The Computer Earth system 370 atomic anthropology war with European brain computers and the alien European electromagnetic human LIFE formats.

Europe battle reports - introduction

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Year 2012 provides us with a new view of the European algebraic subsets of the EARTH government with Nature's intellect. Humans and their social structures live on the surface of EARTH Lab .....within the atomic/astrophysics continuum. For practical purposes we have:

atomic level <-- human intermediate --> Solar System level

Together, these various conceptual entities give us a practical view of our daily lives within the continuum. Economic activities, political science, crime, etc can be understood as subset activities within the CONTINUUM frame of reference. Russell and Whitehead outlined this process in year 1910 with their explanation of sets/subsets and classes. Thus Principia Mathematica provided a symbolic architecture for Nature's intellect ...and 100 years later...the math social engineering analysis reports are becoming available.


The reports forthcoming in my various BLOG articles were predicted by Isaac Asimov in " The Foundation" series with mathematician Hari Sheldon. Think of symbolic proper noun --> Hari Sheldon.

Hari Sheldon lives inside the optical nerve.....symbol  data city with the biological data stream feature --> LOOK --> 100k = 100 k bytes of thought data of the CITY of the veloCITY of to serious EYE/ BOOK people ....The Age of Enlightment.



Thus comes into creation a separate optical dimension of symbolic knowledge with the life of math equations and nouns and adjectives. After recognizing the serious Nature of many events and their levels, I became a bio-computer output writer..a messenger ...with messages from the optical  data stream integrated with my studies and research.



Thus we can partially see OS = Optical Spectrum life in OSLO, Norway with their European societal Optical Errors creating an OE = Order Entry situation resulting in an EARTH LAB error messenger with MESSAGE FORMAT expressed by the OS/JCL = Oslo Shooting Job Control Language. European government systems programmers and OSLO OS/JCL social engineering computer analysts are familiar with message processing systems and abends; because, they are so obvious.




  • Job Control Language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This article is about IBM mainframe job control language. ... There are actually two IBM JCLs: one for the operating system lineage that begins with DOS/360 and ...
  • ibm - What is MVS and JCL? - Stack Overflow  ---> see Austin, Texas overflow errors and messenger JOE Stack and his data pipeline Piper airplane.
    May 10, 2012 - MVS is the operating system for the IBM mainframe systems and JCL is the job control language for the mainframe.



But then biological clock year 2000 they failed to upgrade their brain bio-computer with
the Y2K feature --> Y-algebra chromosome 2K data stream capabilities needed by Nature's advanced Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic processor.


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The periodic atomic table SCIENCE WAR casualty reports from Europe and elsewhere . The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family - social anthropology battles in Utoeya and Liege. Citizens and reporters ignore tragic details of science experiments.

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The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.


Therefore some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle/the human atomic feelings expressor/the human atomic messenger.



Atomic social anthropology families are listed in beginning college physics and college chemistry textbooks. The families comprise vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of life and thought. Thus we have the atomic family ... anthropology shootings at EARTH LAB geography sites. Let's look at the periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought ...... and let's identify some atomic elements and their messages to atomic humans at EARTH LAB geography locations.






The above elements describe a few of the atomic anthropology war events.
They will listed in no particular order.




==> The (Li, Be) atomic table shooting battle


was at Liege, Belgium, Europe.




The Lithium and Beryllium atoms are both atomic physical elements and symbolic elements ...with a symbolic life of nouns, adjectives, empirical data, math equations, etc .... that exists in the updated James Joyce DATA STREAM of consciousness and various levels of the EURO (the ancient long-range nEUROtransmiitter system).

The EURO and its secret societal manipulation languages are used by European citizens and their governments for purposes of lies, manipulation, and distortion of mass communications news ..... that is atomic mass communications using television, radio, and print. Thus we have violations of Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family social laws and Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer policies. Universities continue using the banned Carl Jung collective unconsciousness and its song-and-dances.


The (periodic atomic table)  Elements of Style - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cornell University English professor William Strunk, Jr., wrote  ...... (atomic English language ) ...  The Elements of Style in 1918, and privately published it in 1919, for in-house use at the university.



Death Toll Rises After Liège, Belgium - New York Times
Dec 14, 2011 – Francois Lenoir/Reuters. Women lit candles on Wednesday in memory of victims at the site of a gun and grenade attack in Liege, Belgium. ...



Beacuse Norway, Great Britian, and other countries have refused to help research the tragedy at UTOEYA, Oslo, Norway .
UTOEYA --> UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything.
Thus the Norway atomic social science war was extended with atomic human messenger for Nor --> Nordine Amrani.

Liege attacks: Belgian gunman Nordine Amrani had 'grudge against ...

Dec 14, 2011
Liege shooting and grenade attack: previous European incidents in last 10 years. 13 Dec 2011. Belgian ...



Thus we can use the rope of euROPE and the rope tricks or string theory see the
TRUE Nature of the NOR war . Universities deny these tragic events exist as Margaret Mead nuclear family war casualties.

Thus we see the
NOR signal .....

- Northern Ireland in 1980 thru 1995
- Norway tragedy at Utoeya
- Milwaukee policeman Norberg wounded
- Northern Illinois University Cole Hall dead

And thus we see the NOR signal and
the Europe...... igNORe ..... signal.
Thus the sad state of brain awareness in Europe.





The above represents the Fort H atomic battle with the univerities in Texas.
The Margaret Mead atomic anthropology battle at Fort Hood provided empirical data for the University of Texas in nearby Austin.

The university has ignored the Fort Hood shooting and the Janet Reno ....Renormalization physics equation DEATH BATTLE SIGNAL from Waco, Texas at Branch Davidian with David Koresh.

Atomic molecular code Waco symbolizes Wa + co ==> Water compound which contains the elements H = Hydrogen and O = Oxygen ...... which apparently does not exist as an intellectual concept in Texas.



We see a history of Nature's water moelcule messages to human brain cells ....that seem to lack awareness about water molecules unless its in beer, lemonade, soda, or ice cubes for alcoholic drinks. The recent atomic political science history of water -->

In atomic symbols ...we have Fort H = Hydrogen which is
a Major H (Hasan) element of molecular political science ...such as

- President Nixon and the water molecule issue or

- President Clinton and the water travel agency

- Hinckley & Schmitt Bottled Water message with the
shooting at President RON Reagan..... who was elected
as atomic brain electron President ......with Nature's theory of
electron political science
.....ron --> Ron Reagan from California and its universities ...who claim to study electrons and physics AND who invent Hollywood style stories of atomic political science REALITY.




Thus we look at Fort Hood, Texas and DARPA, the advanced projects agency for EARTH LAB milatary molecules ...... thus the chemistry LAB hood represented in
EARTH geography dimensions as Fort ( LAB ) Hood .... this in accordance with Einstein's theory of relative size and position.




Fort H = Hydrogen social science messages AND
Major H = Hydrogen biochemistry from Virginia TECH



Thus consider the atomic element equation:

Fort Ho + od .......ADD
Major H ............GIVING
Ho H + od --> or explained as -->
H o H = Water molecule od = overdos(e)

Thus we have the
H o H = water molecule signal.

Does water exist?

Social science departments at universities are still trying to figure that out.






Above we have symbols Na = Sodium atom AND K = Potassium.
Thus we have Na + K ==>
President North american Kennedy year 1963 assassination.

The atomic number 11 of Na gives the atomic military equation
11th month = N a = Novemeber assassination
..... thus we see the schedule of M-theory of Murder
....that is
atoM uranium 235 isotopes(t) gives stem word
...M ur ..... the atomic anthropology Murder system
...M ur ..... Murdoch publishing then prints the atomic messages ....that is atomic mass communications ( television, radio, or Murdoch publishing the news about atomic ordered deaths).



Thus we see part of the atomic/astrophysics communications continuum and its message processing system.



Theoretical physics can probably explain the system of LIFE or DEATH.

The N= Nitrogen and O= Oxygen atoms ordered the atomic anthropology attack in NO --> NOrway regions of UTOEYA ...a signal that they pay attention and communicate about the SCIENCE WARS and UTOE --> Unified Theory of Everything. The Norwegian government and newspapers deny the existence of Nature's vast project which includes Margaret Mead nuclear family social engineering projects with Nature's limits and controls and feedback systems.





The above elements involve atomic communication bridge problems in Minnesota.

In the EARTH LAB view of events .....
we have the atomic equation is

V + Cr + Mn + Fe + Co =

Minnesota (Quantum State with Minnapolis/St.Paul)
Ferrous oxide atomic bridge


The above transition elements in the table also involve the Northern Illinois University transition ERROR. The periodic atomic table battlefield near FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois provided empirical data for Margaret Mead atomic anthropology experimental design.

The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008, during which Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, United States, killing five before committing suicide

The elements and their significance:

Mn = Man

Fe = Ferrous oxide atom/iron liFE ..... as used in student Hemoglobin proteins

Co = Cobalt and COLE HALL

Ni = Nickel implies NiU --> Northern Ill/sick (Illinoise) universe ...... from the view of Nature's periodic atomic table





The atomic human war equation

Ta + W + Re + Os + Ir gives

Osama bin Laden
......binary base 2 countries
Ir = Iraq and Iran

Thus we have a brief outline of the how the periodic atomic table expresses itself VIA atomic human agents. This is we known in government, university, and SCIENCE magazine cicles.

For example, what does the Islamic religion state about the origins of those people.
Islamic ....word subset letters
....amic --> expanded --> atomic policy expressed VIA human messengers of the Islamic group

What is a CHristian?
CH = Carbon and Hydrogen molecular strcutures chemistry ...and those organic molecules in humanoid format are called or labeled --> CH.ristians.

Thus we see Nature and Darwinian atomic evolution and the evolution of atomic symbolic names to help identify the various social engineering experiments and brain engineering experiments of Nature.






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