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Max PLanck TIME signal 10:43 to atomic agent Africa ONE --> FermiLAB An-26 near atomic EARTH address space .... Wisconsin communication highways An-26 AND I-43

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RD-blog-number-2319 A study of the Galapagos Islands REGION and its evolutionary extensions of PERU and COLUMBIA  provides an interesting background to evolution signals from around the WORLD.  The relationship may evolve the Earth's geology iron core… more »

The Max Planck optical TIME WAR status report on the analysis of Africa ONE signal --> 10:43 local time bound for T --> Interstate I-43 explains PLANCK TIME alignment and TIME realignment --> Y2K problems.

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RD-blog-number-2333 Max Planck TIME --> One Planck time is the time it would take a photon traveling at the speed of light to cross a distance equal to one Planck length. Theoretically, this is the smallest time measurement that will ever be possibl… more »

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