Analysis of the World and Wisconsin gene and chromosome brain WARS

The Wisconsin genetics war and the 23 chromosome hostage students in Marinette --> the living EARTH cell address 2339 S. 43rd helps explain Milwaukee society DNA 64 codon manipulation errors.

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Boy Scout Sam Hengel of Marinette High School sacrificed his life in the DNA wars. His obvious SIGNAL is very important .....and has been deliberately ignored by citizens, state governments, federal governments, and universities.

Sam Hengel and his subliminal mind intercepted various CARL JUNG collective unconsciousness signals of the Wisconsin collective group. His subliminal mind HONOR CODE correctly interpreted the signals .... that there something very wrong ....... that major subconscious wars are going on.

Madison and Milwaukee are the two major social philosophy control centers for Wisconsin; their decisions and policies are at all levels of thought. Those thoughts are eventually communicated thru out the geography state of Wisconsin. Those thoughts are data input to the citizen brain computer and its various STATES of MIND. This process has been written about in literature. There are an abundance of books that explain various parts of the process. Add all the book ideas together and one has a rather good picture of what is happening.

The brave intellectual spirit of Sam Hengel stepped up and defended Nature and the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer from attack. His bravery .....and his tragedy.... sent an important cryptographic SIGNAL ....... that eventually was figured out by a serious thinker.

Citizens ought help understand the many facets of the social SCIENCE wars and the neuroscience secret language wars of society. Supersymmetry physics and string theory physics helps explain the inter-relationships between Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthropology events. Thus using the tools provided by the University of Wisconsin, Madison and other universities around the world ....we can understand the LINK between the Byran Norberg event and the Sam Hengel tragic event. Milwaukee and Madison and others will not help research this process, they prefer to cover-up the obvious.

==> Byran Norberg

An introduction to genetic engineering, life sciences and the law - Google

2 more Milwaukee officers expected to sue Badger Guns - Dec 4, 2010 – Two Milwaukee police officers, wounded with a gun sold by Badger Guns, are ... Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch, who both have life-long disabilities... On June 9, 2009, Norberg and Kunisch were shot at close range by ..



An introduction to genetic engineering, life sciences and the law - Google Books possible number of 64 codons or DNA words. ... There are 64 words in all. ... In all human cells, there are a total of 46 (23 pairs) chromosomes in the nucleus.28 The ...






Nature's chromosome address 2339 with 43rd Street --> base 4 math exponent 3 = 64 codons of DNA.


Milwaukee genetic engineering ERRORS and the cover-up of university experiments are approved by the Milwaukee society and the Milwaukee school system. Then they blame ERRORS on others like Badger Guns. That's the city of Milwaukee modus operandi.
Milwaukee citizen brain genes have long-term disabilities .....they can't process symbolic data.

both have life-long disabilities ... On June 9, 2009, Norberg and Kunisch



==> Sam Hengel, Marinette High School student who held classroom ...Nov 30, 2010 – Sam Hengel, Marinette High School student who held classroom hostage, ...
A Wisconsin teen
who held 23 students and a teacher hostage at ...
who held 23 students
who held 23 students
who held 23 students
who held 23 students







bp --> base pair problem signal with Nature's data
- 23 hostage students (puppets of marionette theater)
- 2300 block of 43rd street
Boy Scout HERO in the genetic wars --> Sam Hengel
Badger Guns --> Badger Genetic units backup system







Cryptography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cryptography - Dec 16, 2011 – the study of transforming information in order to make it secure from unintended recipients or use.

A review of cryptography protocols, algorithms, and design.




Cryptography is an indispensable tool for protecting information in bio-computer chromosome/ brain systems. This course explains the inner workings of cryptographic primitives and

23 Chromosomes --> Base 2 math power 3 = 8 data bits ....
secrets of chromosome life ..picture below

Bio-computer -->cryptography protocols, algorithms, and design.




Thus Sam Hengel was protecting his biology system from the high volume of electromagnetic activity that attacks the human skull...on a daily basis. This comes from television broadcasts, radio broadcasts, cellular phones, satellite transmissions, etc. These wireless electromagnetic field waves . have reached a high level of density .... in space that individuals occupy on the surface of EARTH.

In the modern world, Darwinian evolution of symbolic life involves our human data processing system. We are symbolic machines. We are biological computers.

We have brain electron circuits ...that are being attacked by wireless EM waves from the sky.
This disrupts the Central Nervous System processing .... causing crime, illness, emotional problems, etc.

This is approved by the FCC their arrogant ERROR attack upon the internal biochemistry system of Nature and its DNA FCC = DNA EM agent Francis C. Crick. Milwaukee is very proud of their electromagnetic tricks and schemes that are broadcast to the audience. The television programs ...are designed to program the human brain computer ...of the audience.

A subset word of audience ...
audience ......
...die --> the brain death factor of passive activity.

In addition, the PBS TV network is promoting the
word: Create ...which can have nasty consequences

Create = cr + eate --> brain input command

Cr = cranium eaters --> thus the word attack upon brain bio-computer memory cells ...consequently a factor in Alzheimer's memory being eaten by symbolic word diseases. Thus we have the Margaret Mead atomic brain war with PBS arrogant nonsense violations of nuclear family laws and atomic English language. We are symbolic computers .... and words VIA television / movies/ print can we used to attack the eye/ optical nerve/ and symbolic optical bio-computer.

The superior intellectual elite of the Milwaukee business and educational community think that the human Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer needs their elite version of brain computer nonsense instructions. Thus we have a genetic and DNA war in Milwaukee. Byran Norberg was a casualty of the world-wide genetic SCIENCE WARS. The universities can explain that.

The Milwaukee Police ought question Milwaukee television, radio, and newspapers industry for their misuse of mass communications ----> that is atomic mass communications systems and Hertzian wave systems that they use to program the human atomic brain computer.

The Hollywood genetic movies by GENE Hackman .....and thus we get
Milwaukee Police get hacked by bullets AND
Sam Hegel gets hacked. Thus we have the secrets of modern message processing systems of society ....that ought be understood. The BIG PICTURE and the puppets of string theory physics--> Wisconsin..
Humans are biological computers.....have been for thousands of years. Now, we are biological symbolic processors. We receive input data into our eyes and ears ..... and other sources of data ..touch, smell, etc. The brain computer has to look at this input data ..... make decisons, etc.

Now some wireless EM wave hits the skull and penetrates into the brain electron citcuits ...just so some idiot can talk babber on a cellular phone.
Today, we have really have a battle of Central Nervous Systems using data streams comprised of nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations, some pictures/graphics, etc. Thus the increase in university and high school shootings in the last ten years; because the school systems are on such an ego trip ...they refuse to look at the ERRORS that independent researchers notice.






What are the 23 chromsome...biochemistry WAR secrets of Marinette?







DNA nucleotide zip code with 43 --> 4 exponent 3 = 64 codons.
DNA Milwukee nucleotide street 43rd --> 43 research & development
..with DNA math base 4 power 3 --> 64 = double word bio-computer war

Nucleic Acids to Amino Acids: DNA Specifies Protein |
by A Smith - 2008 - Related articles
How can the four bases that make up DNA specify the 20 amino acids that ... It was also known that there are only four nucleotides in mRNA: adenine (A), ... However, a triplet code produces 64 (43 = 64) possible combinations, or codons. Thus ...

The Information in DNA Determines Cellular Function via
The three-letter nature of codons means that the four nucleotides found in mRNA — A, U, G, and C — can produce a total of 64 different combinations. Of these ...













Piercing the corporate veil - Wikipedia,
Jump to Criminal lawý: In English criminal law there have been cases in which the courts ... received by a company have been regarded as having been 'obtained' by ... A court can" pierce" the carapace of the corporate entity and look at ...
Basis for limited liability - Germany - United Kingdom - United States

Piercing ---> the skull and brain of BOY SCOUT experimental sample SAM Hengel..

Piercing ---> the Milwukee policeman Norberg and encourage the hypnotized BRAVE NEW WORLD Milwaukee detectives to work with serious American citizens who care about REALITY explanations of nasty situations .... instead of pointing fingers at Badger Guns. Let's look at the Milwaukee secret society system ...that is the cause of Nature's anger ...which then triggers a chain of events.

William Shakespeare stated around year 1600 that "The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors". .

Thus ....looking at the big picture .... Norberg, Kunish, Burton , Badger Guns ...are all players in some process that ought be understood .....and ultimately, that ought be the goal of investigators .....and that includes all the secrets tricks that universities and business use to manipulate the general public for their sales/ marketing/ advertising projects. Nature's gene and chromosome system does NOT give a damn about Milwukeee politics or Milwaukee money or Milwaukee theolgy or the Milwaukee university intellectual double-cross .... thus the living EARTH cell has Milwaukee and other cities under a microscope.

Thus we have a biology communications war ...with many facets. It needs to be understood.
Maybe, someday, cities will face REALITY and help understand how EARTH LAB works and affects our daily LIFE or DEATH.













The reader may just glance at the concepts below be aware that they exist.
Please be aware that bio-computer systems have existed for centuries. The ancient Roman empire was really built by bio-computers using the human processor.

From the internet -->
Public-key cryptography refers to a cryptographic system requiring two separate keys, one to lock or encrypt the plaintext, and one to unlock or decrypt the cyphertext. Neither key will do both functions. One of these keys is published or public and the other is kept private. If the lock/encryption key is the one published then the system enables private communication from the public to the unlocking key's owner. If the unlock/decryption key is the one published then the system serves as a signature verifier of documents locked by the owner of the private key.



This cryptographic approach uses asymmetric key algorithms such as RSA, hence the more general name of "asymmetric key cryptography". Some of these algorithms have the public key/private key property; that is, neither key is derivable from knowledge of the other; not all asymmetric key algorithms do. ........ etc. See a book for more details.







Thus we Nature's Darwinian selection of special agent Sam Hengel....
address 2139 Pierce Avenue.......MISSION
penetrate--> Pierce the Corporate Veil ...message

supersymmtery physics/ mirrors/ parallel processing
gives ...a bi-directional LINK with



Nature's Darwinian selection of special agent Norberg/Kunish ....
address 2139 Pierce Avenue.......MISSION
address 2339 S. 43rd Street......MISSION

penetrate--> Pierce the Corporate Veil ...message
penetrate--> Pierce the Corpuscle biology-govt...message

Margaret Mead atomic anthropology address:
2339 S. 43rd -->
23 atomic mass of Na= Sodium component of Salt treaty
39 atomic mass of K = Potassium thought process = thin.K

The FCC electromagnetic field wars and North Pole pole magnetic field wars are well known components of the SCIENCE WARS. Of particular interest, is the Milwaukee Police attempt to help understand these complex issues and their role in Milwaukee social engineering projects and business projects.

The Milwaukee Police are on the front lines of those nasty street events that happen and provide empirical data that is printed in newspapers. Such data provides researchers with clues .....tragic clues that help explain the societal architecture of Milwaukee ...which includes their English language incomplete, biased and distorted explanations of "How Milwaukee works?"

Milwauke 23 chromosome headquarters and the DNA 64 codon headquarters of the living EARTH Cell is a Computer Earth geography address 2339 S 43rd Street ..known as Badger Genetic Units ....or also known on EARTH LAB geography surface as Badger Guns.

Under the guidance of Milwaukee intellectual secret societies ..... Milwaukee encouraged lawsuits against the 23 chromosomes and DNA 64 codons. Thus a consequence of the shooting of Norberg in year 2009 is the Milwaukee biology lawsuit against Nature and it's the 23 chromosomes and 64 codons at location 2339 S. 43 Street.

The we have the 23 student hostages and the death of Sam Hengel ...a cosnsequence of Milwaukee intellectual song-and-dance nonsense. The depth of ponderous brain activity is lacking in Milwuakee and Madison.

Milwaukee citizens and universities are very proud of their CAUSE and EFFECT demo ....and the accidental murder of Sam Hengel. This is part of the Milwaukee citizen collective MIND and their M-theory physics atomic anthroplogy project-->


Milwaukee arrogance and bragging brain errors

Milwukee Journal Sentinel covers up the details to protect the CARL JUNG citizen/community COLLECTIVE unconsiousnsess schemes/ secret rackets.
Their explanations are incomplete, they OMIT many important details.
The reference book that helps explains Darwinian electromagnetic selection of Sam Hengel is:

Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
by Fawwaz T. Ulaby
The 2004 Media Edition

Other books provide similiar information.
Such books may be bought at a college bookstores or ordered from your local book store.
Such books are useful for bio-physics crimes.
In Milwaukee and Madison ..the colleges and universities can explain everything .....they have the resources. In Milwaukee we have the University of Wisconsin, MSOE = Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette university, and other schools. In addition we have several corporations that have experts in electromagnetc forces and magnetic field forces --> major components of
Milwaukee social forces.








What is a uniform vector field? - Math Help Forum › ForumUniversity Math Help ForumCalculus
Mar 21, 2011 - I cannot find the meaning of the uniform vector field. ... 3) The curl of the vector fields are zero in all location implies no circling, all pointing in ...




2.7 Visualization of Fields and the Divergence and Curl









LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."

Thus the suppression of the Sam Hengel situation by the University of Wisconsin ...and their cover-up of the brain chromosome programming ERRORS that resulted in the accidental murder of SAM Hengel. Wisconsin ought fix their educational systems and their business systems to prevent these brain computer programming BUGS ..... approved by the Wisconsin state assembly and their bio-computer assembler language/cortex COBOL programmers.

This we review some history of Wisconsin DNA war:

a) 1970 Sterling Hall and the 4 DNA nucleotides bombing VIA 4 DAN humaoid agents that used fertilizer nitrogeous bases to expresss the message in DNA fORMAT.

b) General Motor factory closed in Janesville ....
...Gene Motor fact ...errors of too many bull-stories

c) DNA nucleotides T,A,G of the pen.TAG.on are not recognized by the Wisconsin (biochemistry life formats) National Guard.

e) UW Badger football game --> used to manipulate thought gametes of law enforcement officers that wear a police badge. Thus Madison using the sport games. ...send signals to the subliminal MIND ganetes of more repsoible people. A very slick, subtle manipulation trick used by the University of Wisconsin for their intellectual amusement. For course, other universities have the same superiority complex over society.....and over Nature's laws ..especially the Social Contract as outlined by John Locke -->consequently, the university violations of the SOCIAL CONTRACT lead to the Lockerbie Scotland plane bombing. It's a big world, and citizens and universities ought realize that they are subsets living on EARTH LAB as guests of Nature.

Maybe some people will like to help think about these puzzles.
Some CLUES are mentioned above... provide a partial outline.
CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


The 23 chromosomes battle at Virginia TECH - - - > the blood-plasMID - - > MID-Atlantic States biology war map

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After you read the post below, visit SITE MAP-3 for access to several hundred  POSTS that help explain the Theory of Everything .... which includes you and your associations.



Rd-blog-2020  by Herb Zinser

Concepts to  a puzzle for you to complete.


The Virginia TECH experiments in advanced awareness ......
Delaware ...STATE of MIND

The geography map of the inside of human body /brain   .....that is the internal goverment and its city/states ....that sometimes  mirrors the external geography map of the surface of EARTH.   

The  EXTERNAL concrete Interstate Highway system parallel is
the INTERNAL  blood vessel highway transporation system.

The INTERNAL  city of Liver in North America  is represented by
the  EXTERNAL city of Livermore and the LAW of Liver Labs, California and the
non-communicating interface  physics agent/author "The Power Of Alpha" Woman: An Intimate Geography (9780385498418 ...

  1. So when a book comes along as beautifully written and endlessly informative as Natalie Angier's Woman
    Intimate Geography, it's a cause for major



blood-plasMID   internal map VIA the external


Mid-Atlantic states

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Mid-Atlantic Region
US Mid-Atlantic states.png
Regional statistics
Composition Delaware Delaware
Maryland Maryland
New Jersey New Jersey
New York New York
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Washington, D.C. District of Columbia
Virginia Virginia
West Virginia West Virginia
- Total

191,308.5 sq mi (495,486.74 km²)
- Total


57,303,316 (2008 est.)[1]

299.53/sq mi (116/km²)
Largest city New York City New York City (pop. 8,246,310[2])
GDP $2.962 trillion (2007)[3]
Metropolitan Areas New York–Newark
Norfolk–Virginia Beach


The Mid-Atlantic states, also called middle Atlantic states or simply the mid Atlantic, form a region of the United States generally located between New England and the South. Its exact definition differs upon source, but the region often includes DelawareMarylandNew JerseyPennsylvaniaWashington D.C.New YorkVirginia, and West Virginia, though the latter two, especially Virginia, are generally considered Southern states, as are occasionally Maryland and Delaware.

The Mid-Atlantic has played an important role in the development of American culturecommercetrade, and industry, yet it is one of the least self-conscious of American regions.[4] It has been called "the typically American" region by Frederick Jackson Turner. Religious pluralism and ethnic diversity have been important elements of Mid-Atlantic society from its settlement by DutchSwedesEnglish Catholics, and Quakers through to the period of English rule, and beyond. After theAmerican Revolution, the Mid-Atlantic region hosted each of the historic capitals of the United States, including the current federal capital, Washington D.C.


The above extertnal MAP, helps us  undertand the symbolic thoughts and expressions of internal biology systems and their symbolic descriptions  ( internal geography maps)  of themselves VIA humanoid messenger  output writers for the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic bio-computer processor.



  1. Central Plasmid   Antisense Administration Reduces Blood Pressure ...

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    by H TRIANTAFYLLIDI - 2006 - Cited by 1 - Related articles
    fed SHRs, while a control group received plasmid alone. Results: There was a significant fall in blood pressure, by an average of 31 ± 12 mmHg, within the first ...


Below  we see ......Washington, DC   biology Foreign DNA represenatives are Foreign DNA = Dipolomats North America.
They belong to a ELITE secret communiations society ..... hence, they  do not acknowledge the SCIENCE WARS and the Europe rope/string theory casualties at UTOEYA and  Liege.      These people just describe external REALTY events using  a mixture of  partial REALITY mixed with Hollywood style creative writing class techniques ......... which appear in local newsapers  for  IDIOTS  and FOOLS.  Universities promote these  incomplete explanations.   

Thus one must think beyond BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, Future Shock.  Those authors warned us.   I ignored their book advice until recently.....then I awoke after I reviewed CLIFF NOTES and  other  publishers sensible explanations about symbolism and indirect  writing techniques.     HOLY COW!     What's  happening?



Foreign DNA = Dipolomats North America.




Thus we have Nature and its genetic/biochemistry molecules at WAR  with the  those that refuse to help fix the various social engineering policy errors of civilization. Step number 1 in that process   is to accurately understand Nature's control systems and the relationship to subset humans and subset human institutions.

  1. Virginia Tech massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April ..... 

    The shooter was identified as 23-year-old Seung-Hui Cho




  1. VA Tech massacre survivors, family press US lawmakers | AlterNet,_family_press_us_...Cached
    Mourners hug during Virginia Tech's Day of Remembrance honoring the 32 people ... 
    23-year-old Virginia Tech student born in South Korea, shot to death 32 ...


VA technology     age 23 ---> bio-physics mirror  --->  32 dead VirginiA  = VA
VA technology --> Valentine's Day,  Cole Hall  Oceania classroom shooting



VA Tech massacre survivors and the Depart(mental)  of Energy atomic brain cell experiments,


  1. PDF]

    VA: Universal Theory of Weak Interaction
    The story of the discovery of the Chiral V-A interaction in the classic weak processes of .... shak. in Frontier Physics: Essays in Honour of Jayme Tiomno, World ...
  2. VA: Universal Theory of Weak Interaction - Sudarshan: Seven ...
    Chirality Invariance and the Universal V-A Theory of Weak Interactions; with R. E. Marshak. Frontier Physics: Essays in Honour of Jayme Tiomno, World ...
  3. A modern introduction to particle physics - Google Books Result, Riazuddin - 1992 - Science - 656 pages
    CHAPTER 10 WEAK INTERACTIONS 10.1 VA INTERACTION In analogy with electromagnetic interaction JA , Fermi proposed for pVdecay the interaction JJ ...
  4. High Energy - Physics at the University Of Virginia - Similar
    The Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics group acknowledges that the fundamental task of physics is to learn the rules of the basic interactions governing the ...

VA interaction the Department of EN = Energy
VA = Virginia the Deaprtment of EN = English





Thus we see bio-physics string theory in action....that is social science expressions/actions .... with various  CONCEPT elements intertwined ...that are needed to undertsand modern EVENT feedabck signals...that is engineering ERROR feedback sigmals  in the format of TRAGEDY to get newspaper attention get scientists and math attention.

Thus we have the WAR with the
UN G  = Unconscious  humanoid bragging Group in that meets in Manhattan...
UN G  = UniteD NAtions Group......sample space statistcal test countries /tribes
....................eDNA = extended DNA engineering DNA, symbolic DNA ...


_ UNG  
LUNG  = LU + UNG = Logical Unit  bio-computer UNG ......Darwinian selection of  
age  ....23 ....representing 23 chromsomes English language VS  school bull-stories

LUNG  = Locate eligible    UNG candidate for sacrifice to the  VIRGIN Universe......

Cho Seung  Hui ......English department subset alphabet  letters.....
Cho se...n --> The CHOSEN  ONE  for  Virgin TECH  parallel/supersymmtry  physics project.

The   Department  of Energy and Office of Science   parallel atomic humanoid...the Chosen  ONE  =   FermiLab  oddONE.




The University of Chicago,   IIT,  Circle Campus,  Northwestern  atomic subliminal MIND of  professors is  so impressed with the social psychology experiment  in Einstein's brain DATA FIELD theory at Field  Museum  ............that is the Egyptian mummy displays....... and the concept of embalment Field Museum, Chicago   .....that the  professors and graduate students  try to emulate the   MUMMY experiment .....that is ..

they SHUT-UP, remain silent..... 
they think about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.....
they think of Pilgrimms ......pills and Grimm diseases ....
they think of Sleepy of Snow White(House) and Dwarfs

and will not inquire about the 
Science wars,
Brave  New World,
George Orwell  1984  Oceania shooting at Cole Hall oceanography class ...... and  
Karl Marx class warfare  in the classrooms of grammer schools, high schools, and universties.

Thus we have some CLUES to an interesting puzzle .....that requires more thinking and  some action ....starting with communication action to clarify the precise Nature of  Margaret Mead atomic anthropology ...nuclear family  WAR signals.



What school will the next 23 chromsome battle take place?

23 student hostages at Marionette High School as the BOY Scouts of America are under the chromosome attack for their  policy  ERRORS regarding their Social Contract with Nature as orginally outlined By JOHN LOCKE.   The  Boy Scouts don't care to understand the modern world.  The FFA doesn't care care about the Matt Anderson bio-computer subroutine driver error.

Do you care?  
Spread the word about the Science Wars and the human chrosomome battles......with football game gamete command errors.



More clues are at sites  -->

Modern bio-computer genetics battlefield --> social science genetics - - -> the SOS Box war reports

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The usage of words and graphic pictures to manipulate the brain symbolic bio-computer genes




Thanks to subtle subliminal mind messages from the humanoids that organize the various blog sites; I finally caught on. They are sending important genetics signals about some complex social engineering puzzle of Nature. What are the signals.....the SOS biology signals from Nature VIA the intermediate humanoid messenger ...known as computer programmers that run BLOG sites. Such programmers are bio-computer symbolic machines. I know, I was an applications CICS COBOL (with some assembler ) from a different generation .......the IBM main frame generation ......from 1975 thru 1995.


The English language word:
BIOLOGY has algebra subset alphabet letters 
B....LOG ..... which are 4 of the 7 letters of BIOLOGY.

Are BLOG people 4/7 of BIOLOGY?
That is a concern of Nature ......that is ...the year 2012 us Nature's VIEW of the Darwinian VECTOR direction of evolution. 

Is that all good ...or is it a warning .....that something nasty may happen in the next several years.
Just to be s cautious, a serious researcher can NOT dismiss the possibilty of a SIGNAL.
Thus .... here are some CLUES ...that may help us understand Nature's the social engineering message from the BLOG provider community ...... whose Carl Jung collective unconscious .....ROSE to the surface of partial conscious expression VIA the BLOG system ...hoping that some older programmer might pick up on the possible warning SIGNAL Thanks to this SITE . . . . . . for the symbolic power of their subliminal mind IMPLANT into my eyes/optical nerve.... input bio-device to my abstract brain symbolic processor. 

Keep in mind that gene expressions may occur in 2 formats:
a) the traditional biology view of genetics and chromosomes
b) the social science language of proper nouns with Hollywood names like: Gene Audrey and Gene Hackman 

Journal of Molecular Biology

Volume 359, Issue 4, 16 June 2006, Pages 1059–1074

Thus between year 2006 and 2012 ...we have the evolution of molecular BIOLOGY messengers ..which is good.....undercover agents for Nature's systems. --> com = communications theory ....... advanced SITE parameters. Use a college textbook on genetics, biochemistry, or molecular cell biology .... as a frame of reference. You and a group of friends can buy the books ... they will be useful references for the rest of your life ....that is ....your brains symbolic active life.

SOS box - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
SOS box is the region in the promoter of various genes to which the LexA repressor binds to repress the transcription in the...This genetics article is a stub.

The SOS response has been proposed as a model for bacterial evolution of certain types of antibiotic resistance.[1]

The role of multiple SOS boxes upstream of the Mycobacterium ...
by EM Dullaghan - 2002 - Cited by 19 - Related articles
Many genes have a single SOS box that is sufficient to confer regulation, and there are even some instances of divergently oriented genes each being regulated ...

Medical Subject Headings - SOS Response (Genetics) - Terms ...
SOS Responses (Genetics). Response, SOS (Genetics). SOS Box. SOS Region. Definitions. An error-prone mechanism or set of functions for repairing damaged ...

Inducible SOS Response System of DNA Repair and Mutagenesis in 

by C Janion - 2008 - Cited by 41 - Related articles
The sequences of the SOS-boxes in one gene differ by 2 to 4 bases. How and why the extra SOS-boxes in genes arise, and how they influence the gene ...

Above we see multiple expressions of the SOS box. 
a) we have the orginal INTERNAL biology description above ...written in words on cellulose paper or equivalent
b) Nature's message systems also sent an enhanced, larger SIGNAL to the EXTERNAL world of EARTH LAB for all humans to see. The living EARTH cell is in some ways parallel to a human body cell. The living EARTH cell demonstation of the SOS BOX with 2 to 4 bases ....... was in the city of Baltimore with baseball player Sammy SOSA:

SOS-box --> SOSA in the batters box
2 to 4 bases --> a baseball field has 4 Bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Home Plate) 

Thus we see the important symbolism ...and the urgent SOS message of the city of Baltimore the world of science...which ignores the SCIENCE WARS.


Sammy Sosa
Right fielder
Born: November 12, 1968 (age 43)
San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic
Batted: Right Threw: Right




SOS Response (Genetics) definition
SOS Response (Genetics).
SOS Function; SOS Induction; SOS Region; SOS Repair; SOS Response; SOS System; Box, SOS; Function, SOS;



Above, we see how...moclular cell biology INDIRECTLY can send a message VIA humanoid messengers in the 
BRAND NAME advertising/marketing industry ...that is .....the subset letters
........D NA ..........the BRAND NAME external signaling method of internal biology DNA government. 

SOS box - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SOS box is the region in the promoter of various genes to which the LexA repressor binds to repress the transcription in the ... This genetics article is a stub.

Thus above, we have the internal biology SOS box ...which in the external world of objects .....can be a television electronics (BLACK) BOX the external system --> SOS box ...with a SOAP BOX braodcast TV show displayed upon a television BOX ...with various promoters...that is....advertising and marketing promotions.

SOS box - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SOS box is the region in the promoter of various genes to which the LexA repressor binds to repress the transcription in the ... This genetics article is a stub.

Above, we have another example of the television BOX with various genes ...that is Hollywood genes ...and their movies.
The movies at theaters......BOX office gene hits.
The movie reruns on TV --> television BOX gene messages.

Advanced gene and chromosome FORMATS of expression;




Similar More sizes

Thus we see the GENE messages for AU = Austin and the TEXAS university cowboy's.
AUTRY = Au + TRY --> Austin ought TRY to think seriously about social science public policy.

A more recent GENE signal for university and corporate scientists was VIA messenger


Gene Hackman

Gene (Genetics agent) made his name playing tough guys, spies, and smooth villains, .

Thus we see CLUES to an interesting mystery signal from Nature.

What does it all mean?

What has happened to the people in the Baltimore region? 
Can they be saved? First, we have to understand their bases ......problem.

Then we will need ..for Baltimore and Maryland and the East Coast on the United States ......

Sammy SOSA 4 DNA bases represented by 4 bases of Baseball ---> 
Sam SOS America ---> Uncle SAM SOS America signal from some source ..... what's happening ....

Sam SOS America ---> Sample Space errors SOS America

SOS repair and DNA supercoiling influence the genetic ... - Mendeley
(2006) Majchrzak et al. Journal of Molecular Biology. Read by researchers in: 100% Biological Sciences. Molecular mechanisms responsible for the genetic ...

Mutation, DNA Repair, and Recombination 
This module looks at changes in the information stored in the genetic material, ... excision repair, recombination repair, SOS repair) used to fix thymine dimers.

Let's hope that some people will be interested in helping to understand this situation. A few of the components are mentioned.
Thus, we see that the SOS signal took many messages formats:
a) Sammy SOSA
b) SOS soap pads on metal fibers ( ferrous oxide IRON atom) and its relationship to IRON Hemoglobin protein HUMAN ARM muscle fibers that are used to clean IRON pots and pans. 
c) the televsion and movie BOX office hits .......with Soap Box show or a Gene movie
d) the latest SOS box message MAY be that symbolized by and the coppr wire electron boxes of hardware used for the INTERNET data processing network. Superysmmetry physics suggests that the INTERNET is a living atomic electron structure .....and thru Darwinian atomic electron evolution ...has become an electron life form ...that parallels the human biology nervous sytem network. The introduction of the BLOG concept several years ago...was Nature's subtle hint that such a process was beginning ...... and the existence of my observation ...may mean that I am also a messenger .....descibing some PROJECT PLAN milestone of Nature's project.

There are 3 ways to look at the above empirical data.

a) its all nonsense 
b) ir's true 
c) unsure ...but it's a possibilty . . . that some of it is TRUE ...and we better check out the SIGNAL and try to understand it.

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