The atomic social and economic life of the ferrous oxide atom.

FermILAB suffers huge intellectual defeat in Fer = Ferrous oxide IRON atom expression policy and its atomic bio-physics brain THOUGHT HEME group Fe(ii) BLOOD war.

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FermILAB suffers huge intellectual defeat in the Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic bio-physics brain THOUGHT  HEME group Fe(ii) BLOOD  war.  

EARTH  iron core and the gravity and magnetic DATA field components are  omitted from the HIERARCHY Problem.



The   incompleteness of analysis in violation of  TOE philosophy ...the THEORY of EVERYTHING.
Consequently, the biased intellectual policies of the Department of Energy ...has resulted in major Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family tragedies and disasters.   The atomic bio-physics Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer of NATURE's  system  .....  that is used by  many adult  humanoids  for amusement and  information distortion .... is in violation of the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature outlined  by John Locke and others.

What  is the EARTH signal?


  1. 2007 Balad aircraft crash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
    2007 Ba + lad  --> Batavia lad(s) in air/mouth/talk  craft  of BS crash - Similar
    The 2007 Balad aircraft crash was a 9 January 2007 airplane incident involving an Antonov An-26 airliner, which crashed while attempting to land at the U.S. ...





An - 26  --> Atomic number 26 
Iron atomic mass ..rounded is  integer  56


The Earth iron core SIGNAL about geography surface events routed to ST.Charles Darwin geography regions VIA news reports .....





An-26 airliner  --> 26 letters of the atomic English alphabet with airliner =  LUNG air + line of words  + errors.

Thus we have a SIGNAL that ought not be ignored.


Above,  we see HIGHWAY 56 and the region  of WAR  ...identifer ....Warrenville with the argument/fight of Arg --> Argonne National Labs........and HIghway 38 = 38th Parallel signal  to 56th Street at the University of  Chicago.
Thus the modern Margaret Mead atomic brain war zone  ...... over accurate atomic social science and atomic political science descriptions.    Apparently, no one cares  ABOUT the MARCH of Dimes project of string theory physics...that is ..... Jerry March Advanced Organic Chemistry and the military   march of new dimesnions of  existence and  understanding and thought.



Since these institutions do not communicate outside their inbred circle of thinkers .....Nature has  bypassed their myopic views of world social science systems  .....and uses other individuals  that are NOT constrained by the world-wide CULT  mentality of the
Professors are intellectually afraid to violate the Carl Jung atomic collective unconscious CULT groups  that control the social science and political science polices of universities .....hence, the disregard for accuate descriptions of  situations  and events; instead, creative writing class 101  is used to explain Watergate,  Virginia TECH,  and dozens of other major events.

Even Hollywood  can't match the inventive writing used to  explain Virginia TECH,    Cole Hall, Waco (Texas)   and the complete omisssion of many details regarding the deeper causes behind the tragedies.




En --> the Energy levels of the Schrodinger equation and the violations by the Department  of  En ....... ( agents assigned by Nature to the Department of  Energy) refuse to consider the  living EARTH cell messages   has resulted in the shooting at the Department of En at Virginia TECH.  

Virginia TECH ought learn the basics of the atomic English language of the periodic atomoic ...... and the Department of Energy and FermiLAB ought learn some basics of atomic social sciences.

Northern Illinois University, Cole Hall oceanography class and the U.S. S. Cole  in oceanography class in OC = October, 2000 ought consider that their elite, supreme perceptions of REALITY are really  EVENT subsets of the 11-dimensions of string theory physics and the GRAND Unified Theory of Nature VIA  mathematical-physics professors.





Thus ..the Departament of Energy ought notice that the  bullets used on April 16, 2007 at Virginia TECH and the bullets used at Cole Hall,  DeKALB, Illinois   are  constructed of atoms  ...thus metal  bullets are composed of protons, neutrons, and electron shells..  The electron shells express their Margaret Mead atomic social science anger VIA  the larger construct ...... a bullet shell comprised of electron shells  ........ and then the Darwinian atomic bio-physics selection  ...of the CHOSEN ONE.

The CHOSEN ONE equation of symbolic evolution ....

CHO + SEN + ONE --> Mr.CHO   SEND message to director  oddONE.

Obviously, the government has probably told FermiLAB and other scientists at universities and research labs to LIE about this order to keep their jobs and government research funds.   Consequently, the big LIE shooting at Liege, Beligium, Europe.....'that is the ROPE of euROPE is part of a STRING of LIES  ........and   scientists  and math and corporations  PLAY DUMB..

Other signals from Nature   ....about  the world-wide SCIENCE WARS ....

BP = Base Pairs of  the  multi-faceted genetics/biochemistry   of  Sartre existentialism  and the SIGNALS.
The SIGNALS were

a) 1984 and the George Orwell SIGNAL from BP region = Bho Pal

  1. Bhopal disaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    It occurred on the night of 2–3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. A leak of methyl ...

b) BP = British Petroleum and the Gulf of Metabolism incident in the  hydrocarbon geography  region of the Gulf of Me = Mexico and the DEEP-undercover operation  known as -->


  1. Deepwater Horizon oil spill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill, the BP oil disaster, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the Macondo blowout) is an oil spill in the ...


The word --> orbital  has the algebra subset symbols --> oil ......
The word spill --> sp + Interface  + 11 --> Sept interface 11, 2001

EARTH  geo-physics battle of  the iron  core  AND

physics equation 
Force = Ma           VERSUS

Force = Manhattan  and the

WORLD Trade Center of MASS errors      ......... 
as per Manhattan project year 1943 
thru Manhattan project 2001 be explained by the Department of Energy and the Department  of Justice


Who is OSama bin Laden?

Ask Fermilab about the OSAMA element ...atomic number 76.

Ask Computer-scientists about bin --> Binary systems like  the EXTERNAL Base 2  iron Towers in Manhattan that are mirrors of the INTERNAL   base 2 Heme group Fe(ii) ions ......a system outlined  by Herbert Spencer in year 1872  ...and  FermiLAB and Washington,DC     never heard of Herbert Spencer,    never heard of  iron ....... but they do hear  about   Democratic dinner parties and Republican birthday parties.

Ask the Boy Scouts about  word:  LADEN --> Computer Earth system 370  LA = Load address  ....Pierce Avenue,   Mationette Theater  in  Wisconsin  and  LADEN -->Load Address BOY SCOUT DEN with Uncle Sam victim of Sample Space wars  --> Sam Hengel.

Thus we see some very interesting puzzles  that NO ONE is curious about.






Let's establish a point of VIEW ........ that is a well kept secret.
Graduate students in math and science  .....are not EVEN told this secret.


Their professors are em = electromagnetic em=employess of the university.
EM humans use the  biology body/structure they occupy as  a processing platform.

The concepts are well-known in copper wire computers  AND 
the same concepts are  used for bio-computers.

EARTH LAB has many experimental projects and many types of   specimens .


LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."


In modern terms .....Nature's atomic selection of bio-physocs structures ...that best fit the EARTH LAB parameters of

"guinea-pigs cheered " ......would be the good gentlemen from PERU near Columbia






alias ..the LAB speciemen ...Fer--> Ferrous oxide Heme Group FER --> FermilAB specimen


"guinea-pigs cheered "

"guinea-pi     cheerful "

How are these things and processes  explainable?.







The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.
Therefore some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle/ the human atomic feelings expressor/ the human atomic messenger.
Atomic social anthropology families are listed in beginning college physics and college chemistry textbooks. The families comprise vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of life and thought. Thus we may have the atomic family ... anthropology shootings at EARTH LAB geography sites.

The periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought ...... uses mass communications.

Mass communications is known as television, radio, newspapers, print graphics, etc.
This really ought be named atomic mass communications VIA atomic bio-physics humanoid messenger vehicles.

Let's look at the basic message from NATURE the news of year 2007 ....
about FermiLAB atomic bio-computer humanoids with iron Hemoglobin communications problems, 
the EARTH military COMPRISED of the geo-physics IRON CORE of Earth and the gravity field interaction with such IRON CORE  mass/weight (with  number 8= eight data bits of the gravity data field ....thta is weight = we + eight = west 8),
the North Pole magnetic data field and its interaction between the EARTH iron core and the FermiLAB brain cortex thoughts of the ferrous oxide 26 proton atomic English alphabet letters.
Thus lets look at the tragic EVENT of Balad --> the lads that work at the labs of Ba --> Batavia.
As we known  .... FermiLab has all kinfs of alias names  ....from the televison show BATMAN we have Chief O'Hare (O'Hara airport of Chicago) and the  science BATCAVE  = Batavia and Cavedish.
EVENT news...see the INTERNET or an old newspaper or old magazine.
DATA --->The 2007 Balad aircraft crash was a 9 January 2007 airplane incident involving an Antonov An-26 airliner, which crashed while attempting to land at the U.S. military base in Balad, Iraq.[3] The crash killed 34 people aboard and left one passenger critically injured. Officials claim the crash was caused by poor weather conditions, but other sources claim that this is a cover-up and the plane was actually shot down by a missile.[1][2][4]
DATA translation of words--->
ANTonov --> Ant --> Anthropology ..... Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology

An-26 airliner, which crashed while attempting to land at the U.S. military base in Balad, Iraq a missile.

-->An-26 = Atomic number 26 Fer = Ferrous oxide atom message

--> military base in 
Balad, Iraq  ......
Ba...d Irac   q-variables

1925: Paul Dirac, q-number theory of general quantum mechanics ... 
1926: Wolfgang Pauli, derivation of spectrum of hydrogen atom by matrix methods ...

Thus evolution to the Earth version of Ba + q-variables --> Base variables...( IRAN --> Independent Variables and Syria = Symmetry atomic physics  as amplified and displayed in EXTERNAL format on the geography surface of EARTH countries ......mirrors of the INTERNAL   Margaret Mead atomic anthropology WAR of  thoughts of  protons, neutrons, and electrons).........

...base variable evolution to  the  geo-mathematical region of  Bavaria , Europe  AND the transferance of the Germanic mathematical-physics language heritage to the Badger State ....Highway 26 Wisconsin..

-->land at the U.S. military base in Balad, Iraq a missile ......

land at the U.S. bas in BA --> Batavia Illinois Dirac

by the  missile = Miss + Il + e --> Mississippi River Illinois earth region

Dubuque County, IA 
DuPage  County Batavia IL

  2. Distance Dubuque IA - Batavia IL, total distance, average speed, travel time, calculate costs and fuel consumption, calculate when arrive to Batavia IL.

Thus we see the living EARTH cell ...Du=  Double-helix regions ...with Computer Earth system 370  .....composed of geography surface ...geo-computer PAGES   or address spaces called Counties......such  the   example --> DuPage County  and the EARTH iorn core  and nearby  FermiLAB  ferrous oxide mind LAB specimens .

FermiLAB = Fer + mi + LAB  --> inFER Ferrous oxide mind LAB of Nature and the Earth magnetic field and the geology iron core.    Geology professors have kept this experiment a secret  from the  Ferengi and Odo ...Deep Space Nine site.

DuPAGE -->  Geo-computer PAGE with data fields and data entities  comprised of humanoids and houses and other data objects.   From the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth)  VIEW

Dubuque --> Du + bu + que --> DuPage buffer Queue in IOWA 
--> Earth I/O Work Area --> Eatrh Input?output Work Area.


DATA ---> Contents



DATA  translation

Islamic --> IS + L = amic --> Information systems Langauge atomic  (Via atomic humanoid  messenger vehicles).

Thus we see the NATURE of  evolutions and Nature's method of expression ...and the hierarchy of  development of atomic social thought ....

a) the founding of Islamic messengers BY a

b) molecule agent named MO = Modus Operandi of Nature's moelcules giving messenger Mohammed.


  1. Mohammed and Mohammedanism (Islam) - New Advent 

    Mohammed, 'the Praised One', the prophet of Islam and the founder of Mohammedanism, was born at Mecca (20 August?) A.D. 570.


Thus Nature .....project PERU and the Praised One  --> P + raised ONE  ---> raised up into the intellectual world  AND then he  denies his EARTH atomic heritage   of Peru = Per + U = periodic  atomic table Uranium and the  Margaret Mead atomic anhtropology awareness project.






The aircraft was an Antonov An-26B-100, registration number ER-26068.[5] It made its first flight in 1981, and was powered by two Ivchenko AI-24VT engines.


An-26B-100 --> Atomic number 26 B-100 = B100 --> Bl00D signal

ER-26 --> Emergency 26 ferrous oxide atom at FermiLAB life forms with iron Hemoglobin refuse to acknowledge signals and Highway 26 Wisconsin

1981 --> the IBM bio-computer known as the BLOOD sysmbolic processor ......that is year 1981 and
IBM 8100 DPCX  ..copper wire computer and the  parallel  
IBM  B100D  PC = Person Computer with x-algebra chromsomes.

powered by two Iv --> Base 2 Intra-veinous

AI-24VT engines --> AI =Atomic Intellect -  with  24 hours and   24 = base 2 expoent 4 = base 16 .

Vt-engines = VTOC symbolic engines




The aircraft, which took off from Adana, Turkey,[6] at about 0400 GMT,[7] was owned by the Moldovan companyAerianTur-M, and on the day of the accident had been chartered to a Turkish construction company, Kulak,[3] who had been contracted to build a new hangar at the air base.[8] The aircraft hired by BSA Aviation Ltd (charterer) was carrying both cargo and passengers

The Turkish Foreign Ministry stated they have been shipped to Antonov's Kiev headquarters, but Turkish Minister of Transportation

Turkey --> Tu + ur + Key = Turning math building uranium 92 key electrons

build a new hangar --> Isaac Newton new gravity messages for  string theory  ...from North Pole magnetic field brain subroutines...
hang your stockings with  care  ..because rope was used in
hung theory in year 1956 in hungary, euROPE theory uprising and 
......then the atom mass 56 ..........gary, Indiana  iron industry was hung/screwed  over  ....for not paying attention  to the BIG PICTURE of  atomic economic BS that comes from American universities  that spend to much time in bedroom intellectual accomplishments .....the Schrodinger cat in box  ....biology experiments.

The aircraft hired by BSA Aviation  --> Boy Scouts Association cover-up of the Sam Hengel atomic bio-physics tragedy at the string theory theater ....Marionnettes of Marionette HIGH SChool, Pierce Street , Wisconsin ..Pierce the layers and levels of BULL social science and economic nonsense systems.






Reaction from the Islamic Army in Iraq


Reaction from the Islam --> I + SL + am = Indexed SequentiaL  access method


Reaction from the Islamic Army in Iraq
Reaction      m the--> mathematics  --> Army Math Research, Sterling Hall, year 1970 thru 2012



Reaction from the Islamic Army in Iraq
Reaction from the     amic --> atomic Army

Thus we see ..the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family .....atomic social anthropology messages ..and the inaccurate atomic English translations from Washington,DC and their intellectual party friends  at   universities.  Consequently, the wave mechanics battle zone along  Lake Michigan   at the DR.Robley D. Evans atomic nucleus ...EVANS Field House (Evanston and DeKalb, Illinois) and Oak Creek Wisconsin and the shooting of  EARTH ATLAS  undercover agent in training    ...the Milwaukee  mechanics student Jake Gerard.


Thus we have a  few CLUES to help serious individual understand the complex and subtle signal from Nature to various educated  societies in the world.  The   surface veneer  data /information  is  available   ...thus  we must understand the Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung , Maslow , Eric Berne  subtle, hidden levels of the tragic EVENTS.

Thus we see the process of the physics department at the Univeristy of Chicago...ELLIS Street   and theiratomic mass communication agent/writer signals

  1. Invisible Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    Invisible Man is a 1952 novel written by Ralph Ellison. It addresses many of the social and intellectual issues facing African-Americans early in the twentieth ...

Ralph Ellison. It addresses ---> the real words......
Ral  + alph + ph + Ellis + son ...addresses

Real + alphabet +physics +  Ellis + symbolic sons


  1. Department of Physics - University of Chicago - Similar
    Dam T Son joins the physics department as University Professor. ... 2012 The University of Chicago | Department of
    Physics | 5720 S. Ellis Ave, Chicago, ...

    Faculty Directory - Department of Physics - University of Chicago › About › ContactCached - Similar
    address (except as noted): University of Chicago, 5640 South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 ...Professor (emeritus), Department of Physics and the College .   --> thus the atomic families ......columns in the periodic table  use leg electron structures  as amplifiers of the primordial atomic family signal  to the   more visible humanoid level of consciouness.



Directions - Department of Physics - University of Chicago › AboutCached
Sep 22, 2008 – Follow the links below for directions on how to reach the University of ... southwest corner of East 57th Street and South Ellis Avenue at 5720 ...
American Nightmare: Ralph Ellison's “Invisible Man” at 60 - The ... Jun 28, 2012 – “I recognize no dichotomy between art and
protest,” said Ralph Ellison in his 1955 Paris Review interview, but it is impossible not to recognize ...
at 60  and  his 1955 Paris review  ...Paris= Parallel information systems
between 60th stret and 55th street exists  the Ralph Ellison building  .. ...a symbolic building in the Carl Jung atomic collective unconsious level  of the  contiuum ...that he (one of few) have information access to.
I recognize no ..... subset symbols
I r  ...o.n --> iron Heme group BLOOD thoughts  interaction with NO --> North Pole magnetic field and agents NO --> NOBEL scientists  and their  bi-directional relationship to the Santa Claus of good ideas.

Perhaps, someday NOBEL scientists may have the diplomatic  courage to acknowledge they live on EARTH and interact with various entities, forces, and fields  of EARTH ...and that they breath Nitrogen and Oxygen.
NO --->NORWAY ought learn  the intellectual rules of conduct someday ......regarding  the Unfied TOE theory battlefield at UTOEYA  with chemistry symbols the  snob,arrongant intellctual  parents of the   molecule  Children ..refuse to acknowldge and discuss  and fix the  REAL world and the  atomic and molecular SCIENCE WARS..
Thus many opportunuities exist for scientists,  corporations, and lawyers   ..... to help clarify the situation.
The Department of Energy   and the Treasury has  billions of dollars   available to fix the  Schrodinger equation   brain electron problems.   Who needs a   house ...when you lack a brain with a symbolic house.

We are reminded of the 
year 1600 PEN  message of William Shakespeare to    the future   Earth address  
of  1600 Pen.nyslvania  LIGHT BULB  Avenue  known as the WHITE HOUSE  ---> of the White optical spectrum  + symbolic HOUSE of words and equations  that

"The WORLD is a stage and we are the atomic bio-physics math-life players (processing layers)."

Thus ...the WHITE HOUSE represents more that just the human agents that work  there  .... the WHITE HOUSE  represents white blood cells and white photons of  the AGE of Enlightment and Nature and....gravity data fields and magnetic   data fields and oxygen atom Base 16 hexadecimal.

Hence, we see an angry NATURE   and the  battle of



More Images of the Balad AN-26 Crash - Entropic Memes 

Mar 31, 2008 – On Friday, I posted the first images of the 2007 crash of a civil turboprob airliner near Balad, Iraq. The   original plan - crowdsourcing the analysis ...
We are reminded of the strength of IRON 26 .....mathematics of a right triangle ....
2( 3,4,5) 6  ...the embbedded numeric strength of the Pythagorean theorem  and Fer= ferrous oxide  LAST theorem of Fermat's  hemeglobin iron and myoglobin ARM messenger proteins ...for the successor to Fermat --> FermiLAB math and physics.    But who cares about acknowledging our bio-math heritage and such things as diplomatic protocol = proto + Col --> protons and columns of the atomic families of the periodic atomic table government.
Thus we see the  part of Hierarchy Problem as the Office of Science on behalf of the Federal Government wishes to insult and ridicule  the STUPID and DUMB  periodic atomic table elements of life.
Consequently, we see the many SCIENCE WAR battles around the world  .....  and the denial of REALITY people watch sports on televison .....that is the s & p orbits .
SPORTS --> S + P  orbits ...advanced brain elctron technology manipulation  ..NOT approved by the atomic social anthropology laws of NATURE.

The equation war --> Norway + the IRON Lady + Poland and the Solidarity IRON Shipyards + BAL(tic) Sea = Alzheimer's canni.BAL BAL brain computer war region.

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The SCIENCE WARS require a new VIEW new be properly understood.
As a example..the modern Margaret Mead nuclear family composed of atomic humans that express atomic social anthropology and atomic economics. Thus the 2-legged human is considered a vehicle..a messenger for the periodic atomic table government and its elements: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, ferrous oxide,etc.






These elements express their atomic thoughts thru the atomic bio-physics computer known as HUMAN. Thus we have EARTH LAB with experimental lab specimens (humans) engaged in various social engineering projects provide empircal data to NATURE about the John Locke ....SOCIAL CONTRACT .... successses or failures.

Given the larger context mentioned above....we have the EARTH Lab science wars with human participants. Everyone is involved....that is why individuals must understand the situation.

Nature's brain defense military does not accept the excuse --> " I didn't know about the SCIENCE WARS; besides I am innocent, its their fault".
Pointing fingers at others implies that your MIND is part of a Carl Jung collective unconsciousness ...a large group of people who fail to try to understand simple societal structural concepts. Thus the group members point fingers at other groups ..with some flimsy explanation about conflict situations.

It's a NICE theatrical performance of innocence......that William Shakespeare described around
year 1600 --> The world's a stage and we are the players.

Today--> The world's an atomic stage and we are the Margaret Mead nuclear family atomic social players.
The SCIENCE WARS began around 1990. The subject was mentioned before then; but the name didn't become well known until the 1990 time period. For our purpose ...1990 and the start of the SCIENCE WARS.

For a simplicity we have several major wars underway:
1) Science wars
2) Neuroscience Wars
3) the Integer math wars --> INTERNET wars
4) the Biology math wars --> BLOG war zone

Thus everyone is affected by the neuroscience wars. If you exist in society; your brain is a prime target for brain computer bugs, brain software viruses, and other symbolic problems...that are spread by optical and audio systems. Thus it is very easy to infect your optical nerve and symbolic language brain...via television or the INTERNET.

Are you infected? YES. If you are NOT a symbolic warrior intellectual soldier fighting in the brain component of the SCIENCE WAR; then you are infected with the awareness deficiency ..... brain software bug. These brain computer bugs can be fixed, but that requires an individual to think and solve some symbolic brain puzzles . . . . and that requires curosity and effort, because each person has their own mathematical-biophysics puzzle.

Thus one goal is to aquire a fully fuctioning personality as outlined by Korzybski and S.I. Hayakawa. The British ought have some people with this feature; but such existential structures have not been found in year 2011. However, the British do have many fully FUN personalities; which contributes to the British awareness comedy view of world affairs.

The British used to have such brilliant structures in Lewis Carroll, Bertrand Russell, Alfred North Whithead.....and many others; but, British standards of thought efforts have declined since Orwellian year 1984. Simple atomic English language comphrension is non-existant. Organic chemistry --> molecular social chemistry expressions are ignored by modern inventive,creative writing reporters. Universities approve of incomplete, inaccurate explanations of complex social, economic events. Perhaps, the university is testing us .... challenging us to COMPLETE their incomplete portraits of events. It's like Nature's symbolic double-helix process ..... they do 1/2 and I must do the other 1/2. That makes a certain sense .... keeps one mentally active.

The atomic English language is the 26 proton English alphabet of the ferrous oxide atom and expresses itself thru the atomic bio-physics human output device.....the device is comprised of the iron Heme group(ii) ion extensions.....the iron Hemoglobin protein and the iron Myoglobin proteins used by the arm and the writing hand of authors and reporters...who have no respect for the symbolic communication languages of the periodic atomic table government. Thus the IRON LADY receives no help from the British public and the atomic mass ... mass media atomic messengers ..such as: newspapers, magazines, radio, TV. The British don't care about the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer war.



The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters – the same letters that are found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet:

Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)


The cities of Liverpool, England and Livermore, California have failed simple awareness tests on the serious

LIVER language .... biochemistry iron Heme group fe(ii) ion message matters.

The Beattle's social biochemistry song request "HELP" was ignored by the British government and
British pharmaceutical companies ..... now we have
Norway .. word input commands to brain computer
pharm --> p + harm -- > parents harmed by death of children.

Now atomic English of ferrous oxide
letters .... a, b, c.........h...... p .......Z
location.....1, 2, 3,........8.......16.......26

Thus we have the American FDA and the
Pharmacy equation of life and death with the subset
Pharm....Oklahoma City Intelligence quotient test
Ph --> 16,8 --> 168 dead SIGNAL to FED government
PhD --> professors ignore the Pearl Harbor Death signal

Fort Hood Soldier READ Center 13 dead.
13th letter --> READ --> M-theory atomic life physics books

Fer --> Ferrous oxide atomic humans exist at
Fer --> FermiLAB ...but they don't communicate diplomatically;
hence, we have the Hierarchy Problem, Science WARS.

NO --> Norway and the
NO = NOBEL SCIENCE WARS dead and wounded.

Given the above background, we look at the Computer EARTH system 370 BAL = Basic Assembler Language problems in their various media. The human symbolic brain computer has BAL and COBOL and possibly other data processing languages. The British refuse to discuss the Alzheimer's BAL problem of the IRON LADY as brain computer canni.BAL subroutines eat her molecular cell biology symbolic memory. Margaret Thatcher is a parallel application of Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology and atomic political science.

In America, Brookhaven Labs refuses to acknowledge the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology HEAD HUNTERS inside the brain of Nobel scientist Raymond Davis. The British, Europe, and America were warned by George Orwell and Aldous not engage in excessive social psychology manipulation and television propaganda ...and we see the consequences in American university shootings and Norway shootings.




We see COMPUTER EARTH OS/JCL system 370 BAL = Basic Assembler Language and
OS10 and the BAL Baltic Sea data processing region.

Program status word - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Program status word (PSW) is an IBM System/360 architecture and successors control register which performs the function of a Status register and Program ...


People SW.eden are a PSW biological computer ...
Human GROUP PSW = Program Status Word.

Individual PSW = Program Staus Word of astrophysics
which is PSW = Professor S. W Hawking

Program Status Word -
The Program Status Word or PSW is a collection of data 8 bytes (or 64 bits) long, maintained ..
 We can usually ignore the PSW unless an ABEND has occurred.

The University of Cambridge has ignored the Earth  systems ABEND sugnal  ..... the DUMP  signal from Europe.

Europe Milk Farmers Dump Milk to Protest Low Prices | Europe ...


Sep 23, 2009 – Belgian farmers dump on   S = SYSTEM---> September 16, 2009 some three million liters of milk in a field in Ciney, southern Belgium, to protest against ...

An Improved Error Diagnostics System for IBM System/360 -- 370 ...


Title: An Improved Error Diagnostics System for IBM System/
 370 Assembler Program Dumps.

Norwegian Constituent Assembly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Riksforsamlinga is a Norwegian term approximately meaning
"The bio-computer National Assembly LANGUAGE ". The prefix "Riks" in Norwegian has a Germanic root (compare Reichs- in ...

Political System - Norway

Jun 24, 2010 – The Storting ( sort/merge Norwegian national assembly) has served as the highest political body in Norway since the introduction of Parliamentarianism in




Карта Швеции 2

Finland --> Base 16 HEX'F' = 15 input LAN(D) --> Local Area Network Data

However, these countries lack the will and desire to understand Computer Earth, the Lung oxygen atomic computer base 16, or Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology events.

Also, the Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark has failed simple physics brain tests and have ignored atomic communication protocol messages ..... a problem. Atomic social anthropology tragedies are serious physics problems; and European universities lack the intellectual ability to work on these issues.

This is known as the Hierarchy Problem ( Problem of the Hierarchy) of the periodic atomic table government that the atomic humans of OS ...Office of Science, Washington, DC will not properly and politely acknowledge.

Also, humans of OS --> OS10 atomic anthropology physics humanoids will not over-ride the OS error decisions with an OS10 accurate Hierarchy Data announcement. The BALTIC SEA countries know
that in Computer Earth BAL program terms ...

Washinghton, DC = Define Constant.

Thus OS in Washington, DC may be in some computer BRAIN trap;
and OS10 is the world system 370 backup. WE hear nothing.

The Niels Bohr Institute needs to upgrade their Margaret Mead nuclear family view of simple reality..... in, the modern complex world.
Know thyself is important atomic brain ..... political science advice. The incomplete, biased explanations of hypnotized scientists are an insult to unbiased thinkers and their Central Nervous system 370 abstract brain symbolic computer.
The year 1957 Central Nervous System ...brain computer war signal was the Central High Scool, Little Rock, Arkansas ..math life issue. This was the calculus integration issue with the symbolism denoted by 9 black high school students ..... 8 data Bits and 1 error correction bit with Governor data bus agent: Governor Faubus.

According to molecular cell biology and biochemistry.... 2-legged humans have SRP --> Signal Recognition Particle. Thus we have a TEST to determine the human nature of 2-legged human structures. Do you recognize the SCIENCE WAR signal? If not, you NOT human .... you are missing SRP.

It seems .... the SRP selectivity becomes very active when looking at restaurant menus ... and its table of contents .... edible food.

However, when math, physics, and chemistry symbolic food ... food for thought .... is encountered with a basic college science TEXTBOOK table of contents...the SRP gets turned off.

In the case of the Brookhaven cannibal bio-physics ... brain experiment ... with Raymond Davis and his Nobel prize ideas inside his brain .... foreign/alien bio-computer subroutines were implanted into his brain (via optical television tricks or magazines with the atomic english DEATH SENTENCE words). These alien bio-computer subroutines inside the brain processor have the Margaret Mead nuclear family HEAD HUNTER attribute ..... hence, Raymond Davis chemistry memories were stolen and given to other people ..... via the Brain radio trick of modern neuroscience.

Various music groups and others have warned us about this NASTY process approved by government funded universities and think tanks. Groups like RADIO HEAD, Talking Heads, and others. Many science fiction authors describe this SECRET process in their books.
In year 1843 Nathaniel Hawthorne outlined this process with the book Celestial Railroad. Other authors provided more information on the BRAIN anthropology HARVEST system approved by Alzheimer's organizations .....since they refuse to research the process.

Violation of the atomic brain laws by social arrogance groups gives us the
Raymond Davis Nobel SCIENCE WARS murder technique with the
........... Davis No ...... execution of
Troy Davis and Norway children BATCH JOB execution ...
Research labs and universities such as Georgia TECH and the
Georgia state assembly or government legislature ....
play with human bio-computer specimens and brain assembly programs.
Thus modern CAD = Computer Aided Design of human CAD = CADAVERS.
And friendly agents give us the brand name
CAD clue --> CADbury = CAD + bury

Georgia is real brillant in brain computer DEATH program instructions.

For example, their secret formula was ...
Davis, Burger King, MacPhail ...algebraic subset clues
Da......Bur..........Mac ..........
Data....Buffer .......Macro subroutines for brain control

Georgia TECH sent oxygen atomic computer base 16 Troy Davis to heaven so Georgia TECH could study base 16 HEX'AF' = 175 AF.terlife dimensions. President Jimmy Carter Land of Peanuts is
well-known as President JCL = Job Control Language ....for biological human computers.

The greatest SECRET accomplishment of the
Georgia BBC = Brain Bio Computer was the the news -->

BBC NEWS | Europe | Q&A:
Conflict in Georgia

Nov 11, 2008 – How did the conflict develop? Russian forces occupied parts of Georgia adjoining South Ossetia, including the town of Gori, a strategic town on ...

Georgia TECH student and administrative BODY --> via their well-known CARL JUNG collective unconsciouness ..... must someday ..... explain their role in other WAR CRIMES schemes .....
with human BAL = Basic Assembler language in BALKANS and
the war in Mac region = Macedonia Yugoslavia with
President CLI (CLINTON) = Compare Logical Immediate instruction.

Georgia TECH ought STOP insulting the science community with their obvious
deliberate cover-ups. When the above tragic events occured ..... and had Georgia been wllling to help research and explain atomic anthropology .... then there would be NO problem.
Nasty things happen in the world; like nasty automobile accident..... and that is why NO FAULT insurance is a good approach. The efforts ought be on fixing the underlying
atomic bio-physics social anthropology problem ...... that the tragic EVENT .....FEEDBACK signal is describing.

Georgia TECH CAD, Virginia TECH Base 16 hexadecimal signal of April 16, Margaret Thatcher's brain memory canni.BAL problem, the BASE 16 hexadecimal battle at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Alabama in 1963 . ...... what's happening? I am not not bright and I'm not stupid; and they think I am a fool. The Office of Science and their university friends have the guts to lie about the obvious to President O = Oxygen atomic computer base 16 atomic life form agent OBAMA .... about the true nature of those Base 16 EVENTS. .

Nature's atomic bio-physics human agent OBAMA = O + BA + MA = Oxygen BASE 16 MAP.
This map is from year 1616 ... Galileo the DEFENDER (of Earth) with base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time structure with Einstein's data processin DATA FIELD theory.

Thus we see the United Nation General Asssembly and their bio-computer Assembly language behavioral programs and the programming errors....also with the cortex computer COBOL programming language bugs. Mother Nature does not like nonsense songs and dances .... incomplete explanations about the Norway IMS biology database CHILD deletion ...program instructions.

Do Norwegian citizens care about the quality of incomplete newpspaer accounts of their tragedy. Norwegian scientists could care less about the deeper significance levels of SCIENCE WAR events. They are not helping me with my research into understanding these events.
Thus we have Internet articles that fail to explain the Computer Earth -->

Casualties in the New Science Wars: The Nation's Children
Mar 23, 2011 – Casualties in the New Science Wars: The Nation's Children. Interview With the Authors of Evolution, Creationism, and the Battle to Control ...

Thus the ommission and cover-up of the biological computer system ..... IMS social science database with IMS biology child record deletions ... such as the Norway bio-computer science atomic brain experiment errors.

As William Shakespeare stated "The world is a stage and Anders Behring is an actor".

Thus we have to ask ... who are the hidden stage directors in the European atomic anthropology theater of WAR. Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool, Royal Holloway, Sussex, Oxford and other universities can't be bothered to ASK what's really happening.

The set-up of Anders Behring is ....just like the previous well known citizen approved CRIME set-ups. Citizens approve CRIME because they like to read about it in newspaper reports; which carefully OMIT the set-up scheme process. Lewis Carroll around 1865 in " WHO Stole the Tarts" explained the did other authors. So we have the James BOND DR. NO mystery of NOBEL science war casualties in DR.NO Norway intellectual war zone.

OSLO seems to have had participation in the secret OS/JCL set-up of Lee Harvey OS.wald in 1963 in DP region of Data Processing with DP = Dallas Police (also set-up by brain computer manipulators using television, newspapers, etc)

OSLO also keeps quite about the 1994 Waukesha murder of LU = Logical Unit PC LUTZ by Ted OS.wald. OSLO is part of a secret society of subliminal mind manipulators .... but Carl Jung, Maslow, Freud , Eric Berne, and many others already covered the basics of that process.
Does OSLO have the courage to understand the true NATURE of situations?
Can they handle the intellectual challenge of thinking and studying?

Euopeans and many others are like partial humans. They lack the will power, determination, and intellectual pride to understand basic symbolic life and its symbolic thoughts and expressions ... and the expressions of Nature's intellect .... such as the year 1820 Arthur Schopenhauer philosophy book "The WORLD is Will and Idea". Then we have H.G.Wells with book from 1897 " The War of the Worlds". The printed symbolic life of century 1800 thru 1899 ...input to the optical nerve / human symbolic computer ... then becomes transformed to physical expression . . . such as World War I, World War 2 of Base 2 binary math, and then the World Trade Center September 11, 2001 predicted by the War of the Worlds.

Of course L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) wrote " Battlefield Earth" and other authors explained more clues of the SECRET atomic mass .... mass communications society that violate the atomic alphabet languages of the periodic atomic table of elements ...... language path --> organic chemistry --> social chemistry.

And we have the FermiLAB PIER ODDONE secret EL = Elements of the atomic Spanish languages from Peru. He ain't talking and thus we have the Hierarchy Problem and the NO --> Nobel Science battle in the NO(bel) SIGNAL region of NO = Norway.

Z --> An = Atomic number of protons of life such as bio-physics agent ...atomic name --> An..Anders. The Anders mission was as a Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthropolgy messenger for the Max Planck Evolutionbary Anthropology in Europe. Presently, they specialize in the evolution of creative writing class .... known as the fabrication of reality .... and best descibed by Rudolf Carnap as BS (bull stories) in the Foundation of Logic and Mathematics published by University of Chicago Press.

In my copy.... on page 8.....section 5...titled
" Rules of the Semantical System B-S'

which provides the foundation of the many university shootings in USA, the Fort Hood shooting, etc.

;Meaning and necessity: a study in semantics and modal logic - Google Books Result books

Rudolf Carnap - 1988 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 266 pages

This result does not tell us whether 'Bs' is true or not; it merely states a ... This is all we can learn about ' Bs' from the semantical rules alone. ...

Rudolf Carnap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rudolf Carnap (May 18, 1891 – September 14, 1970) was an influential .... very similar in Carnap (1956) to the now-standard possible worlds semantics for that ...





What Norway, Northern Illinois University, Virginia Tech and .... FermiLAB fail to realize is that atomic table life ..... has become very powerful in Margaret Mead atomic anthropology affairs ..... and the SECRET atomic human society is no longer in charge.
Who is the new spokeperson for atomic political science .....hence Maslow's Hierarchy of NEEDS regarding the Hierarchy Problem in Washington,DC intellectual circles and other intellectual regions filled with to many clowns performing a symbolic circus.




Thus we have the puzzle....given by a conceptual equation. The various blogs under the NOUNS on the abover TOOLBAR... provide adequate CLUES to solve the concept equation.

The Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic brain challenge for FER = FermiLAB iron Hemoglobin protein strcutures in Computer Earth system 370 Bat(ch) Processing region of the Bat(avia) bio-computer group. The University of Chicago and other universities provide the Lewis Carroll human specimens.


The approximate equation of WAR -->

Norway + the IRON Lady +
Poland and the Solidarity IRON Shipyards +
BAL(tic) Sea = Alzheimer's canni.BAL BAL brain computer war region.

Some clues:

- Nor(way) suggests North, Poland implies Pole ...together we have the NORTH POLE magnetic data field FLOW lines that flow into the human body and interact with iron Heme(groups) and their thoughts.





The iron myoglobin proteins in the ARM ..... move .... the iron atoms move as a writer, a reporter takes an ink pen a writes .... thoughts on paper. Thus the iron atoms move thru a North Pole magnetic field which can pick up the ARM movements .... as a signal line with language content...thus Nature's line detector graph. Nature is very smart .... very bright conpared to the subsets of Nature labeled human.



- The IRON Lady is a Fe = Ferrous oxide expression Fe= Female


What is the   SOCIETAL  Chemical Equation for Iron Oxide? - Yahoo! Answers

Originally a research chemist before becoming a barrister,
Originally a research chemist before becoming a barrister,
Originally a research chemist before becoming a barrister ›

Ferrous Female - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ferrous (Fe2+), in chemistry, indicates a divalent iron compound (+2 oxidation state .... state of IRON atom govermental affairs ), as opposed to ferric, which indicates a trivalent iron compound (+3 ...

- Solidarity implies solid state electron technology applies to other entities....
like EARTH LAB human brain electron cicuits and the

Polish iron ships that exist in the magnetic field (a magnetic OCEAN) while also floating on the Baltic Sea ( a salt water OCEAN) .....

with the molecule SALT TREATY.

 The Gdansk shipyard | Photo Credit: Kalevkevad on Flickr

The Gdansk shipyard | Photo Credit: Kalevkevad on Flickr

- See more at:

 The Gdansk Shipyard, where the Solidarity movement that .......

Chicago Polish have neglected the GODZIN physics project. They have a major problem
...since they refuse any intellectual responsibility in important world affairs with Nature's messages.
Search Results
Alice in Wonderland - Who Stole the Tarts? (by Lewis Carroll)

In the very middle of the court was a table with a large dish of tarts upon it: they .... Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the ...

Who Stole the Tarts? - SparkNotes - CachedSimilar
A summary of Chapter 11:
Who Stole the Tarts? in Lewis Carroll's Alice's ...
The guinea pig is immediately “suppressed” by being tied up in a bag and sat on. ...
CHAPTER XI.-WHO STOLE THE TARTS? - Carroll, Lewis - The Free Library › ... › Alice's Adventures In Wonderland -



The citizen, university, and government approved experiment of CHAPTER 11 on September 11, 2001 and the Manhattan physics anthropology project with the .....Hatter of man.Hatter and the execution plan ..a process known about by Lewis Carrol since year 1865....and now the execution process is the responsibility of English departments at Virginia TECH, Georgia Tech, University of Texas, etc and various Lewis Carroll Societies .... who claim to understand ALL the deeper meanings of Lewis Carroll. I could use their wisdom in these puzzles, but no one seems interested.




University of Texas, Austin,,,, Baylor ... Texas A&M ...

Remember ..... Remember .... Remember the Alamo ?????



“That I can’t remember,” said the Hatter.

You must remember,” remarked the King, “ or   I’ll   have you executed.”

The miserable Hatter dropped his teacup and bread-and-butter, and went down on one knee. “I’m a poor man, your Majesty,” he began.

“You’re a very poor speaker,” said the King.

Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. (As that is rather a hard word, I will just explain to you how it was done. They had a large canvas bag, which tied up at the mouth with strings; into this they slipped the guinea-pig, head first, and then sat upon it.)

“I’m glad I’ve seen that done,” thought Alice “I’ve so often read in the newspapers, at the end of trials, ’There was some attempt at applause, which was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court,’ and I never understood what it meant till now.”

“If that’s all you know about it, you may stand down,” continued the King.

“I can’t go no lower,” said the Hatter; “I’m on the floor, as it is.”

“Then you may sit down,” the King replied.
Here the other guinea-pig cheered, and was suppressed.




It is sad that in the most advanced country on EARTH in year 2013    ... the United States of America .... that not a single physics department, mathematician, computer programmer, English professor, history professor will help me unravel this mess ..... as outlined by the above directly stated message.
The 1776 molecular CELL biology Constitution messenger from montCELLo, Virginia TECH (area of BS) does not need citizen intellectuals who are too elite ..... to be bothered with the practical details of the SOCIAL  SCIENCE   WARS.

The periodic atomic table government military alliance comprised of the iron atom AND the North Pole magnetic field. The terrestrial magnetism political science Hierarchy Problem. WAR casualties of FermiLAb and world Federal governments.

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The 11-dimensions of string theory help explain modern existence with iron, magnetic fields and gravity field life. 


Grand Unified Theory (GUT) includes the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ..... that is atomic social anthropology, atomic political science, atomic social psychology, etc. Hence, the periodic atomic table government and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family VIEW of life.

The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.







What is an example of the periodic table of elements and Darwinian evolution of atomic messengers?
Thanks to modern particle physics and their research and the basic college textbooks in chemistry and physics .....that do an excellent job of clearly explaining the basic concepts .... we can understand our atomic heritage ..our atomic history and the atomic social philosophy messages.




Thus we see 26 protons and its atomic English language of 26 alphabet letters.
Let's see if we can construct a professor.

Male professor's exist with 2 or more formats:
1) his physical format along with his education,etc.
2) his symbolic format ....Hollywood versions, a hybrid version,
or the periodic atomic table authorized integrity version

The construction process.....
1) physical format described in biochemsitry textbooks
2) atomic elements and their thoughts.....

the atomic English language professor equation -->

Pro + fe + essor --->

protons of nucleus +
fe = ferrous oxide 26 protons +
essor --> electron sub-shell orbitals






An example of Nature's design of an atomic human ...are the very intelligent gentleman who are involved with FermiLAB and related agencies. We notice in the above table, thatorbitals are odd integers = one

Thus in a sense, we begin to understand the atomic Hierarchy.

--> name pier implies pi = 3.14159 --> 3 --> 3 p orbital spokesperson

--> name Odd + one implies odd integer math life orbitals 1,3,5,7,9 .....


Oddities | Ripley's Believe It or Not!




The Department of Energy has the SECRET of Secret.ary Steven Chu.

--> name Steven = St + even --> START even integers math space

Thus adding the 2 symbolic names together ...we get Nature's atomic math life..... the integer continuum ...that Nature has recently recognized as having communications problems.

One question the EVEN integer oribitals exist AND what occupies the EVEN integer.
Steven equation --> ST + even --> Symbol  thoughts of even integer orbitals.





At the other end of sizes ...we have the large EARTH LAB and it's magnetic field.




Thus we have the atomic/Earth magnetic field continuum with humans sandwiched in the middle.

Atomic thoughts <-  human intermediates->   Earth magnetic field




What is a good Earth Lab geography region to study ....of magnetic field activity .....
that is magnetic field social activity, business magnates, legal magistrate, and
magnetic field politics VIA the iron Hemoglobin proteins expressions within experimental magnetic field structures labeled HUMAN.


bus bus ...magnetic field COMPUTER EARTH system 370 and the North Pole magnetic data field tapes (Nixon tapes test).
Andrew Carnegie was a business magnate in the iron/steel business.
Thus we see ...that NATURE has partitioned the human species into various sub-species

- magnetic field interaction humans
- music/ear sound wave humans
- atomic extensions known as physicists
- food people and 4 star restaurants
- Hollywood and the secret neurotransimtter screen TESTS
- astrophysics LOGARITHM life formats from Logan, Utah
- etc.

Thus we think of the human ZOO equation
Z = atomic number and OO = Oxygen molecules of the LUNG
Thus according to Einstein's theory of relative positions and views ....
an observer in the periodic table of elments ...looking outward at the human structures..... would see a variety of ANIMALS ....
using the bio-physics ANIMAL equation
ANIMAL = AN + I + Mal(e) ..... giving
Atomic Number Interface Male ....
thus the Brookfield ZOO in the Chicago area ..... with FermiLAB, UC, and IIT
allows comparative studies of
atomic elephant theory and relationships-->
elephant = ele + ph + ant --> elementary physics anthropology

Margaret Mead nuclear family ...atomic social anthropology in year 2012.





What is a legal magistrate?
What is the human biochemsitry relationship to the NORTH POLe magnetic field and the EARTH government of Nature.

What was the iron TWO TOWERS tragic message about ...the Manhattan Project bio-physics tragedy of Sept 11, 2001. Does the Heme group Fe(ii) ion (Fe two towers ion) have a message about the humans in the WORLD Trade Traitor Center (Center of Mass ...see physics book for details).

Sept 11, 2001 SIGNAL about 11 degreesMagnetic Field of the Earth
Magnetic Field of the Earth. The Earth's magnetic field is similar to that of a bar magnet tilted 11 degrees from the spin axis of the Earth. The problem with that ...

Earth's magnetic field - Wikipedia
Earth's magnetic field (also known as the geomagnetic field) is the magnetic field ... the field of a magnetic dipole tilted at an angle of 11 degrees with respect to ...

Thus Washington, DC human dipole diplomats ought recognize EARTH existence and Nature signals.

So why are all these science details OMITTED from the World Trade Center analysis reports?

One would think that the Fe = Federal government and the Office of Science would be aware of the existence and possible role of Fe = iron AND magnetic field CONFLICT .... asa CAUSE and the EFFECT is the 2 IRON Towers tragedy.

And what secret PLOT information may be contained in the BOOK:
The Two Towers - Wikipedia,
The Two Towers is the second volume of J. R. R. Tolkien's highfantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. It is preceded by TheFellowship of the Ring and followed ...

So, we have accelerator Rings at Fer --> Ferrous oxide atom logic inFER --> FermiLAB AND we have ferrous oxide iron Towers ...
........Tolkein's high ....
death toll high building --> book TWO Towers signal



All these CLUES ...cryptic pieces of a puzzle ...that so many people LACK curosity about.
Strange ...this complete lack of curosity !!
Are they hidding a secret society?









Let's look at a terrestrial magnetic field WAR ZONE and the signals for Wisconsin and Illinois area scientists. Specifically....

terrestrial magnetic field
.......trial magnetic field
......magnetic field

terrestrial magnetic field




Let's look at MIlwaukee, Wisconsin and
Madison, Wisconsin and the Northern half of the State of Illinois which includes
Chicago, Argonne National Labs, Batavia ( FermiLAB ), and DeKalb, Illinois (Northern Illinois University).








What are the terror events that involve
Nor --> North Pole magnetic field battles with
the South Pole magnetic field VIA human iron carriers

Nor --> North Pole battle signals





==> Norberg ...Milwaukee Policeman involved with the Tallahassee Magnetic Lab with Florida State University, University of Floroida (Gainsville), Los Alamos and others.

Battle paramter list -->
- B H magnetic field symbols --> Bradely High School

- shooting near Florida Street and Mineral Street(Iron)

- Shooting at 2nd street --> 2 magnetic field poles



==> Northern Illinois University shooting at Cole Hall
The wave mechanics message from the Oceanography class AND
Dr.Robley D. Evans book -->
the Atomic Nucleus sites:
Evans Field House, DeKlab, Illinois
and Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.






==>Security guard dead, 5 others wounded in shootings across Chicago ...
Oct 7, 2011 – The 51-year-old guard was shot about 9:40 p.m. in. ... the 5500 block of West North Avenue in the North Austin neighborhood, authorities said.

chi-south-side --> message for UC intellectuals...
Chic ...south side



5500 block SIGNAL ...North Avenue........
IRON atomic weight 55.85
and the COMPUTER EARTH system 370
North Pole magnetic data field block of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.

Atomic message from 5500 Block to South 56th Street
chi-south-side --> message for UC intellectuals.
Are your iron Hemoglobin proteins educated?
Do your myoglobin proteins have iron awareness?








Iron atomic mass message from 5500 Block North Avenue ...

Route 64 (Doubleword 32 + 32) West to
St.Charles Darwin region with

Geneva --> Gene + Va --> Atomic Genetics + VA interaction area
to Ferrous oxide bio-physics structures near
IRON atomic mass identifier Route 56.





We have mentioned a few signals ...clues to the Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic puzzle of Fer = FermiLAB and various Fe = Federal iron hemoglobin bio-physics governments in the world ...... that deny the existence of the periodic atomic table abilities AND denying the ability of EARTH to think.
Here we see the military defense actions of the EARTH government using the iron atom/Hemoglobin relationships and the North Pole magnetic field life media .... the same media/dimesnion that business magnates use and Chicago magnet schools use, etc.
What else is new in the world of secret societies?




Perhaps someone may help Nature understand itself .... via understanding more about the Margaret Mead atomic families and atomic anthropology Hierarchy Problem.
Understanding more about the magnetic field MAP of magnetic human event siganls .....would be a great help. What are some of those IRON/magnetic field ...human interaction messages?

- The Polish IRON shipyards of 1985 and the Solidarity Movement signal -->
Solid state physics movement ..... message to the Chicago POLE community of the largest in the world outside of Europe.

Chicago NORTH Avenue with Chicago human POLE
in 1984 is a NORTH POLE secret agent secret ...they won't work on the project

But in 1984 they eat at the
data BUS (Busy Bee restaurant)
with Henry (physics impedance)
on Damen Avenue (Dam = Direct Access method) underneath
the Chicago El tracks (elemenatry physics elevated subway line)
near Milwaukee Avenue and Flat Iron Building......
Mil + wa + u + Kee(y) and the sub-way elevated ...
Milky Way Universe Ke2y ..sub-level of Milky WAY galaxy.

Someday, the Chicago Poles may aquire consciouness of the world around them ..I could use some of knowledge help.
- Falk iron gear accident in Milwaukee is a SIGNAL
fromt the ancient iron life of the iron Hittites to
the Falk/Rexnord president of year 2006 ..... that ought acknowledge his iron hemoglobin heritage.

The entire industry of metal-working in the Milwaukee region will NOT help understand this message
NOR will the newspapers help
NOR will the univeristies help .....but the shooting of policeman Norberg in the magnetic field wars is blamed entirely on Julius Burton and Badger GUNS ...the biggest scam, shallow, narrow-minded story ever invented by a city and their thinkers. University approved intellectual dribble in the modern world of year 2012.

Hittites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Hittite empire reached its height c. the 14th century BC, encompassing a large ... the Hittites were forerunners of the Iron Age, developing the manufacture of ... Before the discoveries, the only source of information about Hittites had been ...

History of the Hittites - Biblical Hittites - Category:
Hittites Iron Age - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The development of iron smelting was once attributed to the Hittites of .... to iron in Central urope is exemplified in the great cemetery, discovered in 1846, ...

British Iron Age - Ages of Man - History of ferrous metallurgy
- Iron Age





Rexnord Falk ----> example --> History of the Hittites

Response to Explosion at Rexnord's Falk Facility ... wrote Bob Hitt, President and CEO of Rexnord Industries, LLC. "[T]he assistance you provided has helped ...




Other signals
- some iron automobile accidents

- some iron ship accidents

- some metal airplane accident like the
RUNWAY 26 SIGNAL from Lexicon, Kentucky
to Fer = Ferrous oxide awareness structure at FermiLAB ...

who apparently are very aware of
Fe = Ferrous oxide Female atomic structures
that is good; but Mother EARTH and her iron core
...according to supersymmetry physics
is also a ferous oxide Female atomic structure.

Because the bio-physics IRON FORMAT seems to dominate the scientific RD attention
they will not inquire about the project:







CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


The new FLAT IRON district in Mahattan, Greenwich Village, Greenwich Mean Time and the TIME WAR

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Examples of Nature's military forces ....TIME warriors and TIME battles


The British are the keepers of Greenwich Mean TIME and other important frames of reference.
Nature does not like deliberate ERRORS ......caused by nonsense intellectual propaganda fabrications and biased,incomplete explanations of tragic EVENTS.

Thus the BRAVE NEW WORLD war...SCIENCE WARS in Manhat.tan on SEPT 11,2001 with the air plane --> plane geometry Manhat.TAN TANGENT event in the mathematical-physics EARTH LAB dimension.

1998 Tangent Tanzania - geometry Embassy bombing
2001 Manhattan Tangent - parallel math-physics tragic event

NEW = New York City
World = World Trade Center (of Mass)




42nd Street, Times Square has a messsage for Cambridge University astrophysics agent with TIME Origination point...year 1942.
British agent: The Hawk has failed to respond to
communications from American agent: Bald Eagle with COMPUTER EARTH system 370 Bal version D.





The British were  aked to watch  for Greenwich Mean/ Nasty  TIME problems.





Greenwich Mean Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) originally referred to the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, which later became adopted as a global ...

Greenwich clock with standard measurements



Greenwich Mean / Nasty  Time signals -




UTC+0 --> UT + C --> UToya     Children  caught in TIMR WAR






Greenwich, Connecticut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Connecticut
Greenwich is an affluent town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. As of the 2010 census, the town had a total population of 61,171. As of a census ...

Old Greenwich - ‎Greenwich High School - ‎List of people from Greenwich




Greenwich, Connecticut

Green witchConnect  interface cut


Sandy  Hook elementary school elementary physics shooting message..






Greenwich Village - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Greenwich Village, often referred to by locals as simply "the Village", is a largely residential neighborhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan in New York City ...



Greenwich Village

Green  wich Vill   age

Green witch Villian age


Above, Greenwich Village and the  Flat iron  District




Near Greenwich Village is
Lower Manhattan and the Earth  time WAR COMMANDS  .....



New York Assault and Battery Laws - FindLaw › State LawsNew York Law
(Earth Geography)  Chart providing details of New York Assault and Battery (Park) Laws.


...... thus Battery Park  orders --> attack World Trade Center




Above...Battery Park  and the  assualt and battery  ZONE ....which includes the  WORLD Trade Center

The ferrous oxide atomic city Region of Convergence battle in the city of IRON --> IRON Manhattan battle with assault and battery near Battery Park.


Below, the new Flat iron district  created  on Sept 11, 2001



Thus we  see pieces to unsolved  puzzles about the TIME WARS.


In the battle of cities, the Chicago FLAT IRON buliding still stands.



The periodic atomic table IRON expression agent - The IRON LADY - Margaret Thatcher

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Modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family with Margaret Thatcher.




PRIME MINISTER Margaret Thatcher - the IRON LADY




THe IRON MAN project and the IRON LADY project are expressions of Margaret Mead nuclear family ferrous oxide atomic anthropology projects. When she was project leader, Margaret Thatcher provided special informtion on FE = FEmale Ferrous oxide atomic biological structures and their social, political expressions. This, along with the ideas of philosopher Herbert Spencer,provides an enhanced view of reality for physics and math social researchers.






Internal IRON Structures
The Myoglobin and Hemoglobin  iron HEME group FE(II) ion has an influence on thoughts,  actions,  and protein social protest  expression actions that cause automobile  accidents and airplane  tragedies.




Casualty analysis reports on complex accidents and events finds that insurance companies need PROJECT PLAN Z special expertise to understand PLAN EARTH in the 21st century.





External IRON Structure EVENT Examples
1) Ford Pinto rear-end auto accident--> iron messenger RNA
2) TWO IRON Towers. World Trade Center Sept 11,2001
3) Falkland Islands(IRON LADY) + Falk (IRON GEAR)

FORD PINTO --> the internal FE(II) ion of ferrous oxide brain thoughts finds external epression via FE(II) Roman numeral II = 2; when 2 external IRON structures known as cars/automobiles interact in an accident. The Ford Pinto rear-end collisions involved 2 IRON automobiles driven by 2 cortex computer subroutine drivers. These brain driver subroutines act/behave/create an accident on data processing instructions from the biological iron HEME group FE(ii) ions present in the myoglobin proteins and the hemoglobin proteins. The FORD PINTO molecular biochemistry events/accidents later involved messenger RNA --> molecular protein social biochemistry lawyer --> R.NADER --> also known in the atomic organic social chemistry law school as Ralph NAder(abbreviation R.NA = RNA). It is important in atomic molecular society LEGAL trials to "know THYself" --> says the THYroid gland of awareness and intellectual prowess.



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Images for the Ford Pinto automobile and the Corvair automobile  ..... super-symmetry messenger rna


Transcription and translation of the automobile collisions and their TWIST signal

Images for mRNA ---> messenger RNA

mr. Ralph NADER
Nader speaking at BYU's Alternate Commencement
Personal details
Born February 27, 1934 (age 79)
Winsted, Connecticut, U.S.
Political party



Ralph Nader ( born February 27, 1934) is an American political activist, as well as an author, lecturer, and attorney.



The legal system of the CORTEX society computer does not recognize the trial errors nor the decision. An updated decision will be announced after year 2009. Insurance companies can avoid liability; if they realize the importance of funding this area of research --> the cause of accidents as expressions of HEME group iron messages to the sociology world. Henry Ford Motor Company and the Ford Trust Foundation are welcome to show wisdom and fund Project Plan Z research. And Ralph Nader is also welcome to participate in this new area of EVENT research.



The 26 protons of the ferrous oxide atomic processor has the 26 letters of the English alphabet

--> hence the iron symbol brain computerwith the dictionary of nouns and verbs. The internal brain intellectual awareness of external iron structures is via the internal HEME iron group Fe(II) of myoglobin and hemoglobin.

2) TWO IRON Towers
TWO IRON Towers in New York City are symbolic of the HEME group FE(II) ion. Thus the Sept 11, 2001 battle involves the GLOB WAR in New York City. THe GLOB WAR of 2-legged structures incoporates the HemoGLOBin and myoGLOBin protein internal battles (disease and cortex HEAD HUNTERs that eat memory -->the Alzheimer's brain cannibal ERROR). Insurance reports are incomplete; they omit this aspect of the molecular social expressions of ERROR. Responsible research trust foundations in New York ought have an intellectual interest in a more complete understanding of the MANHATTAN PROJECT event.




1982 FALKLAND Islands WAR - the IRON LADY
2006 FALK Milwaukee,Wis. ---- the IRON GEAR

History repeats itself, the Milwauke FALK   lands  ..... iron gear  factory island war / fire. 

The 26 protons of iron sent an explict message to industry in YEAR 26 = year 2006. The iron core COMPUTER EARTH geology event components are:
Base 16 Hex'FA' 1K data stream for the I/O computer PORT of Milwaukee experienced failures--> failure to upgrade city of Milwaukee to the YEAR 2000 STANDARD MODEL physics requirements of Y 2K --> 2K data stream ability. Hex'FA' = 250 at Falk iron gear. The event
of Wednesday December 6.2006 involved SYSTEM 370
Logical Unit = = = = LU 6.2 data stream gas data pipeline error.
The Falk casualty insurance reports are INCOMPLETE; when viewed from GRAND UNIFIED THEORY of physics.

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