Human mathematical events on the geography surface of EARTH

Earth mathematical-geography war report --> Area of surface of revolution expressed in the Syrian revolution

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Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION  (Planet Earth) has been the Solar System 370 data processing site of  various types of battles.   A study of the Computer Earth system 370  data records produced by Einsteins's data processing DATA FIELD theory of  human activities on  the  geography  surafce of EARTH ...provides some interesting possibilities for understanding ourselves and society.


The newspapers in year 2011 and 2012 have been reporting the SY battles of SYmmetry physics as they are played out on the Margaret Mead nuclear family...atomic anthropology war zones of Syria, Middle East  and Syracuse University, New York.

From Syria........







Thus we have the Sy rebels of Symmetry  theoretical physics at various European and American universities....and the empirical data war in Syria using atomic bio-physics humanoid messengers.

Thus we have a base 2 view...a parallel view of some events and happenings on EARTH.

The modern  Margaret Mead atomic anthropology ....."Tale of 2 Cities "  theory  and applications.
Princeton, UC, Stanford .....deny that it is possible for Nature to do this......because the universities CLAIM thought supremacy over all thought poccesses that can exist  and may exist on EARTH .......contrary to the wisdom and experience of many scientists who lived in prior times.







Thus we see the secret data reports ...that need to been translated into words ..that help us understand the complex situation.

The message is directed to President Bashar = Base Harvard  ...but they have the  Hollywood  view of this.

The humble periodic atomic table government of  elements has  its version of the U N  ..
that is Margaret  Mead nuclear family anthropology elements....

U =  Uranium element 235 and 238 and  
N = Nitrogen 14 and the 14th Dalai  Lama of Tibet ...

whose Buddhist advisors deny he breathes nitrogen into his bio-computer LU=Logical Unit = LUNGS  AND  deny he symbolizes the nitrogen cycle of the Botany TREE of Knowledge.
They are so busy in trance...trance meditation  .......transcendental thoughts....their minds can' t come down to solid ground and communicate about REALITY issues .......including Agent Orange (robes) identity issue  of the Vietnam War. Thus EARTH LAB  has complex formats of expresson of  its social engineering processes with subset humans and their subset institutions.

The math below is from the Calculus and Analytic Geometry  book by George b. Thomas, JR  1962 edition  page 251 thru 255.

Let's look at the Syria mathematical situation ...from the EARTH geography VIEW as an expression ...AREA






Thus we have the EARTH sphere .....similar to the concept above.....and the surface of the Earth's revolution on a daily basis  on its axis  OR the yearly revolution around the sun. Thus we see the  more TRUE NATURE of the Solar Ssystem war for control of earth ...thru  human messenger expressions ...such as the astronomy/EARTH / geography/botany SIGNAL from history..............
  1. Sun Yat-sen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    Jump to Furen and Revive China Society‎: In 1891 Sun met revolutionary friends in Hong Kong including ... presenting his ideas for modernizing China.

So.....we see the above ...that SUN electromagnetic waves/ photons of thought in the EM carrier .......
the  human optical bio-computer........  had  EM meeetings in the geography-physics RD  convergence location of Hong Kong in year 1891......about the same time period as the American physics Michelson-Morly experiment on the symbolic city of the velocity of light.


Thus the current Earth geography war in year 2011 and 2012 Syria is NOT a surprise .....considering the past and now ......the suppression of the  current SCIENCE WAR  issues by universities and newspapers in year 2012.






Thus the EARTH   symbolic universe   (nouns,verbs, vowels, equations, formula)   ......would consider the above equation  ....major symbol components  ( S, , y, Δ )  ...... and using Darwinian geography selection  .....would  find an approximate equivalent geography Sy = Syria   near the Nile  River delta.

Thus we have the   ....
symbols <---- symmetry/mirror ---> earth representations


Thus the Surface of Revolution ...can effect human political science behavior  ...VIA 
people society Revolutions on the surface of the EARTH in year 2011/2012 in Syria and Egypt regions.


Surface    of        Revolution

Revolution on the Surface



We  already mentioned the SUN/Solar System events of year 1891  in  China. 
Other BLOGs discussed other math and physics war expressions.
Older readers of this blog ........remember  the student algebra radicals DEMO at the 1968  Chicago Democratic Convention of   math-life  politics.
Columbia University in New York City had    student organic molecule  radicals DEMO via the social chemistry  sit-in of university administrative  offices.



As we all know   the calculus integration intellectual war was played out in 1957  at Central High School, Little Rock , Arkansas. The University of Arkansas math, engineering, and physics departments  still deny  the existence of intergration. The existence of university  football cheerleaders provides them with all the math curves they need to understand.    In REALITY they need  to fully understand the Brave New World social pscyhology wars of today.

Let's continue with EARTH geography...math equations expressed via human countries and politics .....
thus   below  SY ...Syria  and Sy = Symmetry.

The Sy = Syria equation ....






Above...we also see U.S.ARMY math lab experiemnts in geography region dS   ...that  was Iraq/Kuwait in 1990/1991 
with dS  = desert Storm.

The math religions of the region are very old...from ancient math studies.

The Jewish religion their ancient studies of bio-math circumference of  bio-cylinders 
..... named their male  math ritual  circum. decision.

Not to be  out-done in those ancient bedroom  math learning rituals ......
the slant  height now the Golan Heights.

And the official bedroom spokesperson are the Beudions  of Jordan  ...well today........... social psychology  nomads have evolved  .... and Chicago has the Michael Jordan bedroom male tribes that play bio-basketballs with their wives.

Sigmund Freud and FermiLAB .....a wide range of knowledge ........ gives modern atomic, bio-physics humans with symbolic processors ....... and atomic brain behavior such as atomic social  psychology  and atomic political science.


Below we see the EARTH  sin math function ..the
EARTH is the  generates the entire sphere




The Earth math geography ....  sin function region  is below..





Thus the Sinai Peninsula    subset words
..............Sin     Pen .........

Thus the Sinai Peninsula physical geography region

.....has   parallel  Earth symbolic geography region  in math books
with professors.......sin pen = sin functions + ink Pen


An interesting world we live in year 2012....  and more interesting is trying to understand the  EARTH puzzles.


Thus the math book concept:

Area of the Surface of Revolution .....becomes applied  math ..
geography  AREA of the earth SURFACE of  a society's  Revolution


Hence the Earth ...the living Earth cell can express itself indirectly VIA the human messenger vehicle ..such as yourself.


Anybody curious about their secret EARTH mission?

Earth mathematical structure news reports of the WORLD mathematical-physics evolution into different dimensions. Base 2 exponents and the Tale of 2 Cities.

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We have a vast amount of Base 2  binary historical information on the structure of Earthly existence. The precise Nature of this is being reviewed,  but research suffers from the lack of resources. What are some historical clues?


--> Galileo the DEFENDER (of EARTH)  made the 1st major announcement with his book ....

"Two Chief Worlds"   in year  1632   ...and the world-wide message was repeated in year 2001 with
"Two Chief World  Trade Centers"  tragic astronomy battle in Manhattan .....providing information for  the astronomy CHIEF prosecutor's to study. 

Does  astronomy wisdom exist on EARTH? 
Biased,distorted astronomy exists and this bias is encouraged by hypnotized universities and  astrophysics research   centers.

Anyhow,  Nature's intellect continues to evolve to new levels of complexity ....regardless of  the limited views of professors and graduate students who take  BRAVE NEW WORLD orders and are atomic human puppets as predicted by string theory physics. It is easy to escape these social  psychology traps understand the Science Wars.


--> The  book " Tale of 2 Cities'

--> World War 2  axis powers ........ 2 axis powers in math terms is:

.....geometry axis is a high school algebra class  graph of an equation 
.....powers refers  to exponents

.....2 refers to the exponent 2 the  more TRUE NATURE of the war over the quadratoic equation and its graph of a parabola.



What is the current status of Nature's math projects on EARTH.  Let's look at the University of Wisconsin, Madison math and computer science Base 2 exponent experiments on EARTH LAB.    Base 2 and Base 16 news ...




Ther above math headline ...
...World  Dairy Expo  .......... with algebra subset letters
...Wo ......Da ..y Expo ......then word ...expands trade show gives
..TWo.....Data y exponents ...............


Thus we have multiple signals from this cryptic message:

a) Base 2 binary bio-computer brain DATA

b) y exponents ....which may be

- the right triangle equation
- a differential equation with exponent 2
- and other applications yet to be discovered

c) in the context of WORLD geography ...we must consider the possible math tragedy in Chicago at the E2 nightclub ..... a dance nightclub on the 2nd floor of a building on 2347 S.  Michigan Avenue.

Consider the following supersymmetry  physics/  parallel mirror of existence  of the E2  concrete/wood building as a physical structure.   
The 1st floor...the BASE had the Epitome restaurant....   
the 2nd  floor was like the exponent level ...hence the name E2.

Thus we consider the math geography surafce of EARTH ...with  levels ..represented by building levels translated in symbolism.  Consider the outline below.

We see the supersymmtery MIRROR in a symbolic building ...that   mirrors  the physical building at 2347 S.Nichigan Avenue, Chicago  with  IIT and Leon Lederman atomic physics nearby.





Thus we have  a symbolic building above.   The E2 nightclub is the exponent of   x  of the 1st  math component ax.

Now inside the human brain of a high school student ....before algebra ...his/her .....  brain synapses/ neurons /axons .....have  bio-math primitive  symbol  ax  in the biology molecule ax.

Thru basic  math education ..their brain logic circuits ...go from  ax   to   ax + bx = c =  o.

Then comes algebra and the  parabola, the quadratic equation, and the graph of the parabola of a piece of  paper.

Thus thru the University of Chicago quad .......incomplete quadratic equation test ....we understand the E2 nightclub brain deficiency and the cover-up of thge math tragedy by the Chicago universities. 

But they lie about  the math war of World War 2

They lie about President NixoN 
and the N x N square matrices war in Vietnam ..
.......................................rice  is a subset of word  matrices 
.......................................rice fields ...thus become DATA FIELDs ..
.................................matrices data fields of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD   theory of Computer Earth system 370 geography LAND at  ....
.................LAN  Dat(a) --> Local Area Network Data.

Universities  and their friends are not accredited instutions from the TREE of KNowledge point of view.

So what professors will show some  leadership and help clarify these problems with me.




What other news supports the math curiousity ?



--> Above we see CP's entomologists ...reference to the 1959 Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology

lecture by C.P. Snow titled "TWO Cultures" .  
 This is verified by the above words:


Corn rootworm

black cutworm



--> Also, Earth crop editor .... agent Jane F.... perhaps known in the atomic/astrophysics continuum as  a member of  Jane's Fighting Ships  ........ writes a very complex signal ....
" souhern two-thirds of the state"  ..
2/3  implies  G  = universal gravitational constant =  6.67 X 10 exponent -11  ....... in the southern two-thirds of the state of Wisconsin is Jane .....

and her symbolic gene connection to Gene Motors in Jane ...that is General Motors in Janesville...all connected by the elementary grammer schools......subliminal education of our primordial minds VIA  book  "DICK and  Jane".   Thus this common communications foundation  ....... gives the  Jane communications LINKS.


Continue  with gravity   .......the gravity grammer  network ..... Jane has got the connections to more ..........
of course....
we begin to see the subtle communications from Wi= Wisconsin   editor  Jane F (y) agent   Function (y)  .....and the astrophysics  signal regarding  Jane Wilde (Wi = Wisconsin)    Hawking  .....  former wife of gravity specialist  Hawking ......the signal being about the GM ..Gravity/Magnetic field automotive assembly line in Jane F.  economic  RD terrority of Janesville, Wisconsin.

Thus we see that Jane Fyksen is alot smarter that  it appears from the  surface article she wrote .....but women to reveal their secrets about Earth events and structures ...... so we see the  James Joyce symbolic  voyage of
information data streams of bio-computer human editors this case  we have Captain Jane (way)  and the Star Trek: Voyager project and its many  expressions ...VIEWS  from Agri-view  Earth undercover agents for Nature.




--> In addition, in EARTH geography amd modern symbolic EARTH literature ...we have signal

Corn  rootworm  .....
...............two reference to  2  CORN structures:

geography --> Tropic of  Capricorn
Henry Miller book --> Tropic of Capricorn

Henry Miller American author ....ate food and expressed Botnay messages
......ry ..mill
......rye mill flour used for making rye   bread and feeding author Hen.rye
.......the Bread  kept him alive and nourish and he expressed his gartitude by writing 
secrets....Bread subset word about the Paris experience of Henry Miller and 11 dimsions of string theory

Paris = Par + Is = Parallel Information systems on Earth in the multi-facted dimensions of Sartre existentism


And she  wrote more clues much more in the remainder of the article.  
Such as the Voyager ...... Seven of Nine signal.



Thus we think of  BIG EAR  radio telescope that was at Ohio Stae university.
The  parallel   BIG EAR the living EARTH cell ...hence..
............the  BIG EARTH  and its geology/geography  access to the symbolic EARTH
Microphone  ......subset algebra word ............
....crop ....... ops.....what's is the secret of publlishing Earth Ag news ...
....Crop Connection to the State of communication 
................... connect to Connecticut.


So, there is much to learn about the secret world of agriculture and message processing systems.





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

Earth mathematical-geography WAR and ACCIDENT reports --> Computer Earth system 370 Base 16 hexadecimal signals ---> Africa ONE, Africa ONE to BALAD ..over and out --> Please respond.

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2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash


2007 Balad aircraft crash


Background context with data of 
An-26 --> Alpha/numerica alphabet with the  decimal math symbols (0 thru 9)  and the 26 English language letters :

The Solar System is a data processing/ information structure.    The Solar System 370 astronomy computer
has 9 planets( (8 data bit planets and 1 error correction parity bit Planet --> EARTH).

The Solar Systems 370 model is  better visibible  as COMPUTER EARTH  system 370  ..that exist in it's own predicted by Galileo (Year 16 16  and  the start of the EARTH Base 16 Hex space and Base 16 Hex time  project  ....known  today  as Einstein's FIELD Theory....more accurately described as  Einstein's  data processing  DATA FIELD theory of  Earth,  land address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,  oxygen atom 16,etc).

Frank Drake | SETI Institute
Frank Drake, who conducted the first modern SETI experiment in 1960, ... in our own solar system – in particular the resonances between their rotation and ...
Let's look at an oxygen atom 16 breathing bio-physics structure with LU = Logical Unit = LUNG base 16 Hex'F' = 15 =rank and data file.   The SETI Institue has such an EARTH LAB humanoid specimens  labeled FRANK   ...who has been trapped in  the Base 16 hexadecimal dimension of the 11  dimensions predicted by string theory and M-theory physics about life on EARTH.


Drake equation - Wikipedia,

It is used in the field of the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). The equation was devised in 1961 by Frank Drake, Emeritus Professor of .... Also, the variety of solar systems that might have habitable zones is not just limited to ...
Let's look at the SETI  secret word signals  ABOVE:
--->  in the field of the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence  BECOMES symbols

---> int + he + field ........extra  ...........est + trial  .........explained as
---> input hex  (data) field  ... hex trap ...estimator (statistical) trial

Thus we have some information about the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 government ... the Base 16 hexadecimal government of NATURE's intellect and the  mathematical war with subset humans and their subset institutions .....including Base 16 Hex'Fe'=254 = Federal governments around  the world.... and the INTELLECTUAL conflicts at  the Base 16 computer geography address space  known as  1600 Pennsylvania  Avenue,  EARTH location near the city of BAL = Basic Assembler Language city of BALTIMORE and the  Earth BAL  line of assembler code  DC= Define Constant ---> Washington, DC.
Let's look at the  AFRICA  ONE  signal  to PERU ONE at EARTH location An-26 = Atomic number 26  --> 26 protons of Ferrous oxide atoms in bio-physics structures at Fer= FermiLAB   ......  a signal processing Region Of  Convegence (ROC)  with the 2 circular accelerator RINGS  and  Chicago Circle Campus the atomic social science,  geo-political science ....  geography region...known as the  3   RING CIRCUS region of study.
Let's concentrate on the EARTH data processing aspects of the events.

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash


2007 Balad aircraft crash


Let's concentrate on the EARTH data processing aspects of the events.

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred when a twin engine Antonov An-26, belonging to the Congolese air carrier Africa One, crashed and burned shortly after takeoff from N'djili Airport in KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congoon October 4, 2007. The flight left N'djili at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa, a distance of 650 km to the east.

Above computer science signals for  COMPUTER WORLD Magazine.




The flight was variously reported as operated by El  Sam Airlines or Malila Airlift, with the aircraft leased from Africa One

Above words --->
as operated by El  Sam Ai atomic/astrophysics continuum language ...

as operated = astrophysics (undercover)  operations
by e1 = (data byte) 1

El Sam = Elementary physics SAMPLE space ...SAMPLE time




The flight manifest stated that there were 16 passengers 
aboard, but more boarded the flight shortly before takeoff.

[edit] Crash

Accident summary
Date October 4, 2007
Type Under investigation
Site KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congo
4°24′S 15°25′E / 4.40°S 15.41°ECoordinates:4°24′S 15°25′E / 4.40°S 15.41°E

unknown (16 in the flight manifest)



Reuters reported that an on-board
mechanic survived
while Associated Press claims a flight attendant also survived , bringing the total 
number of survivors to two.

Above, we see the Data processing signals ...
Base 16 hexadecimal
Base 2   binary



File:Tower Kinshasa

International Airport






Map of Congo, Democratic Republic of the


Map of Congress  ..... Demo for Republic of USA



Map of Congo, Democratic Republic of the


Central Africa  ---> EARTH  geography data processing region

description:  Central Africa = Central Processing  Unit 
Base 16   range of A thru F (AFRICA) --->
Hex'A' = 10    thru  Hex''F'= 15    .....

with Earth geography supersymmetry geo-physics / mirrors to

Hex'A' = Arognne National Labs  ---->  Hex''F'= FerriLAB  ......agent  Adrica ONE  to Peru ONE the  Galapagos Islands computer science project done  ...Galapagos = Gala  + pag + os  --> Galaxy  (computer ) page  OS/JCL -->  OS = Office of Science JOB Control Language for  human bio-computers    and  Europe ...  OS= OSLO  and their IMS  biological database CHILD records that were physically deleted ....fix your state assembly/legislature  brain   bio-computer programming systems on human behavior and symbolic thought.







2007 Balad aircraft crash

2007 Bal  crash --> IBM, EDS, and others

The 2007 Balad aircraft crash was a 9 January 2007 airplane incident involving an Antonov An-26 airliner, which crashed while attempting to land at the U.S. military base in Balad, Iraq.[3] The crash killed 34 people aboard and left one passenger critically injured. Officials claim the crash was caused by poor weather conditions, but other sources claim that this is a cover-up.

is cover-up = information systems cover-up







Emergency response

the emergency response was supplied by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. Ground ambulance response was by the 206th Area Support Medical Company, which is an US Army National Guard from Missouri. Eight ambulances responded with support from the base QRF. Helicopters from the Air Force's 64th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron transported the dead from the scene.[11] Of the 35 passengers and crew members on board the flight, two individuals were pulled alive from the wreckage.



--> National Guard from Mis  --> N  Guard MIS =Numeric Guards Management Information Systems

--> Mis    ... Eight ambulances  --> Mgt Info Systems  8 data bits

-->  64th Expeditionary Rescue 
..... 64 hex edition ary Rescue --> Doubleword 64 = 32 + 32 hex edition array (linear algebra rows/columns)-



Reaction from the Islamic Army in Iraq


Reaction from the ISLAM   Army in Iraq
Reaction from the Islam = I + SL + A + M    Army

ISLAM = Indexed SequentiaL  Access Method

Messages for Mr. Robert (LOGIC) Gates and Texas A&M  = Access Methods   ....
ought try modern  human being techniques  .....  INTELLECTUAL  communications theory   regarding  
the 11-dimensions of possible  social science / PHYSICS  existential relationships with the symbolic universe and the vowels A, E, I, O, U.



Thus is stranage indeed.....that the entire computer science and data processing industry ...COBOL applications prorammers,
BAL programs , software engineering ,etc ..... never heard  about Base 16 events  or Base 2 events.

Who wishs  to become a member of my CLUB?

I am the 1st dumb, stupid idiot ....who was a COBOL application programmer using CICS on system 370 main-frames.
Now I really liked my work was like solving FUN puzzles and riddles and all that ...and I got  paid a good income back  around 1980 thru 1995.
So....a few ago .... I woke up ....and began to wonder  .... are these BASE 2 and Base 16 events I read about in the newspaper.

The TWO Towers of SEPT 11, 2001 that a world-wide COMPUTER WAR using  bio-computer PUPPET humans as vehicles to carry out the mission.

The Federal Building in Oklahoma city with 168 dead ---> Base 16 signal + 8 data bits = 1 BITE (phonetic sound equivalent BYTE).

Okay, what's happening. 
Newspapers are printing incomplete reports ...about the  big bio-computer war programming the human BRAIN  computer,
YOU are programmed.  SAD but true.


I was programmed.....but by LUCK.... I realized something was up.....and took the time and effort to figure it out ..over a 15 year period.

The 1st vague feelings/ doubts  I had came from watching televsion in 1995 and reading  the Sunday newspaper. 
2 or 3 time a year ..some news or story was not presented ...RIGHT.   Something was different.   
So,  I sort-of kept track of these  oddities..... No big deal.
Around year 2001 and 2004 ...I mentioned them to some friends and others.
One guy  working at  a bookstore was very helpful  ...and provided some philosophy VIEWS about language,  TV,  and newspapers .....thus reminded ...I returned to S.I. Hayakwa books and  had a better understanding of his messages.
Then books like 1984, Brave New World, the Invisible Man    ...began to suggest some  ideas and concepts.

Eventually, ideas became more clear .....and thus .... eventually SOME NEW events  acquired a deeper  undertanding ... thus the BASE 16  hexadecimal VIEW of EARTH mathametical-geography  signals  and the process control  FEEDBACK ERROR signals  in tragic formats

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