238  and the interface country  .... Fermi-Dirac  probability agent for PERU = Pier ODD imply ONE.


The news about Chiocago area professorial brain electron orbital wars......



The atomic  brain electron 
ORBITAL ...word ...... algebra subset atomic word   


The news article words
" eight former  energy secretaries"  translated is ....... 
eight oxygen atom electron energy secret


Argentina's  top oil .....refers to the Hierarchy Problem of  bio-physics agents
Argonne top.....brain orbital  CIRCUS thoughts  ...code...
Ringling Brother's Barnum and Bailey Circus .....advanced atomic English messages of the 26 proton  alphabet  of  the ferrous oxide  atom.  Virginia TECH English class and FermILAB ought upgrade their iron Hemoglobin proteins with the proper  atomic English language  social science thought alphabets.  
Hollywood creative writing class is becoming outdated.....especially the incomplete explanations of Virginia TECH tragedy regarding  Mr.Cho age 23 ... the Darwinian selected agent for the  23  chromosomes social science language war.  

Virginia Tech thinks that their Hollywood  genetic WORD/Picture command alliance  with GENE Hackmen movies .....will give them social control over inferior thinkers like  myself.... who the request of the English departments of  my high school and extened colleges days from 1958 thru 1972 ........required us to become familiar  with the concepts of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.  So...why are year 2012 English departments refusing to discuss  these yerar 1960 perceptions and there possible recent manifestation signals  ...thru tragic events like the OCEANIA classroom  shooting at Cole Hall.

The reference to the physical geography county  Argentina  and its events ...... reflect the original events occuring in Argonne National Labs ......thus we see the supersymmetry / mirror ....... the structure of Nature's  information systems architecture   and the  brain system  feedback signal.

The symbols   "18%  Wednesday"   translates to  "18 We" --> 18 = H2O = small city of Watertown molecule , West Road and its atomic/astrophysics continuum model 
PARALLEL to West Road, DAMTP, Cambridge, England  
AND  the WestRoad shopping mall tragedy messages of OM = Oxygen Molecules of OM= Omaha.

Thus we have an interwined string theory message ...with several empirical data components may be expected by the  EARTH LAB model of string theory
.....called  ROPE theory of eu.ROPE 
.....that HUNG  in HUNG.ary in 1956  math logic uprising against 
the biochemistry  Iron Curtain ...the HEME group Fe(ii) ion   .... with the British mathematical logic gallows message from year 1910 to year 1956 .....Russell/Whitehead book   " to  56 Principia Mathematica".







What is  56?  
The atomic mass of iron at  Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic brain location at Fe = FermiLab.   FermiLAB humanoids are participants in the B.F. Skinner  box study that was started in 1946 and has evolved into new dimensions of expression.
Modern B.F. Skinner experimental test specimens are  
B= Batavia, F= FermiLAB  bio-physics SKIN containers labeled  atomic humanoids.

These Skinner packages are educated and  study some very difficult and abstract subjects.  In turn , we see levels of experimention.  
Fermilab scientists study math and atoms , etc.
Not to be outdone, Nature studies FermiLAB scientists.

By examining the iron Hemoglobin protein thoughts and their Fe(ii) ion  symbolic activities..... Nature's  intellect picks up a good idea of what's happening ......and is concerned about the  symbolic DISEASEs in the state of the ILL/sick noise (State of Illi nois).

Hence the news ...
Takeover Fe ..... 
Takeover  FermiLAB ... a battle for control of the SOUL of the iron Hemoglobin proteins and their professorial thoughts.

Thus we  have geography  region of northern Illinois ... base 16 hexadecimal region with Hex'A' = 10 = Argonne   thru Hex'F' = 15 = FermiLAB.     Thus the additional supersymmetry mathematical-physics WAR signal with the U.S.Army parallel  WAR in Base 16 hexadecimal  region of  .......A  to F -->A F ghanistan.

Thus we  have an interesting puzzle that ought be understood.

Symmetry physics - - > atomic anthropology WAR reports from Syria regarding the atomic brain wars in the Syracuse University intellectual WAR Region.

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Bernie Fine Fired:  Why the Syracuse University Scandal Is So Out of ..
2011 - Bernie Fine, an associate men's basketball coach at Syracuse was fired Sunday night in the wake of new allegations

Using supersymmtry physics tools...that is atomic English language symbolic  words, word commands,  and approximation theory....... we see the  stem of WORD : symmetry .........

Sy --> Symmetry and   super-Sy 
Sy --> Syracuse = Syr + accuse others of  problems (decoy tricks to divert attention)  
Sy --> Syria  parallel  processing........the supersymmetry mirror of the university


Thus we see the 3 major components of the sysmmetry process.....

a) the original INTERNAL atomic brain thoughts at Syracuse University

b) Nature's mathematical-physics mapping of data from the hidden
INTERNAL  source  domain to the more visible 
EXTERNAL world of human daily affairs and events.  

Herbert Spencer and others described this process of information transforms in year 1872.  Thus the social science secret  tricks are well known to those intellectuals  that wish to understand citizen / government  approved manipulation schemes.

c) The EXTERNAL display of  SYR  university brain activity   VIA  the Middle east geography region of  the parallel named  SYR = SYRIA.      Thus we see Margaret Mead nuclear family  messages .......atomic brain thoughts of  social anthropology.

Another blog outlines the  supersymmtry, mirror   relationship between Argonne National Labs and Argentina,  South America.  These are interesting information architecture's  that are  designed and used by Nature the intellectual evolution continues.



Syracuse Struggles to Contain Sex-Abuse Scandal - The Daily Beast Nov 28, 2011
Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor is trying hard to not let the school's latest sex abuse scandal ...

Above, we have probability theory of chance ......human probability with Chancellor NC = Numerical Control agent Nancy Cantor ......who was to help represent the Earth government and Nature's cybernetic social engineering systems. Apparently, these concepts are beyond the superior, elite  intellectual beings in the accredited university. They refuse to discuss the new dimesnions of expression of the 11 dimesions of string theory.





What newspaper clues help explain modern EARTH LAB reality?


In physicssymmetry includes all features of a physical system that exhibit the property of symmetry—that is, under certaintransformations, aspects of these systems ........

Local and global symmetries

Newspaper example of an EARTH LAB global symmetry ...Margaret Mead applied physics.


Syrian ---> Sy --> Symmetry physics

The role of symmetry in fundamental physics


by DJ Gross - 1996 - The role of symmetry in fundamental physics is reviewed. Until the 20th century principles of symmetryplayed little conscious role in theoretical ...

Next newspaper CLUE.

Above, we see  periodic atomic table code WORD:
Turkey = T + ur + key = Theoretical uranium key
.......... verified by numbers 
three high
-ranking (math exponent)  military
....two generals  and a colonel

The above math equation is Base 2 exponent  3  high  giving 8 ......
verifying uranium 2 3 8  atomic mass message code to FermiLAB ...which is ignored by universities

--> above, the WHITE House refers to the the   WHITE  electromagnetic spectrum used by the eye/ retina/ iris and the optical nerve and the  symbol house of  comprised of English language  nouns, verbs along with math equations... .... symbolic life living in the symbol  HOUSE  ...... within the  brain optical data processor.   This is similair to a college biochemsitry textbook or a linear algebra textbook .... both are cellulose structures with blaqck ink symbols......hence, they are ...also ..symbolic houses..





--> above,  Arab  powers  ...subset symbols 
...............b powers

two-day  implies  base 2 da = data  

Translate  the above into ordinary English usage as:

...base two powers data messages


-->the former  U.N. = periodic atomic table elements
U = Uranium 235 or 238
N = Nitrogen atomic mass 14 with the 14th Dalai Lama ,  bio-physics Tibet agent 

--> Annan  with An = Atomic number of protons VIA humanoid messenger for the Margaret Mead nuclear family anthropology problems

--> civil war implies
.....c...... war with c = 186,000 and the photon city of the veloCITY of symbolic life between human eye message exchanges


Next messages has multiple signals:






1) Dark matter physics .....issues

2) Carbon black messages for American atomic humans who represent organic chemistry political science....thus black politicians would be the appropriate symbolic choice

3) Black and white clothes ....... black ink type font of symbolic people (proper nouns like Sherlock Holmes are alive and well in active human brain optical computers ) and white is the white electromagnetic spectrum of Thomas Edison and the Inca religion of  Incadescent light  bulbs.

4) Ten fingers signal regarding  the Zinc fingers of molecular cell biology and  the BIG TEN University of Wisconsin failure to locate agent TENZIN ...also  known as ZinJAN skull project ..also know for Z DNA ...also known as ZINO particle physics human agent ......also  known as ....


Next  physics message for Syracuse University




--> words

By phone from Paris, the head   ...translate
Byte phone = ph + one = physics Oddone  
from Paris  = 
Paris = Par + is  = Particle information systems 
Paris = Par + is  = Parallel information systems
Paris and Captain Janeway ...television/paperbacks


--> words:
head of the Syria National Council ....... alter ego messages
head of the Syr   Na ...........C  ...... thus the secret life of
head of the  Syracuse Nancy Cantor


--> consider the root of the problem....










--> word: 
Burhan Ghalioun  has subset word
......hanG  implies message for String theory physics
Bur --> computer buffer.....for string theory on EARTH LAB

--> tanks implies think tanks / university intellectual wars







--> Friday implies time/day base 16 hex'F' = 15

--> Idlib = Id + lib = Idea library .....

--> inside Syria ...subset letters
..........ide Sy  ri  ai ......expand subsets to full words ..
..........idea Symmetry riddle america


--> stop Assad's   tanks ...subset letters 
..........p A ssad    ........ translate to
..........Pasadena  think tank...CalTECH messages waiting


...thus we see the messages printed for physics professors and graduate students  ...... by  Nature's supersymmetry agents.
It is an interesting process  ...and an interesting puzzle.  You have a few CLUES .......get started ......what is your piece in the puzzle??

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