Lawrence Livermore Labs and the secrets of atomic continuum message processing. LIVER biochemistry, symbolic life, and liver messages
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The secret British atomic LIVER messages sent to Lawrence Livermore Labs and CALTECH (Part 3)

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William Shakespeare around year 1600 wrote:
..................... "The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

In modern times,"The WORLD is an atomic bio-physics stage and we are the symbolic processing layers"

We will look at the evolution of a stage performance of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family - atomic social anthropology. Theatomic English language of the British LIVER is with iron hemoglobin protein messenger Margaret Thatcher.


As the IRON LADY...the molecular cell biology government of Nature has ranked her liver ferrous oxide atomic data processor as a leading liver language messenger.

Thus we have clearly identified the atomic English language of the 26 proton English atomic alphabet of Ferrous oxide /IRON.

The atomic English language is not recognized by the social sciences....they use some fabricated language of their own making. Their language explains parts of reality; but many explanations are incomplete. Given the availabilty of knowledge in year 2011...they continue to promote the errors within their LANGUAGE structure with an arrogant policy. However, Nature is not interested in biased explanations of EVENTS; hence, Nature has proceeded without they lag behind in the SCIENCE WARS.

Herbert Spencer wrote about this process in 1872...with the concept of the
- Internal biology government, its thoughts and expressions (an example is Reader's Digest Magazine and its symbolic messages that originate in the digestive thought sytem)
- External world with physics, math models, chemsitry labs AND social institutions (outside the B.F.Skinner human body)

Thus we have 2 types of atomic human adult species. At birth ...we all begin with an internal government and go to school to learn basic internal government symbolic languages: the usage of English words to ask for food, to ask for a house mortgage for shelter,etc. Most people only understand part of the external world; only that part necessary to get a technical job to get money to feed their internal government. A few older individuals with math books, science experience, intellectual effort, and wisdom may transcend this INTERNAL government STATE of MIND....and understand the larger gestalt of the EXTERNAL goverments of EARTH and NATURE...and the EARTH LAB role of human subset governments and institutions.

Thus we have background clues ...and now describe the British liver language system VIA humanoid inerface agents.

A classic example of the social evolution process and expression of Nature's intellect is VIA
the Jonathan Swift book "Gulliver's Travels". The book described the year 1726 biochemistry government long-term  LIVER project plan to have future scientists bio-physics LIVERS TRAVEL to / converge at a world LIVER conference site......which is the well-known secret of Livermore, California.


This is affirmed by the atomic liver messages of Malcolm H. MacGregor ==>

1) 1726 Jonathan Swift ...symbolic book: The Power of atomic ALPHABETS (titled.. Gullible LIVER TRAVELS) to the future EARTH LAB ....liver convergence location with atomic agent....


2) 2007 Malcolm MacGregor physics book: The Power of ALPHA(atomic Alphabets); and he announces that his LIVER has traveled because his California automoble license plate 70MeV a significant subliminal mind SIGNAL in his book. Year 1726 becomes ...via the modern Livermore messenger MacGregor ..... 17 + 26.

17 years denotes the patents/inventions of the unique work at Livermore Labs and
26 = the 26 iron protons in his IRON MAN liver  Hemoglobin proteins




and their


26 atomic iron proton English alphabet(INTERNAL government); and then his book descibes the relationship to EXTERNAl iron governments via his emphasis on his 4-wheeled ferrous oxideSWIFT automobile and its 70MeV identifier. Thus we see the deep down, subliminal mind of his atomic liver.....and its sucessful attempt to have MacGregor provide explicit, external communication SIGNS....regarding the bio-physics symbolism of Gulliver's Travels.

The social engineering research project: LAW of LIVER is with LIVER CIA agent known as LIVER NORTH (Oliver North) who studied El Salvador Dali spanish art in the Central Nervous System 370 brain computer... symbolic country in the brain geography map region of symbolic Central America ...a parallel processing region to physical geography Central America.

S.I. Hayakawa in the book Language in Thought and ACTION' and book "Symbols, Status, and Personality" stresses the difference between these many differnt levels of brain maps...symbolism and physical reality,etc. Hollywood invented nonsense can confuse the modern lazy intellectual (as it did me for many years); thus the LIVER engineer's near Hollywood, California won't communicate with folk like myself.



But some LIVER questions answered by the enginneers and researchers at the LIVERMORE Labs. The empirical data sought....per plate 70Mev (symbolic license plate with FOOD for Thought) is:

- How many LIVERMORE Labs people are familiar with the existence of Beattle music and their LIverpool origin?



We have the parallel processing structure ...comparsion of England, Europe with its parallel in California with CALTECH, Stanford, University of California, LIVERMORE. The parallel structure is outlined as:

--> England geography with LIVER data record buffer POOL....and city of Liverpool

the super-symmetry  physics and geo-physics parallel 

--> California with the LIVER of Livermore and the data records of swimming POOL homeowners .....California life style.
Thus we have the parallel: LIVER POOL




Now think of EARTH a living EARTH cell. From as astrophysics point of view...EARTH would appear as a living organism (large in size compared to the traditional concept of biology lab with a microscope). Given this, let the large geography surface area of LIVERMORE perceived as an equivalent to the internal surface area inside a human biological liver.
In Sartre existential theory, math functions could MAP ..say.... from the LIVER math domain inside MacGregor to the EXTERNAL math range..this being the city of Livermore and the geography area.

How could Malcom H. MacGregor and his atomic LIVER do this ......establish this parallel processing.
Now his atomic LIVER thinks with NATURE's guidance.....

--> the INTERNAL Hemogloblin IRON protein is a VEHICLE that travels down INTERNAL highways called blood vessels/ arteries ...internal highway arteries

--> thus the math mapping fuction or correspondece relationbship as suggested by Herbert Spencer in year 1872

--> the EXTERNAL IRON VEHICLE becomes his 4-wheeled ferrous oxide automobile with Nature's
top-secret identifier 70 MeV.

This a subset code of molecular cell biology LOGIC...
to be explained someday. Meanwhile, Macgregor and his IRON Vehicle /automobile (symbolic of Hemoglobin iron) drives around LIVERMORE and California...... establishing a relationship between the external world of higway signs, city names.....and his previously un-labeled, un-named, un-mapped INTERNAL Liver. After years of working at LIVERMORE ....his LIVER now learns a symbolic map that somewhat parallels the EXTERNAL geography world and its English language ROAD MAP signs.


Darwin evolution Santa Cruz, Islands  best route map,  SYMBOL MACHINE evolution direction

About | 70MeV: The Power of Alpha
70 MeV is a mass-energy quantum, and is the fundamental “brick” out of ... Switzerland and filled with information
by Californians living in Santa Cruz, USA, ...


Santa Cruz, CA  to Livermore, CA best route map, driving direction
Livermore, CA to Santa Cruz, CA driving direction, best route map.



Of course, he is just the latest version of the molecular cell social biology ....evolutionary process ...that started in year 1726 with Gulliver's travels. Thus his LIVERMORE research had the hidden dimension of helping understand the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness of the LIVER people......a situation in Nature that needed more precise empirical data and explanatory models.

Now, MacGregor is really part of the California LIVER project in parallel processing ...and he needed symbol  tools ...that are explained by

mathematicians with LIVERS that help write LIVER calculus books. Such a structure exists at CALTECH with atomic LIVER identifier:

..TOM M. Apostol explains calculus...with his secret
..ATOM..MAP.....such as used above by the mapping function.

Then at the other end of the size continuum.. is the astrophysics view, the logarithms ratio of the 500 year GUT project started with the GUTENBERG movable type printing press...give the LOGAN, Utah approximate decimal log ratio of 500 to 50 ...with the CALTECH PST TIME ZONE undercover agent:
Astrophysics with KiP S. Thorne and their secret subset code:
..trophy their alternate astrophysics SIGNALING method.

The Wall Street Journal newspaper ...many years ago..
really an article on astrophysics finanacial systems ...hidden in everyday social language.

Website Keyword: Trophy wives and the secret astrophysics language transformation....example:

...wives = wi + Ves

--> ves = vespers messages
--> Vector space math religion message systems
--> calculus vector space ( Cal+ Ves = Calves)
--> Calves = CalTECH vectors

Thus the atomic/astrophysics English language within a book:
BLACK Holes and Time Warps" and other authors.

The SECRET of Nathaniel Hawthorne : Celestial Railroad
with the modern Hawthorne...astrophysics double-helix undercover agents: Haw + Thorne.

They are important messengers......with Hawking at cam.BRIDGE ....
with the 2nd astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) BRIDGE between

Haw.. +... Thorne -->
Hawaii + Thorne at Caltech.....thus we have the salt water of the Pacific Ocean and 2 land locations: Hawaii Islands....salt water..... California and CALTECH ...thus we see the structure of the SALT BRIDGE as descibed in most astrophysics.... college freshman chemistry textbooks.

The EARTH is a subset of the universe; therefore
the EARTH is a subset of astrophysics and astronomy; therefore
events on subset EARTH are considered special astrophysics EVENTS .....
like Einstein's theory of special atomic anthroplogy relatives of relativity.

Thus books like:
Black Holes and Time Warps Theory........
.................Time War Pst -->Professor St=Stephen astrophysics WAR HAWK...
known in astrophysics subliminal mind circles for BLACK Holes ....
hence, the secret Carl Jung identifier...warrior CHIEF Black Hawk.

The astrophysics component of the SCIENCE WARS have existed since 1990. I just caught on around year 2009. Be a later comer like me. Thru effort can catch up .....your have a role in the SCIENCE WAR project: The Recapture of Earth.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote about "Battlefield Earth". His message is very true; I use more accurate language with real-life examples.

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