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Standard Model WAR - the physics Double-helix dilemma

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The double-helix ...double message for British physics and others is the war in Afghanistan and the political conflicts in Pakistan. Thus we have the Cambridge University DOUBLE --> Double-stan ==> the physics Double-Standard   intellectual treason problem with the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthropolgy rackets. The result is the atomic brain WAR message:

AfghaniSTAN ................Pak.STAN
...Left...STANDARD + Right side STANDARD model


The super-symmetry  ... parallel mirror  ... geo-physics region on EARTH LAB  is ...

The above EARTH geograohy map .......    may be perceived  as a  information display projection  of the STANDARD MODEL symbol map conflicts and errors  ..  regarding the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear  family  and its atomic social science MODEL errors. 

grand unified theory - The Free Dictionary

A theory of elementary forces that unites the weak, strong, electromagnetic, and gravitational interactions into one field theory
and views the known interactions ...


grand unified theory

grand unified theory  with Margaret Mead atomic anthropology , Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs,   and  its Hierarchy Problem includes 

Map codes  ......  Taliban --> atomic word subset symbols ---> TAL --> Tallahasee  with Paul Dirac physics intellectual  standards.

The religious identifier of the 18 families of the periodic  atomic table of elements  ..... VIA  Paul Dirac and his  "ALLAH"   Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family messages from FSU  = Florida State University.


Thus we see the atomic bio-physics conflicts of the STANDARD MODEL and the
intellectual violations of the 20 STANDARD amino acids with the brains of scientists.

some of them are .......... 


Think of the 20 STANDARD amino acids as having a LINK to
20/20 optical vision of the 2 eyes and symbolic life of nouns/verbs within the brain symbol bio-optical computer. Thus conceptually the 2 eyes imply a double-helix ability....in this case ..
the 2 eyes and their 20/20 LINK to the 20 standard ANINO acids suggests 2 their existences:

1) Physical biochemistry,etc
2) symbolic, intellectual, the symbol mavhine, symbol engines 

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