The secret social science command languages used by Hollywood and others to control your thoughts

L.Ron Hubbard and Battlefield Earth --> The Skull and Bones Society fails to defend and protect students in Brain Wars. The English department word commands known as the "Death Sentence'' tested in America.

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The secret messages of Darwin selected RD agents

The secret mission of various undercover Science RD agents and groups. The theory of interaction of Nature's forces with the human substrate to become social forces and vectors. Atomic mass communication identifies atomic human agent attributes.








In the above picture we see skulls. This is a major graphic signal ..... about the brain wars on EARTH.



These brain wars occur in different age groups .... in different formats.

For older people, the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer battle is over the bio-computer memory problem..... that is the cannibal brain subroutine that eats bio-computer memory. Canni.bal --> Bal = basic(K) assemblur language.
This is known as Alz(heimer's) disease ..... actually a symbolic disease of the
Alz series --> Alphabet thru Z
Alz series --> Algebra Z complex power series
Alz series --> Algorithms Z






The SKULL graphic picture is a subliminal MIND signal about SKULL problems of citizens, college students, professors, and administrators at the communications BRIDGE universities. The BRIDGE universities are:
- CamBridge University, England
- MIT and Harvard and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in CamBridge, Mass, USA. Thus we ask ....whatBridge, Mass exists in the Nature's plans state of Massachusetts. This will be answered .... when astrophysicists acknowledge the existence of the planet EARTH mass/tons of weight and Nature's EARTH LAB gravitational lenses located at County Road G , railroad tracks near Highway 19 .... Hubble astronomy project at Hubble.TON, Wisconsin.




Bridge universities have a responsibility...which they have neglected ...since they are symbolically in-bred and believe that creative writing class is sufficient to describe REALITY ... despite empirical data and Margaret Mead atomic anthropology models ...that more accurately explain EVENTS. They obviously are notcommunications BRIDGES in the true intellectual sense .... they only communicate with their pals and clubs and groups ..... thus the formation of a GROUP mentality ...while usually okay ...does miss a few things.


The L.RON Hubbard book is a member of the mass communications group (television, radio, movies, print). Now, mass communication is really atomic mass communications. The book is published by Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, CA. Thus the subliminal MIND signal is specific for thecommunications BRIDGE comprised of human brain bio-computers THAT are from the
"Tale of Two Cities' ..... that is the EARTH LAB cities that comprise the 2 cells of the Altantic Ocean salt bridge ..... well known to geologists, geography, and EARTH LAB chemistry professors ...that think big ...using Einstein's theory of relative sizes.



The periodic atomic table government has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT is the atomic,bio-physics structure known as humanoid ... with a possible abstract symbolic brain.

The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.

Therefore some political protests,crimes, accidents, etc. by humans.....are really atomic events ... atomic expressions of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle / the human atomic feelings expressor/ the human atomic messenger.



List of Skull and Bones members - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Thus we have a message ...from Nature and COMPUTER EARTH about bio-CAM = Computer Aided Design of CAM.bodia society ..... using British and American bio-computer technology. There is a program bug.

Universities deny the existence of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and rules ; hence, the killing fields of Cambodia .....
that is the killing DATA FIELDS ......

and now modern killing DATA fIELDS

-> near Evans FIELD HOUSE ....the Cole Hall killings surronded by the DeKalb, Illionis farm land .... that is EARTH farm land ....and EARTH killing farm DATA FIELDS ...and the killing near the FIELD HOUSE in DeKalb. Thus we see new processes of Nature being expressed .... that serious intellectuals ought try to understand.

-> the Base 16 hexadecimal killing of TIME DATA FIELDS onApril 16 at Virginia TECH geography space/time ERROR region

-> the killing Fields in Kill city --> Killeen, Texas at  EARTH LAB  Fort LAB Hood

-> the killing DATA FIELDS in Base 16 HEX'AF" = 175 AF.ghanistan region of Computer Earth


Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale University, was founded in 1832. Until 1971, the organization published annual membership rosters, which were kept ...




Perhaps, the Pentagon and the CIA ought become serious .....and join up with serious intellectuals ....and find out about the relationship between secret societies and world affairs. Newspaper reports accurately desribe the surface veneer of the tragic events....but carefully omit the deeper, secret meanings behind REALITY. These are puzzles that ought be understood .... and Nature has given us some clues .... tragic clues .... data that can help solve world social science PUZZLES.




From the view of world affairs perceived by the IVY League colleges limited VIEW .....
we see how it's political influence has affected world events. Thus we see the extension of intellectual nonsense from the IVY league secret arrogance socities.. ..



Accomplishments of universities .....specialists in brain computer engineering ....especially, Carl JUNG collective unconsciousness brain programming tricks using the student collective group ..for their experiments.
George Orwell and Aldous Huxley warned the world (see Cliff notes or equivalent to understand the Oceania propagandabattle symbolized by oceanography class shooting in Cole Hall).

Nature's ... Cole Hall oceanography SIGNAL was for the U.S.NAVY researchers and the U.S.S.Cole incident of October, 2000. They can't be bothered to examine the possible correlation SIGNAL of wave mechanics ...... but, to their credit .... they do Naval Reasearch using adult females at a beach in summertime or in a bedroom LAB.
However, Nature is more sophisicated and complicated than they can imagine.







The above word equation " Cambodia" --> Cam + bod -->Cambridge student bodies and the inside of their skulls ..... that is .... Nature's judgement VIA the signal Nature sent.

Students and professors can talk and bragg about how brilliant they are ...... but, ultimately Nature's Darwinian atomic brain evolution process is the judge of symbolic brain quality. Now, professors in science and math are very smart and think and work hard ...thus the only explanation is they have been hypnotized by television, etc ....... ..... a secret,subtle process that concerned George Orwell.

Thus the above words "War Cambodia Skulls" ....

via parallel processing /
supersymmetry bio-physics /
mirrors that reflect thought

is symbolic of " WAR Cambridge Skulls with pretense of vast wisdom".

Thus the above empty SKULLS parallel/symbolize the modern university social science, political science, economic classrooms ..... students and the Dark Side school message from Cambodia.





Thus the above classroom PARALLEL to the skulls of Cambodia ..... Nature's evolutionary warning to the education systems BRAVE NEW WORLD social psychology manipulation tricks.




The L.Ron Hubbard book cover provides a clue to the ..... Skull rackets.

The events in Cambodia Asia in 1975 ..... coincide with the start of the increase of Alzheimer's memory HEAD HUNTERS problems ...that is .... Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family with atomic society anthropology .....aromic life and thought inside the atomic brain. Thus the existence of symbolic bio-computer programs inside the brain ... modern brain HEAD HUNTERS of ideas AND modern Harvesters and Gathers of ideas .... that gather brain mathematical-physics ideas and brain symbolic memory ..... consequently the ALZHEIMER'S anthropology brain war.

Brookhaven Labs and their associated universties provided theNobel scientist Raymond Davis living brain as a test specimen for atomic anthropology HEAD HUNTER techniques. He died of Alzheimer's after the cannibal subroutine could not EAT any more brain computer memory.
This brain death of Raymond Davis was then confirmed by the Brookhaven and Georgia TECH university ..... in atomic bio-physics parallel processing DEATH SENTENCE experiments -->

A decision early Tuesday by the state Board of Pardons and Paroles rejecting pleas to halt Davis' execution appears to have all but sealed his fate. The board has the sole authority in Georgia to grant clemency to a condemned inmate.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2002
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2002 was divided, one half jointly toRaymond Davis Jr. and Masatoshi Koshiba "for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, ...

Ray Davis Jr. Wins Nobel Prize in Physics

Oct 8, 2002 – Brookhaven Lab's Raymond Davis Jr. Wins Nobel Prize in Physics. NOTE: Extensive background information on Dr. Davis is located here. ...

Davis' execution appears to have all but sealed his fate. The board has the sole authority in
G -->universal gravitational constant
G -->university grav + itational --> grave invitational
Nobel Laureate Raymond Davis Dies




Davis' execution appears to have all but sealed his fate


Alma mater
University of Maryland and Yale

Davis' execution appears to have all but sealed his fate







Thus we see the chemistry and physics battle in his brain ...that is the symbolic battle of formulas and equations. The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthropology HEAD HUNTERS decided it was time to harvest his symbolic brain memory . Reasearch LABS and univeristies will not help understand and stop this process.

Jun 1, 2006 – Raymond Davis Jr., Nobel Laureate and retired chemist at the U.S. Depart (ment) of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, passed away at ..
Davis,Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Davis JR = Job Region bio-computer social systems
Raymond (Ray) Davis, Jr. (October 14, 1914 – May 31, 2006) was an American chemist, physicist, and Nobel Prize in Physics laureate. ...

Still, Davis' lawyers said they plan to file last-ditch appeals today claiming there remains new evidence that shows Davis was convicted and sentenced to death based on misleading evidence and testimony. "I am utterly shocked and disappointed at the failure of our justice system at all levels to correct a miscarriage of justice," Brian Kammer, one of Davis' attorneys, said.



Thus we see the new evidence that per LEWIS CARROLL is suppressed by Brookhaven and the Department of Energy ...per orders they receive from the citizen community on the bio-computer death system. The bio-computer CLUES we have here are:

- Davis JR = Job Region bio-computer social systems
- passed away at

Suggesting bio-computer science
...the execution in COMPUTER EARTH system 370 JR = Job Region (with the Brookhaven provided Laboratoryspecimen DAVIS,JR.

Davis' execution appears to have all but sealed his fate

Batch processing and JES:
Scenario This program will run as a batch job on OS/JCL. ... Figure 1 shows a JCL procedure that can compile, link-edit andexecute a program. The first step identifies the COBOL compiler, as declared in //COBOL EXEC PGM=IGYCRCTL . The statement ...

Davis' execution appears to have all but sealed his fate

...... Application Runtime for Batch
The use of the Batch Runtime Cobol runtime to trap errors and manage database interaction in Cobol runtime. A complete ... Emulating z/OS JCL Logic and Architecture.
... Tools for managing the execution of jobs. Log file ...



Raymond Davis, JR passed away --> Job Region  bio-computer science

Coding JCL: Data set types and name
Use this summary to determine the type of data set and its corresponding ... Unless another resource is noted in the table, z/OS® MVS™ JCL Reference ... // STEP1 EXEC PGM=CREATE //DD4 DD DSNAME=&&ISDATA(PRIME),DISP=(, PASS), ...
z/OS Sample JCLdocumentation.
z/OS Sample JCL. This chapter contains sample JCL of the jobs referred to in the installation procedure. ... DISP=(OLD,PASS),.// UNIT=(CASS, ... CHANGE THE DATASET NAMES TO SUIT YOUR SITE'S REQUIREMENTS. //*. //COPY EXEC ...

Thus we see the Brookhaven SITE requirements in working with Georgia TECH and the Georgia DEATH SENTENCE for Davis ---> supersymmetry physics includes atomic bio-physics humanoids.




Thus we see Brookhaven Labs and universities and their Margaret Mead atomic human management system. Georgia TECH is also proud of their atomic human political science experiment in Georgia, Russia. Of course, these Georgia TECH humans have superior atomic brains and their brain electron orbitals
have superior thoughts on all of the multi-factedted dimensions of Sartre existentialism. It may impress their spouse ... but Nature is not impressed ...especially when their source of information is the s-orbit and p-orbit of the sport industry .... the atomic football electron equation --> s + P + ort --> s, p orbit. Nice try by Georgia Tech football and Penn State football (Joe Paterno = Job order entry pattern node) ... to fool Nature again.




Georgia TECH and the arrogant citizens of Georgia,United States and their worldwide orders on nuclear family policy -->

Georgia | Death Penalty Information Center
Dec 1, 2011 – In this and other ways, Georgia's death penaltysubverts the Constitution and is further evidence that capital punishment should be abolished. ...

The 20,000 dead in Georgia .....approved by Atlanta, Georgia ... the proud, intellectually superior , braggging citizens and their bragging university analysis of the world REALITY.
Thus we see supersymmtery physics EVENTS and parallel EVENT mirrors on EARTH LAB .... that the universities have covered-up ...consequently the world LIE and consequently LIEGE, Belgium tragedy. Lawyers ought challenge the university arrogance pyramid..



2008 South Ossetia war - Wikipedia, the free

The 2008 South Ossetia War or Georgian War was an armed conflict in August ...... Civil Georgia.

March 29, 2007; ^
Georgia – South Ossetia: conflict ...
Georgian–Ossetian conflict -
The Ossetian–Georgian tensions escalated into a 1991–1992 war which killed some 1000 people. .....

Georgian Civil War - Wikipedia, the free
Main articles: Georgian-Ossetian Conflict, ... The war produced approximately 20000 deaths on ...
Georgian Wars and Conflicts

Feb 12, 2011 – Several Civil Wars and Army rebellions have plagued Georgia since 1989 ... Georgian-South Ossetian Border Clash (July-August, 2004)--16 ...
Perhaps, someday, Jimmy Carter will explain to the world how the Georgia systems work thru-out the world.

As President JCL = Jimmy Carter from the Land of Geo (Georgia) --> we have Computer EARTH government and its system 370 OS/JCL ....with
President JCL = Job Control Language via representative JCL + Jimmy Carter Land, Georgia USA and supersymmetry DEATH SEBNTENCE orders for OS/JCL = OS.setia,Georgia, Russia. Of Course, the most recent Georgia TECH bio-computer DEATH SENTENCE experiment was in year 2011 at OSLO, Norway, Utoeya.

It's a big world .... and since the universities and government LABS don't communicate; lawyers can start and prepare for the modern Franz Kafka " The TRIAL" ..... which would include the Gravity constant violations by G = Government agents with gtavity field/atomic mass interaction in their brain ..... especially, in the state of G = Gravity thought problems --> G = Georgia TECH and their brain mass/ gravity interaction ERRORS of thought. Florida State University of course has North Pole magnetic data field interaction problems with their human iron Hemo.GLOB proteins. Serious symbolic illness down SOUTH in Georgia and Florida.




Thus we consider the English language clue from the book " Battlefield Earth" ...that is the English language and the eye/optical nerve/brain symbolic life of proper nouns, verbs, concepts, and equations ....whose battle was at Virginia TECH and its Department of English BS .... a sample space of the East Coast school systems.



Below, we see the signal of the book cover "Battlefield EARTH" and thre status report on the student amd professor skulls at Ox = Oxygen atomic computer Base 16 LUNG/brain war at OXFORDand and at the Cambodia parallel --> Cambridge university. The people at these schools are so high, superior, and elite ...they don't realize the atomic brain Hierarchy Problem as mentioned by physics. Perhaps, Scientology can help save these universities .... and bring their social sciences and philiosophy back down-to earth.

But then, Scientology has become so elite and superior ....they don't even realize the SCIENCE WARS are occuring. That's what happens ... when people assume that their Central Nervous System 370 brain computer is smarter than all other formats of Nature's expressions. Thus we see the decline of universities and Scientology...for failure to pay attention. Oh, now they pay attention to sports and restaurant menus ... their intellectual focus.

LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

The LEWIS Carroll university experiemnts:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."




We see Nature's signal about the modern sports stadium.


The parallel sports stadium ....Nature's warning signal from CAM.bodia to North America, Europe, etc..


The latest, newest addition to society is STAR TREK symbolic life of proper noun --> DR.McCoy known as BONES we have the Bones Secret Society composed of million of STAR TREK fans ...who have implanted inside their brain ...hidden bio-computer symbolic suboutines ...working for ??????

What is the the Brain bio-computer symbol machine .....  WAR mission?



Serious researchers might wish to compare notes and perhaps engage in joint reseach. The legal system is welcome to join .... to help stop the public policies and the secret societies that claim ....they understand how to run and manage a atomic matheamtical-physics athtropology society like the United States of North America.

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


Star Trek- -- > Deep Space Nine --> The Search. . . .The atomic/astrophysics commucations continuum reveals CLUES to the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family .... secret social anthropology physics LIFE formats at FermiLAB

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The secret languages published by books and magazines control the human mind for their BRAVE NEW WORLD projects.





How to read a book in year 2013!
Examples of the multi-dimensional English language of the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer AND the modern atomic brain with the Lu = Logical Unit = LUNG using the oxygen hexadecimal atomic computer and its base 16 atomic weight. In addition, we have the LINK to the uranium 238 atomic processor with data processing equation 238:
Base 2 exponent 3 = 8 data bits --> 1 byte



Introduction to M-theory - Wikipedia
This was later increased to 11 dimensions based on various interpretations of ... Physicist

M-theory - Wikipedia
In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds that of superstring ...

String theory
String theory is an active research framework in particle physics that attempts to ..... One such theory is the 11-dimensional M-theory, which requires spacetime to ...


Thus we will use applied M-theory --> Mind-theory of atoms
Applied string theory 11 dimensions --> SKU.11



Various books and articles exist on the world of secrets. Theory and data are available in those books and research papers. They are a milestone in understanding the structure of existence; but Nature continues to advance ....and its intellectual messages continue to provide us with clues ..clues needed to understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum and its evolution.

Grand Unified Theory (GUT) includes the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ..... that is atomic social anthropology, atomic political science, atomic social psychology, etc. Hence, the periodic atomic table government and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family VIEW of life.

The human is composed of atoms, math equations and nouns.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms and symbols are the origin of thought.



Given the above perspective .....we can read a paperbook book, watch a movie, talk to our friends, read a newspaper ..... and realize that we probably only understand a few of the messages that are given us. That is good; but, as we get older, we need to be wiser. This is accopmplished in life maintaining a continuous curiosity about basic math, basic genetics, biochemistry, physics, chemistry, etc.

I am talking basics.... like high school education and then going to a college bookstore (or elsewhere ) and buying basic college textbooks in those subjects. Then, in essence, you will have a serious library to keep your mind busy for the remainder of your life. And over the years .....your mind will enjoy the many puzzles presented to it ... that your science amd math knowledge can solve. Everyday life .... and the technical books that you have studied are now within your brain ....awaiting the challenge.

Here is paperback book published in 1994......written by Diane Carey. Thus a example of how the Pentagon, the CIA, research labs, and others ....... have secret messages inside books ......... so obvious ....that it's the LAST Place in the WORLD ...that a spy would look at.

Diane Carey ..... a humanoid constructed of atoms ..... uses her atomic bio-physics brain to reach into the atomic continuum to get TOP SECRET information ...and then she reformats the information for the general public.

She uses her atomic brain protons write proton prose.
In theory , her internal communication path is ..... ..starting with the atomic nucleus of thought .... the atomic message is converted to proton prose format ...then proton prose routed to proteins ...that is the iron myoglobin proteins of her arm/hand muscles ..that write the message on cellulose paper with a ink pen (or equivalent). The iron atom...ferrous oxide atom in her myoglobin proteins converts the original atomic message into STANDARD MODEL physics ...atomic English of the 26 protons of ferrous oxide and its 26 atomic English alphabet letters.

Now, if an author has symbolic diseases inside their spiritual body/brain ....then the message is intercepted in the above process ...and gets distorted. Thus we see the symbolic illness of Virginia TECH students and their language problems ......consequently NATURE orderd the tragic event a social engineering systems feedback signal.

We are all participants in the atomic/ astrophysics continuum. We provide it with input data and we recieve some of its output data. Thus we are biological computer I/O devices. Have been for thousands of years! Today, we have the tools and symbolic knowledge to explain ourselves as subsets embedded in Nature's EARTH LAB. .



Let's look at the paperbook ...and the additional clues it provides.
In this BLOG we focus on the symbolic SCIENCE signals sent to FermiLAB and you ...that is ...
your eye/optical nerve and your brain optical computer system. You are just a substrate; a human carrier for the optical data processing systems of the bio-computer WORLD.



Pages and pages of messages, below.


--> Jem = J.Clerk Maxwell em (electromagnetic) equations

Do you work in the Chicago area as an
employee clerk in a university office? Subset-->
em.......clerk ......then you are an
electromagnetic LIFE form with the
J.Clerk Maxwell equations of Maxwell Street/Halstead area of year 1960.



--> on the command tower = the FermiLAB periodic atomic table command tower with experimental structures labeled: atomic humans.

These EARTH LAB specimens have symbolic data procesing features.

Their advanced bio-computers function at FermiLAB, Batavia, Illi nois(e) ....
one of Nature's many projects on EARTH LAB.







--> Major Kira Nerys = Principle quantum number K thru N

Major K .... N
...or --> Major orbit shells



--> twenty-three alpha


--> 16 baker = Base 16 hexadecimal with Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes and Watson ...
that is IBM TOM Watson Labs ..who will not help explain the

- Base 16 April 16 HEX shotings at Virginia TECH

- Base 16 and 8 data bits ERROR = 168 dead at
base 16 location Hex'Fe' = 254 Federal building CAD experiments.
That is CAD = Computer Aided Design of human CAD.avers with
abend CODE --> OC7 = Oklahoma City AND
their bull-story DATA EXCEPTION ABEND

- Miles = 3 Mile-Island message for 3M coproration scientists in
the TWIN CITIES area. Message 3 repeated with the I-35 W communications bridge collapse.
Minnesota universities and companies
ought pay attention to SCIENCE WAR events in their region.



Translation ....

Bajor --> Batavia job region

odds in --> two words --> odds sin --> probability of the wave function (sin waves) with the Fermi-Dirac
Fermi-Direc --> Director the odd/probability of atomic life = one

They have yet to discover Margaret Mead atomic anthropology.




--> snaggletoothed Ferengi = a communications problem/ snaggle/ of the 32 bio-computer word teeth/output verbal device known as the mouth of Ferengi = FermiLAB engineering.
The problem is regarding Margaret Mead nuclear family.

Atomic social engineering is never mentioned as part of the Hierarchy Problem.

The C.P. Snow physics lecture on "Two Cultures" is never considered as a factor in
CP violations.

The atomic EARTH LAB battle/fighting in Sy = Syria by atomic humanois is never considered part of sysmmetry physics or symmetry breaking.

Spontaneous symmetry breaking From Wikipedia

Spontaneous symmetry breaking is a spontaneous process by which a system in a symmetrical state ends up in an asymmetrical state.




Thus atomic EARTH and the state of SY = Syria breaking --> Physics anthropology news ..the Margaret Mead nuclear family war zone with the Office of Science violations of atomic diplomacy.

News for syria fighting
Syrian forces mass outside rebel stronghold

USA TODAYý - 2 hours ago
By Bulent Kilic, AFP/Getty Images Free Syrian Army fighters stand guard in Idlib, Syria, on Monday. By Bulent Kilic, AFP/Getty Images Free Syrian Army ...2561 related articlesVideo: McCain: Syria is a "world's community problem"
CBS News

--> u 2 --> Uranium 238 music group ...atomic output message processing

--> I might add .....I = Isotopes of uranium 23? --> around 235 and 238




--> Odo a lower life-form (relative to North America map.... he comes from the lower geography region of South America.
Specifically, the climate region of Computer EARTH system 370 BAL CLI instruction test.
Climate --> CLI Lima test --> Compare Logical Immediate

--> Odo (Oddone) ..completely different, not on the line of evolution
Pier Oddone, in Peru ...was near the Charles Darwinian region of atomic EARTH LAB ... ..known as the Galapagos Islands. Thus the start of his symbolic brain evolution ...and now he is at the other end of the evolutionary path near ST. Charles (Darwin), Illinois.



--> Kira Nerys .....subset letters
.....iran --> Iran = Independent random variables

Persian Gulf region ...atomic map
Per = Periodic atomic table elments of life LINK
Peru = Per + U = periodic table element Uranium ......and its Margaret Mead atomic humanoid agent of the Andes Mountains region --> EARTH atomic language

Andes = An + des = Atomic number destiny ...

In addition, the
Persian Gulf atomic EARTH anthropology war zone code

baghDAD,IRAq .....subset alphabet letters .....
......DIRA q +
Paul DIRAC q-independent random variables
with year 2006 linear algebra math agent for
...rice secretary of State
Universities and research labs do NOT recognize the existence of math life and its expressions ...even thou its been around for millions of years.
Does Nature exist?
The current theory at universities is that humans built the universe and everthing in existence...such is the extent of ego bragging in the Carl Jung collective unconsciouness of the university collective groups of students/ professors. No balancing publlic statements are made.


--> solids --> Polish Solidarity Movement and
Chicago Polish-American math and science --> Solid-state physics

Polish ship yards (iron ships) in 2 formats:

- floating on water molecules in Lake Michigan
OR floating point numbers in the magnetic field ..the messenger ferry ....the communications ferry of ferr (ferrous oxide atoms) at Fe = FermiLAB interaction location of iron Hemoglobin proteins .....Nature's test specimens in self-awareness.






--> Two synthales = two syntax English languages...hence the atomic English language wars

- Virginia TECH English class arrogance problems

- Northern Illinois University COLE HALL propagnada war with the shooting over George Orwell book 1984 OCEANIA (event in oceanography class)





--> CHAPTER 16
CHAPTER = CHA + A + PTER --> Chicago Housing Authority + Atomic Pointer with the oxygen atomic computer base 16 LU = LUNG = Logical Units .....humanoids ...

Thus we have the CHA physics undercover agent located in the heart of CHA atomic anthropology RD ..which is the Illi.nois(e) Institute of Technology


Below is Odo ....that is the theoretical atomic communications continuum alter ego of Oddone ....


Born in Peru, Oddone earned his bachelor's degree in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1965 and a PhD in Physics from Princeton University in 1970.

Thus we have Pier Oddone studying atomic MITOSIS at MIT.
At Princeton in year 1970 ......written as --> 1370 (with 3 having exponent 2 = 9 ) .....we have his LINK to the special physics number 137 and his atomic bio-physics thermodynamics identifier of 37 degrees Celsius.

Now in year 2011 and 2012 ..he maintains his atomic EARTH subliminal MIND relationship with Princeton VIA atomic EARTH base in Milwaukee ....that is Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and its application with Princeton Field Base ..... I'sorry ..that's
Princeton Base BAL field ... we need the factor
Princetom Land Baseball FIELD theory ...correction needed ..
Prince Fielder BaseBall DATA FIELD in EARTH LAB Milwaukee



Princeton, New Cotton Jersey does't pay attention to Grand Unified Theory applications, yet.



Thus we have CLUES to the EARTH LAB puzzle and the 11-dimensions of puppet string theory physics ...such as the marionette theater ...sodium atom signal 23 and the death of SAM Hengel at
Marionette High Scool in
Marinette, Wisconsin.





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


Books, paperbacks, magazines , newspapers --> intoduction

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The secret languages published by books and magazines control the human mind for their BRAVE NEW WORLD projects


Mass communications is composed of television, radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, books, graphic arts, etc. For atomic physics scientists and atomic chemistry researchers ...... mass communications is really atomic mass communications VIA television and publishing, etc.

The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family expressee its thoughts VIA mass communications.

Thus proton atomic mass writes prose VIA an atomic bio-physics humanoid output writer.

Neutron atomic mass writes news events VIA neutron agent ...labeled newspaper reporters.
The most famous neutron battle of atomic humans was at the WEST Side mall ( the astrophysics parallel to DAMTP, WEST Road, Cambridge, England). The neutron battle of Margaret Mead atomic anthropology took place in Omaha, NE = Neutrons of Nebraska. The universities in the Nebraska and the surrounding quantum states ..... can be asked for details of the tragedy ....... and how the atomic message processing experiment was designed.






Thus we see how the atomic particles within Leon Lederman helped write the physics book "The GOD Particle".

The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question ...,...
The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question? is a 1993 popular science book by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon M. Lederman and ...
The God Particle
Author(s) Leon M. Lederman, with Dick Teresi
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Physics
Publisher Dell Publishing
Publication date 1993
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)




The next expected book of that stomic publishing project of Nature
the Chicago Polish physics enhancement
" The GODZIN Particle"
. But, Chicago has no Polish scientists or Polish engineers that have curosity about such matters. But, they are curious about Polish restaurants and Polish nightclubs.

For example, to study the electron circuit impedance in adult atomic bio-physics females with electron brain circuits ....... Polish college graduates in electronics and physics go to a dance club ..... a good source of data
They have yet to write about their SECRET research projects that take place on Milwaukee Avenue ...North Side of Chicago.

Physics and chemistry students do bio-physics electron shell studies on electron strcutures labeled human. Their Earth Lab research site is the SHELL hydrocarbon station at Milwaukee and Belmont... near Pulsaki Avenue (see Star Trek books about the character Dr.Pulaski and the secret codes of the Chicago Polish secret societies. 




Godzin - Polish - English Translation and Examples
godzin, Check, English, Polish, Translation

Einstein's theory of relative views and expressions of Nature's systems architecture




Additional SCIENCE WAR subjects are listed on the above TOOLBAR on your computer screen.
You may CLICK on those NOUNS for access.




CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


University of Texas Clock Tower shooting , Fort Hood shooting and Cavendish Labs secret atomic DNA time WAR exposed by Agatha Christie book: The Clocks.

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Symbols.... words and equation are life forms. What messages do they send?




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Agatha Christie wrote book: The Clocks ...a Hercule Poirot Murder Mystery.....with clues to the Margaret Mead atomic anthroplogy murders in the TEXAS .....Science War Zone.






While the SCIENCE WARS acquired their official name around 1990......many murders and accidents before 1990 can be understood using modern SCIENCE WAR analysis techniques.....applicable to the modern atomic social anthroplogy war that affects our daily lives and our daily --> LIFE or DEATH.
Virginia TECH was a DEMO of the brain manipulation TECHNOLOGY WARS....a variant equivalent to the SCIENCE WARS.

The Agatha Christie paperback book I have was copyright in 1963, first printing 1965 by POCKET BOOKS, and my book copy says COVER ART copyright 1986.

--> The back of the purple cover states:
Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?




--> page 1
At the Cavendish (Secret) Secretarial and Typewriting Bureau .....

with the symbolic SIGNALS in books written by the -->
Symbol  Universe of nouns, equations, formula
ypewriting Bureau

science/math author agents of Nature's designed
central nervous system 370 abstract brain computer -->

The central address for Universe business is
the central address for University (data) bus (business):

University of Cam.BRIDGE (Communications bridge)
The Old Schools,
Trinity Lane,
Cambridge CB2 1TN

--> Cavendish and DAMTP Books like:

The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA (9780743216302): James D. Watson: Books.

A Brief History of Time - Stephen W. Hawking - Quotes. ... if one sets aside for a moment the rotation of the earth and its orbit round the sun



Thus we have the clues to astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) astrophysics DNA 4 nucleotides and space/ information on the structure of space/time of the living EARTH cell and its subset human structures. Humans have biological clocks..and the Y2K brain computer failure of YEAR a failure due to deliberate neglect of brain symbolic computer input data requirements and quality control standards.




Now we look at COMPUTER EARTH system 370 project the TIME MACHINE...whose project description was printed in year 1895 by H.G.Wells.

Then the Base 16 hexadecimal ..TIME COMPUTER repair manual was written by George Orwell with the equation:
1984 + base 16 hexadecimal = the Year 2000.....Y2k project of the brain bio-computer..... over 6 billion people deny its existence.



Given that background setting we have
the Agnatha Christie book "The CLOCKS" first printing 1965.

--> The back of the purple cover states:
Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?

This refers to the Cavendish Labs four DNA nucleotide clocks with Watson and Crick.





The 1965 book message was distributed thru-out the world by the publishing industry
....and we have the 1966 DNA repsonse using Charles Darwin selection of 2 elements:

1) a geography location on the surface of the living EARTH cell --> such as the Texas CLOCK surrounded by intellectuals ...who claim to be able to tell
TIME in gravity year 1966 with G = 6.6 x 10 exponent -11.



2) Charles Darwin selection of a obvious SIGNAL...Charles as in Charles Whitman.

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University Of Texas Clock Tower Shooting 1st Campus Shooter, 1966 ...

Charles Whitman: The Texas Bell Tower Sniper — Lost Innocence ...

Ex-Marine Charles Joseph Whitman, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, went on a shooting spree that began around midnight on August 1, 1966, with ...

The Clocks (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Clocks is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 7 November 1963 and in the US by Dodd, ...


University of Texas Shooting, 1966: Gunman Charles Whitman Kills 14, ...

How many protons neutrons and electrons does nitrogen 14 have ...







Since TEXAS Citizens have such difficulty with understanding simple concepts like MOTHER NATURE and Earth Lab space/time ...the message was repeated at Fort HOOD Texas in Novemebr 2009.

We have the TEXAS and Pentagon brain signals ....

Fort HO --> Hour
Soldier READ Center --> Read some pages in a biochemistry DNA Textbooks with Major Hasan some pages in the Agntha Christie Book " The Clocks"





--> The back of the purple cover states:


Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?

Thus DNA TIME military Fo.rt
--> Fo + Rt = Four (DNA) Route --> 13 dead precisely.

The month of NOVE (November) reminds one of the NOVEL -> The Clocks and other books ...

like genetics, molecular cell biology descriptions of the
existence of 4 DNA nucleotides.......
3 such nucleotides are T,A,G ........
such as in the DNA experimental group pen.TAG.on.

Washington,DC and universities ought recoginize that DNA social science signals exist. Those thinkers recognize restaurant MENU signals ......perhaps, they could try some other TRAIN of Thought ...about what's happening in world affairs.

Know THYself ...states THY LORD....the Thyroid Gland and its social science policies....that are mis-understood.

Magnum PI television, FermiLAB, and the Chicago Navy Pier electromagnetic wave component of the SCIENCE WARS

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The atomic mass expresses itself thru mass communications systems such as movies, television, radio,newspapers, magazines, and the INTERNET. EARTH LAB has various expressions of atoms and mathematical structures.
A cellulose OAK tree is such a structure,
Computer Earth system 370 has Nature's   BALD Eagle for Basic Assembler Language version D for  bird watchers, etc.

A modern expression of atoms and mathematical structures is the composite EARTH LAB experimental specimen labeled: HUMAN with a symbolic computer. This atomic bio-physics processor is amendable to Nature's research projects. The atomic computer INTELLECT processor has atomic bio-physics output writers in Hollywood that prepare atomic report scripts.

Thus lets look as an outline of the messages broadcast by TV show: Magnum PI
actor: ATOM   Shell human name
..........TOM   S  ell eck


Magnum, P.I. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_P.I.
Magnum, P.I. is an American television series starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator living on Oahu, Hawaii. The series ran from 1980 ...





--> the North Pole magnetic field..flow lines interact with the human IRON hemoglobin and its protein societal thoughts.






The magnetic field flow lines.....(a curious magnetic LIFE format) .... had a desire to learn about floating point numbers (scientific notation) used by engineering students with FORTRAN computer language. Thus the Darwinian adaption of Fortran floating point numbers from a copper wire computer Fortan floating point numbers in the magnetic field-->
hence the word ..... Magnum --> Mag + num --> Earth geo-physics magnetic NUMBERS of the North/South pole and the Earth iron core with its 26 proton 26 atomic English alphabet.


Why Magnum PI? Well, Nature is trying to send a message to a
leading FER --> Ferrous oxide atomic research location; supposedly
named FER = in.FER thought --> Ferrous oxide atomic language
thougths at FER.miLAB.



Thus the magnetic FERRY secret communications method.
Such is not the case. None the less...the message exists:


Magnum PI -->
Magnetic Numbers Pi = Pier O --> Chicago Circle Campus -->
original campus at Navy Pier with wave mechanics of Lake Michigan.


Update needed by Nature ....waiting in year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012,2013.
What is status of the project?

Why the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology ...wave mechanics battle at OCEAN Class at Cole Hall, DeKalb?

Such are the subtle messages of atomic mass communications via mass media: television, radio, print?

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