Modern EM warfare using television and radio waves to attack human brain electron thought circuits

The battle of CURL operators ---> An outline of the electromagnetic life component of Milwaukee EM Policeman Byran Norberg and his undercover role in the MSOE

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The EM = Electromagnetic Field television and radio attacks on civilization

FCC and European agencies approve of the angstrom wavelength  attacks upon em life forms ---> the  human em --> employee..



The electromagnetic war for control of southeastern Wisconsin has resulted in SCIENCE WARS casualties.
The FCC electromagnetic field wars and North Pole pole magnetic field wars are well known components of the SCIENCE WARS.

Of particular interest, is the Milwaukee Police attempt to help understand these complex issues and their role in Milwaukee social engineering management projects. The Milwaukee Police are on the front lines of those nasty street events that happen. These events provide empirical data that is printed in newspapers. Such data provides researchers with clues .....tragic clues that help explain the societal architecture of Milwaukee ...which includes their English language incomplete, biased and distorted explanations of "How Milwaukee works?"

Those explanations are incomplete, thay OMIT many important details.

Thus the Byran Norberg EVENT has been under study ...and various blog-titles have been published explaining the Norberg - Burton puzzle.

The reference book that helps explains
Darwinian electromagnetic selection of Byran Norberg and Julius Burton....

Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
by Fawwaz T. Ulaby
The 2004 Media Edition

Other books provide similiar information.
Such books may be bought at a college bookstores or ordered from your local book store.
Such books are useful for bio-physics crimes.
In Milwaukee and Madison ..the colleges and universities can explain everything .....they have the resources. In Milwaukee we have the University of Wisconsin, MSOE = Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette university, and other schools. In addition we have several corporations that have experts in electromagnetc forces and magnetic field forces --> major components of
Milwaukee social forces.



Thus let's look at modern life in SECRET Milwaukee.
Let's list some major areas.

--> human life in magnetic field format
(a new sub-species of brain evolution ERRORS) .....thus Milwaukee education defects ..since the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer does not like the large volume of this brain magnetic (data field maggot) formats.

Milwaukee Public Schools - Wikipedia.
Milwaukee Public Schools previously operated as magnet schools, with individualized specialty areas for interests in academics, or the arts.

Schools - Milwaukee Board of School ... - References - External links

Their iron Hemoglobin proteins and brains LINK to COMPUTER EARTH magnetic field.

Find Good School: Magnet Schools in MILWAUKEE COUNTY,
Find Good School... Magnet life



--> TODAY'S TMJ4 - Milwaukee's Source for Local News and Weather
10:43 a.m.Milwaukee Police investigate south side homicide ·
9:09 a.m. Democrats say GOP recall challenges won't stand · 8:56 a.m.Report: Small plane ...
Call 4 Action · Positively Milwaukee · What's Hot ...

Nucleic acid sequence - Wikipedia,
The possible letters are A, C, G, and T, representing the four nucleotide bases of a DNA strand — adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine — covalently linked to a ...
What are the four types of nucleotides of DNA.

WTMJ 4 --> sends some incorrect data to the 4 DNA nucleotides in the television audience.

The molecular cell biology government is in a DNA electromagnetic WAR with Milwaukee universities and their biased advice they give to the mass communications industry ...television, radio, publishing, molecular cellular phones,etc. Mass communications is really atomic mass communications .....the Margaret Mead nuclear family output signals of the periodic atomic table of life. Milwaukee citizens and institutions misrepresent oxygen, nitrogen, ferrous oxide atoms and other elements of life.

Thus we see the vast Milwaukee electromagnetic war zone ..... and the SCIENCE WAR conflict as expressed VIA Norberg and Burton.



The DNA nucleo.tides have a tide/wave connection to the EM field.Televison broadcasts electromagentic data input to the eye/retina/pupil and the data is sent to the optical nerve and the brain optical computer. Thus the electromagnetic WAVES interface with the double-helix WAVE ...tide of nucleotide.




Thus let's review the outline of this humanoid.....Byran Norberg and his
secret mathematical-physics equations secret ....that is conscious mind does NOT know about it ; but, his deep down subconscious is a complex system with many features .... those features are descibed in modern detective reference books: biochemistry, genetics, math, etc.
Thus Milwaukee has an amazing opportunity to explore the new dimensions of criminal expression VIA the the performances of the modern human actor. As William Shakespeare stated in year 1600 ...."The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors".

Thus we have the Milwaukee theater performace ..the TRAGEDY of Byran Norberg - Graham Kunish - Julius Burton ......which can be explained by university English departments (and the other university departments) .. the theater directors for city life and happenings.








Below let T = Theater with T = Television playing a major role in society ..both good and nasty.






Below let dT --> director of Theater
(bio-electromagnetic SYMBOL MACHINE theater with Milwaukee em = employees).





below, page 123 of the book ...
equation SOE Milwaukee --> M SOE
the electromagnetic school, TEXTBOOK symbol engines    with bio-physics test specimens




below, page 124
with Chief F, E and agent n -->
the Flynn,Edward norberg equation
with the face of Norberg's parallel parallelepiped.





Thus vector .

Thus his job ...his vector police job to drive around the neighborhood ...looking for vector violations.

Thus he and his partner they drive around ...are driving thru mathematical-physics space/time and also..passing thru electromagnetic fields...and of course, the N = Norberg North Pole magnetic field and the G = Graham gravity field. These fields are indirectly visible ...thru the knowledge of physics books
and personal experience ...such a falling in gravity field.









Below we see the police uniform becomes part of the uniform field .... as suggested by superysmmetry physics ...Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family LINKs.









Below, we see the electromagnetic field crime code.






Above, we see the equation

curl B -->
c..l..B --> criminal Burton

then we see the symbolic police agent identifier
n O B --> nOrBerg

Thus we have -->

the BATTLE of Curl operators

in Milwaukee with MSOE







Above, we see n =norberg and the biochemistry signal of the 4 DNA nucleo.TIDES and their EM wave LINK to the 4 fingers of the right hand of Norberg (and also the 4-H club of Wisconsin DNA experiment with
4-Hand fingers of student test member specimens).





the BATTLE of Curl operators


Below....the direction of curl B is n --> B. norberg.






Above we vector B (Byran) given in a CART/stretcher in Cartesian coordinates as he is taken to the hospital.

Below, the bio-vector (Byran)   and CART activity in Cartesian coordinates space / time on the geography surface of EARTH in Milwaukee.







Thus we have outlined some CLUES to a big puzzle. Milwaukee television stations bad-mouth Badger Guns ..... that is just a divert attention away from their role in these nasty events.

Television and newspapers are very tricky, as explained by Lewis Carroll around year 1865.
While they accurately explain the details of the event (surface facts --> date, time, people involvedm etc) ....they mislead the police and the suggesting conclusions that are often nonsense.

In year 1865, this process was well-known. So, Badger Guns is a minor factor. The big players in the directing the city of Milwuakee are television and universities ...and when they screw up ...they look the other way AND play dumb and point fingers at Badger GUNS. The big players ...occasionally create ERRORS ..later those unfixed ERRORS result in some accident or crime.

Milwaukee is an intellectual joke when it comes to GESTALT explanations about the big picture of society. The big issue in Madison and state politics ....about smoking cigarettes is really about the ancient secret long-range neurotransmitter language used by many people.
Nicotine is used by the brain Central Nervous System to intercept the acetylcholine secret social science COMMAND language instructions and convert them into explainable English language science papers. Nature has smartly set a trap for the Carl Jung collective unconscious group of people that RUN the cities of Madison and Milwuakee.




Let's learn from Lewis Carroll ..... and bypass the univesity psychology game players. Some serious researchers and serious detectives could really MAP out ....this system that's over 140 years old.

Who Stole the Tarts? |
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis ... Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll: Who Stole the Tarts? ... In the very middle of the court was a table, with a large dish of tarts upon it: they looked .... Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the ... 'I've so often read in the newspapers, at the end of trials, " There was some ...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass -

Lewis Carroll --->

Wisconsin and the police car...




Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. ... "I've so often read in the newspapers, at the end of trials, 'There was some attempt at applause, which was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court,'
and I never understood what it meant till now.
and I never understood what it meant till now.
and I never understood what it meant till now.





and I never understood what it meant till now.
and I never understood what it meant till now.
and I never understood what it meant till now.



Thus we have a few clues ..... a basic outline ...that ought be enhanced and improved upon. That takes thinking time and resources ...... someday the RD work will continue..





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


Texas defeated in electromagnetic brain war - - - - --> Texas social engineering universities fail to explain President LBJ, the Fort Hood tragedy, and the Waco tragedy.

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FCC and European agencies approve of the angstrom attacks upon the human brain electromagnetic processor.


Texas has a history of story telling. Events that happen ...usually require some explanation.
Take the assassination of President Kennedy in year 1963. The initial explanation ....of the happening is accurate that is the surface veneer of the event.
Thus the surface facts (date, time, place, people involved, police data gathered, etc) are accurate. These results are printed in newspapers ...along with some explanation of the deep motives of Oswald .....and the motives of Ruby. In year 1963...and 1964 ...those deeper explanations represented the level of ability ...of thinkers and the state of knowledge of 1963/1964.

Now it is year 2011/2012. We added more that 40 years of Margaret Mead nuclear family .... atomic anthropology to the knowledge database ..that can be found in college textbooks published after year 2000. Basic calculus and linear algbera, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, physics, and data processing provide symbolic tools to understanding events ..such as the Kennedy assassination in the TEXAS Science War region.

Texas intellectuals are comedians. They publish newspaers, run companies, and run universities.
This provides the new generation of thinkers with empirical data on primitive thought processes ...such as the UNCLE SAM geography region --> the SAMPLE space of experimental humans in Texas and their brain development into repsonsible citizens ....that they have failed to demonstrate. They don't even try. The University of Texas in Austin, Baylor, TEXAS A&M are other are amzingly creative in expalaining modern socity and how it functions.
Since their stories are so incomplete and OMIT obvious facts of existence.....we look at a more reasonable version OF REALITY.



The reference book that helps explains Darwinian electromagnetic selection  of EM life  formats.

Was Texas human known as Lydon B. Johnson as Democrat?



DEMO -->
D + em + ocr + at components are:
em +ocr --> electromagnetic optical character reader .... thus President LBJ
and the scientific bio-physics dribble from Texas universities.

Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
by Fawwaz T. Ulaby
The 2004 Media Edition

Other books provide similiar information.
Such books may be bought at a college bookstores or ordered from your local book store.
Such books are useful for bio-physics crimes.





Thus we look at modern TEXAS atomic brain cells and their interaction with Nature's North Pole magnetic fields and/or man-made electromagnetic fields that are used by the FCC and television /radio to manipulate the general population for their exclusive, elite vision of BRAVE NEW WORLD ...with them at the top ...the superior group of ERRORS. Hence, the Hierarchy Problem of bio-physics and atomic anthropology at Texas universities and the Texas SCIENCE WAR casualties ... such as Waco and Fort Hood.








Thus below ..... we have T = Texas and thus the electromagnetic state of TEXAS --> STATE of Mind.
Under their laws dT = deaTH equation.....thus the Texas universities and their social enginneering
gradient...... vector

For practical purposes, the Texas advanced education system would recommend a metal gun or rifle to implement this...... gradient vector.
For the WACO, Texas test at Camp Davidian ........ Texas event designers ....suggested that they burn the Branch Davidian compound to satify the symbol T = Temperature ...mentioned in the equation.






In Plano, Texas we have the bio-physics EM --> Employees  of Eds. Their brain equation is below.
In 1975 Ross Perot .....symbolized the South Pole (Ross Ice Shelf) magnetic field interaction with human iron Hemoglobin proteins and their thoughts.









Thus we see an interesting puzzle ...that will have be understood.
Texas citizens lack the determination to think clearly about such matters.
They do think clearly about football and parties ..... their intellectual accomplishments in social science thinking.



Meanwhile television and radio station continue to broadcast incorrect commands to the audience brain computer ..... the Drawinian evolution phase of
the audience....equations .....
.......die .....death equation ... brain death (as predicted by the movie ...."Dawn of the Living Dead" around 1977). These signals are ignored by Texas thinkers .....thus BRAVE NEW WORLD and the Science wars continue. Perhaps, their are few thinkers that are curious about seroious matters
....and the subtle manipulations of Madison Avenue marketing/advertisng as they probe and manipulate the human subconscious mind any cost ..they attack the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer ...with state and federal government approval. .
We wish to thank the Earth magnetic field in describing 1963/1964
President LBJ --> Lyndon B. Johnson SYMBOL MACHINE  equation shown below...

curL B = uJ








bio-physics  curL B = uJ

Lyndon B. Johnson
37 Lyndon Johnson 3x4.jpg
36th President of the United States
In office
November 22, 1963 – January 20, 1969
Vice President None (1963–1965)
Hubert Humphrey (1965–1969)
Preceded by John F. Kennedy
Succeeded by Richard Nixon
37th Vice President of the United States
In office
January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963


A slick trick by Texas master manipulatots to kill President Kennedy in year
1963 --> 63 is the atomic mass of copper atom used for electromagnetic field BRAIN manipulations.
So, Texas citizens and business ... appears to have used televison programs program the OSWALD brain computer with bio-computer instructions to shoot Kennedy.
Texas universities have LIED about WACO the supersymmtery physics relationship to Waxahachie collider project cancellation. The Texas death sentence was enforced at Fort Hood ....another secret of TEXAS and their incomplete shallow explantions of the event.

Because I am simple minded .... I have to think .....and thus I discover the big cover-up scam
of English language departments and the joy/pleasure teachers and their students get in the hypnosis of individuals like Mr.Cho or Steven K. (the NIU, Cole Hall, Oceania battle of George Orwell).

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA



The European electromagnetic wave WAR over television LIES.

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Europe and the Science Wars

The Computer Earth system 370 atomic anthropology war with European brain computers and the alien European electromagnetic human LIFE formats.

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The electromagnetic wave  war  against the European  television, radio, and cellular  phone LIE. 
The angstrom  wavelength battle of   Anders Jonas Angstrom fought by  EM  agent Anders Breivik.   
The  OS = Optical Spectrun war region of OSLO, Norway.



The worldwide electromagnetic war is well known. Governments, corporations, and university academic departments in marketing, advertising, accounting, journalism, social sciences and law schools ...have abused the use and purpose of modern technology.

Now comes the consequence of INTELLECTUAL manipulation of the symbolic life of the atomic mass intellectual component. Atomic MASS expresses itself via humans in the MASS communications media: television, radio, print, graphic arts, etc. That is ....... atomic MASS communications via TV, radio, newspapers, etc. Most humans intercept the original atomic mass social messsage and proceed to joyfully distort the message. This is like a human sport ... a human amusement.
Thus we have atomic humans and ..

- proton atomic mass --> prose

- neutron atomic mass --> news

- DARPA electron shell messages --> bullet shells at Fort (LAB ) Hood ...empirical data for the University of Texas in autism in AUSTIN.
The brief history of mass communications battles around world since 1980.
The electromagnetic war advanced PHASE signal was with President Ronald Reagan.

==> The President's secret military announcement....
President Reagan ...the phonetic sound dialect ...
President Ray Gun ........

The Ray Guns of Buck Rogers
There were no ray guns before Buck Rogers. ... A radio adaptation was broadcast from 1932 to 1947, movies were made, and television versions appeared in ...



Thus we see the hidden structure of modern government in 1980.
Buck --> dollar ---> the subliminal mind mentality behind the Federal Reserve Bank monetary policy and the high interest rates of  the George Orwell  1984 message (year 1984)  and  the James Bond message with junk bonds, etc.
==> The Iraq/KuWait war near the United Arabic Emirates. The major REASON of the physics battle ......with EMirates --> EM + Mir --> ElectroMagnetic Mirror
==> Yugoslavia region and the HERTZ electromagnetic wars
The Bosnian War or the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina was an international armed conflict that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina between April 1992 and ...
Foreign policy of the Bill Clinton administration - Wikipedia,
Much of the focus of Clinton's foreign policy during his first term was the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (often referred to simply as Bosnia), a nation in ...

Clinton's Debacle in Bosnia
Those individuals charged with war crimes will be excluded from political life. ... multi-ethnic government of the UN-member state of Bosnia-Herzegovina into ... .

UN-member state implies
Un = UN.conscious states of MIND with the
brain computer of
President CLI = Compare Logical Immediate BAL instruction

with member --> member of a Partitioned Data Set of Nature's brain analysis project.
Someday, some political science types with their Hollywood view of life may wish to try to do
some serious thinking.
==> The Cole Hall shooting in DeKalb, Illinois. The Oceanography class symbolized the electromagnetic wave war ........with the television ELECTON GUN and the bull-story dribble that the government FFC allows to be broadcast. The FCC refuses diplomatic recognition of the Maxwell, Hertz, Helmholtz, DeForrest physics/electronics/electromagnetic government of NATURE and its Darwinian selected human agent.

Thus the parallel to the ELECTRON GUN via supersymmetry physics is the agent Steven K. with a BULLET GUN. 
We see the supersymmetry physics military stragtegy ...... against the STATE oF MIND ..... the State of ILL/sick noise that exists in the geography region of Illinois  with  the university songs-and-dances.

==>Rd-blog-621 ... covered the Liege, Belgium electromagnetic war. The blog-title is:

The blog-title is:

The Europe electromagnetic battle of television waves / optical waves results in Belgian tragedy. Citizen communications system ERRORS creates the Liege EVENT ---> Signal processing ROC of DeBroglie wavelength.

Part of the blog is repeated. We outline the main concepts ...for you to ponder on.


The EVENT of December 2011 ...when Nordine Amrani shot at crowds
in the city. World  NEWS reports  --> Five dead in Liege attack,  including
"gun freak'.
 "gun freak' --> television electron gun and the broadcast freak  frequency / wavelength   ERRORS ..... approved by Europe and the American  FCC = Federal Communications Commission. 
Thus we have the electromagnetic WAR of LIE .... symbolized by LIEGE and

Louis de Broglie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
..... was a French physicist and a Nobel laureate in the year 1929. He was the sixteenth member elected to ...

Repeat his life profile description
--> He was the sixteenth member ....
--> Hexadecimal was the Base 16 living member of a human bio-computer PDS
(some existential PDS = Partitioned Data Set of Nature's various computer systems)
...thus Louis de Broglie
................code Broglie and hexadecimal electromagnetic waves, etc 




Thus Nature elected de Broglie to the Hex Base 16 dimension of existences .... known since Galileo year 16 16 --> Base 16 Hexadecimal space and time. Most educated people refuse to acknowledge the existence of base 16 hexadecimal math life and biological operational mode of the LU = Logical Unit = Lung.

Important theories of
base 16 code of
2.1 Matter and wave-particle duality
2.2 Non-nullity and variability of mass
2.3 Generalization of the principle of least action
2.4 Duality of the laws of nature
2.5 Neutrino theory of light
2.6 Hidden thermodynamics


We see the above list of concepts ..that appeared originally
in decimal dimensions (Base TEN format).
Now we have the same entities ..... and they have acquired an additional dimension ...base 16 HEX ...thus providing an entirely new VIEW of the world with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory ...and its numerous applications in the SCIENCE WAR battle field.


In 1868, Ångström created a chart of the spectrum of solar radiation that expressed thewavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum .  The unit was named after the Swedish physicist Anders Jonas Ångström ... of solar radiation that expressed the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the .......
The Ångström is often used in the natural sciences and technology to express the sizesof atoms, molecules, and microscopic biological structures, the lengths of ...


Becoming interested in terrestrial magnetism he made many observations of magnetic intensity and declination in various parts of Sweden, and was charged by the Stockholm Academy of Sciences with the task, not completed till shortly before his death, of working out the magnetic data obtained by the Swedish frigate "Eugénie" on her voyage round the world in 1851-1853.


In 1858 he succeeded Adolph Ferdinand Svanberg in the chair of physics at Uppsala. His most important work was concerned with the conduction of heat and with spectroscopy. In his optical researches, Optiska Undersökningar, presented to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1853, he not only pointed out that the electric spark yields two superposed spectra, one from the metal of the electrode and the other from the gas in which it passes, but deduced from Leonhard Euler's theory of resonance that an incandescent gas emits luminous rays of the same refrangibility as those it can absorb. This statement, as Sir Edward Sabine remarked when awarding him the Rumford medal of the Royal Society in 1872, contains a fundamental principle of spectrum analysis, and though overlooked for a number of years it entitles him to rank as one of the founders of spectroscopy.


From 1861 onwards he paid special attention to the solar spectrum. His combination of the spectroscope with photography for the study of the solar system resulted in proving that the sun's atmosphere contains hydrogen, among other elements (1862), and in 1868 he published his great map of the normal solar spectrum in Recherches sur le spectre solaire, including detailed measurements of more than 1000 spectral lines, which long remained authoritative in questions of wave-length, although his measurements were inexact by one part in 7000 or 8000, owing to the metre he used as a standard being slightly too short.


Anders Jonas Ångström was one of the pioneers in the field of spectroscopy, and is known also for studies of astrophysics, heat transfer, terrestrial magnetism, and the aurora borealis.

In 1868, Ångström created a chart of the spectrum of solar radiation that expressed the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum




Anders Jonas Ångström was one of the pioneers in the field of spectroscopy, and is known also for studies of astrophysics, heat transfer, terrestrial magnetism, and the aurora borealis.

In 1868, Ångström created a chart of the spectrum of solar radiation that expressed the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiationin the electromagnetic spectrum


Biophysics is an interdisciplinary science that uses the methods of physical science to study biological systems. Studies included under the branches of ...



In the eye ...shown above external image becomes upside down in the retina.
Empirical data suggests ...that many people ..... have a symbolic brain defect ..... hence their optical nerve can NOT re-adjust the retina image to its proper VIEW of the external object.
The symbolic map ..... deep inside the brain ought have a 1-to-1 mapping to the external world ..... after the retina processing.

Many people think upside down .... and will not take the intellect effort to study the abstract concepts that can help fix their problem.
Lewis Carroll around year 1865 ...accurately described the situation in one story .... about New Zealand and thinking backwards /up-side-down.

In year 2011, Australia recently demonstrated their optical brain defects with their proposed graphic arts advertising required on ciagarette packages. This ia a subtle attack on the optical data stream used by the eye/retina and the Central Nervous System 370 optical computer.

Thus part of the cause of the shooting in UTOEYA ..... is the Australian legisture EAR/MOUTH BS people giving orders about stuff they do not study ...because they are  intellectual snobs that do not have to think clearly.

Australia ought be proud of their stupid association with the murder subroutine used at the Virginia TECH English language shooting. What does Australia know about the LU =Logical Unit = LUNG?  What does Australia know about the murder of Police Captain LU =LUTZ. The military in Australia ought  investigate the nonsense government, silly citizens and their university arrogance song-and-dances.

Optical Spectrum Analysis -
understanding of optical spectrum analyzers, their technologies, specifications, and ...
diffraction-g rating-based optical spectrum analyzers and discusses the ..



Anders Jonas Ångström was one of the pioneers in the field.
Anders Jonas Ångström was one of the pioneers in the field.
Anders .................was one of the pioneers in the field.
Anders .................was one of the pioneers in the field.

Thus we see the OS = Optical Spectrum war zone in Europe with the major battle centered on OS representative city OS = OSLO, Norway. We have the OS/JCL optical computer system 370 war data from OSLO. This is a secret ..... per orders of the Norwegian secret science societies and their citizen policy of intellectual cover-ups, bias, distortion of facts,etc.

The data from OSLO --> Optical Spectrum war zone.
On 22 July 2011, Breivik bombed the government buildings in Oslo, which resulted in eight deaths. He then carried out a mass shooting at a camp of the Workers' Youth League (AUF) of the Labour Party on the island of Utøya where he killed 69 people, mostly teenagers.

--> Above translated ....

buildings --> symbolic buildings
in OS10 --> input OS/JCL
OS10 ==> OS + 10 --> Optical Spectrum binary 10 = Base 2
eight deaths --> 8 data bits = 1 byte ...death photon/ EM commands

The death parallel to OSLO =
the OC bombimg = OptiC war = Oklahoma CITY
with 160 + 8 dead ...implies
Base 16 and 8 data bits signal from COMPUTER EARTH system 370 to

the BAL region of Baltimore (Basic Assemblur Language)
and then go to John Hopkins University and
hop around with intellectual songs-and-dances
and then go to BAL program location
Washington, DC = Define Constant.
Television_in_Norway Cached - Similar
There are today 24 local television channels in the country,
all terrestrially ... community channel which broadcasts from Oslo on the national DTT-network ...


all terrestrially 
all terrestrially 
all terror    
all terr....trial
all terror.... trial .....  television schemes /lies 

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - Wikipedia,
the 3 Notable television programmes; 4 Channels ... to the BBC, and located in Oslo, it was a replacement for privately operated radio stations in the larger cities.

ABOVE we see the sentence words ...... terrestrial distribution .....CONSEQUENCE
..dig.....terr..trial ................

- dig graves for 69 Utoeya children + the 8 dead in OSLO
- terr = terror trial of Anders ...Angstrom philosophy of agency
BLAME everything on  Anders Behring Breivik ..who was set-up by European socities and their  nonsense social talk,  their dribble policy,  and   incomplete explanations written  in newspapers.
The European LIE about
Nor --> Norway and attempted murder of policeman
Nor --> Norberg and the Europe LIE about the
Nor --> Northern Illinois Unievrsity deaths....created the next
Nor --> Nordine Armani and the LIE of LIEGE, Belgium and the incomplete Margaret Mead atomic anthropology reports. Nice try by the European universities to violate the HONOR CODE and INTEGRITY code of Nature's quality control projects for the Central Nervous Ssystem 370 atomic based bio-physics symbolic processor.
Since European universities don't understand simple concepts ...they  ought close ... until they grow up and have serious mature thoughts ...  instead of their Hollywood state of mind ......... of pretending they know EVERTHING about the TOE project --> Theory of Everything.
Europe is late and will have to pay the financial and real estate penalties
for social engineering project mismanagement,etc.

Digital Radio StationsNRK 5.1
NRK Alltid Nyheter - 24/7 news
NRK Båtvær - 24/7 weather forecast on DAB only
NRK Folkemusikk - Traditional Norwegian folk music

[edit] Regional radio stations
These stations are available in several larger Norwegian cities

Radio 1
Radio Metro

Steven Allen already brought up the subject of electromagnetic war.Parents Television Council - Wikipedia,
Steve Allen, former host of The Tonight Show, was PTC's Honorary Chairman ... and activist against gangsta rap music; Allen is now given the title of National ...

By 1998, with an estimated membership of 120,000,[7] comedian and former Tonight Show host Steve Allen joined PTC as its Honorary Chairman, and PTC released a report questioning the accuracy of the TV Parental Guidelines ratings system[8] and campaigning for advertisers to stop sponsoring programs that the PTC claimed were offensive.[9] Allen launched a newspaper advertisement campaign promoting the PTC, which was published in many outlets including The New York Times.



Now, we see how Nature has taken over the situation. Nature's vast intellect allows it to select ...thru Darwinian optical nerve selection of humans ........  selected programmable  humanoids that  carry out messages.
Thus we see the nerve/ daring/ boldness of the optical nerve VIA agent Anders ...for the Angstrom war.
In this case, the war involves the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer and its military defense system that protects the symbolic life of the optical nerve/brain.




The television, movies, and graphic arts/print enjoy their attack upon the EYE people who respect optical knowledge. The EYE people became a major existential force in the last 500 years ...after Nature started the project GUT ( Grand Unified Theory physics project) in year 1453 with the GUT agent = Gutenburg.

Most citizens, companies, and governments are run by EAR/Mouth people ...who have been around for thousands of years ...... and they speciality is bragging, talking dribble, threats, nonsense, etc. Such is the case in Australia with the government , military , and university and their intellectual comedy SMOKE SCREEN ..... the brain idiot song-and-dance of the neurotransmitter sub-species PEOPLE. Nicotine is used to test and trap neurotransmitters that bragg to much about their simple knowledge of the LU = Logical Unit known as the LU = Lung.

They ought read Henry Miller and the the physics book on brain electron thougth circuits with impedance "TROPIC Of Cancer".   Then Australian experts in everthing can learn about LUNG CANCER and its relationship to intellectual snobs that banned the book when it came out. Australia has its share of intellectual snobbery ...who fail to do their homework. The bedroom intellectual head of development is not considered a serious thinker who probes complex social processes.


Australia ought hire some intellectual think tanks that have awareness.
Australia an island described in the book
..." The LORD of FLIES" which really was about
..."The LORD of Lies". One would think ...the military would see thru the university song-and-dance explanation of world events.


Thus the true Nature of the Tower of BABLE continues around the world ...with citizen approval. Nature's undercover agent in geography state Illinois ......represented the STATE of MIND....of Ill/sick noise ......hence agent Governor BLA ....helped expose the big mouth people of Illinois political science.

Since universities social science departments remainded quiet ...... they are considered EAR/MOUTH people ...who have to explain what's happening. They have very poor communications at universities ..... since they have their in-bred intellectual cult circles ..... they tell bull-stories to each other ...... avoiding SIGNALS from basic reality. This is seen with the University of Oslo, Cambridge University, Oxford, and other European universtities who have failed simple tests.


The eye/optical nerve is not interested in watching some garbage broadcast by some Hollywood idiot who has FCC approval. The FCC does not represent Nature nor the eye nor the optical nerve and the brains desire for quality symbolic input data.

Symbolic life is comprised of nouns, verbs, math equations, chemistry formulas, literature characters like Sherlock Holmes ...who is alive and well inside my symbolic brain ..... and the Sherlock Holmes methods and logic,etc .... have helped me in yaer 2012. Of couse, alive and well in my brain .... are dozens of other detectives, authors, characters ..... all they all help my conscious mind ... in my attempt to understand all of the schemes and nonsense that many other citizens seem to like. But, what do they care!

What are some symbolic warriors that exist in the modern James Joyce optical data stream of consciousness? Can your brain symbolic computer's bull-stories defend itself?


Thus we have the symbolic WAR ...... while governments and the media are proud of their brain computer cannibal subroutines that eat human brain memory. Thus Norway and other European countries out be careful.




Norway's Dementia Plan |
Alzheimer's Disease International /plans/norway[About ADI] [List of Alzheimer associations]. Norway's Dementia Plan. This is the national plan of Norway. Dementia Plan 2015. Summary of policy elements ...

Som what is the Norway project plan?
At the human conscious level it appears Norway is trying to cure the AL = ALPHABET problem known as AL = ALzheimer's. What is really happening?

At the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness level their PROJECT PLAN is to create the problem using television. This is known in thre United States ...were the Public Broadcasting Station promotions of the brain symbolic command: CREATE = Cr + Eate --> Cranium Eaters.


Thus in the process .... the FCC brain DNA manipulation racket and the PBS scheme ......via Margaret Mead atomic HEAD HUNTER anthropology technology ...using mass communications media
(that is really atomic mass communications) can harvest brain ideas and math equations .....such as they did with the Brookhaven atomic HEAD HUNTER project with test specimen Raymond, Davis JR.

This HARVESTORS and GATHERS knowledge project received approval at all levels....from citizens, universities, professors, government agencies .... part of modern social philosophy war ....using the subliminal mind, collective unconsciousness, sub-conscious mind,etc.

Nathaniel Hawthorne , Lewis Carroll, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and others explained the situation ... starting over 150 years ago. So, what else is new?





Thus we have a puzzle that ought be unerstood by society .... starting with each and every adult individual ..that been around ...say over 40 years of age ..... ought have some interest in world processes. Perhaps someday the KING of Norway will get some REAL HONEST answers from the people that pretend they have a VIKING heritage.
Why is the modern NORSE MAN is to lazy to navigate thru  the intellectual errors and the intellectual maize that exists today.

And the British scholars are proud of insulting Russell and Whitehead ...who would like to have seen their problem worked on. The British will NOT communicate ..... they are so high on the evolutionary scale ..... it is not necessary for them to consider the Russell/Whitehead issue and the data that may help explain the LOGIC error.


Principia Mathematica to *56 - Google Books...
Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell - 1997 - Mathematics - 410 pages
... and modern, had allowed some error to creep into his premisses; but apart from the contradictions, it would have been almost impossible to detect this error. ...

Thus it's real creepy ..... an math horror story ......that the shooting occured in Utoeya and Liege.
Bertrand Russell - 2009 - Literary Collections - 749 pages
... in common with all other logicians ancient and modern, had allowed some error to creep into his premisses; but apart from the ... (Principia Mathematica, Vol . I, in collaboration with Alfred North Whitehead, Cambridge University Press, 1910.) ...

The Alan Turing math at the University of Manchester and DAMTP at Cambridge University are examples of LIE algbera. The false, bias, distorted logic of the European citizens ..... created the setting for LIEGE, Belgium.

Take Utoya, NO + Liege, BEL ...... add the country codes together
and we have a new version of the NO + BEL --> The NOBEL prize on how to create crime, terror, nasty events and BLAME the shooter ..... as totally responsible for the event.

William Shakespeare in year 1600 already explained
"The WORLD is a stage and we  are the actors"


European citizens and universities, for amusement, set-up people like Anders Breivik and Nordine Aemini. The set-up involves subliminal mind commands broadcast or published the general public. If ..say 10 or 20  million people watch a show with the secret hidden commands ..... then probably 1 or 2 people will get sucked into the brain trick.

Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and others outlined this hidden process. That is why professors and others will not help understand the SOCIAL SCIENCE WARS. Professors have been hypnotized and are totally helpless ..... their spouse or girlfriend or friends control their thoughts and mind set. BRAVE NEW WORLD covered that social psychology manipulation process ..... an intellectual warning that has been ignored ..... by those that ought be smart enough ... to known that sometimes things are not what they seem to be. Pay attention please.


George Orwell and his IBM computer manual titled:
1984 + base 16 hexadecimal oxygen atomic processor = year 2000 brain computer requirements of Nature with the STANDARD MODEL Y2K ....... Y-algebra chromosomes with the 2K data stream of consciousness. This year 2012..... and you are 12 years out-of-date. You failed to take individual effort to upgrade you brain symbolic computer. Thus Darwin evolution has passed you by ..... and Nature plans to phase out those brain cells that don't try to think seriously.
Nature's plans are available in CLUE format .... a puzzle ..... and those that take high school level math and science seriously can solve the puzzle. But, it takes a few years ..... like hobby .... part-time in the evenings .... as a substitute for TV sports.
Good Luck.



CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


Milwaukee ELECTROMAGNETIC KHZ frequency war at the SiKH temple --> Si + KH --> the Sin wave + KHZ attack

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The electromagnetic war  in the United States of North America is very serious.  We have citizen approved   FCC ( Federal Communications Commission)  violations of  Nature's electromagnetic  space/time continuum and other dimensions of Sartre existentialism.





Electromagnetic waves broadcast by television, radio, cellular phone systems interact with human brain electron circuits.    The FCC authorized attack upon the human brain CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM has increased the  number of brain system problems ..such as  brain bio-computer cannibal subroutines that eat memory...a process named: Alzheimer's.   Other mental disorders have been caused. The  citizen/government  attack upon the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 370 abstract  brain symbolic computer uses new technology techniques.


The Milwaukee region EM war occurred in nearby Oak Creek.

Gunman, six others dead at Wisconsin Sikh temple -
Aug 5, 2012 – Shooting at Sikh temple in Wisconsin ... wounded, including the first officer to respond to the scene, Oak CreekPolice Chief John Edwards said.

Police identify Army veteran as Wisconsin temple shooting gunman ...
Aug 7, 2012 – Oak Creek, Wisconsin (CNN) -- An Army veteran who neighbors say ... punk band was the lone shooter in the rampage at a Sikh temple in ..

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Sikh Temple shooting 2012 has erupted in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The Sikh Temple shooting today August 5, 2012 began shortly after 10:45 am local time.



Sikh temple in ....

Sikh temple in ...

Sikh --> si + Kh --> sin wave  KHZ




Introduction to RF electronics - Department of Electrical Engineering
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Radio-frequency (RF) electronics differ from other electronics because the higher ... although most authorities peg it to
 frequencies of 10 to 100   kilohertz   (kHz).

Thus we begin to see the more TRUE NATURE of the  electromagnetic war and the incomplete newspaper reports.

Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On August 5, 2012, a mass shooting took place at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, with a single gunman killing six people and wounding four others.

Wisconsin --> sin wave state

WisconSIN  --> sin wave bio-mathematical-physics LIFE 

........and within that SIN wave is a
............human group SIN wave   and then
Milwaukee broadcasts SIN waves

Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wisconsin Si + kh --> Sin KHZ  shooting in Oak Creek


Thus we see 3 levels of SIN wave expresion above ...that interact  in some manner ...... and certain combinations of interaction are dangerous.   Thus the need for research to identify the EM freak frequencies ..... that ought not be broadcast.


Another aspect is the mathematical physics mapping function   between  the 
biology domain of  Si + Kh human agents  to the types of existence of  algebra subsets  ( si kH ) of sin  wave KHZ.
Thus many questions exist  ....   awaiting data details and theory.



Thus we see the   mass communications industry (television, radio,  publishing, etc)  give incomplete reports of the EVENT  AND authorities will not allow police detectives to gather data from electronic engineers and electromagnetic graduate students /professors.


Perhaps, the Milwaukee  universities will boldly step forward and help research the tragic REALITY  messages from Nature.
Other reports on secret Milwaukee  ....


  1. The Milwaukee bio-physics electromagnetic WAR. Police agent ...

    Apr 15, 2012 by Herbzinser1
    The Milwaukee bio-physics electromagnetic WAR. Police agent Byran Norberg uses special math equations to reveal secret EM manipulation groups that influence Milwaukee criminal activity




Thus students and technicians  with backgrounds in copper-wire electron systems  HAVE a tragic super-symmetry physics  mirror their brain electron circuits that are being  programmed  and manipulated  by the Milwaukee region  communications systems that are filled with ERRORS.

Welcome to Aldous Huxley ...BRAVE NEW WORLD with  the Milwaukee Braves baseball project of 1955.

The 23 chromosomes war with the electromagnetic field accepted by the Boy Scouts of America claims the life of Sam Hengel in Marinette, Wisconsin. The Boy Scouts of America, the FFA, the 4-H Club will not help to understand the EM brain wars

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Electromagnetic Field wars

The electromagneticWAR with biological human systems


Boy scout Sam Hengel sacrificed his life to help save the world. His obvious SIGNAL is very important .....and has been deliberately ignorded by citizens, governments, and universities.

Sam Hengel and his subliminal mind intercepted various CARL JUNG collective unconsciousness signals and correctly interpreted the signals .... that there something very wrong ....... that major subconscious wars are going on.

The brave intellectual spirit of Sam Hengel stepped up and defended Nature and the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer from attack. His bravery .....and his tragedy sent an important cryptographic SIGNAL ....... that eventually was figured out by a serious thinker. Citizens ought help understand the many facets of the social SCIENCE wars and the neuroscience secret language wars of society.

Sam Hengel, Marinette High School student who held classroom ...Nov 30, 2010 – Sam Hengel, Marinette High School student who held classroom hostage, ...
A Wisconsin teen
who held 23 students and a teacher hostage at ...
who held 23 students 
who held 23 students 
who held 23 students 
who held 23 students




Boy Scout HERO in the genetic wars --> Sam Hengel.



Cryptography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cryptography - Dec 16, 2011 – the study of transforming information in order to make it secure from unintended recipients or use.

A review of cryptography protocols, algorithms, and design.





Cryptography is an indispensable tool for protecting information in bio-computer chromosome/ brain systems. This course explains the inner workings of cryptographic primitives and

23 Chromosomes --> Base 2 math power 3 = 8 data bits ....
secrets of chromosome life ..picture below

Bio-computer -->cryptography protocols, algorithms, and design.




Thus Sam Hengel was protecting his biology system from the high volume of electromagnetic activity that attacks the human skull...on a daily basis. This comes from televsions broadcasts, radio broadcasts, cellular phones, satellite transmissions, etc. These wireless electromagnetic field waves . have reached a high level of density .... in space that individuals occupy on the surface of EARTH.

In the modern world, Darwinian evolutions of symbolic life involves our human data processing system. We are symbolic machines. We are biological computers.

We have brain electron circuits ...that are being attacked by wireless EM waves from the sky ....
This disrupts the Central Nervous System processing .... causing crime, illness, emotional problems, etc.

This is approved by the FCC their arrogant ERROR attack upon the internal biochemistry system of Nature and its DNA FCC = DNA EM agent Francis C. Crick.

Humans are biological computers.....have been for thousands of years. Now, we are biological symbolic processors. We receive input data into our eyes and ears ..... and other sources of data ..touch, smell, etc. The brain computer has to look at this input data ..... make decisons, etc.

Now some wireless EM wave hits the skull and penetrates into the brain electron citcuits ...just so some idiot can talk babber on a cellular phone.
Today, we have really have a battle of Central Nervous Systems using data streams comprised of nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations, some pictures/graphics, etc. Thus the increase in university and high school shootings in the last ten years; because the school systems are on such an ego trip ...they refuse to look at the ERRORS that independent researchers notice.







What are the 23 chromsome...biochemistry WAR secrets of Marinette?






DNA nucleotide zip code with 43 --> 4 exponent 3 = 64 codons.

Nucleic Acids to Amino Acids: DNA Specifies Protein |
by A Smith - 2008 - Related articles
How can the four bases that make up DNA specify the 20 amino acids that ... It was also known that there are only four nucleotides in mRNA: adenine (A), ... However, a triplet code produces 64 (43 = 64) possible combinations, or codons. Thus ...

The Information in DNA Determines Cellular Function via
The three-letter nature of codons means that the four nucleotides found in mRNA — A, U, G, and C — can produce a total of 64 different combinations. Of these ...



Piercing the corporate veil - Wikipedia,
Jump to Criminal lawý: In English criminal law there have been cases in which the courts ... received by a company have been regarded as having been 'obtained' by ... A court can " pierce" the carapace of the corporate entity and look at ...
Basis for limited liability - Germany - United Kingdom - United States

Piercing ---> the skull and brain of BOY SCOUT experimental sample SAM Hengel..

Thus we have a biology communications war ...with many facets. It needs to be understood.
Maybe, someday, cities will face REALITY and help understand how EARTH LAB works and affects our daily LIFE or DEATH.









The reader may just glance at the concepts below be aware that they exist.
Please be aware that bio-computer systems have existed..... such as the ancient Roman empire ...was really built by bio-computers using the human processor.

Below, we see --> keys, one to lock or encrypt the

Thus you see that a few events, with incomplete explanation in newspapers.

--> Sam Hengel was involved in bio-computer battle .

--> The Penn State locker room molestation issue ....
is a cover-up by Penn State administration to allow their computer science departments and biology departments to tryto control the human bio-computer system ..... a major political power scheme manipulate the human mind. Thus Penn State uses the decoy strategy of blaming Sandusky ...while the real lock error issue is ignored.

Washington, DC funds this type of project ...on the theory they will end up on top of the society pyramid. Nature has other ideas ...... and subset humans and their subset institutions are small potatoes compared to Nature's vast intellect and social VECTOR forces.

--> Virginia TECH secret voodoo tricks failed.
They tried to attack Nature's ENcrypt process .....hence
ENcrypt --> En + Cry + pt -->
English shooting + cry for dead students + point finger at Mr.CHO as solely responsible for the EVENT. The biggest line of BS ever invented in modern society ..... lies about the deeper CAUSES of the EVENT. Thus the LIES/schemes of Virginia ....... spread to Europe at the BATTLE of LIES at Liege, Belgium.





From the internet -->
Public-key cryptography refers to a cryptographic system requiring two separate keys, one to lock or encrypt the plaintext, and one to unlock or decrypt the cyphertext. Neither key will do both functions. One of these keys is published or public and the other is kept private. If the lock/encryption key is the one published then the system enables private communication from the public to the unlocking key's owner. If the unlock/decryption key is the one published then the system serves as a signature verifier of documents locked by the owner of the private key. Although in this latter case, since encrypting the entire message is relatively expensive computationally, in practice just a hash of the message is encrypted for signature verification purposes.



This cryptographic approach uses asymmetric key algorithms such as RSA, hence the more general name of "asymmetric key cryptography". Some of these algorithms have the public key/private key property; that is, neither key is derivable from knowledge of the other; not all asymmetric key algorithms do. ........ etc. See a book for more details.

Thus we see CLUES to a puzzle regarding the BOY SCOUTS, FFA (Matt Anderson), 4-H Club and many other organizations in the United States AND their failure to understand simple concepts ...regarding Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family laws ....that is atomic social anthropology and atomic social philosophy. While these organizations are very good ..for the most part; they assume that they are superior to the laws of Nature and the 23 chromosome laws of Nature.

Thus we Nature's Darwinian selection of special agent Sam Hengel....
address 2139 Pierce Avenue.......MISSION
penetrate--> Pierce the Corporate Veil ...message

The FCC electromagnetic field wars and North Pole pole magnetic field wars are well known components of the SCIENCE WARS. Of particular interest, is the Milwaukee Police attempt to help understand these complex issues and their role in Milwaukee social engineering projects and business projects. The Milwaukee Police are on the front lines of those nasty street events that happen and provide empirical data that is printed in newspapers. Such data provides researchers with clues .....tragic clues that help explain the societal architecture of Milwaukee ...which includes their English language incomplete, biased and distorted explanations of "How Milwaukee works?"
Milwauke 23 chromosome headquarters and the DNA 64 codon headquarters of the living EARTH Cell is a Computer Earth geography address 2339 S 43rd Street ..known as Badger Genetic Units ....or also known on EARTH LAB geaography surface as Badger Guns. Under the guidance of brilliant Milwaukee intellectuals ..... Milwaukee encouraged lawsuits against the 23 chromosomes and DNA 64 codons. Thus a consequence of the shooting of Norberg in year 2009 and the lawsuit against the 23 chromosome location ..... we have the 23 student hostages and the death of Sam Hengel.

Milwaukee citizens and universities are very proud of their CAUSE and EFFECT demo ....and the murderer of Sam Hengel. This is part of Milwaukee and their M-thoery physics atomic anthroplogy project-->

Milwaukee arrogance and bragging brain errors

Murder =
M + ur + der --> atoM uranium 238 Margaret Mead error

Milwuakee uses puppets of Marinette, Wisconsin
for the amusement of Milwaukee experimenters

Milwukee Journal Sentinel covers up the details to protect the CARL JUNG citizen/community COLLECTIVE unconsiousnsess schemes/ secret rackets.
Their explanations are incomplete, they OMIT many important details.
The reference book that helps explains Darwinian electromagnetic selection of Sam Hengel is:

Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
by Fawwaz T. Ulaby
The 2004 Media Edition

Other books provide similiar information.
Such books may be bought at a college bookstores or ordered from your local book store.
Such books are useful for bio-physics crimes.
In Milwaukee and Madison ..the colleges and universities can explain everything .....they have the resources. In Milwaukee we have the University of Wisconsin, MSOE = Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette university, and other schools. In addition we have several corporations that have experts in electromagnetc forces and magnetic field forces --> major components of
Milwaukee social forces.








The BSA experiments --> Curl operator and his blood circulation



Thus we see....the above SYMBOL MACHINE  equation with the calculus integration symbol ...
with the Boy equation ......and the coffin --> Box




thus applied EM = Electromagnetic --> EM= EM.bassy diplomatic physics Hierarchy Problem WAR
with the world-wide BSA DEATH LIST:

BSA --> Boy Sam Hengel
BSA --> Boy Sa --> Boys + Sandusky (Penn State technology errors)
BSA --> Boy Sa --> Boy SyriA age 13 murdered

BSA also includes BC/BSA = Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association and cross-correlation statitical analysis on the EM health of society... and they have biased answers.

The Boy Scouts of America, FFA, 4-H Club look the other way as their EM friends in Washington,DC and at universities and corporations experiment with these young men. Parents could care less...they just talk babble ...which helps the problems continue. Only accurate and careful thinking can solve these big picture...gestalt system problems.
Meanwhile, the experiments continue ...the police detectives ought be interested in helping research this...rather than taking subliminal MIND orders from the big-shots.

LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."

Thus the suppression of the Sam Hengel situation by the University of Wisconsin ...and their cover-up of the brain programming ERRORS that result in the murder of SAM Hengel.

Some CLUES are mentioned above... provide a partial outline.





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


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