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ZINJAN archeology / anthropology

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ZINJAN archeology ----->the continuum ----->ZINO particle physics

ZINJAN - the Zinjanthropus Skull PROJECT was started a million years ago and is an on-going brain/cortex awareness development project of
MOTHER NATURE -->  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family  ... the   social anthroplogy and intellectual component of the periodic atomic table.





The Manhattan project of 1943 had 2 sides to it:
1) the uranium 238 particle physics atomic research
2) the biological nuclear family side with the advanced proton English prose and electron brain political science circuits.

The physics departmants failure to recognize the existence of MARGARET MEAD's atomic nuclear family resulted in the
MANHATTAN PROJECT Battle near Battery Park --> SEPT 11, 2001 message to Batavia.

FermiLAB is part of the IRON MAN project.

The IRON Manhattan signaling event of Sept 11, 2001.


The Fer = ferrous oxide atomic nuclear family of the biological intellect is the HEME

group (Fe ii+) ion

--> equivalent to iron life at TWO TOWERS.




The periodic atomic table sent the Manhattan Project ERROR signals to the world of science ... via overt, well broadcast television SIGNALS.

ZINJAN skull project of Leakey archeology provides clues to the JAN --> Janesville, Wisconsin economics; and the General Motors automobile ferrous oxide atomic computer program --> assembly line program ERROR --> hence, the assembly program BATCH JOB failed and the factory was closed. Janesville ought fix their data processing awareness problem and recognize their part in the IRON MAN project.

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