Analysis of conflict events reveals that some of them are mathematical-physics SYMBOL ENGINE military expression EVENTS

Isaac Asimov , the Foundation series, psychohistory PROOF --> the mathematics equation of the Fort Hood shooting --> multiparticle potential scattering

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Psychohistory is a  theoretical  science in Isaac Asimov's Foundation universe which ... etc., andmathematical statistics to make general predictions about the future ...

PROOF - the equation  and  its  empirical  REALITY data events




Messages about the foundations of existence of  EARTH   ...the influence of mathematical-physics on human LIFE and Death.
Below, tensor space/time of  TEN years  and the English department tricks of verb tenses: Past,   Present and  Pre-sent , the FUTURE.
East coast universities and  Virginia TECH university English department tricks of verb tenses:
Past,   Present and  Pre-sent , the FUTURE.
The probability  distribution of life / daily activities and thoughts in the PRESENT tense is really
bewteen 2 STATES of MIND and their thoughts/actions.....
1) the truly PRESENT  REAL TIME) and   now  activities....such as driving a 4-wheeled car down a highway
2) the PRE-sent ........ and who is the director of the pre-sent world and its policies?
Why doesn't  Virginia TECH explain the  Base 16 hexadecimal space/time  MATH BATTLE of April  16?
Let's look at some examples...... let's look the math war in Vietnam  --> 1962 thru 1974.
The soldiers and civilian people .....are considered  like groups of  particles...... hence, the multiparticle  WAR of Vietnam.
The above symbolic equation / WAR formula ....translated into physical conflict on the geography surface of EARTH...ASIA with
Above symbols:
H0 = H  subscript 0 --> HO Chi Min trail Isaac Asimov  mathematical  geo-physics trail/DATA pathway for  symbolic theorists  and researchers.
The Ho Chi Minh trail (known in Vietnam as the "Trường Sơn trail") was a ... Army of Vietnam (PAVN), or North Vietnamese Army, during the Vietnam War.

Ho Chi Minh Trail - US History
Ho Chi Minh Trail map. The Vietnam People's Army had decided to build a secret road system to carry war supplies to the south. The network, initially coded 559 ...

symbol V --> maps to geo-political  REALITY --> Vietnam geography-mathematical graph
symbol  m subscript  j -->  math majors --> Majors in the U.S.ARMY

symbol  p   subscript   j --> mathematics WAR commannder-in-chief = President Johnson
symbol V with subcripts   i = row, j = column  .....
partition of Vietnam into linear algebra tabler with rows and columns ....
with botany plant RICE ..... farms fields of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory   ...

using  math rice systems = matRICES  
....... thus the relationship between agriculture/farm land  and their symbolic representations in math and English form known as symbolic life of alphabets and algebra sybols, letters, equations, formula.
This was confirmed by Nature's systems  and the presence of  math President  N X N (Nixon)  for  an N X N square matrix.
About 40 years later...the EARTH existential  mathematical cycle reappeared with the Department of Energy  Intellectual  WAR  .......and the intellectual policy and communication errors resulted in transformation to physical violence in the United States.
The tragic events that resulted from the social science and theology violations of mathematical laws   ......are:
1) above symbol V = V-a interaction with Enrico Fermi  on  the Valence social chemistry  problems in organic molecule humanoid social VALUES    ...thus the  V = Valentine's  DAY atomic mass ordered massacre  at Cole Hall, DeKalb, Illinois ...with the DR.Robley D. EVANS   Data FIELD House nearby MIT = MITochondria book about  student atomic  brain cells  and their " Atomic Nucleus"   relationship to serious thoughts.
2) above symbol Vi --> Virginia TECH and the atomic math & atomic ENGLISH  language war   on the Base 16 hexadecimal math BATTLE  of April 16 ....with Mr.CHO ...... .whose name is a algebraic subset word of  psyCHOhistory.

Hence,  Isaac Asimov  ...and the  FOUNDATION  battle in the state of Virginia   ...regarding the FOUNDATION of the United States of America and the  current Constitution violations by Virginia and Washington,DC   approval of  citizen intellectual nonsense ERRORS.
Multipartice sacttering experiments  using students
Virginia Tech massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in ...

512 × 328 - ... Hall at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., in this April 16, 2007, photo.
Department of Energy --> advanced  scattering theory ....EARTH LAB demo

    All the world's a stage - Shakespeare Quotes 

    Shakespeare Quotes - All the World's a Stage. ... world's a stage, And all the men and women merelyplayers; They have their exits and their entrances, And one ...
Above...we  see Virginia TECXH English department ....  THEATER of  (Language of honor and integrity)  WAR  with the building 's     and their entrances and exists ..... of the Shakepeare tragedy.
3)  above symbols of the SYMBOL MACHINE 
H 0 = Fort Hood , Killeen, Texas shooting
V  m j  =  Virginia (TECH) biochemistry  mj= major (student life of Nidal Hasan)
mj =  Army Major Nidal Hasan in the  Isaac Asimov   biochemistry war in  North America
Science fiction author Isaac Asimov is one of the best-known and most ... in chemistry, and he took a teaching position in biochemistry at Boston University.

Isaac Asimov is best known as the most successful writer of science fiction and popular ... books alongside his works on the Bible, William Shakespeare and chemistry. Asimov was a brilliant professor of

biochemistry at Boston University.

biochemistry at Boss / master Universe 

and TOE bio-physics theory
biochemistry at Boss Universe --> message to DARPA and the Pentagon about modern REALITY.
Thus we see the scattering experiment region of  Fort Hood...... at the Soldier READ Center  ...with a  future theoretical libarary ...with intoductionary books on linear algebra, biochemsitry, and the Alan Sokal SCIENCE WAR theory and the SCIENCE WAR data  examples  ...that need to be studied in year  2012  and beyond .... 2013, 2014, 2015 ....
Thus we see examples of Isaac Asimov and his prediction of the  ROLE  of math, biochemistry, and psyCHOhistory  in   social engineering  ...... social  PROCESS control  feedback  ERROR signals  via the message format of TRAGIC EVENT signals.

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