The odd and even strange battles of the hidden Science data streams of consciousness World War.

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The Argonne National Labs brain electron orbital war report from the brain cell WALL --> WALL Street Journal intellectual undercover agents

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RD-blog-2030   Argonne National Labs in Illinois is comprised of atomic, bio-physics humanoids engaged in various atomic brain expressions the external,  visible worlds of physics, chemistry, and engineering ..... that  is......with  visible bu… more »

Symmetry physics - - > atomic anthropology WAR reports from Syria regarding the atomic brain wars in the Syracuse University intellectual WAR Region.

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RD-blog-2031 Bernie Fine Fired:  Why the Syracuse University Scandal Is So Out of .. 2011 - Bernie Fine, an associate men's basketball coach at Syracuse was fired Sunday night in the wake of new allegations Using supersymmtry physics tools...that is a… more »