The biochemistry Heme group Fe(ii) ion social science wars

The SIGN of Four --> the Sherlock Holmes RED BLOOD CELL code ---> the Gang of Four in the Culture revolution of RED CHINA

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The Sign of the Four (1890), also called The Sign of Four, is the second novel featuring Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle wrote four novels and 56 stories starring the fictional detective.

The story is set in 1888. The Sign of the Four has a complex plot involving service in East India Company, India, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, a stolen treasure, and a secret pact among four convicts ("the Four" of the title) and two corrupt prison guards. It presents the detective's drug habit and humanizes him in a way that had not been done in A Study in Scarlet. It also introduces Doctor Watson's future wife, Mary Morstan.

The Sign of the Four

1st book edition
Author(s) Arthur Conan Doyle
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Sherlock Holmes
Genre(s) Mystery novel
Publisher Lippincott's Monthly Magazine
Spencer Blackett (book)
Publication date February 1890





Let's see the influence of Sherlock Holmes upon the world languages and cultures.


Remember, humans are bio-computer symbolic processors. We have been for thousands of years.

The ancient Roman Empire  built its highway system  ...... a type  of HUMAN bio-computer  communictions system with routers,etc. The JCL agent was Julius Ceaser Latin Language.



"The Sign of  Four"


The theme of the Sherlock Holmes book reappeared in  the China theater performance.




  • Gang of Four
    - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Gang of Four (simplified Chinese: 四人帮; traditional Chinese: 四人幫; pinyin: Sìrén bāng) was the name given to a political faction composed of four ...
  • Gang of Four (Chinese politicians) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

    The most powerful members of a radical political elite convicted for implementing the harsh policies directed by ChineseCommunist Party (CCP) chairman Mao ...

    The Gang of Four (simplified Chinese四人帮traditional Chinese四人幫pinyinSìrén bāng) was the name given to a political faction composed of four Chinese Communist Party officials. They came to prominence during the Cultural Revolution (1966–76) and were subsequently charged with a series of treasonous crimes. The members consisted of Mao Zedong's last wife Jiang Qing, the leading figure of the group, and her close associates Zhang ChunqiaoYao Wenyuan, andWang Hongwen.

    The Gang of Four effectively controlled the power organs of the Communist Party of China through the latter stages of the Cultural Revolution, although it remains unclear which major decisions were made through Mao Zedong and carried out by the Gang, and which were the result of the Gang of Four's own planning.

    The Gang of Four, together with disgraced Communist general Lin Biao, were labeled the two major "counter-revolutionary forces" of the Cultural Revolution and officially blamed by the Chinese government for the worst excesses of the societal chaos that ensued during the ten years of turmoil. Their downfall in a coup d'état on October 6, 1976, a mere month after Mao's death, brought about major celebrations on the streets of Beijing and marked the end of a turbulent political era in China.




    Communist China flag.

    Britsh China / pottery/ ceraminic

    symbolic Flag below




1st book edition
Author(s) Arthur Conan Doyle
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Sherlock Holmes









China Flag

Flag of China  --> The Sign of Four

The Darwinian symbol/languge evolution signal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Flag of China

--> The Sign of Four  astronomy stars with the 
4-H Club farm groups .......

4-Hemoglobin iron atoms in red blood ...Nature's  world biochemistry symbol below .....represented by the geography country of China Asia.




The secret British biochemistry English Language evolution of the blood symbolic life of William Shakespeare VIA his plas.MID signal recognition --> A .. Mid. Summer.. Nights Dream

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DNA and its evolution of self-awareness

First, we must have the philosophical perspective as expressed around year 1600 by the atomic English language department of William Shakespeare,

..................... "The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

In modern times,"The WORLD is an atomic and biochemistry symbolic stage and we are the symbolic processing layers"

We will look at the modern stage performances of a PLAY with the Margaret Mead nuclear family of atomic humanoids atomic, biochemistry social anthropology performance.
William Shakespeare and his plays centered around year 1600 give/take 20 years. They had a major influence on the brain's symbolic development of 20/20 vision, the optical nerve, and the symbolic life of nouns/verbs/names inside the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer.

The invention in year 1453 of the printing press...... made printed symbols available to a larger group of people. This enabled a Carl Jung group of people ...a collective group of people .......a collective unconscious group of curious people --> with the aid of printed books and newspapers, etc emerge from the unconscious, routine STATE of MIND --> to a curious, optically active, conscious STATE of MIND with accurate symbolic thoughts.


Printing press - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Gutenberg's press - Johannes Gutenberg's work on the printing press began in ... Psalter of 1453, presumably designed by Gutenberg but ...


This Facsimile Page of Gutenberg's 42-line Bible (1453-1455) was ...
This Facsimile Page of Gutenberg's 42-line Bible (1453-1455) was Printed on the Gutenberg Press Loaned by the Gutenberg Museum of Mainz for "A Century of ...




Thus the book by Carl Jung "Man and his Symbols" went thru a critical evolutionary phase between 1453 thru 1600. THe Gutenberg press allowed Nature to start a major 500 year symbolic brain evolution project...starting around year 1500. The first 100 year project milestone expression of Nature was around year 1600 VIA the selected messenger William Shakespeare.



William Shakespeare
The Chandos portrait, artist and authenticity unconfirmed. National Portrait Gallery, London.
Born Baptised 26 April 1564 (birth date unknown)
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England
Died 23 April 1616 (aged 52)
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England
Occupation Playwright, poet, actor
Nationality English
Period English Renaissance

William Shakespeare (26 April 1564  – 23 April 1616) was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist.[1] He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".  His extant works, including some collaborations, consist of about 38 plays,[nb 3] 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and a few other verses, the authorship of some of which is uncertain. His plays have been translated into every major living language and are performed more often than those of any other playwright.[3]



In year 1600 the INK PEN of symbolic life planned a future project SIGNAL:
address 1600 PEN....Pennsylvania Avenue as the next stage of symbol evolution of the electromagnetic spectrum of WHITE LIGHT for reading/seeing and the English dictionary (a word HOUSE of symbols: proper nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc... ) and thus it came into being ...the existence of the WHITE HOUSE.....a physical building in Washington,DC and just as important..... a PARALLEL symbolic, abstract architectural building inside a small percentage of human brains.








Thus we think of the announcement " the World is a STAGE" from
year coming from theater directors (English brains)..and
year 1776....year 2000..year 2011...
address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, the STAGE for the Shakespearean theory of LIFE and world affairs on EARTH.

Thus we see the 2 sides of Nature's the Altantic Ocean salt treaty experiment of the periodic atomic table government ..elements of human societal life. Think of the independent symbolic world of proper nouns, verbs, and adjectives of the English expressing itself thru human symbolic bio-computer actors:

- British thinkers --> agents for Nature's theories of the social/political world ...with expressions by Shakespeare, John Locke, Lewis Carroll, Herbert Spencer, Russell and Whitehead, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and other

- American people --> Nature's applications of the Lewis Carroll human guinea-pig theory ....experimental area on the American side of the Atlantic Ocean.




Thus the British secret language ...the secret intellectual project of year year 1776 and then later the COMPUTER EARTH Base 16 hexadecimal computer address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washinton, D.C.
.............with Computer Earth system 370 geography area ...BAL program = Basic Assembler Langauge with the Washington, DC = Define Constant data field....the area of the Base 16 Hex'Fe' = 254 = Federal government...a subset of the COMPUTER EARTH government.



The human computer brain does not recognize such trival details as the context of existence and life on PLANET EARTH...although Sartre suggested the philosphical possibility of existentialism. Most people have Hollywood designed brain thought circuits....considered by their self-evalution as the most advanced abstract,comprehensive data processing brains in existence. Nature likes people to think positive about themselves, but Nature also likes accurate explanations of social engineering events. Nonsense is very popular nowdays...hence, the brain SCIENCE WARS.

British universities ignore requests for communications to clarify their EARTH LAB social engineering project plan.
BP = Base Pair genetic agents for EARTH LAB projects is the company British Petroleum with the hydrocarbon industry. Industry scientists do not acknowledge the existence of the Base Pairs....of the living EARTH cell and their role as subset agents. Of course, most organizations deny their assignments of Project Plan ..Planet EARTH. Hence the Gulf of Mexico situation...and its deeper messages.



Water wells.....and the Watergate signal of H.G.Wells
H. G. Wells (YEAR 1895/1900 BOOK "Time Machine") was the 100 year advanced DNA notice of the
B100D clock ==> B 100 D --> alpha/numeric entity.... b l00 d ...the math life of blood plas.MID ...MID.......MID.DLE number 100 ....the 5 symbols B 1 0 0 D. Thus year 2000 and the human Y2K biological clock failure
..failure to upgrade your human brain SYMBOL MACHINE bio-computer software.


Thus the question "Are you well?" is really a question
"Are you familiar with the water molecule atomic weight 18....year 1895 signal ........the H.G.Well(s) biological clock,
brain computer, TIME COMPUTER REPAIR MANUAL titled: The Time Machine?".




Many people have a First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name..........and their LINKs to Computer Earth and Nature have failed thru their own neglect.

First Name --> Link to Supreme Court Justice Douglas (agent for Nature's Douglas Fir Tree and the invention by Nature's BOTANY government of year-around all-weather cellulose metabolism...a concept that was latter used by Nature to develop Human year-around metabolism ....who in turn ..take great joy in insulting Nature's intellect. While Humans have metabolism...their symbolic brain goes into hibernation....the dormant STATE of MIND...that is tested at STATE university dormitories.

Middle Name --> the blood PlasMID ....component as described by around year 1600
by molecular cell biology expressions of William Shakespeare's blood plasMID message: MID --> MIdsum.night's Dream ...the MID sum ..being the binomial probaility distribution clarified by William Shakespeare successor William Feller ..Proton ability book titled: Probability of the Albino math life project: Al + bino = Algebra + binomial distribution.

The Fermi-Dirac statistical bio-physics test is
the Fermi-Direc(tor) of ODDS = ONE at the atomic casino gambling location in Batavia...part of the Theory of Everything Structure with the TOES of a 2-leg STAND atomic humanoid model of the bio-physics STANDARD MODEL ......who may have done walking research in Margaret Mead's nuclear anthropology retail store: BED, Bath and Beyond atomic expression of TOE theory and BEYOND the Standard Model --> Pier Oddone.

He is an Earth Lab agent with Nature's identifying parameters:
agent with the atomic geography map of
Peru --> PER + U --> Periodic table + Uranium 238

with the Mountain Mission of the
Andes = AN + des = Atomic number detsiny (Margaret Mead atomic nuclear social anthropology) ... Hierarchy Problem of physics .......the communications problems between atomic humans regarding mission parameters

The empirical data ..the retail store signal: Bed, Batavia and Beyond the Standard Model is an algebraic existential subset of EVERYTHING ....that may exist in the Theory of Everything.

This message of B100D symbolic life...correlates to the year 1895/1900 messages of the DNA base 16 hexadecimal word (DeoxyribonucLeic) VIA the 5/16 DNA subset word Doyle (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).

Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson often go thru the railroad station known as
Water100 Station.
.......B100D messages ..  in year 2009 the biochemistry war at
Water100, Wisconsin and the high-speed railroad project with DNA subset Governor Doyle.
....all a camouflage of serious biochemistry and math problems with University of Wisconsin secret experiments.

But in the symbol city of the optical nerve and Central Nervous Ssystem 370 processor...  Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson are alive and symbol  life .. or as symbolic brain computer subroutines that THINK.   Do you have the Watson subroutine in your brain?

The difference between IBM and TOM Watson Labs is
Herb Zinser's Base 16 DNA ATOM (Dr.) Watson Labs with Sherlock Holmes .....and the Oxygen atomic computer of the LUNG with oxygen hexadecimal Base 16 atomic weight 16 ...along with the particle physics STANDARD MODEL atomic processor system 370...referred to as number 1/137...operating at activation temperature of the human body of 37.0 degres C.

The Base 16 oxygen atomic processor LINKS with the 16 symbols of the symbolic life of the
Deoxyribonucleic government of Nature.




We must remember that year 1600 was the start of the DNA symbolic messages written by William Shakespeare....the 16 English alphabet symbols of word:
D e o x y r i b o n u c l e i c.........a subset word:
...........r i b o n year 2013 LINKS to
the rope of STRING THEORY physics of the  


and the Base 16 Hexadecimal DNA battles in 1995 in Yugosalvia in the
COMPUTER EARTH geography BAL war zone: BAL.Kans Pennisula



This message of BLOOD symbolic life...correlates to the year 1895/1900 messages of the DNA base 16 hexadecimal word (DeoxyribonucLeic) VIA DNA subset author Doyle (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).
Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson often go thru the railroad station known as
Water100 Station.
.......B100D messages ..... in year 2013 we have the biochemistry war at
.......B100D --> alphabet capital letter B = number 8 = eight giving
.......8100D.....which is the
IBM.8100 DPCX distibuted processing biology parallel to the copper wire version.

Does your BODY processor have Distributed Processing Control Executive to help manage your thoughts? DPCX is Linked to Nature's system 370 HOST which LINKs to our G =Gravity HOST processor....known in astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Computer Earth) as the
G = Universal graviational Constant as our HOST gravity force field ....
G + HOST = secret GHOST project....are your curious ...about that componet of
GRAND Unified Theory.

--> Last Name --> Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic English language of iron Hemoglobin proteins at Princeton with math life of Fer--> Fermat's LAST Theorem with Andrew Wiles of Princeton and then with the CALTECH Feynnam Professor astrophysics math life format with equation:


Fermat's Ferrous oxide math equation



Feynman = Fe + yn + man ...expanded can figure that out...but notice that Yn is the MID component of Fermat's equation.....thus we have the bio-math mystery of the author of the book: Black Holes and Time Warps.



Now as a Feynman entity with physicists Max Born --> born in a math logarithm dimension at mathematical-physics space/time geography location of algebra LOG life ...Logan, Utah.....he then thought amd his thoughts continued to evolve thru work/study/effort .......and eventually he reached his LOGAN, Utah mission objective and became a Feynman scholar ....i.e;

Fe + Yn + Mantissa of a Bio.LOG.y form born in, Utah.

Thus he has an interesting bio-math logarithms history .......and then we come to Year 2000 and the Y2K biological clock....
and we are concerned about
his Logarithms awareness SECRET mission of TIME
subset....thms --> time, hour, minutes, seconds of Logarithms of BIO.log.Y 2K an important BIO-TIME message for Caltech university students .....but why should they care about Nature's signals? Also, they choose to ignore the TIME messages of H.G.Wells and DNA messages of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

And the British DR.WHO reminded us of the World Health Organization of TIME TRAVEL.
And TIME LORD of PST = Pacific Standard Time of Standard Model
atomic time--> Ki PST horne -->
Thorne = T + hor + ne TIME LORD -->
.......Time + Hour needed for STANDARD Model atomic bio-physics time...
so maybe someday CALTECH may understand the subliminal mind message book: CONTACT by Carl Sagan.

Thus we have the British as important keepers of Greenwich Mean Time and other frames of reference for Nature. Thus we see the 400 year project..... started around year 1600 with William Shakespeare. Then around year 1900...the start of the final 100 years of the 400 year evolution with the H.G.Wells and Doyle messages...along with the messages of other authors and scientist.

The British and Americans......thru inattention and intellctual neglect.... find their brain traveling backwards in time....thus Nature's warning SIGNAL of adult human Alzheimer's situation their brain travels back to the BABY STATE of MIND. Hence the BABY war in BABYLON region of really a Alzheimer's WAR SIGNAL issued by the Central Nervous Ssystem defense forces .....a BRAIN WAR signal with the BULL nonsense talk groups...a problem that Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, Rudolf Carnap, and others wrote about.

The symbol  BRAIN WAR in Britain and America tranformed by Nature into a physical war in the  BABY region named make a very explicit, visible message. These are clues for serious thinkers....and action is needed.

Perhaps Nature is providing you with a interesting challenge...and I am a messenger.

The secret British atomic hematology LIVER messages sent to Lawrence Livermore Labs and CALTECH (Part 3)

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Lawrence Livermore Labs and the secrets of atomic continuum message processing.
LIVER biochemistry,  blood analysis of  its symbol life, and liver messages delivered by  atomic hematology agent code --> 70Mev.




William Shakespeare around year 1600 wrote:
..................... "The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

In modern times,"The WORLD is an atomic bio-physics stage and we are the symbolic processing layers"

We will look at the evolution of a stage performance of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family - atomic social anthropology. Theatomic English language of the British LIVER is with iron hemoglobin protein messenger Margaret Thatcher.



As the IRON LADY...the molecular cell biology government of Nature has ranked her liver ferrous oxide atomic data processor as a leading liver language messenger.

Thus we have clearly identified the atomic English language of the 26 proton English atomic alphabet of Ferrous oxide /IRON.

The atomic English language is not recognized by the social sciences....they use some fabricated language of their own making. Their language explains parts of reality; but many explanations are incomplete. Given the availabilty of knowledge in year 2011...they continue to promote the errors within their LANGUAGE structure with an arrogant policy. However, Nature is not interested in biased explanations of EVENTS; hence, Nature has proceeded without they lag behind in the SCIENCE WARS.

Herbert Spencer wrote about this process in 1872...with the concept of the
- Internal biology government, its thoughts and expressions (an example is Reader's Digest Magazine and its symbolic messages that originate in the digestive thought sytem)
- External world with physics, math models, chemsitry labs AND social institutions (outside the B.F.Skinner human body)

Thus we have 2 types of atomic human adult species. At birth ...we all begin with an internal government and go to school to learn basic internal government symbolic languages: the usage of English words to ask for food, to ask for a house mortgage for shelter,etc. Most people only understand part of the external world; only that part necessary to get a technical job to get money to feed their internal government. A few older individuals with math books, science experience, intellectual effort, and wisdom may transcend this INTERNAL government STATE of MIND....and understand the larger gestalt of the EXTERNAL goverments of EARTH and NATURE...and the EARTH LAB role of human subset governments and institutions.

Thus we have background clues ...and now describe the British liver language system VIA humanoid inerface agents.

A classic example of the social evolution process and expression of Nature's intellect is VIA
the Jonathan Swift book "Gulliver's Travels". The book described the year 1726 biochemistry government long-term  LIVER project plan to have future scientists bio-physics LIVERS TRAVEL to / converge at a world LIVER conference site......which is the well-known secret of Livermore, California.


This is affirmed by the atomic liver messages of Malcolm H. MacGregor ==>

1) 1726 Jonathan Swift ...symbolic book: The Power of atomic ALPHABETS (titled.. Gullible LIVER TRAVELS) to the future EARTH LAB ....liver convergence location with atomic agent....



2) 2007 Malcolm MacGregor physics book: The Power of ALPHA(atomic Alphabets); and he announces that his LIVER has traveled because his California automoble license plate 70MeV a significant subliminal mind SIGNAL in his book. Year 1726 becomes ...via the modern Livermore messenger MacGregor ..... 17 + 26.

17 years denotes the patents/inventions of the unique work at Livermore Labs and
26 = the 26 iron protons in his IRON MAN liver  Hemoglobin proteins




and their


26 atomic iron proton English alphabet(INTERNAL government); and then his book descibes the relationship to EXTERNAl iron governments via his emphasis on his 4-wheeled ferrous oxideSWIFT automobile and its 70MeV identifier. Thus we see the deep down, subliminal mind of his atomic liver.....and its sucessful attempt to have MacGregor provide explicit, external communication SIGNS....regarding the bio-physics symbolism of Gulliver's Travels.

The social engineering research project: LAW of LIVER is with LIVER CIA agent known as LIVER NORTH (Oliver North) who studied El Salvador Dali spanish art in the Central Nervous System 370 brain computer... symbolic country in the brain geography map region of symbolic Central America ...a parallel processing region to physical geography Central America.

S.I. Hayakawa in the book Language in Thought and ACTION' and book "Symbols, Status, and Personality" stresses the difference between these many differnt levels of brain maps...symbolism and physical reality,etc. Hollywood invented nonsense can confuse the modern lazy intellectual (as it did me for many years); thus the LIVER engineer's near Hollywood, California won't communicate with folk like myself.



But some LIVER questions answered by the enginneers and researchers at the LIVERMORE Labs. The empirical data sought....per plate 70Mev (symbolic license plate with FOOD for Thought) is:

- How many LIVERMORE Labs people are familiar with the existence of Beattle music and their LIverpool origin?



We have the parallel processing structure ...comparsion of England, Europe with its parallel in California with CALTECH, Stanford, University of California, LIVERMORE. The parallel structure is outlined as:

--> England geography with LIVER data record buffer POOL....and city of Liverpool

the super-symmetry  physics and geo-physics parallel 

--> California with the LIVER of Livermore and the data records of swimming POOL homeowners .....California life style.
Thus we have the parallel: LIVER POOL




Now think of EARTH a living EARTH cell. From as astrophysics point of view...EARTH would appear as a living organism (large in size compared to the traditional concept of biology lab with a microscope). Given this, let the large geography surface area of LIVERMORE perceived as an equivalent to the internal surface area inside a human biological liver.
In Sartre existential theory, math functions could MAP ..say.... from the LIVER math domain inside MacGregor to the EXTERNAL math range..this being the city of Livermore and the geography area.

How could Malcom H. MacGregor and his atomic LIVER do this ......establish this parallel processing.
Now his atomic LIVER thinks with NATURE's guidance.....

--> the INTERNAL Hemogloblin IRON protein is a VEHICLE that travels down INTERNAL highways called blood vessels/ arteries ...internal highway arteries

--> thus the math mapping fuction or correspondece relationbship as suggested by Herbert Spencer in year 1872

--> the EXTERNAL IRON VEHICLE becomes his 4-wheeled ferrous oxide automobile with Nature's
top-secret identifier 70 MeV.

This a subset code of molecular cell biology LOGIC...
to be explained someday. Meanwhile, Macgregor and his IRON Vehicle /automobile (symbolic of Hemoglobin iron) drives around LIVERMORE and California...... establishing a relationship between the external world of higway signs, city names.....and his previously un-labeled, un-named, un-mapped INTERNAL Liver. After years of working at LIVERMORE ....his LIVER now learns a symbolic map that somewhat parallels the EXTERNAL geography world and its English language ROAD MAP signs.


Darwin evolution Santa Cruz, Islands  best route map,  SYMBOL MACHINE evolution direction

About | 70MeV: The Power of Alpha --> Alphabets  --> best route map
70 MeV is a mass-energy quantum, and is the fundamental “brick” out of ... Switzerland and filled with information
by Californians living in Santa Cruz, USA, ...

The EARTH LAB human liver specimen  and his Darwinian Santa  Cruz evolutionary pathway


Santa Cruz, CA  to Livermore, CA best route map, driving direction
Livermore, CA to Santa Cruz, CA driving direction, best route map.



Of course, he is just the latest version of the molecular cell social biology ....evolutionary process ...that started in year 1726 with Gulliver's travels. Thus his LIVERMORE research had the hidden dimension of helping understand the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness of the LIVER people......a situation in Nature that needed more precise empirical data and explanatory models.

Now, MacGregor is really part of the California LIVER project in parallel processing ...and he needed symbol  tools ...that are explained by

mathematicians with LIVERS that help write LIVER calculus books. Such a structure exists at CALTECH with atomic LIVER identifier:

..TOM M. Apostol explains calculus...with his secret
..ATOM..MAP.....such as used above by the mapping function.

Then at the other end of the size continuum.. is the astrophysics view, the logarithms ratio of the 500 year GUT project started with the GUTENBERG movable type printing press...give the LOGAN, Utah approximate decimal log ratio of 500 to 50 ...with the CALTECH PST TIME ZONE undercover agent:
Astrophysics with KiP S. Thorne and their secret subset code:
..trophy their alternate astrophysics SIGNALING method.

The Wall Street Journal newspaper ...many years ago..
really an article on astrophysics finanacial systems ...hidden in everyday social language.

Website Keyword: Trophy wives and the secret astrophysics language transformation....example:

...wives = wi + Ves

--> ves = vespers messages
--> Vector space math religion message systems
--> calculus vector space ( Cal+ Ves = Calves)
--> Calves = CalTECH vectors

Thus the atomic/astrophysics English language within a book:
BLACK Holes and Time Warps" and other authors.

The SECRET of Nathaniel Hawthorne : Celestial Railroad
with the modern Hawthorne...astrophysics double-helix undercover agents: Haw + Thorne.

They are important messengers......with Hawking at cam.BRIDGE ....
with the 2nd astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) BRIDGE between

Haw.. +... Thorne -->
Hawaii + Thorne at Caltech.....thus we have the salt water of the Pacific Ocean and 2 land locations: Hawaii Islands....salt water..... California and CALTECH ...thus we see the structure of the SALT BRIDGE as descibed in most astrophysics.... college freshman chemistry textbooks.

The EARTH is a subset of the universe; therefore
the EARTH is a subset of astrophysics and astronomy; therefore
events on subset EARTH are considered special astrophysics EVENTS .....
like Einstein's theory of special atomic anthroplogy relatives of relativity.

Thus books like:
Black Holes and Time Warps Theory........
.................Time War Pst -->Professor St=Stephen astrophysics WAR HAWK...
known in astrophysics subliminal mind circles for BLACK Holes ....
hence, the secret Carl Jung identifier...warrior CHIEF Black Hawk.

The astrophysics component of the SCIENCE WARS have existed since 1990. I just caught on around year 2009. Be a later comer like me. Thru effort can catch up .....your have a role in the SCIENCE WAR project: The Recapture of Earth.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote about "Battlefield Earth". His message is very true; I use more accurate language with real-life examples.

The molecular cell biology government level of NATURE explains the brain molecular JAIL cell - - - > FBI prison in the brain iron Heme group Fe(ii) ion ---> RD site = FBI = FermiLAB , Batavia, Illi nois(e)

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RD-blog-number-2247-updated by Herb Zinser

Nature has constructed many structures in the last few million years.

Using math equations,  11-dimensional physics, chemistry formulas,  the atomic English language, and molecular cell biology processes NATURE constructed societies and civilizations   using   Darwinian entities adaptable for such social and economic experiments.   Such entites are extensions of the periodic atomic table government ... a  basic government of existential space/time on EARTH.   

The next level of  government could be perceived as Nature's biochemistry, molecular cell  biology government.

Another  level this sequential evolution ...would be humans ...with Fe =  Ferrous oxide atoms  --> iron Heme group Fe(ii) ions used by their myoglobin proteins and the hemoglobin proteins ...and their respective thoughts.  Let's look at some of the the various expression levels of iron ..the ferrous oxide atom .....with some other ideas.

Let's use the  various languages of  existence to explain  some  levels of symbolic life -->  Fe.

1) Fe = Ferrous oxide atom in the periodic atomic table ...hence the Fe --> Federal government or iron and its North Pole magnetic data field interactions..

The atom of iron is used for metal  automobiles and iron bridges that exist in the  EXTERNAL world ( on the geography surface of EARTH )   AND    the atom of iron is used for metabolism in the INTERNAL world of biology VIA the iron Heme group.   Thus we are reminded of Herbert Spencer.

  1. Epitome of the Synthetic philosophy of Herbert Spencer - Google Books Result Spencer, Frederick Howard Collins - 1901 - Philosophy, Modern - 692 pages
    Herbert Spencer, Frederick Howard Collins. 30. ... definition of Life will be : — The continuous adjustment of internalrelations to external relations. ... as "coexistences and sequences;" and the connection between them as a "correspondence.

2) Fe --> the Base 16 hexadecimal structure ..with Hex'Fe" = 254 ...the the Base 16  Federal  government ...existant on EARTH  with

  • Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory
  • Galileo project of year 16 16 --> Base 16 Hex space and Base 16 Hex time
  • base 16 used for  business data processing
  • base 16 used for human bio-computers and base16  human warfare such as Virginia TECH on April 16,2007

3) fe--> Fertilizer ..symbolic of chemisty logic ...infer ...infer fertilizer  .....chemistry  Fe = Fertilizer   ...a Federal level in Nature's governmental hierarchy....... that   uses human agents to carry out chemistry molecule orders  --> social chemistry events.


  • The Darwinian selection of 4 DNA humanoid agents to use math /physics logic ...infer --> input fertilizer the Sterling Hall bombing ....signaling device  tragedy in August 1970 in Madison, Wisconsin.


  • the Oklahoma City Fe = Fertilizer tool of the chemsitry Federal  government level  of Nature ....versus  the Fe = Federal building of humanoids.
  • Thus we see a battle of  major world systems ...... the gestalt battles ...that requires one to think  in terms of big concepts and big philosophy battles ..between Nature, chemistry data set forces,  and the subset human institution ERROR overflow.
  • The chemistry war equation resulted in the 168 dead signal--> 168 --> 160 + 8 --> 
    partition into 16 + 0 + 8 --> 16 Oxygen 8  --> 16 atomic mass  Oxygen 8 electrons  ordered event VIA the Darwinian selection of Timothy McVeigh(t) -->  Mc + V + eight --> Macro Vector  8   with parallel named  bio-computer agent McVeigh(t).


4) Fe --> Fer --> infer logic --> input fer logic ...mathematical logic and physics amd semantics ...Fe =Federal government and symbolic STATES of MIND .... that is .... 
the brain governmental organization.........
..........................mental organ ....thought systems


5) Fe = the traditional concept of a Federal government on the geography surface of EARTH  ...responsible for a geography region and the administration  of   laws, economics, etc...for the human society living in thet geography region.  This Fe=federal government is concerned with daily activities and events...and long range plans.   The other Fe governemtnts  exist at deeper levels of REALITY  or in different facets  of REALITY......... thus these other levels  in a sense converge to the human act as an intermediate, a  balancer, a partner with Nature.    For example, the human Federal government in Washington, DC   is embedded  within  the EARTH LAB atomic/astronomy   Fe continuum and its  various components.


Does Nature have a prison system?  Why not?

We known that the quadratic equation is a 2nd degree equation .....and often is a cause of 2nd degree murder.
High school algebra criminals ...... may suffer  in  math prison  later in life.

We know that  60 cycles ac / 120 volts HERTZ  may have  parallel effect on life...
...................60 miles/hr  ac=accident ....hurts ...the parallel  sound effect of hertz.
Thus the ACLU legal organization  ...presumably works on legal cases on the
societal tragic consequences  of  ac =alternating current and electromagnetic fields.




Given the above possibilities..... can Nature create a symbolic prision cell within our symbolic brain bio-computers.
INTERNAL thought prisions have existed before in history  ...... with  the Joseph Stalin mentality   and the IRON CURTAIN of his  brain iron HEME group Fe(ii) ion  social organization thoughts.  Being part of a Carl Jung collective unconsciousness goup of people in Russia ...the entire group became infected with  the symbolic language sickness  ... illustrated by the hammer and sick ---sickle symbol  of the 1930's.   The hammer represents the iron myoglobin protein thought about  the intellectually  sick.

The problem has never been addressed,  still exists today in a more gentle format.   IRON and brain RD  continues at Fer =Ferrous oxide headquarters at Fer= FermiLAB.  They ain't communicating.  AS we know by their identifier ..this is not possible for  the Office of Science.....and the  human MIND project.


The atomic English langauge code-->
FermiLAB = Fer + Mi  + LAB

Ferrous oxide MI _ _  LAB --> Fill in the 2 blanks 
Ferrous oxide MI ND LAB --> North Dakota ???
Ferrous oxide  MI ND Lab --> systems communications NODE


The Department of Energy and DARPA  no longer have access to NATURE's  system NODES...consequently, the Hierarchy Problem of  Margaret Mead  atomic nuclear family ..... which can be partially solved by looking around ...... outside their elite  circle of thinkers.  They have forgotten they are guests of Nature.... on the surface of EARTH.  Nature has messages waiting ...that have been ignored by the university system.




The human entities in the Chicago  region  have no interest in  the atomic bio-physics  SOCIAL SCIENCE WARS ...hence, Nature has demoted their myopic  position relative to Nature's systems and project  plans.





Nature ...used to consider the central iron atom  of the world as represented by (Fe) --> FermiLAB  ...and we see the chemistry symbols CH  ..... organic chemistry Carbon/ Hydrogen .....  a reminder to the University of Chicago   ..about the mission.
That has all changed in year 2012 ..... as the University and other colleges have dropped the ball;  requiring more responsible human beings to take over the neglected  multi-billion dollar  brain development projects.

Thus we see the Sherlock Holmes biochemistry mystery story ...the Red-Headed League of red  blood cells ...and their internal thoughts expressed by Sir Art ...Arteries of Arthur  Conan Doyle external format on published cellulose paper ...those stories were  circulated to humans with eyes/optical nerve data processing systems ...the reader....that is the bio-computer human input device ....the reader .... and  year  1891   newspaper boys would HOLLER ... "read all about it" .. 

Years later..... in 1956 ...... the parallel input device reader became the HOLLER cards ...Hollerith cards used with copper -wire computer hardware/software.


  1. Advanced Molecular Cell Biology 

    Jan 12, 2012 – Advanced Molecular Cell Biology.
    Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience





The Adventure of the Red-Headed League" is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It first appeared in The Strand Magazine in August 1891,



  1. Molecular Cell Biology - Advanced Training Tracks - About Us ... - Similar
    Molecular Cell Biology applies biochemical, genetic, molecular, and sophisticated morphological techniques to the investigation of basic cellular processes in ...




Molecular Cell Biology - Advanced Training


Thus ....problems in within the human  INTERNAL iron HEME group  Fe(ii) ion ..... may then be trasformed into EXTERNAL format ...... and result in human messenger behavior  ...... that  places the humanoid in a Fe(ii) ion-like  prison cell.

Structural Biochemistry/Protein function/Heme group/Myoglobin ... 

  1. Jump to Structure‎: Myoglobin contains a heme (prosthetic) group which is responsible for its ... However, when ironoxidized from ferrous ion (Fe2+) to ferric ion ...

Golbular Protein

  1. At the center of the heme group is the iron +2 metaion. The nitrogen atoms bind to the iron ion through what are called coordinate covalent bonds. This means ...
Thus the symbolism  of the 2-hands on 2-iron bars --> the Fe(ii) ion signal.

We see the Margaret Mead nuclear family...atomic social anthropology signal above word:
Behavioral --> subset symbols --> oral --> orbital ...brain electron orbital messages.

Offenders --> subset letters = fe = Ferrous oxide atomic bio-physics offenders.
Who else may Nature have selected for Fe = Ferrous oxide analysis?
What high ranking intellectual life forms   are eligible?
Let's consider  possible atomic/astronomy continuum offenders living on  EARTH.
The continuum concept equation of interest is -->

26 Proton alphabet letters  + Ferrous oxide + Solar Ssystem Orbitals -->
Protons  Ferrous Solar System orbitals -->
Pro  + Fe  + S S ors
These information dat set entities ought offer diplomatic recogniztion to the humble CONTINUUM representatives.
Thus we check...where did the above   picture come from.

We know that all mass communications (televsion, radio, print , websites, etc) is really atomic MASS communications. 
Thus messages originate  in the  Margaret Mead atomic table continuum ..the elements of  life and social life.
The atomic messages ...use the  atomic bio-physics  bio-computer output device known as humanoid.
The original message must travel thru the biological/symbolic humanoid structure  ...along its pathway... the atomic message is intercepted and  usually distorted OR rewritten with bias  ..... before it reaches the external world of magazines and newspapers.
Where did the above   picture / signal  come from?
What level of the Fe = Federal Bureau of Investigation?
What dimension of the 11 dimensions of string  theory physics of life?
Below, Nature's
 atomic FBI --> FermiLab, Batavia, Illinois
What area of the multi- faceted dimensions of Sartre existentialism?
Fe --> Federal Bureau  of Investigation

Fe --> the Ferrous oxide atomic version
Fe --> the Base 16 Hex'Fe' = 254  version  that explains Computer EARTH  system 370 address space 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC = Define Constant  ..
.as per bio-computer  IBM  BAL instruction ..President CLI (Clinton)  Compare Logical Immediate.

Thus Federal Bureau --> Hex'Fe" bureau --> Hex'Fe' bur + rea + u --> 254  data buffer reality universe ...on EARTH
Fe --> Fermat's Last math theorem ....with Andrew Wiles of Princeton
FBI --> the atomic continuum version = FermILAB, Batavia, Illinois  ....know in CIA television shows as the BAT CAVE  with Chief O'Hare  (Chicago O'Hare airport region) and  Alfred (Alfred North Whitehead).   Secrets of  CIA message systems  ....broadcast to field agents around the USA and other countries that show Batman.
Thus ..the theory ...that the above picture in the EXTERNAL world of cement /iron jails ......acts as a mirror to some nasty process inside the human brain....that Nature is trying to fix.   Hence, Nature's send out a signal violent format to get the attention of newspapers and the readers ....hoping that a reader may recognize the  larger, complex puzzle  and the message piece.  Hence, the  professors in the Chicago region with  Argonne and FermiLAB   are in some   IRON  mental ....STATE of MIND   ..prison.
Thus we see the Herbert Spence theory of INTERNAL <----> EXTERNAL  bi-directional information flow  ...and the various mathematical-physics mapping functions  ...from  atomic  bio-physics internal thought domains to  external ranges  ...and visa versa.   University of Texas math cowboys to think ..that they are home on the range  . .. ... in the world of symbols and abstract math geography maps: but,  Austin has a bad case of   symbolic brain  Au --> Autism communications problems.


Residues crucial for maintaining short paths in network communication mediate signaling in proteins

This is well known thru literature and history signals.

- book "The IRON Mask" by Dumas  --> route to DuPage county atomic mass  RD region
- the IRON Curtain of Joseph Stalin and Europe in 1956 ...atomic mass 56 uprising in Hungary VIA the Heme group revolution
- Highway 56 near FermiLAB 
- 56th Street Physics building University of Chicago
- iron automobile  LEGAL speed limit on many highways   55.84  miles/hour
-Iron Man movie signals  from  Hollywood  Hemoglobin directors genetics /gene movies with Gene Hackman
Thus we have a few clues to modern molecular jail cell theory...
with  the experiments at
Jail = J + ai + il --> Joliet atomic intelligence Illinois

Joliet Correctional Center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
This is an article about a men's penitentiary in Illinois in the United States. ... Joliet Correctional Center (colloquially known asJoliet Prison) was a prison in Joliet, .... The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC).

Stateville PrisonJolietIL

Aug 21, 2010 – USAIllinois. 2002. 
Stateville Prison. 
F house. 
There were originally four ... That 135-year-old Joliet prison still houses more than 1,100 inmates.

Darwinian evolution  ....... with parallel universes on EARTH

The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep ... 

Greene, one       of our foremost physicists and science writers, takes us on a captivating exploration of these  EARTHLY parallel worlds and reveals how much of reality's true ...
--> secret message ...Greene --> one of 4 DNA nucleotides group...the 4th wise man project of Nature. 
Four --> Fo + ur =  Base 16 hex'Fo' = 240    AND uranium 238 atomic computer  LINK  of even integer space ..that keeps track of events and the  Stephen Hawking EVENT Horizon.

Stateville Prison. 
F house  --> FermiLAB  house 
originall 4 --> 4 DNA nucleotides 
1100 inmates--> binary signal on human bio-computers
135--> the plane geometry angle with Cupid's vector arrow
Statesville--> Quantum states --> statesville  prison

It is an interesting world.   I wonder what other secrets await discovery.
From: Joliet, IL To: Batavia Rd, Warrenville, IL 60555

Driving directions - Print
Joliet, IL
Batavia Rd, Warrenville,IL 
Batavia   Rd, War -->
Research Design War code

47 mins
36.5 mi - I-55 N
Joliet, IL to Batavia, IL driving direction, best route map.

Distance between Joliet, IL and Batavia, IL 29 Miles / 47 Km
Driving distance from Joliet, IL to Batavia, IL 29 Miles  --> 29 electrons Copper atom .... the  secret route of the city of electricity.

Puzzles and mysteries of the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology families in the Chicago region and Peru --> Per + u = periodic atomic table U =Uranium director identifier  of his geography  country  AND his atomic map signal  ..with  the atomic computer 238 --> Base 2 exponent 3 = 8  ...with the BAL language Equate instruction...LINKAGE   to the

EARTH atom model with the Equator  and Bali Indonesia --> Bal interface to geography Computer Earth system 370.



Sherlock Holmes and the Penn State mathematical-physics GRID IRON solve the modern mystery - - -> The Red-Headed League with Alfred North Whitehead and Mike McQueary

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  1. The Adventure of the Red-Headed League - Wikipedia, the free ... - Similar
    "The Adventure of the Red-Headed League" is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It first appeared in The Strand ...
    Number 56 is a reference to the iron atom in the  myoglobin proteins that existed in the  author's arm muscles. The atomic mass of ferrous oxide atom/ iron is  56 ...... well known to  Fer --> FermiLAB  Ferrous oxide atomic anthropology detctectives at bio-computer BATCH  PROCESSING LOCATION .....Batavia, Illinois.
As he attempts to restore a social order threatened by criminals like those in "The Red-Headed League," Sherlock Holmesembodies the values of intelligence ...

Alfred North Whitehead

The algebraic  subset of the story title
--> Red-Headed Leaguge  key words
......Red ...Head ...........thus Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's respectful reference to
Alf+ Red  North  White  + Head  ......mathematical logic and physics agent ................

Alfred North Whitehead

Alfred North Whitehead 
Alfred North Whitehead ......................head .....................head
Alfred North Whitehead, OM FRS was an English mathematician and philosopher. He wrote on algebra, logic, foundations of mathematics, philosophy of science, physics, metaphysics, and education. Wikipedia
BornFebruary 15, 1861, Ramsgate
DiedDecember 30, 1947, Cambridge


Thus we see the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  iron atom signal   56 repeated.



Inside the math logic book ...are many, many, pages of    math logic  symbols.



The first edition (see discusion relative to the second edition, below) begins with a definition of the sign "⊃"

✸1.01p ⊃ q .=. ~ p ∨ qDf.

✸1.1. Anything implied by a true elementary proposition is true. Pp modus ponens

(✸1.11 was abandoned in the second edition.)

✸1.2. ⊦: p ∨ p .. pPp principle of tautology

✸1.3. ⊦: q .. p ∨ qPp principle of addition

✸1.4. ⊦: p ∨ q .. q ∨ pPp principle of permutation

✸1.5. ⊦: p ∨ ( q ∨ r ) .. q ∨ ( p ∨ r ). Pp associative principle

✸1.6. ⊦:. q ⊃ r .: p ∨ q .. p ∨ rPp principle of summation

✸1.7. If p is an elementary proposition, ~p is an elementary proposition. Pp

✸1.71. If p and q are elementary propositions, p ∨ q is an elementary proposition. Pp

✸1.72. If φp and ψp are elementary propositional functions which take elementary propositions as arguments, φp ∨ ψp is an elementary proposition. Pp



The above symbols ...existed inside the brain and body of  Alfred North Whitehead ....and of course, existed on EXTERNAL cellulose paper in the math logic book ...written with  Bertrand Russell  in year 1910.

Thus in year 1910...... the symbols P ---> Q  had an INTERNAL  symbolic biology existence .......probably in the iron atom used by the hemoglobin and myoglobin proteins.   Hence, the  atomic mass signal   56.

The math logic symbols in the book ...look like   symbolic grid   ..or rows and rows of  symbols P --> Q....... in a sense  a GRID IRON ...with the iron provided by the myoglobin protein  data storage abilities of iron/oxygen atoms   and the iron hemoglobin in the B100D  ---> the RED blood cells are a group/ a collective/ a league ....and are   INTERNAL biology version of the RED-Headed League  OR  the  biology known as the RED communist collective. 

The RED-Headed League of blood cells with Alfred North Whithead knowldge are allowed to pass thru the blood/brain barrier update the brain with more accuarate  ... abstract, symbolic  knowledge.


Thus Principia Mathematica a sense ..flowed in the 
B100D   of Alfred North Whitehead  ...and then in future readers  that respected the book.

B100D -->  alpha Numeric bl00d  ....with  integer number 
..100 ......... One-Hundred   ---> one-hundred years  --> year 2010, 2011, 2012  ....


Thus we see the one-year  GRID IRON   message processing SIGNAL emerge    in 2010,  2011,  2012 ...


The modern Sherlock Holmes mystery with red-headed Mike McQueary, Jerry Sandusky, Penn State University, and Cambridge University mathematics life.

"The Adventure of the Red-Headed League" is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It first appeared in The Strand in August 1891.


56 Sherlock Holmes --> lock --> locker room signal to the Penn State English department


  1. Wolfram|Alpha: iron 56: isotope element facts, atomic mass, ... 

    Isotope data: iron 56 mass number & properties, neutron number, quantum properties, spin parity, decay mode, specific radioactivity, branching ratio, ...






In this story, Watson takes on a new position, doing clerical work. He found this exciting job through an ad

which specified red-headed men only need apply.

mike football 2

Plot summary -

Adaptations of plot/ scheme / rackett  to Penn State 

Sandusky trial: Former assistant coach Mike McQueary testifies

Mike McQueary - football recruiting
Mike McQueary was an assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University until late in the 2011 football season. Wikipedia

Born: 1975, State College
Education: Pennsylvania State University
Position: Quarterback

The United States parallel to the Sherlock Holmes story is described below.
What has happened.....according to superymmetry physics and theoretical analysis of the atomic English language ..... is that the original story written in year 1891 AND the Alfred North Whithead math logic version of year 1910   ..........was been converted to REALITY  thru  years 1991  to 2010,  2011,  2012  ..... at Penn State.



Let's repeat those concepts and the language process control system involved.

In year 1891 ....we have proper nouns/concepts printed in the STRAND magazine.
Keywords -->

- word LOCK is a subset of word sherLOCK
- word LOCK ...the story involved a planned bank theft of the safe/LOCK
- Pen --> writing instrument used by Sir Arther Conan Doyle
- Red Headed --> a man with red hair the fictional story

Now in year 1891 .....the human eye/optical nerve read the story ..that was printed on cellulose paper and circulated to the British reading audience. That is ...the EXTERNAL circulation of the words/nouns/concepts of the story VIA the STRAND magazine. The story is input to the INTERNAL bio-computer ....symbolic life within the human biological system and its related INTERNAL symbolic system. Thus the RED/READ blood cells acquire symbolic knowledge ....and the INTERNAL circulation system distributes the knowledge thruout the human body.

As such systems work, we see that all blood eventually converges to the LIVER ...for analysis. In year 1726...the internal LIVER decided to publish its social views to the EXTERNAL world ....using the LIVER of Jonathan Swift to de.LIVER a book titled " Gullible LIVER'S Travels".  We see the modern convergence of human LIVER formats to the EARTH LAB geography site known as "Livermore Labs" in California.

Thus we see the interplay between EXTERNAL circulation of printed ink symbols and the INTERNAL circulation of red/read blood cells and how they learned new thoughts and ideas in year 1891  and in  year 1910.
Thus we have year 1891
B100D ...with the number
..100.... one hundred years .....thus something happens in NATURE's systems ...and then emerges in 1991.

What happened? That requires further study ..and the blog readers can provide that investigative role. They can form some coordinated group to help with the research and the flowchart models that will help explain these things.

At this point.......we see the empirical data situation in year 1991.
Let's compare .....
year 1891 ------> 100 years ---------> 1991

- ink pen of Doyle ---> thin ink --> think pen ---> Penn State
- sherLOCK ---------------> Locker room problem
- story RED-Headed --------> witness Mike McQueary
- League ------------------> football sports leaguage

We are reminded ...of Willian Shakespeare statement
"The WORLD is a stage and we are the players" modern words/example
"The WORLD is a stage and we are the football players at PENN STATE"

What's happening?
What is Nature telling us? Why won't universities help try to understand this process.

Thus we see some PATTERN of human bio-computers and brain social behavior instructions.
Nature is trying to tell the intellctual community something .



Thus we see the important role of Joe Paterno and others.

Joe Patterno --> Job Order Entry Pattern Node

Jerry Sandusky molestation --> mole --> molecular cell biology signal


The GRID IRON  math logic of  year 1910  Principia Mathematica   ...then emerges  around year 2010 ...
the messenger for  logic P ---> Q ...... Pennyslvania  Quarterback

......with humanoid agent  ...the  best approximation for Nature's project....being part of the
RED-Headed League   --> Mike Que + ary  --> information .... Queue array / matrices /linear algebra rows....  
actual precise name MIke McQueary.


Let's review the flowchart ....over    100 years  ...Nature's symbolic molecular cell project plan ...

a) year 1891 ...the   iron Heme group Fe(ii) ions   ....had symbol   T = Thoughts  of Heme --> T + heme --> Theme expressed  as the story by the blood arteries and proteins of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 
The Adventure of the Red-Headed League" is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes

b) year 1910 ...


Alfred North Whitehead ......................head


c) year 2010


✸1.01. p ⊃ q .=. ~ p ∨ q. Df.  ...with applied logic  ... p = penn state


mike football 2


Thus we see the Red-Headed  League of humanoids .....exists in several  different formats.
--> the symbolic  life in the name of  Alfred North Whitehead 
--> a person with the physical color of red hair

Thus we see the interesting puzzle of Alfred North Whithead and Penn State.
Alfred --> Al + f (red) --> alphabets, algbera , algorith functions (red, read)

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