How atoms express themselves via atomic bio-physics human agents
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Dr. Robley D. Evans, MIT Physics, and the Atomic Nucleus textbook experiment with Iowa's Evangelical atomic human EARTH LAB specimen

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The periodic atomic table has many formats of expressions. One such FORMAT are atomic humans with an atomic brain symbolic computer  that expresses messages on behalf of the atomic table of life and thought and feelings. Humans are thus considered as representatives or messengers or business LAB partners  working with the atomic/astrophysics continuum, its life,  and  the thought formats within it.



The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.


Therefore some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle/ the human atomic feelings expressor/ the human atomic messenger.


Atomic social anthropology families are listed in beginning college physics and chemistry textbooks. The families comprise vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of life and thought. Thus we have the atomic family ... social anthropology shootings at EARTH LAB geography sites. Let's look some at some of the periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought ...... and let's identify some atomic elements and their messages to atomic humans at EARTH LAB geography locations. There are 18 vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of intellectual life .... a few elements will be covered in this article.


The periodic atomic government representatives for the dinner table salt molecule are  the Clinton's from Arkansas. Margaret Mead atomic anthropology and the salt molecule treaty with atomic humanoid structures is best expressed by the social science chemistry formula signal.


NaCl = sodium chloride
NaCl = North america Clintons
NaCl = North america Clinton, President in 1994
NaCl = North america Clinton, Secretary of State

NaCl = salt molcule and the state of ARK.ansas   .....
......state of sound/audio/phonetics:  ARK can salt  such as the
atomic brand name:
Morton Salt --> Mort =  Mo + ort = Molecular orbit




Of particular interest are the IOWA particpants in the EARTH LAB atomic bio-physics experiments in atomic brain processor  and its symbol evolution.









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Thus we begin to see the architecture of Margaret  Mead atomic anthropology expressions --> atomic social sciences, atomic religious thoughts,  and atomic political expressions VIA human agents expressors.


William Shakespeare stated around year 1600

........"The World is a stage and we are the players' 
Now,  " The World is a physics stage  and we are the atomic human players".


Let's look at these experimental structures in the newspaper.

First, we must consider Computer Earth system 370 and the Earth government with Nature's intellect and their social engineering experiments
with subset humans and subset human institutions.



Niels Bohr Library



The Niels Bohr Library & Archives and the Center for History of Physics are divisions of the American Institute of Physics that share a common mission: to help preserve and make known the history of modern physics and allied sciences.

The Library & Archives serves both as a repository and a clearinghouse for information in the history of physics, astronomy, geophysics and allied fields



Oral History Transcript — Dr. Robley D. Evans  story Transcript —    Evans



Or + bit + al + Evans atomic computer data bit


Orbital  +  Evans atomic biocomputer politics



Niels Bohr Library

Oral History Transcript — Dr. Robley D. Evans



Above key words:  Iowa Evan  --> Margaret Mead nuclear family words.
IOWA --> Input/Output  Work Area  for the MIT/EVANS atomic families of the periodic atomic table government
Some  atomic families of  modern Margaret Mead atomic anthropology are shown below.
Thus the atomic bio-physics human  is like an agent ...gathering  social science activity input data  at the human size level ......and then  the information  gets compressed and down-sized to the molecular level  ...from molecules  the information is then sent to the atomic nucleus and electron orbitals .....thus the  more TRUE  NATURE of the Margaret Mead nuclear family system.....and the system information flowchart.
Dr. Robley D. Evans ...with his aomic bio-physics projects for Nature ...has subset
.....Robley Evans ...........
.....Rob...eye....thus his additional role as a detective for schemes/rob/racketts with 
microbiology ...thus his entity /his atomic subliminal mind  had  symbolic 
mic.rob.iology information filters  .....for  social science integrity issues and bull-stories ......which Nature found useful.
Thus the modern view of words: nuclear family ...exists at different SIZE levels of expression.    The orginal usage of the words involved adult humans,  their children and relatives .....without  consideration of our molecular and atomic nature.
Thus we see the Office of Science modern atomic anthropology  problems   with the year 1776  atomic Constitution as described by Thomas Jefferson. The Office of Science,  the Department of Engery,   and  the Hierarchy Problem of the periodic atomic table  are involved in conflicts ...consequently the shooting at the COLU --> COLUMNS represented by the COLumbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado.
FermilAB and the Office of Science will not discuss the issues involved in this tragedy...and the wave mechanics battle in Cole Hall oceanography   OR  other SCIENCE WAR  battles.
The above officials seem to be prisoners of hypnosis  . . . . . a world-wide problem  ...a problem  we were warned about by the books of George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and others .....many years ago.    Thus we have the modern application of string theory atomic anthropology feedback signal of Nature's  social process control systems --> giving  a feedback signal in  the FORMAT  of puppet string professors.
Graduate students....please help unravel this atomic social psychology puzzle.  

Welcome to the challenges of BRAVE NEW WORLD    and  1984.
George Orwell  VERSUS   Georgetown  propaganda...the  OCEANIA classroom battle at Cole Hall.
Georgetown, Washington,DC  book 1984 + oxygen atomic mass 16  hexadecimal  --> year 200o bio-computer DATE problems in year 2012.  Failure of humans  to update their brain computer with the required inellectual  Y2K software and its associated quality control of human actions.
Above, we see the 
..............  QUANTUM  State of Massachusetts and a subset MASS ... 
...and it has symbolic atomic Mass  attributes
Gov. Mitt the physics message symbol G M   f or

Gravitational constant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
The gravitational constant is a difficult physical constant to measure to high .... 
The quantity GMthe product of the gravitational constant and the mass of a given ...

Thus...we see Solar System 370 politics on EARTH LAB with  Earth  MASS  assigned to the Cambridge, Mass astrophysics ED centers...who deny everything about such possibilities.  Thus Harvard, MIT, and the Harvard-Smithsonian  Center for Astrophysics center .....are hypnotized  ...since they ignore messages in the newspaper....that is the brain cell WALL --> WALL Street  Journal  news  about events on EARTH.....which is a algebra subset of the universe.
Modern atomic expressions VIA atomic human political expressions  ...the Margaret Mead nuclear family demo
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Applied physics -->  the California atomic human brain  reports

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Another group of  DR. EVANS atomic humanoid  experimental specimens with atomic brain  thoughts ...has been discovered...with  advanced intellectual thoughts ......  at the LUNT math building with the pizza equation of complex math life variables  z z   and the circle 0f convergence  ...that  is President Eisenhower's military industrial  complex variables  math and Northwestern's elite thinkers lazy to be polite and discuss the SCIENCE WAR issues ..........consequently  the 
university CAUSE --> EFFECT  at 

a)  the EVANS FIELD House battle at  Cole Hall and the  casualties
b) St. John's  Northwestern Military Academy murder of  Gloria Totzke
The  School's  of Journalism  ought explain how the English language  "Death Sentence" works to  program the human brain bio-computer with instructions to create a crime make newspapers stories  more exciting.
Virginia TECH knows all about English language commands ...and the cover-up of the brain programming  of  Mr.CHO  for the bio-computer CAD = Computer Aided Design experiment  in
student CAD = CADAVERS  ...using the  ....the bio-computer deisgn  parameters   of   
CADBURY cholcolate  -->
CAD = CADAVERS  Bury in a grave  Mr.CHO symbolizing  chocolate.
  1. nuclear family - Memidex dictionary/thesaurus 
    Feb 13, 2012 – "nuclear familydefinition
    a family consisting of parents and their children.
     ... also called elementary family, in sociology and anthropology,

    Computer programmers use copper wire computers and may use the IMS database.
    However, it has become the fashion in manipultion hire programmers  to use   bio-computer humans to create biological IMS data bases with the bio-parent  root record and the bio-child data records ........ this systen is European and NORWAY government   IMS bio-computer experiments in NORWAY accidently issued a  command for a  physical DELETE  of the  biology child records  at  site UTOEYA    IS = Information Systems ISLAND..........the tragic result  of the  bio-computer  authorized murder  in NORWAY   and later in LIE country of the false talking people..LIEGE, Beligium.

    The nuclear family below .....the elementary family studies elemenatry particle physics in Batavia, Illinois, USA.

Thus we have an interesting situation.....many concepts  ...that provide CLUES to modern atomic social  sciences  and atomic political science.


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