The periodic atomic table....Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology ...... atomic social POLICY WARS

Quantum physics and astrophysics help explain Base 2 even integer space. The theory of the quantum information dimension of electron orbitals.

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The electron continuum of ODD integer and EVEN integer orbitals




Grand Unified Theory (GUT) includes the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ..... that is atomic social anthropology, atomic political science, atomic social psychology, etc. Hence, the periodic atomic table government and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family VIEW of life.

The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.



Therefore atomic thoughts /feelings/ behavior of the Margaret Mead atomic families are expressed VIA the human vehicle/ the human atomic feelings expressor/ the human atomic messenger.
Atomic social anthropology families are listed in beginning college physics and college chemistry textbooks. The families comprise vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of life and thought. Thus we have atomic family anthropology. Part of the atomic table is shown below.





An example of an atomic human is Pier Oddone. In theory , his atomic brain electron shell structure is descibed in the bio-physics table below. His atomic label is: Oddone = odd integers starting with 1 giving 1, 3, 5, 7.

Thus we speculate ...looking at shell 4 with subshell s,p,d,f and the orbitals available 1,3,5,7 ....... it seems his data name fits the empircal electron model of the table.




From the view of astrophysics, we have astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab).
Humans live on EARTH LAB, we are embedded within an atomic/astrophysics continuum. As such .... our daily affairs and activites are within the continuum ...thus suggesting that EVENTS that occur within the continuum are recorded / explainable by some process of Nature.




What clues can help us understand this process?

The Schrodinger equation and the above TABLE provide some clues ..... along with the astrophysics concept of an EVENT Horizon.

Let's consider some EVENTS ... tragic events that seem to be described by the Schrodinger equation.




a) we have -13 = minus 13 --> implies Fort Hood, Texas
The Pentagon ought ask the University of Texas what is happening in the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology war Zone ..... minus 13 soldiers. And of course, we had the
Janet Reno Renormalization equation battle at Waco, Texas home of David Koresh and Baylor University scientists and mathematicians.......who ought pay attention to the SCIENCE WAR math and physics casualties of Waco.

b) .6 ev suggest the 6 dead at wave mechanics /oceanography classroom at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois ..... which is near FermiLAB and Chicago universities ..... who could explain the Margaret Mead nuclear family casualties at Cole Hall ..... and the Navy U.S.S.Cole casualties of October 2000.



The equation has number -13.6 ev ..... thus I think ....could a thought enter one of the dimensions that physics guys write about ==>

M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theoryin which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds that of superstring ...

History and development - Nomenclature - M-theory and membranes



Thus, how could I intellectually visit one of these 11 dimensions ..... and what might it contain?

The Schrodinger equation explains many things. It seems that Nature is using the Schrodinger equation as a parameter list create a tragic EVENT .... error SIGNAL ..... in a sense..... Nature's feedback signal to humans that something is wrong with the atomic human social engineering control system.

Now, Nature provided us with the ODDONE orbital configuration 1,3,5,7, .... suggesting something about life ....perhaps math life ..... that the ODDONE and other huamns live in the odd integer dimmesions (the orbitals of electron solids) ...... leaving the even integer dimensions available for another purpose ...such as Base 2 binary data space .....(thus the orbitals of electron information data space/time).

Thus taking the electron orbitals of odd integers ...we can consider the intertwining of even integer information data space. The nice thing about this atomic symbolic computer is that the ODD integers ..... are defined by the atomic English language as:

ODD --> O + DD --> Orbital DD = Data Definition as used by IBM system 370 OS/JCL ...whose concepts can be applied to Nature's atomic data processing system.

Orbital is a word .... and subset letters are
..bit .....such as a data bit familiar to traditional computer programmers ...and perhaps, now ...the new generation of atomic anthropology computer programmers .... and maybe, atomic brain computer programmers.

Got a headache caused by symbolic confusion?
Go to the mathematical-physics department and get your atomic brain orbitals updated with a healthy information subroutine.

Do you know people that have  data
BIT problems? That is ... they always talk ...
BIT..... Chest lung talking .... words ..

BIT......CH --> BITCH ...... data
then go to the organic chemistry/biochemisttry department to fix the

bit of the brain electron orBITal ... of a
CH --> Carbon/hydrogen molecules in the brain.





Thus the data processing molecule used by neurotransmitters    that transmit data bit complaints about all the nonsense that exitsts on TV,magazines,etc for the general public.
For example, any healthy organic brain molecule does't want that nonsense broadcast by some idiot authorized by the FCC .... that could care less about molecular cell biology and the symbolic life and abstract thoughts of brain cells.

Thus we see the atomic brain WAR at Virginia TECH over the English Department neurotransmitter nonsense language. The biochemistry social science BATTLE equation:
Acetylcholine -->
Ace + Ty + L + CHO + Line ... giving 2 messages

a)Cho = Mr.CHO and the shooting and lines of incomplete explanations printed in newspapers

b)Ty = rifjorden Lake, Oslo, Norway shooting

Thus we see that newspaper reports live in the sublimninal mind WORLD of neurotransmitters and have infected the conscious mind of professors ..... who are afraid to communicate and are afraid to help understand the situation.


thus we see the structure of Nature's atomic data storage device ...

1 --> orbital ODD integer
2 --> data set to be accessed by the ODD one electron orbital
3 --> orbital
4 --> data set for 3 orbitals
5 --> orbital
6 --> data set for 5 orbitals






Thus we look at
-13.6 ev ....enter giving
..........ev + ent + er ...
..........event errors ...and this correlates to the 2 versions of astrophysics

EVENT Horizon (good) astrophysics AND
EVENT Horror Zone Catastrophe

(Catastrophe = Catalog astrophysics hex/curse of base 16)



Thus -13.6 Ev.... extended
...........EVENT ...errors reports
...............T errors ...thus the atomic terror theory VIA atomic human expressors.

Thus we see that an EVENT based on the foundation
.................of EVEN integers ..... that fill the void between the odd integer orbitals.

Thus Nature sent a clear signal to the Quantum State of Illinois (abbreviation IL)
Thus we see Schrodinger equation of Illinois ...
with state code --> IL

-13.6 ev + IL --> - 13.6 evIL
giving the atomic signal of 6 dead at wave mechanics classroom with the U.S.NAVY ....U.S.S. Cole and Navy physics visits land at Cole Hall, DeKalb, Illinois.
Thus we have modern oceanography with George Orwell and Oceania ..... they ought read the book at FORT HOOD Soldier READ Center, Killen, Texas ...which near the University of Texas at the autism test city of Austin.
Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family life and events ought be understood ...... instead of ignoring periodic atomic table signals to atomic human intellectuals ..whose brain electron nodes ...have a communications node problem. Think of it as a puzzle ..... you have some of the pieces .... and you have to communicate to those that know about the other pieces.




Thus the concept of electron NODE become useful .... as a data processing communications node.

The NODE --> No + DE --> Northern DeKalb
-->  know   Death



Thus we see how mass communications (televison, radio, movies, print) can be misused.
Mass communications is really atomic mass communications ..... with the involvement of the Schrodinger equation of Margaret Mead atomic social sciences and the entertainment industry with Hollywood and Madison Avenue.



Thus -13.6 ev + entertainment GIVES
............event enter tain(t) ment(al) .....thus the deliberate attempt by the industy to taint/damage the electron structure of the human atomic brain and its abstract symbolic mental activities.



Thus we see the another aspect of the SCIENCE WARS .....and Nature's brain defense system working against the television, radio, and print ATTACKS on the human subliminal mind.
The subliminal mind is like a background processor that does alot of mathematical-physics processing on behalf of Nature.





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


The Physics Standard Model and the EARTH LAB atomic anthropology WAR messages - Status Report of December 2012

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Standard Model Physics - Intellectual War - Cause and effect

Elementary Particle Physics Battle report - ASIA and California



Hypothesis about TRISTAN, JAPAN, Asia
The TRISTAN physics experiment has a very large number of detectors in various types of interaction regions including geographic regions. The most unusual detector is the geome.tric (TRI.CK) physics trick detector located in Afghani.STAN.

Thus . . physics TRI.CK and Afghani.STAN
gives us the. . . .TRI . . . . . . . . . . . STAN --> TRISTAN, a very large detector of the MARGARET MEAD atomic nuclear social family conflict.








THEATER OF WAR - mathematical physics error expressions STANDARD MODEL WAR - Battle Structure December 2009

Theoretical physics has the STAN military code for the STANDARD Model. Components of the intellectual war and its physical expressions are:
Afghani.STAN --> geography physics map of ASIA

Tri......STAN --> physics professors, Tsukuba, Japan

Gen.....STAN --> STAN.Ford University, California physics

Gen.....STAN --> STAN.Ford Linear COLLIDER Menlo Park General STAN --> General STAN.ley McChrystal, U.S.ARMY Margaret Mead nuclear family COLLIDER experiments in Afghanistan.





The physics, math, and quantum chemistry departments deny the existence of the MANHATTAN PROJECT event of SEPT 11, 2001. In keeping with the code of silence, the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology collision is not recognized. The STANDARD MODEL error violations and the SET-UP SCHEME to manipulate U.S.ARMY soldiers is inappropriate in year 2013. Perhaps some graduate students and professors can help understand the BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, intellectual, psychological battles of television, radio, and print. Only the BRAVE thinkers can survive the propaganda war that Aldous Huxley and George Orwell cautioned us about. The U.S.ARMY needs to be given accurate data and advice based on an accurate outline of the MARGARET MEAD nuclear anthropology world social,political structure.

Supersymmetry orbital veneer Experiment in Chicago confirms the Standard Model Problem and Hierarchy Problem

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The book Supersymmetry: Theory, Experiment, and Cosmology by Pierre Binetruy has as chapter 1 the title: The problems of the Standard Model. The Standard Model is an intellectual achievement.....and is a milestone in understanding the structure of existence; but Nature continues to advance ....and the its intellectual messages continue to provide us with clues ..clues needed to understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum information evolution.

What is such as message provided by the parallel processing system of Compter Earth system 370 ..itself a subset processor of the larger astronomy Solar System 370.

Chicago provides such a message....that Chicago universities have kept secret.


In the super-symmetry / parallel processing situation we have:


Primary parallel: The Standard Model Orbital Building




Parallel subset: The Standard Oil Building


Standard  Orbital Building
Aon and Blue Cross Blue Shield.jpg
General information
Type Office
Location 200 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, Illinois 60601,
United States
Coordinates 41°53′07″N 87°37′17″WCoordinates: 41°53′07″N 87°37′17″W
Construction started 1970
Completed 1974
Opening 1973
Cost $120,000,000 (USD)
Architectural 1,136 ft (346 m)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 83 aboveground[1]
5 belowground







Thus the symbol universe that encompasses EARTH provides some clue...via 2 stuctures:

--> The atomic English language vowels A, E, I, O, U

--> The astrophysics English language Vowels: A, E, I, O, U



The vowels I, O, U --> provide Input/ Output Universe access data/command ports

Thus we see the that NATURE has 1st the

--> Standard (Model) Orbital (symbol building)

--> Standard .......O..i ...l (physical and symbolic building)

The additional clue is that some of the Italian marble veneer panels fell off off.
Thus a message to Pier Oddone about the atomic Italian language used with Enrico Fermi's Little Italy at FermiLAB. Nature does not like the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology errors and their tragic consequences.....such as atomic humans whose atomic brains are programmed to commit crimes....a situation already coverd by Lewis Carroll, Bertrand Russell,Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and other authors and playwrights.

That SIGNAL and its interpretation can be understood .... by the descriptions described in other BLOGs about  the SYMBOL MACHINE and atomic ENGLISH language.

Thus we have an empirical ERROR data event of Nature....providing data to assist theorists in their quest to upgrade their VIEW of existence......which now includes the modern Margaret Mead nuclear family..atomic anthropology events in our daily lives.
Thus we have EARTH LAB....and the Chicago experimental message.

Atomic English language questions completeness of the STANDARD MODEL physics explanation of the STANDARD OIL Building error event.

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The STANDARD Model of physics, while a brilliant achievement.....only explains parts of REALITY of EARTH LAB. Using various techniques and symbolic tools and the astrophysics EVENT HORIZON, one can study error events as atomic feedback systems. College textbooks in engineering math, electron circuit theory, and process control systems cover some of the basic concepts needed to understand atomic feedback systems....and their atomic English language message processing systems. Sometimes may take 10 or 20 years..if not longer for an atomic message to be understood by the Margaret Mead nuclear family that exists in the human atomic brain.





The periodic atomic table government has many formats of expression.

--> One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics structures labeled: HUMAN with a possible symbolic brain data processor with curosity. Such humans may form a CARL JUNG atomic collective group (such Batavia,Illinois theorists and researchers).....with a mission to take the Carl Jung atomic collective unconscious MIND and bring it to the conscious expression with data and symbolic models,etc...and then distribute this atomic consciouness via published books like the "The GOD Particle". Thus these atomic human FORMATS are really representatives for the periodic atomic table government and the STANDARD MODEL of physics.

--> Another FORMAT of the atomic government expressions parallel processing on EARTH ...
is the STANDARD OIL building in Chicago. Thus we have have 2 Standard architectures.....providing a comparision-correlation system....a LINK ....a parallel......
a back-up system to the STANDARD MODEL of physics case physics professors get hypnotized in the SCIENCE WARS......a possibility predicted by books: 1984, Brave New World, etc.
















Thus the super-symmetry physics  of the columns ...  the above 3-dimensional EXTERNAL visible display version of the  atomic table family columns.

Part of the 18 column table shown below. 


From Nature's intellectual point of view with algebraic subset humans, subset educational institutions, and subset research organizations.....which may exhibit intellectual bias and distortion............Nature has constructed alterate back-up systems to bypass the social science propaganda per George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, etc.

The alternate BACK-UP research system of Nature...uses everyday EVENTS of human life and corporate act as a partial parallel to the expensive laboratories that do pioneering research in physics, medicine, chemistry, etc. These RESEARCH LABS are very expensive and cost tens of millions of dollars;
thus NATURE designed an umbrella system that can see OVER ..all these other systems and also see their manipulations and good tricks and nonsense tricks.

Then Nature thru Darwinian selection of symbolic brains...can select older and wiser adult humans (with high-school math/science or more) to be messengers. These messengers ..if they pass the Nature's quality control test miniminize bias and nonsense....may then become
part of Nature's communication processes. Thoreau, Hawthrone, Spencer, Russell, Huxley, Orwell....then expressed messages for Nature.....sometimes in a direct, straightforward language OR using symbolism/ fantasy stories....which contain within a hidden level serious messages.

Thus a reason for the Standard Model...Sartre existential parallel......
Standard Oil Building architecture and its multi-dimensional atomic attributes in Earth designed by Nature without the human bias problem.

The Standard Oil Building in Chicago was completed in 1974. The 80 story building was supported by a steel structure and clad in white Italian Carrra marble panels. After a while engineers noticed that the marble panels were starting to buckle outward. By 1988 thirty percent of the 44,000 panels deflected outward 1/2 inch or more. A few panels fell off the building.
Eventually, the building underwent an $80 million renovation...using Mount Airy white granite from an EARTH Lab NC (Numerical Control)quarry in NC = North Carolina.


Standard Orbital Center

Orbital  alegbra subset -- Oil Center

Aon and Blue Cross Blue Shield.jpg
General information
Type Office
Location 200 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, Illinois 60601,
United States
Coordinates 41°53′07″N 87°37′17″WCoordinates: 41°53′07″N 87°37′17″W
Construction started 1970
Completed 1974
Opening 1973
Cost $120,000,000 (USD)
Architectural 1,136 ft (346 m)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 83 aboveground[1]
5 belowground
Floor area 3,600,000 sq ft (334,451 m2)[1]
Lifts/elevators 50, made by Otis Elevator Company



The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION(Planet Earth) considers Earth as a social engineering experimental laboratory. Astrophysics has a symbolic tool named the: EVENT HORIZON which is useful.

Since EARTH is a subset of the astrophysics universe;
then EVENTS on earth are subsets of astrophysics EVENTS...
and VIA the CONTINUUM ...also,atomic events.

Thus we now look a a combined,amplified VIEW of the situation of Earth Lab

--> STANDARD MODEL of physics
and Standard Orbital architecture theory of existences:
subset word....O..i..l ......of the symbolic universe
thus Standard Oil building/architecture within the atsrophysics LOCAL REGION





Images for standard model physics table


NOVA | The Elegant Universe: Series ... - PBS

Eleven dimensions, parallel universes on EARTH , and a world made out of strings. It's not science fiction, it's string theory.


The standard model parallel building

Looking up 


Images for standard model physics table


from southwest


from south











--> STANDARD MODEL of physics
and Standard Orbital architecture theory of existences:
subset word......ital .....subset of ITALY orbital
language........italian....the Pier brain electron orbital
thus ...white..italian carrerra marble



Failures - Standard Oil - AMOCO Building Marble Facade Failure
Standard Oil - AMOCO Building Marble Facade Failure ... The eighty-story, 1,136-foot Chicago building is supported by a steel structure and is entirely clad in ...



During the mid-eighties, the Amoco Building--formerly known as Standard Oil and now known as the Aon Center--suffered a major failure of its Italian Carrara marble facade. The eighty-story, 1,136-foot Chicago building is supported by a steel structure and is entirely clad in white Carrara marble. The marble was shipped from Italy precut into 50"x45" panels which were bolted to the steel structure.

CICS TS for z/OS 4.2: Resource Definition Guide - IBM
resources, in the CEDA DISPLAY and EXPAND GROUP panels press PF2. To return to the ...... device can use specific screen layouts, or maps. Each map can ...... 8100. 8130/8140 processors with. DPCX. Supported as 3790. 3 on page 339.

Glossary - e IBM Tivoli Composite - IBM
A field (area of a screen or printer page) that can contain alphabetic, numeric .... DPCX. Distributed Processing Control Executive.
An IBM 8100 system control program. ..... The use of a map to produce a panel   from an output record, or an input ...

IBM 3270 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Accordingly, such applications are sometimes referred to as green screen applications. ... 3270 terminals and provided a set of ISPF panels and supporting programs. .... 3268-1 : R-loop connected stand-alone printer for the IBM 8100 system ...

FermiLab has  interesting human ... atomic nio-physics brain research SYMBOL MACHINE specimens.
The atomic ITALIAN language is very interesting ....including its Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology applications and atomic economic applications ....especially bias and distortion.
But they ain't talking people like me.

Thus we have Nature's indirect message processing system...and its messages are ignored.
The message continues as ITALIANs use their secret language for economic voodoo in the atomic automotive industry in the United States.

--> STANDARD MODEL of physics
and Standard Orbital architecture theory of existences:
.................ital .....subset of the major reference
thus .....white..italian carrerra marble
............... italian car subset...with FIAT
Kenosha, Wisconsin and Chrysler Engine purcahse by FIAT
.....and we have the code of SILENCE...of FermiLAB.





Perhaps Italian scientists ought the explain ALDO(us) Huxley BRAVE NEW WORLD experiment in molecular social chemistry with ALDO Muro. The Italian atomic brain manipulation experiment resulted in the death of the Christain DEMO Democrat ALDO M. --> now a martyr of M-theory physics.

But they have no interest in communications theory ..regarding the SCIENCE WARS and the various problems. They follow the orders from the Office of Science.......those who incorrectly claim superiority over the the periodic atomic table government...hence the Hierarchy Problem and the Science War casualties at Cole Hall at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb.

In year 1632 Galileo wrote "Two chief World System".....and FermiLAB and other scientists live in 1 WORLD and refuse to acknowldge the existence of the other 2nd WORLD of EARTH LAB as predicted by Galileo. In year 2011 this is absurd...with all the knowledge clues available in literature .....and college math and science textbooks. These are serious issues that undermine our economy and our intellectual leadership in the world...but who cares? What's on television tonight? Shall we eat pizza or get some hamburgers? Now those are serious thoughts.

The Standard Model atomic computer of the uranium atom LINK to the CALTECH astrophysics processor VIA SYMBOL MACHINES and COMPUTER EARTH systems architecture

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The periodic atomic table government has various expressions of its atomic computer powers.

The most obvious is the Ox...the work Oxen of life
--> Oxen
--> Oxygen atomic computer weight 16 Base 16 hexadecimal



A more subtle element is the uranium 238 data processing conversion of
238 --> Base 2 exponent 3 = 8 data bits (1 byte). Uranium 238 exists
in the mathematical-physics dimensions of SPACE/TIME. It is a physical solid atom.... but since its exists as a subset within numeric SPACE/TIME is very conceivable that it does computer processing on behalf of NATURE's intellect.







Since atomic humans exist in math spaces and do calculations;
then atomic uranium existing in math spaces might have the same abilities.





Calculations of periodic atomic table HIERARCHY suggest that uranium 238 with its high atomic weight ...also has an important foundation in the continuum of Sartre existentialism and its multi-facted dimensions...including not only physical existences, but math dimensions of life and symbolic life the English alphabet letters and their extensions into words and concepts.

A simple version of the existentialisn....would be:

atomic <-- continuum --> astrophysics

Human agents at the atomic level would be the likes of Leon Lederman, Pier Oddone, and others...who so research and write books ..that help folk like myself... get some clue..about what's happening. Not that I understand everthing...but I might understand 10 percent...which is better that zero.



Human agents at the astrophysics level would be..... characteristic expressions like Stephen Hawking and the mantissa of logarithms from the  LOG Universe (in earth
matheamtical-physics geography terms that is Logan, Utah)...known as Kip S.Thorne. These good gentlemen also help explain things thru their books.


Images for uranium utah

Logan --> an astrophysics logarithms TIME orgination point

Salt Lake City --> the periodic atomic table SALT treaty of sodium chloride with humanoids

Zion --> Z = atomic number input output numeric

Grand Canyon --> part of Grand Unified Theory of geo-physics and physics

Escalante --> Computer Earth system 370 land/ geography   keyboard with the ESC key


Utah's Uranium Boom


Small rail cars loaded with uranium from Atlas Minerals uranium mine

Atlas Minerals uranium mine in typical, remote southeastern Utah country



New Uranium Mining Projects - Utah, USA - WISE Uranium Project

Uranium Watch external link has opened an office in Moab, Utah, at 76 South Main Street, Suite 7. Office hours are generally from 1 to 5, Monday, Tuesday, ...




Now we look at the uranium atomic mind...and its intellectual communications BRIDGE problem.
The BRIDGE problem is how to LINK different FORMATS of existence into 1 architectural entity.




Let's look at the components of the major areas of the continuum.

--> FermiLAB components:
1) the periodic atomic table...thru uranium 238
2) the bio-physics ODDONE related to ODD integers ONE --> 1, 3, .... 5 fingers, 7, 9, SKU11, 13, 15.....

The word ODD integer is a subset of the word GODDESS.
Now the ODD math life integers are controlled by the GODDESS of mathematical existential space on EARTH LAB daily life....hence, FermiLAB seems to have the common number theory symbolic illness..... the....brain cell WA11 math problem.
This molecular cell wall well known by
the number theory song: Comfortably NUMB(er)
by Pink Floyd album ...the WA11 .....
more detailed..the symbolic brain cell WA11

Thus the song Comfortably Numb...Number theory and the Numb-skull problem ....of billions of people on earth. But......theoretical physics can't be bothered ....with their brain processor concerns. Know THY-self says THY Lord...your THY.roid gland.

Now Nature (symbolic GOD) tries to communicate with the GODDESS but
she has a data BIT error --> consequently ....she can be a BIT??

To help solve the problem ...2 probes were created to gather data:
1) Kurt Godel math
2) play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

Thus Godel and Godot have addressed the Goddess situation.

--> The astrophysics EVEN math integer space ...a subset of the EVENT HORIZON.
For this EVENT HORIZON to work for EARTH LAB events ...agents were designed to be born on even integer years.

Thus EVENT HORIZON ....and the design of
MAX BORN year 1940 THOR --> Viking code
MAX BORN year 1942.Hawk --> Hawking

Thus we see the key numbers 40 and 42...and
EVEN TIME integers..
EVENT ..........

--> their exist 4 DNA nucleotides suggesting that number 4 might be important number in Nature.



We have Time Square 42nd Street.
We have Time agent 1942.
We have TImes Square 42 mirror 24 hour clock.

We have 42 --> base 4 exponent 2 = Base 16 hex
We have 24 --> Base 2 exponent 4 = Base 16 hex

Thus the symmetry physics of these 2 TIME numbers and their covergence to Base 16 hexadecimal
suggests that uranium 238 data processing property may have a hexadecimal LINK.

Repeating.. we have astrophysics TIME common feature suggested:

42nd Street --> Base 16 Hex <-- 24 hours (base 2 exp 4).

Now the Earth is a subset of the astrophysics universe.
Therefore the 4 DNA nucleotides are subset (or set) of the universe.
4 DNA --> dna FOUR --> dna Fourier engineering math functions for social engineering of society

4 DNA --> four may be percived as a double-helix number.
Partitioning word: Four into 2 parts gives --> Fo + ur

Taking our view that the dimensions of Sartre existentialism may be in different FORMATS....we consider the word Four = Fo + ur.

Let Fo --> Base 16 Hex 'Fo' = 240
Let symbol ur = uranium atom 238

The difference betwwen these numbers is even integer Base 2.
Thus word Four is a Bridge mechanism ...LINKING different FORMATS

.........the atomic part of the continuum
(number 1 thru 238) and
...odd integer 239 = HEX'ef' =
..........................ef.fort of math life to get to number 240

............ = 240 start of EVEN Event Horizon intgers
............ = 242 .....

with number 240 equated to agent year 1940
and number 242 equated to agent year 1942

....both agents evolved in the Base 16 hexadecimal dimension to be
Base 16 Hex'Fa" = 250 Faculty members of universities and
Base 16 Hex'Fe' = 254 Feynman scholar......near the edge of hex space 255, 256.

Thus we have the different formats intertwined with information STRINGS....of applied STRING theory .......that help explain our daily lives and our daily events.





Thus the phrase the 38th Parallel ....also include uranium 238....and then the next parallel step/level on EARTH LAB...the higher reaches of hexadecimal math life.


Korean War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 38th parallel increasingly became a political border between the two Korean ....

Looking at the atomic Enlish words ...... we have two countries and the  38th parallel  --> signal possible signal 238 to the Department of Energy and universities.  
Will they acknowledge this possibility in year 2013?

You are now double-crossing uraniun 238 !

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