The molecule TRIALS give new insignt into atomic, molecular humans and molecule social chemistry expression evolution

The periodic atomic table Supreme Court decision Roe VS Wade - - > L. G. Wade, JR textbook . . . . American Chemistry Society - Organic Chemistry Division defeated in the hydrocarbon Science Wars.

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Grand Unified Theory (GUT) includes the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ..... that is atomic social anthropology, atomic political science, atomic social psychology, etc. Hence, the periodic atomic table government and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family VIEW of life.

The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.


Therefore some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle/the human atomic feelings expressor/the human atomic messenger.
Atomic social anthropology families are listed in beginning college physics and college chemistry textbooks. The families comprise vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of life and thought. Thus we have the atomic family ... anthropology shootings at EARTH LAB geography sites. Let's look some of the periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought ...... and let's identify some atomic elements and their messages to atomic humans at EARTH LAB geography locations. There are 18 vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of intellectual life .... a few elements are listed.



Above we have C = Carbon atom .... important in organic chemsitry.

Below, we have H = hydrogen atom.


Together, CH or HC --> HydroCarbon molecules ... such as ....

Various math, physics, chemistry societies have secret societies within them.

They withhold infomation from the public, distort information, do not print important news .... as per policy of their secret mass communications network ...... part of their heritage from ancient secret language and music societies.
Mass communication is television, radio, newspapers, magazines, journals, books, etc. Now in REALITY .... mass communications is really atomic mass communications.

Proton mass expresses itself VIA English prose and human protests. 
Neutron mass reports news VIA human writer agents. 
Electrons have brain electron thought circuits ...that can be studied ..... using college textbooks on electronics ..... that is brain electrons and their copper wire parallel mirrors.

Those billion humans that lack brain electron organization ..... can go to an electronics store BEST BUY or Circuit City in the United States ...... and buy the copper electron circuits ..thereby requesting the brain electron version a sense they are getting the copper wire elctron circuits IMPLANTED inside their bio-electron skull thru the retail store purchasing process.  Thus we have a example of supersymmetry electron expressions as predicted by the bio-physics electrons within the skull of living physics theorists.


Thus we see how consumer elctronics works ...with the Brookhaven NOBEL physics brain of Raymond Davis,JR. ..... and how his brain was consumed by consumer electronic circuits ..... which is an approved process of Brookhaven and other labs that approve of the government consumption disease economy. ...known as the consumer economy.

Thus the ALzhemimer's consumption of brain bio-computer memory cells .... helps the consumer economy. The patriotic brain sacrifice of people like Raymond Davis,JR and others ... help stimulate economic activity in nursing homes, etc.

Research physics labs, universities, and science societies will not help understand this process NOR will they help understand the physics, math, chemistry SCIENCE WARS.







Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), is a controversial landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court on the issue of abortion. Decided simultaneously with companion case Doe v. Bolton, the Court ruled that a right to privacy under the due process clause in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution extends to a woman's decision to have an abortion, but that right must be balanced against the state's two legitimate interests for regulating abortions: protecting prenatal life and protecting the woman's health. Saying that these state interests become stronger over the course of a pregnancy, the Court resolved this balancing test by tying state regulation of abortion to the woman's current trimester of pregnancy.

The Court later rejected Roe's trimester framework, while affirming Roe's central holding that a person has a right to abortion up until viability.[1] The Roe decision defined "viable" as being "potentially able to live outside the mother's womb, albeit with artificial aid," adding that viability "is usually placed at about seven months (28 weeks) but may occur earlier, even at 24 weeks."[2]

In disallowing many state and federal restrictions on abortion in the United States,[3][4] Roe v. Wade prompted a national debate that continues today, about issues including whether and to what extent abortion should be legal, who should decide the legality of abortion, what methods the Supreme Court should use in constitutional adjudication, and what the role should be of religious and moral views in the political sphere. Roe v. Wade reshaped national politics, dividing much of the United States into pro-choice and pro-life camps, while activating grassroots movements on both sides.


Thus we see the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family messages ..... atomic anthropology messages that are biased and distorted by university social science departments and law schools ..... in violation of Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer quality control standards of NATURE.



Let's see how the universities in Texas ...... fabricated social science stories and legal stories ..... using their Hollywood mentality.

What are some of the original atomic message CLUES?




==> Fouteenth Amendment and seven months implies
Nitrogen 14 atomic mass with 7 electrons (used by the human LUNG for Nitrogen intellectual thoughts ..... nitrogen thoughts go to the bio-computer output device known as the MOUTH.
The output language usually is verBAL = Basic(k) Assemblur Lag.uage.

Thus we have the 4 DNA nucleotides and the nitrogenous bases. Because Texas can't fix their Bull-stories year 2009 we had the DNA nitrogeous bases ..... amino acid shooting at Fort Hood, Texas with biochemistry Major Ni = Nidal H = Hydrogen agent    H = Hasan.


As we know ......the Constitution of the United States is a DNA Constitutional government built under the guidance of Nature's social engineering systems. Thus the SIGNAL of Thomas Jefferson's DNA writings of the

4th of July
4 DNA nucleotides of JULY (7tH month)
4 DNA nucleotides with nitrogen bases

Perhaps, someday, Texas citizens and the University of Texas in Austin, Baylor in Waco, and Texas A&M may wish to upgrade the symbolic content of the brain cells that exist at those places. Illusions of grandeur seens to be popular nowdays with football intellectual schools ....... while REAL facts and details and the SCIENCE WARS do not exist.

==> balanced against the state's two

This is the secret bio-computer Bal = Basic Assembler Language with BASE Two = 2 = Binary. This is used by the Texas state assembly and their biology assembly language programs used to control society and the human brain computer.

==> balancing test to balance the financial budget ...... versus the TEXAS Savings and loan schemes of the real estate BEDROOM housing .. pregnancy industry. Their economic strategy ...more babies increases the demand for housing thereby driving up and inflating the the price of houses. Ask the the Federal Reserve Bank of the secret subliminal mind manipulation schemes used to help citizen rackets.

==> disallowing many states

- quantum states
- states of MIND
- Markov probability transition states
- linear systems --> State variables

==> Moral views -->is an atomic intellect message

Moral = M oral = M orbital of atomic brain electron thoughts.
Thus the Moral views of the Principle Quantum Number .....



==> Pro-choice --> pro-cho--> protons of a CHO organic chemistry molecule.



Thus we have the organic chemistry molecules that study English the format of MR.CHO at Virginia TECH. Thus the molecular structure symbolizes the university big MOUTH error talk .... and the organic molecular intellectual response VIA Darwinian atomic selection of agent Mr. CHO.

Thus we see Nature and it's social engineering feedback signal ... in this case ... a tragedy implies an ERROR SIGNAL from Nature. What does it mean? The surface veneer description of the event is very accurate (date, time, place, victims, police data gathered). However,the deeper explanation of the tragic event is incomplete .... given the availability of algorithms and the knowledge database of modern times. The research takes time figure out the sequence of atomic and molecular signals .... that accummulated in tragedy.

A modern Shakespeare version
"The WORLD is an organic chemistry stage and MR.CHO was a player?"
Thus the proper question to be asked by the American Chemical Society from its members what group or what process of Nature is the director these social chemistry signals?




==> Pro-life --> pro - li + fe --> protons language interface ferrous oxide atoms the 26 protons of iron and their atomic English language of 26 letters ...... which is sent to the iron Myoglobin protein arm muscles of human writers ...who manage to distort the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology SIGNAL.




Thus we have clues to an interesting puzzle .....about the periodic atomic table and its thoughts and expressions VIA organic messenger structures labeled: Humanoid.

Thus we see the chemistry molecule expressions --> social chemistry.

Most chemsitry labs have a LAB HOOD gather dangerous fumes and gases.
EARTH is like a hugh laboratory .... and as such has 2 major LAB HOODS:

--> Fort (Lab) Hood , Texas and the electron shell shooting experiments with biochemistry Major NH ..... agernt for NH amino acid structures.

--> Base 16 hexadecimal undercover agent LAB Hood (LaHOOD)

Ray LaHood - U.S. Department of Transportation
Ray LaHood became the 16th Secretary of Transportation on January 23, 2009. .



Thus we have the periodic atomic table government of elements and its many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics structures labeled humanoid. Such entities claim to exist at various science societies ...... but as em --> employees ...they seem to prefer the em = electromagnetic FORMAT of human life that the Radio HEAD music group suggests.

Thus the Hierarchy Problem of physics regarding the crises in Margaret Mead atomic society structure, the leadership void, and authority errors. Many humans do not properly acknowledge their atomic orgins ...... and that some events in our daily lives are atomic social science signals. For example ....


Do they acknowledge the SCIENCE WARS or the Hollywood version of reality?

What is news?
What do science societies ignore or distort news?
Do they try to help understand what is happening?
Do the chemistry companies or universties try to clarify the percpetions of events?

Instead they POINT FINGERS at some company .... some song-and-dance routine by lazy thinkers ...who will not try to help understand how the world works. But they do understand how to eat, go shopping, invent stories, and use their cellular telephone.

Thus the big LIE.....the CAUSE and EFFECT --> Liege, Belgium shooting in Europe ..... and the many bull-stories from the Niels Bohr Institute and Cavendish Labs and European universities.


Is the BP war .... news?

That is the Base Pair war ......
in which BP = British Petroleum was a hydrocarbon victim the Gulf of Mexico.

Prior to that .... Union Carbide was the hydrocarbon victim ..
in the living EARTH CELL geography genetics region ....
the Base Pair region --> BP = Bho-Pal ..India.



CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


The living Constitution of the United States defends itself using atomic, biochemistry, mathematics, and symbolic life formats .... as symbolic warriors. A new generation of Constitutional lawyers is needed.

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Herb Zinser's Political Science War reports - modern law






The Living Constitution | University of Chicago Law School

Do we have a living Constitution?
Do we want to have a living Constitution?
A living Constitution is one that evolves, changes over time, and adapts to new ...

The Living Constitution - Library
The Living Constitution. How could a 208 year-old document,
written for a small agricultural nation of thirteen states endure through the tests of time to apply to 


The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.

The periodic atomic table of elements is the basis of life and thought.
Some elements are shown below ......
the C, N, O elements expressed themselves in year 1776 as
the atomic C, O, N --> C O Nstitution.



Atoms combine to create molecules.
Nitrogen moelcules become nitrogenous bases.
Nitrogenous bases become DNA nucleotides
DNA nucleotides become humanoid structures.


Of particular interst is the nitrogen atom .... with 7 electrons and 7 protons and 7 neutrons --> signal the 7th month = July as in July year 1776.

What is the nitrogen bases in DNA wiki.answers
The nitrogen bases in DNA are
Adenine (A),
Guanine (G),
Cytosine (C), and
Thymine (T) ... The four nitrogen bases of DNA: Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine. ...


DNA: DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
Nucleotides are named after the four nitrogen bases.

The four nitrogen bases of DNA:
The four
The four
The four
The four
The 4
The 4
The 4th of July message of year 1776
The 4th of 7th month/ symbolic of nitrogen atom ....
The 4 DNA nucleotides with nitrogenous basis year 1776 ...used DNA messenger Thomas Jefferson.

The double-helix structure sent its thoughts to the brain of Thomas Jefferson for expression in writing.


Thus we have 2 governments ... and  the government in Washinton,DC  and their citizen intellectual communities refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Earth governemnt of Nature as predicted by Sartre existentialism, the John Locke SOCIAL CONTRACT, Henry David Thoreau and others.

Thus  we have a direct violation of  by citizens of DNA social  engineering systems LAWS. 


Monticello and Thomas Jefferson year 1776 ....subset signal
Mo...cell = Molecular cell biology

Thus we have the molecular cell biology constitution and its biochemistry government from year 1776 with social biochemistry humanoid messenger: Thomas Jefferson. Since modern humans fail to respect the Monticello social engineering project of molecules in humanoid format...we have a biochemistry social science WAR. A few examples will be given later.






Constitutional law - Wikipedia
Constitutional law is the body of law which defines the relationship of different entities within a state, namely, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.



Constitutional law
LII / Legal Information
The broad topic of constitutional law deals with the interpretation and implementation of the United States Constitution.
As the Constitution is the foundation of ...
As the Constitution is the foundation of ...
As the Constitution is the foundation of ...

As the Constitution is the foundation of ... ==>

As the foundation of the Consitution is
As the foundation of the Consitution is




Exploring Constitutional Law
This site provides comprehensive information about the U. S. Constitution, including commentary, cases, questions, images, historical information, learning ...



Chicago Constitutional Lawyers, Attorney,
Find Chicago Constitutional Lawyers, Attorney, Lawyer, Attorneys, Law Firms - IL - Constitutional lawyers in Chicago Illinois.
CHICAGO Constitutional Lawyers, Attorney
CH .....Constitutional Lawyers, Attorney
CH = Carbon Hydrogen molecules and their thoughts .... organic chemistry


Organic Chemistry web.jjay
To understand life on Earth, we must first understand organic chemistry. Organic chemicals (also known as hydrocarbons) contain carbon bonded to hydrogen ...




Hydrocarbon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In organic chemistry, a hydrocarbon is an organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon. Hydrocarbons from which one hydrogen atom has ...

CHICAGO Constitutional Lawyers, Attorney
CH .....Constitutional Lawyers, Attorney
CH = Carbon Hydrogen molecules and their thoughts .... organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry 
Organic Chemistry 
O.......Ch....... --> humanoid agent

The University of CH in Hyde Park area on the south side of Chicago .....
has yet to acknowledge that President Obama is composed of molecules ....
and that he is an agent for the periodic atomic table government and its extension .... Nature's organic chemistry government. Thus, he also represents a component of EARTH government's various components .... and this ought be announced with the proper diplomatic protocol ...per Hierarchcy Problem of modern physics with Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology and atomic political science.

Thus we have the question about the EXECUTIVE Branch of the organic chemistry government of Nature ..... a question that theoretical organic chemistry ought consider ...if they can think beyond the Bedroom organ chemistry and its social chemistry LIMITED VIEW.

Beyond the Standard Model .....suggests to think beyond the retail store chain.... BED, Bath, and Beyond. Thus we see FermiLAB mentality imprisoned by the power of suggestion ....modern BRAVE NEW WORLD atomic social psychology tricks to control the atomic human professorial brain.

Thus Madison Avenue advertsing marketing using mass communications (TV, radio, print) .... that is atomic mass communications and EM communications control university and research lab EM = EM.ployee life forms. Respect Nature and Nature's theories ..... and hypnotized scientists would become aware of their brain internal SCIENCE WARS.



Chicago-Kent takes first place in
Evans Constitutional Law Moot
CHICAGO–April 2, 2009--For the second consecutive year, Chicago-Kent College of Law is the winner of the Evan A. Evans Constitutional Law Moot Court ...

Evans Constitutional Law
Evans Constitutional Law
Evans Constitutional Law 




Prof. Robley D. Evans of MIT
Dr. Robley D. Evans, professor emeritus of physics at the Massachusetts ... For more than two decades his year 1955 book, "The Atomic Nucleus," was a basic text for ...



Evans Constitutional Law
Evans Constitutional Law
Evans Constitutional Law





--> The atomic government constitutional battle was reported in the EVANS FIELD house area with humanoids with atomic brain symbolic computer defects. The Schrodinger wave function also participated in the physics battle in the COLE HALL oceanography classroom.

U.S.Naval Research Laboratory is a subset of EARTH LAB ..... and might wonder about the Botany COLE SLAW theory which is the correlation between the
U.S.S.Cole, October 200O mess/message
U.S.A Cole Hall ...another message code:
Cole Slaw
Cole sla
Cole slaughter ..... but ...... such SIGNALS are not possible; because Navy researchers decide what exists. Galileo had the same problem ..... with people that could care less about accutate science.
Northern Illinois University - Wikipedia, the free A shooting took place on campus at Cole Hall on February 14, 2008. .... Other recreation facilities include Evans Field House, home to two large activity




--> Northwestern University Law School
Law Schools › Rankings and Profiles
Exclusive profile of Northwestern Law School discussing the Northwestern Law ... to the main campus's more suburban and far north Evanston, Illinois locale. .
Northwestern University - Wikipedia, the free
Northwestern University is a private research university in Evanston and Chicago , ... On January 28, 1851, the Illinois General Assembly granted a charter to the ... On January 11, 2003, in a speech at Northwestern School of Law's Lincoln Hall ...

research university in Evans ??????

Do atomic bio-physics humans exist in Evanston?
Is the LU = Logical Unit Lung functioning at the LU = Lunt math building?

Physics & Astronomy, Northwestern University
Dec 21, 2011 – Welcome to the Department of Physics & Astronomy.
Physics is the broadest of the sciences, ... 2145 Sheridan RoadEvanston, IL 60208-3112 ...



The concept of atomic awareness and Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family law VIA humanoid's has yet to be discovered.
What is known to most intellectuals in Evanston?
Food for thought?









Lawyer Chapters - Chapters | ACS
ACS --> American Constitutional Society
Chapters. Please use the form below to find a local ACS chapter in your area. Also, feel free to
browse the upcoming chapter events below. ...
ACS --> American Constitutional Society
ACS --> American Constitutional Society
ACS--> American Constitutional Society
ACS --> Alternating Current Systems - Wikipedia
AC voltage may be increased or decreased with a transformer. ... Three current waveforms are produced that are equal in magnitude and 120° out of phase to each ... Some countries have a mixture of 50 Hz and 60 Hz supplies, notably ...
Independent Power - What's a Watt?
As voltage increases, more power will flow through a wire and corresponding load. ... Power that we get from an outlet in our home in the US is AC, 120 Volts, 60 Hertz. The "60 ... This means that AC power is vibrating at 60 cycles per second.
The standard 120 volt rating is the RMS voltage that can be used to predict the actual delivered power basedon AC amperage.


Supersymmetry physics of life/ parallel processing on EARTH LAB
.....take the algebaric subset letters of
delivered power based
.....liver red power base --> bio-physics blood parallel

with 60 pulses and 120 human blood pressure
thus Nature's example
60 alternating current 120 voltaire power votes with
Hertz in humanoid format ...Darwinian selection of agent Herbert Z.

Thus given the supersymmetry of NATURE .... we have
the CITY of copper wire electrons in electri.CITY Wattsand the
electron ... atomic Constitutional battle SIGNAL of
Watts Riots - Wikipedia,The Watts Riots was a civil disturbance in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California from August 11 to August 15, 1965. The 5-day riot resulted in 34 ...

A Huey P. Newton Story - Times - Watts Riots |
Soldiers at the site of the Watts Riot. With the passage of theCivil Rights Act in 1964, race relations seemed to be headed in the right direction. However, states ...

Civil Rights ACT in 1964 ---> algebraic subset..
C.....Rights AC.. in 1964
c = 186000 miles per second ....photon CITY of symbolic life of nouns/verbs of the eye/ brain optical computer ...the symbolic data processor . Nature's bio-computer property inside the human skull that has been misused by televsion/graphic arts/etc.



Civil Rights ACT in 1964 ---> algebraic subset..
C.....Rights AC.. in 1964 .......thus the relationship between
C = 186000 and AC = Alternating Current whose legal agents .. the ACLU(e) --> the AC CLUE lawyers forgot about this intellectual project .....explaining the relationship bewteen
C --> electromangnetic light optical waves and the AC = alternating waves in the parallel blood format.

Thus we have the modern ACLU attorney equation:
ACLU = AC + LU = Alernating Current Logical Unit.



Thus we see the WAVE information flow ....from Sylvania light bulb WATTS along with the optical data stream of black ink English langauge symbols .... that reflected from a cellulose page of a biochemisty textbook --> this EM symbolic data is received as input data by the eye electrons with Scrodinger wave equations .....and transformed and processsed.... then the informations is sent by the blood ACS system (60 cycle heartbeat 120 pressure ( the external newspaper PRESS circulation ... parallel to internal READ/Red blood cell symbolic news circulation ...hence, internal symbolic life of nouns and equations).

Then the data is stored in electron wave format. See physics books.





Constitutional Law & Criminal Procedure -
Constitutional Law & Criminal Procedure. Federalism & Separation of Powers. Congressional Powers and Limits on State Power ...




Computer Earth system 370 geography computer address
Base 16 Hexadecimal address ....
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

with BAL program data region
Washington DC = Define Constant




Introduction to Hexadecimal, or Base 16, Number System
Jun 21, 2009 – The Hexadecimal, or base 16 number system is important to programmers because it's a shorthand way of writing out and inputting binary ...

Base 16 Hex'Fe'= 254 Federalism


Modern Federalism 
The Base 16 math life government of EARTH LAB atomic bio-physics
at awareness research address
1600 Pennsylvania -->
16 OO = 16 oxygen orbitals of OM = Oxygen Molecule LUNG processor.





Mathematical powers of Base 2 .....
2 exponent power n
2 exponent power 1 = 2
2 exponent power 2 = 4
2 exponent power 3 = 8
2 exponent power 4 = 16 --> SIGNAL to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue about the existence of Computer EARTH system 370 and the existence of oxygen atomic thoughts




Math life VIA humaoid agents on earth
OS/JCL Binary Laboratory .....
OS.....Bin .....La with
OSama Bin Laden ...... Computer Earth geography address
Osama Binary La = Load Address instruction

Base 16 Hex'AF' =175 = Afghanistan computer war zone and

Pakistan --> Pak -->Packed Decimal numbers war with
the Green Bay Packers football commands ...... their brain computer data field nonsense tricks as the NFL attacks the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer.





The Journal of Constitutional Law
Past and present issues of The Journal of Constitutional Law(JCL) are available online. You can browse past & current issues or search for a particular topic or ...

JCL = Journal of Constitutional Law 
JCL = Journal of Constitutional Law 
JCL = Journal of Constitutional Law
JCL = Job Control Language
Job Control Language (JCL) is a scripting language used on IBM mainframe operating systems to instruct the system on how to run a batch job or start a ...

System/370 (JCL) Job Control Language
Hardware › Microprocessors & System Design
System/370 Job Control Language (9780471624356): Gary
... All the major concepts and facilities of the IBM System/370 operating system are ...





Nature's bio-computer system parameters -->
The normal core body temperature of a healthy, resting adult human being is stated to be at 98.6 degrees fahrenheit or 37.0 degrees celsius. Though the body ...
Nature's system 37.0 C has existed for thousands of years.


Nature had IBM build the supersymmetry/ parallel copper wire 370 system as a mirror to

Nature's thermodynamic computer data system 37.0 C.

IBM and the computer industry have refused to acknowledge this project of Nature; they have ignored Nature's messages to cooperate with the data BUS (E_PluriBUS unum) project,etc.
The worldwide computer industry ERRORS has incured billions of dollars in penalties and SCIENCE WAR damages and casualties ... including the April 16, 2007 ... Base 16 Hex shooting battle of the VTOC = Voulume Table of Contents at VT location = Virginia Tech.






System flowchart
System flowchart
System flowchart
...stem flowchart
brain stem flowchart .....brain bio-computer
Historically, some analysts used system flowcharts to help develop job control language specifications. For example, IBM's System/370 job control language ...
The North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law
NC Institute for Constitutional Law ... incentive package worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars," says Jeanetter Doran of theNC Institute for Constitutional Law. ...
NC Institute
NC Institute
NC Institute 


NC = Numerical Control Institute for Math life --> Constitutional Law

Numerical control - Wikipedia
Numerical control (NC) refers to the automation of machine tools that are operated by abstractly programmed commands encoded on a storage medium,

numerical control (technology) -- Britannica Online
numerical control (technology), Control of a system or device by direct input of data in the form of numbers, letters, symbols, words, or a combination of these ...







Above ....
China numercial Control punching machine..subset
Chin...numerical control pun chin ...chin

thus the parallel between iron hydralics and human mouth;
since, atoms are the orgin to thought .....we see ...a double-helix type of expression
of the iron atom -->
with iron machines and iron in humans

Norbert Wiener - Wikipedia, You +1'd this publicly. Undo
Wiener is regarded as the originator of cybernetics, a formalization of the notion of .... —Norbert Wiener, Cybernetics: Or the Control and Communication in the ...






Preamble to the Constitution & Environmental LawPreamble to the Constitution of the United States and its relevance to environmental law - Constitutional Law Foundation
Environmental Law
Environmental Law
Environmental Law

Environmental equation --> En + v + iron + mental

English veins iron mental --> the atomic English language of iron.


The 26 protons and their 26 English alphabet letters of the ferrous oxide atom are one of the origins of atomic mass communication. The periodic atomic table social engineering messages are routed to the iron HEME group Fe(ii) ions used by the iron in Hemoglobin and Myoglobin proteins.

The arm,wrist,hand muscles of an author, news reporter, teacher use the myoglobin proteins to write symbolic messages. A problem in this humanoid internal communications pathway will result in the distortion of the original atomic messages. Thus the lack of INTELLECTUAL MUSCLE by many.
Creative writing class with nonsense explanations of the Maragret Mead atomic nuclear family are unacceptable.

FermILAB physics professors and engineers ought lead the way in clarification of the proton English language, but they under the orders of the Department of Energy. Thus they can not resolve the cutrrent Hierarchy Problem about human spokespersons.

The Department of Education continues with their elite, arrogant school policies that are incomplete and biased. The Lewis Carroll experiments ought be modified to remove the fatal elemenatry school ERRORS.




LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."Thus the student guinea-pigs used by the modern EARTH LAB educational system...with the puppet strings as predicted by STRING THEORY physics ...about the Margaret Mead nuclear family ...the atomic brain intellect and the atomic social anthropology systems of Nature.
The federal and state departments of education and the teachers union.....because of citizen desired policy and citizen appoved policy ..... have violated the Principle Quantum Number laws of atomic human Nature.

Thus the administrators of elemenatry grammer schools and high school ...the Principals of the school VIA his student body ....has been subject to the
elementary school ......
elementary physics school lessons on the Principle Quantum Number .

This involves atomic human paramters and the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology war with elementary physics quantum objects ....that is elemenatry school atomic bio-physics students ...... whose teachers probably read about the LEWIS CARROLL human guinea-pig experiments.

Time Line of Worldwide School Shootings — › ... › Crime & Law Enforcement › Crime DataCached - Similar
50+ items – The following table lists the worldwide school shootings from ...

School shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A school shooting is an incident in which gun violence occurs at an educational institution. Contents. 1 Definition; 2 Profiling; 3 History of School Shootings in the ...

Thus the song-and-dance explanations of these tragic events ... that carefully omit the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology SCIENCE WAR component. Hence , the periodic atomic table of elements of life have an intellectual conflict with the Department of Energy and the Department of Education over the manipulation and misuse of brain electron circuits that use the English language.

Lewis Carroll, Herbert Spencer, Russell/Whitehead, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and many others warned about the consequences of teaching errors .... based upon the singular, myopic view of their omniscient understanding of the multi-faceted dimensions of Sartre existentialism.

The "Tale of Cities" and other books/lectures strongly suggest 2 major views of Nature exist and must be understood. The symbol below ...with 2 sides to the balance a reminder of the year 1632 Galileo message regarding justice....his book titled

" Two Chief World Systems".



" Two Chief World Systems"
Nature's  constitutional battle
at the TWO World Towers  on Sept 11,2001  for  citizen violations of the balance laws of  Nature  ......  and  citizen talking and perception ERRORS  with little serious intellectual content


The in-bred, closed, elite intellectual circles have missed something.
This was explained in year 1910 by Russell/Whitehead -->

Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead ... and Bertrand ...
Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead ... and Bertrand Russell. ..... all other logicians ancient and modern, had allowed some error to creep into his ...

Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead ... and Bertrand Title: Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead ... and Bertrand Russell . Author: Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861-1947. ... had allowed some error to creep into his premisses; but apart from the contradictions, it would have been ....





Thus, analysis of constitutional law reveals some missing pieces. Perhaps, its time to update our perception of social and political life on EARTH and the Nature's social engineering project plans with mission control ....that is the United States of North America. Its sad that universities and trust foundations don't really care about the deeper signifance of existence. The existence of restaurants, televsion shows, clothing fashions, music singers, etc. seems to dominate the individual ...... who considers knowledge of Hollywood movie stars or sports the intellectual achievement of life .... encouraged by universitiy and governmental approval.

Brain symbolic computer quality control standards and requirements exist in Nature's systems. These are brain puzzles that need to understood ..... from Nature's point of view ..... the proper view.... that we are EARTH LAB subset humans engaged in various intellectual and societal projects agents for Nature.



Thus lawyers ..... ought form a group .... and help create a SCIENCE WAR research trust fund that will help clean up the various social science systems by people who are in some sleeply state of mind. I believe these people have very good intentions; however, that doesn't provide the necessary CLUES like --> The Principle Quantum Nubmber school casualties.

These tragic events are SIGNALS ..... that are deliberately ignored by citizens and their represnatives and various agencies and labor unions.
They are so busy with dinner parties, birthday parties, watching sports, talking on cellular phones ..... the important intellectaul matters of life ........ that they don't have time.

However, the curious can find out about the deeper meanings behind events and news reports ..... CLUES from Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Maslow, Eric Berne;
CLUES about social and polictical life ....from physics, genetics, math and biochemisitry college textbooks authors , etc. Actually, it's a very interesting puzzle.






CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


Texas mathematical-physics LAW SCHOOL problems ---> the Science Wars --> The Waxahachie Super Collider and the Janet Reno - Renormalization group Equations

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Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family expressions VIA humanoid OUTPUT display devices  ...  such as the atomic, bio-physics, biochemistry structure with EARTH LAB identifier label: Janet Reno.


The book Supersymmetry: Theory, Experiment, and Cosmology by Pierre Binetruy has as Appendix E: Renormalization group equations....concepts familiar to the Texas University system, many corporations, and Washintgton,D.C. decision makers.

These theories and their data are available in many books and research papers. They are a milestone in understanding the structure of existence; but Nature continues to advance ....and its intellectual messages continue to provide us with clues ..clues needed to understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum and its evolution.

The Margaret Mead nuclear family......atomic social antropology conflict .... is best explained by example. Using parallel processing we can view the events of year 1993....of the periodic atomic table government and its various expressions ...including atomic bio-physics humans with a symbolic brain computer.

The parallel processing OR
SUPER-symmetric model for 1993 involved SUPER-colliders...

--> Waxahachie Superconducting Super Collider ...cancelled
--> Wa................................Co..........cancelled
--> ..................................Columbine ..cancelled
--> ..................................Cole Hall ..cancelled

Thus we have the practical application of super-symmetry theory to our daily existence....

--> Thus Waxahachie Super Collider .........
--> the Waco, Texas Super Collider
.....the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology message to the world.....from the periodic atomic table government ....a message to atomic humans in Washington,DC that misrepresent OR mis-interpret atomic and mathematical government social engineering policies.




Giving us more insight to the situation....we have the

Psychohistory by Isaac Asimov from Foundation - Technovelgy

Psychohistory by Isaac Asimov: Branch of mathematics describes the behavior of human beings en masse.
and  NATURE"S   ....  Isaac Asimov application demo VIA



Janet Reno mathematical-physics social laws as predicted by Isaac Asimov , The Foundation, and psychohistory


Janet Reno
Janet Reno-us-Portrait.jpg
78th United States Attorney General
In office
March 11, 1993 – January 20, 2001
President Bill Clinton
Preceded by William P. Barr
Succeeded by John Ashcroft
Personal details
Born Janet Wood Reno
July 21, 1938 (age 74)
Miami, Florida
Political party Democratic
Alma mater Cornell University
Harvard Law School


reno  and her mathematics  LINK  ...
renormalization GROUP equations
.....with the atomic human GROUP of Branch Davidian with David Koresh. Thus we see the atomic bio-physics experiment in symmetry....played out in Texas.




Renormalization group equation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation, search. Renormalization group equation may refer to: Beta-function · Callan–Symanzik equation · Exact renormalization group equation ...
...some examples of  the mathematics of the Department of Justice








Page 485
We see here a set of renormalization group equations which are scattered in the book. The notations..... In the case of Yukawa couplings, soft scalar masses, and A-terms, we give the third family couplings. To obtain the corresponding formulas for the other two families,one ...

Thus we see that from NATURE's point of view...the David Koresh religious group represented a family...of some atomic a Margaret Mead atomic nuclear FAMILY ...atomic political science messenger (in Human format).








Renormalization group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In theoretical physics, the renormalization group (RG) refers to a mathematical apparatus that allows systematic investigation of the changes of a physical system ...




Department of Justice.... brain decision theory using brain SYMBOL MACHINE processing ... a line of  thought without studying the Isaac Asimov mathematics of  REALITY


Will Janet Reno Run Justice? - New York Times

Mar 12, 1993 - Janet Reno will face plenty of challenges as Attorney General -- a rudderless Justice Department

Reno-Sparks Convention Center - 4590 S. Virginia Street Reno, NV ...
Reno Sparks Convention Center, owned and operated by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority,
is the destination of choice for first tieramenities ...

The Hierarchy Problem | Of Particular Significance
--> choice for first tier.......
Aug 14, 2011 - What is the Hierarchy Problem? An important feature of nature that puzzles scientists like myself is known as the hierarchy, meaning the vast ...


Janet Reno  -  Sparks Convention Center ........  the super-symmetry SYMBOL MACHINE parallel EVENT  processor in Texas

the Branch Davidian compound
( a religious convention center  ) in Waco, Texas

On February 28, 1993  BATF agents arrived....

On Fe= Ferous oxide atomic DATE  with
BATF -->  Bat + F ---> Batavia FermiLab agents







Page 403 Dilations and renormalization group
Scale invariance and its VIOLATIONS as described by the renormalization group approach play an important role in the study of supersymmetry --> such as Wa(xahachie) Co(llider).

Of course, the FBI was involved.

Which the many dimensions of Sartre existentialism on Earth?

FBI...the traditional Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI math --> Function( Z = a + BI) abbreviation FBI complex variables ...with President Eisenhower and the symbolic ...Military Industrial Complex..complex variables of the brain symbolic military forces.

FBI atoms -->FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois = FBI intials

But FermiLAB don't communicate with researchers about the atomic anthropology super collisions.
And thus the Hierarchy Problem since the agent ZIN for the Zino particle is not given diplomatic recognization. The Zino particle has a complex variable life...1/4 of its complex life is Z.

The atomic map of the universe..has a country called PERU --> Per + U = Periodic atomic table Uranium. Now around 1986 and again in 1988 I visited South America, Peru was the main country...and a short trip to Columbia and also Brazil. At the my conscious was simply a trip.......a vacation of sorts.....a curosity visit.

Over 20 year later, older and wiser...and with several physics and math books, etc......I began to realize something existed...and that I needed to upgrade my awareness. Hence,science books provided many CLUES.....and then I read about Pier Oddone ...from Peru.

Well, then the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology PUZZLE began to fall into place....about how the human atomic brain works and also helps manage and direct out lives.....hence, I understsood that the physical TRIP to South America had symbolic significance....and a tensor space time --> social time meaning.



PERU --> symbolizes PER.iodic table with U=Uraniun 238

COL.umbia --> symbolizes the COL.umns in the atomic table
...and the COL.umns of elements are atomic families...and in the last 70 years...Margaret Mead atomic anthropology families.

Thus I am like Nature's double-helix atomic agent...a parallel/symmetry to Pier Oddone.
Pier ODDONE all of us ...has a alter ego....a an indivi.DUAL.
Atomic theory of life predicts that his mission was part of a LARGE human design project of the atomic table govenment with Nature's intellect and subset humans and their institutions.
Thus we see the extension demo of the Lake Michigan wave mechanics INTELLECT of Nature.
We have the evolution of the knowledge Universe VIA the University of Illi.nois(e) after World War 2....with the EARTH LAB bio-physics educational experiments in Chicago.

1) the original campus...first at Navy Pier --> now we have
supersymmetry physics with first name Pier

2) then came the architectual communications structure
known as Chicago Circle --> O --> Oddone

But these things as atomic human evolution ...atomic English language symbolic SIGNALS ....are properly ignored as trivia. Everyone knows that ATOMS don't think.

Thus we have part of the HIERARCHY PROBLEM.....the official human representaives of the periodic atomic table are to be acknowledged explicitly.
But FermiLAB and others deny my existence; hence they do not recognize my diplomatic identifiers,etc.....even thou many books including "The GOD Particle" print my identifier nouns and other data....all with a high statistical-correlation; suggesting to me that NATURE is trying to tell me something.

Meanwhile I am aware of the atomic secrets of the Spanish language (spanned data records) and
the Italian languages
(Orbital subset = ital in brain map .... electron country ITAL(y)).


Maybe someday Pier Oddone and his theoretical physics department may want to compare notes.
The Allan Green.SPAN money for the SPAN.ish countries via atomic economic monetary a nifty trick..using word commands to manipulate the atomic computer brain. Atomic economics really is interesting....every scheme and trick exists. I assume that FermiLAB knows this; and if they don't then they ought consider learning.

The UWM terrestrial magnetism criminal trial with University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and the North Pole magnetic data battle field with the Norberg, Northern Illinois University, and Norway shootings. FermiLAB iron Hemoglobin protein messages.

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Modern war using Nature's military math and physics entities ..... messages for  out-dated   university law schools.




Earth's magnetic field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Earth's magnetic field (also known as the geomagnetic field) is the magnetic field that extends from the Earth's inner core to where it meets the solar wind, ...




Importance - Main characteristics - Magnetosphere - Time dependence

Terrestrial magnetism - definition of Terrestrial magnetism by the magnetic force exerted by the earth, and recognized by its effect upon magnetized needles and bars.
See also: Magnetism. How to thank TFD for its ...

Terrestrial Magnetism Volumes 1 (1896) - 3 (1898)
Volumes 1 (1896) – 3 (1898). << previous , 1896-1898



Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Department of.......trial Magnetism
Department of.......trial M
Department of Terr .......Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism

Modern criminal activity by citizens, universities, and government secret societies. Now a human sub-species of magnetic field/ iron hemoglobin humans deliberatley distort the NORTH POLE magnetic field government an its EARTH policies.

Let's review the components of the magnetic field and human iron hemoglobin interaction.
This process was explained in detail in several other blog titles at this WEBSITE and BLOG SITE.

==> The Ferrous Oxide Atomic WARRIOR – The IRON LADY
March 6, 2010 by zinjan

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is an agent for the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology family.
The IRON LADY represents the 26 protons of the ferrous oxide atom of the periodic atomic table of life.
The 26 protons of iron communicate using their ironic English alphabet of 26 symbols. Thus we have the atomic English language of ferrous oxide atom via the iron Hemoglobin protein –> and the social science expressions of Hemoglobin human female structures. The IRON LADY has a history of battles involving symbolic military tools and/or physical military tools in various media.

==> Example 2 - YEAR 2001, Sept 11. The IRON Lady and the IRON Towers of the World Trade Center. The Computer Earth battle with the NORTH POLE magnetic data field interaction with the IRON TOWERS and the biological read/write TAPE HEADS within the Base 2 binary towers. The cortex computers within the iron structure have serious data errors. The hemoglobin HEME group Fe(ii) ion economic reports are nonsense. Computer EARTH system 370 device UNIT = North Pole magnetic (Nixon) tape with a cortex READ/WRITE tape HEAD.

Thus we have the above ..a brief outline of concepts. More details are available at the blogs with keywords:

- Milwaukee Policeman Norberg and the magnetic field
- GM automotive Janesville magnetic field
- North Pole magnetic field war Northern Illinois




The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is an interesting social science test site. From a distant astrophysics biologist .... looking at the EARTH thru an
astrophysics microscope ...would see the small EARTH a living EARTH cell.
Thus .....


Jan 5, 2011 – Department of Terrestrial Magnetism Carnegie Institution of Washington.



Iron in a Heme Group
Proteins with Iron in a Heme Group. There are two common and very important proteins that contain iron in a heme group: myoglobin and hemoglobin.

Structural Biochemistry/Protein function/Heme group - Wikibooks ...
Dec 13, 2011 – In hemoglobin, each subunit contains a heme group; each heme group contains an iron atom that is able to bind to one oxygen molecules.

Golbular Protein
At the center of the heme group is the iron +2 metal ion. The nitrogen atoms bind to the iron ion through what are called coordinate covalent bonds. This means ...

Hemoglobin faculty.
What is a heme group? It is an organic molecule, arranged in a circle, with an iron atom in the middle. The organic molecule, when straightened out (not in a ...


Red blood cells, or erythrocytes are by far the most numerous blood cells. Each red blood cell contains hemoglobin which is the iron-containing protein that transports oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. In hemoglobin, each subunit contains a heme group; each heme group contains an iron atom that is able to bind to one oxygen molecules. Since hemoglobin consists of four polypeptide subunits, two alpha chains and two beta chains, and each subunit contains a heme group; each hemoglobin protein can bind up to four oxygen molecules.

Darwinian evolution of abstract thinking humans.....
red blood cells have advanced to the NEW version of
read blood cells ...that have symbolic contecnt (nouns, verbs, math equations) that circulates in the blood stream. Hence, a stream of consciousness Nature continues with Darwinian symbolic evolution.


Magnetic Field of the Magnetic Field of the Earth.
The Earth's magnetic field is similar to that of a bar magnet tilted 11 degrees from the spin axis of the Earth. The problem with that ..
Earth's magnetic field - Wikipedia
It is approximately the field of a magnetic dipole tilted at an angle of 11 degrees with respect to the rotational axis—as if there were a bar magnet placed at that ...

Geomagnetism Frequently
This magnetic field changes both with time and with location on the Earth and ... dipole is offset from the axis of the Earth's rotation by
approximately 11 degrees.
head/ brain/ SKU 11 --> skull ideas tilted ....

read Candide by Voltaire ....
Voltaire has used Candide and all of the characters in it to voice his opinion on the ... The scene where Don Quixote tries to fight the windmills because he thinks ...
..symbolism --> windmills = citizen big MOUTH nonsense talk




Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Department of.......trial Magnetism
Department of.......trial M
Department of Terr .......Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism.


Norberg shares prestigious ISMAR Prize | Newsroom | Washington ...Oct 21, 2004 – ... a co-recipient of the 2004 ISMAR Prize, the highest honor the
International Society of Magnetic Resonance awards. 
Norberg shares the prize ...

Society of Magnetic Resonance awards. 
Society of Magnetic Resonance awards. 
Society of Magnetic Resonance awards. 
Society of Magnetic Resonance ..war 
Society of Magnetic Reason......war

........Norberg shares the prize ...
........Norberg shares the prize ...



Police --> Pol + ice --> North Pole + Artic ice

Earth systems .....
Milwaukee undercover special agent code -->
Norbeg --> Nor + berg --> North pole Ice berg.



Magnet Schools of America -
The Leading Source for Information on Excellence in Public
School Magnet Programs ...
2012 Magnet Schools of Merit ...Milwaukee 
Milwaukee - Wikipedia
Milwaukee Public Schools operate as magnet schools,

Geomagnetism Frequently
This magnetic field changes both with time and with location on the Earth and ... dipole is offset from the axis of the Earth's rotation by
approximately 11 degrees.
head/ brain/ SKU 11 --> skull ideas titled ....





SKU11 --> 11 math life ... ERROR message for
Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic humans at FermiLAB ....
regarding magnetic field problems with humans iron.

Some magnetic field BATTLES.Why are they ignored by government funded university scientists?

Shooting at Tucson High Magnet Schools Sep 11, 2003: Incident began shortly after school dismissal and a dispute erupted between two students.

School - Related Deaths, School Shootings, School Crises: 2003-
School-related violent deaths, school shootings, and school crisis incidents: 2003 -2004 ...
A 16-year-old boy died after a fistfight at Pueblo High Magnet School.

Parents rally against shootings near Columbus Magnet SchoolMay 18, 2011 – Parents enter Columbus Magnet School on Wednesday night for a discussion about shootings in the area of the school. hour photo/matthew ...

Principal, asst. principal shot at Knox school, teacher charged
Feb 11, 2010 – The shooting was at the school at 4701 High School Road in North ... Sarah Moore Greene Magnet School, an administrative assistant at ..

Teen accused in fatal Riverview shooting might be tried
Jun 9, 2011 – The car took him to Progress Village Middle Magnet School, where investigators ... McCray turned himself in the evening after the shooting.Teen suspect described Riverview shooting, according to records

May 26, 2010 – Teen suspect described Riverview shooting, according to records ... to the south parking lot of the Progress Village Middle Magnet School.

Paterson teen arraigned in shooting death of magnet schoolMar 15, 2010 – Shaheem Fields pleaded not guilty to murder and weapons charges in connection with the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old magnet school ...



Lowe-Norberg Theory of Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance by H Betsuyaku - Cited by 21 - Related articles
the basis of the Kubo-Tomita theory of magnetic resonance. ...make clear the approximate nature of the I owe-Norbergand Clough- .... co s{B~,t + (B&,-B~,)t.
Cached - Similar
Its original author is Arvid Norberg. ... supports the µTorrent metadata transfer protocol (i.e. magnet links) BEP 9; supports the µTorrent
peer exchange protocol ....





Einstein's FIELD THEORY with new police adjectives
Magnetic field AGENT B (Bryan) of the IRON MAN category

The magnetic flux density (also called magnetic B field or just magnetic field, usually denoted B ) is a vector field. The magnetic B field vector at a given point in space is specified by two properties:

1.Its direction, which is along the orientation of a compass needle.
2.Its magnitude (also called strength), which is proportional to how strongly the compass needle orients along that direction.
In SI units, the strength of the magnetic B field is given in teslas.

Thus the Milwaukee police science department training/ direction /orientation of police instinct is good
Byran = B ...was the human B field vector at given point in space (near B H = Bradely High school) and at Computer Earth system 370 Base 2 Binary address of 2nd Street.


Below, we have M = Milwaukee Magnetization 
Thus M A/m --> Milwaukee America magnetic map of life

The magnetization of a magnetized material is the local value of its magnetic moment per unit volume, usually denoted M, with units A/m.[10] It is a vector field, rather than just a vector (like the magnetic moment), because different areas in a magnet can be magnetized with different directions and strengths (for example, because of domains, see below). A good bar magnet may have a magnetic moment of magnitude 0.1 A·m2 and a volume of 1 cm3, or 1×10−6 m3, and therefore an average magnetization magnitude is 100,000 A/m. Iron can have a magnetization of around a million amperes per meter. Such a large value explains why iron magnets are so effective at producing magnetic fields.




Thus we see the MIlwaukee shooting of Norberg was a SIGNAL from Nature....that ought not be ignored. The SIGNAL involves the magnetic field WAR over human violators of EARTH magnetic field social engineering laws.
Let's review the signal again.

a) Milwaukee has magnet school brain experiments regarding the 11 degree angle tilt

b) MPS = Milwaukee Public School brain computer designers ..wants to impose the Wisconsin state assembly bio-computer language into blank child brains. Specifically, the citizen government wants the assembler language cortex computer instructions MP = Multiply Packed placed into brain cells.

3) Citizens in other school districts have experimental errors in their magnetic brain computer programs ..... hence the large number of shootings at magnetic schools. The Department of Education at the federal and state level could care less about the details of the brain manipulation experiments or the errors. This was explained long ago by Lewis Carroll.



Lewis Carroll and experiments in awareness of the social structure of Nature and the Earth government with subset human governments and institutions.

LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts? 
The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped 
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it). 
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."

Thus the student guinea-pigs used by the modern EARTH LAB educational system...with the puppet strings as predicted bySTRING THEORY physics ...about the Margaret Mead nuclear family ...the atomic brain intellect and the atomic social anthropology systems of Nature.



Thus the NORBERG signal.......and the school war........why the shooting took place near a Milwaukee public school...... a warning to city of Milwaukee about the intellectual void they have in undersatnding Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory, gravity data fields, magnetic data fields, electromagnetic data fields, and the BASEBALL data field of the Milwukee Brewers. TO much nonsense in the Milwaukee region BEDROOM intellectual community ...pretending to understand REALITY and the social engineering laws of Nature.

UWM --> Universe WAR Magnetic 
UWM --> University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee AND
UWM --> Univeristy of Wisconsin, Madison war zone

with the magnetic field symbolic map POINTERS/CLUES.




What is the map ...that exists of this EVENT ...that the newspapers refuse to publish and the univerities in Milwuakee will not acknowledge.

What are some of the magnetic field symbolic map POINTERS/CLUES to the set-up of the magnetic field EVENT ....a tragic signal caused by lazy,biased Milwaukee intellectual policies.

Citizens and their law school leaders enjoy the hypnosis of the police force, they enjoy lying to detectives, they enjoy with-holding information from detectives, and they enjoy the set-up and accusations ..pointing the finger at Badger Guns....and thus omitting the big picture of Milwaukee schemes and scams.

To bad Milwaukee universities and Milwaukee citizens have no intellectual integrity or honor ...they will not help clarify this puzzling SIGNAL from Nature about the Milwaukee iron Hemoglobin blood war and Milwaukee magnet school and their student brain computer programmming ERRORs.

The Nor -->Norway brain programming experiments with their children ...resulted in Nature's orders for the Utoeya deletion of the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 biological IMS database defective child records.....hence, the shooting deletion of the child database records per EARTH system 370 OS/JCL = OS Job Control Language signal for OSLO fix the European brain dribble nonsense. Had Milwuakee fixed their brain magnet problems ..then Utoeya proably would not have happened. Milwaukee scholars that PLAY DUMB...and arrogant...... can be proud of their role in the Norway and Northern Illinois tragdies. These are complex puzzles .... that take time to figure out.


above from Wikipeadia free encyclopedia -->
Pole namining conventions 
Pole and Bradley Convention Center M = Magnetization war 
Pole and Bradley High School M = Milwaukee magnet war 
Pole --> North Pole + ice Berg secret Hemoglobin agent
.........Nor + Pol + Ice + berg ----> giving
.........Nor Berg Police ...reporting for IRON MAN project and



Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthropology projects. 


A magnetic field is a mathematical description of the magnetic influence of electric currents and magnetic materials. The magnetic field at any given point is specified by both a direction and a magnitude (or strength); as such it is a vector field.[nb 1] The magnetic field is most commonly defined in terms of the Lorentz force it exerts on moving electric charges. There are two separate but closely related fields to which the name 'magnetic field' can refer: 
a magnetic B field and a magnetic H field.

The B Field and H field WAR at location
B H --> Bradley High school M =Magnetization Milwaukee  manipulation experiments by the Fe= Federal government Department of Education with State of Wisconsin approvals. 
The Milwaukee children and their magnetic field brain mutations. 


BH - Bradley High magnetic bio-physics technology

a magnetic B field and a magnetic H field.


Thus the shooting near Bradley High school .... ought have a magnetic field social vector MAP ....... just like ..... when a automobile accident occurs on a highway, STATE TROOPERS will measure automobile tire skid marks and direction vectors determine speed, etc.

What did the Norberg magnetic field vector battle look like;
after the battle was analyzed and drawn on paper map?

The EARTH geography surface map with the IRON MAN battle 
(the iron blood within Norberg and the external activities of the shooting with an iron gun, iron automobiles, etc )...might look like -->.



North Pole signal for those brain curosity
Norberg ...Milwaukee policeman wounded
Northern Illinois University shooting, DeKalb
Norway shooting at Utoeya and Oslo deaths
Now ....we have the EARTH magnetic field flow lines ....



We see the map symbols (symbolic life)
S and N and the transformation to physical life expressions ..with the
S and N signaling event serties:

Shooting Norberg
Shooting Northern Ill/sick noise university
Shooting Norway 



Let's consider the NIL = Northern Ilinois shooting at DeKalb, Illinois in the
Margaret Mead nuclear family region of Fer = FermiLAB in Batavia. 
FerriLAB is a ferrous oxide atomic anthropology research lab ....that exists on the surface of EARTH. They are known for many secrets .....thus they have the famous television show ..
Deep Space Nine with Odo = Oddone and the Ferengi = FermiLAN engineering. 
Very cool they send out messages from the atomic/astrophysics communications continuum via mass communications (TV, radio, print).



Thus we have the Department of Engergy, Office of Science and the EARTH LAB region of Northen Illinois with iron hemoglobin experimental humanoids .....and the NORTH Pole flow lines.
Let's look at the map of the region with the Cole Hall shooting location A = DeKalb, Illinois.


Let's look at the magnetic field bandwidth of about 80 miles ...


Madison <- magnetic bandwidth -> UW,Milwaukee


Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Department of.......trial Magnetism
Department of.......trial M
Department of Terr .......Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism
Department of Terror..... Magnetism.


UWM --> Universe WAR Magnetic 
UWM --> University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee AND
UWM --> Univeristy of Wisconsin, Madison war zone

with the mmagnetic field symbolic map POINTERS/CLUES.


Norberg Theory of Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance

by H Betsuyaku - Cited by 21 - Related articles
the basis of the Kubo-Tomita theory of magnetic resonance. ... make clear the approximate nature of the I owe-Norberg and Clough- .... co s{B~,t + (B&,-B~,)t.

However, a version of the magnetic-pole approach is used by professional magneticians to design permanent magnets.[citation needed] In this approach, the divergence of the magnetization ∇•M inside a magnet and the surface normal component M•n are treated as a distribution of magnetic monopoles. This is a mathematical convenience and does not imply that there are actually monopoles in the magnet.


Norberg and Graham ...verison of the
magnetic-police for Nature


the surface normal component M•n are 
the surface normal component M•n are 
the ....face normal component Man area 

thus we have the face of the the agents above whose
subliminal mind and Carl Jung collective unconsciouness work within 
Nature's EARTH Lab social engineering test .... magnetic city of Milwaukeee.

For details on Carl Jung.... consult West Allis (West Alice in Wonderland and Dairyland) Police Chief JUNG about the ANT -> Anthropology battle of Anthony Peters with University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee anthropology agent Mayor Barrett ...and the bio-physics bar magnet fight.

The 2 human cylinders of magnetic field life .....FIGHT Police Chief JUNG social psychology terrrority near the Wisconsin State Fair. Thus the UW ethics/fairness philosophy fight between 2 different schools of thought in the Milwaukee region of collective unconsciousness.





Let B H = inside of the Brain + HEAD ...and its iron Heme group thought components.

Let B H = Inside Bradley High and the Milwaukee magnetic school skulls







Above, we see the B H = Brain Head internals at 
magnetic school B H = Bradley High school .... and
then the logical deduction that
Milwaukee B H factors become 
language B S factors in newspapers and elsewhere 



Outside the magnet, the field B is proportional to H, while inside the magnetization must be added to H (see Units and calculations). An extension of this method that allows for internal magnetic charges is used in theories of ferromagnetism (see micromagnetics).

The modern classroom ...messages from the Killing Fields of CAM = Cambodia brain war in 1975 ... a brain application from CAM = University of Cambridge, England ....theory of brain SCIENCE WARS and applications DEMOS.



Modern liFE and Margaret Mead atomic social expressions VIA Fer = InFER --> Fer --> Ferrous oxide atoms with self-awareness --> Do they exist? 


Fer --> FermiLAB ....and the brain cell IRON CURTAIN intellectual prison with Heme Group fe(ii) ion biology jail cells. Thus, we have professor atomic brain cells with jail cells inside the brain. Help our hard working and hard thinking physics friends ..   who are prisoners of a molecular cell biology communications problem.


Brave New World ... 1984 ..... Future Shock ..... books warned us of the possibilities.


The Federal government is based upon the Fe atom of the periodic atomic table. 


Illiterate intellectuals who pretend to understand Federal gun laws ..have alot to learn about the SCIENCE WARS ..that have been around for about 15 years. The Galileo astronomy war is over 370 years old.

Thus Badger guns is just a minor factor ... 
in the big Milwaukee university cover-up. 

Milwaukee could show leadership ..... and explore the new REALTIES od awareness   ... and play fair and honest.
Milwaukee lives in 4 dimesnions .....even thou physics states their are a least 11 dimesnions.

Introduction to M-theory - Wikipedia, the free 
In non-technical terms, M-theory presents an idea about the basic substance of ... This was later increased to 11 dimensions based on various interpretations of ...

Background - Status - See also - References
M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds that of superstring ...

The universities can avoid counter law-suits by Badger GUNS.
Also, the university faces murder charges of the ATLAS physics project and its supersymmetry error resulting in the murder of Jake Gerard at ATLAS (Data) BUS Sales ...parallel processing location. University computer science CAD = Computer Aides Design of human CAD = CADAVERS plays an important role in Milwaukee murder rate.

The Police Department detectives ought study the university secret societies and how the arrogance system works. But, detectives can play intellectual poker and pull their bluff. Empirical real data from the hard facts of crimes.... gives police a good poker hand. Thus we have a psychological game ...and the university thinks it can fabricate any Hollywood version of reality that it wishes; but, cities and societies have to run with a minimum of problems .... especially nasty stuff like murder AND Milwaukee police and detectives could help build a model of what's really happening in the modern city. Polce street smarts combined with the these adanvced theories ...... can outline how the modern criminal system works .... from the sublimainal mind to secret hand-signals, verbal commands. etc. ...factors taht all converge to one person ...who then becomes the Shakespearean actor that commits the serious crime.
Actually, it is a very interesting puzzle. 
The university has failed to help understand these problems; because they are the master-mind behind many of the problems.

William Shakespeare stated around year 1600 
" The WORLD is a stage and we are the players"

in modern times we ahve Milwaukee theater with
the "Norberg and Bradley High stage performance"

thus who is the director of the Milwaukee stage??
Badger GUNS is the master-mind. 
You got to be kidding me!
Did I go to school to believe stupid nonsense explanations ...put forth Milwaukee?

And then Badger GUNS or their equiavlent are repsonsible for Norway and Northern Illinois shooting. What a joke.

Maybe the BIG LIE universities and their newspaper friends are behind the 
LIE shooting signal of LIEGE, Belgium. Margaret Mead atomic communications sytems are rather accurate in explaining the deep CAUSES behind atomic human behavioral expressions.

The universities could probably avoid criminal charges, if they agree to cooperate in the magnetic field problems of the city and its citizens. Law schools ought pay more attention to the modern world ...instead of Milwaukee restuarant menus, sports, and music festivals.

The University of Wisconsin, Madison ought upgrade their intellectual standards ......and learn about Maragret Mead nuclear family......atomic social anthropology. For example, when hypnotized university professors wake up...they may explain their secret relationship with Nitrogen 14 --> 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet and the TRUE purpose of his last visit to Madison. University puzzles and secrets are some of the best obvious simple facts of life ......that are omitted from books/ papers/ etc.




Thus the TRUE NATURE of the Badger Gun set-up and the loss of their license. 
Milwukee ought stop pretending ...they understand the entire world.

LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped 
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it). 
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Google Books
Lewis Carroll - 2006 - Fiction - 124 pages
Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the ... 'I've so often read in the newspapers, at the end of trials, “There was some ...

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentintal has an opportunity and a challenge .... will they show the world what good newspaper leadership can accomplish in modern education and in society? 





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