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Sherlock Holmes, Professor Nick Manton of Cambridge University, and Mike McQueary of the Red Headed League explain Penn State and the SKYrmions war ZONE.

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Sherlock Holmes, Professor Nick Manton of Cambridge University,  Mike McQueary of the  Red Headed League explain the Penn State  and the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  astronomy SKYrmions  war ZONE for control of EARTH base 16 space/time.


The Adventure of the Red-Headed League .

The modern Sherlock Holmes mystery with red-headed Mike McQueary, Jerry Sandusky, Penn State University, and Cambridge University astrophysics.

"The Adventure of the Red-Headed League" is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It first appeared in The Strand in August 1891.

In this   (evolution of Watson) story, Watson takes on a new position, doing clerical work. 

He found this exciting job through an ad

which specified red-headed men only need apply.


mike football 2

Plot summary -


Sandusky trial: Former assistant coach Mike McQueary testifies

Mike McQueary - football recruiting
Mike McQueary was an assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University until late in the 2011 football season. Wikipedia

Born: 1975, State College
Education: Pennsylvania State University
Position: Quarterback

The United States parallel to the Sherlock Holmes story is described below.
What has happened.....according to superymmetry physics and theoretical analysis of the atomic English language ..... is that the original story written in year 1891 was been converted to REALITY in year 1991 at Penn State.

In year 1891 ..it was a fictional story ..that could have happened ..back them. That story was read by the British magazine audience ..... and subsequently read by Americans.
The original story ...... over a time period of 100 years...went from a fictional structure in the human stream of consciousness (STATES of MIND) to emerge in American society as a non-fictional structure in 1991 at Penn State University.


The Sherlock Holmes adaptation .....EVENT description...empirical DATA.

Jerry Sandusky trial: Star witness Mike McQueary takes stand ...

by Michael Muskal
Jun 13, 2012 – Mike McQueary, a former assistant coach at Penn State, described seeing Jerry Sandusky in the shower with a boy. Next on the stand: Alleged ...

Mike McQueary takes the stand - ESPN

mike 3 football

WEDNESDAY 14 July @ 7pm: "The Red-Headed League" a Sherlock Holmes Mystery

In this story, Watson takes on a new position, doing clerical work. He found this exciting job through an ad which specified red-headed men only need apply. Out of the blue, the office is closed, and a sign posted "Red-Headed League is dissolved, as of today". Mighty suspicious, eh? Find out more 



Let's look at the situation  ..from another angle .....astronomy and astrophysics  applications on EARTH LAB.

Why this approach?  
We see a pattern of astronomy signals.....that suggest that there is battle for control of EARTH.

Let's look at the SKY & Telescope magazine signals.

  1. Sky & Telescope

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    Sky & Telescope covers the latest in night-sky events, astronomy news, astrophotography, and how-to observing tips, plus video... Sky & Telescope Magazine ...



Sky & Telescope


Jerry Sandusky trial:   Star witness Mike McQueary takes stand ...


  1. Penn State Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics

    www.astro.psu.edu/Cached - Similar
    Part of the Eberly College of Science with major programs in space-based, ground-based, and theoretical astrophysics. Includes details of study programs, ...



Search This Site, Search Other Penn State Astro Sites, Search ...

Sandusky trial   : Star witness Mike McQueary takes stand ...


Jerry last name...as the  algebra union of  2 words ....gives .. 
Sand..union..sky     .... trial   :  Star witness

Thus we see the EARTH continuum message ...... from Sand beaches (silicon) to astronomy  SKY.


sky trial   : Star witness ....... the subliminal mind of  astronomy/ astrophysics professors



And ... we have a history of  ignored  astronomy messages for  Earthlings and the SETI Institute.


Ken Starr .... says he's sorry about Clinton/Lewin.sky case | Politics Blog ...

Feb 16, 2010 – Ken Starr says he's sorry about Clinton/Lewinsky case ... Starr, who has been dean of California's Pepperdine Law School, leavened the ...


Thus we see ....VIA  supersysmmetry physics/mechanics concepts
....  the repeat of the President Clinton ..... clinical trial  and its  message processing  EVENT parameters.

--> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,  Lewin.SKY,  Ken STARR  
--> Pennsylvania State Universe test,  Jerry  SAND.U.SKY, Star witness

Santa Monica Boulevard - - ->  Santa Monica  information highway
---> with harmonic   waves  of  monica Lewin (Genetics of Benjamin Lewin sky and telescope journals)




Thus we have 2 signals  ---> 2 EVENTS ....that involve the SKY ...bringing  to mind New York City SKY ..sky scrapers  ...such as the  WORLD TRADE  Center buildings ....site of the plane geometry  astronomy battle  on Sept 11,2001 
over the TWO TOWERS  .....that is   Galileo's book ..." 2 Chief World Systems".





In other words ...... the living IRON building  ...above ......in the English language world of symbolism and parallels could be thought of as a  .....


  1. The Red-Headed League Study Guide - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ...

    As he attempts to restore a social order threatened by criminals like those in "The Red-Headed League," Sherlock Holmes embodies the values of intelligence ...



Introduction to M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This was later increased to 11 dimensions based on various interpretations of ... Physicist and author Michio Kaku has remarked that 
M-theory may present us ...
Background - Status -
See also - References --> Sept 11, 2001 battlefield of 11 dimensions.



  1. Brian Greene: A Physicist Explains 'The Hidden Reality' Of Parallel ...

    www.npr.org › News › Science › Space
    Jan 24, 2011 – It is possible that there are many other universes that exist parallel to our universe. Theoretical physicist Brian Greene, author of The Elegant ...




  1. Parallel universe (fiction) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    A parallel universe or alternative reality is a hypothetical self-contained separate reality coexisting with one's own. A specific group of parallel universes is called ...




mike football 2


Greene: A Physicist Explains 'The Hidden Reality' Of Parallel ...

 Green : A Physicist Explains 'The Hidden Reality' Of Parallel ...


Green : A Physicist Explains 'The Hidden Reality' Of Parallel ....Red.

 Green :                                     'The Hidden Reality'   ....Read.



  1. Sherlock Holmes - The Red-Headed League: Sir Arthur Conan ...

    A mysterious society of red-headed gentleman known as the "Red-Headed League". Who established this society and why isSherlock Holmes so intrigued?

 Below, the Red-Headed League of MAN --> MANhattan and the deeper levels of  modern Sherlock Holmes communications theory 



Thus we have .....

SKY & Telecope   political  astronomy signals waiting analysis .

SKY  ....subset word of Jerry Sandusky
SKY ....subset word of Monica Lewinsky
SKY ....Manhattan SKY scraper got scraped on  SEPT11, 2001  ... in the 11-dimensions of string theory


Let's look at this signal.....a message for someone at the communications BRIDGE university known as Cambridge, England.

On sept 11 in  Isaac Newton gravity field  interaction with   iron  ... Newton --> New York City ...
a skyscraper was NICKED  ...damaged ...destroyed (key  word Nick)

the geography region was Manhattan with  tons  of iron metal sky scrappers( key words in sentence: Man ton sky)

Thus ...do we have  a possible signal  from NATURE .....to ? ?

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics


Professor Nick   Man.ton





Nick Manton's research interests cover broad areas of theoretical and mathematical physics, in particular, classical and quantum field theory applied to particle and nuclear physics. The majority of his work has been on topological solitons in field theory, which include vortices, monopoles, instantons and


A Manhattan iron/steel sky scrapper  has office rooms ....sky rooms --> Sky Rm + ionsphere above it --> Sky Rm ions.



A major recent interest has been to develop Skyrme's idea from the 1960s that atomic nuclei can be modelled as solitons in a nonlinear field theory of pions. These solitons are called Skyrmions, and they have very interesting polyhedral shapes. Improvements in computational power as well as mathematical insight has made it possible to construct and quantize Skyrmions as large as those needed to model Carbon-12 and Oxygen-16. The spins and energies of nuclear ground states and excited states are described quite well by Skyrmions.


Thus we see ..that  cam.BRIDGE  provides interesting CLUES to many events that occur on EARTH LAB.

Oxygen-16 ---> implies President O living at  Base 16 hexadecimal address ... 1600 Pennsylvannia Avenue. 
This makes sense.  Prefessor Manton ...has identified himself as a bio-computer  structure  whose symbolic brain processor has the forehead  ... external label:  BALD  = Basic Assembler Language version D   ........ hence, his natural affinity for Base 16 information structures.

Ground states ....another view ....Pennsylvania is an EARTH  LAB geography ground state. 

In the copper atomic world ......an ink  pEN + sylvania light bulb (brand name)  + some Voltaire voltage + some French resistence from  World  WAR 2 + some money currency/current flow .....could create a  symbolic and /or physical copper (city of  elctri.CITY)   ground state.. ...with the label:   Pennsylvania --> ink PEN + Sylvania Light bulb for reading/seeing.



Thus his relationship to astronomy WAR  at Cambridge univeristy ...with Galileo project  " The Recapture of Planet Earth".




BASE 16 Galileo the DEFENDER (of Planet Earth)

Year 1616 is a milestone in astronomy. The evolution of space/time life components resulted in Base 16 hexadecimal SPACE and Base 16 hexadecimal TIME. Year 1616 --> BASE 16 space and BASE 16 time.

The BASE 16 project started in year 1600; the astronomy/ astrophysics galactic computer systems project started in year 1610. In year 1616 the galactic computer system project was titled: GALILEO the DEFENDER in honor of his position as an intellectual military general in the MILKY WAY galactic WAR. The BASE 16 ...400 year astronomy war that began around year 1610 continues to this day in year 2012. Examples:

--> Virginia TECH university .....astronomy SHOOTING STAR .....
the computer earth HEX/curse demo of APRIL 16...a demonstration for the English language editors and writers of astronomy and astrophysics science articles, textbooks, magazines, newspapers.. ...and also English speaking television science shows. Their articles are incomplete.....only explain 1/2 of the EARTH LAB universe ..as stated by Galileo in year 1632 with the book:
2 Chief World Systems--> an astronomy message repeated with
2 Chief World Trade Center TOWERS ....the base 2 binary Earth LAB system 370 tragic event of Sept 11, 2001.



We see year 1600 and year 1616 signals ..SKY signals  to  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with symbolism  ....SKy with  LewinSKY  and Ken STARr.


Thus we have a message for the Queen of England and her subjects ....... math and astronomy professors.

Mike McQueary --> Mc + Que + ary --> Mc Queue array .....messages waiting.

Queen Elizabeth --> Que + en + El  + bet  implies Queue  en  +  Elements of sets  +  Probability/bet.


Thus...Cambridge University ought properly represent the symbolic knowledge  ...as the  QUEEN is a living symbol .....of the SOCIAL CONTRACT of England   with Nature's Tree of Knowledge   via John Locke.
Penn State and Cambridge have an intellectual problem...that proper communications could solve.


We see an interesting puzzle of Nature that ought be understood.

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