Herb Zinser's analysis of the British science wars - Part 3

The secret British atomic LIVER message from LIVERPOOL - Beattles song "HELP" ( Part 2 )

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William Shakespeare around year 1600 wrote:
..................... "The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

In modern times,"The WORLD is a molecular cell social biology stage and we are the symbolic processing layers"

We will look at the stage performance of the Margaret Mead nuclear family - atomic bio-physics social anthropology. The atomic English language of the British LIVER is with iron hemoglobin protein messenger Margaret Thatcher.


As the IRON LADY...the moelcular cell biology government of Nature has ranked her liver ferrous oxide atomic data processor as a leading liver language messenger.

Hence symbol Fe = Ferrous oxide atom is with Fe = Fe.male structure .....which in Darwinian evolution of IRON of the periodic atomic table of life....gives an iron Hemoglobin humanoid subspecies--> hence an atomic species with identifier Fe = Female PRIME MINISTER Margaret Thatcher of 1982.



Thus according to modern atomic Darwin.... humans have evolved into 2 atomic species labeled:

--> Fe.male (left-sided ferrous oxide symbol with the Herbert Spencer INTERNAL biology government ......the IRON Heme group FE(ii) government and its ironic languages) and then the
--> Male structure who must use his EXTERNAL arm/hand to reach for an .Fe --> ferrous oxide iron object/tool in the EXTERNAL world of objects: iron automobile engines, iron hammer,etc.

Thus we have the clearly identifed atomic English langauge of the 26 proton English atomic alphabet of Ferrous oxide /IRON. The IRON LADY is not recognized by British science as existing in an atomic bio-physics humanoid format; instead, university and government EM=Employed professors and scientists view her as an EM = Electro.Magnetic EM.ployee Life ......like a television wave ....brain bio-television or brain bio-movies.

Other thinkers perceive her as radio wave; the music group RADIO HEAD amd other groups raise the questions of bio-radio....but then many authors have written many CLUES about this SECRET biological communications system that has been banned by the Central Nervous System government and the laws of Nature.
Of course, EM life forms are well-known by other names:

- Santa Claus and the Flying Reindeer
- The Arabic Flying Magic Carpet
- Ancient Greek and Roman GODS up in the Sky

...so,what else new in the world of well-publized secrets. Pay Attention?
Returning to the Darwin atomic evolution of iron HEME Groups ..... humans have evolved into 2 atomic species labeled:
--> Fe.male (left-sided ferrous oxide symbol) and

--> Male structure with EXTERNAL Fe (right-sided)



This structure of left-sided / right-sided occurs with many chemistry molecules....thus the molecular extension labeled: humanoid ..exhibits this property of Nature via the

Male.FE --> FEATURE of Ferrous oxide in the Sartre existential EARTH LAB

The laws of Nature makes a difference between these 2 different formats of humanoid iron LIFE...both in physical appearance and in symbolic mental activity. Nature is not fooled by some newspaper article that claims all things are ATOMIC equals in the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology world. The modern VIEW of society --> atomic social sciences and atomic politics.

Thus we have a new basis for divorce...the atomic basis of the Margaret Mead nuclear social anthropology problems. Thus an accurate view of marriage as an atomic social relationship.

The male HEME group FE(ii) ion (with fe = ferrous oxide atomic fe=feelings) ....... sees some adult fe = ferrous oxide atomic fe = female structure.
Then the North Pole magnetic field flow lines that flow thru our bodies..... provide a magnetic field communications data pipeline ...that passes these Heme group fe(ii) feelings and ironic thoughts between these 2 Heme Group species...a magnetic LINK ...a magnetic attraction that may become 2 LOVERS.

Thus the bio-physics components of a LOVER involves the atomic thoughts of the 26 proton English alphabet of IRON in the Heme Group....between the 2 different IRON bio-physics bodies.

Such IRON species live within the North Pole magnetic field environment of COMPUTER EARTH system 370 and its Batch COBOL language statement...physically expressed as the Cobol ENVIROMENT with a link to CLI = Climate ....at the BAL = Baltic Sea in Europe...which clearly states EARTH and Europe is a BAL = Basic Assembler Language geological information structure with the CLI = Compare Logical Immediate instruction for President CLI --> Clinton.
But Washington, DC computer intellectuals do not care aout such details of existence of Earth and the Earth government...since the only BAL they care about is the sport of BASE.BAL(L)...... hence, the SCIENCE WARS (equivalent to World War 3).

Thus in summary we have 2 human species:

Fe + male --> Female structure such as the IRON LADY or Hillary Clinton

Male + Fe --> Male structures such as football players

Now how does this effect divorce?. Now the Hemeglobin iron flows thru the LIVER....and does both physical processing and symbolic data processing. The human biological computer name for
LIVER = Langauge interface VER= Vector .
...word vectors with the tongue vector Ver.bal Ver.bs
...or the magnetic field flow line vectors that pass thru thru body and interact with iron ...thus a hybrid message system components.

Now the magnetic attraction was mentioned before -->
thus the bio-physics components of a LOVER involves the atomic thoughts of the 26 proton English alphabet of IRON in the Heme Group....between the 2 different IRON bio-physics bodies.
Thus we have 2 component words: LIVER + LOVER...
both with a social engineering VER = Vector component.
The other messages are from the Beattle's LIVER music messages of Liverpool, England...with the Hemglobin request for "HELP' thru the atomic mass ...mass communications media of the radio and television.

British government funds for science research have conveniently ignored this HELP message from NATURE via the molecular cell biology LIVER messengers from Liverpool. Thus the NEXT chapter for the textbook: Molecular and Cell Biology of the Liver edited by Albert V. LeBouton ..is outlined in this BLOG. Are any research funds available to complete this new dimension of LIVER expressions?



The LIVER routes its messages to the human arm/wrist/hand and writes English word books for the EYE/optical nerve (year 1726) or the messages are for the mouth/vocal chords and EAR ...via Beattle songs from 1964 thru 1974.

What company, what government will help understand the "HELP" the Liver song request ....of the city of LIVER data record pool....as symbolized by the physical geography city of LIVERPOOL with a LIVER population of about 435,000 walking and talking LIVER structures with Base 2 binary legs with the human TOE.

The liver map VIA the EXTERNAL construct of a LIVER demo city  






The human TOE component of TOE theory physics: Time Order Entry at which your human toes/shoes touch the EARTH gound/soil....which is like a computer terminal keyboard.
Thus we have the parallel processing example:

--> 1st we have the copper wire computer since 1960/1990 with a display terminal and a mouse and a keyboard....your finger presses keys .....applies pressure on the KEYS of alphabet symbols,etc

--> the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 .....the soil surface/ the Landau geo-physics surface is considered like a keyboard.....and as you walk ...your legs/feet/toes apply pressure to the earth keyboard ....thus your legs/feet are the parallel function to your arms/fingers at your office copper wire computer. Thus ..as you walk your leg/toes/shoes are typing...giving data entry input to COMPUTER EARTH....and there is a lot of garbage input data.

Thus TOE theory is also called the Theory of Everything ..including atomic humanoid structures with symbolic thoughts....including serious thoughts on how the EARTH LAB social engineering structure of Nature works.

Herbert Spencer wrote about this process in 1872...with the concept of the
--> INTERNAL biology government,its thoughts and expressions (and example is Reader's Digest Magazine and its symbolic messages that originate in the digestive thought sytem)

or the

--> INTERNAL biology message book from the Large Test (intestines exam) and Small Test(intestines of biochemistry internal knowledge).using OLD English language words
...... the OLD Test of the Old Testament of the Intestinial symbolic knowledge
......and the Isaac Newton NEW Test...NEW Testament regarding the interaction of gravity with the atomic mass of the intestine digestive system.

Thus the phrase "FOOD for thoughts"......thus the FOOD created digestive system language expressions titled the BIBLE and printed in external fomat by the GUT = Grand Unified Theory of Nature's physics department in year 1453 with GUT agent for external Tensor space/time messages: Gut.Ten.burg.
Thus we see that the GUT/guts/courage theory of Nature's physics department is over 500 years in the making....with it's emergence to the conscious level of expression in the last logarithmic ratio of 50 years......and of course we have the logarithmic CALTECH astrophysics life form.. from the algebra LOG universe ....the astrophysics Earth Lab mathematical-physics surface geography location of Logan, Utah.
Pasadena is like the 1960 television show "I've got a Secret". But everyone is playing the secret game.

--> EXTERNAL biology world with physics, math models, chemsitry labs AND social institutions (outside the B.F.Skinner human body)
Thus we have 2 types of atomic human adult species. At birth ...we all begin with an internal government and go to school to learn basic internal government symbolic languages: the usage of English words to ask for food, to ask for a house mortgage for shelter,etc. Most people only understand part of the external world; only that part necessary to get a technical job to get money to feed their internal government.

A few older individuals with math books, science experience, intellectual effort, and wisdom may transcend this
.........and understand the larger gestalt of the
EXTERNAL goverments of EARTH and NATURE...and the EARTH LAB role of human subset governments and institutions.

Thus we have background clues ...and now describe the British liver language system VIA humanoid inerface agents. See the BLOGs about the IRON LADY and the 26 proton English alphabet of the ferrous oxide iron atom--> Hence, atomic English langauge. Do you have the current version of English symbolic map inside your brain. NO? Pay attention please.

A classic example of the social evolution process and expression of Nature's intellect is VIA
the Jonathan Swift book "Gulliver's Travels". The book described the year 1726 biochemistry government long-term LIVER project plan to have future scientists bio-physics LIVERS TRAVEL to / converge at a world LIVER conference site......which is the well-known secret of Livermore, California. This is affirmed by the atomic liver messages of Malcolm H. MacGregor ==>

1) 1726 Jonathan Swift ...symbolic book: The Power of atomic ALPHABETS (titled.. Gullible LIVER TRAVELS) to the future EARTH LAB ....liver convergence location with atomic agent....





see the Part 3 BLOG ....the mystery of Livermore,California and CALTECH

Oxford University - oxygen atomic computer BASE 16 hexadecimal LUNG errors

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An EARTH LAB test site for Ox = Oxygen atomic BASE 16 data processing in atomic bio-physics humans was established by NATURE at Oxford University in year 872.  Thus the periodic atomic table element of oxygen  .. in that TIME period ... decided to  open a university for oxygen LUNG bio-computer  devices  ..... so they could acquire  oxygen self-awareness.


A History of Oxford University

According to legend Oxford university was founded in 872 when Alfred the Great ... In that year the first Chancellor was appointed, a man named Robert ...


When was Oxford University Founded? - Answers.Ask.com 

answers.ask.com › AllEducationOther
dwalker: The legend of Oxford's founding says that Oxford University was founded in 872 by Alfred the Great. The truth is it began in the 12th century. The first ...

Thus we have the atomic bio-physics SIGNAL ---> Carbon 12 and the 12th century ....... year 872 --> oxygen atomic number 8 and nitrogen atomic number 7   .... and number 2 implies 2 atoms make 1 LUNG molecule.     Thus the early signals from year 872 and the 12th century  ......  and the  year 2013  ... State of Denial of those existential  messages by  Oxford.

University of Oxford

University of Oxford in Oxford, United Kingdom


In year 1982 the oxygen atomic BASE 16 Hex'Fa'= 250 = Fa = Faculty INTELLECTUAL wars were physically fought in the Base 16 Hex'Fa' = Falkland Islands with Argentina  ....... symbolic of Arg = Argument parameter ERRORS of an Argonne National Labs humanoid nuclear anthropology experiment in North America.



The symbolism and parallel processing EVENTS clearly identify the secret INTELLECTUAL problems of the oxygen breathing OXFORD hexadecimal professors.

Failure to recognize the existence of the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family.....atomic brain government is a modern atomic social anthropology problem for  the British military ...who are mislead by biased, elaborate professorial explanations of Sartre existential conflict.



Year 1982 Base 16 universe Hex'FA' = 250 --> FA.1k data stream Islands WAR
Year 2010 Base 16 inverse.. Hex'AF' = 175 --> AF.ghanistan inverse universe war zone

The COMPUTER EARTH system 370 LAND war is being fought by American and British soldiers........who are given incorrect explanations of the TRUE  NATURE of the war.   LAND = Local Area Network Data   .... thus the mountain of data from geography data region in Asia. 

Universities are responsible for the incomplete explanations about the Afghanistan SCIENCE WARS. Perhaps, individual world-class citizens can join with me ...to spread these more accurate descriptions of the conflict.

The errors at OXFORD UNIVERSITY are in myoglobin protein intellectual awareness.
The myoglobin protein has the oxygen BASE 16 hexadecimal atomic biochemistry computer and the iron HEME group English language of 26 ferrous oxide protons and their 26 atomic English alphabet letters. Myoglobin protein is a source of INTELLECTUAL MUSCLE.

Myoglobin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Myoglobin is an iron- and oxygen-binding protein found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates in general and in almost all mammals. It is related to hemoglobin, ...

A math gap exists between oxygen BASE 16 and iron 26 proton English alphabet symbols used by the arm,wrist, hand of newspaper writers and authors. The decimal gap of 10(TEN) fingers ought be bridged...to have a good communication bridge within the symbolic body that co-exists with the physical human body.

 The human TEN.ZIN   fingers may have the communications property  ........

Structural Biochemistry/Zinc fingers - Wikibooks, open books for an ...

Structural Biochemistry/Zinc fingers. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. < Structural Biochemistry. 

The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters – the same letters that are found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet:

Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)

This is the TENZIN gap...a missing link with Nature's ZINJAN skull update project...the 500 year symbolic brain evolution project of Nature that began around year 1453 with the Gutenburg printing press and the dramatic increase in the availability of books.

The books allowed the eye/optical nerve to rapdily evolve to the symbolic levels....with symbolic cities built inside the brain. This symbolic effort of NATURE was then demonstrated in year 1600 by the works of William Shakespeare.....a messenger for Nature's intellectual optical nerve development projects.

TENZIN Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet and his organization, have not acknowledged their role in these serious matters; thus the back-up system agent TENZIN for Nature has been activated...identifier = BIG TEN Universities ( University of Wisconsin region ...anthropology agent ZINJAN).

OXFORD is the Maragret Mead atomic nuclear family test location for Ox=Oxygen brain Base 16 hexadecimal processor awareness. It is very important for the OX=OXYGEN OXFORD Dictionary to recognize the existence of the periodic atomic table government and its elements of thought. Atoms are the original source of thought and ought receive diplomatic recognition with proper respect.


The TEN fingers of biochemistry structure  TenZin Gyatso  ..... when visting the BIG TEN University of Wisconsin in Madison ... ought consider locating Nature's  communications TENZIN  Zinc Fingers agent wearing an Oxford cotton shirt near   Wisconsin's Oxygen hexadecimal Highway 16. 
  • Zinc Biochemistry

    The complete biochemistry of zinc is far outside the scope of this handbook. ... (3) Since the discovery of zinc fingers in 1985, over 200 proteins, many of which ...
  • Nutritional Biochemistry - Page 805 - Google Books Result

    Tom Brody - 1999 - Technology & Engineering
    It resides close to the surface of the protein and participates in the chemistry of catalysis. Zinc Fingers
    A special sequence of amino acids that contains residues .

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