Herb Zinser explains the Alan Sokal science wars of atoms, math equations, biochemistry molecules, television photons, English language nouns and symbol life. Nature's military SYMBOL MACHINE set-up of the New York Times, Duke University, etc.

The Argonne National Labs brain electron orbital war report from the brain cell WALL --> WALL Street Journal intellectual undercover agents

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The odd and even strange battles of the hidden Science data streams of consciousness World War.




Argonne National Labs in Illinois is comprised of atomic, bio-physics humanoids engaged in various atomic brain expressions ....in the external,  visible worlds of physics, chemistry, and engineering ..... that  is......with  visible buildings with visible equipment  that is used to indirectly make visible the inner secrets of atoms, molecules, and forces of Nature.   This includes the Margaret Mead nuclear family..... atomic social forces of Nature.

Using super-symmetry physics  / parallel  processing  /  thought mirrors ......we can indirectly see the intellectual battles to control the  philosophical souls of these scientists.

Nature has used mathematical   mappings  (math tranformations/correspondence functions)  to MAP  from the the internal subliminal  mind levels (scientists and administrators) at Argonne National Labs  
an  external, more directly visible   format at a remote, distant geography location on EARTH LAB known as Argentina.    At this distant location,  newspaper and magazine reporters gather the data and get it printed in mass media information vehicles......cellulose print newspapers/magazines.   

The TOP SECRET  cellulose news reports are published and distributed to millions of   North American humanoid optical bio-computer processors for analysis ..... including the atomic  humanoids  in Argonne, Batavia, and  Chicago's Hyde Park area in  Illinois.

Think of the news ...as puzzle with several levels of messages.   After all ...mass communications is really atomic mass communications VIA atomic humaoid activities  that is reported  VIA atomic mass communication devices as  television, radio, and print. 

Let's look at an  example  of the alter ego of Argonne ...which is Argentina, South America ......and the Per = Periodic atomic table of  the Per =Peron political heritage ..... examples of modern Margaret Mead nuclear family....that is atomic anthropology.  Let's look at  bio-physics adult female agent named:  Evita  Peron   or 
in atomic electron humaoid terms:   eV   Peron



Thus we have the energy expression via AGENT   eV = eVita  Peron.
Peron = Per + eron --> 
Per =  Periodic table   AND
eron = electron ....expression of  life   VIA   eVita...and electron stage artist.


Eva Perón
Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina
In office
since 7 May 1952
First Lady of Argentina
In office
4 June 1946 – 26 July 1952
President Juan Perón
Preceded by Conrada Victoria Torni de Farrell
Succeeded by Mercedes Villada Achával de Lonardi
President of the Eva Perón Foundation
In office
1948 - 1952
Succeeded by Juan Perón
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare
Preceded by Juan Perón

María Eva Duarte de Perón (7 May 1919 – 26 July 1952) was the second wife of Argentine President Juan Perón (1895–1974) and served as the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. She is usually referred to as Eva Perón (Spanish: [ˈeβa peˈɾon]), or by the affectionate Spanish language diminutive Evita.


She was born in the village of Los Toldos in The Pampas, rural Argentina in 1919, the youngest of five children. In 1934, at the age of 15, she went to the nation's capital of Buenos Aires, where she (she is a subsets of electron  shells)    pursued a career as a stage, radio, and film actress  for Nature's atomic, bio-physics expression experiments.




Since Argentina is a Spanish language country ..atomic computers  and COMPUTER EARTH can use spanned data record FORMAT to connect to the Argonne bio-computer brain databases ...via interface  country PERU = Per + U = Periodic atomic table Uranium 235 and 238  and the interface country  .... Fermi-Dirac  probability agent for PERU = Pier ODD imply ONE.


The news about Chiocago area professorial brain electron orbital wars......



The atomic  brain electron 
ORBITAL ...word ...... algebra subset atomic word   


The news article words
" eight former  energy secretaries"  translated is ....... 
eight oxygen atom electron energy secret


Argentina's  top oil .....refers to the Hierarchy Problem of  bio-physics agents
Argonne top.....brain orbital  CIRCUS thoughts  ...code...
Ringling Brother's Barnum and Bailey Circus .....advanced atomic English messages of the 26 proton  alphabet  of  the ferrous oxide  atom.  Virginia TECH English class and FermILAB ought upgrade their iron Hemoglobin proteins with the proper  atomic English language  social science thought alphabets.  
Hollywood creative writing class is becoming outdated.....especially the incomplete explanations of Virginia TECH tragedy regarding  Mr.Cho age 23 ... the Darwinian selected agent for the  23  chromosomes social science language war.  

Virginia Tech thinks that their Hollywood  genetic WORD/Picture command alliance  with GENE Hackmen movies .....will give them social control over inferior thinkers like  myself.... who ..at the request of the English departments of  my high school and extened colleges days from 1958 thru 1972 ........required us to become familiar  with the concepts of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.  So...why are year 2012 English departments refusing to discuss  these yerar 1960 perceptions and there possible recent manifestation signals  ...thru tragic events like the OCEANIA classroom  shooting at Cole Hall.

The reference to the physical geography county  Argentina  and its events ...... reflect the original events occuring in Argonne National Labs ......thus we see the supersymmetry / mirror ....... the structure of Nature's  information systems architecture   and the  brain system  feedback signal.

The symbols   "18%  Wednesday"   translates to  "18 We" --> 18 = H2O = small city of Watertown molecule , West Road and its atomic/astrophysics continuum model 
PARALLEL to West Road, DAMTP, Cambridge, England  
AND  the WestRoad shopping mall tragedy messages of OM = Oxygen Molecules of OM= Omaha.

Thus we have an interwined string theory message ...with several empirical data components ..as may be expected by the  EARTH LAB model of string theory
.....called  ROPE theory of eu.ROPE 
.....that HUNG  in HUNG.ary in 1956  math logic uprising against 
the biochemistry  Iron Curtain ...the HEME group Fe(ii) ion   .... with the British mathematical logic gallows message from year 1910 to year 1956 .....Russell/Whitehead book   " to  56 Principia Mathematica".







What is  56?  
The atomic mass of iron at  Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic brain location at Fe = FermiLab.   FermiLAB humanoids are participants in the B.F. Skinner  box study that was started in 1946 and has evolved into new dimensions of expression.
Modern B.F. Skinner experimental test specimens are  
B= Batavia, F= FermiLAB  bio-physics SKIN containers labeled  atomic humanoids.

These Skinner packages are educated and  study some very difficult and abstract subjects.  In turn , we see levels of experimention.  
Fermilab scientists study math and atoms , etc.
Not to be outdone, Nature studies FermiLAB scientists.

By examining the iron Hemoglobin protein thoughts and their Fe(ii) ion  symbolic activities..... Nature's  intellect picks up a good idea of what's happening ......and is concerned about the  symbolic DISEASEs in the state of the ILL/sick noise (State of Illi nois).

Hence the news ...
Takeover Fe ..... 
Takeover  FermiLAB ... a battle for control of the SOUL of the iron Hemoglobin proteins and their professorial thoughts.

Thus we  have geography  region of northern Illinois ... base 16 hexadecimal region with Hex'A' = 10 = Argonne   thru Hex'F' = 15 = FermiLAB.     Thus the additional supersymmetry mathematical-physics WAR signal with the U.S.Army parallel  WAR in Base 16 hexadecimal  region of  .......A  to F -->A F ghanistan.

Thus we  have an interesting puzzle that ought be understood.

The QUANTUM STATE of California and its universities defeated in the atomic human brain WAR - - -> Occupy WALL Street - -> ELECTRON thought circuit Hierarchy Problem explained by physics and chemistry professors

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The periodic atomic table and mathematical components in WORLD economic battles.




The periodic atomic table has many formats of expressions. One such FORMAT are atomic humans with an atomic brain symbolic computer that expresses messages on behalf of the atomic table of life and thought and feelings. Humans are thus considered as representatives or messengers or business LAB partners working with the atomic/astrophysics continuum, its life, and the thought formats within it.



The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.




Therefore some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle/ the human atomic feelings expressor/ the human atomic messenger.



Atomic social anthropology families are listed in beginning college physics and chemistry textbooks. The families comprise vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of life and thought. Thus we have the atomic family ... social anthropology shootings at EARTH LAB geography sites. Let's look some at some of the periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought ...... and let's identify some atomic elements and their messages to atomic humans at EARTH LAB geography locations. There are 18 vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of intellectual life.


The periodic atomic government representatives for the dinner table salt molecule are the Clinton's from Arkansas. Margaret Mead atomic anthropology and the salt molecule treaty with atomic humanoid structures is best expressed by the social science ...social chemistry formula signal.


NaCl = sodium chloride
NaCl = North america Clintons
NaCl = North america Clinton, President in 1994
NaCl = North america Clinton, Secretary of State

NaCl = salt molcule and the state of ARK.ansas .....
......state of sound/audio/phonetics: ARK can salt such as the
atomic brand name:
Morton Salt --> Mort = Mo + ort = Molecular orbit



This blog will consider the Margaret Mead atomic social economic messages AND the atomic human brain which is comprised of electron thoughts.   Nature  sometimes takes these internal atomic brain electron conflicts  AND transforms them into external human expressions...such as protests,etc.

Let's look at the STATE of MIND of California  ...and the intellectual problems of their  party universities and their bragging universities .....that neglect  simple polite, diplomatic communications regarding SCIENCE WAR issues that need to be clarified .....and that require some professors and graduate student without 
pre-programmed  biased bio-computer brain subroutines.


Let's look at the newspaper reports  from California .......regarding the status of the Intellectual War ..... as citizens continue their attack against the periodic atomic table government and its various expressions .... including social engineering and brain development projects of NATURE.





Above, signal for Margaret Mead nuclear family ..
atomic anthropology agent ...known as the  American apple PIE extension  = PIER.
The math life signal equation is for the Chicago region which includes FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois.

Above key words:
Pie = Pi + e =  3.14159 + 2.718 natural number

Pi implies a circle --> Chicago Cirlce Campus  and its circle of convergence of complex variables ....and the President Eisenhower military industrial complex ...comprised of  the military  symbolic life of complex variable math functions ...via humanoid representatives.


Zuccotti Park --> signal for Hyde Park, Chicago in the ROC = Region of Convergence of signal  processing

Zuccotti --> Z + uc = atomic number University of Chicago ....... messages waiting for the ELITE intellectual university and their biased, distorted  perceptions of social sciences, world affairs, and monetary policy tricks.

Thanksgiving --> Thanks for giving me Pill.grimms
.......................Thanks for giving me Pills and the Grimm Reaper

Thanks for giving pills/ drugs/ and diseases 
Thanks for teaching elementary grammer school children that this is an acceptable citizen /government health policy.....the George Orwell warning about social psychology manipulations and social propaganda ......allowed by  lazy brain citizens. The California Department of education and school boards in California approve of all these brain computer  program instructions for children symbolic brain processors.

FermilAB and the Office of Science refuse to help clarify the problems of atomic brain bio-computer thought configurations.






Above, we see the 500 year GUT project of Nature ...
that started in year 1453 with Grand Unfied Theory special agent:  GUT + Tensor space + verb Tense --> giving Gutenberg and the printing press.  This allowed Nature to develop  the human optical nerve computer and symbolic life of nouns, verbs, math euations, etc.


The above reference to the North Pole magnetic data field ...concerns the field interaction with the humanoid iron Hemoglobin thought proteins at Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic bio-physics RD location for Fer = FermiLAB.
Now, University  of Chicago and FermiLAB cannot inFER  simple concepts ...because of the  POLE PLOT brain education scheme as outlined by Nature and the  1976 tragic events in Cambodia  ...that symbolized Europe and American classroom errors in arrogant assumptions.


  1. Pol Pot, leader of the Khmer Rouge, was achieving his dream of Year Zero, the return of Cambodia to a peasant economy in which there would be no class.

    Cambodia EXTERNAL tragedy  is the parallel /supersymmetry to the INTERNAL   symbolic brain symbolic insect problems  at  Cambridge University ......their internal  gland biology map  is the external map of  En.gland.
    Thus we see Herbert Spencer's year 1872 theory of the 
    INTERNAL  <--  mirrror  --> EXTERNAL








Nature's superysmmetry physics message about the atomic brain WAR

- Columbine HIgh School --> Colu = Columns of the atomic families table and the library textbook war with color tricks/schemes of publishers and school boards.   Schemes of Color optics  symbolized by  Colorado...STATE of MIND.  Universities and school systems  ought close until they fix their bull-story problem and ther incomplete explanation  about the shooting at Columbine.

- Virginia TECH violations of atomic English language  AND  the Department of En --> Energy  ....insults and disrespect for the atomic English language WORD of HONOR.

- the Cole Hall wave mechanics shooting in  the oceanography classroom ...... with the EARTH geo-physics LAND of Landau physics in DeKalb Illinois.   In Computer Earth system 370 words ...LAND = Local Area Network Data.






Above LUKE Gates 
--> Lu + Ke + Gates = Logical Unit (Logic) Gates

--> Gregory Porter --> G reg  Port --> General registers I/O port






Above words of atomic English language ....

forces fighting with protesters --> gives

physics forces fight pro-testers --> atomic proton testers and their ERRORs>
The ERROTS are in the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology policy of the Department of Energy and their deliberate allowance of  citizen/family  nuclear policy violations.


Attorney Theo --> Theoretical bio-physics laws and atomic legal systems






Above atomic English language references :

Pier --> Fermi-Dirac statistics agent from Peru..who evolved into 

Pier --> Fermi-Direc format   in the Navy Pier region of Lake Michigan wave machanics.

Nature's Navy Pier wave mechanics now has an extension to Batavia and oceanography class in DeKALB.
The U. S. Naval Research  into the U.S.S Cole tragedy  of OCTOBER 2000  was repeated at Cole Hall in a different format........... the Paris Island version (with Paris Hilton tricks) Marines song HALLS of Montezuma's   (revenge).

Super-symmetry physics describes secrets of 
PARIS = Par + Is = Parallel Information systems


Words:  Three weeks, 33 arrested --> 3.33 = 3 1/3 math war signal regarding the 3330, 3350, 3380 series of disk storage ...used by public storage units of Earth real estate buildings.


  1. htmlCached - Similar
    Results 1 - 30 of 4331461 – Find your Public Storage

    IBM 3330 data storage

    Words:  Three weeks, 33 arrested --> 333

    ibm storage_3330.htmlCached
    The IBM 3330 was a high-performance, high-capacity direct access storage subsystem for use with all IBM System/370 models




  1. main storage, input/output channels, and the operator control and ... 370 Principles of Operation, GA22-7000, andIBM System...... The first three are self-explanatory. Control ... For direct access storage devices such as an IBM 3330Disk

    lake city ustor.com
    390 × 293 - Our inside and outside covered and secure storage units are just what you


Mayor Jean Quan --> Quantum physics signal about the University of California  and their Hollywood intellectual approach to atomic social science, atomic social psychology, and atomic economic  problems...........which are centered  on the atomic brain electron and its symbolic repsonsiblities regarding SCIENCE WAR communications about serious matters.






Above  words

lowest  = 10 + west -->  10th month of October + west coast  of  United States of North America

lowest = Binary 10 equal  Decimal 2 or Base 2

10west-energy orbitals --> lowest brain effort = social orbitals

occupy --> brain electron occpuy .....transformed to external, visbile  human behavior expression

continuing in the order --> electron orders to California puppet humaniiods as predicted by  puppet string theory of the California physics  puppets


some "crossover" --> some intellectual double-cross by citizens


  1. Occupy Wall Street - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Occupy Wall Street is a protest that began on September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City's Wall Street financial district. The protest was ...





Below, we see the Hierarchy Problem of brain electrons at the Department of Energy ...who conveniently ignore important empircal data  and ignore the Margaret Mead nuclear family SCIENCE WAR casualty problems.  
Of course, they take orders from  Washington, DC.






The above electron shells USE a new  Virgin TEchnology ...they transform their Margaret Mead nuclear electron thought to external format....which is bullet shells comprised of messenger electron shells.  Virgin TECH was tested at Virginia TECH  with the  atomic English language Department  chosen one --> Darwinian selection of  agent Mr.CHO..




  1. Occupy Wall Street | NYC Protest for World Revolution

    1 day ago – News and resources for protesters attending the mass demonstration on Wall Street against financial greed and corruption.

Words....... the mass demonstration on Wall Street

................e mass   demo              ...brain cell WALL
...........electron mass problems  ...cell WALL symbolic  nonsense


The above references are from book: Chemistry  by atomic humanoids with their secret proper noun labels:

Mur --> atoM uranium agent for Margaret Mead

Castellion --> Vsam data set Ca =Control area

Ballantine --> Bal + lan --> Basic assembler language  ..... local area network




In addition to basic atomic brain  WAR output messages ..

OCCUPY  WALL Steet.......cover the problems with
OC = OptiC  nerve bio-computer problems  + brain cell WALL communications problems.
.....especially with universities and agencies that ought  be concerned  with  brain quality control ...that is the input symbolic and audio data that is input to the human bio-computer. Television and movies are major sources  of input data....that contain many errors.....some are deliberate optical and audio errors used

to attack the

Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbol  computer.

Earth mathematical structure news reports of the WORLD mathematical-physics evolution into different dimensions. Base 2 exponents and the Tale of 2 Cities.

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Human mathematical events on the geography surface of EARTH




We have a vast amount of Base 2  binary historical information on the structure of Earthly existence. The precise Nature of this is being reviewed,  but research suffers from the lack of resources. What are some historical clues?


--> Galileo the DEFENDER (of EARTH)  made the 1st major announcement with his book ....

"Two Chief Worlds"   in year  1632   ...and the world-wide message was repeated in year 2001 with
"Two Chief World  Trade Centers"  tragic astronomy battle in Manhattan .....providing information for  the astronomy CHIEF prosecutor's to study. 

Does  astronomy wisdom exist on EARTH? 
Biased,distorted astronomy exists and this bias is encouraged by hypnotized universities and  astrophysics research   centers.

Anyhow,  Nature's intellect continues to evolve to new levels of complexity ....regardless of  the limited views of professors and graduate students who take  BRAVE NEW WORLD orders and are atomic human puppets as predicted by string theory physics. It is easy to escape these social  psychology traps .....help understand the Science Wars.


--> The  book " Tale of 2 Cities'

--> World War 2  axis powers ........ 2 axis powers in math terms is:

.....geometry axis is a high school algebra class  graph of an equation 
.....powers refers  to exponents

.....2 refers to the exponent 2 ...giving the  more TRUE NATURE of the war over the quadratoic equation and its graph of a parabola.



What is the current status of Nature's math projects on EARTH.  Let's look at the University of Wisconsin, Madison math and computer science Base 2 exponent experiments on EARTH LAB.    Base 2 and Base 16 news ...




Ther above math headline ...
...World  Dairy Expo  .......... with algebra subset letters
...Wo ......Da ..y Expo ......then word ...expands trade show gives
..TWo.....Data y exponents ...............


Thus we have multiple signals from this cryptic message:

a) Base 2 binary bio-computer brain DATA

b) y exponents ....which may be

- the right triangle equation
- a differential equation with exponent 2
- and other applications yet to be discovered

c) in the context of WORLD geography ...we must consider the possible math tragedy in Chicago at the E2 nightclub ..... a dance nightclub on the 2nd floor of a building on 2347 S.  Michigan Avenue.

Consider the following supersymmetry  physics/  parallel mirror of existence  of the E2  concrete/wood building as a physical structure.   
The 1st floor...the BASE had the Epitome restaurant....   
the 2nd  floor was like the exponent level ...hence the name E2.

Thus we consider the math geography surafce of EARTH ...with  levels ..represented by building levels translated in symbolism.  Consider the outline below.

We see the supersymmtery MIRROR in a symbolic building ...that   mirrors  the physical building at 2347 S.Nichigan Avenue, Chicago  with  IIT and Leon Lederman atomic physics nearby.





Thus we have  a symbolic building above.   The E2 nightclub is the exponent of   x  of the 1st  math component ax.

Now inside the human brain of a high school student ....before algebra ...his/her .....  brain synapses/ neurons /axons .....have  bio-math primitive  symbol  ax  in the biology molecule ax.

Thru basic  math education ..their brain logic circuits ...go from  ax   to   ax + bx = c =  o.

Then comes algebra and the  parabola, the quadratic equation, and the graph of the parabola of a piece of  paper.

Thus thru the University of Chicago quad .......incomplete quadratic equation test ....we understand the E2 nightclub brain deficiency and the cover-up of thge math tragedy by the Chicago universities. 

But they lie about  the math war of World War 2

They lie about President NixoN 
and the N x N square matrices war in Vietnam ..
.......................................rice  is a subset of word  matrices 
.......................................rice fields ...thus become DATA FIELDs ..
.................................matrices data fields of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD   theory of Computer Earth system 370 geography LAND at  ....
.................LAN  Dat(a) --> Local Area Network Data.

Universities  and their friends are not accredited instutions from the TREE of KNowledge point of view.

So what professors will show some  leadership and help clarify these problems with me.




What other news supports the math curiousity ?



--> Above we see CP's entomologists ...reference to the 1959 Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology

lecture by C.P. Snow titled "TWO Cultures" .  
 This is verified by the above words:


Corn rootworm

black cutworm



--> Also, Earth crop editor .... agent Jane F.... perhaps known in the atomic/astrophysics continuum as  a member of  Jane's Fighting Ships  ........ writes a very complex signal ....
" souhern two-thirds of the state"  ..
2/3  implies  G  = universal gravitational constant =  6.67 X 10 exponent -11  ....... in the southern two-thirds of the state of Wisconsin is Jane .....

and her symbolic gene connection to Gene Motors in Jane ...that is General Motors in Janesville...all connected by the elementary grammer schools......subliminal education of our primordial minds VIA  book  "DICK and  Jane".   Thus this common communications foundation  ....... gives the  Jane communications LINKS.


Continue  with gravity   .......the gravity grammer  network ..... Jane has got the connections to more ..........
of course....
we begin to see the subtle communications from Wi= Wisconsin   editor  Jane F (y) .....bio-math agent   Function (y)  .....and the astrophysics  signal regarding  Jane Wilde (Wi = Wisconsin)    Hawking  .....  former wife of gravity specialist  Hawking ......the signal being about the GM ..Gravity/Magnetic field automotive assembly line in Jane F.  economic  RD terrority of Janesville, Wisconsin.

Thus we see that Jane Fyksen is alot smarter that  it appears from the  surface article she wrote .....but women .....like to reveal their secrets about Earth events and structures ...... so we see the  James Joyce symbolic  voyage of
information data streams of bio-computer human editors ...in this case  we have Captain Jane (way)  and the Star Trek: Voyager project and its many  expressions ...VIEWS  from Agri-view  Earth undercover agents for Nature.




--> In addition, in EARTH geography amd modern symbolic EARTH literature ...we have signal

Corn  rootworm  .....
...............two reference to  2  CORN structures:

geography --> Tropic of  Capricorn
Henry Miller book --> Tropic of Capricorn

Henry Miller ......an American author ....ate food and expressed Botnay messages
......ry ..mill
......rye mill flour used for making rye   bread and feeding author Hen.rye Mill.er..
.......the Bread  kept him alive and nourish and he expressed his gartitude by writing 
secrets....Bread subset word
.................read about the Paris experience of Henry Miller and 11 dimsions of string theory

Paris = Par + Is = Parallel Information systems on Earth in the multi-facted dimensions of Sartre existentism


And she  wrote more clues .....so much more in the remainder of the article.  
Such as the Voyager ...... Seven of Nine signal.



Thus we think of  BIG EAR  radio telescope that was at Ohio Stae university.
The  parallel   BIG EAR  ..is the living EARTH cell ...hence..
............the  BIG EARTH  and its geology/geography  access to the symbolic EARTH
Microphone  ......subset algebra word ............
....crop ....... ops.....what's is the secret of publlishing Earth Ag news ...
....Crop Connection to the State of communication 
................... connect to Connecticut.


So, there is much to learn about the secret world of agriculture and message processing systems.





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA
E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com

Max PLanck TIME signal 10:43 to atomic agent Africa ONE --> the ODD ONE and FermiLAB An-26 near atomic EARTH .... Wisconsin communication highways An-26 AND I-43

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The signaling EVENT
--> The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred....
The flight left N'djili 
a10:43 local time bound


A study of the Galapagos Islands REGION and its evolutionary extensions of PERU and COLUMBIA  provides an interesting background to evolution signals from around the WORLD.  The relationship may evolve the Earth's geology iron core AND the Earth geography surface LAB at the ferrous oxide atom / magnetic field INTERACTION location at FermiLAB,  Batavia, Illinois. 

What is Max Planck  TIME?
...... approximately 10−43 seconds (Planck time)

..... approximately 10:43   see conditions (Plan   k time)



The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred....The flight left N'djili 
at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa


Projects: Holometer - Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics

If there is a minimum interval of time, or a maximum frequency in nature, ... About a hundred years ago, the German physicist Max Planck introduced the ...
Interstate 43 marker

the absolute natural bound on

information transmission,

about 10^43 bits per second.





Let's look at more information and  signals  ...the may be LINKED together to form a larger picture.......
that may be useful for GUT and TOE.

GUT = Grand Unified Theory project  that started in year 1453 with the GUT printing press of Gutenburg in the geo-physics geography REGION of   string theory development ...known  as  eu.ROPE.

TOE = Time Order Entry for the TOE = Theory of Everything ...which includes YOU!


Signals about Max Planck TIME  with Hawking and others.






 TIME Highway .....


Interstate 43 marker


Interstate 43


On October 10, 2002, a multiple-vehicle collision occurred on I-43, just south of Cedar Grove.

The accident occurred on southbound I-43 in Sheboygan County. It involved 50 vehicles and was found to have been caused by low visibility due to fog at a point where the freeway comes its closest to paralleling Lake Michigan,  The accident and resulting fires led to the deaths of 10 individuals.

CLUES .........


She count --> shell count physics

Paralleling --> supersymmetry physics / parallels /mirrors

deaths of 10 ..... decimal base 10 with exponent  -43  ........ represented by Interstate  I-43




What does the HAWK say?





Below, the BLUE line  from Milwaukee to  the state line (dashed line below Janesville) is the EARTH LAB ..... Max Planck communications TIME HIGHWAY  known as Interstate I-43.
Location A is  Northern Illinois Univerity, DeKalb, Illinois where the wave mechanics TIME  battle took place at Cole Hall.
Between Location A and Wheaton/Chicago is the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology RD cnter known as FermiLAB.


Below, we see the COLEMAN signal -> Cole  Hall TIME BATTLE at  Northern Illinois University, DeKalb ..near the Wisconsin / Illinois border  and   information TIME higway I-43 ....involving Nature's  atomic social engineering project plan  ...the Max Plan  with Max Plan..ck.



Northern Ill/sick noise University , DeKalb  --> symbols
No................................................De  --> Node.....  of
some type ...
either an atomic NODE  
and /or  a 
harm wave NODE of harmonic waves (sound, audio  waves ) of
harmonic waves ...that the  the BIG EAR ....of   EAR + TH.eory = EARTH.
Thus we see why the tragic event took place at the  EARTH geography NODE
location  ...of some type of wave.

Let's look at the  MAJOR SIGNAL that we are interested in .... for this BLOG science  paper.

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash





The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred when a twin engine Antonov An-26, belonging to the Congolese air carrierAfrica One, crashed and burned shortly after takeoff from N'djili Airport in KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congo on October 4, 2007. The flight left N'djili at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa, a distance of 650 km to the east.


at___ 10:43 local time

atom   10:43 local time

at las   10:43 local time



2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash



at las   10:43 local time

Wisconsin I-43 Exits and Max Planck TIME exits


Above, we see the EARTH wave mechanics region expressed by Lake Michigan



 I-43 Time  exits map

Regional Map: Milwaukee can be approached via Interstate 94 from
the South and West and Interstate 43 from the Southwest and North.

- (Map courtesy of Google Earth). The southbound 
I-43 connector ramp to .. 
10−43 seconds (Planck time)

H.G.Wells and the TIME MACHINE     (the TIME COMPUTER system 370)

Wisconsin I-43 Exits  southbound  I-43 connector ramp to ..

Computer science --->  EVENT connector  ---> ram.page at SIKH temple Oak Creek,  Wisconsin.

Mathematical-physics math   sin functions of the State of Wisconsin.

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash





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1 Background


HowStuffWorks "YukawaHideki"

Hideki Yukawa. Yukawa, Hideki (1907-1981) was a Japanese theoretical physicist who won the 1949 Nobel Prize in physics for a theory he published in 1935.




yet later Reuters reported that an on-board mechanic survived, while Associated Press claims a flight attendant also survived, bringing the total number of survivors to two.

[edit] Mechanic's account

Wave mechanics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Wave mechanics may refer to: the mechanics of waves; the wave equation in Quantum Physics, see Schrödinger equation...


wave mechanics - The Free Dictionary

n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb). A theory that ascribes characteristics of waves to subatomic particles and attempts to interpret physical phenomena on this basis ...
Quantum mechanics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_mechanicsCached - Similar
Quantum mechanics (QM – also known as quantum physics, or quantum theory) is a branch of physics dealing with physical phenomena at microscopic scales, where the action is on the order of the Planck constant...

According to Planck, each energy element E is proportional to its frequency ν:

 E = h \nu\
Planck is considered the father of the Quantum Theory

where h is Planck's constant. Planck (cautiously) insisted that this was simply an aspect of the processes of absorption and emission of radiation and had nothing to do with the physical reality of the radiation itself




2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash

AN-26 --> Alphabets and Numbers ...see DICK and Jane elementary physics schoolbook for elementary grammer school......in JANESVILLE, Wisconsin with Highway 26 symbolic of the English alphabet letters and their communications higwhays thru-out the WORLD via the  British Empire and 
Queen Victoria.........
Que + en + Vict + oria = orbital physics ..atomic English language ......

An-26 proton alphabet of ferrous oxide atom has a serious problem with Fer = Ferrous oxide hemoglobin protein  LIFE FORMS  at FermiLAB...regarding their Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology expressions and polices ... of the Department of Energy.


AN - 26  ---> Highway 26  and LINK to base 16 hexadecimal Highway 16 in Watertown, Wisconsin.

State Trunk Highway 26 (often called Highway 26, STH 26 or WIS 26) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Wisconsin.The route is generally two-lane with the exception of a few urban multi-lane arterials. WIS 26 provides direct access from Janesville and Oshkosh to Waupun, Watertown and Fort Atkinson.

Below...the physics coulumbs equation for the iron atom ( components 1.6 exponent 19  or 16 exponent 18) ...displayed on the surface  of EARTH.         EARTH with it's iron core expresses  messages on the  EARTH geography surface....which  is like  NATURE's  natural television display screen.
 Highway 26 ..... above North   and  below the South  end
.The 2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash occurred....

The flight left N'djili 
at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa.   The flight was a commercial cargo flight carrying at least
28, including a flight crew of five.
The flight manifest stated that there were 16 passengers aboard, but more boarded the flight shortly before takeoff.
Thus we see the EARTH communication correleation signals  .....between Africa  TIME code 10:43   (Zula TIME  LINK).
Now...we see EARTH government MAP   signals with President Clinton (near I-43 sign)  and the famous Whitewater,Wisconsin travel agency debate of  Clinton, Wisconsin.
An-26  ---> Highway 26  Milton --> Mil + ton = earth MILITARY  forces provided the the TON(s) of   Earth iron core, magnetic field force interaction with  human IRON Hemoglobin proteins and the GRAVITY field with TON(s)  of  EARTH atomic mas = weight.
President William Jefferson Clinton  ...secret code 
...............Wi .......J ............CL = Wisconisn  JCL = Job Control Language for Computer Earth .....
this William  Jefferson Clinton message near Hubble(ton), Wisconsin special SECRET  astronomy projects....
.......................Jefferson County
Thus the CLINTON signal ...CLI + Ton -->
...CLI = Clifford Lane airplane crash with TONS of weight  .....withing several miles of Highway 16 and Highway 26  and  about 60 miles away from I-43.  

Thus within the geography region  ...of  a radius of  about 60 miles are many of  the parameters/adjectives described by the 2007 Africa One crash.
Thus a  bidirectional mapping exist between the tragic cargo airplane crash  EVENT in Africa ......and the tragic cargo airplane crash EVENT in Wisconsin  ...... LINKED by  43   and Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.
Thus applied math .....geo-math and geo-physics applied to the data fields of the EARTH geography land surface  ....with data fields-->
air fields, farm fields, and football fields ..... with  Base 16 hexadecimal HIGHWAY 16, Watertown as some reference point for Nature's systems.

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash


Interstate 43 marker
at 10:43 local time bound for Tshikapa, a distance of 650 km to the east.[1][2]
twin engine Antonov An-26, belonging to the Congolese air carrier


1 Background
2 Crash
2.1 Mechanic's account
3 Aftermath
4 See also
5 References


[edit] Background



Mirrors / super-symmetry /  double-helix images
How to Determine the Charge of an Atom | eHow.com
An atom of iron, for example, contains 26 protons and 26 electrons. ... Oxidation numbers are used to determine the oxidized and reduced chemicals in a ...

ibchem.com/IB/ibnotes/full/ato_htm/2.1.htmCached - Similar
2.1.3: Define the terms mass number (A), atomic number (Z) and isotope of an element. ... Represents an iron atom with a mass of 56 units and 26 protons. ... often, to uranium oxide pellets for its final destination in the nuclear power industry.

-->twin engine Antonov An-26, belonging to the Congolese air carrier
--->twin engine (double-helix) ...  atomic Anthropology IRON LADY + IRON MAN project .... An-26,
belonging to the Congress    mouth/LUNG  air carrier

2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 ---->

route message to

2007     ODD   ONE    at An-26 RD site

AGENT identifier 43


Peru = Per + U = Periodic atomic table   

u = uranium nuclear anthropology


Lima Region



Lima Province


Districts 43 districts












Amino Acid and Codon Table 

The DNA codons representing each amino acid are also listed. All 64 possible 3-letter combinations of the DNA coding units T, C, A and G are used either to ...

About; DNA, genes & genomes; Your Human Genome; Genome, health & society .... letters (A, G, C and U), there are 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 different codon combinations.
Thus we see... Peru agent 43  =  4 exponent 3 = 64  ....above DNA equation of codon combinations.
Also, 64 is  a bio-computer doubleword.... suggesting  PERU agent 43  may be  an atomic  double-sgent for the Margaret  Mead nuclear family...atomic social sciences.

We known that  Peru agent 43  ....associated with ..


Districts 43 districts


went to  MIT --> Nature's MITOCHONDRIA  education center in  Cambridge ..in the Quantum State of Mass   ......

Thus an outline of the mystery map  of  Max Planck and Max Plan ..project plan  43?

A summary LIST of some Science War battles and the usage of human agents

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Science war evolution --> Neutron Neuroscience wars --> math integer Internet wars --> biology Blog wars




Today, the world is really a symbolic world.....with physical entities as a secondary structure.
Lets look at Darwin evolution. For millions of years Nature was concerned with physical shape and sizes of various animals, birds, humans, etc ; but, in the last 100 years that aspect has been sort of discontinued.....and Nature has concentrated on human brain symbolic evolution.

Now we think of the symbolic world...as a separate entity ..that we interact with. In this interaction process with math equations and atomic English language...we make additions, modifications,etc. Thus a bi-directional process with Nature's intellect.

In the continuum we exist as intermediates....the human intermediate.
The continuum is perceived in 2 parts: physical and symbolic.

Thus we have a brief continuum outline with:

atomic --> molecular cell biology -->
....................social chemistry humans <-- 
...............................astronomy <--astrophysics

with the above structures embedded in mathematical-physics space /time on EARTH LAB with the North Pole magnetic field LIFE interaction with human Hemoglobin iron proteins.


The modern atomic  English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters – the same letters that are found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet:


Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)




Thus as William Shakespeware stated around year 1600 ..

"The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors"




Examples of continuum CONFLICT messages with human thought ERRORS:

--> Nature's government of DNA nucleotides T,A,G, C
selected biochemistry textbook Major Hasan for the Fort Hood
T,A,G message for the   penTAGon codon.


DNA has 64 codons......thus the DNA military group ...pen.TAG.on is one of 64.
Why are incomplete explanations given by humans about Nature's projects and DNA intellect?

Hence, Nature's expresssion of anger about the DNA role, message, and purpose...and the incorrect social policy messages by universities.
Thus the Darwinian selection of biochemistry MAJOR Hasan for Nature's SCIENCE WAR with the nonsense brain manipulations approved by Washington, D.C. and its biased version of atomic continuum social engineering projects.

--> wave mechanics physics messages by atomic element Na -->
11 protons of the sodium component of  SALT  ..... sodium atomic weight 23 ---> Salt treaty messages for the Navy and the U.S.S Cole tragedy of October 12,2000.
The wave mechanics physics message repeated for the NAVY at Cole Hall, Ocean Classroom in DeKalb, Illinois.


Salt is sodium chloride ..symbol NaCl....with atomic element Mr.Na as the atomic political science representative for the periodic atomic table of life (both physical and symbolic).
We see Nature's intellect express its atomic political science powers with the SALT molecule agent Mr.NaCl. What is the atomic brain .... electron thought ... election process?

In year 1980 we have the brain
electron political decision DEMO with

elect Ron Reagan President of brain electron circuits.
Universities have yet to acknowledge the existence of such brain electron activity and expression....since their thoughts are preoccupied with Hollywood movies, songs and dances, and college football.
Take basketball .....how to dribble ....subset word
......ask an intellectual question ....get a dribble answer.

In year 1992, Margaret Mead nuclear family politics is with agent Mr.NaCl.
Thus we have Salt molecule with inorganic chemistry
President NaCl = North america Clinton.
Universities and scientific societies refuse to help explain this process. They ain't talking with me.

--> Organic chemistry -->social chemistry battle at Virginia TECH with agent Mr.CHO for the organic chemistry government of Nature. The atomic English language agent chosen to represent the EARTH LAB chemistry government of Nature was Mr.CHO --> symbolic life of a textbook with CHO = CH symbol used in Organic chemistry --> CH = Carbon Hydrogen building block O= Organic chemistry.

The American Chemistry Society Organic Division and the Royal Society for Chemistry ....ought recognize existence of REALITY, the Science War casualties, and daily life. Other things exist besides their mouth ORGAN...an organic chemistry device with atomic English nouns/verbs..that has SENT a message ...that is ignored. This is NO trival matter in world affairs.

--> THe base 16 hexadecimal intellectual ERRORS by various groups...

Hence, the CAUSE --> EFFECT on brain judgement errors by agent Matt Anderson representing the Base 16 Hex"FFA" Wisconsin farm organization and their data fields on COMPUTER EARTH system 370 geography.

Also, the CAUSE --> EFFECT on airplane pilots of the Base 16 HEX'FAA' organization and their policy for data space on EARTH. Thus the Runway 26 message of the 26 letters of the English language symbolic life and ...a LEXICON message for Lexington, Kentucy coma people... an message represented by the COMA AIRLINES accident.
Since, Nature can influence human brain decisions..the pilots brains were flipped into accident mode for Nature's DEMO mess/message to Washington,DC.
The Base 16 hexadecimal agency HEX"FAA" and CITIZENS ought learn the basics of EARTH government space/time laws and their interaction with humans who trepass ..the boundaries of mathematical-physics. The 400 year Galileo astronomy math-physics WAR is still in progress.

--> The O = Oxygen molecule social adjustment project by the periodic atomic table government using Darwinian atomic selection of oxygen atomic computer TIME agent: TIM.othy McVeigh(t) --> eigh(t) = 8 oxygen electron LUNG processor. Thus this EARTH LAB human specimen has his atomic brain computer programmed ....with Margaret Mead atomic anthropology behaviorial instructions.

Then the oxygen INTELLECT...having chosen a human specimen for the atomic anthropology war....had to design a OXYGEN mission. To optimize the SIGNAL .....for molecular cell biology professors that have a Signal Recognition Particle (SRP)......oxygen decided to use its atomic features as a DISPLAY of oxygen message processing systems.

Thus we have atomic number 16 OXYGEN with 8 electrons .....thus the design parameter numbers for LIFE and Death of 16 8 at the Federal Building at O= Oxygen breathing location in O = Oklahoma City.
Thus the 16 oxygen 8 EVENT SIGNAL of 168 dead.......
oxygen states that
those SAMPLE SPACE humans were brain dead, physically alive before the EVENT....
and after the tragedy ...they were brain dead, physically dead .


From Nature's view of EARTH LAB......UNCLE SAM implies SAMPLE Space with the year 1865 Lewis Carroll description of guinea-pigs. So this process has been known for over 120 years

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