The biochemistry Heme group Fe(ii) ion LANGUAGES and their social science conflict expressions

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The 23 chromosomes battle at Virginia TECH - - - > the blood-plasMID - - > MID-Atlantic States biology war map

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Rd-blog-2020    Concepts to  a puzzle for you to complete.   The Virginia TECH experiments in advanced awareness ...... ....aware Delaware ...STATE of MIND The geography map of the inside of human body /brain   .....that is the internal goverment and… more »

FermILAB suffers huge intellectual defeat in the Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic bio-physics brain THOUGHT HEME group Fe(ii) BLOOD war.

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FermiLAB and the secrets of IRON MAN The ferrous oxide IRON atom communications problems with FermiLAB  atomic human SYMBOL MACHINE processing layers.     RD-blog-number-2244 FermILAB suffers huge intellectual defeat in the Fer = Ferrous oxide… more »

The molecular cell biology government level of NATURE explains the brain molecular JAIL cell - - - > FBI prison in the brain iron Heme group Fe(ii) ion ---> RD site = FBI = FermiLAB , Batavia, Illi nois(e)

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RD-blog-number-2247 Nature has constructed many structures in the last few million years. Using math equations,  11-dimensional physics, chemistry formulas,  the atomic English language, and molecular cell biology processes NATURE constructed societi… more »

Sherlock Holmes and the Penn State mathematical-physics GRID IRON solve the modern mystery - - -> The Red-Headed League with Alfred North Whitehead and Mike McQueary

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Rd-blog-number-2208   The Adventure of the Red-Headed League - Wikipedia, the free ... - Similar "The Adventure of the Red-Headed League" is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes sh… more »

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