Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and applications to battle FIELD theory

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The 1990 COMPUTER EARTH system 370 quantum computer war of IRAQ / KuWAIT - - - - -> IRQ WAIT --> Interrupt Request Quantum Wait. . . . . . . . . IRQ War continues in year 2012.

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RD-blog-1511 The Solar System has 9 planets...equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit. Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet Earth......is now, viewed as Computer Eart… more »

Computer Earth system 370 hexadecimal air space, the FAA, and the need for Base 16 HEX aviation insurance

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RD-blog-007 The Clifford Lane airplane crash event at the West Road, Watertown, Wisconsin on Sunday, February 5,2006 is an example of a new type of accident. It is important for insurance companies to understand new accident formats for their actuarial… more »

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