PennState university fails to understand modern society within the context of Nature's social engineering projects and brain engineering projects.
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Penn State and the Intellectual Wars - introduction

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First, we need the philosophical perspective as expressed around year 1600 by the English language brain of William Shakespeare:

............... . ." The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

In modern times "The WORLD is an atomic biochemistry/genetics
...................stage and we are the processing layers"
Thus we look at the modern stage performances, such as the Penn State football theatrical drama.
With the Penn State controversy in year 2011, we have an additional dimension.

--> " The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

--> " The WORLD is a stage and we are the football players".

--> " The WORLD is an optics stage and we are the symbolic players".


" The ink pen WORLD (Pen STATE of symbolic MIND) is an English language symbol stage and

we are the optical nerve ....

SYMBOL MACHINE  data processing layers
" ....


with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the WHITE HOUSE really a physical representation of the symbol WHITE HOUSE of the white electromagnetic spectrum and its optical information content. Thus the true nature of government is the English language nouns,verbs, math equations, and concepts along with social engineering process control systems ..... all using the human bio-computer.



The other WHITE HOUSE with nouns, equations, process control flow charts, etc

Thus the ink PEN and Sylvania light bulb photons/electromagnetic waves have a fantastic STAGE performance via atomic bio-physics human actors ..... the Pennsylvania university with a cast of thousands of students, professors, and administrators.

The modern intellectual and the modern legal system is interested in such performances, their messages, factors that caused the performance to exist, etc. A very intricate puzzle that provides many opportunities for a new generation of lawyers and scientists interested in the INTELLECTUAL WARS  and their various casualties .... damage to reputations, incomplete and biased accusations, decoy conclusions, etc.


This bio-computer system has been around for thousands of years ... and since the development of printing books (year 1453) and mass public high school education (started around 1930) ... the optical brain system has become very important. Marketing and advertising are proud of their manipulation of brain cells .... sometimes okay and sometimes NOT ...resulting in symbolic wars.

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