The Military Command Structure of Nature, Earth, molecules, and atoms
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The Pentagon orthonormal math SCIENCE WAR battle at Fort Hood

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Mathematics President Eisenhower in 1961 spoke about the Military Industrial Complex (variables) project of the American Mathematical Society and their math life friends thru-out the world.


Modern SYMBOL MACHINE political power expression VIA Eisenhower.




Since then mathematics WAR tools have evolved ...from physical applications to Central nervous System 370 abstract brain symbol processing ..brain defense using symbolic math TOOLS.

An example of brain math errors by Washington, DC has created problems for the Pentagon.

Vector space or LINEAR ALGEBRA math errors by politicians and their advisors has become a serious problem for Nature. Arrogant social engineering decisions based on nonsense explanations ...violate the mathematical-physics continuum of Nature....a continuum that we live within. Thus we have the SCIENCE WAR math casualties at Fort Hood.



The Earth government choose the message processing region of Fort Hood, Texas for the battlefield message and its symbolism.


Fort Hood and subset symbols
..ortho ...expanded
..orthonormal math fuctions  of bio-MATH life

..orthonormal math fuctions

........honor CODE battle....Darwinian ..selection of agent Major Hasan



Thus the WORD of HONOR math shooting at Fort Hood with Virginia Tech agent: Hasan

Thus the WORD of HONOR English shooting at Virginia TECH with agent: Mr.CHO

Thus Nature send a mess... a tragic mess....message to university and corporate scientists about communication theory does not include vast amounts of BS and social science nonsense ....and cellular phone dribble. Nature warned DARPA and the PENTAGON to improve the accuracy of their intellectual consultants and their GESTALT View of world events.....biased/incomplete reports are not acceptable in year 2011.



Difference between orthogonal and orthonormal matrices - Math ...

Orthogonal matrix - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In linear algebra, an orthogonal matrix is a square matrix (the N x N square matrix of math military Commander-in-Chief ,,, President NixoN)  with real entries whose columns and rows are orthogonal unit vectors (i.e., orthonormal vectors).
Orthogonal Matrix 

An orthogonal matrix of order n is a matrix



orthonormal vectors [¦ȯr·thə¦nȯr·məl ′vek·tərz]

A collection of mutually orthogonal vectors, each having length 1.
Military math ................ linear algebra  rows and columns ...and  math function expressions  VIA   human display vehicles.

1959 US Army Vietnam War Motor Transportation Operations 122p.pdf

Elements of a Motor Column. All motor columns, regardless of size, are composed of three functional parts. a. The Head. The first element of the column in order .

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