Analysis of Earth Lab War data events and signals for Stanford Linear
« The Physics Standard Model and the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology WAR - Status Report of November 2012

The Physics Standard Model and the EARTH LAB atomic anthropology WAR messages - Status Report of December 2012 .... code STAN ... ignored by Stanford.

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Standard Model Physics - Intellectual War - Cause and effect

Elementary Particle Physics Battle report - ASIA and California



Hypothesis about TRISTAN, JAPAN, Asia
The TRISTAN physics experiment has a very large number of detectors in various types of interaction regions including geographic regions. The most unusual detector is the geome.tric (TRI.CK) physics trick detector located in Afghani.STAN.

Thus . . physics TRI.CK and Afghani.STAN
gives us the. . . .TRI . . . . . . . . . . . STAN --> TRISTAN, a very large detector of the MARGARET MEAD atomic nuclear social family conflict.








THEATER OF WAR - mathematical physics error expressions STANDARD MODEL WAR - Battle Structure December 2009

Theoretical physics has the STAN military code for the STANDARD Model. Components of the intellectual war and its physical expressions are:
Afghani.STAN --> geography physics map of ASIA

Tri......STAN --> physics professors, Tsukuba, Japan

Gen.....STAN --> STAN.Ford University, California physics

Gen.....STAN --> STAN.Ford Linear COLLIDER Menlo Park General STAN --> General STAN.ley McChrystal, U.S.ARMY Margaret Mead nuclear family COLLIDER experiments in Afghanistan.





The physics, math, and quantum chemistry departments deny the existence of the MANHATTAN PROJECT event of SEPT 11, 2001. In keeping with the code of silence, the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology collision is not recognized. The STANDARD MODEL error violations and the SET-UP SCHEME to manipulate U.S.ARMY soldiers is inappropriate in year 2013. Perhaps some graduate students and professors can help understand the BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, intellectual, psychological battles of television, radio, and print. Only the BRAVE thinkers can survive the propaganda war that Aldous Huxley and George Orwell cautioned us about. The U.S.ARMY needs to be given accurate data and advice based on an accurate outline of the MARGARET MEAD nuclear anthropology world social,political structure.

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