Expressions of the periodic atomic table, gravity, electromagnetic field, and DNA governments of EARTH

GM WAR defeat of automotive city of Janesville, Wisconsin

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The gravitational constant G (gravity component of General Motors existence on EARTH) is a key quantity in Newton's law of universal gravitation.





The gravitational constant, denoted G (EARTH LAB and the GM automobile gravity iron MASS assembly line --> assembler computer program experiment), is an empirical physical constant involved in the calculation of the gravitational attraction between objects with mass (and religious mass in Janesville).




Gravity interaction region  of   IRON atomic number 26  with  EARTH geology iron core LAB  site ..... ferrous oxide iron / magnetic field / gravity field region of  Highway 26 Janesville.



It appears in Newton's law of universal gravitation and in Einstein's theory of general relativity. It is also known as the universal gravitational constant, Newton's constant, and colloquially Big G.[1] It should not be confused with "little g" (g), which is the local gravitational field (equivalent to the free-fall acceleration[2]), especially that at the Earth's surface;

Also, see InTERNET References....Earth's gravity and Standard gravity (U.S.ARMY in the Afghani.STAN STANDARD gravity war).



--> GM WAR defeat of automotive city Janesville, Wisconsin USA. The Genetic Motors employee violations of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family HUMAN Standard gravitational parameter LIMITS.


The GM product (See InTERNET physics definition by Wikipedia)
Main article: Standard gravitational parameter



Gravitational constant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The quantity GM—the product   (ERRORs in Janeville)   of the gravitational constant and the mass of a ... ,


The quantity GM ¡the product of the gravitational constant and the mass of a given astronomical body such as the Sun (Sun Praire, Wisconsin) or the Earth ¡ª is known as the standard gravitational parameter and is denoted . Depending on the body (Human body UAW auto worker) concerned, it may also be called the geocentric or heliocentric gravitational constant, among other names.

This quantity gives a convenient simplification of various gravity-related formulas. Also, for celestial bodies such as the Earth and the Sun, the value of the product GM is known more accurately than each factor independently. Indeed, the limited accuracy available for G often limits the accuracy of scientific determination of such masses in the first place.

For Earth, using M¨’ as the symbol for the mass of the Earth, we have..........

The standard gravitational parameter GM (General Motors and the EARTH LAB experiment) appears as above in Newton's law of universal gravitation, as well as in formulas for the deflection of light caused by gravitational lensing, in Kepler's laws of planetary motion, and in the formula for escape velocity.




==> CALTECH, Stanford Linear accelerator,   and the Toyota linear acceleration of gravity experiment (vertical gravity vector rotated 90 degrees for the horizontal highway vector experiments). It should not be confused with "little g" (g), which is the local gravitational field (equivalent to the free-fall acceleration[2]), especially that at the Earth's surface....

the highway surface of California university system secrets.

ZINJAN archeology / anthropology

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ZINJAN archeology ----->the continuum ----->ZINO particle physics

ZINJAN - the Zinjanthropus Skull PROJECT was started a million years ago and is an on-going brain/cortex awareness development project of
MOTHER NATURE -->  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family  ... the   social anthroplogy and intellectual component of the periodic atomic table.





The Manhattan project of 1943 had 2 sides to it:
1) the uranium 238 particle physics atomic research
2) the biological nuclear family side with the advanced proton English prose and electron brain political science circuits.

The physics departmants failure to recognize the existence of MARGARET MEAD's atomic nuclear family resulted in the
MANHATTAN PROJECT Battle near Battery Park --> SEPT 11, 2001 message to Batavia.

FermiLAB is part of the IRON MAN project.

The IRON Manhattan signaling event of Sept 11, 2001.


The Fer = ferrous oxide atomic nuclear family of the biological intellect is the HEME

group (Fe ii+) ion

--> equivalent to iron life at TWO TOWERS.




The periodic atomic table sent the Manhattan Project ERROR signals to the world of science ... via overt, well broadcast television SIGNALS.

ZINJAN skull project of Leakey archeology provides clues to the JAN --> Janesville, Wisconsin economics; and the General Motors automobile ferrous oxide atomic computer program --> assembly line program ERROR --> hence, the assembly program BATCH JOB failed and the factory was closed. Janesville ought fix their data processing awareness problem and recognize their part in the IRON MAN project.

ZINO particle physics

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ZINO - ZINO particle physics and the STANDARD MODEL model of physics represent the  advanced end of the intellectual continuum.





The ZINJAN archelogogy skull project represents the beginning.




A Margaret MEAD applications string from string theory physics connects the 2 ends of the continuum; a million years of the anthropology nuclear family of proton, neutron, and electron evolution --> and their atomic expression via biological brain formats with the development of awareness, social awareness, and self-awareness. Thus

ZINJAN ---> string continuum; millions of years ---> ZINO

High Energy Physics when considering the Margaret Mead component becomes personally interesting to some individuals; since they have a specific atomic anthropology mission with outstanding, unanswered messages waiting.

The SUPER HIGH Z Boson project has 2 components:
- the uranium 238 solid state physics engineering category
- the 2-legged walking biological Margaret Mead atomic social engineering category with theology, philosophy,etc.

Thus we can read on the INTERNET computer such articles as the 

"(SUPER) rare decays of an extra "Z" boson via Higgs boson emission (MISSION)     Bogolyubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at DuBNA.



Explanation needed for WEB-SITE terminology DuDNA.
The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family terminology can somtimes use the computer double word (double-helix equivalent) 64 = 32 + 32.
DuBNA symbolic evolution suggests DuBNA = Double Base DNA --> giving DuDNA. Thus DuBNA has an alternate ego DuDNA. The WEB-SITE used DuDNA to reflect this Margaret Mead nuclear family language evolution; like the "The TALE of TWO CITIES".


DuDNA --> Du = Double DNA --> MOTHER NATURE experiments near Du = DuPAGE county--> Chicago mathematical physics region. Specifically, Du = Double = FermiLAB at Batavia Illinois and the universities in the Midwest region. Thus DuDNA suggests a parallel/ double helix DNA style of Margaret Mead nuclear brain cell social science expression. Thus the MISSING LINK of ZIN.JAN anthropology may involve the relationship of the JOINT INSTITUTE FOR NUCLEAR (family) Research at DuDNA with the DuPAGE intellectual symbolic relatives at FermiLAB and Argonne and the Chicago universities.

From the Galileo COMPUTER EARTH system 370 Base 16 model; this is possible.

If the FermiLAB atomic computer system 370 perceives DuPAGE county as a COMPUTER EARTH computer PAGE (duPAGE = duplicate PAGE / backup PAGE) . . . we have empirical data to build the theoretical model of COMPUTER EARTH and its link to the biological cortex computer math/physics brains

(PC= biology Person Computer versus
PC= copper Personnal Computer)

that do brain data calculations at the various computer address earth geography address locations. Thus physics theorists ought consider the new role of their brain proton,neutron, and electron awareness cirucits in the BRAVE NEW WORLD with Aldous Huxley. The physics factor 137 is a reference to primary one = 1 = atomic computer system 370. Physics, math, and other professors ought upgrade their cortex computer and fix their Y2k biological clock error of omission --> to bring their brain atomic system 370 into alignment with the STANDARD MODEL central nervous system 370.

In addition, the atomic DNA algebra equation is an important message to physics researchers.

Equation ==> (DuDNA + DuPAGE) implies the DNA distributive law of algebraic life. This implies
DuDNA + DuPAGE ==> Du(DNA + PAGE) giving insight to DNA computer paging facilties. Thus we have 2 levels of empirical existence suggested:
1) The DNA paging
2) the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 paging in the FermiLAB geography region

Milwaukee ELECTROMAGNETIC KHZ frequency war at the SiKH temple --> Si + KH --> the Sin wave + KHZ attack

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The electromagnetic war  in the United States of North America is very serious.  We have citizen approved   FCC ( Federal Communications Commission)  violations of  Nature's electromagnetic  space/time continuum and other dimensions of Sartre existentialism.





Electromagnetic waves broadcast by television, radio, cellular phone systems interact with human brain electron circuits.    The FCC authorized attack upon the human brain CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM has increased the  number of brain system problems ..such as  brain bio-computer cannibal subroutines that eat memory...a process named: Alzheimer's.   Other mental disorders have been caused. The  citizen/government  attack upon the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 370 abstract  brain symbolic computer uses new technology techniques.


The Milwaukee region EM war occurred in nearby Oak Creek.

Gunman, six others dead at Wisconsin Sikh temple -
Aug 5, 2012 – Shooting at Sikh temple in Wisconsin ... wounded, including the first officer to respond to the scene, Oak CreekPolice Chief John Edwards said.

Police identify Army veteran as Wisconsin temple shooting gunman ...
Aug 7, 2012 – Oak Creek, Wisconsin (CNN) -- An Army veteran who neighbors say ... punk band was the lone shooter in the rampage at a Sikh temple in ..

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Sikh Temple shooting 2012 has erupted in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The Sikh Temple shooting today August 5, 2012 began shortly after 10:45 am local time.



Sikh temple in ....

Sikh temple in ...

Sikh --> si + Kh --> sin wave  KHZ




Introduction to RF electronics - Department of Electrical Engineering
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Radio-frequency (RF) electronics differ from other electronics because the higher ... although most authorities peg it to
 frequencies of 10 to 100   kilohertz   (kHz).

Thus we begin to see the more TRUE NATURE of the  electromagnetic war and the incomplete newspaper reports.

Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On August 5, 2012, a mass shooting took place at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, with a single gunman killing six people and wounding four others.

Wisconsin --> sin wave state

WisconSIN  --> sin wave bio-mathematical-physics LIFE 

........and within that SIN wave is a
............human group SIN wave   and then
Milwaukee broadcasts SIN waves

Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wisconsin Si + kh --> Sin KHZ  shooting in Oak Creek


Thus we see 3 levels of SIN wave expresion above ...that interact  in some manner ...... and certain combinations of interaction are dangerous.   Thus the need for research to identify the EM freak frequencies ..... that ought not be broadcast.


Another aspect is the mathematical physics mapping function   between  the 
biology domain of  Si + Kh human agents  to the types of existence of  algebra subsets  ( si kH ) of sin  wave KHZ.
Thus many questions exist  ....   awaiting data details and theory.



Thus we see the   mass communications industry (television, radio,  publishing, etc)  give incomplete reports of the EVENT  AND authorities will not allow police detectives to gather data from electronic engineers and electromagnetic graduate students /professors.


Perhaps, the Milwaukee  universities will boldly step forward and help research the tragic REALITY  messages from Nature.
Other reports on secret Milwaukee  ....


  1. The Milwaukee bio-physics electromagnetic WAR. Police agent ...

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    The Milwaukee bio-physics electromagnetic WAR. Police agent Byran Norberg uses special math equations to reveal secret EM manipulation groups that influence Milwaukee criminal activity




Thus students and technicians  with backgrounds in copper-wire electron systems  HAVE a tragic super-symmetry physics  mirror their brain electron circuits that are being  programmed  and manipulated  by the Milwaukee region  communications systems that are filled with ERRORS.

Welcome to Aldous Huxley ...BRAVE NEW WORLD with  the Milwaukee Braves baseball project of 1955.



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