The electromagneticWAR with biological human systems
« The 23 chromosomes war with the electromagnetic field accepted by the Boy Scouts of America claims the life of Sam Hengel in Marinette, Wisconsin. The Boy Scouts of America, the FFA, the 4-H Club will not help to understand the EM brain wars

The electromagnetic bio-computer optical war of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - - - - - - > Pentagon undercover ROTC agent Totzke uses special math military equations to reveal the secret EM manipulation.

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The electromagnetic bio-computer optical war of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - - - - - - > Pentagon undercover ROTC agent Totzke uses special math military equations to reveal the secret EM manipulation groups that influence Wisconsin error activity.



The electromagnetic war for control of southeastern Wisconsin results in SCIENCE WARS casualties.
The FCC electromagnetic field wars and North Pole pole magnetic field wars are well known components of the SCIENCE WARS.

Of particular interest, is the Milwaukee Police attempt to help understand these complex issues and their role in Milwaukee social engineering projects and business projects. The Milwaukee Police are on the front lines of those nasty street events that happen. These events provide empirical data that is printed in newspapers. Such data provides researchers with clues .....tragic clues that help explain the societal architecture of Milwaukee ...which includes their English language incomplete, biased and distorted explanations of "How Milwaukee works?"

Those explanations are incomplete, thay OMIT many important details.
Thus the Byran Norberg EVENT has been under study ...and various blog-titles have been published explaining the Norberg - Burton puzzle. Here, we will look at the Mark D.Totzke puzzle regarding EARTH sytems and EARTH GL = General Ledger acounting totals with agent GL = GLoria Totzke and the school teachers.



The reference book that helps explains Darwinian electromagnetic selection of Byran Norberg and Mark D. Totzke is:

Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
by Fawwaz T. Ulaby
The 2004 Media Edition

Other books provide similiar information.
Such books may be bought at a college bookstores or ordered from your local book store.
Such books are useful for bio-physics crimes.
In Milwaukee and Madison ..the colleges and universities can explain everything .....they have the resources. In Milwaukee we have the University of Wisconsin, MSOE = Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette university, and other schools. In addition we have several corporations that have experts in electromagnetc forces and magnetic field forces --> major components of
Milwaukee social forces.




Thus let's look at modern life in SECRET Milwaukee.
Let's list some major areas.

--> human life in magnetic field format
(a new sub-species of brain evolution ERRORS) .....thus Milwukee education defects ..since the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer does not like the large volume of this brain magnetic (data field maggot) formats.

Milwaukee Public Schools - Wikipedia.
Milwaukee Public Schools previously operated as magnet schools, with individualized specialty areas for interests in academics, or the arts. Rufus King High ...

Schools - Milwaukee Board of School ... - References - External links

Their iron Hemoglobin proteins and brains LINK to COMPUTER EARTH magnetic field.
Find Good School: Magnet Schools in MILWAUKEE COUNTY,
Find Good School... Magnet life --> of magnetic insects inside the human brain and iron Heme group Fe(ii) ion. Thus we have magnetic illness ...caused by lazy adult human brains that have no basic simple algebra math/ physics/ chemistry symbolic activity. Bull-stories are not to be
the foundations of knowledge.

Of sourse, Milwaukee is one of many cities with intellectual perception defects ....but to their credit ....they could win a NOBLE Prize in bragging and Virginia TECH creative writing class English 101 ...on how to brag and shoot your mouth off .... the misuse of nouns/ verbs/ adjectives is very popular with college graduates in mmarketind and advertising.

The philosophy department doesn't care about the integrity of symbolic language systems. Thus the Brave New World and 1984 ..... hypnotized professors are so happy and confident .....and their spouse loves them ....BUT they understand the atomic English language and is mirror ...guage <---> gauge theory physics ....secrets of Marget Mead nuclear family ...atomic anthroplogy life.



--> TODAY'S TMJ4 - Milwaukee's Source for Local News and Weather
10:43 a.m.Milwaukee Police investigate south side homicide ·
9:09 a.m. Democrats say GOP recall challenges won't stand · 8:56 a.m.Report: Small plane ...
Call 4 Action · Positively Milwaukee · What's Hot ...

Nucleic acid sequence - Wikipedia,
The possible letters are A, C, G, and T, representing the four nucleotide bases of a DNA strand — adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine — covalently linked to a ...
What are the four types of nucleotides of DNA.

WTMJ 4 --> sends some incorrect data to the 4 DNA nucleotides in the television audience.

The molecular cell biology government is in a DNA electromagnetic WAR with Milwaukee universities and their tricks ..... and their biased advice they give to the mass communications industry ...television, radio, publishing, molecular cellular phones,etc. Mass communications is really atomic mass communications .....the Margaret Mead nuclear family output signals of the periodic atomic table of life. Milwaukee citizens and institutions misrepresent oxygen, nitrogen, ferrous oxide atoms and others.

Thus we see the vast Milwaukee electromagnetic war zone ..... and the SCIENCE WAR conflict as expressed VIA Norberg and Burton ...... or Nature's ROTC agent Totzke working for the DNA military T,A,G nucleotides of the biochemistry divison of the ........  pen T A G on.


The DNA nucleotides have a tide/wave connection to the EM field.
Televison broadcasts elctromagentic data input to the eye/retina/pupil and the data is sent to the optical nerve and th brain optical computer. Thus the electromagnetic WAVES interface with the double-helix WAVE ...tide of nucleotide.




Thus a television show comprised of bull-crap nonsense VIA EM angstrom wavelengths
(the nonsense wave) ..becomes input to the eye /optical computer ...and the makes Nature's optical computer angry ...very angry
ang --> anger over BS
angstroms ...sent by some TV network
 arrogant idiot ..approved by the university education systems and the arrogant FCC .... who care less about the brain optical symbolic computer and Nature's quality control systems.


Hence, the modern electromagnetic war with Drawinian selection of Pentagon ROTC nucleotide agent stationed in
OC region --> OptiC war region -->
OC --> Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 
with special
hexadecimal Highway 16 authorization from the
atomic computer O = Oxygen atoms of O = Oconomowoc.


The Nitrogous bases of DNA with Nitrogen ( 7 elctrons, 7 protons, 7 neutrons) giving the
bio-computer military authorization code OC7 --> data exception (Totzke) and the ABEND (Totzke)code.



The DNA battle for mcontrol of the STATE of Illinois(e) took place at COLE Hall in the DNA nucleo.tide oceanography classroom shooting in DeKalb. The University of Illinois, UC, IIT, Northwestern, NIU, Circle Campus, Loyola, DePaul,etc do not acknowledge the existence of such DNA nucleotide social engineering ajustment expressions. They claim ...that in the millions of years of existence of EARTH ..... that they ....their people are of superior intellect .....greater than allof Nature's processes and systems. Thus we have the Signund Freud Hierarchy Problem of physics..... in part it involves the atomic social anthropology leadership problem ...that ignores Nature's optical data stream ....James Joyce stream of consciousness commands for awareness.



SCIENCE WAR clues .... the symbolic dimension of life (nouns, verbs, equations).
Symbolic conflicts that are unresolved undergo transformation into physical conflict ..using physical humans and their programmable bio-computer brain.

Below we see technical bio-physics concepts ....which we can associate with a human ...this being
OC = OptiC military agent in Nature's ROTC = Reserve OTC

--> Reserve Optic with

ST.John Military Academy.

Ac   implies   --->  alternating cycles

em  implies  ---> electro. magnetic 


Man ordered to stand trial in mother's ax slaying - › News › Waukesha CountyCached
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Oct 6, 2006 – Gloria Jean Totzke, 59, a longtime teacher at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, was killed Aug. 10. According to court ...

The SCIENCE code: Military Academy -->
Academy = Ac + cad + em + y -->

Ac = 60 cycles AC 120 volts Hertz
cad = cortex aided design
em = electromagnetic waves (TV, radio, cellular phone, etc) 
y implies x,y,z coordinates of wave (see math below)

Take name --> Totzke add y coordinates = Tot Z key
giving computer science code
CNTL key Z ......war zone with computer companies.

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows
Sep 23, 2011 –
CTRL+C: Copy;
CTRL+X: Cut;
CTRL+V: Paste;
CTRL+Z: Undo ... Press and hold down the CTRL key while you drag the file to another folder. ... Find computer; CTRL+Windows Logo+TAB: Moves focus from Start, to the Quick ...

Thus we see the bio-computer brain commands of Mark D. Totzke .....a programmed by Oconomowoc and their Base 16 hexadecimal Highway 16 processng HEX/ curse regions of Milwaukee.

Mark B. Totzke brain computer instructions .....
CTRL+C: Cop --> Oconomowoc cop/police ... computer police

CTRL+X: Cut; --> ax murder ..cut axons/synapse of Gloria

CTRL+V: Paste..... V is the image of a hatchet/axe blade

CTRL+Z: Undo .... TOT Z key --> CTRL Z key
the HEX/curse bypass of Highway 16 ..and
County Road Z ....intersection of Computer Earth system 370
LAND --> LAN D --> Local Atrea Network Data





Thus we see the William Shakespeare words
" The World is a stage and Totzke is a player"
and we the cover-up role
of the FCC = Federal Communications Commission,
television industry, Milwaukee universities say nothing (their specialtly is playing stupid violation of many laws) ...... thus the set-up of Mark D. Totzke by Milwaukee citizens and their manipulation industry.

Ax killer's fate up to judge - JSOnlineWaukesha County
Nov 10, 2007 – When a judge announces Monday whether Mark Totzke will go to prison or ... he if awoke during the night he'd finally kill her, according to the report by ... Jean Totzke, 59, was found in her bed at her Oconomowoc home Aug.

Totzke Gets Life In Prison, Parole In 50 Years -
TODAY'S TMJ4 12 that Mark D. Totzke was not criminally insane at the time of the crime. ... body of Gloria Jean Totzke, 59, was found in her bed at her Oconomowoc home Aug.

From page 120 ....
Gradient of a scalar field ...subset letters commands
...die........scal ..field
death/die ...scales of justice --> SCIENCE WARS




Mark D. Totzke ......physical body agent for the
SYMBOL MACHINE expression  shown above and below.

dT --> D. Totzke
grad T --> grade for school teacher Totzke


Above...the Del opertaor --> delete operator  of  DELafield, Wisconsin near St.John's  Military Academy


page 123...... E = Education

A vector field E (x, y, z) 0 exists in a region of space ...
modern E --> Education ERRORS the Department of Education who need to upgrade their brain cells with some serious basic math and atomic physics/chemistry thinking ...instead of talking arrogant trivia filled with inaccurate conculsions.




Page 123 details of VECTOR FIELD axes murder of Gloria Totzke.
See the words below: the edges are lined up with the axes

Thus the Stephen Hawking concepts of EVENT Horizon (edge of the axes of knowledge) and the Killing VECTOR ...... correlate to the Oconomomoc SCIENCE WAR casualties and the cover-up of the TRUE NATURE of the tragedy by the Wisconsin univeristy and the citizen community.



What is Cartesian coordinates (rectangular coordinates)?
Mar 22, 2011 – The Cartesian plane consists of two perpendicular axes that cross at a central point called the origin. Positions or coordinates are determined ...
Cartesian Coordinate System:
B.1 Cartesian Coordinates. A coordinate system consists of four basic elements: ( 1) Choice of origin. (2) Choice of axes. (3) Choice of positive direction for each ...


Thus the big SCIENCE WAR murder question is .....

1) axes that cross at a central point --->
axes and the double-cross by the human central nervous systems of the universities in Wisconsin .


2) do university math social scicnce ERRORS cause axe murders?

3) do axe murders understand the math war ....Choice of Axes problems .....that universities refuse to clarify ...thus universities and the eduactional ssytem are accessories to muder and also conspire to CREATE new axe murders.

--> Villisca Axe Murders - Wikipedia, the free The Villisca Axe Murders occurred in June 1912 in the southwestern Iowa town of Villisca. The six members of the Moore family and two house guests were ...

--> The Tragic, Preventable Death of Alex Tsuji,
Age 2: Murdered by Jun 26, 2007 – Fulton County Police hope to have more details about the vicious ax murder of a 9-year-old boy Monday night after questioning two juveniles.

This is the Base 2 Binary war .... which was repeated on S. 2nd Street in the Milwaukee computer science war with policeman Byran Norberg. Jake Gehard was killed at Base 16 address S.16th Street.
Milwaukee business and universities have alot of nasty fun with their secret systems.




Thus we are reminded of the Lewis Carroll comment from year 1865 ...about the rigged Wisconsin legal system .... which exists to serve citizen nonsense schemes. These citizen community schemes are described as Carl Jung collective unconsciouness thought systems ...comprised of large groups of citizens ..and their lazy thoughts. They lack simple algebra and geometry and basic atomic chemistry knowledge ....from high school ...or college freshman science textbooks.


LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice.".


Thus the University of Wisconsin ...English departments with social science and philosophy department approval ...thought that the TOTZKE family were good human guinea-pigs.
Law schools in Wisconsin ought upgrade their brain cells to the level of human consciousness, awareness, and integrity ......expected by Nature of those humans with a possible Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer.






Thus we have the Pentagon military ROTC puzzle about the murder.
This is to complicated for DARPA .... their depth of understanding is limited to their restaurant philosophy of life. DARPA ought be more concerned about helping the Pentagon understand the modern social psychology wars in the world.

Thus, now...DARPA and their THINK TANKS are left behind ..... by their assumpitions of superiorty ...over Darwinian symbolic evolution of knowledge and brain systems. Thus Nature's selection process of a whole new group of intellectual concepts to help understand world ... process control systems .. ..such as communities and governments.




CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


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