Max Planck and other scientists ---> advanced project plan --> Project checkpoint FAILURE

Max PLanck TIME signal 10:43 to atomic agent Africa ONE --> FermiLAB An-26 near atomic EARTH address space .... Wisconsin communication highways An-26 AND I-43

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A study of the Galapagos Islands REGION and its evolutionary extensions of PERU and COLUMBIA  provides an interesting background to evolution signals from around the WORLD.  The relationship may evolve the Earth's geology iron core AND the Earth geography surface LAB at the ferrous oxide atom / magnetic field INTERACTION location at FermiLAB,  Batavia, Illinois. 

What is Max Planck  TIME?
...... approximately 10−43 seconds (Planck time)

..... approximately 10:43   see conditions (Plan   k time)



The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred....The flight left N'djili 
at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa


Projects: Holometer - Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics
If there is a minimum interval of time, or a maximum frequency in nature, ... About a hundred years ago, the German physicist Max Planck introduced the ...
Interstate 43 marker

the absolute natural bound on

information transmission,

about 10^43 bits per second.





Let's look at more information and  signals  ...the may be LINKED together to form a larger picture.......
that may be useful for GUT and TOE.

GUT = Grand Unified Theory project  that started in year 1453 with the GUT printing press of Gutenburg in the geo-physics geography REGION of   string theory development ...known  as  eu.ROPE.

TOE = Time Order Entry for the TOE = Theory of Everything ...which includes YOU!


Signals about Max Planck TIME  with Hawking and others.






 TIME Highway .....


Interstate 43 marker


Interstate 43


On October 10, 2002, a multiple-vehicle collision occurred on I-43, just south of Cedar Grove.

The accident occurred on southbound I-43 in Sheboygan County. It involved 50 vehicles and was found to have been caused by low visibility due to fog at a point where the freeway comes its closest to paralleling Lake Michigan,  The accident and resulting fires led to the deaths of 10 individuals.

CLUES .........


She count --> shell count physics

Paralleling --> supersymmetry physics / parallels /mirrors

deaths of 10 ..... decimal base 10 with exponent  -43  ........ represented by Interstate  I-43




What does the HAWK say?





Below, the BLUE line  from Milwaukee to  the state line (dashed line below Janesville) is the EARTH LAB ..... Max Planck communications TIME HIGHWAY  known as Interstate I-43.
Location A is  Northern Illinois Univerity, DeKalb, Illinois where the wave mechanics TIME  battle took place at Cole Hall.
Between Location A and Wheaton/Chicago is the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology RD cnter known as FermiLAB.


Below, we see the COLEMAN signal -> Cole  Hall TIME BATTLE at  Northern Illinois University, DeKalb ..near the Wisconsin / Illinois border  and   information TIME higway I-43 ....involving Nature's  atomic social engineering project plan  ...the Max Plan  with Max



Northern Ill/sick noise University , DeKalb  --> symbols
No................................................De  --> Node.....  of
some type ...
either an atomic NODE  
and /or  a 
harm wave NODE of harmonic waves (sound, audio  waves ) of
harmonic waves ...that the  the BIG EAR ....of   EAR + TH.eory = EARTH.
Thus we see why the tragic event took place at the  EARTH geography NODE
location  ...of some type of wave.

Let's look at the  MAJOR SIGNAL that we are interested in .... for this BLOG science  paper.

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash





The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred when a twin engine Antonov An-26, belonging to the Congolese air carrierAfrica One, crashed and burned shortly after takeoff from N'djili Airport in KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congo on October 4, 2007. The flight left N'djili at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa, a distance of 650 km to the east.


at___ 10:43 local time

atom   10:43 local time

at las   10:43 local time



2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash



at las   10:43 local time

Wisconsin I-43 Exits



Time exits



Regional Map: Milwaukee can be approached via Interstate 94 from
the South and West and Interstate 43 from the Southwest and North.

- (Map courtesy of Google Earth). The southbound 
I-43 connector ramp to .. 
10−43 seconds (Planck time)

H.G.Wells and the TIME MACHINE     (the TIME COMPUTER system 370)

Wisconsin I-43 Exits  southbound  I-43 connector ramp to ..

Computer science --->  EVENT connector  ---> at SIKH temple Oak Creek,  Wisconsin.

Mathematical-physics math   sin functions of the State of Wisconsin.

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash





[hide]   --->

1 Background


HowStuffWorks "YukawaHideki"
Hideki Yukawa. Yukawa, Hideki (1907-1981) was a Japanese theoretical physicist who won the 1949 Nobel Prize in physics for a theory he published in 1935.




yet later Reuters reported that an on-board mechanic survived, while Associated Press claims a flight attendant also survived, bringing the total number of survivors to two.

[edit] Mechanic's account

Wave mechanics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wave mechanics may refer to: the mechanics of waves; the wave equation in Quantum Physics, see Schrödinger equation...


wave mechanics - The Free Dictionary

n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb). A theory that ascribes characteristics of waves to subatomic particles and attempts to interpret physical phenomena on this basis ...
Quantum mechanics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Quantum mechanics (QM – also known as quantum physics, or quantum theory) is a branch of physics dealing with physical phenomena at microscopic scales, where the action is on the order of the Planck constant...

According to Planck, each energy element E is proportional to its frequency ν:

 E = h \nu\
Planck is considered the father of the Quantum Theory

where h is Planck's constant. Planck (cautiously) insisted that this was simply an aspect of the processes of absorption and emission of radiation and had nothing to do with the physical reality of the radiation itself




2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

AN-26 --> Alphabets and Numbers ...see DICK and Jane elementary physics schoolbook for elementary grammer JANESVILLE, Wisconsin with Highway 26 symbolic of the English alphabet letters and their communications higwhays thru-out the WORLD via the  British Empire and 
Queen Victoria.........
Que + en + Vict + oria = orbital physics ..atomic English language ......

An-26 proton alphabet of ferrous oxide atom has a serious problem with Fer = Ferrous oxide hemoglobin protein  LIFE FORMS  at FermiLAB...regarding their Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology expressions and polices ... of the Department of Energy.


AN - 26  ---> Highway 26  and LINK to base 16 hexadecimal Highway 16 in Watertown, Wisconsin.

State Trunk Highway 26 (often called Highway 26, STH 26 or WIS 26) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Wisconsin.The route is generally two-lane with the exception of a few urban multi-lane arterials. WIS 26 provides direct access from Janesville and Oshkosh to Waupun, Watertown and Fort Atkinson.

Below...the physics coulumbs equation for the iron atom ( components 1.6 exponent 19  or 16 exponent 18) ...displayed on the surface  of EARTH.         EARTH with it's iron core expresses  messages on the  EARTH geography surface....which  is like  NATURE's  natural television display screen.
 Highway 26 ..... above North   and  below the South  end
.The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred....

The flight left N'djili 
at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa.   The flight was a commercial cargo flight carrying at least
28, including a flight crew of five.
The flight manifest stated that there were 16 passengers aboard, but more boarded the flight shortly before takeoff.
Thus we see the EARTH communication correleation signals  .....between Africa  TIME code 10:43   (Zula TIME  LINK).
Now...we see EARTH government MAP   signals with President Clinton (near I-43 sign)  and the famous Whitewater,Wisconsin travel agency debate of  Clinton, Wisconsin.
An-26  ---> Highway 26  Milton --> Mil + ton = earth MILITARY  forces provided the the TON(s) of   Earth iron core, magnetic field force interaction with  human IRON Hemoglobin proteins and the GRAVITY field with TON(s)  of  EARTH atomic mas = weight.
President William Jefferson Clinton  ...secret code 
...............Wi .......J ............CL = Wisconisn  JCL = Job Control Language for Computer Earth .....
this William  Jefferson Clinton message near Hubble(ton), Wisconsin special SECRET  astronomy projects....
.......................Jefferson County
Thus the CLINTON signal ...CLI + Ton -->
...CLI = Clifford Lane airplane crash with TONS of weight  .....withing several miles of Highway 16 and Highway 26  and  about 60 miles away from I-43.  

Thus within the geography region  ...of  a radius of  about 60 miles are many of  the parameters/adjectives described by the 2007 Africa One crash.
Thus a  bidirectional mapping exist between the tragic cargo airplane crash  EVENT in Africa ......and the tragic cargo airplane crash EVENT in Wisconsin  ...... LINKED by  43   and Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.
Thus applied math .....geo-math and geo-physics applied to the data fields of the EARTH geography land surface  ....with data fields-->
air fields, farm fields, and football fields ..... with  Base 16 hexadecimal HIGHWAY 16, Watertown as some reference point for Nature's systems.

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash


Interstate 43 marker
at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa, a distance of 650 km to the east.[1][2]
twin engine Antonov An-26, belonging to the Congolese air carrier


1 Background
2 Crash
2.1 Mechanic's account
3 Aftermath
4 See also
5 References


[edit] Background



Mirrors / super-symmetry /  double-helix images
How to Determine the Charge of an Atom |
An atom of iron, for example, contains 26 protons and 26 electrons. ... Oxidation numbers are used to determine the oxidized and reduced chemicals in a ... - Similar
2.1.3: Define the terms mass number (A), atomic number (Z) and isotope of an element. ... Represents an iron atom with a mass of 56 units and 26 protons. ... often, to uranium oxide pellets for its final destination in the nuclear power industry.

-->twin engine Antonov An-26, belonging to the Congolese air carrier
--->twin engine (double-helix) ...  atomic Anthropology IRON LADY + IRON MAN project .... An-26,
belonging to the Congress    mouth/LUNG  air carrier

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 ---->

route message to

2007     ODD   ONE    at An-26 RD site

AGENT identifier 43


Peru = Per + U = Periodic atomic table   

u = uranium nuclear anthropology


Lima Region



Lima Province


Districts 43 districts












Amino Acid and Codon Table 

The DNA codons representing each amino acid are also listed. All 64 possible 3-letter combinations of the DNA coding units T, C, A and G are used either to ...

About; DNA, genes & genomes; Your Human Genome; Genome, health & society .... letters (A, G, C and U), there are 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 different codon combinations.
Thus we see... Peru agent 43  =  4 exponent 3 = 64  ....above DNA equation of codon combinations.
Also, 64 is  a bio-computer doubleword.... suggesting  PERU agent 43  may be  an atomic  double-sgent for the Margaret  Mead nuclear family...atomic social sciences.

We known that  Peru agent 43  ....associated with ..


Districts 43 districts


went to  MIT --> Nature's MITOCHONDRIA  education center in  Cambridge the Quantum State of Mass   ......

Thus an outline of the mystery map  of  Max Planck and Max Plan ..project plan  43?





The Max Planck optical TIME WAR status report on the analysis of Africa ONE signal --> 10:43 local time bound for T --> Interstate I-43 explains PLANCK TIME alignment and TIME realignment --> Y2K problems.

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Max Planck TIME --> One Planck time is the time it would take a photon traveling at the speed of light to cross a distance equal to one Planck length. Theoretically, this is the smallest time measurement that will ever be possible, 
roughly 10−43 seconds.




2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

The flight left N'djili at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa,


Above, Nature's Max Planck Africa signal regarding ....... 

the speed of light -->roughly 10−43 seconds.




Projects: Holometer - Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics
If there is a minimum interval of time, or a maximum frequency in nature, ... About a hundred years ago, the German physicist Max Planck introduced the ...
the absolute natural bound on

information transmission,

about 10^43 bits per second.





What is happening?

Let's 1st establish a pont of view......that we  live on EARTH LAB.

Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is an interesting test  site.     Humans and human institutions are considered subsets embedded with Nature's  atomic /astrophysics continuum and  living  in base 16 hexadecimal SPACE /TIME.

The Solar System is a data processing/ information structure. 
The Solar System 370 astronomy computer has 9 planets( (8 data bit planets and 1 error correction parity bit Planet --> EARTH).

The Solar Systems 370 model is better visibible as COMPUTER EARTH system 370 ..that exists in it's own predicted by Galileo (Year 16 16 and the start of the EARTH Base 16 Hex space and Base 16 Hex time project ....known today as Einstein's FIELD Theory....more accurately described as Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory of Earth, land address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, oxygen atom 16,etc).


Given Computer EARTH system 370  ....we consider the possibilty of a TIME MACHINE.

H.G. Wells suggested this in his book

The Time Machine



Systems IBM System/370 Model 145 Functional Characteristics 


the IBM System/370 Principles of Operation, GA22-7000, and to have ... PSW, Store Status, Program Event Recording, Dynamic ...... clock is about 143 years.
In human bio-computer words  .....the year 200o LIFE-TIME project of NATURE was to  upgrade the Y2k brain bio-computer and its biological clock extend  life to 143 years .....part of the Max PLAN   of10−43 seconds.

This would be accomplished  by the usage of alpha/numeric B100D.

B100D =  B + 100 years + D  --> thus the optimization of the  atomic human bio-computer could result in the 43 extension to 143 year.    Interstate I-43 of Wisconsin has been involved in such secret Research  ..... but   much work remains to be done perfect the theory of LIFE EXTENSION by fine-tuning the  human bio-computer operating system optimize molecular CELL repair systems.
Let's look at some CLUES about the EARTH and the Time Computer system 370.

----> 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

The flight left N'djili at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa,

The flight left N'djili at 10:43 local time boundary for T.






--->   Stephen Hawking  and time concerns









Let's look at EARTH LAB .....and consider the possiblity that Interstate I-43  is an astrophysics TIME INFORMATION HIGHWAY  related to various CLUES about/involving prime integer 43  ..or its usage as an exponent....

10−43 seconds.








Interstate 43

Interstate 43 (I-43) is a 191.55-mile (308.27 km) intrastate Interstate Highway located entirely within the U.S. state ofWisconsin,


I-43 came about as a result of road proposals that included a Milwaukee.....


In astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (EARTH LAB) terminology ...what is the  astrophysics Military CODE  word:  Milwaukee

Milwaukee = Mil + wa + u  + kee = Milky Way Universe  Key  e  --> K eye

Thus Wisconsin the 
DAIRY Farm  MILK state really  
DA .......Fa   ....MILK ---> Data base 16 Hex'Fa' = 250 room  ......a room/ a subset of the Milky Way Universe

Thus Wisconsin acts as a test site of  several on EARTH LAB.
Computer Earth system 370  ...and the Milky Way processing region  .... computer programs  running in Europe ...experienced major problems. Thus the Milky WAY programs issued a  computer ADEND/ DUMP  .....with base 16  farm bio-computer agents.





It was galactic news ...that has yet,   to be received by university  astrophysics and computer science departments.

Belgian farmers dump milk in price protest - Business - World ...

Sep 16, 2009 – BRUSSELS — Belgian farmers dumped  790,000 gallons of fresh milk onto their fieldsWednesday, furious over the low milk prices they say are ...
in other words ..more accurate words

fields Wednesday --> Einstaen data fields ... VSAM esda = entry sequenced data
The system can produce three types of ABEND dumps SYSABEND, SYSMDUMP, and SYSUDUMP. Each one ... The IBMsupplied defaults for each dump are: ...
  1. IBM Mainframe COBOL ABEND Research

    Along with the System Completion Code, use IBM's Problem Determination tools ... A"core-dump" (a hexadecimal printout) of the internal machine storage and ... There are as many different ways to analyze and research COBOL ABENDs as ..... CA-Capex Optimizing, COBOL II and COBOL/370 - and generally not used in ...
Thus the CORE of European bio-computer society has ABENDED?
Who cares?
Does OSLO with OS/JCL  ..... care what happen in UTOEYA?
Thus we have  DATA and FACTS  that confirm the model of Computer Earth system 370 and its functioning ....AND  its interaction with human bio-computer brains  and influencing their decisions /actions ....... as reported in the newspapers.
Thus let's look  at  I-43  ...below is part of the Intersate Highway in southeastern Wisconsin.

The Max Planck Time Highway  I-43  relative to the  astrophysics VIEW of  the Milky Way Universe (abbreviation code Mil + wa + u)  and its VIEW of astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION known as -->   Mil + wa + u --> Milwaukee

Regional Map: Milwaukee can be approached via Interstate 94 from
the South and West and Interstate 43 from the Southwest and North.



undefined- (Map courtesy of Google Earth). The southbound 
I-43 connector ramp to .. 
10−43 seconds (Planck time)

H.G.Wells and the TIME MACHINE (the TIME COMPUTER system 370)

Wisconsin I-43 Exits southbound I-43 connector ramp to ..

Computer science ---> EVENT connector ---> at SIKH temple Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Mathematical-physics math sin functions of the State of Wisconsin.






Below, is the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab geography surface)  ... ...with

Janesville, Wisconsin  AND    I-43  .......signals that relate to ..
Jane..........Wi (Wilde)   AND  Hawkings books references to  10−43 seconds





Let's build a outline of a  TIME COMPUTER  ..using existing components from the Milky Way  Universe   ...LOCAL REGION warehouse with an inventory of products,  software,  ideas, equations, college science and math textbooks, .......the warehouse is KNOWN as EARTH.

We have already found.....some parts needed ....including symbolic parts ...

--> Max Planck 10−43 seconds.

-> Africa One 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa,

---> information transmission,  about 10^43 bits per second.

-->The Time Machine is a science  Base 16 Hex"f" = 15 fiction 
by(te)  H. G. Wells, pu = processing unit = published in 1895.

-->the IBM System/370 Principles of Operation, GA22-7000, and to have ... PSW, Store Status, Program Event Recording, Dynamic ......clock is about 143 years.





Additional components:.

-->IBM System/370 and IBM 4300 Processors VSE/POWER Reference ...
IBM System/370 and IBM 4300 Processors VSE/POWER Reference Summary: Remote Processing. Front Cover ...




---> Earth geography LAND at ..........I-43 in Wisconsin  
LAND at = LAN  Dat --> Local Area Network Data


---> Computer Earth I/O Ports .....Input/Output PORTs ....such as that shown on the map below of I-43 ...our  proposed
TIME COMPUTER   will have a  Time Highway .....a data pipeline comprised of  concrete/cement lanes  with data packages consisting of  motor vehicles with 4-rubber wheels and a human driver.......that is a human bio-computer  subroutine driver.






Another example of such an Earth geography surface.... Nature's data pipeline with near  Watertown  and Base 16 hexadecimal Highway  16.


Below, the Pipersville   ...... existential data  pipeline near Hex Highway 16.





Let's consider I-43 .....and the Computer Earth geography  area as a  computer program.
For example, BAL = Basic Assembler Language ...the city of BAL =Baltimore.

Thus BALTIMORE is like a    PGM NAME  ...say its a main program for that region.
Thus it  is composed of  EARTH assembler..... assembly LINES of  code......  such as factory assembly lines with bio-computer workers AND the special line of assembly code....

Washington, DC = Define Constant.





That said..... I-43 and its role in a TIME COMPUTER seems plausible.

What are features of computer programs  ...that LINK to other computer programs.

A program has an ENTRY POINT and an EXIT POINT.


Let's start with a MAIN Program.

Functions and Subroutines

To implement functions and subroutines, first write a main program that references all of ... One last item to remember, you must use result of a function call in an ...


The MAIN program then  CALLS /uses  other function programs or subroutines --> ENTRY into the sub-routine.

When the subroutine  program has finsihed it's calculations.... it  EXITS irself....  and Returns to the Main program.


The above can be found in computer science manuals and  college data processing textbooks.


Writing global user exit programs - Similar
A global user exit program must be written in assembler language and must be ... The following register values are provided on entry to an exit program:

Writing global user exit programs ...
...thus the Deaprtment of Transporation and Road Construction  are really like IBM computer programmers.... onlt the Department of Transportation  uses differnt tools.

For example ..... I wrote some applications programs ...and wrote them out on coding sheets of paper ..and then later keyed the COBOL application program  into the system on the Panvalet source code library.  A BATCH program may have been a report program in data records and print a report.


Now, the Department of Transportation  uses  big sheetS  of  LAND (and farm fields and forests)  to  write user EXIT programs.
Thus we see super-symmetry physics / mirrors ........ and according to Einstein'd  theory of relative sizes and viewing positions....we see the equivalence in structure of the methods used.





Assembler reentrant entry and   exit linkage
To see an example of how to code the reentrant entry and exit linkage |for |a local assembler| check routine, see sample |check HZSSCHKR in SYS1.SAMPLIB ...




Interstate 43 ---> TIME Highway exit linkage

to the TIME Computer program


Exit list ............... Exit list






Below...we see 84th Steet George Orwells TIME COMPUTER repair manual 1984.
1984 + LUNG Base 16 oxygen atomic computer = year 2000 bio-logical clock requirements

Celow..we see highway 24 WIS 24 west --> 24 hour hour clock signal for
with WEST Road,  DAMPT TIME agents in cam.BRIDGE, England.





Above...the Marguette interchange
Marquette = Ma + ar + que + tt  + te
Map area queue  time squared   test
Above Lakefront = la + ke + front --> Load address key ...front

Above Michigan  ---Mic + higan --> ato.MIC ....
Above..Sheboygan --> She + bo +ygan --> Shell physics + bose-Einstein statistcics + ....
Above Wis 23 - Sheboygan --> 23 + she + boy  + gan -->
23 student hostages  bullet shell boy scout Sam Hengel  ......Marionette High School  puppet strings  in Marintte , Wisconsin   ...and the space.time WAR on the surface of EARTH    ..... the I-43 signal  regarding  the possible relationship  to the  COMPLEX  Sam Hengel  tragic EVENT is ignored  by Wisconsin citizen / thinkers.
Thus we see CLUES to an interesting puzzle  ...a starting point for those  with theoretical skills in symbolic model building ..such as physcis and math  ...... and  those who understand the practical applications of such models.
Isaac the Foundation series books. ....mentioned mathematics may possibly outline some human EVENTS.
The other..aspect of TIME TRAVEL......involves thoughts  ....rather than physical biology TIME TRAVEL.

Thus Hawking , Thorne, and others who think BACK in the BIG  Bang  and the origin of the universe ....have taken their brain cell symbolic processing machine ..... and that symbolic BACK in time.....billions of years to understand their matheamtical and cellular origins ...and waht existed before the BIG BANG.   A  few theories exist on that  ..regarding the symbolic universe ...existed ....and created the physical universe as an expression of itself ...and a new dimension to evolve into. 



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