Dr. NO --> Nitrogen Oxygen molecular social bonds with James BOND and organic chemistry bond messages.

The island of DR.NO ---> Norway. The European movie shooting of the Ian Fleming script DR.NO at Utoeya Island accidently results in shooting molecular bio-child actors. Organic chemistry --> social chemistry.

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Utoeya --> the Island of Dr.NO

The Ian Fleming molecular social BOND expression script.


RD-blog-661 by Herb Zinser



Frontier Orbitals & Organic Chemical Reactions by Ian Fleming 
Frontier Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions –
Trade paperback (1991) by Ian Fleming.
John Wiley & ...
Chemical Reactions Author: Ian Fleming
Social Chemistry Reactions Author: Ian Fleming


giving supersymmetry physics message structures /
parallel processing information output methods


Molecular orbitals and organic chemical reactions (Google eBook)

Symbol and message processing EVOLUTION ..

Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming
Ian fleming
Dr. No Dr. No may refer to:
Dr. No (novel), the 1958 James Bond novel by Ian Fleming;
Dr. No (film) (1962), the first James Bond film, with Sean Connery
in the lead role ...
Ian Fleming - Wikipedia

Dr No was followed by From Russia with Love (1963), with twice the budget of ...
Doctor No (James Bond Novels) ...




Dr. No (film) Wikipedia,Jump to: navigation,
Dr. No

American Dr. No film poster designed by Mitchell Hooks with 007 logo designed by Joseph Caroff
Directed by Terence Young
Produced by Harry Saltzman
Albert R. Broccoli
Written by Ian Fleming (molecule  SYMBOL thought.... expression system)



Screenplay by Richard Maibaum


Johanna Harwood
Berkely Mather
Starring Sean Connery
Joseph Wiseman
Ursula Andress
Jack Lord
John Kitzmiller
Music by Monty Norman
Cinematography Ted Moore
Editing by Peter R. Hunt
Studio Eon Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) 5 October 1962 (1962-10-05)
Running time 109 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Budget $1 million
Box office $59.6 million

Dr. No is a 1962 spy film, starring Sean Connery; it is the first James Bond film. Based on the 1958 Ian Fleming novel of the same name, it was adapted by Richard Maibaum, Johanna Harwood, and Berkely Mather and was directed by Terence Young. The film was produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli, a partnership that would continue until 1975.

In the film, James Bond is sent to Jamaica on an investigation into the death of a fellow British agent. The murder trail leads him to the underground base of Dr. Julius No, who is plotting to disrupt an early American manned space launch with a radio beam weapon. Although the first of the Bond books to be made into a film, Dr. No was not the first of Fleming's novels, Casino Royale being the debut for the character; however, the film makes a few references to threads from earlier books.



The Norwegian Social Chemistry Theater - live performance in year 2011



DR.NO UTOE --> Unified Theory of Everything

The Sceptical Chymist: Reactions - Ian Fleming
Jul 3, 2009 – Ian Fleming is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Chemistry ... He is best known as a pioneer in applying organosilicon chemistry to control ... Organic Chemical Reactions, with less emphasis on the
Frontier Orbitals. ...
Frontier Orbitals
Frontier Orbitals
Frontier Orbitals
Frontier Orbitals
....tier Orbitals and FermiLAB Hierarachy Problem
....tier Orbitals and OS = Office of Science problem
....tear orbitals of..OSLO and their UTOE tragedy
....tear orbitals of..OSLO bias in the SCIENCE WARS



................ways and choices

Plot John Strangways,
the British Intelligence (SIS) Station Chief in Jamaica, is ambushed and killed, and his body taken by a trio of assassins known as the "Three Blind Mice". In response, MI6 agent  James Bond – Agent 007, often referred to simply as "Double-oh-seven" – is summoned to the office of his superior, M. Bond is briefed to investigate Strangways' disappearance and to determine whether it is related to his cooperation with the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on a case involving the disruption of Cape Canaveral rocket launches by radio jamming.

==> Translate above atomic words...
Blind and Double-oh-seven --> a Double Blind Statistical experiment

MI6 --> Fer.MI.lab level 6 physics (Hierarchy Problem) at BAT CAVE .....the hybrid physics intellectual level comprised of the synergistic merger of the James Joyce streams of consciousness of Batavia, Illinois and Cavendish Labs. Thusbond together the atomic symbolic information data streams....giving James Bond

Agent 007 --> 7 elctron orbitals of Nitrogen air ..symbol N --> input into the N= Noses of N= Norway for the N= Nobel Nose scientist projects.

CIA --> math life secret agents called
mathemati.cians with their subset attribute
...........cia n-space



Upon his arrival at Kingston Airport, a female photographer tries to take Bond's picture and he is shadowed from the airport by two men. He is picked up by a chauffeur, whom Bond determines to be an enemy agent. Bond instructs him to leave the main road and, after a brief fight, Bond starts to interrogate the driver, who then kills himself with a cyanide-embedded cigarette.

--> above keywords
Bond driver --> molecular bond..... processing computer... subroutine driver




During his investigation in Strangways' house Bond sees a photograph of a boatman with Strangways. Bond locates the boatman, named Quarrel, but finds him to be un-cooperative.Bond also recognises Quarrel to have been the driver of the car that followed him from the airport. Bond follows Quarrel and is about to be beaten by him and a friend when the fight is interrupted by the second man who followed Bond from the airport: he reveals himself to be CIA agent Felix Leiter and explains that not only are the two agents on the same mission, but also that Quarrel is helping Leiter. The CIA has traced the mysterious radio jamming of American rockets to the vicinity of Jamaica, but aerial photography cannot determine the exact location of its origin. Quarrel reveals that he has been guiding Strangways around the nearby islands to collect mineral samples. He also talks about the reclusive Dr. No, who owns the island of Crab Key, on which there is a bauxite mine: the island, and mine, are rigorously protected against trespassers by an armed security force and radar.

--> above keywords

-Quarrel --> Quantum array elements

-molecular BOND recognizes Quantum array elements

-organic chemistry subroutine driver of carbon atoms

-IBM Base 2 binary agents for math complex power series ZZ

-DR.NORWAY who owns the island of
UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything
UTOEYA Island quantum physics anthropology quarrel



During a search of Strangways' house, Bond found a receipt, signed by Professor R. J. Dent, concerning rock samples. Bond meets with Dent who says he assayed the samples for Strangways and determined them to be ordinary rocks. This visit makes Dent wary and he takes a boat to Crab Key where Dr. No expresses displeasure at Dent's failure to kill Bond and orders him to try again, this time with a large venomous spider. Bond survives and after a final attempt on his life, sets a trap for Dent, whom he captures, interrogates and then kills.

Having detected radioactive traces in Quarrel's boat, where Strangways' mineral samples had been, Bond convinces a reluctant Quarrel to take him to Crab Key. There Bond meets the beautiful Honey Ryder, dressed only in a white bikini, who is collecting shells. At first she is suspicious of Bond but soon decides to help him, leading them all inland to an open swamp. After nightfall they are attacked by the legendary "dragon" of Crab Key which turns out to be a flame-throwing armoured tractor. In the resulting gun battle, Quarrel is incinerated by the flame-thrower whilst Bond and Honey are taken prisoner. Bond and Honey are decontaminated and taken to quarters before being drugged.

-->above keyword

Electron shells send BULLET.in
messages VIA atomic elctron bullet shells


 who is collecting shells

 who is collecting shells



who is collecting shells







Upon waking they are escorted to dine with Dr. No. He reveals that he is a member of SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion)and plans to disrupt the Project Mercury space launch from Cape Canaveral with his atomic-powered radio beam. After dinner Honey is taken away and Bond is beaten by the guards.

--> keyword clues and possiblilties
DR.NO --> DR.Norway and their Carl Jung collective unconsciousness citizen groups thoughts
Bond is imprisoned in abut manages to escape through a vent. Disguised as a worker, Bond finds his way to the control centre, a multi-level room full of high-tech instrumentation with an atomic reactor set into the floor, overseen by Dr. No from a command console. Bond overloads the nuclear reactor just as the American rocket is about to take off. Hand-to-hand combat ensues between Bond and Dr. No; the scientist is pushed into the reactor's cooling vat, in which he boils to death. Bond finds Honey and the two escape in a boat just as the entire lair exp

--> SIGNAL --> molecular cell biology professors ......brain cell prisons

Galileo Base 2 escape
(year 1632 Book:Two Chief World IBM Systems) VIA
EARTH geography VIKING ship (Longboat Key,Florida)


Thus we have the atomic mass of protons, neutrons ......giving proton prose and neutron news that is then distributed by mass communication media such as television, newspapers, etc. Thus mass communications is really atomic mass communications VIA an atomic human messenger ...and atomic bio-physics bio-computer output device with base 2 binary arms and base 2 binary eyes....such as those communications structures labeled: authors, writers, newspaper reporters.

Thus Ian Fleming shows us that atomic humans can also be viewed as organic molecular structures. The origin of human thought and ideas is REALLY at the organic molecule level ...and those moleclues also engage in social chemistry VIA a vehicle, a molecular expressor agent with EARTH LAB laboratory label: humanoid.


Molecular bond ---> social chemistry thoughts and messages of atoms / molecules


The communications BRIDGE of  CamBRIDGE  ... and its year 2013 failure to communicate. 




Thus the ideal Lewis Carroll 2-legged guinea-pig specimen group for the supersymmetry physics EARTH LAB social laboratory experiments in communication theory, awareness, feedback signals with the TEST for intellectually arrogant citizens in the political sciences and social sciences.


Who Stole the Tarts? | Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis ...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll .... Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. ... 'I've so often read in the newspapers, at the end of trials, "There was some attempts at ...

Thus the symmetry WAR with TEST for
Norway Labor Party
Norway Laboatory Part of atomic social anthropology and organic social chemistry theater.

Dr.OS and Dr.NO visit OSLO, NORWAY ---> The Drosophila melanogaster region revealed by UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything physics battle at UTOEYA. The atomic English language of book "The Lord of Flies" island at Utoeya.

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Norway intellectual errors result in Science War casualties. Europe ignores the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology war





Previous blogs have explained the background of EARTH LAB within the context of the SYMBOLIC UNIVERSE of vowels A,E,I,O,U ..... and Base 16 mathematical-physics Earth Lab SPACE data fields and TIME data fields.

Vowels ..... I/O U --> Input / Output Universe on EARTH with the well-known base 16 hexadecimal VOMPUTER EARTH address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 


These blogs are components of EARTH government Theory of Everything which includes algebraic subset humans and their Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family .....anthropological institutions like school systems, DATA BUS business structures, and governments that moniter the visible practical affairs of daily life.



A review of some blog keywords::

- The Atomic English Language Science Wars
- Herb Zinser's analysis of the symbolic brain science wars
- English language anthropology WAR
- Lewis Carroll and the Virginia TECH student experiments
- The Lord of Flies......atomic language SCIENCE WAR in Drosophila region of OOCYTE --> OOC --> Oklahoma, Oklahoma City




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Lord of the Flies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lord of the Flies is a novel by Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding about a group of British schoolboys stuck on a deserted island who try to govern ... 







The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) is an interesting planet. There are many mysteries. That is why books with titles: The Invisible MAN, The TIME Machine, etc.....are trying to say.....some indirect,hidden process exists.....that can become visible with a lot of thought and research. Physics labs successfully use this process to study atoms and their attributes.
Lets look at something that affects our LIFE SPAN...our biological clock.
The English language has a phrase....familiar to many.....and its common usage is described as:

-->Phrase time flies (when you're having fun)
Fig. time passes very quickly. (From the Latin tempus fugit.) I didn't really think it was so late when the party ended. Doesn't time fly?
Time simply flew while the old friends exchanged news.
See also: flies, time
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc
These TIME FLIES signals are:

1931 INSECT SIGNAL --> Salavdor Dali painting Persistence of Memory with ants/flies/insects..considered one equivalence group.
Insects crawling over the watch suggest death and decay, the never ending cycle with life. Salvador Dali: Persistance of Memory Persistence of Memory ...


1943 Drosphilia egg SIGNAL for humans --> Salvador Dali
Salvador, seriously - Impressions Aug 13, 2008 ... Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man (1943). Salvador Dali's eccentricities cast a shadow over his genius as an artist in ... by Dali in which a fully grown naked man is struggling to break out of an egg




Additional SIGNALS from NATURE:

The Metamorphosis - Wikipedia, Year 1915 .... The Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung) is a novella by Franz Kafka, ... Gregor Samsa wakes up to find that he has been transformed into a giant insect.
His family, however, cannot believe that the bug is Gregor and shoves him back ...



Now, in year 2011 we understand the message in the context of the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer ...
and the brain COBOL computer language programming BUG.....a symbolic brain problem for billions of humans. Specifically, every human computer programmer knows
the brain computer CODE: the BUG is Gregor --> Gregor = General registers O orders. Corporations and universities refuse to FIX this Base 16 HEX BUG...hence, the Virginia TECH April 16 cortex computer ....COBOL ENGLISH computer language shooting.
Thus Mother Nature's SIGNALS:

--> year 1843 CD = Charles Dickens code Human BUG(Hum.BUG)
and year 1843 CD = Charles Darwin parallel evolution research
--> year 1915 Franz Kafka the Metamorposis and the parallel
--> year 1931 Salvador Dali Time insects

Below  we see the EARTH geography space/time configuration regions of South Arica and Africa .....geo-time ....TIME CONTINENTS with time insects of the Southern Hemisphere.



--> year 1943 Salvador Dali --> Drosphhilia human EGG

Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man (1943)

Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man is a 1943 painting by Salvador Dalí. The painting was done during Dalí's stay in the United States during ...


-Scholarly articles for drosophila metamorphosis ecdysone signaling
-cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis - Baehrecke Flies on steroids-
-roles for ecdysone signaling during Drosophila mid- … - Kozlova Search Results Ecdysone signaling cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis.by EH Baehrecke - 1996
- Ecdysone signaling cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis. Baehrecke EH. Center for Agricultural Biotechnology, University of Maryland ..

--> year 1963 Kennedy/OSwald --> Dr.OS/JCL brain computer science agent OSWALD

--> year 1995 Base 16 HEX/curse of Hex'Fe' = 254 Federal Building ... brain computer science manipulation errors in CAD = human CAD.avers.
The Base 16 (8 data bits = 1 byte) -->
gives Oklahoma 16 8 dead at the computer brain WAR.






Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible

Thus the Lord of Flies alphabet equation:

DR = DisasteR ..... OS = Oklahoma State tragedy
giving DROS as in DROS.phila flies in the symbolic brain ...
otherwise known as inaccurate or incomplete thoughts...
or nonsense thoughts that FLY around ......despite the availabilty of more detailed information in college science and math libraries .



Parallel processing SIGNAL from Nature ......the SCIENCE WAR

--> year 1943 Salvador Dali --> Drosphhilia human EGG
--> year 1995 Oklahoma City tragedy SIGNAL to biology

Developmental Biology Online:
Fertilization in Drosophila can only occur in the region of the oocyte that will become the anterior of the embryo.
-->Fertilization of Drosophila occur in region of oocyte
-->Fertilzer........TIME Flies....Earth region of ooc

OOC is Oklahoma, Oklahoma City ..oocyte HUMAN war zone





Thus we come to the ISLAND and Oslo,Norway.



Lord of the Flies by William Golding -
A Homework Online Study ... -
Here we have interpreted Lord of the Flies and explained it using concise chapter summaries ... Plus, a description of the island, and the time period of the novel. ...



Lord Of The Flies by William Golding
Lord of the Flies Project Site (Major) by Andy Ong (3/22/99) ...
The island setting for Lord of the Flies and the names Ralph, Jack, and Simon have been taken from Coral Island. ... Character Analysis - Discussion About the Main Characters ...




Lord of the Flies Study Guide
Nov 12, 1998 – Lord of the Flies takes place on an island, which Golding never gives an exact location. Although he does not tell us where the island is,




Lord Of The Flies Description
Lord Of The Flies Description -
Setting The story takes place on an island somewhere in the ocean. The island  is described by the author as tropical and boat




==> ISLAND example 1

Thus we see the modern interpretion of REALTY thru the Virginia TECH univerity ENGLISH Department and their EAST Coast univerity intellectual supremacy song and dance.
The Virginia TECH campus is like a symbolic, intellectual ISLAND.

The atomic English language of the 26 atomic protons and the 26 English alphabet letters of ferrous oxide atom is in the iron component myoglobin arm muscles ..... along with the Base 16 hexadecimal oxygen storage ..also, found in the myoglobin proteins ...that helped reveal the VIRGINIA TECH language arrogance and the EAST Coast incomplete news version of the tragedy........a TRAGEDY of ERRORS. Nathaniel Hawthorne, Lewis Carroll, Russell/Whitehead, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley provided many clues to the SECRET language societies and their word commands and swithing things around of the symbolic maps inside the brain.

University matketing departments and their Madison Avenue friends with citizen/government approval.....think that a consumer economy is still OKAY when brain memnory cells are consumed by word commands issued and broadcast on televsion. The entire process is known as Alzheimer's brain computer cannibal subroutines.....well known at Brookhaven Labs and their televison RAY test specimen known as human (Ray Data Vision) with proper noun label: Raymond Davis. The NOBEL SCIENCE test was extended with Travis Zoellick ....Travis Zoe = Trap Vision Z order entry ....agent in Watertown, Wisconsin......who was sent the wrong commands of this new, experimental VIRGIN TECHNOLOGY of brain manipulation programming.

Thus the VITGINIA TECH lesson in intellectual supremacy over NATURE's intellect.
The LORD of FLIES at the campus, a symbolic ISLAND, becomes

The LORD of Base 16 HEX'F'Lies .....EVENT of April 16,2007


Hence, Virginia TECH brain computer science results in
bio-CAD = bio-Computer Aided Design of student CAD.avers.



==> ISLAND example 2
We already mentioned the musical song and dance Oklanhoma. Thus we have the base 16 HEX'F' = 15 = Federal Building in Computer Earth processing region of Oklahoma City. The atomic oxygen Base 16 computer used by the LU = Logical Unit = LUNG has a message about symbolic brain quality control standards .......an issue raised in 1957 at the nearby city of Little Rock, Arkansas; with the Central Nervous System test at Central High School with the 9 black students symbolic of 9 black ink alphabet letters which comprise 9 = data bits and 1 error checking bit.

Thus the event in Oklahoma City ......an island in the DUST BOWL region.

Drosphhilia human EGG theory
-Scholarly articles for drosophila metamorphosis ecdysone signaling (which ought include the SIGNAL "Lord of Flies".....a biochemsitry output signal VIA a different message path)
-cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis - Baehrecke Flies -
-Ecdysone signaling cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis.by EH Baehrecke - 1996



Fertilization in Drosophila can only occur in the region of the oocyte that will become the anterior of the embryo.



-->Fertilization of Drosophila occur in region of oocyte
-->Fertilzer........TIME Flies....Earth region of ooc

OOC is Oklahoma, Oklahoma City ..oocyte HUMAN war zone





==> ISLAND 3 with ocean example
Lord Of The Flies Description
Lord Of The Flies Description -
Setting The story takes place on an island somewhere in the ocean. The island is described by the author as ......see applied literature per S.I.Haykawa book " Language in Thought and in ACTION".



Thus the Northern Illinois University campus ISLAND in DeKalb, Illinois with the United States Navy research.. ...applied supersymmetry physics
- Cole Incident in October 2000, physical ocean
- Cole Hall incident in symbols class: Oceanography with Carl Jung and the NIL collective unconsciousness expression of book "Man and his Symbols".




Thus we see the precursor keywords:
Northern Illinos --> North --> Nor --> Norway
camps island students --> Norway island of young students

Northern illinois (land with ocean class) -->
North Sea of Europe and Norway with an
ocean of salt water treaty molecules
biochemistry detective Peroit, Hercule
The PERU permutation to PURE....clue
FermiLab Island ...ocean PIER: atom clue
Lake Michigan..Navy Pier Oddone
Lake = Load address Key
...Michigan wave mechanics




Batman TV physics show.... Pier Z scene with
Batavia secret umbrella physics insurance agenbt:
The Penquin....with
ink pen,atomic nouns and proton mass communications.



Now agent Pier Oddone will not recognize agent Z...
thus a (Pier Z relationship)component error of the Hierarchy Problem;
but, Nature goes around the OS project delay of the Office of Science
and continues new signals .....to get FermiLAB attention .... we see tragic signals with the Europe OS --> OSLO atomic anthropology Office of Science error test SIGNAL about Dros --> DROSPHILIA social science problems.



Europe ...what is Europe?
ur = uraniun 235 thru 238 atomic social life expressions


Europe ...what is Europe?
...rope....the rope component of string theory.

String theory is composed of 3 parts
(Rope,string, and single-threading atomic computer tasks)

String theory is the official title for the 3 parts.




Hercule Poirot Central
This site is dedicated to Hercule Poirot,
the Belgian detective. ... The TV series with David Suchet originally started with an animated

The English actor David Suchet has portrayed the detective Hercule Poirot on ...

Agatha Christie's Poirot is a British television drama that has aired on ITV ...

David Suchet
He is known for his role as Agatha Christie's great detective Hercule Poirot ...



thus we have the social engineering clues of mole.clues...
a close symbolic atomic language to physical Mole.cules

just like we have

Guage theory of lan.guage and
Gauge theory of physics language: Tale of 2 Cities.






==> ISLAND......the above 

ignored SIGNALS......,......
....nor .......snore away /brain sleep/ intellectual dribble
....nor.........will NORWAY wake up ......
....nor.........will Norberg and the University of Wisconsin wake up
....norway ISLAND of atomic brain political science mysteries....
....norway ISLAND....another tragedy ....and the SIGNAL ignored
....norbert Wiener would consider the European song and dance explanation of the Utoeya Island tragedy a joke. The level of knowledge and the tools of cybernetics in year 2011, requires a deeper analysis of European problems and the UTOYEA feedback signal. Cybernetics and other advanced algorithms have existed since 1960 and have evolved to a high level. Since 1990 they have been readily available ...even to amatuers with a high school education ......who ....as they grow older and wiser ..thru work experiernce and science hobbies ....can be gestalt thinkers.



the LORD of FLIES...the Island




the LORD of FLIES...the Island

the LORD of FLIES...the Island





Thus the LORD of FLIES...the Island and the Ocean....and the site of enactment of William Shaklespeare philosophy message:

"The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors".

Thus the Norwegian child actors .....and the British Embassy of literature, movies, theater
....and ISLAND equation
Lord of Fjord LIES --> Lord of FLIES with
atomic proton mass communication problems with the mass communication entities: TV,newspapers, magazines, and university journalism schools.


THus we see pieces to Nature's message puzzle.   We ought  try to understand the puzzle and its social engineering message to society.

Dr.NO defeats Dr.NORWAY......... modern chemistry warfare with James BOND ---->. Dr.NO = Nitrogen Oxygen and the LUNG molecule BOND and the atomic social anthropology war.

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The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics structures with the EARTH LAB identifier label: humanoid. These 2-legged, 2-eared, 2-armed entities have 2-lungs that process Nitrogen molecule and Oxygen molecules ....... and their atomic thoughts. Thus this humanoid ...such as a chemistry professor ..is really an extension of the periodic atomic table and its atomic government; and as such is a representative for the atomic elements and their atomic social and political thoughts. Thus the professor, with his studies, theories, and lab experiments is directly or indirectly studying his atomic self.

Paul Dirac and others have already mentioned our atomic nature .....and consequently our human behaviour and feelings provides a feedback signal to the quintessential atomic nucleus. Thus we have Margaret Mead nuclear family and atomic social engineering and atomic social process control systems. Places like FermiLAB, Livermore Labs, Cavendish Labs, Niels Bohr Institute .....are often in the news or science magazines; providing CLUES for amateur science researchers to fully understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum of EARTH LAB.....and how our daily lives are embedded within that continuum. A few college math, physics, chemistry, genetics, and molecular cell biology texbooks provide the symbolic life in WORDS (atomic English language words ) that are necessary to understand EVENTS outlined in newpapers.

Thus we see
DR.NO and his island VIA supersmmetry physics analysis ....
DR.NORWAY and the island of Utoeya ......

Crab Key - James Bond Locations - 007james

Crab Key island is a front for the villain Dr. No's underground lair, located off the ... 007James - The Site's Bond, James Bond. ... James Bond Location - Crab Key.

Key island is a front for the villain DrNo's underground lair
Key island is a front for the villain DrNo 's underground lair
Key island is a front for the villain DrNorway ' s undvollen   ground lair

Dr. No (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dr. No is set in London, England, Kingston, Jamaica and Crab Key, a fictional island off Jamaica. Filming began on location in Jamaica on 16 January 1962.


Crab Key - James Bond Locations - 007james

In Ian Fleming's novel Dr. No (1958), Crab Key was an island located thirty miles north of Jamaica and sixty miles south of Cuba. The island was 50 square miles ...


UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything ....physics battle zone

with the
Norway Labor Party....atomic anthropology experiments...
Norway Laboratory and the re-enactment of

DR.NO, the island.....was described by newspapers .....
as.... like shooting a James BOND movie.





In a view of the deeper processes behind the UTOEYA tragedy ---> we known that COMPUTER EARTH OS/JCL system 37O has a data processing region ...known as the BAL computer region which is LINKED to the 1895 TIME COMPUTER of the H.G.Wells project titled "THe Time Machine".

The BAL region PLUS the Time Computer feature gives the well known BAL.TIC ......Y2K biological clock TEST region of Europe. The COMPUTER EARTH system 370 North European BAL region has the OS/JCL master console at OSLO. OSLO is composed of human bio-computer device units with an LU = Logical Unit Norwegian Government = LUNG.

These humanoid binary LUNG devices have been working on Nature's social science project
LUNG = Logical Unit Nitrogen Gas ...with the 7 electrons of N = Norway --> N = Nitrogen with atomic mass 14.



Atomic social science equation
CNO --> Children NOrway 

In addition, they were to integerate nitrogen processing with the 8 electrons of O = Oxygen atom. The oxygen atomic computer is a base 16 hexadecimal processor with atomic mass 16. They have done nothing but talk...output data of nonsense words using the nitrogen/oxygen gas molecules that carry the WORDS thru the output data port ..known as a mouth.
Symbolic language CONTENT .....quality control is very poor.

Other groups have also failed.
- the Nitrogen religious mass group known as the 7th Day Adventists
- the LU =Logical Unit bio-devices known as Lutheran LUNG theology RD




Of course we have the most visible SIGNALS that are ignored by universityy philosophy / theology departments. An excerpt of a blog:


Base 16 Religious HEX system messages
March 10, 2010 by zinjan

Oxygen atomic weight 16 is an atomic Base 16 hexadecimal computer. ROME, Italy has a cortex computer research scientist known as POPE Benedict XVI = 16.


His central nervous system 370 data processor with LU = Logical Unit LUNG has provided empirical data on COMPUTER EARTH societal projects. As Cardinal Ratzinger, he has made contributions to cardinal number theory applications, rational number theory social applications, Z integer mathematical life , and Church’s theorem mathematical logic symbolic religious expressions.

He is part of the James Bond DR.NO undercover NOBEL science project –> the Margaret Mead nuclear family anthropology expressions. The DR.NO project has 2 major agents for the periodic atomic table of religious atomic mass. The DR.NO LUNG project of major atomic languages involves:
N = Nitrogen 14 with the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
O = Oxygen 16 with Pope Benedict XVI of the Catholic Church

It is important that these 2 Mother Earth messengers and their organizations communicate with COMPUTER EARTH master console representative located in Watertown, Wisconsin at OS/JCL geography location known as the former OSCAR WITT farm .....now with an agent acquainted with OS/JCL, BAL and COBOL and the organic chemistry evolution .....

the world of zWITTerion --> organic social chemistry and

the 4-H Club of Wisconsin ...HC = Hydrocardon social chemistry experiments of Nature.




Thus we have the inorganic chemistry war with
N = Nitrogen
O = Oxygen
NaCl = North america Clinton...sodium chloride molecule  president and the SALT Treaty

and the organic chemistry shooting at Virginia TECH
with atomic molecular anthropology agent
Mr.CHO representing the
CH   buiding blocks described in college
Organic   chemistry textbooks ..like book author:
T.W. Graham Solomons




Thus the SETI Institute of California with Paul Allen algebra
........set theory of subsets...
Solo.....and organic molecule symbolic life.......permutation
thus we see the clear relationship ..the duality of the Norwegian/Europe project.





OSLO symbolizes SOLO....as in Solomon's hydrocarbons
NO --> NORWAY symbolizes Nitrogen/Oxygen Lung
ver.BAL word expressions
in BAL.TIC geography region PEOPLE.....who have
BAL = Basick Assemblur Lagguage format.....
and the various governments and their
national assembly language BRAIN computer programs with programming BUGS.

Programming the human brain computer with instructions is a popular sport .....with television very proud of the nonsense, dribble instructions they broadcast in violation of Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer STANDARDS of Knowledge.
Will university prtofessors help clarify the situation? They are not permitted to do so?



Thus we see the clear signal from the atomic table government WAR with the Norwegian LUNG government and their biased, incomplete ver.BAL reports broadcast on mass communications devices ...that is television and radio.
Of course, since atoms are the source, the foundation of existence; then mass communications is really atomic mass communications ......a concept foreign to the atomic humans in Europe.

Thus we have the LUNG atomic anthropology war with Oxygen molecule 32 agent Anders Behring Breivik age 32......symbolic of his Oxygen agency .......the agency concept....already covered by some philosophy departments at Australian universities. Some math departments call it representation theory. Regardless, the concepts are out there.......explaining the role of Anders Breivik in the Margaret Mead nuclear family .....atomic social anthropology as studied at FermiLAB, Argonne, and various university physics departments. Universities are paid to provide biased and distorted news images of the SCIENCE WARS........and to cover-up the 1993 Wax Museum murders.

« Atomic anthropology WAR -
Texas Science Wars --> The Waxahachie Super Collider and the Janet Reno - Renormalization group Equations.......the Waco, Texas shooting at Branch Davidian and the University of Texas, Austin inability to understand Margaret Mead atomic anthropology life....such as breathing base 16 hexadecimal oxygen in a LUNG data processing unit.

TEXAS......likes to tell BIG stories.....they are better than Hollywood.
When TEXANS and their brain movie CELLS decide to shoot a COWBOY /WESTERN movie in Texas, they go straight to the Fort Hood Hollywood stage at the SOLDIER READ Center and stage the shoot-out. Are the soldiers playing DEAD? Ask the University of Texas intellectuals...specializing in restaurant menus. They have forgotten the atomic English language message from the atomic brain of William Shakespeare
...... " The WORLD is a stage and we are the MAJOR players".




James Bond Location 


Bond and his ally Quarrel suspected that   Dr. Norway  had murdered a British Agent and had attempted to murder Bond. They sailed over to the island at night and went to sleep. When they awoke the next day, Honey Rider emerged from the sea in a beautiful white bikini in what may be one of the most famous scenes in movie history.


In other words  ....

Molecular Bond and his ally Quantum array elements  suspected that   Dr. Norway 

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