Modern war with the subconscious mind HUMAN symbolic machine

The BALTIC region biological database WAR at UTOEYA, Norway. The IMS bio-database command: logical DELETE of child data record results in physical DELETE of child records

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The BAL computer WAR region of the BALTIC.

The BAL = Basic Assembler Language geography WAR region


RD-blog-660 by Herb Zinser

Computer Earth system 370 OS/JCL war report from the BAL = Basic Assembler Language region of the Baltic Sea.





Thus we have Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory ...SCIENCE WAR REGION. The EARTH computer wars are well-known to CAD systems designers of human CAD.avers....such as the Virginia Tech Base 16 Hexadecimal CAD shooting of April 16, 2007.

OS/JCL bio-computer city. Hide search 
OSLO, Norway Explosion: Suspect Also at Island Shooting, Police Jul 22, 2011 –



Emergency services are seen on Utoeya island after a shooting took place at a meeting of the youth wing of Norway's ruling Labour Party, July ...

--> SIGNAL translation of above sentence
Emergency services are seen on
Utoe island......
UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything
physics emergency SIGNAL.....
ignored by all physics departments...
as the atomic human children DEPART for the BAL region
Base 16 Hex'AF' = 175 AFterlife computer science experiment in the ethics of Base 16 Hex'FF' = HIGH-VALUES.

Thus the HIGH-VALUES Problem and the Hierarchy Problem of OS = Office of Science and their bio-computer parallel in OS = OSLO....... all experts in all of the dimensions of WORLD Sartre existential affairs.

String theory
String theory is an active research framework in particle physics that attempts to ..... M-theory, which requires spacetime to have eleven dimensions, as opposed ...

Why exacly 11 dimensions? Beyond the Standard Model


Theory of Everything - History of string theory - Superstring theory - FuzzballM-theory - In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which ...

An M-theory extension
is Murder-theory with Margaret Mead atomic nulear family ....  atomic social anthropology conflicts.



--> SIGNAL and astrophysics translation
Norway's ruling Labor Party.....
Norway = North Pole + Milky Way galaxy ruling
Labor = Laboratory part




--> SIGNAL OS = Organization Systems on EARTH
Computer Earth system 370 BAL region:

BALTIC Science War Region news SIGNALS


OS/JCL biological computer systems....
OS signal message for human brain computers VIA
OS signal FORMAT OS = Oswald Shooting Kennedy
OS signal FORMAT OS = Oswald Shooting Lutz
OS signal FORMAT OS = Omaha Shooting WEST MALL
OS signal FORMAT OS = Oslo Shooting

Oslo Shooting: Pictures of Utoeya Massacre [PHOTOS] osolo-norway-shooting-pictures-of-utoeya-mass...Cached




--> SIGNAL 32 Data Processing
EVENT feedback signal for societal process control systems
Brain computer ...
cortex COBOL computer language WORD 32
with bio-computer Y2K biological clock ERROR.

H.G.Wells the TIME MACHINE(Time Computer word 32).

The oxygen molecular computer 32 LUNG
.Word 32 of HONOR
Agent 32 of...NOR --> NOR.way

NO = Nitrogen and Oxygen message to
NO = Norway LUNG/MOUTH word ver.BAL errors.

Police identify an oxygen molecule life form (Anders)
....oxygen molecule atomic weight 32 .....a SIGNAL
of atomic existence for Ox = Oxygen structures
that deny existence at Oxford University, England.

--> DATA for the above SIGNAL.
BBC = British Bio-Chemistry chemistry RD news

Jul 24, 2011 – Witnesses said the gunman,
identified by police as a 32 ...
Show more results from BBC News - Return to Norway's Utoeya island
--> SIGNAL 23 of periodic atomic table element Na = Sodium (11 electrons and atomic weight 23). The symbolic life form Mr.Na the atomic agent for the Margaret Mead nuclear family SALT TREATY. The inorganic chemistry SALT molecule is (NaCl = Sodium Chloride). Atomic government symbolic representative Mr.Na (atomic political weight 23).... and the 23 chromosome pairs of Nature's genetics government ....... has an atomic continuum SALT treaty with humans (comprised of 23 chromosome pairs) and their dinner table SALT and PEPPER shakers.

--> Data 23
Oslo, Utoeya, blood and tears in Norway
Jul 23, 20 11 - 4 min - Uploaded by Gruithuisen City Man
Massacre at youth camp on Utoeya island: aerialsby AFP20470 views; Thumbnail 4:11. Add to. Witness to Norway island ...

Additional translation needed for
subset SIGNAL: Jul 23, 20 11 - 4 min

The 7th month July implies what atomic number element?

How many standard amino acids are in your brain?

What math life number is part of your: SKU11 ?

Do you have a VALID math inventory number
in the Solar System warehouse of ideas?

SKU.ll = Stock Keeping Unit 11 = eleven

Do you have a math symbolic .... lazy dis.EASE
known as: numb-SKU11 ?
Numb-SKU11 definitely leads to Dumb-SKU11.

How many DNA nuclotides exist?

Questions are related to the above subset signal.
--> super-symmetry SIGNAL 84 about George Orwell book 1984 and Oceania ......

The Totalitarian Destruction of Utopia ==>
The Totalitarian Destruction of Utoeya, Norway

utopian fiction. George Orwell published 1984 in 1949 which hypothesized that if totalitarianism was not thwarted, the world of Oceania, as depicted in 1984, ...

Themes of 1984 | Novel Summaries Analysis Jan 14, 2011 –
Orwell's 1984 is set in Oceania, a totalitarian state ruled by a god-like leader ... of the stupid hedonistic Utopias that the old reformers imagined. ...

--> DATA for the above

At least 91 dead in Norway shooting, bomb attack |
Reuters 23, 2011 – OSLO (Reuters) -
A suspected far-right gunman in police uniform killed at least 84 people in a ferocious attack on a youth summer camp of ...
--> SIGNAL 76 of the periodic atomic table government
of element 76 Osmium 190.23 .....message for Niels Bohr Institure, FermiLAB, and Cavendish Labs is ignored. 76 Atomic Number of protons of Margaret Mead nuclear family ....atomic anthropology agent identifier AN = Atomic Number --> ANders.


--> DATA for above
Norway shooting victims: 76 named in Anders Behring Breivik
Jul 28, 2011 – Norwegian police have begun to reveal the names of the 76 victims mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik killed.
Thus we see the news phrase ...
Victims 76 --> Vict + ims 76.....
thus stating the IMS bio-database war vict.IMS with 76 = OS = Osmium atomic element signal...and its extended signal OS/JCL regarding the Computer EARTH brain war zone at OS = OSLO.
--> SIGNAL and DATA... astronomy war on EARTH

2011 Norway attacks From Wikipedia
2011 Norway attacks

The above phrase (Norway attacks) has a double-speak translation:

1) simple view: Norway attacks at Utoeya by Anders Behring Breivik
2) the Galileo WARS and a probable SETI view ....
NORWAY attacks --> North pole magnetic data field LIFE and Milky WAY galactic elements ATTACK the country of Norway for brain integrity thought a symbol to Europe and Cambridge University, Oxford, and Niels Bohr Insitute on their inability to help in the SCIENCE WARS

Locations of the incidents in the Oslo and Buskerud counties of Norway

Utoya --> Universe TOY ....the battle PLAY-ground
--> SIGNAL ..Gravity field interaction with brain atomic mass thoughts

Location Oslo and Utøya, Norway

Date 22 July 2011 (2011-07-22)
15:25[1] CEST (UTC+02:00)
Target Norway Labour Party[2]
Attack type Bombing
Shooting spree
Weapon(s) Car bomb (made using ANFO)
Ruger Mini-14 Carbine
Glock 17 pistol -> Gravity lock
G = Universal gravitational constant battlefield
G = 6.6 x 10 exponent -sku11
....66 (Utøya)[6][7]
...physics Wolfgang Pauli and Max Born

Perpetrator(s) Anders Behring Breivik
(Lone wolf)

The ANDERS philisopohy descibed in news reports...... his views about overpopulation correlates to the physicist MAX BORN atomic social anthtropology LAW signal. European physics ought try to understand the social engineering laws and limits of NATURE and the SOCIAL CONTRACT of John Locke, etc.

COMPUTER SCIENCE Base 2 report UNCLE SAM = Sequential Access Method
The 2011 Norway attacks were two sequential terrorist attacks against the government, the civilian population and a summer camp in Norway on 22 July 2011.

The first was a car bomb explosion in Oslo within Regjeringskvartalet, the executive government quarter of Norway, at 15:25:22 (CEST).[8] The car bomb was placed outside the office of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and other government buildings.[9] The explosion killed eight people and wounded several others, with more than 10 people critically injured.

The second attack occurred less than two hours later at a summer camp on the island of Utøya in Tyrifjorden, Buskerud. The camp was organized by AUF, the youth division of the ruling Norwegian Labour Party (AP). A gunman dressed in an authentic looking police uniform and showing false identification[10] gained access to the island and subsequently opened fire at the participants, killing 69 attendees,[4][5] including personal friends of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and the stepbrother of Norway's crown princess Mette-Marit.[11]

The Norwegian Police Service arrested Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old Norwegian right-wing extremist and terrorist responsible for the mass shootings on Utøya and subsequently charged him with both attacks.[15] The European Union, NATO and several countries around the world expressed their support for Norway and condemned the attacks




--> SIGNAL 84 and DATA

In addition we have the ORWELL TIME COMPUTER equation:

Book 1984 + Base 16 HEX Oxygen = year 2000 (Y2k signal)

At least 91 dead in Norway shooting, bomb attack |Jul 23, 2011 – OSLO (Reuters) - A suspected far-right gunman in police uniform killed at least 84 people in a






--> SIGNAL and DATA: iron Hemoglobin protein WAR

At least 91 dead in Norway shooting, bomb attack |Jul 23, 2011 – OSLO (Reuters) - A suspected far-right gunman in police uniform killed at least 84 people in a
ferocious attack on a summer camp of..--> translated
ferrous oxide iron Hemoglobin protein order attack on the math sum/total
ferrous oxide life forms at FermilAB, Batavia, Illinois can explain everything about the Margaret Mead nuclear family.....atomic anthropology signals to the biophysics world.

Bio-physics element Fe and its Fe --> ferocious attack  in message processing region of Oslo and Utoeya 





Search Results
Questions About Physics
Inquiring Minds Cached - Similar
Aug 28, 2002 – Physics Questions
People Ask Fermilab. Over the years, people have sent questions to Fermilab on subjects from why the sky is blue to the ...

Maybe, they could answer questions about the SCIENCE WARS.
Better yet, ask them the secret language signal about their import from PERU, the atomic communications continuum, and the atomic retail store message.

Thus we have the supersymmetry physics theory and empirical DATA
with the Margaret Mead nuclear family......atomic anthropology experiments in self-awareness:

- Pier One bio-physics
imported from PERU now at a Batavia address

- Pier 1 Imports
481 North Randall Road
Batavia, IL 60510-9298
(630) 761-8925

Directions - Is this accurate





--> General Background and Review of CONCEPTS

COMPUTER EARTH, BAL = Basic Assembler Language in the BALTIC geography Region.


Bio-computer agents of NORWAY bio-computer social engineering experiments

Political System - Norway Jun 24, 2010
The Storting (Norwegian bio-computer national assembly) has served as the ... The Government is selected on behalf of the King from within the Storting. ...
Form of Government -
... all citizens are able to participate in the bio-computer Storting and    sorting/merge  ERRORS

(Norwegian national assembly ), county and municipal councils. Parliamentary in as much as the Government, ...



The Government - Norway /society/political/government
The Government serves as the executive power. ... proposals to the Storting ...

The Storting (Norwegian national assembly) and the Government are ...
The Government serves as the executive power. ... proposals to the Storting



Thus we have the Norway national assembly language program composed of human brain computers. Thus the Government is a symbolic bio-assembly language program LIFE FORM...a bio-computer LIFE FORM with executive powers....execute powers.




Execute powers are TESTED on copper wire computer systems
and then used by citizen groups. These human bio-computer systems consider the
Milky Way Universe as a TOY....something to play around with in amusement.

Hence, Universe TOY --> UTOYA.

Citizens could care less about cybernetics and the required deeper intellectual understanding needed for social engineering, feedback control systems, and atomic family process control systems. Hence, the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION ( EARTH LAB ) war signal about the European arrogant attitude and philosophy ERRORS.

Attitude: Milky Way Universe is a play TOY
Result ..........Way U.......................TOY
Event Hor....Norway UTOYA
Event Horizon report for Hawking and Thorne
The Storting (Norwegian national assembly) and the Government are ...
The Government serves as the executive power
The G = Gravity government executive power
The G = universal Gravitational Constant population LIMIT LAW
The G...un --> Grave invitational .


The Storting (Norwegian national assembly) ...
The Government serves as the executive power
The Government serves as the execute power.

The bio-computer BATCH JOB execution of Norwegian children

S/370 Assembler Tutorial -
Assembling, Linking, and Executing ... This job assembles, link edits, and executes our S/370 Assembler program in batch under MVS. Throughout the tutorial ... Both IEHPROGM and IEFBR14 program are standard utilities,


Batch processing (of a batch of children)  and JES: Scenario 1
... a printed report. This program will run as a batch job on z/OS. ... The first step identifies the COBOL compiler, as declared in //COBOL EXEC PGM=IGYCRCTL . ...

Ask for the proper definition of an internal reader DD statement is able to execute a JCL in Cobol batch but ...
Get more discussion results
--> Philosophy Review of Situation

Brain computer COBOL and assembler languages, while different can accomplish equivalent jobs. Thus we have a BATCH of people on UTOEYA with the physics Theory of Everything and the universities denial of the existence of Einstein's DATA FIELD theory.

Now Norway and Virginia TECH have Einstein's DATA FIELD war casualties in the Base 16 hexadecimal Earth government intellectual WAR......
with COMPUTER EARTH geography computer address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in EAST COAST geography LAND (Local Area Network Data)
with John Hopkins BAL = Baltimore computer Science and
Washington, DC ...DC = Define Constant.

Ask EAST Coast Universities in the USA for an ELITE superior explanation of how the universe works, how EARTH LAB bio-computer social engineering works, and about their failure to provide intellectual resources to help explain the CAD = Computer Aided Design of SCIENCE WAR student CAD.avers.

Thus Base 16 hexadecimal AN = Alpha/Numeric AN.ders Behring Breivik is just a bio-computer agent who brain was programmed by the BAL = ver.BAL word commands broadcast VIA atomic mass communications media as radio and television.

The Government serves as the execute power. ... proposals ......are then distributed amongst the general population for implementation.

The ancient Roman empire was biological computer society; with JCL = Job Control Language symbolized by a human agent with proper noun identifier JCL: Julius Caesar Latin.
Thus we have no new concepts in Europe and their modern SECRET brain computer manipulation schemes...which have no intention of having accurate instructions for the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer.
--> Announcements by others
In year 1843 Nathaniel Hawthorne accurately described the SECRET citizen GROUP schemes in the Celestail Railroad ...see the blog excerpt below:

Nathaniel Hawthorne and the astrophysics secret CELESTIAL RAILROAD
03/28/11 17:19 , Categories: Uncategorized

CALTECH and the University of Cambridge

Not a great while ago, passing through the gate of dreams, I visited that REGION of the earth in which lies the famous City of Destruction. It interested me much to learn that by the public spirit of some of the inhabitants a railroad has recently been established between this populous and flourishing town and the Celestial City. Having a little time upon my hands, I resolved to gratify a liberal curiosity by making a trip thither. Accordingly, one fine morning after paying my bill at the hotel, and directing the porter to stow my luggage behind a coach, I took my seat in the vehicle and set
This," remarked Mr. Smooth-it-away, "is the famous Slough of Despond--a disgrace to all the neighborhood; and the greater that it might so easily be converted into firm ground."

"I have understood," said I, "that efforts have been made for that purpose from time immemorial. Bunyan mentions that above twenty thousand cartloads of wholesome
...... INSTRUCTIONS ....had been thrown in here without effect."
--> Year 2011...modern social science INSTRUCTIONS.

in Thus year 1843 and
NOW........ NORWAY instructions .....
...............WAY ... social vectors
Mr. Smooth-it-aWAY

The broadcast of nonsense dribble INSTRUCTIONS on TV and radio is authorized by citizen INSTRUCTIONS to their governments.
The Norwegian National Assembly and their assembly bio-computer programs and the parallel equivalent COBOL bio-computer language program are covcered here. References are to COBOL language symbols ..since COBOL concepts are easier to outline for readers.

Details can be found in appropriate technical manuals or some college computer textbooks. You and your friends can form a SCIENCE WAR research group ....... 10 or more people over age 20..who are curious. Then check with your helpful neighborhood bookstore.....they can order the books for a research group...thereby spreading the expense of college level science textbooks amongst the researchers. Be proud of your symbolic brain, show that you can hold your own, become an intellectual warrior in the SCIENCE WARS.
--> Europe and their Brain Computer Science WARS
Brain BAL mutation = Basick Assemblur Lag.guage

- Computer Earth system 370
- BAL region of the Baltic Sea intellectual war zone
- OS/JCL ....OSLO JOB Control Language for civilian behavior and thoughts
-->IMS database = Information Management System for biological structures

Information Management System - Wikipedia, the free ...

Information Management System (IMS) is a joint hierarchical database and information management system with extensive transaction processing ...

History - Database - Transaction Manager - Application IMS Manuals -
IMS V9 Appl. Programming: CICS and IMS .
Darwinian software -->
Information Management System (IMS) is a joint hierarchical database
Information M-theory System (IMS) is a joint hierarchical database and information management system with extensive COMPUTER EARTH transaction processing ...and the atomic HUMAN Hierarchy Problem missing LINK.
--> Database

The IMS Database component stores data using a hierarchical model, which is quite different from relational database, DB2. (DB2 gets its name because IMS, which was created first, was DB1.) In IMS, the hierarchical model is implemented using blocks of data known as segments. Each segment can contain several pieces of data, which are called fields.

For example, a customer database may have a root segment /parent segment ... (or the segment at the top of the hierarchy) with fields such as phone, name, and age.

Child segments may be added underneath another segment, for instance, one order segment under each customer segment representing each order a customer has placed with a company. Likewise, each order segment may have many children segments for each item on the order.

Unlike other databases, you do not need to define all of the data in a segment to IMS. A segment may be defined with a size of 40 bytes but only define one field that is six bytes long as a key field that you can use to find the segment when performing queries. IMS will retrieve and save all 40 bytes as directed by a program but may not understand (or care) what the other bytes represent. In practice, often all data in a segment may map to a COBOL copybook.

Besides DL/I query usage, a field may be defined in IMS so that the data can be hidden.

--> IMS parent and child record structure of the human MODERN FAMILY.
Their bio-computer FAMILY's experimental children take a DATA BUS (school bus) to elementary school for elementary physics atomic brain experiments in atomic symbols and symbol life.



IMS/DB Introduction and Structure
Ims Structure
IMS Control Block /04_Chapter01_
IMS is IBM's Information Management System,
which provides a hierarchical ..... records.
A segment which has a dependent segment e.g. Child 

Hierarchical Database Model
(IMS) Product. ... In the IMS,
the Parent Data Records store on Disk area and
the Child Data Records store ...

A hierarchical database such as IMS supports many complex tree structures ( Figure 5.1) ... Each segment (or record) is defined as a distinct type. ...
In our example, one district may have
Root Parent
Child Child Child Figure 5.1 ...

IMS/DB Introduction and Structure

IMS features
IMS data bases are organized in a hierarchical structure. Each record is made up of several segments. The segments can be duplicated and are related to others by a parent-child relationship.

Segments are arranged in a hierarchical order.

Database Structuring Rules
IMS is flexible in the ways it will allow us to organise our information; the structuring characteristics are:
1. no limit to the number of database records
2. each record may contain any number of segments within
3. there may be up to 255 different segment types
4. there is one root segment per database record
5. there may be any number of dependent segments per parent
6. a database record may have up to 15 hierarchical levels

NOTE: Hence the Virginia TECH atomic database HIERARCHY PROBLEM with Argonne, FermiLAB, OS + Office of Science on April 16 (Base 16 HEX Signal)

Application Control Blocks
The DBD and PSB information needs to be merged (into control blocks) before a program access a database. This process will take some time; this is not a problem for batch programs, but is an unwanted overhead for online execution.
In order to avoid this online overhead, the DBA will construct an ACBGEN. This builds a number of Application Control Blocks which must then be linked into the load library before the IMS program can be run.

A collection of database records.

A segment which has a dependent segment e.g. Child.

A segment which is dependent on another segment e.g. Parent

Parentage Position

An established position at a specified segment which is treated as a parent (even though it might be at a higher level).

--> IMS V10 - Release planning - Hardware requirements
Copper wire computer
-When the physical link is channel-to-channel (CTC) and is dedicated to IMS ...

Earth governemnt computer
-when the physical link is geography English channel-to .........
-->IMS database command CALLS

DL/1 calls
The DL/I calls for database management are:

DEQ Dequeue
DLET Delete
FLD Field
GHN Get Hold Next
GHNP Get Hold Next in Parent
GHU Get Hold Unique
GN Get Next
GNP Get Next in Parent
GU Get Unique
ISRT Insert
POS Position
REPL Replace
--> Given the above commands...the commands help explain
the European intellectual comedy experiments and the NORWAY bio-computer social system.

GN Get Next becomes
GN Government Norway

GNP Get Norwegian Policeman ......Anders was dressed up a a policemen with a COMPUTER EARTH computer ad.DRESS DRESS code with a police uniform (police = pol + ice = North Pole magnetic data field and the Artic Ice/snow with Alfred NORTH Whitehead and C.P.SNOW ...versus the SNOW JOB of European newspapers and their human ..... puppet string theory physics experiments).

GU Get Unique becomes
GU Get Unique Norway.....becomes
GUN = G + U + N
--> The Delete command to Delete CHILD bio-data records.
A GET HOLD record command is a needed first, then the DELETE command can be issued to delete the CHILD segment repords.

Logically delete (flagged as deleted but physical child record continues existence)


Physically delete the CHILD database record

When a record is deleted from the child relation of an IMS instance, the affected instance is again notified both before and after the record is physically deleted.

The physical database record is a basic building block in IMS.
A physical ... The EMPLOYEE segment, in turn, has two child segments, DEPENDNT and SKILL. ... Caution must be used in specifying and using the delete (D) option in IMS. ...

BMC Communities: IMS Structures and Functions
Mar 24, 2010 – When you create an IMS database, you tell IMS what the physical structure ..... VSAM does not physically delete the record or reclaim the unused space. ..... The example assumes physical child first pointers and twin forward ...
IMS for New Users Logical Share

PROCSEQ = in the PCB tells IMS to use the secondary index for access ...
Duplicate Data is 1 to 5 fields from the source segment.
User Data is anything ...
Not allowed when target is PHDAM or PHIDAM.
7. Delete. Byte. 1. Pointer. 4. Constant .... Physical Child and Physical Twin or Hierarchic Forward pointers link PP to LC ...
--> After the Utoeya IMS physical deletion of biological data records the COMPUTER EARTH REPORT status of university administrators and their fun,happy school campus of elite powers and superior knowledge OVER Nature's stupid intellect report -->

IMS messages - DFS messages, DFS0851 - DFS0900 -

CAUTION-NO LOGICAL CHILD RECORD FOUND FOR THE LOGICAL PARENT RECORD (followed by one or more lines containing input records).

The Australian computer science PROBLEM and the intellectual war - introduction

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Australian scientists and the Australian military fail to understand modern social science schemes and tricks. The graphic arts plot to destroy the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbol computer




The Earth government and the human subset governments are constantly engaged in various experiments. These experiments of NATURE are interesting puzzles.

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) VIEW helps us understand the SCIENCE WAR conflicts in a country as Australia. The VIEW of a hypothetical distant virtual observer....viewing EVENTS on EARTH in us an understanding of EARTH social science events, political science, economics , crimes, tragedies, and smoke screens.


To understand this...we consider the continuum....a range of existences.
Example: Atomic --> continuum <-- astrophysics
................................. | 
Then we think of:........middle = human zone with humanoid symbolic spokeperson/agents.

Thus given such continuum we look at Australia and the region .... such COMPUTER EARTH system 370 data processing geography region: Bali, Indonesia with
Bali = Basic Assembler Language interface.

Then we Tasmania --> T + asm = Time assembler.

We have the IO --> Input/Output area = Indian Ocean.

The PER --> Program Event Recording = PERSIAN Gulf region.

Port Macquarle --> Port Mac--> I/o port macro 

Thus what is the failure of the Australia government?

They fail to understand their surroundings.
This intellectual VOID is hidden by their elaborate SMOKE SCREENS .... the cigarette song and dance of the Australian legislature. The Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer uses nicotine .... as a parallel processor to acetylcholine and the neurotransmitter people and their secret communications systems.

Thus nicotine is able to trace the elaborate BS (Bull-Stories) invented by Australian graphic arts designers and their suggested new cigarette package graphics. We know that the Australian role at the Bali conferences... involved their secret society ..that is the more likely cause of LU = Logical Unit = LUNG cancer. ---> BAL interface sm = smoke tricks

Thus we have the eating of brain bio-computer memeory cells using the Australia  secrets schemes .....  their Carl Jung collective unconscious civilian population  and its  usage of Margaret Mead  internal  HEAD HUNTER bio-computer subroutines inside the brain.     The  brain cell WALL --> WALL Street Journal bio-chemistry reports this as insider trading    ..  inside the human brain   SYMBOL    MACHINE.


Insider-Trading Probe Trains Lens on Boards -
Apr 30, 2013 – Federal prosecutors launched a criminal investigation into whether corporate directors misused government-sanctioned trading plans to sell ... ....the  audio/ sound of sell = cell -->  brain cell  WAR message for moleculer  CELL biology  extended expressions into  molecule social engineering.


Additional SCIENCE WAR subjects are listed on the above TOOLBAR on your computer screen.
You may CLICK on those NOUNS for access.


CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


India bio-computer SCIENCE WAR with COMPUTER EARTH system 370. Indian universities live in a Carl Jung collective unconsciousness dream world --> the bio-computer mind of India.

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The modern atomic bio-physics BRAIN war uses Asian countries for social experiments and social process control system TESTS. Asian intellectuals fail to study Nature's intellect and the modern symbolic brain evolution TRAP




The Solar System has 9 planets...equivalent to 8 data bit planets  and 1 parity error correction bit planet.

Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological computer systems and their mirror....the copper wire computer systems. The mathematical-physics copper wire electron computer mirror came into existence after the Base 2 math war....known as World War 2. .

The first major Solar System computer project manager on EARTH was Galileo in year 16 16.
Year 16 16......the Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time project. Today, Einstein's field theory is better described as Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.

What might be the history of Solar Systen data processing evolution?
The Solar System photons / electromagnetic fields arrived on EARTH and after much photonic thought created the BOTANY process of photosynthesis ... resulting in cellulose trees, grasses, rice and wheat grains, and the tree BUD. Thus the cellulose TREE of Knowledge came into being. As EARTH LAB evolution continued ..... atomic bio-physics structures evolved with the experimental label: humanoid. Nature decided that the cellulose tree BUD could use a humanoid friend ... human spokespersons ... and thus the creation of the tree BUD philosophy of agency ... with the BUDDHIST religion and the Botany NITROGEN CYCLE atomic mass agent 14 known as the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.
In a similar manner we can view the role of SUN photonic thought and Sun data procesing structures on the evolution of INDIAN humanoid thought, religion, social customs, dress codes and other behaviorial expressions. Thus over thousnads of years the subcontinent of INDIA was a SOLAR SYSTEM computer test site ..... of atomic bio-physics humans and the brain computer.
The Hindu human brain computer and the Hindu languages and customs allowed Nature to development a bio-system .... a bio-social engineering system of cities,governments, thoughts,etc.

Other Solar System bio-computer projects occured elsewhere on EARTH's geography surface ... that is Computer Earth LAND ..... LAN + D = Local area Networks Data. What are some of these ancient atomic brain sysmbolic processors .... based on LU = Logical Unit = LUNG and its oxygen atom 16 ... the oxygen Base 16 hexadecimal atomic bio-processor.
For example, in Europe we have the
JCL = Job Control Language of
JCL = Julius Caeser Latin .... the JOB Control Language used to build the bio-computer Roman Empire.

In Asia, we had the bio-computer assembler language group with the brain CH INSTRUCTION.
CH IN = Compare Halfword Instruction
CH IN A = Compare Halfword Instrcution Assembler giving
CHINA and the CHIN/mouth tribal groups of confused CONFUCIOUS

Given the background of the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer ...we look at INDIA and its effect upon the modern copper wire computer science of the George Orweliian year 1984. Here we will look at a few particular clues about Nature's Project.

Using supersymmtry phyics and parllel processing we gain access to the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ... that is atomic social anthropology and its mechanisms and expressions.

Lets compare the parallel bwteen the ancient Indian HINDU bio-compuer VS the 1984 copper wire computer technology. Those familiar with 1984 ...remember the system 370 (or equivalent) with OS/JCL and its batch job abilities and its CICS online screens used for order entry,etc.
CICS = Customer Information Control System. It used a VTAM netork to connect the terminals. The CICS screen were displayed on a 3270 CRT = Cathode Ray Tube.



Upon that CICS screen are data fields and also a bright CURSOR ... denoting current position.

Basic mapping support (BMS)
You use the EXEC CICS SEND CONTROL command to transmit device ...... If you use symbolic cursor positioning with EXEC CICS SEND CONTROL, the cursor ...

Appendix C. Terminal
Alternatively, a pointer reference can be specified in the SET option. CICS ... The EXEC CICS SEND command is used to write data to a terminal or logical unit. ...


Modified data tag (MDT)
The modified data tag is turned on when fields are modified by the operator. When the operator presses the ENTER key or a PF key, only fields that have been modified by the operator or selected by the cursor select are transmitted to the processor. The program may send fields to the terminal with the modified data tag already on to guarantee that the field will be returned with the next inbound transmission.

Insert-cursor indicator
The insert-cursor indicator is not a field attribute. Instead, it places the cursor under the first data character of the field. If the insert-cursor indicator is specified for more than one field, the cursor is placed under the first data character of the last field specified



Thus given the CICS screen and its bright cursor .....
what is Nature's HINDU ancient bio-computer brain equivalent.
Nature's design team has provided this bio-cursor displayed on a bio-screen ... the human forehead screen.


Thus we see the supersymmetry /parallel .....
-copper wire computer control panel
-human brain computer social controls


This makes sense, despite the denial of Asia India computer scientists. Since we breathe oxygen Base 16 Hexadecimal .... then Darwin evolution eventually gave us a Base 16 Hex"Fa" = 250 Face.

Thus FACE = FA + CE = Hex'FA' CODE. What is that ancient facial social science, political science, economic secret command language ... used extensively by television , movies, print and graphic arts?

Thus we see the modern bio-computer communications warfare .... with FACEBOOK as a possible military weapon with (attack) images and symbols to invade the eye /optical nerve and the math/physics symbolic brain optical images of nouns / verbs / math equations / etc. Thus misuse of FACE book by EAR/nouth people to attack the EYE people results in various symbolic brain problems. Fortunately, the battle for control of the optical nerve symbolic system ... has been stalled ... by Central Nervous System 370 brain symbolic defense forces. Unfortunately, the Pentagon and universities do everything they can to help and assist the EAR /mouth people



The Pentagon, the CIA, and DARPA refuse to acknowledge such possibilities .... although George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, S.I.Hayakawa and other authors warned us about modern symbolic war and excessive misuse of English language for nonsense and manipulation of others. Thus we have a symbolic INTELLECTUAL WAR that can ... and sometimes does ... result in a physical conflict.



In addition we have the pen.TAG.on bio-computer DNA war.

Biology lessons
nucleotides - the building blocks of DNA and RNA. The four nucleotides which make up DNA are adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T); the ...

Pen.TAG.on --> TAG --> Thymine, Adenine, Guanine ..... as inside the biological brain and the symbolic brain of the American soldier.

Modern war analysis....  U.S.ARMY WAR College ..

The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College

The Mind Has No Firewall. TIMOTHY L. THOMAS ... The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited ... 

Understanding the relationship between Sartre existentialism, the 11-dimesnions of sting theory, parallels and mirrors, and the Penatgon.

Modified data tag (MDT)   and the  pentagon  --> tag on --> tag is turned on active
The modified data tag is turned on when fields are modified by the operator. When the operator presses the ENTER key or a PF key, only fields that have been modified by the operator or selected by the cursor select are transmitted to the processor.The program may send fields to the terminal with the modified data tag already on to guarantee that the field will be returned with the next inbound transmission.

Thus we see the Base 16 Hexadecimal military program ... Hex'AF' = 175 --> the program may send fields --> to HEX'AF' = AF.ghanistan battle fields ..... battle data fields ..... with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.

Now the war is okay ... since it provides inportant data about the SCIENCE WARS. What is not okay is the incomplete, biased explanations of the deeper symbolic meaning of the war.


Of course, this is all irrelevant... since Washington,DC and their think tanks and universities have SUPREME knowledge of everyting that can or may exist of EARTH. Of course, that same mental attitude existed when they attacked Galileo's ideas of astronomy. Nothing has changed .... today we have same arrogant song and dance .... with the omission of many details .... omission of empircal data .... needed to understand the Computer Earth and Nature's social engineering projects with subset human institutions.

Thus intellectual lies told to Base 16 world headquarters at  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.
University professors and think tanks have had no problem telling
President CLI instruction( CLINTON),
President data BUS (BUSH), and
President O (Oxygen 16 atomic computer base 16 LUNG of Obama).

Computer science compnaies and professionals think that their CAD systems are amusing tricks .... especially the Base 16 April 16, 2007 human CAD bio-computer program of CAD.avers at Virginia TECH. The set-up of Mr.CHO by puppet string theory physics and Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology was a slick trick ... convientently covered-up by news reporters.


Perhaps, the Pentagon and DRAPA will some day learn the meaning to the word:
ATTENTION, about FACE --> and face various aspects of modern reality and BRAVE NEW WORLD social pscyhology wars .. .that also .. affect them. Maybe, someone from an INDIA university or business  will help explain to the world .... the possibiities.




CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


The Baltimore BAL = Basic Assembler Language SOS signal ignored by BALTIC region countries. OSLO and Europe ignore the Computer Earth system 370 OS/JCL help request.

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Previous messages have been ignored by governments and universities. Their intellectuals are under the MIND CONTROL systems of Carl Jung collective unconsciousness groups of people.....groups that control the social and political systems. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley wrote about these large groups of people ......who manipluate the subconscious mind and subliminal mind. Thus the SCIENCE WARS and atomic brain battles...... symbolic wars on televsion and magazines.

In some cases, these symbolic brain wars get transformed into physical FORMAT ...resulting in family domestic violence, crime, or war.......such as base 16 hexadecimal geography region of Utoeya, OSLO,Norway (representing OS/JCL) or base 16 hex region of HEX'AF' = 175 = AF.ghanistan.



The human bio-computer city of OS/JCL ..... OSLO.

The tragedies of the brain bio-computer subroutine named: OSWALD

1963 OSWALD and President Kennedy

1994 OSWALD and Waukesga police Captain LU = Lutz

Oslo is the capital of and most populous city in Norway. Founded around 1000 AD  (brain binary code 1000),  and established a "kaupstad" or trading place in 1048 by King Harald III, the city was elevated to a bishopric in 1070 and a capital under Haakon V around 1300.


The OS war (Organizational Systems wars) have been ignored by OSLO, British and American institutions ........despite requests for help in understanding this EARTH LAB process.


Oslo - Official Travel Guide to Norway -

Between the Oslofjord and the forests lies the Norwegian capital. Oslo has a special combination of city life and easy access to the great outdoors.


Systems OS/VS Assembler Programmer's Guide to bio-computers  born in year 1937 at  37.0 degrees Celsius -
connection with the operation of IBM systems, consult the ... System/370 Principles of Operation, Order No. GA22-7000. OS/VS JCL Reference, Nature's Order No. GC28- ...




Thus a consequence of arrogance and the pretense of intellectual superiority .......are events like the BALTIC region BAL tragedy in Basic Assembler OS region OSLO.
Governments may wish to instruct their universities to upgrade their incomplete perceptions of Nature, the Earth government, and the Margaret Mead atomic/astrophysics anthropology continuum. The book "TALE of 2 Cities" thus describes the directly visible OSLO and the hidden OSLO. What is the " TALE of 2 OSLO's "?




Nature has taken a quantum leap in recent years ......and has equipped the EARTH government with dozens of new symbolic military tools, mathematical-physics forces, DATA FIELDS, vectors forces, magnetic field forces, gravity field forces, atomic element forces.....particularly nitrogen, oxygen and ferrous oxide atoms, DNA nucleotide military powers, etc.

Examples are:
- President Eisenhower and the announcement of the military industrial complex .......a complex numbers military project.

- President NixoN and his N X N square matrix battles in V S (Vector Space geography region) as reprensented by Vietnam South math war in 1968.

It's a very interesting process. It takes a few weeks to understand this evolution of Nature's social engineering processes. An example is the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 war reports ...with BAL = Basic assembler language and human government brain computer nonsense experiments. Thus the BAL geography region of the BALTIC with the Norwegian national assembly language brain computer experiments...... experiments that provides more data on the tragic processes they engage in.




An excerpt from another blog outlines a similar situation.

The Science War for control of Cities
The H.G.Wells modern "War of the Worlds" for control of cities. The status review of cities.

The city of Baltimore SOS signal ignored
05/09/11 22:21 , Categories: Uncategorized

Cities and states ought recognize the proper existence of SPACE / TIME. Many geographical areas have a list of empirical violations of MILKY WAY galaxy --> social gala laws. Examples of cities/states with TIME projects pending include:

Baltimore --> City of Bal.Tim.ore TIME PROJECT

Bal --> Basic assembler languages TIME orders

The State of Maryland is in the Eastern TIME error zone.

The Baltimore Orioles BaseBall team is really a biological computer system; social behavior data processing system. BASE.BALL = BASE registers of BALL = Basic Assembler Land Language of COMPUTER EARTH.

SAMMY SOSA --> SAM = Sequential Access Method
SOSA = SOS America --> a TIME COMPUTER help signal.

This is part of the--> E PluriBUS unum (data BUS) of
Uncle SAM -->Sequential Access Method governmnent with
UNIT = TAPE NIXON computer system tape message of the
UNIT = UNIT(ed) States of North America COMPUTER EARTH--> part of the Galileo astronomy/astrophysics computer system 370 from BASE year 16.16 --> Base 16 HEX SPACE plus Base 16 HEX TIME.





Even the above background, we look at the
BALTIC --> year 2000 and year 1895 H.G.Wells TIME MACHINE
BAL + TIC region Y2K .... 2K Time Computer problems
......TICK / TOCK the biological clock Y2K errors




BAL --> Brain bio-computer BAL + Basic Assembler Language
such as the Norway national assembly ....a collection of
bio-computers that do symbolic processing......
but can't be bothered with understanding the subtle aspects of Sartre expressed in modern atomic anthropology physics terms:

UTOE --> Unified Theory of Everthing which includes
UTOE --> Unified Time Order Entry





Thus giving the BALTIC geography region clock with the FATHER TIME puzzle....

BALTIC puzzle with symbols O / X --> OXYGEN Lung time
...TIC --> TICK/TOCK the computer mouse ran up your clock
...TAC --> Time Machine military TACTICS
...TOE --> Theory of Everything (Time Order Entry)

Oxygen isotope ratio cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oxygen (chemical symbol O) has three naturally occurring isotopes: 16O,O, andO, where the 16, 17 and 18 refer to the atomic mass.
Oxygen 16 refers to the atomic SYMBOL MACHINE  computer BASE 16 of the human lung. 





thus we have the year 2000 problem of Y2K with the

Niels BOHR Institute with .....

BOHR --> Base O HOUR --> O = Oxygen atomic bio-computer Base 16
BOHR --> Base Zero HOUR and their withholding of data components on the

U.S.ARMY Bases with HO CHI Minh trail Vietnam

U.S.ARMY BASE FORT HO tragedy in Texas

Virginia TECH Mr.Clock HOUR battle --> Mr.CHO
So what is secret message of HO --> HOUR.
And universities play dumb....TOO DUMB...especially in year 2011.
The vast number of high school and basic college science and math books provide many clues...that help explain the deeper levels behind these tragedies. Like Shakespeare stated
"The World is stage and we are the actors".






--> We know that the
Niels BOHR Institute in Copenhagen is active in
Ni elements....such as
Nitrogenous Bases as used by the DNA nucleotides....
....and thus the Darwinian atomic selection of
atomic human agent .....a modern Shakespearean actor .....
biochemistry MAJOR Ni (Nidal)...thus the battle at FORT Hood was a DNA nitrogenous bases battle using Shakespearean human send a subtle, deep, DNA social SIGNAL to DNA researchers......regarding the gestalt context of DNA within a larger social engineering picture.
In addition, we have the DANE parallel processing region of Dane County, University of Wisconsin, Madison and year 1970.

The usage of 4 human bombers (to symbolize 4 DNA nucleotides) with a fertilzer bomb (.e., ammonium nitrate and fuel oil)

AND the superysmmetry physics of the NITROGEN event

Robert Fassnacht - Jump to Bombingý: His lab was located in the basement of Sterling Hall. ... of cooling down his dewar with liquid nitrogen when the explosion occurred. ...

Sterling Hall bombing -
The Sterling Hall Bombing that occurred on the University of Wisconsin
Aug 24, 2004 – Fassnacht was killed in the explosion, and
four others (4 symbols of injured DNA by
university approval of

BRAND NAME marketing/advertsing
.......DNA word command tricks) in Sterling Hall were injured. Years of research work was destroyed. In addition, at least ...



The super-symmetry physics MIRROR  to the  bio-physics DNA twist --> the twisted iron and concrete  Sterling Hall building after Narure's the DNA ordered explosion.


Sterling Hall bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sterling Hall Bombing that occurred on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus on August 24, 1970 was committed by four young people as a protest ...



Wanted  ...professors and graduate students that comphrend the existence and EXTERNAL expression FORMATS of 4 DNA nucleotides







Great Britain and Denmark ought be more careful with playing dumb and stupid ......when the data of STERLING HALL is obvious........and we get incomplete reports of the events...with ommisson of many factors in modern THEATER of daily life.






All the World's a Stage by William Shakespeare
All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players;

Thus Great Britain and Europe ought explain how the
- FORT HOOD stage wortked was it set-up

- How was Sterling Hall set-up in DANE research terrority

- How was UTOEYA set-up with player Anders Behring Breivik?

Now, their
silence and lack of cooperation in understanding this Margaret Mead atomic anthropology TIME message ......suggests they know why and how these tragic events occur.
Let's look at the Y2K problem of the BALTIC region.

Niels BOHR Institute.....keeper of a TIME frame of reference
......BOHR --> Base O =Oxygen Hour ...suggest atomic base 16 HEX time
this relates to the Virginia TECH .....TIME equation WAR casualties...excerpt from a BLOG report:

Thus millions of students....have brain computer program defects. What was the biological clock TIME WAR message of Virginia TECH?

We look at the Nature's DNA military project on EARTH...regarding time life.
This is a brief excerpt from the BLOG with keywords: TIME INSECTS..Science Wars.

--> Virginia TECH English department teaches:

....Twenty - Four hours = 24 hour day OR in math words

... Twenty minus four = 24 hour day (a math contradiction)

....Twenty minus four = 16 hour day ( the April 16 math battle)
Why the contradiction? And why does Virginia TECH refuse to discuss this issue..regarding the shooting by TIME AGENT Mr.CHO --> C + HO = CLOCK HOUR?
Thus we look at the astrophysics DNA time equations....

--> Twenty - four hours = 24 hours
............... 4 DNA nucleotides and the biological clock
Now 2 word spellings exist on the INTERNET for the Norway tragedy:
Utoya and Utoeya.

Thus we have another TIME messenger with
UTOE(Year)...abbreviate year to ya giving UTOE(ya).

The messenger Anders BeHRing Breivik with TIME identifier:
BeHRing --> Be + HR implies BASE HOUR ......thus a LINK between

BeHRing and Niels BOHR.

The intellectual neglect to upgrade the brain computer in year 2000 with the Y2K biological clock advanced feature.....resulted in another tragic SIGNAL....which has been ignored by Norway citizens.......since newspaper reports completely omit these factors the ROLE played by Shakespearan actor: Anders Behring Breivik.

Finally we come to the double-helix world, Base 2 binary systems, parallel processing, supersymmetry physics.......concepts with some common features.

Thus we look at WHO --> World Health Organization. In Computer Earth system 370 terms with the year 1895 H.G.Wells published project plan...the TIME MACHINE...we have a modern TIME COMPUTER....which includes the BALTIC processing region clock.
This then relates to DR.WHO...the TIME Doctor .....and the television shows and paperback books.....relating to the
2nd VIEW of WHO --> World Health Organization for space/time.

Where are Hawking, Gibbons, and Thorne? Can they be bothered about EARTH LAB events?

GM assembly line - Astrophysics COMPUTER EARTH assembly program errors. GM --> Gravity and Magnetic field components of life.

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The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) science war reports.



Astrophysics COMPUTER SCIENCE - Computer Earth - EARTH LAB astrophysics experiments

Basic Assembler Language Computer Program

General Motors assembly line

The astrophysics global computer war has come to Wisconsin cities:
General Motors, Janesville, Wisconsin
Chrysler engine Kenosha, Wisconsin
Automotive suppliers in the midwest



Janesville GM Assembly Plant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Janesville Assembly Plant is an automobile factory owned byGeneral Motors located in Janesville, Wisconsin. Opened in 1919, it was the oldest operating GM ...
History - ‎2006 - ‎References - ‎External links



The Galileo computer system Base 16 Hexadecimal structure of SPACE/TIME includes PLANET EARTH space/time and specifically Wisconsin space/time. Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory provides analytical information for understanding the economic/social context of the GM plant and the iron automotive industry.





GM, when perceived from the physics viewpoint, is a symbolic computer processor with:

G = gravity computer data field that interacts with iron atomic mass in such structures as GM iron atomobiles or the iron myoglobin protein of United Auto Workers labor union workers.  Hence, we have atomic niumber 26 with Margaret Mead automotive economiocs at Wisconsin HIGHWAY 26 in Janesville.



M = Magnetic data field, North Pole interaction with ferrous oxide atoms of life at the iron metal-working facility/factory at magnetic experiment iron location JANESVILLE, Wisconsin December 2008.









An iron fact of life near HIGHWAY 26 Janesville, Wisconsin = 26 protons of ferrous oxide atomic thought structure with 26 letters of the ironic English proton alphabet. FermiLAB physicist's are Margaret Mead expressions of the periodic atomic table elements of atomic brain economic/social thoughts.

GM assembly line of computer program code. The universe of Wisconsin computer science genetic motors experiment at the General Motors data processing department has an assembly PROGRAM ERROR. Because of the error, the assembly line results in a computer program ABEND/DUMP at the Galileo computer system . . . Janesville computer address location. Hence the system 370 main frame software issues the instructions to close the automotive factory:

CLOSE Hex'FA' = 250 = Factory Base 16 Hexadecimal


IBM Basic assembly language


GM  assembly line  code equivalent

Machine instructions (mnemonic)

There is a "one-to-one" relationship with machine instructions. The full mnemonic instruction set is described in the
Principles of Operation manual for each processor. Examples:


* This is a comment line
* Load the fullword integer stored at the
* location labeled 'ZIGGY' into general register 3:
     L 3,ZIGGY
SLA 4,5            shift the value in general register 4 left by 5 bits
 MVC TARGET,SOURCE   move characters from location 'SOURCE' to 'TARGET'
 AP COUNT,=P'1'     add 1 to value in memory location 'COUNT' (packed decimal format)
 B NEXT            unconditional branch to label 'NEXT'
HERE EQU *              This is a label
      CLC TARGET,=C'ADDRESS'  Compare memory location 'TARGET' to string 'ADDRESS'
      BE THERE               branch if equal to program label 'THERE'




OS/ JCL system 370 main frame America economic/ sociological software detected an error in the JANesville component of the ZinJAN social anthropology project.



The inter-relations of the iron atomic computer have social complexities. The FermiLAB 2008 budget cut was a precursor to the GM ferrous oxide fact/factory budget cut at Janesville. Simple cause --> effect inference--> how molecular biology social economic decisions are made by the IRON Hemoglobin molecular proteins in brain thoughts--> thoughts by hemoglobin IRON about IRON automobiles and the MOTIVE of autoMOTIVE FACT FACTory workers.
Is this a FACT of  Sartre existential awareness?



Herb Zinser's Project Plan Z
MISSION GOAL - Project Plan Z To organize a world-wide intellectual corporation to represent the multi-faceted universe of the Margaret Mead: SUPER HIGH Z Boson project and its many social engineering components:
• The traditional Universe of tricks and mirrors.
• The Inverse UNIVERSE and the Perpendicular UNIVERSE
• The Margaret Mead UNIVERSE nuclear anthropology war
• Help U. S. Military analysts

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