The periodic atomic table - nuclear family daily life

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Quantum Hall Effects demonstrated at the Cole Hall quantum shooting battle in DeKalb, Illi.nois(e)

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RD-blog-360 Books on quantum theory indirectly help explain the modern Margaret Mead nuclear family composed of atomic humanoids and their atomic brain thougths and expressions. The book by Zyun F. Ezawa "Quantum HALL Effects...Field Theoretical Appro… more »

The Principle Quantum Number atomic anthropology shooting at NiL, Cole Hall, DeKalb, Illinois. Violations of Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family law by citizens results in SCIENCE WAR tragedy.

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RD-blog-361 The periodic atomic table government has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT is the atomic,bio-physics structure known as humanoid ... with a possible abstract symbolic brain. The human is composed of atoms. Humans have thoughts. T… more »