The Ear/Mouth people with talk and music have controlled civilization for thousands of years. They have suffered major defeats as optical warriors defend the EYE and symbolic life.

The music war report....... analysis of Elvis Presley song " Heartbreak Hotel"

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The slang phrase " Sounds good" is explicit and audible and heard often.

Supersymmetry physics predicts that the existence of the phrase "Sounds bad" ..... occasionally heard ... has a greater significance. With this view of harmonic sound waves .... both instrumental and voice lyrics ....we consider the possibility ..... that an algebraic subset of
harmonic waves are

Lets look at an example.
Many songs have complex instrumental arrangements.
The instrumental sound waves algebraic subset
............mental sound waves. Thus harm wave commands sent to the ear and the brain ...commands regarding health.

What is a very popular audio command?
A song with message " I am dying of a broken heart"
or lyric " I have a broken heart".

This song ought be played in hospitals ..... it ought go over very big .... in the ICU.

Intensive-care unit - Wikipedia,
An intensive-care unit (ICU), critical-care unit (CCU), intensive-therapy... This led to the routine use of cardiac monitoring in ICUs, especially after
heart attacks. ...







Heartbreak Hotel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Heartbreak Hotel" is a song recorded by American rock and roll musician Elvis Presley. It was released as a single on January 27, 1956, Presley's first on his ...


Now, the modern extension of January 27, 1956 ---> 3 cubed = 27 and the periodic atomic table
signal 19 = K --> thin K of postaasium and
signal 56 = Fe --> iron Hemoglobin proteins
at Fe = FermiAB HOTEL. Their universtities friends ought reflect upon the multi-faceted dimensions of earthly EXISTENCE; instead of university creative writing class ... that makes Hollywood fantasy script writers look like amateurs.


The desk clerks dressed in black .....



Memphis, Tennessee spelled as
Memphis --> M + Em + Ph + Is + Tensor space vector rays
--> Maxwell + Electromagnetic Physics RAY with messenger:
James (EAR) Earl RAY and
James ....... as in James Clerk Maxwell




Thus we have the city .... the photon /EM wave city of symbolic life and the eye/optical nerve .... known as the
velo.CITY of light.... in this case ...represented/symbolized by the CITY of M.em. phsis.
And the garbage workers in Memphsis symbolized all the garbage dribble news and shows on television and radio .... approved by citizens, universities, and government intellectuals ..... with intellectual pretense.

The garbage workers all of us.... have a life after work.
They and everyone else that watches TV, movies, and read the newspapers in the evening/night are expected to protect the symbolic brain computer from excessive garbage put forth by the mass communications media. But nobody cares ... they only care about their song-and-dance routine.
It takes years of effort, at the public library (or you own boughten books) the math and science section .... to understand basic, necessary details of everyday life.


The message "I have a dream".

What does that explain?
Carl Jung Theory - Dream Interpretation
Jung Dream Interpretation is based on the Carl Jung theory of the collective unconscious. Jung provided description of seven separate characters and themes ...

George Washington Carver had a project plan be an agricultural chemist. Carver discovered three hundred uses for peanuts and hundreds more uses for soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes.

Television and radio talk shows never include all the factors involved the message of Martin LUTHER KING ...... that is bio-computer agent Luther = Lu + Her = Logical Unit Hertzian waves processing system.





Thus the direction of propagation --> the direction of propaganda and eventually ...the George Orwell shooting battle in Oceania classroom in Cole Hall, NIL, Dekalb, Illinois(e) .




Electromagnetic field of EARTH LAB space/time .....
COMPUTER EARTH system 370 computer addressed

The desk clerks dressed in black .....

Music war data and Mouth war data ---> introduction

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The BIG EAR radio telescope at Ohio State University has provided valuable information about world affairs. In addition to its radio astronomy research, it was spying on North American social communication systems. Humans live within the atomic /astrophysics communications continuum.

Thus the BIG EARTH    government used the BIG EAR subset institution of Ohio State as a super-symmetry / parallel processing experimental RD site ... to research radio and TV broadcast nonsense.
Mass communications is really atomic mass communications; thus spying on the continuum provided secret data.

The MOUTH/talk people alot of trivia. Talk shows outlined that problem.

The data gathered allowed the understanding of how harmonic sound waves CAN be used and ARE used .... as a weapon to start wars or destroy societies. Citizens enjoy this destructive process, it's a source of amusement; however, Nature and the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain optical symbolic computer have other ideas. Thus we see the modern WAR format:
EYE people VS EAR people.


Thus we proceed with CLUES and examples of the modern  harmonic wave war. The harmonic audio wave trial of Washington, DC was held around 1998.


The agent for  audio, sound waves
--> harmonica
involved President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  



Lecture 14 Time Harmonic Fields ( Magazine REPORT) - Cornell - Cornell University

Fields for which the time variation is sinusoidal are called time-harmonic fields. • Plane waves are just one example of time-harmonic fields. • In the rest of this ...



These 2 humans were symbols for various concepts involving the deeper levels of the Nature of life.  Newspapers covered  the surface veneer of the event ...but they never mentioned  the audio/sound wave  aspect of the  social science MUSIC WARS.



The 1st sound/nusic war was in year 1990 in KuWait/Iraq  ...... with  the harm wave equation from S = Sound.......that is equation S + audio --> represented by country Saudi  Arabia .... ought pay more attention to world affairs that involve their MOUTH verbal thoughts .....messages to the BIG EAR of EARTH.


Audio Systems ...

Audio Systems --> System Audio --> S audio  --> Saudio  of Nature's systems

Images for audio sound waves


Images for audio sound waves

Images for audio sound waves

Images for audio sound waves

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the largest Arab state in Western Asia by land area and the second-largest in the Arab world. Wikipedia

Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by Abdul-Aziz bin Saud (known for most of his career as Ibn Saud) in 1932 (with the help of

oxygen molecule atomic mass 32 used by his bio-computer LU = Logical Unit = LUNGS) ,  although the conquests which eventually ...

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible

Nearby is the symbolic country of YES MEN --> represented by the geography country of Yemen.








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Herb Zinser's analysis of the EAR people and the audio/harmonic wave component of the SCIENCE WARS. An alliance between the EYE/optical nerve people and a few honorable EAR/music people has turned the tide of the BRAIN WARS against the large group that misuses sound, music, mouth talk, verbal language, audio noise commands, harmonic wave attack commands, etc. The Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer and its audio friends and cotton textile friends .... has penetrated the ancient secret worlds of communication tricks and schemes. The music and mouth traitors will have to face the LIMITS of Nonsense
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