Modern language war with the subconscious mind HUMAN symbol processor

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Computer Earth system 370 biochemistry WAR with alien subroutines used by business, cities, universities, and other groups. What is your brain computer death code?

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Rd-blog-1503 Bio-computer societies have existed for thousands of years. The human brain is a computer. It exists in 2 capacities: a) a biological molecular processor b) with the invention of symbols, and then with invention of the Gutenburg printing… more »

Computer Earth system 370 and the university / school communications data bus ERROR ...the bio-computer RAM Science Wars. Do you have RAM vehicle insurance? Do you have RAM life insurance?

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RD-blog-2112   The Solar  System 370 data processing architecture is described by the astrophysics/astronomy   9 PROJECT PLAN ---> the  9  Plan Planets  =  8 data bit planets and 1 error checking parity bit planet. Within the Solar System is the al… more »